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Hi there! On average, how many ppl and how long does it take (starting from the scanning step) to completely scanlate a 50-pg chapter ? Just pure curiosity :)) *P/s: Love you guys !!!

Woooow that’s reallllly hard to answer o.O
50 pages are a lot, luckily it’s not avarage xD

I scanned 50 pages before though and I think it took my like 2 hours. But my scanner is super ancient ^^

The cleaning depends on the person working on it and on the manga itself. On how much there is to redraw, how many different screentones (pattern foils) there are, if it has to be leveled and dusted… 
For leveling, dusting and cleaning Konna nichijou I take like 1-2 hours per page. But I’m super anal.
I once cleaned and uncensored a simple 30 pages long Dj without many screentones and it took me about 24 hours. 8 hours on one day, 16 on the next day. I was pretty quick, but it was not that hard ^^
My cleaner kaNd said: “Totally depends on how much we have to redraw…A single bubble with several blurry tones may take longer than a full page with a lot of text on plain white or black bg. For complex ones like pendulum, 4, maybe 5 pages a good day.”
So you see, that totally depends on the person AND the manga.

Translating depends on the person too. My translator-chan Jien is super quick. They did the new Hidoku chapter in 4 hours. But that pace was only because I asked them to do it asap *ehem* ^^ But they’re usually pretty fast.
I am not xD translating is taking me forever. ^^

Proofreading (in our case) is taking a lot of time, because my proofy NQS for example is increeeeedibly thorough. She’s working hard to make everything sound good, because many japanese things just don’t work in english. Sometimes it’s taking her a week, sometimes longer. But Sometimes I pull out my whip and she’s super fast xD (I’m gonna do that for Hidoku xDD)
But sometimes it’s taking only 3 days… depends on the manga and the difficulty of japanese that’s been used ^^

Typesetting is taking me forever xD
An hour per page mostly. Often even more, because… well, I’m super anal (with picking the different fonts that should look a little like the original but also like the word itself. So a CLUNK must look like a CLUNK xD). And I’m not only typesetting. Sometimes in the translating and proofreading process things get lost. When something sounds off I’m like “wait, he wouldn’t say it like that” for example. Especially in Nekota Yonezou’s works, because I know my babies and I know what they would and wouldn’t say hehe
And seeing the dialogues on the pages is different from seeing them only on a blank page like in the scripts. I have to finde the lost connections sometimes ^^
Then I check the text in the raws, check back with my translator and my proofy, and I always check the sound effects, because although Jien is good at translating them, sometimes they’re off and they’re super important to me for some reason xD

The Quality Check is taking some time too. 
My QC’s check the grammar and stuff, but also cleaning errors, sometimes things still have to be rephrased, while trying to stay as close to the original as possible of course. 

After the Quality check I correct my mistakes, edit the credit pages, upload, make the post on tumblr, etc. I check everything again and again (still sometimes shit happens tho ^^). The finishing is taking me 2-3 hours. 
Sometimes we have another QC after I made the corrections.

I know that this might look like we’re overdoing it and we could be a little faster if we wouldn’t be that anal, but we really want the best possible outcome we’re able to give you. We don’t half-ass things. 


Okay, I’m gonna go back to typesetting now ^^
Thank you for your message! It let me procrastinate a while hehehe


Edit: How many people: 

1 Cleaner
1 Proofreader
1 Translator
1 Typesetter
2 Quality checkers
1 Leader to do the things that are left ^^ (like tumblr, uploads, facebook, in our case I do the scanning too, and so on ^^)

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

Rain ~

They’re so in love that’s beyond help …

I can’t think up any detailed background for this drawing but I like to imagine that Mystery Girl is so busy with her studies that when they meet Pearl can’t help but pounce on her girlfriend.

warm up doodle on shitty paper 


So I found out that the npc_cscannner timescale is effected by the timescale of the physics engine, which means if I turn phys_timescale up to say… 25, then the scanners go super fast but everything else goes along at normal speed. Naturally I spawned a couple dozen scanners in and voila you’re in hell.

Here’s what happen if I let the scanners know I’m there.

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”