and a random demon thing

Cute things to call your girlfriend

cute things to call your girlfriend

•Dark Lord
•demon queen
•mythic bitch
•the almighty
•Cow fucker
•Lord and Savior
•Dick Butt
•Vacuum cleaner (if you know what i mean)
•Holy vagina
•The cave
•Bitch Doll
•Meme fucker
•late Meme fucker

theemoestdemon  asked:

I have a tomco angst fic idea. Maybe one day Star, Marco, and Tom are watching a scary movie and something in it reminds him of something bad/scary in his memory so he runs and hides. And Marco pretty much has to calm him down. (Or get him to fall asleep :3)

Awwww! This was such a sweet idea! I hope you like the story! I really enjoyed writing it! It was so much fun! I love Tom and Marco being all sweet together it’s the cutest!!!!

It was fine. The movie was fine, Tom just heard it on in the background while he played with the string on Marco’s hoodie. It didn’t mean much to him until that noise started. It was loud and piercing, like a motor being held right next to your ear. Tom jumped and his ears stuck up straight, as that sound grinded its way into his head. It kept playing over and over, louder and louder. Even when the movie stopped.

“Tom, are you okay?” Marco asked, pausing the TV. Tom couldn’t hear him over the noise in his head. It got louder and louder and Tom began to hear the screaming. “Tom! What’s the matter!?” A cry cut through and Tom realized he was shaking and crying at this point. He didn’t know when this started, it just happened. Marco said something else to try and offer help, but the noise kept coming through. Tom’s shaking grew worse and he darted off out the back door. “TOM!” Marco called, and he ran after him.

“Tom, where did you go?” Marco asked. He looked around. “Please? I know you can hear me. What happened? Was it something you saw?” Marco called around. He knew Tom could get easily upset about some things that reminded him of past happenings. Usually Marco was good at recognizing Tom’s triggers, and would steer them away, but sometimes it would be the most random thing he didn’t expect the demon to get worked up over.

“Tom, please come out.” Marco begged. Tom wasn’t in his right mind like this, and Marco always stressed that his demon would hurt himself. Marco turned around when he heard a little noise like sticks breaking under the deck. He put his head down and saw three glowing red eyes a few feet away. Tom was snapping sticks in half. “Tom, what are you doing?” Marco asked gently.

Tom just kept snapping sticks and then grew frustrated. His eyes lit up angrily and he threw the sticks. Tom had a ring of fire around him that kept burning hotter and brighter. He then resorted to putting his hands over his ears and shutting his eyes, trying to drown any noise out. “Tom, come on out.” Marco called.

“No.” Tom whimpered.

“Come on Tom, just take a breath.” Marco coached. “You’re not in your right mind right now, but if you just take a breath and relax, you’ll realize you’re okay.” He assured.

“No! I’m not okay I’m not okay I’m noT OKAY I’M NOT OKAY!” Tom started yelling and he wrapped his head up in his arms and rocked back and forth. Marco crawled under the dirty deck to be next to the demon. When he came to the ring of fire, it seemed to let up for Marco, like Tom knew he meant no harm. He wrapped Tom up in a hug and hushed him.

“Shhh. You’re okay. I promise you’re okay.” Marco soothed. Tom latched onto the human and Marco held him for a long moment. He let Tom fall apart in his arms for a while before pulling back a little. “Hey, can you look at me?” Marco asked. “Can you answer me this?” He asked. Tom swallowed hard and nodded. “Do you know where you are?” Marco asked.

“I-I’m next to you.” Tom stated.

“Where?” Marco asked. Tom looked around and then it clicked.

“I-I ran under the deck. The-the noise scared me.” Tom admitted. Marco nodded and gave him a kiss on the head.

“What noise?” He asked.

“It-it’s stupid… I shouldn’t have done that I didn’t mean to.” Tom rambled. Marco hushed him again and gave him another kiss, before repeating his question. “I… the noise from the movie. It was… some sort of motor and… I remembered it and there was screaming I remembered… I got scared.” Tom mumbled. Marco hushed him again and held him close.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Marco hushed. He looked around. “Let’s get out of here.” He decided. Tom nodded and Marco led im out from under the deck. Tom crawled onto the grass and pulled his knees up. Marco sat down next to him. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” He promised. Tom looked away.

“I thought I had this under control.” He mumbled.

“You don’t always.” Marco broke the news. “It’s something that takes time.” He added. Tom nodded and wiped away a few of his stray tears. Marco took the demon in his arms and Tom rested his head on Marco’s shoulder. Marco looked down at the demon and sighed. “Close your eyes.” He told him.

“Why?” Tom asked.

“Because you get burnt out after a panic attack. Some rest will do you good, it always does.” Marco explained. Tom yawned and nodded, closing his eyes and letting Marco wrap him up in a protective hug. He lifted the demon up and felt Tom hold onto him tighter. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you go.” Marco promised. Tom seemed to relax a little and the human brought him into the house. He set Tom down on the couch, but Tom kept his arms wrapped around the human. “Tom, can you let me go for a minute?” Marco asked.

Tom shook his head and Marco laughed a bit, unlatching himself from the demon. He brought the blanket from the other side of the couch over and wrapped it around the demon protectively. He the resumed holding Tom as close as he could until he felt Tom go totally limp, signaling that he was asleep.

“You’re okay now.” Marco whispered. He made a mental note about the motor type sound that upset Tom so much. He would ask about it later, only if Tom wanted to talk about it. But right now Tom needed some rest to get his thoughts together. “You’ll be okay.”


i mean… while we’re here… on halloween… let me just throw out this random ass monster/demon!kylo and witcher!hux thing that i like to entertain

imagine youre exorcist hux just trying to live a supernatural-free live and one day you find this vaguely attractive… Thing living in your cellar and eating all your chickens

You Belong To Me

Summary: Crowley x Reader - The reader has to act like bait on a case and ends up running into Crowley, months after having run out on him after a one night stand

Triggers: Possessiveness I guess?? 

Word Count: 4381

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour


“So… That’s why I’d say our best hope is for you to play the bait on this one (Y/N),” Dean said, finishing his explanation of the case he’d thrown your way the moment you entered their motel room that morning. Which was, you noted, much bigger than yours. The lady at the check-in counter had been playing favourites when she assigned you your rooms. “Basically, you play both the stick and the carrot, he’s the ass and we’re the final destination,” he summed up, Eyeing you warily over the cup of coffee Sam had just placed in his hand, his tense shoulders seemed to be anticipating the verbal onslaught he was sure you’d give him.

“That makes sense,” You said without batting an eyelid. Most girls would’ve probably refused to take on the role you were asked to play in the hunt, but you were a soldier, you knew that the way with the least possible casualties was the best route to take. Plus, Dean’s plan was pretty much foolproof as long as the asshole fell for the bait. You would engage your target and try to get him to follow you back to the motel room where the guys would be waiting with some TLC of their own. You knew, after weeks of tailing the greasy bastard, that he was more or less quiet in between kills. And he loved women. So as Dean’s eyes widened from your readiness to take on the dangerous role of the bait in his plan you crossed your arms over your torso.

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anonymous asked:

Random thing because I know you're a fan of demons, but imagine sweet little Yuuri as one who's tempting Viktor or something.

Oh Jesus, God help Viktor he’d be done for.

Originally posted by rouge-cerise

Originally posted by sukerokus

Playing the innocent, idolising fan to draw Viktor in, but of course the facade has to slip every once in a while, right? And imagine Viktor’s surprise at seeing the little glimpses of a confident, sensual Yuuri that’s lurking just beneath his hesitant mask.

Demon!Yuuri is a mischievous little minx!

cool M!As for cool kids
  • LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE: Everything the muse says will be a lie.
  • PHILOTHERIAN: Muse will be obsessed with a certain type of animal. (anon decides who)
  • ANGLOPHILE: Muse will be obsessed with England, English culture, English fashion, and etc.
  • TOP DOG: Muse will believe that they are better than everybody else.
  • JAWS: Muse will grow annoying long, sharp teeth that are painfully obvious, and affect their speech and mannerisms.
  • MEAN GIRLS 2 WAS ALRIGHT: Muse will be incredibly rude to everyone.
  • KLUTZ: Muse will lose control of their limbs and accidentally hit people, slap butts, wiggle their arms around, and etc.
  • DISTURBED: Muse will have painful hallucinations. They will see people that aren't there, see people do things they aren't, see the walls change colours rapidly, etc.
  • NUMMY SHUUGA NUMMY: Must will become Nummy Shuuga Nummy.
  • SOBBING FIT: Muse will randomly break down into tears at random times when talking do people, doing things, etc.
  • DEMON HUNTER: Muse will become a demon hunter, and distrust most other people due to the fact they might be disguised demons.
  • DEMON: Muse will become a demon. Their true form will be hidden by the muse's normal look. They will have evil intentions, and will become obsessed with _____ (Anon chooses) and try to persuade them to do things based on the seven deadly sins. (Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony. (Anon also chooses)
  • FASHIONISTA: Muse will become a fashion guru (Ex: Tyra Banks, RuPaul) and become extremely fabulous.
  • SUNSHINE: Muse is forced to act like everything is great. No matter what, they will pretend as if they have a positive outlook, whether or not they do.

icequeen102990  asked:

Rei had been outside out to get her mail when she came running back inside huffing and puffing, slamming the door behind her and leaning on it. "Will... Don't go outside... okay?" she said between huffs, not realizing blood was starting to stain the side of her shirt ((srry bout this random thing it's 4 am im not thinking))

the dream demon popped out of nowhere in his normal form when she called out his name looking quite confused and concerned. why was there blood? and why was she panting so heavily? Will floated to meet the human and tilted his head wondering why she didnt allow him to go outside.

▲ - R-Rei? whats going on behind that door? did someone attack you? do you want me to kill them for you?”