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Jinyoung Imagine - Embarrassing

A/N - Requested by the lovely @untainted-memories, I hope you like it and it does your request justice! Also I made up a random group name so pls don’t judge me if it’s super cringey haha. Keep on sending in requests everyone~

Today was a special JYP episode of Weekly Idol and two groups were going to be guests. Your group and Got7. You were excited to be on the show with them since all of your members, and yourself included, were friends with the Got7 boys. In fact you had actually acted with Jinyoung in a recent drama that had gotten really popular in Korea lately. Filming had been really easy since you were the same age as him and you had known each other since your trainee days. However, what made things less easy was the kiss scene you had to film together. At the time, you had tried to be as professional as possible but at some point during one of many takes, you had discovered some feelings you had for him. Not wanting to ruin the professionalism or your friendship, you never spoke up but now you were going on Weekly Idol, you couldn’t help but worry that the MCs would bring it up.

After waiting around on set and just chatting with your five members, it was time to film and the MCs got into the show. They were doing individual introductions and being the group’s leader, you went first. 
“Hello everyone, I’m (Y/N) and I’m the leader of L.O.V.E, JYP’s new girl group. Please show us lots of support~” Bowing to the camera, you smiled and breathed through the nerves that came along with being the leader. 
“Now (Y/N), even though your group only debuted a few months ago, you have already gotten a leading role in a drama! Please tell us more,” the MC encouraged, letting you recite the lines you had learnt before the show in preparation. 
“Well myself and Jinyoung sunbaenim played the lead roles in a new drama and I was very grateful to work with him.”
“I hear the two of you got pretty cosy as well,” the MCs teased as a clip began to play on the monitor just in front of the camera crew. It was the kissing scene from the drama.

Immediately, your cheeks flushed pink and you let out shouts of embarrassment and frustration. Glancing over at Jinyoung, you could see his cheeks and ears were tinted red too. 
“Ah such good chemistry~”
“Obviously we cannot just watch that scene but we must reenact it for our audience mustn’t we?”
“Yes, so Jinyoung ssi, (Y/N) ssi please come out here and act if for us.” You reluctantly stepped forward and Jinyoung did the same. Your heart was racing so fast you were sure he could hear it. Taking a deep breath, you tried to calm your nerves and just focus on the lines. Jinyoung opened with his line and you easily fell into place and began to recite the script you now had ingrained in your memory. 
“But now, I cannot think of anyone else but you,” Jinyoung said in character, is hand reaching to graze your cheek. 
“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” The scene was getting closer and closer to the kiss and you were unsure if you both had to kiss now in the filming studio. 
“Not at all. I think you know just how much I love thinking of you.”
“Then show me,” you whispered, knowing this was the moment Jinyoung was supposed to lean in and kiss you but before he could move, the MCs had split you both apart. 
“Everyone please cheer for them and go watch their drama!”

The show continued on and you soon forgot your embarrassment until after filming was over and Jinyoung asked to speak with you in private. 
“(Y/N), I just wanted to apologise about having to act out that scene.”
“It’s fine, Jinyoung. It’s not like we had to kiss while we were filming or anything.”
“Is that you saying you wouldn’t mind doing it if we weren’t being filmed?”
“Maybe it is.”
“Well I’ll just have to test that, won’t I?” JInyoung’s hand caressed your cheek again but this time he angled his head so his lips fit with yours perfectly. His other hand was on your waist, holding you closer to him as he kissed you softly. 
“Do you want to go out sometime?”
“I’d love to, Jinyoung.”