and a queen!

Friendly Reminder

That Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan and Elide are all coming for Aelin.

That Chaol, Nesryn, Sartaq and Yrene are going North with an Army, a Navy and an aerial cavalry.

That the Silent Assassins, Rowan’s cousins, Gallan Ashryver, Ansel’s army and Captain Rolfe’s fleet have joined the side of Terressan.

That Yrene Towers can heal anyone who had a Valg inside of them.

That Fleetfoot has been promised to survive.

That Fenrys will fight to protect Aelin as much as he can from Maeve.

That Manon Blackbeak, the last Crochan Queen and Heir to the Blackbeak Coven has the wyrd keys and Maeve does not.

Preemptive reminder to the fandom not to get weird about Maas' baby boy

I’ve been in a few fandoms where babies are anticipated and people always get weird. Just remember that Maas is going to be a mother. 

When the “What if BabyMaas_____________” posts begin you also need to remember that he’s a baby and not some substitute for male characters…