and a poop

I did a thing!

So I’m taking a computer graphics class, and today as an exercise the teacher had us create little wallpaper-type patterns in Illustrator. And me being the complete nerd that I am, decided to make ones that were @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye related. These were so much fun to make! We were actually only supposed to take a few minutes on these since they were warm-ups, but I went all out and had no time to work on my actual project :P But I regret nothing! I know they’re not that special, but feel free to use these if you’d like! Credit would be appreciated, and please let me know if you use them! I’d love to see!

Bonus: I also made one with flies and poop. Because who doesn’t like poop? Poop is hilarious.


i did a hit on them boys

liberal use of seamless chroma keying of a character into a scene that isn’t too obvious at first glance; no fuzzy green outlines around the character and the character is not just a static image:

complex audio mapping complete with reasonable lip-syncing and extremely subtle use of recognizable, but not too overused audio bytes slipped in at just the right moments (ie, gwonam’s “-no” slipped in mid-sentence rather than using the more obvious robotnik “nnNNO!”):

making the character say “sus”: