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Top 9.5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Hello my dears,

Hope you’re having a productive weekend (and are prioritising any upcoming exams over blogging… *nervous sweat bead*). And if you’re not being so productive, fear not! I know writer’s block is a pain - wait… I’ve got a better idea - fun anecdote time!

I once went to an author event, and heard Patrick Ness (author of More Than This, A Monster Calls, etc) say something along the lines of “I wish I earned enough to afford so-called ‘writer’s block’”. If I can find the exact quote, I’ll give it to you. I thought it was a great point at the time. It motivated me for a while, the knowledge that if a writer doesn’t write, a writer doesn’t eat. It worked great… until a few weeks later when I next found my head on my desk as all creativity abandoned me. But writer’s block doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Tackle it right, and all will be well, oh fellow author. Here’s my recommendations for how to beat a creativity crash (just thought of that phrase, I’ll admit I’m pretty proud). Anyway!

1. Change your surroundings.
Perhaps the obvious one, but there’s a reason for that! It works! How long have you been staring at that monochrome greyish wall behind your laptop? Is that sofa even slightly comfy? Or likewise, are you too comfy? Do you need a more productive workspace?

2. Take care of yourself.
Again, maybe obvious, but of course you can’t write if you’re dehydrated, or bursting for a pee (you’ve been holding it in for ages as you try to force out another sentence, haven’t you). Eat something, change your clothes, take your meds, get fresh air, have a shower, have a nap! Replenish yourself, you deserve it. This also pairs with the last one, and gives you time away from your writing project. It’s one of those 'it’ll come to you when you’re not thinking about it’ scenarios.

3. Talk about your writing project.
Find a friend, relative, significant other, goldfish, stranger etc. Tell them what’s been going on in your fictitious world. Pitch your book to them. Yes, I know you’re most likely an introvert and hate the thought of this, but your book needs you. And you’ll be amazed how interested people are by the concept of an author. People generally really love to hear this stuff.

4. Read some fiction.
Immerse yourself in somebody else’s world, get to know their characters and writing style, if not for analysis of their techniques then for a bit of fun and escapism.

5. Read some non-fiction.
Specifically on writing techniques. If you know exactly what you’re stuck on, get online, there are hundreds of free eBooks to be downloaded to help you to improve. I hear if you’re stuck on say, prologues, or tense scenes, there’s some great bloggers out there with a wealth of information… ;)

6. Do some marketing.
The other big side of being a modern-day author, especially if you’re self-publishing. You’re never finished. Go and do some networking, design a new advert or look up writing events you might attend. Revise your pre-existing blurb, get the word out about your project. This gives you some reflection time and helps you think about what really matters in your book, and means you’re staying productive.

7. Get the tunes on.
I talked about this in my last post, but it’s still relevant. Play some music, to accompany your writing or simply to listen and absorb some creative vibes.

8. Write something else.
This one’s a bit of a gamble, as it might end up becoming the centre of your attention. Don’t let that happen. Try some flash fiction, or poetry. Write a 2,000 word spin-off scene focusing on one of your side characters, or if story prompts are your thing, go on Tumblr or Pinterest, where there’s a plethora of blogs posting nothing but prompt after prompt. Find one that appeals to you and do what you will with it to get those writing juices flowing (that’s an awful phrase, I’m never using it again).

9. Refer to your outline.
You spent a long time planning this project, detailing plot points from start to finish. Have a read over it and see where you are and where the next big moment is, and assess how you can get there. Or, if your outline is only very basic, or even non-existent -

9.5 Backtrack and make an outline.
Go back a few scenes and bullet point (or making a timeline works for me) all that’s happened recently. All the movements and interactions. Then, skip ahead a little way and write the little things you’re planning for the next bit. Like a fill-in-the-blanks activity. And seriously consider an outline for the rest of your story.

How do you personally beat writer’s block? Any ancient wisdom you could impart? Or has this post helped you reach a solution? Let me know down in the comments!

Take care of yourself,

Hazel. :)

”STALKER” (Jonathan Crane x Reader)

Hello, my little wings!!

I hope you enjoy this oneshot! I love writting for villains of dc comics! if you got any prompt for any villain let me know!

Request: Do you write for Jonathan Crane? If so, can you write one where he stalks the reader because he loves her and then she finds out and you decide what happens from there? If that makes sense

Requested by Anon!


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Hope you enjoy!

 Part 1 ( here1) Part2   Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending

You were an exchange student from (y/c) and had come to Gotham for researching Arkham for your thesis in psychiatry. Your parents refused, saying it was too dangerous but you liked the thrill and you were really curious of meeting the infamous Arkham inmates.

You fixed your skirt before entering the shady asylum. In the entrance, a brunette woman waited for you.

“Hello, (y/n) (l/n), right?” She asked

“Yes, a pleasure.” You said

“My name is doctor Mel. I’ll be your tutor thought this and I’ll assist you in every interview. If you have any question you can ask me. As for the rules, we are very strict with the rules. There will be some inmates you won’t be able to talk with more than a few minutes, for your safety. I suggest you to don’t fraternize with the inmates. Everything clear?”

“Yes, doctor.” You nodded and clutched your bag harder. The doctor’s eyes softened, she put a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t you worry, miss (l/n). Nothing bad will happen to you.” You let a shaky breath as she guided you to your first interview. As you passed the hall where the cells where you clutched your bag closer.





You keep your eyes on the door in the end of the hall, doctor Mel gided you to the room.

Once you where there, Doctor stopped.

“Your first interview will be Crane, Jonathan. As he was interested in meeting you. I forewarn you, Crane doesn’t look dangerous but he is. Don’t take anything from him, and if he starts getting inside your head, press the button in your visitor wristband.”

You nodded and entered the room, a guard opened the door and waited until you were comfortable, once you nodded at him he leaved. You waited for a few moments until another guard brought the scarecrow.

“Be careful” gruffed the guard “I’ll be outside, scream and I’ll come in” You smiled and nodded in appreciation.

“Well, well,well…What brings a student here? Oh, dear…why won’t you look at me?”

“Am I talking to Doctor Crane or to The Scarecrow?”

He, for a moment looked taken aback, he quickly recomposed himself and smirked.

“Does it matter?” he sassed

“As a matter of fact, it does. Doctor Crane I’ve toughly studied your research in the concept of “fear” and I find it really interesting, I even dare to say it revolutionary. I, myself find it appealing. Have been victim of a severe Anxiety that causer Paranoid thoughts, your study discovered a new concept of the illness to me. Sadly the way you choose dirtied your brilliant future-“ Crane hand hit the table and his teeth where clenching.


You took notes of everything before nodding.

“Very well, mr Scarecrow. Would you be so kind as of answering some questions?”

His face calmed. “Okay”

“Great, now.” As the interview went on Crane found himself enchanted by you. You beauty made him weak in the knees, your intelligence made him swoon. Never had he found himself so at ease, so understood. Even the scarecrow gave him a break!

He smiled as a bit of blush covered his pale cheeks.

“Well, we are done Mr. Crane. I’m very thankful in your willingness to cooperate in my research, I’ll be sure to credit you in it.”

“I hope I can read it soon” He tried to smile charmingly.

You brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I hope so, Mr. Cane. Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, I’ll call the guard so he can escort you to your cell.”

His hand quickly grabbed yours, scaring you.

“W-Will we-I mean I see you again?” his eyes looked mad.

“um, I seriously doubt it, Mr Crane. As I will be attending other inmates until I leave to (y/c) in approximately three weeks.” His eyes widened in horror and his hands tightened around yours.

“W-What? Already? I have more data you could use! I’m sure you could maybe, come to see me again” His smile twisted. You released your poor hand from his tight hold.

“Sorry Mr. Crane. I’m allowed to see each inmate only once-“

“But I can show you the world!” He tried to get up but his bonds didn’t let him. You came closer to the wall as he started to become violent. The two guards came in and reduced him, cuffing him and dragging him back.

“NO! YOU CAN’T GO! YOU UNDERSTAND ME! NO ONE DOES BUT YOU! NO MISS (Y/n)! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!” Crane shouted as he unwillingly was being “escorted” back to his cell.

You let yourself fall to the ground, speechless as Doctor Mel approached you.

“Are you ok, miss (y/n)?” She worried.

“I-I am. Let go with the next one-“ You breathed.

“You sure?”

“I am.” With adrenaline pumping into your veins you attended the next patient.


Crane approached the table where the Joker was. He often never teamed up with him, nor asked for favors…but he needed out of here.

“Well,well,well…what’s brings you here Johnny boy?” The joker laughed.

“I heard you had a plan of escaping Arkham.” Crane said, unfazed.

“My, my you want to join us? Wow Craney boy! It’s that student, isn’t it? My my, cute little thing! Those pouty lip! Make a man go mad-“Crane’s fist punched the table hard, making everyone silent. That silence was broken by the joker’s cackle.

“Shut up.” He snarled. And the Joker’s smile widened.

“We leave at midnight!” The joker smirked.


You had lied, you had at least two months of classes at Gotham University.

Bad, bad (y/n)…

As you were archiving the new data you got today you felt someone watching you. You looked around, but you found nothing.

You shrugged and continued writing on your computer.

Outside your windows, Scarecrow was pushed against the wall outside your house.

You almost caught him.

He had been stalking you for about 2 weeks.

And he found himself falling more and more in love with you.

“She’s so beautiful…” Jonathan sighed.

“She is. And her mind! Oh!” Scarecrow said.

“yes” Jonathan followed your silhouette to the bathroom. You had prepared yourself a relaxing bath after dealing with Killer Croc.

You sighed as your clothes fell from your body. Jonathan bit his lip as his hold on your window tightened.

The scarecrow sighed in his mind at the same time you sat, the warm, steamy water moving around you.

“In a few days, it will be us there with her!” Scarecrow whispered to Crane.

“yes” Jonathan sighed.

“ She’s ours! As we are hers!”  Scarecrow yelled.

“No one will separate us…” Jonathan bit his lip harder as his hand traveled down his pants.


You were dress in a comfortable pants and sweatshirt as you gazed down Gotham highest building.  The harsh air of Gotham dried your lips, as you applied your lip balm, a tall shadow loomed over you.

“Good night Batman.” You said.

“Good night, miss (y/n). You said you wanted to meet me?” Batman gruffled.

“Yes actually” Turns and looks at him “ I have some questions for you”

“Hn” Batman said, and you had the feeling this wasn’t going to be productive.

At the same time, an angry jealous Scarecrow glared at the bat.

“see, Jonny boy? We have to destroy the bat! He’s trying to steal her from us!” Scarecrow feed Crane’s madness.

“Yes” Crane glared at the hand you laid on the Bat’s shoulder. “She will be ours.”

“By any means necessary” Jonathan smirked.


You were walking downtown Gotham when you were pulled against a wall when soft lips ravaged yours. You tried to push them away but they hold your hand above you head.

“Miss (y/n)….” Scarecrow moaned in your ear, but the distortion of the fear gas made you unable to identify him. “You look sooo beautiful…that terrified face…” Your scream was silenced by crane’s lips that were smashed against yours, his long fingers grabbed your hair as his tongue fought yours. His other hand that grabbed your face softly was being soaked by your tears.

“SHHHHHH, my love….shhh….it okay, it’s okay! Your soulmate is here…shhhhhh” Jonathan hugged you, kissing your sweaty cheeks and forehead comfortably. You whimpered, as the effects of the drug passed you passed out, Crane grabbed you and carried you to your room.

Crane set you on your comfortable bed, and covered your body. He get up to grab a wet towel to wipe your sweat, he sat next to you and wiped it lovingly.

“She’s so beautiful…”

“And her screams were like sweet honey”

“Her lips were soft like clouds…”

“Her skin was so warm and delicious…”


You turned around, facing him. He laid next to you, hugged you and kissed your eyelids.

“I love you”


You waked up, startled.  

Huff, it was a nightmare…

You get up and saw warm (f/b) in your table, a (f/f) sat inside a vase. A note was beside it than said:

         Good Morning my love

Last night you passed out in my arms so I carried you back home. Here you have your favorite breakfast, exclusively for you.


Your soulmate,


You let the note fall to the ground, you covered your mouth and fell to the ground.

Someone entered in your apartment.

Someone was watching you.

You started breathing heavily.

Oh god

Oh f*ck


An overwhelming pain invaded your chest as your door opened.

“(y/n)!” Yelled Jason Todd, your boyfriend. He ran to you and cached you, hugging you and rocking you, calming you down. “Shhhhh, I’m here…I’m here…” You hugged him, crying on his neck.

“Shhhh, I’m not letting them hurt you…”

As Jason calmed you, Jonathan looked at you two. Jealousy blinded him.

“If you aren’t mine, nobody will have you” Crane said.


It was time to go back to (c/n) and Jason and the outlaws decided to go with you. Well Jason came with you, Roy and Kory came once in a while.

You calmly wrote your thesis as Jason read a book on your couch.

“Babe, im boooooooooooored!” Jason said. “Come and hug me?”

“Almost done….” You typed the last words and saved it. “Done!” You laid above Jason as he kissed your lips softly, his hands burying themselves in your hair.

“mmmmh” Said Jason as his phone went off like crazy. He keep kissing you until you stopped him.

“It seems urgent, you should get it” You smiled and Jason huffed. He answered the phone.

“Dick…what?….seriously?!….shit….ill go….fine…see you” Jason sighed.

“What’s wrong, jay?” You asked worried.

“I have to go back to go home.” He sighed.

“What happened?”

“All Arkham escaped…the league is stretched tight. I have to go” He kissed you.” Okay?”

“Okay” You kissed back. “Be careful…” You kissed him softly.

“I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”


Its been month since Jason returned to Gotham, and you had enough.

You bought a ticket to Gotham but weren’t expecting to find it under Scarecrows control.

“What…What happened?”

“The scarecrow got the control of the city. Batman disappeared. You have to go back girl. This ain’t safe!” A man said as he ran away from something. You looked behind the commotion to see Bane.

“Oh god-“You started running away but Bane cached you.

“The scarecrow will be happy” He knocked you out and carried you away.


“Scarecrow, I got a present for you” Bane said as he entered the dispatch.

“hmm?” Crane looked at Bane, unsure. “What is-“ Scarecrow stopped mid-sense when he saw you knocked out body.

“This girl…is the one you wanted” Bane said.

“Let her down” Crane approached your body tentatively. “Go” Bane obeyed, leaving Crane and you alone. He immediately ran to you, holding you close.

“Look, my love! I builded our own empire! So we can rule it together! Are you proud!!?? “ He carried you to his bed and laid next to you. “ I read your thesis, it was brilliant my love! How you explained your experience….ahhh just-just orgasmic!” He moaned as he kissed your neck. “I missed you, so much! I took care of that dirt you called boyfriend! You wont see him again!” He kissed your lips and you slowly waked up.

“H-huh? J-JAY?” When your eyes were completely open you looked at the crazy eyes of the Scarecrow and screamed. He covered your mouth with his lips.

“Shhhhh, my love…..” He kissed you again. “Please, don’t scream… I made this all for us! For us and our unborn child!” His grin widened in one you could only describe as crazy.

“Please let me go!, please! I didn’t do anything!!!” You panicked.

“Shhhh, my darling. I won’t hurt you! I love you! We will be together forever!”


“Your petty boyfriend won’t come” He smirked.” Now…”

He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Im going to show you, how much I love you…”

He kissed and bited your neck as your terrified tears fell

“Shhhhhh, we will be together forever…”


“No shit, bats! The crazy got my girlfriend! I won’t let him hurt her!”

“Jason don’t be rash” Batman said. “We can’t interfere just now!”




To be continued???

(you want a part 2?)


pairing: Finn Balor x original character

summary: “Everything is going to be fine,“ Finn says to me. But it probably isn’t.

tags: @neversatisfiedgirl @wrestlingnoob @motleymoose@kyoukohorimiya

author’s note: Inspired by this.

“We don’t know how much longer she has left, but I assure you we’re going to do everything we can to insure her well-being,” I can hear my doctor say from down the hall. His unyielding, yet hushed voice does little to quell Finn’s worries. My fingers twist in the papery fabric covering my body, I shift around uncomfortably against the firm mattress.

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Random question- how do you make dialogue sound natural when writing? Idk if you'll have an answer for this but when I write, conversations don't sound- correct?

Good question!

I start by paying really close attention to the way people speak - with RPF this is pretty simple, just listen to lots of content and note any nuances in their speech patterns, like pauses, favoured words or phrases, pacing, filler words like ‘uhh’, ‘um’ or ‘err’ and anything else that might stand out as unique. For non RPF, listen to speech patterns of people or characters who speak the way you want your characters to sound.

If you have this ability available to you, try to “hear” that character in your head - when you write a line, imagine their voice saying it. Does it sound right? If not, change it.

Another thing you can do (especially useful for OCs) is describe the character’s voice when they’re introduced. Is the tone guttural? Light? Condescending? You can slip it into the dialog tags, or spend some time actually describing it depending on the scene and pacing. Also, pairing dialog with action instead of dialog tags, like “said” or the plethora of other things you can use instead of said (be very careful with overuse of those) can help with the pacing and make dialog feel less forced.

Now, here’s the fun part: throw grammar out the window for speech. People don’t often speak in grammatically correct sentences. People love to shorten words; “gonna”, “gotta” and “wanna” are some of my most used words. People will pause, repeat things they’ve already said, use the same words multiple times in a sentence and trip over their words. You can get a very different tone from “You’re going to want to get over here. You’ve got to see this.” To “You guys’re gonna wanna get over here… you gotta see this!”

Emphasis on words helps to carry tone and punctuation can also help with pacing - it doesn’t have to make (much) proper grammatical sense, it just has to be understood and readable. If you’re not sure, get feedback.

The last thing I can suggest is just read widely. Find authors who use dialog and voice well and pay attention to how they do it.

Good luck and happy writing! :D

“Stalker”(Jonathan crane x reader x Jason Todd) Jason Todd ending.

Hello my little wiings!

Here it is ! Jay’s ending to the “Stalker” series! Tomorrow will be published Jonathan’s ending (with smut)

Im also working in a continuation to the “Sibling war”(waverider crew x reader) story and bew Batfam imagines and hc and also a  Riddler imagine! so if you have any other propt for any villain or any character of Dc send me a message anytime!

Thank you to everyone who supported this story and the wonderful anon who suggested two ending for this story! 

tags: @hamsterforlive @princessquinn33 @plethora-of-things

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Part1 Part2 Jay’s ending (here!)  jon’s ending


“Well birdie…looks like you are about to lose hahahahaha!!! This gives me so many memories! Ahh! To bad the big bad bat won’t come! ☹ But anyway…im sure you came for your little princess??? Ohhh you did hahahahaha!! The little robin is alone again!! Poor youuu! Too bad she doesn’t love you anyway!! Hahahahahaha” The joker laughed, over the blodies body of Red hood.

“ Fuck …you” Jason said.

“Good night!” The joker prepared for the last strike.


Jason Todd Ending

Jason fired his gun, hitting the joker in the middle of his forehead.

The joker let escape a mad laugh before falling on the ground. A sick smile in his cold face as a little trail of blood escaped from the hole.

Jason kicked his body away and broke the door, seeing your sleeping face. He immediately calmed down, but his anger incremented as he saw The scarecrow sitting next to you.

“You fucker…” Jason seethed as Crane waked up.

“You…we thought I killed you….To bad, you’ll die soon.” Crane grabbed a knife and attacked Jason. Jason shoot him once. Crane attacked him, injuring his good arm making the gun fall on the ground. Todd kicked him on his knees making him fall, he kicked the knife away and hit cranes face repeatedly making him bleed trough his nose.

“that’s for (y/N)! that’s for all the civilians you killed! , This is for the children you experimented on, this is for my family and THIS IS FOR (y/n) AGAIN!!!!” After a extra strong punch Crane’s head hit the ground violently and got knocked out.  Jason spited blood on the ground before running to you and disconnecting the blood transfuses and the machines.

“Oh god, (y/n) …wake up please! I can’t lose you! I can’t lose anyone else! Please!” Jason teared his domino mask off and hold your face in his bloodstained ones. He kissed you sweetly over and over again.

“(Y/N) PLEASE! PLEASE! Wake up don’t leave me…. You are my everything…my best friend…my lover…my soulmate…The only I trust enough with my feelings…I can’t lose anyone else! “he kissed your lips softly as his desperate hot tears fell on your cold cheeks. “(y/n) …..”

“J-Jay….” You opened your eyes softly, your mouth dry and voice raspy from the screaming. “Jay..” Jason smiled at you as he hugged you hard.

“(y/n)…oh god….you’re okay…everything is going to be ok…” Jason’s breath felt hot in the skin of your neck as his hug felt comfortable and heavenly.

“Jay….im sorry…I shouldn’t have….i shouldn’t have come!” You sobbed on Todd’s chest as he tried to calm you.

“Shhhh, it’s okay….we took care of it…Gotham’s safe again…” Jason carried you bridal style out of the facility, as he went out Kory and Roy entered the labs.

“Everyone has reunited?” Jay asked.

“Yes, everyone is waiting outside. The rest of the league joined in the last fight.” Roy answered.

“Take care of Crane, if I see his face I shot him.” Jason started walking away holding you close. “ oh, and the body of the joker is rooting in the entrance!”

“What.” Roy said.

“Does that mean I can blast the crow of scares? he hurt my friend!” Kori said.

“uh…maybe a bit, yeah a bit” Roy said as they walked to the lab.


Jason got out of the labs to see his allies, friends, and …ugh…family.

“Jason! How is she??” Dick ran to him to see if you needed medical attention.

“She’s okay…”

“My god! Jay your hands! You face! “ Dick said.

“Not my blood”

“Who is it. “ Batman, who had recently joined their fight said.

“Crane’s…and joker’s”.

“The joker was here?” Superman asked as Roy came out of  the lab with Crane’s unconscious body and Kori with joker’s bloodied, cold corpse whose she let fall from her flying position to the ground in a loud splash.

“He’s dead btw.” Jason said nonchalant as he passed them to let you in   Roy’s car. “Now take Crane out of my sight before I shot him ten times.”

“What? JASON!” Batman yelled. Jason let you in the passenger seat and drive home where he showered you, dressed you in your pajama and prepared your favorite to eat. Late that night Jason cuddled you apologizing for not acting before…for letting you get hurt. You tried to smile at him and cuddled him.

“It’s not your fault…” Jason hugged you and hide his face in your neck, smelling your calming scent.

“I love you, (y/n).” Jason kissed your lips sweetly before falling asleep.


It’s been 4 months since what the press called “The Darkest months” . All the hero community united to put Gotham back to its feet.

“Starfire, Hawkgirl please put this in that roof”

“ Okay!” Kori smiled as she and Chayara flied the roof of a house to its place. Superman flied over them melting the joints with his X ray vision. The lanterns set away and got rid of the debris while Aquaman took care of  putting out the fires and of re-construing the port of Gotham.

Batman and the Batclan, helped GCPD with the civilians. Wonder Woman with the Flash helped to put back together Gotham’s memorials. For the first time all the heroes helped in putting back the destroyed city, and for the months it took no villain, mobster or petty thief tried anything.

Jason had finally eliminated all the residual chemicals Scarecrow put in your system, with patience, love and caution Jason sewed back together your psychologic and physical health ,like you once did for him all those years ago. Bruce had months of not talking to Jason, angry at the fact that he had killed, on the other hand, Jason felt his revenge had been finished and now fought for what was right. You and Jason fell in love all over again after that adventure and Jason was very decided to not letting you go.

He had finally found someone he could trust with his life, someone he could be weak with , someone who would love him with his faults …Someone he could form a family with.

Tonight was the 8th anniversary of you first meeting and also of your first date. Jason put a blindfold on you and conduced you to the same secret place he showed you those years ago, this place was only yours…There he had set an small table with two chairs and a candle.

“Jay…?” A wide smiled took over your face as you looked at you romantic-that -acts-like-he’s-so-tough boyfriend and kissed him. He helped you sit and put the first dish he prepared for you when you two moved together.

After eating he smiled at you with his bad boy charm and gave you his helmet. You, confused took it , he told you to look inside. You got a little red velvet box and as you opened it Jason got on one of his knees. You realized when you saw the simple ring inside and tears started falling of your eyes.

“(Y/n) (l/n) I know im not the easier man to get along, nor the best boyfriend heck not even the best vigilante. But I love you, you make me a better man, you feel like I belong, you are my home. Since I meet you I knew there was something in you…something that told me that you were different. You would make me the happiest man on earth if you accepted this mess for a husband.” As Jason ended you had put the ring on your finger and tackled him, kissing his lips over and over again.

“I DO!, I do I do I do!!” You smiled at him as he kissed you passionately.

“Thank you.”


It was a small wedding in that same roof. Just your family, Roy, Kori and jay’s family. He looked handsome with his black leather jacket, clean white shirt and black pants. You, on the other hand looked positively angelic in your medium length white dress with a red bow, your (h/c) hair free and natural and bouquet of red roses on your hand.

Jason smiled when he looked at you, you here the most beautiful view he had ever seen. He took your hand between his and kissed your nose.

Roy, officed the wedding for you as Tim was Jason’s best (or maybe bat?) man and  Kori was your (how she called it ) Maid of brides. Lian with her cute red hood dress you had made for her carried the rings for you two.

After the ceremony Alfred with the help of the Batboys (and Bruce) prepared the dinner, and after Roy got a bit drunk with Dick and Babs had to put them in time out you and Jay came back to your home sweet home where you made love all night long.

Sinking in each others warm until the end of time.

The end.


Meanwhile in one of the darkest cells of Arkham and middle aged man grabed his head between his hands and talked to himself smiling crazily as h lived in his own world.

“Yes, of course my beautiful (y/n)! of course I’m happy we have Sam! You want another?? No problem my beautiful wife! Get out that pesky dress of you and let me make love to you!!!”

Suddenly a loud explosion and the man hit the wall violently as the wall of his prison blew up. When the smoke cleared the man eyes looked at his way to freedom, an evil smile made his way to his soft face.

“I’m coming, my love!” Yelled Jonathan Crane as he ran away of Arkham asylum.

Jason Todd’s ending -  (Here)

Jonathan Crane’s ending ( here)

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2) ship something other than otayuri, when Otabek is the one and only right choice for Yuri, and only with him can Yuri be in a stable, healthy and loving relationship, while there's nothing but hate between him and JJ and JJ has a girlfriend, so of course pliroy cannot happen and is thus the inferior ship of the two and why are there still people who ship it, when otayuri is so much better etc. I can't count all the times I've seen this kind of attitude and now look how tables have turned.

I don’t hate Otayuri nor do I dislike all their shippers. I respect those who doesn’t get their way to hate on my mothership and I adore them for being neutral. Respect begets respect and as much as I want to be CIVIL and NEUTRAL, I can’t help but feel compelled to defend it. I get relevant hate on my Pliroy artworks. PLUS, there are cases of reposting them and then tagging my Pliroy art “Otayuri” and saying “they’ll just pretend it’s Otabek”.

FIRST OF ALL, the Otayuri fandom has a plethora of pretty cool Otayuri fanarts. Fucking use them. 

SECOND, if you don’t ship it, why post it??

THIRD, again, respect begets respect. Lol. Get off my lawn if you’re a petty shipper. When I openly discussed all the Milabek hate that came from Otayuri and Otabek fans, I lost many followers. WHICH is something I do not care about coz , GOOD, LEAVE, I don’t need your negativity on my blog.

I’m aware Otayuri fans receive hate from Pliroy fans too, and I apologize. Nobody deserves irrelevant hate. But who gets more hate??? Otayuri or Pliroy?? Who plays the victim more?? MAJORITY of us Pliroy shippers stay silent and would rather focus our energy on making fanfics and fanarts and I’m surrounded by friends whose mothership is Pliroy as well and if we find a distasteful Pliroy/JJ hater we just keep it amongst ourselves and discuss things privately, instead of reblogging an artwork/post and put hate on it, lol. 

SS Pliroy hasn’t sunk yet, and Otayuri shippers keep on shitposting about it sinking? When in fact we’re fine??????? We’re minding our own business??? Our priate ship is on still waters so we’re fine. We’re a little circle of shippers, and we’re fine and we enjoy each other’s support. 

The difference between us and some people is that even if JJ isn’t single and isn’t queer in the canon-verse, we’ll still watch YOI as long as he’s being treated fairly by the creators. OUR love for YOI isn’t driven because of the ship, it’s because we love JJ as much as we love the other characters. 

Besides, who started the shipwars anyway?? Who started throwing shade and comparing JJ to Beka (Don’t get me wrong, I love Beka to bits). Who started jumping ships?? So yeah, if we retaliate, it’s because we’re tired of the bullshit.  

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Mmkay so I’m going to try to make my point as concise, clear, and respectful as I possibly can. 

But I have a huge fucking problem with the way certain corners of the opm fandom sexualize Genos and are blatantly acephobic.

Now, I’m not speaking as someone who is trying to flaunt her asexuality or be immature as I’m sure the misconception tends to be. And to make my point even further, I’ll even dabble into my personal life and point out that I have had sex and I have written plenty of fics that involve sex. Sex and sexual attraction to characters does not bother me. 

What bothers me, is the fact that I am unable to write a single fic without someone asking me when “Saitama is going to plow that robo ass”, even when there is no place in the story to warrant a sex scene. It bothers me that I can’t read a single chapter or watch a single episode of One Punch Man anymore without seeing the comments section flooded with things like “okay but where’s that robo dick tho” or “I’ll rub my clit all over Genos’s belt if he’s gonna go without a dong” (real things that I have read). It bothers me that this fandom has gotten so divided that a blog like @cinensis can’t share a single post about how he personally head canons Genosai as an Asexual couple without being bombarded with acephobic bullshit because no matter how many times he, or anyone else with similar view points in the fandom try to explain ourselves, people don’t seem to understand that we are not trying to be homophobic or erase homosexual couples, we just see Genosai as a homoromantic couple and don’t personally see them as the couple that would be having sex all the damn time.

What bothers me is when I see people on Ao3 comment on fics about Genos and Saitama being asexual accusing them of being “obnoxious” for “forcing a non-canon sexuality onto the characters for [their] own self indulgence”.

Oh yeah, and newsflash? That’s what trying to erase couples of a certain sexuality looks like. That’s what acephobia looks like.

And if we’re going to go by that logic, then we might as well call all Genosai fics “obnoxious” for “forcing a non-canon sexuality on the characters for [our] own self indulgence”. I mean, Saitama said it himself, he’s not into dudes. 

It bothers me that anyone who writes Genosai as Asexual Homoromantic is accused of being the “head canon police” and “speaking out of turn” while there are hundreds of pornographic comics and fics in which Saitama sexually takes advantage of Genos by forcing him to “upgrade” his genitals for selfish and abusive reasons, and that those comics are the most popular ones out there. 

Lastly, it bothers me that this fandom has gotten so divided that my first experience in it involved trying to make friends and share ideas with popular blogs and writers only to have one of them go on anon and tell me that I could “either get with the program and give the fandom what they wanted” by writing transphobic smut or “get the fuck out” because I wasn’t comfortable taking on a request for a ficlet about Saitama telling Genos that he wouldn’t date him until he installed female genitalia and then essentially, by all definitions of the word, raped him.

I have no problems with headcanoning Genos as a horny dog. I’ve seen the arguments for that head canon that make total sense. Shit, my most popular fic on Ao3 depicts Genos as a horny dog because my friend requested it! I also have no problems with people being sexually attracted to Genos. He is a conventionally attractive character for the purpose of attracting fans (both the fictional ones and the readers of One Punch Man) to him. 

But regardless of how handsome or sexy Genos may be, he is nineteen years old. He may be a legal adult but in terms of emotional and mental maturity, he is still a child and even the smuttiest fics I have read describe Genos as a teenager. Sexualizing Genos to the extent that parts of this fandom has escalated to doing so as of late is a fetish

There is a disturbingly large amount of fans who are fetishizing a nineteen year old and that is not okay.

And before anyone calls me out for shipping Genosai when Saitama is 25 years old: YES I ship Genosai. YES Genos is a legal adult. But I will never support situations in which Saitama takes advantage of Genos’s age and/or willingness to do anything for Sensei, or forces himself upon him because they were a teacher/student relationship first because 9 times out of 10 those hypothetical scenarios end in rape. 

If you don’t believe me, I will gladly send you the plethora of fics on Ao3 that are concerning to me, MOST OF WHICH ARE EVEN TAGGED AS “RAPE/NON-CON”, “ACCIDENTAL RAPE”, “ACCIDENTAL FORCED BOND”, ETC. 

The Genosai I ship and support is the Genosai in which Saitama is always mindful of Genos’s naivety. The Genosai I support is the Genosai in which both parties communicate the boundaries they are comfortable with and enter a healthy, mutually positive relationship on the basis that the two know and have known each other very well and trust each other, regardless of how much sex they have or how kinky the sex is. I just happen to personally head canon them without sex. 

I know that Genos is “a fictional character” and Genosai is “a fictional couple” but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every fictional character that has ever been written is a representation of a real person or a real group of people that real readers can identify with. Genos is written as nineteen for a reason, so to be fetishizing over him when the majority of the fandom that has been producing this kind of material is waaaaay older than me is, frankly, disturbing and it concerns me. Especially after I pointed out the large number of children and teenagers that are going to enter the fandom in the very near future. 

And to be perfectly clear, I don’t care if you personally sexualize Genos or are into nsfw. I have read and seen plenty of nsfw material that is actually really well done! I follow plenty of blogs that post nsfw stuff, I don’t have a problem with it. Just, for the love of all that is good in this world, if you’re going to sexualize this shit then tag it as nsfw, keep it in the nsfw corner of the fandom, and stop attacking the people for not wanting to see this. Tumblr is not an outlet for your sexual fantasies so stop force-feeding it to everyone else because attacking minors, asexuals, and anyone who have reason to take offense to that material for not wanting to see it is harassment and it is wrong. 

And before anyone “calls me out” for being a hypocrite because “I’m just force-feeding the fandom my asexual head canons”, I’m going to dare anyone to go on Ao3 and see if they can even find a comment from ObakeAri that was negative because the writer wrote something that was “sinful”. I can promise you that unless there are two ObakeAri’s floating around you won’t find it. And if you still think this is policing, or if you think I’m over exaggerating, then you can hop on over to Joshua’s blog and have him show you the number of anons who have berated and attacked him for politely requesting that the fandom respects his concept of intimacy in the eclipse!AU and keep porn out of it, or for headcanoning Genosai as asexual. Then you can come back to me and tell me why you think I’m overreacting. 

Love as the One Magic

The first time I heard Lucy speak of the one magic as love, I envisioned something positive. How love will prevail and drives positivity in the world. For me, initially, the idea of the one magic being darkness made no sense. However, upon reading the latest chapter, I realized I was wrong. Grimoire Heart wasn’t correct either, Lucy was. But not in the right way anyone would envision.

Love is the one magic because love can take many forms. Evident in the many forms of love expressed in the series. 

We see love within families. The love shared between the Strauss siblings is one example. Mirajane never blamed elfman for lisannas death and on tenroujima, mirajane was willing to protect lisanna even if it meant her life. Laxus and Makarov also partake in a familial love. Regardless of their issues, makarov evidently loved laxus and vice versa. Despite their issues as well, Lucy loved her father–though he hurt her in the past. igneel loved natsu and vice versa and gray was loved by silver and ur. Additionally, despite alleged resentment, ultear loved her mother deep down even while under the impress Ur abandoned her.

Such a love prevailed in those situations. Family is an evident theme, biological or not. The guildmates considered each other family and each cares deeply about the other. Another aspect of love is between friends, such as the one shared between many of the characters. Friendship has coined the term nakama power within the fandom due to its prevalence as an important theme. From the bond between sting and rogue to the deep care shared between members of team natsu as another example, there is no doubt the love from friends inspires characters to become stronger. it’s another positive example of the effects of love–which, if it is the one magic, means the origin of magic is love. Despite gray and natsu’s differences, they are team mates, friends, they care for the other and would not desire anything bad to occur to the other. They may bicker and want to compete, but they care about each other first and foremost. Natsu wouldn’t let Gray sacrifice his life. They helped each other develop, being different and having a clash of personalities.

While it isn’t the focus, there are a dash of romanic love thrown into the mix. Alzack and Bisca had evident feelings and initially, were quite shy to admit it. However, now they have a family and their love has manifested itself in the form of Asuka. In another example, although only the feelings are confirmed, are Jellal and Erza. Despite all that occurred between them, the love never wavered. Erza couldn’t kill Jellal, she cared about him deeply despite of what he has become in the tower of heaven. She never excused his mistakes, but she wanted to help him go forward. Jellal as well loves Erza, but he understands and they both do it is not the right time for a relationship. They know the risks involved and each have their own responsibilities. However, that does not make their “love” any less strong, they’re there for each other when the other needs help. They believe in the other and serve as an inspiration when the other is feeling down.

Lucy herself is an example of the most selfless form of love. A love that is unconditional, despite the treatment from aquarius she loved her and cherished her. Despite her conflicts with her father, she cared for him. She loves her friends and she loves the guild. Of course, there are many other characters who exemplify deep love. Erza is another character I can think of at the top of my head, though it’s almost ironic how these factors have shaped my opinion on what the one magic was initally. I also thought lucy had a part in what the one magic is, considering her mom knew it and she herself could fit the description, perhaps that is still true–but love is powerful, yes it can be for the greater good, but it cannot always.

Love has had consequences. Love is not always positive. The love for evil, the love for seeing others in pain–many characters share that love. The love for destruction, and also the love that was once pure but was tainted in circumstances. Simon loved Erza, but it led to his death. Rogue loved Frosch so much he became absorbed in darkness at the pain of Frosch’s death. Consequently, Kagura’s love for her brother led her to be vengeful, she wanted to kill jellal. That is the power of love at its worst form. A love that could lead to obsession, to revenge, to the feeling of emptiness. Love is not always pure, love is not always for the greater good.

The one magic is love. But not in the way we’d assume of it. Love is the most condescended way to describe what the source of magic is. It’s the best word that can serve as an epitome of greed, desire, revenge, friendship, romance, care, family, destruction, obsession, and more. Because love is not just our image–the fluffy, sweet type of emotion that brings out the best from others. It can bring out the worst, as evident in those examples and more. All the villains’ intentions could be associated with a form of love. A love for the idea of a world ruled by demons, a love to get a wish granted, a love to see the world in ruins, a love for the idea that time can be reversed to erase wrongdoings. It all stems from love. Love is the one magic and love can be darkness.

Don’t get me wrong, the one magic is not darkness–Hades had a point but he was still incorrect–it is love. And just because love can be darkness does not invalidate the positive examples of love displayed throughout the series. Look how love has transformed various characters, former villains even. Juvia lacked pure love throughout her entire life, now she is in a guild that loves her and she has found love herself–with her friends and with Gray. Meredy was once confused on what love was, she cared for utear–she loved ultear, but until her fight with juvia she did not realize what to do with her love. Love has made her happier and inspired her to do well, to forgive ultear and to fight evil. Love has done a number to everyone, mashima did not put all the evidence of the positive impact as a bait to bring out the darkness.

Zeref loved Mavis and kissed her. And as the page shown on the chapter preview, zeref’s love killed mavis and prompted him to fall even deeper into his darkness. And it begs the question, how? How can love, one that was pure, lead to death–an occurance associated with darkness? Love is supposed to be pure, yet it killed her? The scene represented how love is one magic because love is can be contradictory. Because love is more than one quality, its various. Love can be lightness and darkness. Love led Zeref to fall deeper into despair, even before mavis, with what occurred with natsu, love has done nothing but pain him. Everything he loves dies, the world does not love him. What happens when one is not loved, when one is pained by love and the world? Such is the consequence, a vile consequence, of being unloved.

Love can make the world go round, but it can ruin it. We’ve all seen examples of love in our daily life go wrong. Zeref can’t love such a world that rejects him, thus he wants revenge. His love is no longer pure, its tainted, its darkness, evil, vengeance, whatever you wish to call it.

But the real question is: What will prevail? Love can arguably be the one magic, but what form is the strongest and will prove to outlast the other. Love that is unconditional and pure or love that leads to obsession and vengeance? That I cannot answer; but right now I think I understand what love as one magic means.

Love–a desire, a want, a need, a condition, a feeling, an affection. Love can manifest itself into a plethora of things such as one magic, the one magic that bonds everything together. Love is powerful but dangerous. Its the one magic that affects everyone in some shape or form. Just think, love has made many people better themselves for the good, but has made others fall into darkness which consequently affected the greater good. Love is a being so powerful because it can make or break a person and every action has a consequence.

And while i did not initially think of the one magic–love perhaps–like this…it clicks now, it makes sense. Love is what will play a factor in the final battle and it will seep into the rest of the story. The physical representation may be natsu vs. zeref or what not but in a figurative sense, the fight is within love itself: is love for the better or worse? Which is stronger, which shall prevail? Natsu and Zeref, two brothers who could represent the potential love has. Or perhaps even in just what may win overall: the good or the bad. The love to destroy, to eradicate, or the love to keep living and fix issues through such love rather than add. All i can say is, whether i’m correct or not, nicely..nicely done mashima. Love is the magic that can prompt people to do good or do bad, it can build character or destroy. Love is powerful in that magic.

      ‘Nothing good ever comes of war’ his mother had said, and for the longest time he believed it. War was not the Hell they likened it to however. No, Klause had decided after his third week in the medical tent, war was purgatory, and a man had two options as to where to go while he trumped through it. He could rise above, overcome, go on with life, as so many strived to do. On the other hand…

      On the other hand….

      There is a certain sort of visceral understanding that all humans are, in some way or another, violent beings. No matter how well it tries to hide, no matter how well it coats itself in niceties and social protocol, there is always a bad bone somewhere. Klause could always pick them out. He’d see the gangrenous wounds on a man’s soul with the rotting bones of his character shining through, he’d see the manic looks in the eyes of his comrades as they stared into the sun as if asking it to burn them alive, he’d see it in his own eyes while he shaved in the early mornings before dawn.

      Somewhere along the line, the bodies hanging in the trees looked like they belonged there. Sometime in the night, the chemical fires burning in the distance smelled comforting. He couldn’t have pinpointed when he knew, he just knew: he would not be one of the boys to ascend.

      No, he was content to sink to Hell.

      And so, when the Great War was over and everyone else went home, he trudged on and enlisted again.

      He had not known what to expect of America, but after a few months, he decided he enjoyed it for what it was worth. He adored the way the blood would soak into the red dirt beneath his feet, rejoiced as the sunset would be splattered by a animalistic explosion, reveled in the moral leniency that the country seemed to have in relation to the Hippocratic Oath.

      He was happy that Mikal was here.

      God, yes, he was happy.

      He never expected it, but being elbow deep in someone’s chest cavity always did bring out unexpected feelings in him. The moment Misha had let out a booming laugh and Klause felt the giant’s lungs expand and squeeze his hands which were holding the enormous heart between, that was when he knew. The months of comradery finally came to a head, all the laughter, all the midnight silence, all of the hushed looks and sliding gestures. Everything clicked in one beautiful movement.

      He had kissed Misha then and there, and it was only later he realized he should have been worried that something would go wrong.

      But nothing did.

      For the longest time, nothing did.

      Then, on a cold, bright Tuesday in March, Mrs. Pauling stepped lightly into his office and told him that he had been incorrect, that everything was wrong, and that this all needed to stop.

      He remembered that, for the first time in what felt like eons, he wanted to cry, remembered shouting and screaming and raging instead to hide the burning in his throat until she pulled out a picture of his wife.

      “Is this fair to her?” It had sounded like it was coming through water.

      Klause had laughed, and weeping he had kept in his chest bubbled up like watery shrieks.

      His wife was a lot of things, he had informed Mrs. Pauling, but being in love with him was most certainly not one of them.

      “You don’t know that.”

      He did, actually. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Come home from work and for the seventh time that month find another man in his bed and there’s no point in looking who’s to blame anymore. You sleep on the couch and let them finish. It’s the least you can do by that point, since you obviously are not wanted, since you obviously were never wanted, since you are as defective as you are.  

      She had shaken the picture then, “Things change!”

      Yes, and things had. When they moved, it had gone from a plethora of broad shouldered, blond giants to one solitary, dark skinned Scotsman. She was happy now. He kept her out of the camps, kept her off of the streets, got her to America. He had done his job. That had been their arrangement. At least, in her head it had been. Klause had found it out later, and by that point, was too brutalized on the inside to care.

      “You cannot just- just arbitrarily decide to have sex with a teammate!”

     “I love him.”

      Klause was not sure if he had ever been so sure of something in his life. Even the conviction in his words echoed through the room as his voice reverberated through the space.

      He stared at Mrs. Pauling, watching, but the iron mask she wore did not crack.

      She said she would tell his wife.


      She said it was a crime punishable by law.

      She was not one to talk about what was and was not punishable by law.

      She said they could not keep their jobs if it continued to impede their work ethic. She said he had to allow respawn to do its job, that he could not stay by Misha’s side at all times, that he had to do his duty and made sure the others did not die.

      If that was the case she could have said that without coming into his space and threatening him.

      She said the Administrator would not be happy.

      If he was doing his job and doing it well, would it matter?

      “I don’t know.”

      Hypothesis: she doesn’t care. She just wants him to do what he was hired to do while at the same time passing over the rights of his patents to her.

      “It’s not simple science, Medic,”

      It was, actually. People are not hard to understand.

      “Are you really going to risk this, all of this, just- just for-?”

      No, not ‘just for’ anything. He was doing this because he was not about to let go of the singular person that made him feel like a human being.

      Not a cog in a war machine, not a ghost drifting listlessly through time and space, but a human being.

      Klause was very sure.

      Mrs. Pauling left. She never came into his office again.


       @a-bloody-fruit-shop-owner is an amazing artist and actually did my icon when I was but a wee anon. When I saw their short comic, I thought it was super cool and wrote this *points up* off of the creativity high I got. You should REALLY go check them out- lovely people with lovely talents are lovely treasures of the human race. 

Luke Cage Has Problems.

Okay so I’ve seen a bunch of fuck nigga activity recently about Luke Cage and I’ve felt the need to address it.

First and foremost Luke Cage and colorism. Now yes. I love Both of our leading ladies: Rosario Dawnson and Simone Missick. I am complete and utter garbage for them both. 

However being trash for them doesn’t stop me from being able to point out that much like many other shows LC might have some colorism issues. Now me pointing out that Rosario Dawson is light-skinned and her casting outside of her being an amazing actress could have to do with colorism isn’t me invalidating her Blackness. She is Black first and foremost and knowing how vocal RD is about this stuff she’d have no problem with people talking about this as one of the possible reasons she was cast.

Stepping away from RD yes there are a plethora of Black women in Luke Cage like it needs to be it’s great honestly. I’m loving it but the majority of the darker skinned Black women (darker than SM) are back ground characters and the villain of the piece is one of the darkest if not the darkest women in the show and we all know how often that happens. 

Second and this is targeted at a specific person @zombiianator. So you said some pretty ignorant shit over here and I’m not even gonna bother getting into the “ In what fantasy world do you live in where people can’t identify with those who have a different skin tone than them? Like there’s so many little dark-skinned girls out there crying themselves to sleep because the black female lead to an amazing superhero show isn’t the right shade? Talk about being fucking privileged, damn.” Because the issues of colorism are clearly lost on you.

However I will discuss something else. Queer and Disabled Black people.

Now there’s no way you can argue that this show isn’t a political statement against the treatment of Black people by police. Mike Coulter even said that the bullet ridden hoodie was a homage to Trayvonn Martin. 

So since this has heavy tones of Black Lives Matter it is completely and utterly ridiculous that there are no Queer or Disabled Black people in this show because both of those types of people are targeted by police officers. We’ve had so many instances of Black disabled people murdered and harrassed by cops and same goes for queer Black people. Not to mention they are in fucking Harlem which has a rich RICH history of Black Queer people

I’m gonna show you how fucking simple it would have been to incorporate both of these identities.

Bobby Fish (played by Ron Cephas Jones) the light skinned old man who was always playing chess in Pops shop and was in charge of renovating the place could have easily had a boyfriend/lover/husband and all they had to do was have whoever the guy was walk into the shop be like “hey babe” give him a kiss on the lips and sit in reading a book or something.

When the scene where those cops come into the shop and say Bobby better not be hiding LC Bobby’s person could have been there too and they could have roughed him up a bit to prove a point about what would happen if they found out that he was hiding LC and the officer that did that could be like “relax you know you enjoyed that f*ggot” There’s  the queer representation and showing a brief glimpse into the reality of Queer Black people.

For some odd reason I can’t find the name of the kid who Luke saved in the barbershop and the one who the Black cop beat up but take him. He could have been autistic. It might have taken a little more character development to show that but he could have been and if you’re gonna be all on that “there was no time to do that bullshit” fine he could be physically disabled of some sort and having the police offficer rough him up once again includes another type of Black person the police target.

You’re just like a lot of the people in BLM movement the only thing you care about are Black Cis Straight Men and everyone else be damned. Those of us who be long to either or both of these communities deserve better than y’all and if you aren’t here for us you aren’t here for Black people.

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