and a picture of me and some friends with santa

Paige | San Francisco

this is a recent picture of me. It was a good hair day.

I moved from Santa Barbara recently back to da Bay and I’m pretty lonesome up here without friends. I would love to meet some girls in the sf area because I’m feeling like an outsider in the gay community when all I want is to be a part of it and really spotlight my pride. I’m already out to loved ones, but I want to have a solid group of gay amigas. So, shoot me a message future friend!


WALK THE MOON FRIENDS! This hopefully will be the last time I burden you all for your help. We are so close to being done with our Me&All My “Frands” project and we really need your help to finish it up. If you went to any of the following Talking Is Hard spring shows, PLEASE considering sending in some photos, fan art, and messages to

• Los Angeles, CA
• Seattle, WA (more pictures would be nice but we do have some)
• Vancouver
• Lawrence, KS
• Madison, WI
• Cleveland, OH
• Asheville, NC
• Greensboro, NC
• Nashville, TN (we have a ton of photo booth pictures already! Now we need photos from the actual show)
• Fort Lauderdale, FL
• New Orleans, LA (more photos would be nice)
• Houston, TX
• Tulsa, OK
• Albuquerque, NM
• Los Vegas, NV (more photos would be nice)