and a picture of me and some friends with santa

Unrequested Gorillaz headcanons for y'all

◎ Russel reads a lot. He is especially fond of classics and philosophical works.

◎ 2D collects postcards and frequently asks fans to send them to him.

◎ Whenever she has the chance, Noodle volunteers to the local animal shelter and also tries to involve the others.

◎ Whenever he sees nuns or any other kind of religious figure, Murdoc likes to act like he is possessed and yells blasphemies just for the laughs.

◎ 2D sticks chewing gums under their furniture. Russel found out the hard way.

◎ Noodle likes to take pictures of strangers she finds interesting.

◎ 2D loves to show his postcard collection to visitors (much like an old lady with pictures of her cats). Murdoc once caught him enthusiastically showing a postcard from Nepal to a very confused plumber.

◎ When Noodle was younger, the guys would take her shopping for clothes. This would often result in her wearing a tutu, a leather jacket and flip flops at the same time.
Whenever Noodle finds a picture of herself in one of those outfits, she burns it.

◎ Murdoc and Noodle love to play videogames together. Especially Mario Kart and Just Dance.

◎ Murdoc acts like Harry Potter is for nerds but has secretly read all of the books and loves them. Same goes for Tolkien’s work.

◎ Russel and Noodle like to sneak into cosplay cons in disguise and take pictures with/of other cosplayers. They only reveal their identities after getting posted on social media.

◎ “What do you mean we can’t name her Lilith Mephistophaelia I? What the hell kind of a name is Noodle anyway??”

◎ 2D is a Doctor Who nerd.

◎ The raven Sebastian Niccals found with baby Murdoc the night his son was dumped on his doorstep is Cortez. (Let me dream ok?)

◎ Russel is the Mom Friend™.

◎ 2D watches ASMR videos before sleeping.

◎ Murdoc got once punched in the back by Russel after being caught attempting to spike young Noodle’s milk with whiskey. (“What? It’s an old family recipe! It’s good for your bones.”)

◎ Russel likes to sit in Hide Park to draw caricatures of the people he sees.

◎ Murdoc sends out pictures of himself dressed as sexy Santa to friends and co-workers on Christmas. Some of them are considering changing address.

This is Georgie. I’m the anon who is having trouble finding his breed, so I’d like some opinions.
My friend told me she saw schnauzer, and we believe he’s also part shih tzu and part some sort of terrier.
If coat coloring means anything, the second picture is him without a groom for several months.
He’s 4 years old and weighs about 27 pounds. I’d love to hear other people’s’ thoughts!
Georgie likes to nap on the kitchen table, and sometimes the stove. We don’t know how he used to get up there. He likes to dress up as Santa Paws every year. He has lil bear paws.

Strangers AUs No One Asked Me For
  • You have got to be the most philosophical drunk I have ever met; do you come to this bar often?
  • I know you don’t know me, and I definitely don’t know you, but you really suck at riding this bike so I’ll teach you how to ride right now to save you future embarrassment
  • I’m hitchhiking with this person I do not know, holy shit balls what if they’re a deranged murderer or something and– wait you like [fave band/singer/etc]? Dude, let’s rock the fuck out with your volume at 100
  • So my friend stood me up, and your friend stood you up, so how about you let me have your extra movie ticket and we’ll go see Jurassic World together?
  • I was completely ignoring you the entire time, but the moment I heard my NOTP’s name slip out your lips, I freakin’ snapped
  • Because I took pity on you, I’m giving you ride home on my (motor)bike and we’re having some pretty deep conversations on some really deep topics… Wanna do this again sometime?
  • Well random stranger, I saw from across the arcade you’ve been kicking major ass on DDR… Allow me to dethrone you.
  • Turns out that car I kicked yesterday was the car that belonged to my new lit teacher and they recognize me. FML
  • I just got a major role in a play and this stranger I see at my bus stop all the time has been helping me practice them… Hey do maybe you wanna go see the play?
  • Why the hell did you take a picture of me?! Wait… You think I’m cute?… *blushing* wanna fight…?!
  • So I’ve been singing some old Disney Classics and you heard through our really thin apartment walls and joined in right when I got to the chorus of Can You Feel The Love Tonight (and holy shit do we make a good duet!)
  • So I see you’re watching the new season of OITNB on your phone… plz let me watch with you
  • It’s the middle of June, who in the living fuck is going around singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town on loop obnoxiously loud in the middle of the store
  • So my friends dared me to ask a random person out on a date and the person I asked actually said yes wth do I do?!
  • Eww they like fishing? Crap they heard me and now they’re making me go fish with them; why do I open my big mouth at the shittiest of times?
  • For the path month this person at my favorite bookstore has been telling me about their shitty at home life everyday on Saturday at a specific time and they aren’t here today, what do I do?
  • I’ve been having these convos with this person in the class after mine by writing notes to each other on the desk we both share and I wanna meet them now
  • Alternatively, I drew this sweet ass picture on my desk and when I came back to class the next day there was a note written on the desk that said it ‘was not too shabby’ and pointed out the flaws in it. So that kinda became routine as I continue to try and get your approval on one of my pieces and damn it you are hard to please
  • I threw a concert and you’re the only person that showed up… Wanna free T-Shirt and CD? (totally not from Steven Universe *cough*)
  • We don’t speak the same language, but despite that we’ve hung out together the entire summer somehow managing to get by on strange gestures and whatnot and despite the language barrier I really like you, but I get the feeling you’ll be leaving soon and I don’t even know your name
  • You ‘ve been reading my favorite reread at the library, so I’ve been stoking you out waiting for you to finish it and you noticed me

when i was a kid, my local mall had a (no joke) 15 foot tall animatronic storytelling polar bear as part of its christmas setup. the bear was fucking terrifying and the only proof i have that it existed at all is a couple of santa pics which depict the damn thing on the cards they’re held in. my siblings, parents, and even friends & acquaintances confirm it’s existence, everyone was scared of it, but nobody has pictures of it.

i even did some digging and contacted the prop catering company responsible for the setup during that time. their ownership has changed hands several times since then, so they had no recollection of the animatronic.

but i know it was real.

1000 followers Christmas special event

I know its early November and I hate to see Christmas stuff at this time but I won’t have much time in December so that’s why I’m doing it now.
For this event I’m going to post a picture everyday (from 1 till 24 December)

Now to you! If you want to have your oc or favorite character in those pictures, reblog this with which day you want and with name and screenshot/ drawing of your oc/character.
!!! Important !!!
I will not draw over detailed Ocs
If you send me nsfw art, I will slam the block button immediately
You have to a follower
Warframe only (corpus, warframes, grineer, orokin,….)
Some images require more than 1 character. You are very welcome to add ocs of your friends and NPCs

1. Ugly sweater squad (requires 4 characters)
2. Something red (1+)
3. Warm and soft (2+)
4. The stocking were hung (2+)
5. Naughty and nice (2+)
6. Santa is coming (1+)
7. Snowball fight (4+)
8. Something gold (1+)
9. Hot chocolate (1+)
10. Oh Christmas tree… (3+)
11. Baking (2+)
12. Fishing on ice (2+)
13. Snow and pets (4+ including pets)
14. Black and white (2)
15. Hardcore baking (2+(
16. Tobogganing (3+)
17. Presents (2+)
18. Baby it’s cold outside (2)
19. Something silver (1+)
20. By the fireside (2+(
21. Family (4+)
22. Grateful (2+)
23. Lonely Christmas (1)
24. Merry Christmas

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Once a Year.

How could she be able to keep his location a secret for so long?

It had been 10 years since Kogami left.

It was really irking Ginoza Nobichika to no end that his former partner wouldn’t tell him where his best friend was.

She would leave for a few days every year, off to wherever Kogami was. They would spend alone time and -ahem- reconnect with each other after their time apart.

No one really suspected anything until she came back after the second year they had started to meet up. They had been careless. Akane was pregnant, and she had no explanation of who the father of the child could be.

Of course Gino knew. It was too obvious to him. Yayoi stayed out of it because she knew it was none of her business what her boss did on her days off. Mika had been a little overwhelmed taking control of Division One during Akane’s maternal leave. But in the end, they made it through. A baby girl named Ayaka made her way in to the world and things began to settle down.

Akane still took time off to go and meet up with Kogami on her own. She would leave her daughter with the only person she knew she could trust, and come back home as if she had just taken a business trip. Inspector Tsunemori only admitted what she had been doing after she had become pregnant again. Gino was livid, but he promised not to tell anyone.

Everything was fine for a while after she had her son, Shou. They grew up as well as any child could coming in and out of the department on a daily basis. Ayaka had a really sharp mind because of it.

Kogami was definitely aware of the fact that he was a father, and after Shou was born he and Akane agreed that they would be extra careful from then on.

Ayaka and Shou had never met their father, and it wasn’t until Shou had turned five that he asked about him for real. Eight year old Ayaka had already heard about him from the times she asked her mother and Uncle Gino about where he was. She was used to it just being the three of them.

They were sitting down eating dinner one night when Shou spoke up.

“Mama, did you know that babies are made because mommies and daddies love each other?”

“Yes, sweetie, I did.” Akane nodded as she took a bite of her food.

“So, you and my daddy love each other, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Then why don’t me and sis have a little brother?”

Akane began to choke at this question. After coughing it out and regaining her composure, she turned to her son.

“Shou… Where is all of this coming from?”

Shou sighed and looked seriously at his mother with the same gray eyes his father passed on to him.

“My friend from school said that his mama and daddy are going to have a new baby. He said that it’s because his daddy lives with them that they love each other. He also said that my daddy doesn’t love me as much as his daddy loves him because my daddy doesn’t live with us.”

“Oh, Shou.” Akane smiled and ruffled the small boy’s brown hair. “Your daddy loves us. He’s just got a lot of busy work that he has to do to save the world. That’s why he doesn’t come home.”

“But how was Shou made, mama?” Ayaka asked after quietly observing their conversation.

“Well… When a mommy and a daddy love each other a lot they-”

“Because my friend said that her mommy and daddy had sex.”

Akane gaped at her eight year old daughter, surprised at the words that she spoke.

“Well, it’s true, right?” She looked up, giving her a serious look.

“What’s sex?” Shou asked his big sister.

“Hey, Shou… Why don’t you go and check to make sure Uncle Gino has had dinner?”

“Okay, mama!” He grinned, forgetting his question, and went to go and call his favorite babysitter.

“Ayaka… Do you know what sex is?” Akane carefully made her voice sound steady as she asked her question.

“It’s when a mama and a papa get naked and wrestle each other around until they get tired.” Ayaka answered, sounding annoyed. “You know that, mama. You and papa do it when you see each other.”

Akane’s face became red from embarrassment. How did her daughter know this much?

“At least, that’s what I heard miss Karanomori talking about. She was using words that I didn’t know, though.” She casually took a sip of her water. “So, I asked Uncle Gino.”

“And what did he tell you?”

“The same crap you were going to say.”
She answered in the same blunt way that Kogami would have. “So, I asked my friend in grade three what it meant. She showed me some pictures she found on her tablet and told me.”

“Uh huh… So is there anything else your friend told you?”

“The tooth fairy isn’t real.” Ayaka looked at her mother and stood. “I’m still asking about Santa, but no one knows the truth about that fat man.”

Akane pursed her lips together, trying not to laugh at the seriousness in her child’s voice that reminded her so much of her lover.

“Do YOU know the truth?” She put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes.

“Sybil never catches him on the scanners or anything, but I hear his Psychopass is clearer than anyone I know of.” Akane said. “But we still need to get more evidence.”

“I’ll get it…” Ayaka quietly said to herself, not knowing Akane heard her. She turned and walked away, deep in thought, and left the sex talk with her mother. She had more important things to research.

Later that night, Kogami called Akane.

“Inspector Tsunemori here.” She answered like normal.

“Hey you.”

“Oh. Hey.” Akane answered, looking around to make sure that the kids were sound asleep. She quietly slipped out of the room so she and her former subordinate could speak more freely.

“What are you wearing?” Kogami joked, causing Akane to laugh.

“I miss that laugh.” His gruff voice spoke on the other end of their connection.

“We all miss you…” Akane whispered.

There was a long silence before Kogami spoke again.

“So… How are the kids?”

“We had quite an interesting conversation tonight, actually.” Akane chuckled to herself, going back to what her daughter had said.

“Oh? What about?”

“Well, our son asked about babies being made.”

“No way!” Kogami laughed. “What did you say?”

“I didn’t have time to really say anything. Aya started talking about sex.”

“… What?”

“She said that she had heard Shion talking about us having sex. So she had done research and asked Gino, who gave her an answer she wouldn’t accept.” Akane explained.


“She asked an older friend at school, who happened to have pictures.”

“Ugh. Oh god.” Kogami sighed. “So, what did you do?”

“I asked her about it… And all she really knows is that you get naked and wrestle around.”

Kogami began to laugh. “I was afraid you were going to say that she actually knew what an org-“

“Kogami!” Akane cut him off.

“Yeah, yeah.” He snickered. “You were saying.”

“Anyway… I think we have a future inspector on our hands.”

“Oh really?”

“She’s as relentless as you. She won’t stop looking until she gets an answer.”

“That sounds like you. You found me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… I guess so.”

“Don’t give me all of the credit, Akane. You’re doing such a damn good job raising our kids.” Kogami reassured her. “I promise I will find my way around the System so I can be with you. Okay?”


“I have to go now. I’ll talk to you soon. Don’t go wrestling naked men unless they’re me, Inspector.” He chuckled.

“Very funny.” Akane rolled her eyes.

“Hey… It’s midnight.” Kogami noted. “We get to see each other sooner this year, so try to hold on a little longer.”

“You’re right.” Akane smiled to herself. “Happy new year, Shinya.”

“Happy new year, Akane.”

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macerelle  asked:

Bellarke and 'being camera shy plus some unexpected hand holding' Thanks so much this + happy holidays!

The first time Bellamy Blake meets Clarke Griffin, he’s eleven and she’s seven and absolutely terrified of the mall Santa.

Bellamy’s been kind of worrying about the Santa thing, if he’s honest. O wanted to come to the mall to inform Santa he didn’t get her what she wanted last year, and tell him to do a better job this year. Which is not going to work, because their family doesn’t have any more money this year than last year. As a kid, Bellamy sort of got that Santa was never going to get him a pony, but Octavia thinks she deserves one, and if she doesn’t get one, she’s going to be an asshole in the coming year.

So, yeah. He’s possibly looking for some kind of distraction when he spots the girl alone in line, looking like she’s about to cry or bolt, he can’t decide which.

“Stay here, okay?” he tells Octavia, and goes over to the girl. “You okay?” he asks.

She startles, and then glares with fierce blue eyes. “I’m fine.”

“Yeah? So, you want to get your picture taken?”

“No,” she says, too quickly. “It’s weird. If I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, why would I sit in one’s lap and get my picture taken?”

“It’s not a stranger,” he says, trying not to smile. “It’s Santa.”

“Santa’s not real. Mom just wants the picture for her Christmas cards.”

“Where is your mom?”

“At work. My nanny’s supposed to be watching me, but her boyfriend works at the coffee shop so she said I could wait by myself.”

“Huh. Well, I’m here with my sister. You want to wait with us instead?”

“I don’t know you either,” she says.

“I’m Bellamy. My sister’s Octavia. She wants to tell Santa he’s a sham, so you guys should get along.”

“She thinks he’s real?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I think maybe she just wants to yell at someone.”

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Paige | San Francisco

this is a recent picture of me. It was a good hair day.

I moved from Santa Barbara recently back to da Bay and I’m pretty lonesome up here without friends. I would love to meet some girls in the sf area because I’m feeling like an outsider in the gay community when all I want is to be a part of it and really spotlight my pride. I’m already out to loved ones, but I want to have a solid group of gay amigas. So, shoot me a message future friend!

#228: Pictures With Santa

Harry: "This is going to make an amazing Christmas card,“ Harry remarks, bouncing on the balls of his feet as the two of you wait to be called up by the workers. "You seem more excited to take a picture with Santa than all of the kids standing behind us,” you laugh, crossing your arms over your chest as you watch a family go up. “First of all, his name is Father Christmas,” your husband lectures you, gently tapping your nose. “Second of all, why aren’t you excited? Christmas is almost here, be happy!” “I am happy,” you roll your eyes. “It just seems kind of weird since we’re taking a picture with Santa and we don’t even have a kid.” “Where’s your Christmas spirit? Besides, that’ll all change in a year or two.” “What?” “What? Nothing.”

Liam: "Mommy, look!“ your 6 year old whispers excitedly, pointing to where Santa was sitting. "It’s Santa Claus!” “That’s right, sweetie,” you nod your head, picking her up and settling her on your hip. “And you get to tell him what you want for Christmas since you’ve been such a good girl.” You put her down, taking her hand in yours as she eagerly awaits her turn. One of the workers calls you up, allowing her to run up to the man in the chair as you trail behind her. “And what do you want for Christmas this year?” Santa asks her as he balances her on his knee. “A new doll maybe?” Your daughter shakes her head. “This year, I want my daddy to come home early so he can celebrate Christmas with us!”

Louis: You tried your best to get your son to calm down, but every time he looked at the man in the red suit, he just started to cry again. “At least he knows to stay away from strangers,” Louis shrugs as you take the two year old in your arms and begin to rock him back and forth. “Not helping, Lou,” you roll your eyes, beginning to consider ditching the line. “Maybe we just shouldn’t get a picture…” “What?!” your husband exclaims, looking at you incredulously. “No, a crying baby is what makes the picture perfect. Every family has one, it’s not like we’re bad parents if we get one like that.” “I highly doubt every family has one-” “My mum has one for every kid,” he cuts you off. “We’re getting one.”

Niall: "I can’t believe you’re actually doing this,“ you remark loudly, watching as Niall put on a Santa costume in the corner of the room. Harry had invited the two of you to his Christmas party and Niall had wanted to take full advantage of the photobooth, actually taking the Santa costume from the props table. "Don’t you want your picture with the man himself?” Niall asks, putting on the white beard and the hat, spreading his arms out so you could take it all in. “Not particularly,” you grimace, trailing after Niall as he pulls the rest of the boys in with him. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m meeting you, Father Christmas,” Harry shakes Niall’s hand eagerly. “I love your work.” “Don’t encourage him, Harry.”

Zayn: "Merry Christmas!“ Zayn bellows, doing his best to hold up his stomach as you lead him through your parents’s house, all of your cousins screaming with excitement when they spot "Santa”. “(Y/N), you know Santa?” one of them questions, looking up at you curiously. “I sure do,” you nod your head. “We're very good friends and he told me that since you’ve all been good this year, he would stop by to say hello.” “C'mon kids, why don’t you all stand with Santa and we’ll take your picture,” your mom suggests, telling them to squeeze next to each other as all of the adults point their cameras towards them. “(Y/N), why don’t you sit on Santa’s lap,” Zayn says, patting his lap as he winks at you. “Don’t push it.”

A/N: This actually took very long to write for some reason. But yaaaay we’ve reached the Christmas-y/winter-y preferences. I’m very tired so I don’t have much to say. So I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx