and a non sentient car

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The Monster Truck that’s also a space rover in Bigfoot Presents Meteor and the Mighty Monste Trucks, the show about cartoon talking monster trucks who destroy non sentient cars that confused me when I flicked by this show on television 8000 years ago

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This is presumably between 4a and 4b except Gold is in town and what’s a Hook, goodbye~

The first time it happens, Regina decides to let it go. She and Emma are trying this whole getting along thing, which Emma likes to call the friends thing and Regina hasn’t stopped her. Having her car towed just because it’s smack against the side of Regina’s would be a little too extreme for friends. Pity.

Instead, she calls the sheriff’s station and waits until Emma picks up. “I need you to boot the yellow Volkswagon Beetle parked out of stall in the parking lot.”

She can almost hear the smile on Emma’s face when she responds, and temporarily forgets that she can’t get into her car. Or to listen to what Emma’s saying before she hangs up.

Emma arrives a few minutes later with an exaggerated roll of the eyes and an aside-Are you even driving anywhere? No, no she isn’t, but she’ll be damned if she comes back at the end of the day and can’t get home to her son because of Emma, thank you very much- but she moves her car over and gets an invite to the mayor’s office for lunch.

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