and a new stomach

not to be headass but I really just wanna lay on somebody stomach and discover new music or critique old music and like
watch movies and laugh hella hard or just sit in a garden and talk about goals and shit
i wanna fall in love with the same person every day of my life. over and over and over again.

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The Signs As Feelings

Aries: playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages

Taurus: drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents

Gemini: laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you

Cancer: skype calls with people you miss, crying after your emotions built up, staying in on a Saturday night

Leo: feeling confident about your appearance, telling your best friends about something that happened to you, wearing a new outfit

Virgo: winning an argument, finishing a good book, feeling like not many people understand you

Libra: saying what you think, proving a teacher correct, being afraid of what people would think

Scorpio: kissing someone you wanted to kiss for the longest time, regretting things you’ve done in the past, opening your curtains in the morning

Sagittarius: doing something you’ve never done before, cuddling with your pet, going to bed late

Capricorn: feeling excluded, saying a good comeback, saying what you have wanted to say for the longest time

Aquarius: talking to someone who you know understands you, feeling nervous when looking into someones eyes for too long, never being sure about how you feel

Pisces: finishing homework at 2am, watching your favorite movie, playing a song on the piano fluently

source:  temperamentally-indulging

Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses

About This Masterpost
Thicket’s Magical Masterpost

Jinxes, hexes, and curses are all part of the same category of malicious magic. This is magic done to harm. It may be done for the greater good, but in general it is always offensive and always meant to hurt another person.

A jinx is the least damaging of all malicious magics. It is more like a nasty trick or prank than an actual attack. Considering they serve little strategic value in battle, I consider jinxes to be just plain cruel.

Hexes are magical attacks. A hex can be relatively minor or extremely dangerous, depending on the spell chosen and how much power it has.

Curses are not simply more powerful hexes. In my path, a curse is life-changing. It permanently alters fate and destiny. I doubt the majority of magical workers in the world can cast a true curse. For this reason we will mostly be talking about jinxes and hexes, since curses are beyond the scope of this article. The purpose of this post is to talk about hex and jinx identification and breaking.

A hex can have endless symptoms, from the vague to the specific. When you are hexed, things just start to go wrong, in your body, your mind, or your life (or all three, if you are against a wicked opponent). When trying to identify hexing symptoms for yourself or another, keep an eye on what is abnormal. Don’t get what is normal twisted with what is a symptom of hexing. If someone normally has anxiety, then don’t assume that is being caused by a hex. Instead, keep an eye on if that anxiety worsens, changes, or is triggered by new things.

A few common hexing symptoms: Headaches, nausea, stomach pain, body pain, anxiety, worry, nightmares, insomnia, sleep paralysis, uncontrollable thoughts, strange impulses or compulsions, being unable to keep track of time, breaking objects on accident, phobias or fears, being in physical danger (car accidents, assaults), people treat you differently (as if they dislike you for some reason now), always being at the wrong place at the wrong time, positive relationships start decaying, unhealthy people come back in to your life, things just plain going wrong.

Now let me slow your roll for a moment. Remember that you are looking for abnormal symptoms. If people haven’t liked you your entire life, it is unlikely that a witch put a curse on you as an infant. If you have had a fear of spiders since you were bitten twelve years ago, it doesn’t mean that was a symptom of a spider-hex and now your natural spiders means you are under magical attack. Be reasonable. People have headaches every day for mundane reasons, and their “unexplainable” symptoms could be traced back to their Oreo and Mountain Dew exclusive diet. What you are looking for is a thread of unexplained commonality.

Remember that people seem to have a natural and powerful inclination to blame their problems on magic. I absolutely know once I publish this article I am going to get many messages from many people down on their luck asking if they have been hexed or cursed. In reality, their inability to take their foot off the gas pedal is what’s giving them speeding tickets, not some magical scapegoat. That being said, if you reasonably do believe you’ve been hexed, absolutely contact me; my point is that people often like to think they have been hexed, when they have not.

Another important part of identifying magical attack is figuring out where it would have come from. A friend of mine has many common hexing symptoms, and he knows of a magical practitioner who would have had it out for him exactly at the time all these symptoms started. If not for the knowledge of this person, I would doubt he was under magical attack. So if you or a friend match a lot of these symptoms – where did they come from? Magical attack does not spawn out of thin air.

Or does it?

Many of the symptoms of hexing are shared by symptoms of spirit attack. Which can, literally, come from nowhere. There is no harm in doing a full banishing along with a hex reversal. This is not the post to discuss spirit attack, just be aware that you are not necessarily being hexed even if you are under true spiritual attack.

Ask yourself what big event happened at the time a hex was supposedly laid upon you or another. Did they get married, possibly inciting jealousy in another? Did they screw someone over? Did they get promoted, move, lose their job, find a new partner, or break up? Gather all the information you can about what was going on in this person’s life at the start of their symptoms. This will provide clues as to the possible source of magical attack, allowing you to build better defenses.

Basically when it comes to breaking spiritual attack, there are a few basic steps you will want to take.

Protect the person as best you can. If someone is under a true spiritual attack, there are two basic options. Either their opponent has hexed them once and forgotten about it, or the attack is ongoing. If the attack is ongoing, it means that any steps to break the hex may be noticed and be met with redoubled efforts by the opponent. You will want to lay personal protections on them, as well as creating a safe haven in their bedroom or home/apartment. If you are going to be helping yourself, check your wards and put a lot of solid energy in to them. But don’t rely on them – after all, they did not prevent the attack from coming through the first time. Question where your protections are lacking and how you can reinforce them.

Uncross the person very thoroughly. An uncrossing is a way to remove magical hexes and bindings. It is simple but powerful magic. Uncrossing spells will be given at the end.

[Cleanse] the person and their home thoroughly, to remove any residual energies.

Bless the person and their home, to restore a sense of peace, security, and safety.

Blast the opponent, if necessary. If you have found yourself caught up in an ongoing spiritual attack, sometimes the best way to handle it is to cripple your opponent through your own offensive measures.

Posts on protection, uncrossing, and blessing will come later. Read about cleansing [here].

Let me encourage you not to handle hexing cases alone. There is no shame in reaching out when someone is actually attacking you, you know? It’s not something you have to handle alone. Just make sure you don’t incite your friends to mob mentality violence. That’s not cool, either.

Let’s take a moment and talk about blasting, owl-blinking, nightmaring, and hexing – on your side of the fence. Hexes and curses get thrown around like cheap Halloween candy on Tumblr, and most of them are radically dangerous, written by teenagers and young adults who are out for vengeance no matter the price.

Well, screw that mentality. You do not have to sacrifice yourself using dangerous hexes in order to get back at someone. I’m not going to touch the issue ethically, you are your own person and you get to choose who to hurt. I am going to brush up against this issue magically, to try and teach how to cast a safe hex. Incidentally, I don’t believe in the 3fold law, for those of you who asked me.

Hexing someone is like dragging a bucket of shit through your house in order to dump it on your cheating boyfriend. That nasty energy is going to get everywhere. When I cleanse, I feel light and refreshed, because that cleansing energy has rubbed off on me. When I cast a love spell I hit up my boys afterwords because that love energy has rubbed off on me. When I cast a hex, I feel angry, violent, and raw – because that same energy has gotten in to my system. When you cast a spell, part of that spell stays within you.

The nasty energy starts when you start thinking up the most vile things to throw at someone. As you feed that anger, you also feed the hex growing within yourself. But that energy doesn’t exist to hurt one person, it exists to hurt everyone – including you. As you dwell on your anger and hurt and plans to hex, that energy builds and builds and starts to overflow on to your personal energies and life. Ever notice how people who spend a lot of time hexing also seem to have shitty things constantly happening to them through pure coincidence?

When the hex itself is cast, that bottled up energy explodes out in one direction, towards your victim. But just as a gun fires a bullet, that gunpowder residue also explodes and gets all over whoever fired the gun.

But wait! There’s more. That energy is going to follow a pipeline to your enemy – your astral relationship pipeline. When no pipeline exists, a taglock such as a photo, hair, or nail clippings are used instead. This is how a witch with no personal investment can hex someone. But this relationship pipeline isn’t reduced, damaged, or cut off when a hex is sent, leaving you free from this person’s influence. The pipeline reacts exactly how it is supposed to react when a huge amount of energy is sent through it: it gets stronger. Ever notice how you can hex someone ten times and your relationship seems to get deeper and more complicated and shitty every time, leaving you in a swamp of shit when you just wanted to hex someone and get them out of your life? Yeah.

So there are two basic problems when it comes to hexing. The first is that the hex energy gets all over you and fucks you up, and the second is that hexing someone makes your astral relationship grow stronger, not weaker. Fortunately taking care of these problems is easy.

If you’ve made up your mind to be a hex-witch, you need to build up your natural protections and fortifications before you get deep in to the attack magic. This will help guard against all that nasty energy hurting you. Engage in regular cleansings – more than someone who doesn’t do hexes. Rip hexes off like bandaids. You don’t need to feed a hex for weeks and weeks before you cast it. Go deep, cast it hard, then cleanse thoroughly. Use your most powerful cleansers on yourself, your home, and the area you did the hex in.

After you are aware that the hex has been delivered (through social media, hearing about that person’s troubles, or magical sensing) cut the bond between the two of you through any regular spell. Check out my post on bindings for a little more info on breaking a relationship bind.

Then, release. Release that anger. Release your need for justice and vengeance. The spell has been cast, your work has been done. The more you hold on to it, the more you give room for those shitty energies to build back up in your life. Do a magical ritual. Burn your memories of that person. Burn what they did to you. Let the ashes blow away in the wind. Recover. Treat yo’ self. Hanging on, and casting hex after hex after hex just to punish a person, is dragging yourself down with them. Eventually your job will be done. (I will also argue that if one hex doesn’t cut it, then two won’t either)

Anyway, let’s focus on some hex-breaking spells.

Simple Candle Buster

Take a black taper candle. The next best colors are red and white. Any color taper will do in a pinch. Carve away the bottom end of the candle so that the wick pokes out. This reversal symbolizes, well, reversal. Coat the candle in any of the hex-breaking oils or waters listed at the end. Surround the candle-holder with the hottest peppers you have access to. Charge these peppers with the intent to burn and shred any spell attached to you. Once your candle is set up with the peppers, speak to the spell. Ask it to utterly destroy and terrorize any malicious spell cast upon you. Ask it to send the spell back to its creator. Allow the candle to burn down fully.

Egg-xit My Aura

Take a whole egg. Fresh is best if you can get it, otherwise it doesn’t really matter. Rub the egg all over your body or have someone else do it for you. Start at the feet and go upwards. You do not have to be nude. Chant, “Egg, egg, take away all the shit that’s in my way.” Vividly imagine that every curse and hex placed upon you is consumed within the infinite depths of the egg. Throw it away outside of your home. Do not break it.

You’ll Rue The Day

Take a very long and enjoyable soak in a bath filled with rue, angelica, or any other curse-breaker you know. Avoid adding chili peppers to the bath, for obvious reasons. Ensure that you charge the bath with hex-breaking properties. As you bathe, feel the plant spirits washing over you and consuming the hex placed around you, both ethereally and astrally. This is not for pregnant or nursing women.

Doll Hex-Breaker

Craft a poppet of yourself. Coat it in any hex-breaking oils that you see fit. Allow it to soak in Four Thieves Vinegar overnight, in moonlight if possible. In the morning, coddle the doll and coat it with uncrossing, protective, or beneficial oils and waters. Keep the doll safe until it dries fully. Undo the poppet magic (remove all traces of its association to you) and store until you wish to use it again, or discard it.

Flying Devil Powder

Create a blend of black pepper, cinnamon, dragon’s blood, patchouli, and vetiver. If not all ingredients are available, use what you have. Add anything else intuition tells you you should add. Burn this substance on a hot charcoal and stand within the smoke. It makes the devils fly away.

Lemon Lime Bath

Take as many lemons and limes as you have. Squeeze them in to the bath water and include the rinds. Add nine bay leaves. Bathe thoroughly.

War Water Bath

Add war water to the bath. Bathe. Imagine that iron weapons spring from the bath and mutilate any malicious spell placed upon you.

Grind It Up

Take three of the hottest dried peppers you have. Name each pepper, “you are the curse placed upon me.” Grind the peppers together. Whack them a whole bunch with the pestle, too. As you do so, imagine that the curses are being torn to shreds. Take the ground up seeds and chili skin. Add it to a new protective charm and wear it in addition to your other armors.

Salted Lemons

This is a more complex one. You will need a lemon, some salt, and some holy water. Light one black, one red, and one white candle. Light uncrossing incense (rue, cinnamon, hyssop, bay leaf. Whatever you have). Pass a knife through the incense smoke. Hold the blade in the flame of each of the three candles, then sprinkle the blade with holy water. Using this knife, slice the lemon in to three sections. Dip each section in to the holy water, then in to the dish of salt so they are completely coated. Leave the lemon slices out on a paper towel. When they are completely dried, the hex is thoroughly removed. If the lemon slices start to rot, the hex has not been removed. To negate the hex, use holy water. To return the hex, use war water.

Mesopotamian Incantation

This useful hex-breaker reaffirms your value to the universe, elevating you above the spells mean to harm you. Begin chanting:

“I am pleasing, I am pleasing

Heaven takes pleasure in me

Earth takes pleasure in me

The ocean takes pleasure in me

The sky takes pleasure in me

The gods take pleasure in me

The sun takes pleasure in me

The moon takes pleasure in me

My mother takes pleasure in me…

Continue on in this manner, naming every good and wonderful thing you can think of. Your significant other, your dogs. Whatever gives you power and strength, affirm that it takes pleasure (loves you and wants you to be safe) in you. Continue on for as long as you desire. Then, end with this. Shout if necessary:

“Many any evil magic on me be dispelled

May any evil magic on me be removed!”

Second Mesopotamian Spell

Chant the following:

“Evil man

Evil Eye

Evil mouth

Evil tongue

Evil spell

Witchcraft, spit, saliva, evil deeds, evil thoughts

Get out of the house now!”

Four Thieves Vinegar

Uses: Highly purifying and protective, also healing.

Obtain the best possible red wine or apple cider vinegar. Peel and crush garlic cloves and add them to the vinegar; the more garlic, the better. Choose four of the following ingredients to add: Black pepper, whole chili pepper, coriander, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, thyme, or wormwood. Allow to sit for four days, shaking once daily, before using.

Glory Water

Uses: Drives away ill fortune, draws success. Perhaps very useful for your self care.

In fresh water, combine the following: Orange blossom water or neroli hydrosol. Frankincense resin or essential oil. Essential oil of bergamont. Orange blossom water/neroli is essential and cannot be substituted or replaced.

Pollution Water

Uses: Clears pollution, aids in banishment

Grind ashes, salt, and red pepper in to a fine powder. Add this powder to spring water. The product is intensified if the ashes are from burned holy verses or prayers of protection.

Crown of Success Oil

Use: To bring success unto its wearer.

Combine bay leaves, frankincense, sandalwood, and vetiver in to sunflower, olive, or jojoba oils. Essential oils may be used instead of the dried plant matter. Wear regularly as part of your self care. Something tells me Joobs may like this one.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Use: Protection

Blend powdered dragon’s blood resin and sea salt together. Add frankincense and myrrh. Add to castor oil. If necessary, include olive oil to reduce thickness. Wear as a perfume to protect yourself, or add to a jar and carry as a talisman. If you choose to add cinnamon and ginger, it cannot be worn on the skin.

Flying Devil Oil

Use: Banishment

Blend red pepper and/or hot chili peppers in to olive oil or baby oil. This spicy mix will drive away unwanted spirits and spells.

The Signs As Feelings

Aries: playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages

Taurus: drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents

Gemini: laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you

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The Heart of the Jungle: Chapter 6/6 by @esselley

Danger looms. Adventure awaits. The jungle calls. And Hinata meets a curious stranger there, who shows him what it means to be truly needed.

Time was dwindling. But for every one sunset that took them closer to Hinata’s departure, it brought a new day for Hinata to fall, heart dropping down into his stomach or jumping into his throat, as he loved Tobio more and more. That was what he wanted the memory to be.

(AKA: tarzan tobio!) [1] [2] [3*] [4] [5*] [6] *nsfw

anonymous asked:

Do you think Touka's going to get pregnant and then hurt? I'm thinking of the Kirishima poem from last year that says 'Her womb smelled like it was burnt. The children who were meant to be born, died. The vision of the future convulses.". And the new color cover of Touka with blood on her stomach.

oh … oh no…?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going Up!

Why did it have to happen today?! Of all days! And, of course, there were no parking spaces except the ones in the last row, all the way in the fucking back! Dane slammed the door of his car shut, nearly getting his tie caught in the fray. He started jogging off toward the towering skyscraper before him, wondering if this day could possibly get any worse.

Today was the day of his performance review. He had been working tirelessly at the firm ever since college, and it was finally his chance to be promoted. Working here had been hell, but it would all be worth it if he could land a cushy promotion and start making real money. He had built himself up to be the peak of the company’s ideals. He worked long, horrible hours. He took every project he was given, no matter how tedious and degrading. He’d even forced himself out of old habits to be sure that he complied with the company’s strict diet and exercise policy. And now, thanks to a missed alarm, it was all about to be worthless. He had to get up to the executive board room on the top floor in a matter of minutes.

He flashed his badge to the security guard as he ran past the pillbox outside the main entrance, charging into the brightly lit main atrium of the tower. He was thankful for his rigorous exercise regimen which was now coming in handy as he vaulted over a low wall, making a break for the main bank of elevators. Dane could feel the sweat beginning to soak into his undershirt, and he hoped that he could make it upstairs without pitting it out.

The main elevators stood before him in all their gleaming glory. He reached out his shaking hand and began jamming at the up-arrow button. Come on, come on! He checked his watch nervously. This was it, none of the elevators would come in time, and he was going to be late. Dane threw his briefcase on the floor, watching it skid away across the smooth tile. He scrambled after it, only to come into sight of an elevator that he didn’t know even existed. Despite a large “Out of Order” sign hanging clearly on the front, the doors slid open welcomingly.

Dane strode cautiously into the large space. He couldn’t believe his luck! He might just make it! He pressed the button for floor 50, barely even noticing that no other buttons existed. He thought to himself about how his luck might finally be turning around. The music in the elevator was light and spritely, further lifting his spirits. A familiar lurch in his stomach signaled to Dane that the elevator had begun its ascent.

He watched as the digital number ‘1’ turned to a ‘2’ with a soft beep. Beneath the usual display of the floor number, Dane noticed another number that had changed as well: as the ascent began, it had read ‘210.’ Now, one floor higher, it read ‘220.’ Dance shifted his clothes, feeling the fabric sticking to his skin from the sweat. Another floor passed, and a ‘3’ blinked into life. The number below it was now ’230.’ Dane grabbed as his belt, it felt a little tighter than before. He reached down to let it out a notch. Another floor, the belt was certainly too tight. Dane breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the belt notch out. Another floor, and now it was his shirt that was much too tight.

The numbers read ‘5’ and ‘250’ respectively now. Dane caught his reflection in the steel doors. It looked like a fun house mirror! His shirt was straining against the mass beneath it. A mass that hadn’t been there before. His hands roved slowly up the bulge now threatening to descend over his waistband. Giving it a quick shake, he confirmed that it was, indeed, his body. Panic was starting to replace the quiet relief that Dane had felt when he first got into the elevator. It was dawning on him, what that second number represented. As another floor went by, another 10 pounds piled on. This time, it was Dane’s chest that felt the brunt of the growth. His pecs became even more buried in burgeoning flab, sending a button flying from his shirt.

Some quick calculations and Dane was suddenly desperately searching for anyway to stop the elevator’s ascent. The panel was devoid of any buttons save for the one that was illuminated, showing the destination. Another floor, another gain, another button pinging against the metallic wall of the elevator. Suddenly, even Dane’s neat tie was feeling incredibly small. He struggled to let it out some, leaving space for his expanding chins and neck rolls. Just as he felt relief in his neck, he felt a new tightness growing in the seat of his pants.

The next floor was met with not only the sound of the numerical displays changing, but also the sound of cloth rending itself in twain as the two massive globes of Dane’s ass pressed themselves to freedom. His lucky purple underwear were already beginning to ride up the growing mounds of flesh. Another floor was met with the final buttons bursting from his dress shirt as two massive love handles ballooned out over the top of his pants. His open shirt revealed that his undershirt was nearly painted on at this point. He could even see the shadow of his deepening belly button. The new exposure offered a superb view of the sloping curves of fat that now wrapped around Dane from the tops of hips to the low-hanging curve of his spreading gut. He watched as another floor flew past, sending his pants button flying. No longer contained, his belly drooped down even further. Dane could only watch as his entire body seemed to jiggle as it came to rest.

By floor 10, 100 pounds of flab had piled on to the young man’s body, leaving him a 300-pound porker. The few pieces of clothing left were hanging off in tatters, or, in the case of his undershirt, riding up further and further. Even his shirt sleeves were beginning to constrict the fat rising like dough within them. He could scarcely recognize his face anymore. It looked bloated, as if his cheeks were stuffed full of cotton.

5 more floors, and Dane could feel his new massive form beginning to get warmer and warmer despite the cool air in the elevator. Sweat began to trickle across his skin. The sensation as it beaded up and dripped between his newly formed rolls felt foreign. He could feel it becoming harder and harder to hold his immense form up, but, he feared, it would only get harder.

As the elevator crested the 20th floor, Dane was now nearly twice the man that he had been just seconds earlier. He felt his bloated body rumble as a huge belch accompanied the most recent billowing of blubber across his body. Somewhere in the last 100 pounds, his massive posterior hand completely swallowed the back of his underwear, and he felt a surge of relief as they finally tore in two, releasing his package from its tightening bonds. Though, they were quickly becoming swaddled in his expanding pubic rolls.

Floor 30 brought with it a new sensation: a creeping achiness in his stomach, something Dane hadn’t felt since high school. He could feel a deep horniness growing within him despite his predicament. He doubled over, feeling his cock begin to rise, rubbing against the fat enshrouding it. He struggled to reach his chubby hand down to his groin in order to sate his need, just barely able to wrap his sausage fingers around the shaft if he lifted up his pendulous belly with the other hand.

It didn’t last long, however. With each floor, it was becoming harder and harder to reach his erection. Harder and harder to hold up his massive gut. Harder and harder to stand, even. By the time the lift reached the 40th floor, Dane felt his grip slip off his cock for the last time, as his left hand dropped his behemoth of a belly down on top of it, sending ripples through his blubber and waves of pleasure through his mind. The shift, caused Dane to lose his balance, staggering backward, falling onto his massive, saggy rear.

It’s hard enough for a 600-pound man to lift himself up without gaining an additional 10 pounds every few seconds. Dane rolled his bulbous form over to the wall of the elevator and, huffing and puffing, braced himself as he began to lift himself into a standing position. A massive fart blasted from his titanic ass as he finally pulled himself up, just in time to see the numbers rest on ‘50’ and ‘700.’

The dread that Dane felt as the doors opened was dulled by the longing in his loins. Instead of opening into a board room, the doors slid open to reveal what appeared to be a very large penthouse apartment. The president of the company stood in front of him, crisp suit accentuating just how handsome he was. The tight-fitting fabric made no mistake about the hard body underneath. Dane stumbled into the living space, feeling every heavy, plodding step send quakes through his stretched skin. Moans, punctuated with an occasional belch, left his mouth unintentionally as he felt his buried dick slide against his cavernous fat.

“Excellent. I think this is our finest promotion yet!” the President said, clapping his hands slowly. He walked forward, placing a hand on Dane’s massive moob. Squeezing it slightly, he led Dane forward into his new home.