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Day 18 - Inktober + DGM Challenge - The funniest moment

I’m so glad there was a light prompt like this in today’s schedule, really needed it. I enjoy DGM’s contrast between comedy and tragedy, and this small moment between Kanda and Alma is a gem. They are in shitty situation, and you know it will only get worse; but then they slip out, experience cold, and start cursing a guy named “Winter” who is causing it. And it’s both heartbreaking and funny, because these kids didn’t need to know about seasons, but their reasoning makes for a cute and funny little moment.


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Albus: So I sort of ran off, and got lost. I ended up in this really cool area with lots of graffiti, tattoo parlors, and specialized coffee shops. So I went inside one of the coffee shops to sit down and take a breather. To be honest I probably looked really crazy and distressed. 

Albus: They had an ear completely filled with piercings, and I was almost intimidated by how bad ass they looked.

Albus: It was so very sweet of them- and so I said thank you. They just sort of brushed it off and sat down to talk to me. The conversation didn’t go on very long before they asked if I’d ever been to a concert. The second I said no, I swear they were going to explode. But then they just gave me a grin, tugged me up by my shirt, 

Albus: And I’ve been in love with this whole thing since.