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Do you know the movie 'the road to El Dorado'? Because I thought, you know, maybe - Outlaws? With Jay as Tulio, Roy as Miguel and Kory as Chel? :D

I’ve watched the movie again with that AU in mind and it fits so well??? I took a million screenshots for reference so i might just do more :D

Drew this as part of a package I sent to @spinetrick and now that she’s gotten it in the mail I can finally post it. <3

  • person: "so tell me about [oc]"
  • me: *has hours upon hours of development for them, has fully analyzed and planned their character, has 13838 million references for them, voice headcanons, 25 theme songs, a list of their relationships, in-depth amounts of strength and weaknesses, limitations and advantages with their powers, their stance on their mission, their berserk button, height and weight, type of music they listen to, physical/mental illnesses, etc*
  • me: " n' big™"
Domestic Drabbles: 5 - Locks and Wildflowers

Dun dun DUN! Presenting part 5 of Domestic Drabbles: A Series!

This one was an idea created together with @baz-n-simon, my amazing beta, support, and bestie :D Enjoy!


I’m standing wearily in front of the door to Snow and Bunce’s flat. I’ve knocked five times already, and no one has answered. I must have sent Snow ten texts already. I’ve searched through every pocket in my pants and jacket, and I can’t find the key. Snow has lost his so many times, he must have stolen mine.

I glance quickly around the hallway, then slide my wand out of my boot. Simon has told me multiple times not to use magick outside the flat, but with the awful day I’ve had, I can’t be troubled to wait around for someone to answer. I point my wand at the door.

“So many locks, not enough keys.” Yes, I’ve read a Sarah Dessen novel. For spell research only.

When the lock clicks, I slide my wand back into my boot and step inside. Neither Snow nor Bunce is in the living room, and the flat is silent.

“Snow?” I call out. No response. I walk towards the kitchen.

“Simon?” When I step into the kitchen, I stop. Sitting on the table is the most stunning display of wildflowers I’ve ever seen, placed neatly into a rounded vase. I walk over to it and examine each flower intently, wondering which shop Bunce had gotten these from.

My step-mother once spent an entire summer holiday planning a large magician’s gala and proceeded to drag me to every flower shop across London to find the perfect arrangements. Needless to say, she decided to cut the flowers entirely when she wasn’t impressed, but I learned a great deal. But nothing I saw could compare to this beautiful arrangement. It’s simple and delicate, like each flower placed had its own purpose.

There was a soft click of a door opening, and I turn around to see Snow stepping out of his bedroom. I glance him over. He’s just wearing trackies, and his hair his damp, and he has a towel hanging around his neck. He looks amazing, especially after the long day I’ve had. I then glance him over again. Because seeing him like this makes me weak.

He looks around the living room then walks forwards a few steps before he notices me. He’s briefly surprised to see me, but relaxes and smiles.

“Sorry, Baz,” he says, walking towards me. “I just saw your texts. I was in the shower.” His eyes then shift over to my hand that’s touching one of the flowers. “Ah, um… I got those for you.”

I raise an eyebrow at him, look at the flowers, then look back at him.

“You got these,” I say, then look back at the bouquet and back at him again. “For me?”

Snow smiles nervously. “Ah. Um, yeah. You texted me earlier, saying that you were having a bad day, and I saw those. I, uh. I actually don’t know if you like flowers, but um…” He trails off and starts raking his hand through his hair.

“Where did you buy them?” I ask. I’m quite curious, and I think about sending a picture of them to my step-mother.

“Oh.” He’s still raking his fingers through his hair, and it’s now a damp mess. “I picked them.”

I raise both of my eyebrows at him this time. “You… You picked these?”

“Uh, yeah? I got them from that small meadow a few blocks from here. Look, is there something wrong with them? I can get rid of them—”

“No, Snow,” I say, too quickly, touching his shoulder. “No. They’re- they’re perfect. But…”

“But?” He raises his eyebrow nervously.

I look at him, and I know my face is giving away my shock. But this is the most amazing arrangement of flowers I’ve ever seen, and Snow just casually picked them. My boyfriend just casually picked them, my mind adds.

“You… You just picked these?” I repeat. Because I still can’t believe it. “They’re just…”

He grins at me, and I grin back. Then I reach my fingers up and flatten out some of his messy curls.

“They’re lovely,” I say. “Thank you.”

He smiles this time, then leans up and kisses me.

“You’re welcome.”

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CJ insists that Markiplier is simply trying to flash his money because he donates to charities because he gets nothing out of it despite the fact he’s been doing so for years. They just don’t seem to understand that not everyone needs something in return. That people can be selfless. Why can’t they?
Also claims that Mark is greedy for asking us to donate when he could donate the money himself. He’s calling for people to make a difference. One person can’t fund an entire charity, no matter how rich. It spreads awareness and that makes others donate as well.
Also claims that charities are scams because they haven’t found a cure yet despite medical advances. Cures and research movements are costly. Buying equipment, testing possible cures, thinking of cures, paying employees, paying facilities, advertisements to call for support, and making sure these medications are safe for use is very, VERY costly. It costs millions.
In reference to Mark’s shop, CJ alludes that a “portion” means that Mark is going to give 1% or some low percentage of profit to charity. What do you want? All of it? He has to pay money to make the shirts, ship them, and add to the cost to make money off of it. A portion of the profit HE makes is going to charity, who knows what he left for himself. He can’t make no money off of it. Despite what his income may be, it’s simply foolish to do that at all.
CJ insists that Mark is doing it to improve his reputation and credibility.
I think that no matter WHY he’s doing it, IT’S A GOOD DAMN THING TO DO. But they insist he’s been acting to fool us into thinking he’s a nice person.

So, if you support cartoonjunkie, unfollow me.
Also, if they find this somehow and get pissy about it, or a fan of theirs sends me hate, I don’t give a single shit. Because I stand for what I believe. I don’t care if every single member of their following decides to send me hate.
I won’t stand with someone who has no regards for mental illness (using r/tard and making several insensitive triggered jokes when one is a diagnosed intellectual disability and another is a diagnosed mental health issue that derives from trauma.), fetishizes mental illness and homosexuality, and doesn’t support charity and insists that celebrities can’t make a generous offer without seeking popularity even though they are people as well.


Self-driving cars may mean 200 million fewer cars on the roads by 2030

  • Self-driving cars are a viable reality in the not-so-far-off future.
  • In order to dramatically alter transportation, autonomous vehicles need to be embraced by consumers and businesses.
  • But that shouldn’t be a problem, according to an optimistic new report by independent research group RethinkX.
  • RethinkX forecasts that 60% of vehicles on the road will be self-driving cars within 10 years of government approval of autonomous vehicles.
  • The group also anticipates each autonomous electric car replacing multiple private vehicles, which suggests the number of cars on the road will see a sharp decline.
  • Their estimates are somewhere around 44 million. For reference, there are around 247 million vehicles on the road currently. Read more (5/5/17)

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Washington, DC

People tend to talk about DC as being just politicians, monuments, hotels, and restaurants, with not much in between. That’s not actually the case at all. So when you’re going to write about DC, here are some things to keep in mind, in no particular order:

DC isn’t a state. While that may seem obvious, it leads to some odd things, like the fact that DC has no vote in Congress. This is particularly weird given that Congress approves DC’s budget and given that DC residents, as opposed to residents of places like Puerto Rico (which also have one non-voting member in the House), are subject to all federal taxes. (This was an issue during the government shutdown, because they refused to pass the DC budget as well.) A lot of DC license plates read “Taxation Without Representation”.

As of July 2016, there were about 680k residents in DC, with the number of people in the city reaching 1 million during the workweek. The DC Metropolitan Area (which is mainly DC, Arlington, and Alexandria) is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the US, with more than 6.1 million people.

DMV refers to DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Visiting the monuments is referred to as “monumenting”.

There is a large public transportation system in DC, consisting of buses and the metro. Nobody calls it the subway. The system is called WMATA. The buses are a flat rate of $1.75 (soon to go up to $2) per ride. The metro cost depends on starting and ending points and whether you’re On- or Off-Peak (aka rush hour). The highest cost is $5.90 for a ride. They no longer (I think) have paper tickets, so everyone uses SmartTrip cards.

The metro is a mess. They’re currently doing repairs, which mostly makes it more of a mess because they’re running shorter hours and frequently do single-tracking, which significantly slows down travel. On the other hand, it catches fire less.

There are twenty colleges and universities in DC.

You can’t take the metro to Georgetown University.

DC has neighborhoods and quadrants. Neighborhoods include Georgetown, Dupont, Potomac Heights, etc. Quadrants are NW, SW, NE, and SE. They’re not of equal size. Addresses contain the quadrant in them. For example, the White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

There is a lot of difference culturally and socio-economically between the quadrants.

Embassy Row is a road containing most of the embassies. On Halloween some of them give out candy and stamp passports. A lot of them also have very disparate architecture style, which looks very weird all next to each other.

Things are referred to by acronyms. Everything has an acronym.

The Homeland Security building is diagonally across the street from American University.

DC is ~48% Black or African American.

There are a lot of gentrification issues in DC.

DC is a very expensive place to live.

Tourists drive DC residents nuts, primarily when they can’t figure out how to use escalators.

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

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On the Importance of Ace Representation

+ Why Ace Writers Should Be the Ones Doing It  (Although All Help is Appreciated)

This post is an indirect response glassscaffolding’s discussion about Ace Representation. The original post can be found here. I, however, will be talking about my own experience writing ace characters, and why, particularly as an ace writer, writing ace characters is important. The original post doesn’t need to be read for any continuity reasons, although I encourage you to take the time regardless, as she talks about some crucial points about ace representation and its essential nature.

To begin: hello. My name is Niamh, and I am a biromantic asexual. Usually I describe myself as ace, as it’s the only part of my sexuality that I am 100% sure about, and it’s the part of me that I consider most obviously influences my own identity. I am also a writer: fantasy, conspiracy, non-fiction… I’ve been writing for almost the entirety of my life. And yet, as important as both of these things are in my life, until recently I had never once written an asexual character.

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Nintendo to Release a Super Nintendo Mini Console Later this Year

The discontinuation of the NES Mini console earlier this month was likely due to the fact that Nintendo is in the process of developing a similar plug-and-play system for the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo mini is still in the process of being designed and will be ready for purchase in December in the US.

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feelings vs actions

An important thing I’m working on a lot in therapy is the distinction between feelings and actions. Basically, you can’t really be responsible for the thoughts and feelings you get when you’re upset, but you ARE responsible for your actions.

I think we, “bpd tumblr”, need to remember this. When we split on someone, when we get those feelings of irrational anger or irrational abandonment, that’s not our fault. We can’t be blamed for the way our emotions react. We should not feel bad or hate ourselves for the way we feel. 

What we are, and always will be responsible for, is our actions. 

If you get upset, and you react by being mean, hurtful, manipulative, or otherwise abusive - that’s on you. 

Now I’m not saying that you’re automatically a bad person if, before you got help or knew about BPD, your actions were questionable and unhealthy. I completely understand that this disorder changes the way you think and makes you feel as though these things are necessary/normal. And this is not at all referring to things like self harm where it’s a million times more complicated. 

But the second you know you have BPD, you know that the way you act and feel is disordered and not healthy. If you know this, there is absolutely no excuse not to work on your behaviours, at the very least the behaviours that hurt other people. 

Nothing and nobody is responsible for you actions except you. 

By using BPD as an excuse or explanation for your abusive behaviours, you are actively perpetuating the idea that BPD inherently makes you abusive. 

Ever Since by letsjustsee
Adorable Fic full of Fluff and a cute dog. 

Married for a week by gravitycentered
I am a sucker for YouTuber AU’s and this is such a great one. It’s a Fake Marriage AU.

love and kickin’ by camiii
One of my favourite Tomlinshaw’s. How could it not with Footie!Louis

All the Right Moves by cherrystreet
Don’t we all love when the significant things we love in HL are so well used for a fic? I do.

Always Holding on to Stars by  YesIsAWorld
A brand new Tomlinshaw that you won’t regret reading *-* Break Up AU

Fall At My Door by FullonLarrie
I was looking for a great friends with benefits AU, than finally this one came around.

Never Let Me Go by loveisalaserquest17
The AU about a Ten Year Plan between our favorites. Slow Burn. OF COURSE. 

Both Showing Hearts by kiwkero
One of my all time fics and I just can not not rec it. University/Coming Out AU (Bonus: it has one heck of an addictive playlist)

Far Away by  dimpled_halo
I did yell about this Post Break Up/Exes to Lovers AU for days. <3

Can I lay by your side? by  Star_Henderson
Another of my all time favs. What if being in love is not enough? What if you meet again and the truth is way more messed up than you can imagine.

Who Tells Your Story by lululawrence
AU where Harry cuts his hair for charity and Fizzy is the one receiving it. When Louis tells her story they fall in love. (Bonus: a million Hamilton references <3)

Namless Night by  green_feelings
It is one of my fav to read during vacation, so I had to put it in. The Soulmate AU with the right amount of angst *-*