and a million references

  • person: "so tell me about [oc]"
  • me: *has hours upon hours of development for them, has fully analyzed and planned their character, has 13838 million references for them, voice headcanons, 25 theme songs, a list of their relationships, in-depth amounts of strength and weaknesses, limitations and advantages with their powers, their stance on their mission, their berserk button, height and weight, type of music they listen to, physical/mental illnesses, etc*
  • me: " n' big™"

While the look of the character is obviously based on James Bond’s arch-nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, his voice and mannerisms appear to be completely original. Well, almost original. And on that point, check out this interview with Myers’ former boss, SNL producer Lorne Michaels.

On some of those phrases, you can sure see the influence. But there’s more than the voice.

Remember the scene where Dr. Evil freaks out over not getting the laser-beam-wielding sharks he demanded? According to one anonymous SNL alumnus, “I’ve seen that conversation between Lorne and the set designer 500 times at 10:30 on Saturday night.” Also, Michaels, like Dr. Evil, “ends everything by bringing his pinkie up and chewing the fingernail.”

But the connections might go even deeper than that. For example, Dr. Evil ransoming the world for a surprisingly low one million dollars seems like a reference to the time Michaels went on SNL to offer the Beatles a paltry three grand to reunite.

7 Insane Ways Actors Got The Ideas For Famous Performances

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Everytime a fanfic refers to magnus as exotic I die 1000x over

wfjwja i know please there are a million things i wish they’d stop doing including:

  • referring to his skin tone as caramel or any kind of food
  • referring to his eyes as almond shaped
  • ignoring that his preferred look (aka the look he’s been wearing for 80% of all episodes now) means the goatee and spiked hair, not the soft floppy hair
  • forgetting that he is actually pretty damn tall and muscular
  • ignoring his canon preferences for how he wears his makeup/clothes and adding elements to feminize him

anyway i don’t rly read much fan fic anymore except from the rare few writers i trust and this is why.

The foul Greek-god-worshiping heathens of Starbucks have been a thorn in good Christians’ sides for a long time now. Not only do they print graven images of false idols right on their cups, but recently, they’ve also become active combatants in the war on Christmas! Now, we’re not going to tell you that hordes of angry Christians need to get over how Starbucks won’t acknowledge Christmas on their coffee cups – we’re going to tell you that those hordes of angry Christians don’t exist. Although it sure seems like they do, based on these 2015 headlines.

Sources on Starbucks being a corporate Grinch look solid as stone, too. Some articles reference a video with 17 million views featuring a gun-packing, Jesus-shirt-wearing, Fred-Durst-beard-and-backwards-ball-cap-rocking man ranting about political correctness run amok and saying he gave his name to the Starbucks barista as “Merry Christmas” so those heathens would be forced to say it. Looks like you’re the ones who got served, Starbucks!

But The Daily Dot decided to investigate this great crusade of our age. By using arcane techniques like “statistics” and “thinking,” they discovered that in truth, no one really gives a shit about this topic. The vast majority of social media comments were from people mocking the controversy, while no evidence of genuine offense could be found, barring one man screaming into his phone while promoting his social media brand. People weren’t angry about the cups as much as they were angry about the idea that people were angry about them.

The Same 6 Fake News Stories You See Every Holiday Season

The signs when drawing
  • Aries: tries their best and is never satisfied
  • Taurus: rips the paper up halfway through
  • Gemini: cries
  • Cancer: stops after making one stroke
  • Leo: overdoes it on the face/details
  • Virgo: spends the entire night/day drawing only for the drawing to come out crappy
  • Libra: draws masterpieces on lined paper and doodles in sketchbooks
  • Scorpio: always messes up on the lineart
  • Sagittarius: has to check the reference a million times
  • Capricorn: gets frustrated and uses their drawing tool as a knife to kiLL THE P A P E R
  • Aquarius: yells at their art for not being perfect
  • Pisces: always manages to get it damaged in some way

Older Mike Wheeler. (I just love drawing his hair oh god)

I feel like my art style is actually evolving you guys??!!??

I’ve been struggling so much these last few months to kinda come back to drawing and develope some kind of style that I like doing. Not like my very cartoon-ish works, which are kinda “lazy” works because they’re so quick and easy to make. And the more realistic (or semi-realistic) pieces are SO DIFFICULT and I need million references to do them. I just wanted to find a nice in between-style and I feel like it’s slowly developing???

I still need to work a lot on my anatomy, but I feel as if that’s becoming easier too which makes me so happy 😭 I didn’t even use any references for this one and I’m honestly in shock because (to me at least) it turned out kinda good?

Castiel's Epilogue

Cas gripped the steering wheel. The year was 2033, and he was going to Kansas.

He found it odd that he had begun to refer to himself using that nickname - millions of years of being Castiel, Angel of the Lord, and now, he was simply Cas.

He supposed that was thanks to Dean.

Dean. Cas felt a familiar pang in his chest. The nature of emotion never ceased to fascinate the angel, and he had found that grief was quite a peculiar experience. It had been more than a decade since he had lost the Winchesters, but the wound he felt was just as deep and painful as it was in the weeks after their deaths - although, admittedly, not as jarring, nor nearly as debilitating.

He reached over to take one of the cassette tapes from the box next to him. It was Let It Bleed, by the Stones, an album he had taken a liking to in the past months. Cas relaxed into the seat as Keith Richards started up on guitar.

Those weeks were tough. They were drenched in hard liquor and heartbreak, minutes moving like hours, hours feeling like days, and all seemed to be lost as Cas watched his friends’ ashes waft up into the night sky. All he could do was heed their word, to let them go. Cas had watched how the Winchesters tore themselves apart, time after time, sacrificing themselves to save one another, and how each time it rendered them more broken, more weary, and he understood that it would need to be him that broke the cycle, and let them rest. But it was so, so very hard.

If it weren’t for Jodi, he could easily still be walking along that highway with a bottle of Jack in his hand. However, Jodi had found him, taken him under her wing, and given him a place to stay during those first few months, and it was in the comforts of her home that Cas began to come to terms with the world he was living in - a world without the Winchesters, and everything that would be different because of it.

Nothing could change what had happened, Cas knew that. But, he also knew Earth would be much less safe than it had ever been under the care of Sam and Dean.

He had no idea where a wayward angel fell into this new equation, but Dean had told him to keep fighting, and that had given Cas purpose. With the keys to the Impala and a clean set of clothes, Cas had set out in search for a niche in which he could best serve humanity.

In a way, it felt as if he had gone full circle - he began his journey a guardian of humans, and, he supposed he would end it the same way. Although, he lacked the direction that supplied that young and foolish Castiel. He found he was no better at hunting than the last time he had tried, and no amount of practice and training seemed to alter that fact; teaming up with other hunters seemed to worsen his performance, and those hunters never seemed to welcome his presence anyways. He was left, once again, feeling entirely useless. A couple of years of fruitless attempts at hunting passed before Cas came up with the idea. And when it came to him, he felt entirely stupid for not thinking of it before - here he was, living in an underground facility filled to the brim with information on every supernatural thing that existed anywhere in the world, and he was doing nothing with it.

So, after reading every journal, manuscript, book and letter in the bunker, Cas found himself an old storefront in Chicago and got to work. Behind what looked like a quaint little bookstore, Cas fashioned a stronghold - and filled it with the catalogs of the Men of Letters, creating the first supernatural library American hunters had ever seen - giving those hunters access to immeasurably valuable lore and knowledge which had been out of reach for centuries. Cas was pretty proud of himself for that, despite knowing Dean wouldn’t be crazy about the angel becoming a librarian.

He smiled, watching the familiar roads unfold in front of him. It was funny, how a loved one seemed to cement themselves into your subconscious. Before, he found most everything reminded him of them, and in particular, Dean. An article in the newspaper,  faces in the crowd, a brand of beer in the Quik-E-Mart, all used to trigger flashbacks, waves of emotion, guilt. But now, it was different. Little things reminded him of Dean - the smell of clean leather, the green on the trees in the summer, how Claire took every opportunity to make a pop culture reference. Dean had even found a place in cas’s head, a soft voice that never missed a chance to gently point out when he was being an idiot, and remind him what mattered, and why he was still fighting.

He couldn’t say he had moved on, nor did he believe he ever would. But, as for right now, he was pretty sure he knew the way.

Boxes rattled around in the back seat as Cas drove to Lebanon, Kansas, to retrieve some files on Rugaroos desperately needed by a hunter in Michigan. The radio blasted classic rock as the Impala cruised down an old country highway.

Cas gripped the steering wheel. The year was 2033, and he was going home.

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what I love the most about the whole concept of idk fletch dropping a bomb as to morven and jasmine being one step away from double dating bernie and serena + this week having serena name small chested models is that they could oh so very easily be part of the whole incorrent quotes meme that is spreading all over tumblr like wildfire - but it’s not, they actually said the words. wild. 

US military allies, by various measures. If a country fell in multiple groups, it was placed in the higher group.

*“Various other measures” refers to: countries receiving >$10 million in military aid over the last 5 years (2011-2015); countries with US military bases; and/or non-warzone countries with US troop deployments.

[MEMO] 170314

Solar : “I’ve made a comeback after a long hiatus.
“Good to see you, good to see you” *
You guys are going to tell me I’m millions of years late huh??” (trans)
(*popular (couple years back) reference to a line from a drama)

“ “Chukachukachu~" 
Who knows this reference?? I’ll give the person who knows this a gift.” (trans)

“Hul, you got it.
It’s BoA sunbaenim’s song, who I love.
The MooMoo who got it right must be my age. Hi friend.” (trans)

“Did everyone eat?
What have you been up to recently” (trans)

“Yes I saw the drum dance practive ㅎㅎ
And yes, I’ve been doing well too ㅎㅎ
I was worried, but thank you for liking it^^” (trans


What is that feeling like when your millions of fans refer to you as a God?I think that the sound of it is bizarre. I only know myself as Normani the human that enjoys roman noodles a bit too often, showers with flip flops and still sleeps with a night light. I don’t see myself as this unreachable being. I’m honestly just a girl living her dream. Every morning when I wake up, I work hard to be the best that I can be. Don’t be fooled, I’m just like you.


Unacceptable: Donald Trump Removes Jorge Ramos From News Conference

As one of Trump’s security detail approached Ramos, the Univision anchor continued to speak, saying, “You cannot deport 11 million people.” Ramos was referring to Trump’s proposal to deport all people in the country illegally before allowing some of them to return. Ramos was later allowed back in.