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advice for incoming high school freshmen

i’ve seen a lot of these posts but none of them really aligned with my experience. so here it is, how to survive freshman year from one of many sophomores in this community. please take everything here with a grain of salt. 

before school starts: 

  • you will not need nearly as many notebooks as you think you do. please, save yourself the time and money and hold off on buying them until you know how many you need. 
  • try not to get stuck in the school’s mindset of what classes you need. for example, most freshmen in my school (on a trimester system) take Bio 1, Chem 1, then Chem 2. i took all of those classes, but i really didn’t need to take bio 1 because i’m planning to complete my bio credits with AP Bio (and also bio is one of my stronger subjects). chem 1 and 2 are the only prerequisites for AP Bio, so what i should have done was drop Bio 1 and take a fine arts class instead to fill up those requirements. tl;dr: play to your strengths and don’t listen to the school when they tell you something is “highly recommended”.
  • if you’re doing a sport, please know when you have to turn in paperwork to play. don’t miss the deadline or put off your physical. 

when school starts: 

  • try not to pack too much in your backpack on the first day. paper, writing utensils, a jacket, water (reusable bottles will save your life), your lunch/money, and your student id!!! (very important) should cut it.
  • take a picture of your schedule on your phone. if you get a map mark where your classes are and take a pic of that too. chances are that flimsy piece of paper dictating your entire day will get torn, crumpled or lost. i’ve seen people say it looks horribly freshman-like if you carry around your schedule all day, if that’s a thing you worry about. 
  • if you get a class you don’t like (that’s not a required class), switch out of it asap. don’t try and suffer through it for the credits. it will suck. 
  • it’s not a big deal if you need to drop or raise a level. do what’s best for your gpa. don’t feel horribly inferior if there are freshmen taking 2 APs when you’re taking none (like me) because they probably took classes over the summer. they’re not geniuses, i promise.
  • PLEASE, try not to carry too much stuff in your backpack. at my school we don’t have lockers and my shoulders suffered because i thought i could bring a 1L bottle, three reading books, my thick jacket, and two large pencil case along with all my school stuff. 
  • YOUR SCHOOL ID IS YOUR LIFELINE. try your best not to lose it, and if you do, replace it as soon as possible. 
  • if you have the extra money, buying two sets of pe clothes is incredibly helpful. trust me on this. 
  • don’t stress too much, it’s really not as bad as it seems.

once school is well underway:

  • don’t freak out if you do badly on a test. one of my friends got a d on her midterm and ended up having an a in the class. you’ll have time to pull it up. 
  • at the same time, don’t slack either. people say freshman grades aren’t that important, especially if you show improvement in later years, but don’t let your grades go to the dogs. freshman year is the time to build good habits, and colleges really like to see unweighted 4.0s (or so i’ve heard)
  • be nice to your teachers. even if they’re demon spawn. my friend had a much nicer time than i did with our hellish english teacher simply because she talked to her a lot while i barely spoke at all. if your teachers like you they might be more willing to round your grade up or give you extra credit work. 
  • do your best to always be prepared and have your stuff with you. it’s not fun having to ask around for stuff. 
  • join some clubs. it helps with meeting new people and finding things you love. if they have competitions, it doesn’t look bad on your resume if you win any. 
  • if your school offers the PSAT to freshmen, take it. it’s a good way to look at where you are versus where you want to be come junior year when you’re eligible for the NMSQT. 
  • volunteer! get those hours in when you still have time. weekends are great if you aren’t too busy then. 
  • try to have the phone number of at least one person in each of your classes. group chats are also great, because people aren’t online all the time and you can ask a bunch of people for help all at once. don’t let them distract you, though. a lot of my group chats like to wander off topic and talk about other things. 

when studying: 

  • homework is gonna take a lot longer than it did in middle school. utilize the time you have effectively and do what it takes to make sure you’re ready to get to work. for example, one of my friends would always nap right after school for a few hours, and then do her homework later. i usually grab a snack and go on my phone for a few minutes to revitalize. 
  • if you have time during school, try doing your homework then. you’ll still be in the school mindset and people will be around for you to ask for help. 
  • try not to stay up past midnight. you really won’t need to, and you’ll be glad for the extra sleep. if you have to choose between finishing a small math assignment or going to sleep early for a test tomorrow, take the hit for the assignment and get some sleep. 

people and relationships: 

  • dating in freshman year tends to be quite ephemeral. if you don’t, good for you. no one will judge you. if you do, good for you. don’t prioritize it though, and be prepared for your friends to constantly tease you about it. 
  • don’t date people older than you, especially seniors. i know this has been said a thousand times, but for good reason. please. do not. 
  • making friends with people in higher grades is always a good thing, though! in my experience, juniors love freshmen and are probably the easiest to make friends with. they’re really good if you need some advice and you don’t have to worry about them leaving next year. seniors will honestly not care about you unless you see them often. sophomores have a reputation of bullying freshmen (at least in my school), but a lot of them are nice and will be in some of your classes. 
  • for me, high school actually had more drama than middle school. don’t be afraid to drop friends and don’t be worried if you lose any; you’ll make better ones later. 
  • a lot of the kids in my middle school went to a different high school, so i was basically starting from Ground Zero regarding friends. don’t be too concerned if you don’t click with people right away; i found most of my current friends during the second and third trimesters. 

other stuff:

  • bring a charger or a power bank to school if you know you’re gonna need it. you’ll be able to charge your phone during class (if your teacher is ok with it) and if you ask around for one chances are you won’t get it. 
  • bring snacks. most teachers are pretty chill about you snacking during class, and it’s better to have your own stuff than mooch off your friends.
  • the rules are more flexible. you can use your phone in class depending on the teacher, they even let you listen to music while they’re teaching if you have earbuds. 
  • go to the dances if you want. i didn’t go to any because i’m lazy and also i like to spend my money on other things, but a lot of my friends consider it an important part of the high school experience. football games can be fun too, even if you don’t like football (like me). there’ll be band and cheer and dance if you’re into that, and you can also hang out with your friends (the ones from the school your school is playing too!) and eat really unhealthy snacks. same with pep rallies, except no food. 
  • if your school has a newsletter or weekly news videos, pay attention to them. they usually have important information on where new clubs are meeting, spirit weeks, deadlines, events, etc. 
  • everyone is really spirited the first month or so and then after that they don’t care. follow their lead. 
  • talk to your teachers if you need help. they’ll do their best to work something out for you. 
  • there’s gonna be that one person who thinks the world revolves around them and gets on your nerves. chances are everyone else hates them too. be nice to them, but don’t hang around them. 
  • you’re not alone. everyone else is just as worried as you. have fun, and don’t sweat it. 
Day #300: Days Gone By

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer started dating during their Senior Year at Canterlot High - right around midterms. Like you’d expect, they ran into a few awkward moments in the early Days of their time together before gaining a deeper understanding between each other and what they both wanted and expected out of their relationship.

They’re both far from perfect, but took every chance they could to learn from the other and grow as individuals to continue on even stronger…

…And in the coming years, a wedding was on the way! But, while Twilight and Sunset were in the midst of rushing a bit to get some things moving along, with a month or two to prepare for a [somewhat small] wedding, they heard news that a certain pony friend of theirs was in the middle of preparing for her own!

With the help of a couple party planners, the girls visited Equestria for a very special event to celebrate the engagement of not only themselves, but of Princess Twilight and Princess Luna. [ image collab with @royalsketchbook ]

Their day full of bliss came and went in the blink of an eye, but will always be embedded in the hearts of those around them. Everything was beautiful. They received plentiful gifts and support, and had an exciting honeymoon in France. After returning home, they even adopted a cat, to keep Spike company during the hours they may not be around. Their little family was growing…

…and growing? Somehow, by an unexpected combination of love, empathy magic, and the mirror, they have a baby girl on the way. It was a rocky start, but they’re on a mission to learn all they can about parenting in the short amount of time they have to prepare.

Temporarily, they’re residing in Equestria with Moon Dancer until the baby is born. It was a very tough decision, but the side effects of portal hopping to a fetus are unknown, and Equestria is a safe place they can keep tabs if any sort of magic were to go haywire.

It’s been an incredibly long journey so far, but nothing worth fighting for has ever been an easy thing to accomplish. Seven months down, allegedly four months to go.

I figure Day 300 would be the perfect milestone to summarize the gist of what’s happened so far in SSD! I know this is something that will be beneficial to new readers, but also maybe a nice refresher for the old ones. Thanks so much for keeping up with this blog! I couldn’t have made it this far without all of you rooting for me and liking what I do. Here’s to another 100 days!

Dylan’s Creative Writing Story - Dylan’s English Teacher vs. Dylan’s Parents. Who is telling the truth?

Excerpt from the Columbine Report, 10401 – 10500, page 63

“Kelly [Dylan’s English teacher] stated that the paper did not mention the Trenchcoat Mafia but remembers that it was about a man arriving in a town with guns who kills the popular type kids. The end of the story portrays this man or implys that this man is a God  like figure. Kelly stated that it was very well written, “literary and ghastly.” She believes it was written in late February or early March of 1999. Kelly discussed the paper with Klebold stating its cruel and disturbing. She advised that Klebold replied that its just a story. She advised him she found it offensive. Kelly stated that she spoke to Klebold’s parents at length about him handling a disturbing story. Kelly stated that they did not seem worried and made a comment about trying to understand kids today. Kelly advised that her classroom is LA-8 (Language and Arts).”

Excerpt from “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of the Tragedy”

We sat down with Dylan’s English teacher next. She’d taught both of my sons, and I felt a comfortable familiarity with her. I was relieved to hear Dylan had turned in some missing assignments after she’d sent out the midterm report, and his grade had moved from a D to a B. His teacher also praised Dylan’s writing abilities. Tom and I were happily surprised. We’d always thought of Dylan as a math kid, and Byron as the son with the talent for language.

After this praise, the tone of the conversation shifted, and she told us Dylan had turned in a disturbing paper. (Tom remembers the word she used as shocking, because he wondered if it was a reference to sexual content.) We asked for details, but she only said the paper contained dark themes and some bad language. To illustrate the inappropriateness of Dylan’s composition, she told us about a paper Eric had written, from the first-person perspective of a bullet being shot from a gun. Eric’s story, she told us, could have been violent, but when it was read aloud the class was amused. Dylan’s story, on the other hand, was dark. It had no humor in it at all.

Her comments on the paper, which I did not see until a year later, read as follows: “I’m offended by your use of profanity. In class we had discussed the approach of using $!?* Also, I’d like to talk to you about your story before I give you a grade. You are an excellent writer/storyteller, but I have some problems with this one.”

During our conference, Tom asked, “Is this something we should be concerned about?” Dylan’s teacher said she thought it was under control. She’d asked Dylan to do a rewrite, and planned to show the original to Dylan’s guidance counselor. Since I never wanted to leave a meeting without an action plan, I asked, “So, one of you will call us if you think this is a problem?” She confirmed they would.

She did show the paper to Dylan’s counselor, who chided him about the language. I had the opportunity to meet with the counselor after the tragedy; he was understandably stricken by his failure to recognize an incipient threat. The professionals I have spoken with are divided on whether Dylan’s paper (and possibly Eric’s) would today qualify him for a screening in a public school system with a threat assessment protocol. It’s entirely possible that both would have gone unremarked: teenage boys often write disturbingly about guns and violence. True threat assessment, though, is all about assembling disparate clues to arrive at a full picture, and it’s likely that Dylan’s arrest, his suspension in junior year, and the disturbing paper would together have added up to a red flag.

We did not perceive the paper to be a red flag, though, and the events of the rest of the night contributed to diminish the relative importance of it. Since no one else was waiting to talk to the English teacher, we continued to visit with her. I mentioned a presentation I’d seen about the differences between Generations X and Y children. We chatted about the district’s language arts curriculum and one of the required reading books, A Prayer for Owen Meany.

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly write a Spidey-pool where Peter flunk a test and is out of sorts? I had a. Ad math test and I feel like Spidey-pool is just what the doctor orders :) whenever you get the time, thanks :) love your writing style :)

I’m so sorry this took so long! Hope everything is going well. Don’t worry about math, I was never good at it and I’ve done fine through adulthood. That’s what calculators are for! 


Peter slumped down and sat on the curb with his skateboard on his lap and his backpack falling off his shoulder. He wondered what the hell he was going to tell Aunt May when she asked about his math midterm. He couldn’t tell her he’d gotten an D on it. He just couldn’t. 

Maybe if he was lucky she wouldn’t remember it had even happened. But who was he kidding? May made sure to pay attention to that kind of thing. She cared deeply about his grades and usually Peter did great in all his classes. He had just forgotten to study because he’d been busy stopping a bank robbery. But it wasn’t like he could tell his math professor or Aunt May that. 

His phone buzzed in his pocket and he was grateful for the distraction. Please don’t be May he begged as he glanced at the screen. 

Instead he found a text message from Deadpool of all people. 

Hey Spidey! Back in town and looking for a bit of fun. Wanna hang? XX 

Peter found himself grinning in spite of himself. Deadpool was always trying to get Peter to be his friend. He knew the forced nonchalance of the text was Deadpool trying to play it cool. Luckily for Wade, Peter was in need of a distraction and didn’t feel like going home. 

I thought I told you to stay out of my city? 

But then how would I catch a glimpse of dat ass? 

Plenty of pictures in the Daily Bugle. 

I know. You have no idea how many times I’ve spanked it to those blurry photos. They don’t do you justice, Spidey. 


Not my fault you do things to me, baby boy. 

If I come over will you promise to behave? 

Absolutely not. 

Peter laughed out loud and pocketed his phone. Feeling in slightly higher spirits, he dropped his skateboard down and started towards to apartment Wade kept in the Bronx. It was a couple of subway stops away but Peter didn’t mind. It wasn’t as fast as the way he normally traveled, but he didn’t feel like suiting up just to go to Wade’s. 

Although Peter was normally very big on the whole secret identity thing, he had finally revealed the truth to Wade. He knew Wade was batshit but Wade also didn’t have many friends and he was devoted to the few he did have. Peter knew Wade would never sell him out (mostly because Wade had chopped off his own hand to prove he wouldn’t talk under any circumstances. It had been disgusting but also amazingly reassuring). 

Peter’s nose was accosted by the familiar smell of taco meat and BO that was Wade Wilson’s apartment the second he got onto the right floor of the high rise Wade called home. Plugging his nose, he opened the unlocked door and made his way inside. Wade never bothered locking door, always saying that there was nothing worth stealing and no one that could be killed inside. Besides, Wade would consider an intruder some kind of fun time. 

Peter grabbed the can of Febreeze he had stored under the sink and began spraying it around the apartment so that it smelled of “meadows and rain.” Once the air was no longer toxic, Peter took his hand away from his nose and glanced around. He found a half full pizza box and sniffed it carefully. Deeming the contents safe, he placed it into the microwave and watched it turn. 

His spidey sense tingled and he turned around to find Wade sneaking forward on his tiptoes. “Damn it!” Wade cursed, snapping his fingers. “You’re impossible to sneak up on!” 

Peter laughed and shook his head. “I know, that’s kind of the point.”

Wade finished walking over and pulled Peter into a bear hug. “Did you miss me, Spidey?” 

Peter struggled against the larger man, attempting to free himself. “If I say yes, will you let go of me?” 

Wade huffed and dropped Peter. “No appreciation.”

Peter laughed. “It’s good to see you, Wade.”

Wade tilted his masked face to the side. “Is it?”

Peter rolled his eyes and turned back to the microwave, pulling out the piece of pizza and taking a bite. “Are you calling me a liar?” he challenged, wiping the sauce from the corner of his mouth.

“No…” Wade said slowly as if processing this. “So if it’s good to see me, does that mean we can make out?”

Peter chuckled and shook his head. “Wouldn’t that require you taking off your mask?” Peter had only seen Wade without his mask a few times and Wade had always been horribly self-conscious about it. Twitchy and on edge as if all he wanted was his mask back on.

“I’d do that for you, Petey.” 

Peter took another bite of pizza and mulled it over. Despite everything, he liked Wade quite a bit. He licked his lips and Wade stared intently at his mouth. Peter couldn’t help feeling slightly flattered that he had that kind of effect on someone. 

He dropped the crust back onto the plate once he was done and took a step forward. He cautiously reached forward and began to roll Wade’s mask up to his nose. Wade wasn’t in his full costume, foregoing the leather and spandex for a pair of sweats and a hoodie. 

As he pressed his lips to Wade’s, Wade seemed to stiffen up as if he was a frightened deer. Peter gently rubbed his thumb against Wade’s scarred cheek, urging him to relax and open up.

After a few more moments of awkwardness, Peter pulled back and raised an eyebrow. “For someone who wanted to make out with me, you’re sure not putting much effort into this.”

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” Wade admitted, still standing frozen in place.

Peter blushed and ducked his head down. He was overcome with embarrassment at the thought that maybe Wade had just been joking and hadn’t actually wanted to kiss him. “I - I should go,” Peter said, looking around for his backpack and carefully avoiding looking at Wade.

“Baby boy,” Wade said, grabbing Peter carefully by the arm. “Why on Earth would you want to kiss a freak like me?”

Peter clenched his fist in Wade’s hoodie and yanked him close. “You’re not a freak,” he said with conviction through gritted teeth.

“That’s a lie,” Wade said with a heavy sigh. “But thanks for saying it.”

Peter narrowed his eyes. “Kiss me,” he demanded, reaching up and pulling Wade’s mask off the rest of the way.

Wade’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second and then he jumped into action. Peter gasped as he was backed up against the nearest wall and his mouth was dominated by Wade’s. They were each gripping each other so that there was no space between them, Wade’s larger body pressed against Peter’s smaller frame. 

Wade’s tongue was hot and slick against Peter’s as the kiss deepened. Keening with want, Peter attempted to pull Wade even closer but there was nowhere left. 

“I’ve got you, baby boy,” Wade murmured against his lips. “I’ve got you.”

Peter whimpered and Wade’s tongue slipped back into his mouth and teased his own. Wade’s hands released Peter for a moment only to slide down and grip his ass, lifting him up off the ground completely. Peter wrapped his legs instinctively around Wade. 

“I don’t understand,” Wade whispered, breaking the kiss but not going far, pressing his forehead against Peter’s. “I don’t understand how you can let me do this kind of stuff when I look like this.”

“Shut up,” Peter said, his breathing labored. “Don’t overthink it, okay? After the day I’ve had, the last thing i want to do is think.”

“No thinking, got it,” Wade said with a tiny nod. “So you were having a bad day and decided to come over here?” 

Peter huffed. “That sounds a lot like thinking to me.”

“No, I just…” Wade grinned widely. “Sounds an awful lot like you thought I could cheer you up. And you didn’t even know we were going to make out!” 

“What’s your point?”

“Petey, do you like me?” Wade asked, giggling. “Do you like like me?” 

“Oh my god, Wade, shut up!” Peter said, placing his hand over his face to hide his blush. “We were just kissing, obviously I like you.”

“Not necessarily,” Wade said with a shrug, lowering Peter down from the wall. “There’s plenty of reasons to make out with someone.”

Peter groaned. “Let’s just watch a movie or something.”

“Is this a date?” Wade asked, following Peter over towards the sofa. 

“No, it’s not,” Peter said, flopping down and crossing his arms over his chest. “Keep this up and you’ll never get one with me.” 

Wade mimed zipping his mouth closed and sat down next to Peter, close enough that their thighs were touching. Peter grabbed the remote and flipped through netflix, putting on The Usual Suspects. 

Wade managed to stay quiet through the opening titles. “So you’re saying there’s potential for a date in the future?” he asked, turning towards Peter.

Peter took a deep breath. “What are you doing this Friday night?” 

Wade hummed to himself for a moment. “Nothing that couldn’t be rearranged.”

“Good,” Peter said, taking Wade’s hand in his own. “It’s a date. Now shut up and let me watch the movie.”

“Whatever you say, dear.” 

The door bangs open and Fedya flinches, looking up from the textbooks open on his table, computer set off to the side for when he actually decides to get to writing the paper due that night. A lack of motivation doesn’t do anything for anyone. 

“I did it.” Anatole drops onto the couch, making himself comfortable. Fedya’s first instinct is what slips out of his mouth first- “Get your boots off of my couch, were you born in a fucking barn?” before he process what exactly Anatole’s sentence means. “you passed the exam?”

Anatole just tilts his chin up, smirk never leaving his face all the while. He’d gone after Fedya the moment midterms were over, but Fedya had done his research, seen the grades Anatole was bragging, and told him under no circumstances would he so much as touch the younger man until he was passing all of his classes. The last exam Anatole had apparently had gone well.

“And I talked to the prof. I have a C.” Anatole beams, more proud than he cares to admit. Fedya smiles slightly but turns his attention back to his textbook. He ignores Anatole for a good few minutes before he sighs. “I can hear your pout from over here, could you keep it down?”

“You said you’d fuck me.” Anatole’s pout is even more obvious when he speaks. 

“I don’t fuck children.”

“You fucked my sister.” Fedya turns his eyes to Anatole’s expression, more visibly hurt than before. “Is that what this is about? Helene and I hooked up once, when we were both freshmen. You can’t say you haven’t done something you regret this year.” 

Anatole’s expression is distant, and Fedya has an unfortunate knowledge of exactly what he’s thinking about, of the public spectacle that was his brief relationship with Natasha Rostova. 

“Shut up.” 

“Anatole, I have a paper due at midnight, I need to work.” Fedya turns his attention back to his books, and is surprised when Anatole actually stays quiet, thoughts quiet enough that they’re not bothering Fedya. 

It takes him two hours to write the paper and do a quick edit, now with more motivation than before, and Fedya actually forgets that Anatole is there until a mug of coffee is set down next to him most of the way through the second hour, made just the way he likes it, no creamer, two spoonfuls of sugar. He looks up at Anatole, sweet Anatole who’s managed silence for a full hour, eyes soft and warm, a caring look on his face. 

“Drink.” Anatole murmurs, reaching over and brushing the longer strands of Fedya’s dark hair behind his ears, out of his face. He kisses his head and then goes back to the couch, where Fedya notices Anatole has picked up one of the many drafts from Fedya’s writing workshop and is reading is curiously. He listens to Anatole, drinks the coffee, and finishes the paper, just watching Anatole after that. 

Anatole notices after half an hour, glancing at Fedya, which requires a second look as he notices Fedya’s not working. “I can leave.” He says immediately. Fedya shakes his head. 

“No. Stay.” Fedya slides off of the chair- which, frankly, is more a stool than a chair- and moves closer to the couch, settling in the little space Anatole left him. Anatole immediately shifts, resting his head on Fedya’s thigh, going back to reading again. Fedya chuckles, a warm deep chuckle, and brushes his fingers through Anatole’s hair, smiling easily at the soft noise almost a purr that leaves the younger man.

“Hey, Fedya?” Anatole says finally, looking up at Fedya. “Will you fuck me?”

“Later.” Fedya promises. “After dinner. I want to take you out first.”

Anatole shrugs. He can deal with that. 


Something you’re proud of

I nearly cried while talking to my teacher. I had just finished my oral poetry exam with Mrs S (my favourite lit teacher!) where I did really great! And I asked her whether she’d graded my midterms yet. And then this happened:
19/20 – meaning nearly the perfect grade! She complimented my subject, my writing, the thoughts I put in my paper, the presentation, everything! She even asked me whether she could make a copy of my paper in order to show future students what she expected from this midterm subject! 
I don’t think I’ve ever been that proud of my work! I spent so much time on that paper, working on a subject I loved – a subject she apparently loves as well, and that students don’t really care about.
Needless to say, Mrs S was quite happy when I told her I’d be doing a master’s degree in literature 😊😊 


3/100 days of productivity

had my economics finals and general math midterms earlier!! now im reviewing for my science midterms and filipino finals tomorrow :D i hope i get good scores im so scared haHaHAAAA

Do you think that after a campaign, when the boys have gone home and Mike’s still sitting at the table in his basement, he’ll flip the game board over and stare at the black surface like Eleven had? Does he ever place a piece that he’s come to associate with her in the middle, wondering if she’s lost in the darkness, all alone? Does he crush The Demogorgon piece in his hand as he thinks this?

Quick Update

1) I won’t be running the Navy 5 Miler tomorrow. I didn’t take into an account that I’d have a midterm due tomorrow evening and thanks to my procrastination, I’m cramming to get ready for it! Going out all the way to DC and back today and tomorrow would take up lots of potential study time, so I’m just deciding to DNS. :( Sorry, won’t be able to make it out for coffee @emilydoesscience @busybeerunningfree @malloryrunsthis and whoever else is going tomorrow! Good luck with the races, everyone.

2) I did get one run in while in California last weekend in Napa!

I ran from our hotel to the “downtown” area and along a few of the streets there. It was a nice quiet morning and a little cool outside, too! Before we left Napa, I went and purchased a shirt from the Napa Running Company on Main Street, so I get to wear that proudly sometime in the near future.

3) Thanks to the long vacation in California, I haven’t had an OTF class in a while and now we’re going to have to cram the rest of our classes in for the rest of the month. I’m guessing we’re going to be pretty tired and sore.

So, that’s about it for now. Pray I stop procrastinating!

Today in gym we had to do a bunch of stuff as a test like pushups and situps and run a mile and stuff and then we’d do all that again for our midterm to see how much we improved throughout the semester and stuff. anyways. i did 100 pushups. we only had to do 16 but i like to overdo everything so i did that many. i couldve done more but my teacher was like “Please just stop already im getting tired of counting we dont have time for this” :“(


sept 3, 2016 : 2/100 days of productivity

hello ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎) since it’s saturday, i rewrote my oral communication notes, redesigned my september month spread (ill add more tho! it’s not yet completely done) and did my general math homework!

BY THE WAY!!! i got 96% in my oral communication midterms:’) im so happy!! i didn’t get a good grade in applied economics though :( i got okay for my filipino midterm! :D