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for the lovely @wishuponabluebox who requested it “i’m coming, just sit tight!”. It’s not angsty at all. Well, a tiny bit, but mostly it’s just pure crack. Seriously, the crackiest thing I’ve ever written. I got inspired by the abundant and utterly wondrous social media AUs that are circulating around the Jily side of Tumblr and decided DW needs some as well. <3
Summary: Group chats and suspicions. Sort of high school, sort of social media AU. John and Rose and up to something and there’s no hiding that.
Pairing: Ten x Rose (a bit of side Mickey/Martha)
Rating: T


Jack Harkness to Defenders of the Earth: heyyyyy everyone

Mickey Smith: are you drunk

Rose Tyler: yeah mickey what else is new

Jack Harkness: is that Rose!

Martha Jones: What, capitalization of a name? Punctuation marks? Is that a Christmas miracle?

Martha Jones: … Although that exclamation mark does make me uneasy.

Jack Harkness: !!

Jack Harkness: Rose i’ve been thanking

Jack Harkness: thinking

Rose Tyler: that actually happens?? i’m impressed

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Small watercolor paintings based on screencaps from the Doctor Who episode The Christmas Invasion (Season 2, christmas special). They were made during lunch breaks at my work (the first and third ones were finished at home, though).

I really like the fact that this episode echoes the viewers’ questions: is this guy still the Doctor? Is he reliable like the previous one? What do they have in common?

1-Stand your ground, Rose. You too, Harriet Jones. You go girls.
3-Ten, in a nutshell. Don'tmakeametaphorwiththepapercrownpleasedon'tmakeametaphorwithit

A Journey Through Time || The End of Time

Title: A Journey Through Time (5/8)
Rating: K+
Summary: —Sequel to A Place For Us To Dream— Reunited after years apart, the Doctor and Rose must struggle to re-find their footing with one another – and decide where they want to go next. ***Second in the Lost in the Stars series***
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Wilf Mott
Notes: And here we are starting over again. Welcome to the sequel for A Place For Us To Dream. This one will be much shorter – it’s just an in-between to get us into series 5 (like the series 4 specials). So, enjoy, and don’t forget that I really, really, really love reviews. They motivate me to keep updating.



Rose and the Doctor laughed as they burst through the door, narrowly avoiding being hit by an arrow. Rose was giggling too hard to be of any use, so the Doctor went to send them back into orbit on his own.

“So what do I call your other wife?” She teased. “Think she’d mind if I just called her Lizzie?”

The Doctor laughed, going back to her and pressing a kiss to her lips. “I’m filing for divorce. Only need one wife thank you very much.”

“But this explains so much. I met Queen Elizabeth, ya know. With Martha, we met Shakespeare and there were witches…well, it’s a long story. But we met her and she called me the Doctor’s floozy.”

“You met Shakespeare?” Of course that would be the part he latched onto. “And witches? There’s no such thing as—”

“Okay they weren’t quite witches—”


They both froze as the word echoed in their minds. “Did you…?”

The Doctor nodded, lips pursed. He had heard too. Good. Rose thought she was going crazy.

“Should we?”


The honeymoon was over, then. Well it had been a good five years.

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Martha Jones Appreciation and Thoughts

I am re-watching Doctor Who series three right now, which I haven’t really watched in its entirety since it originally aired. Martha Jones has always been my favorite companion (with Amy Pond falling in right behind her), but boy am I *really* appreciating her now. I think it’s criminal how under-appreciated and unloved she is in this fandom by a huge portion of Whovians. Martha was only with the Doctor ONE YEAR and it was one of the shittiest a companion has ever had.

First of all, traveling through Earth’s past is a challenge for Martha in a way it never was for Rose, Donna, Amy or anyone else. Because they’re WHITE. As much as I think the two part episodes of Human Nature/Family of Blood are absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking, because they really are, I can’t re-watch them. I tried. I start feeling rage as soon as Martha has to deal with all the racist asshats around her. Trapped in effing 1913 in the English countryside surrounded by jerks she can think circles around but who all think she’s dirt under their feet because she’s black–all for the Doctor who is not even properly thankful IMO. What does he even see in Joan who is blander than the blandest bland thing that ever blanded. ugh. I would be done going to the past unless we were going to see dinosaurs. I was sooo glad when they wrote that opening scene in The Shakespeare Code where she asks if she’s going to be sold into slavery and the Doctor is like “just walk around like you own the place, that’s what I do” and it was the most perfect example of white privilege EVER. Thanks, Doctor Who. Now the kiddies know.

Also, she’s traveling with the Doctor during one of the worst years of HIS life. He is just not good company. He’s often dismissive, mean, rude, snappish and a dick to Martha. And right after the whole Family of Blood debacle, it’s Blink (where she’s trapped with Ten in 1969 supporting him by working in a shop), it’s the beginning of the whole Master/Saxon/Year That Never Was craziness with her walking the ENTIRE EARTH  and becoming a living legend, folk hero, and savior. Yes, saving the earth is kind of what companions DO, but let’s remember that Martha is NOT like the others. For one thing: she doesn’t need or want saving. Let’s repeat for emphasis: She. Doesn’t. Need. Saving. Martha, unlike Rose, Donna or Amy, is not running away from her life, or looking for something better, or needing rescue or waiting for anything. She has a good life already with a whole bright future ahead of her. She travels with the Doctor because it’s fun and exciting and she wants to see the universe (not unlike the others), but she doesn’t NEED it. Which is why, unlike the others again, she WALKS AWAY at the end.The only one to do so. Because, dude, it’s not worth it. Not anymore. Not for someone who doesn’t realize what he had until it walked away from him. Not for someone who has too much pride and self-worth to be a doormat for a broken man. Not for someone who was much more of an equal to the Doctor than he ever seemed comfortable with.

And what’s up with people saying they don’t like her solely because of her having a crush on him? Um. Like Rose did, but instead everyone loves her and their epic love of epicness? Conveniently forgetting that he *was* flirty with her and was constantly giving mixed signals? Or…was it because she didn’t fawn over the Doctor and she demanded he tell her things (like at the end of Gridlock where she refuses to move until he tells her about his past) and she didn’t let him get above himself…but then everyone loved it when Donna did that sort of thing too. Yay, they said, someone who wont’ take his crap (or be in love with him)! Even though Martha was not taking his crap first. I’ve also heard people say she’s the least pretty of the new Who female companions and I side-eye that SO HARD. Because I know why people say that. YOU know why, too. BS. Freema is gorgeous. Obvs.

I’m forever pissed at TPTB for doing that stupid Martha/Mickey thing at the end. That does not exist in my head canon. I was so vindicated when I saw Freema at Gally One last year and she confirmed that not only did *she* think it was WTF, but that they only did it for the Smith and Jones joke (hahaha remember how Martha and Ten are also Smith and Jones? yeah…not funny). What would Martha and Mickey even talk about? How awesome Martha is? (which I support btw). No. Martha should have gone to Torchwood full-time. I do absolutely LOVE her relationship with Jack, who properly sees and admires her for the total BAMF that she is. And yes, I ship it. So. Hard. And Team Tardis (Jack/Martha/Ten mmm).

Yes, this is rambly fandom rage and whining and frustration, but I just want everyone to see how awesome Martha is! And love her like I do! I just get tired of the “really??” when I tell people that she’s my fave. Why isn’t she YOUR fave?! So. Can we just have more Martha Jones love in the fandom? Pleeease? /rant

Emma Approved/Doctor Who Art Challenge

James Brent Isaacs posted this challenge a little more than a week ago, and that’s how long it took me to finish this.  In the middle of coloring in the clothing, I got an idea for another piece for this challenge, so this is just part one of two. :)

The colors in this don’t show up too well on my Ipad, so if you’re on a device like that, you’re probably missing out on all the layers of color.  The actual size of this piece is 2446x1936 pixels, or approximately 34x27 inches.  It’s pretty darn big xD 

I hope you like it!  And maybe you can guess why I chose the people I did for each character. :) 

Tyra Colar/Jane Fairfax as Sarah Jane Smith
James Brent Isaacs/Bobby Martin as Mickey Smith
Alexis Boozer Sterling/Annie Weston as Jackie Tyler
Dayeanne Hutton/Harriet Smith as Rose Tyler
Joanna Sotomura/Emma Woodhouse as the Tenth Doctor
Brent Bailey/Alex Knightley as Martha Jones
Nikea Gamby-Turner/Maddy Bates as Donna Noble
Stephen Chang/Frank Churchill as Captain Jack Harkness


So my mum and I saw a thing like this on facebook, and suggested that she would do much better. I left out the ones she got right (ten, eleven, amy and rory). She wasn’t too impressed with her results. 

Also: I couldn’t fit all of the pictures into the post, but she thought that madame vastra was “arachna-lady” and the slitheen were turtle people. 

anonymous asked:

Prompt: ten/rose AU Mickey and Martha's wedding; Rose is the maid of honor and the Doctor is the best man

~ 2500 words. This was a great prompt, thanks nonny!


“Bringing a date to the wedding?”

“Nope,” he said.

Mickey Smith, the groom-to-be, looked at him with his intense stare, the one where he tried to see into the Doctor’s soul.

“The pain’s still too fresh,” he quipped lamely, and immediately regretted it. The nonchalance was too thick, too obviously fake.

“That’s not the story I heard.”

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Little Things, 30

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here.

Jack’s question was left unanswered. Donna had opened her mouth to fling back some flirty response but the quip died upon her lips before it could be vocalised. Something behind Jack had caught her attention - her eyes darted quickly to John, a brief look of consternation appearing on her face, but it was almost instantly replaced by a big smile.

At the same time, someone tapped Rose on the shoulder. It was hard to shift whilst sharing a too small seat, so Rose ended up having to twist her body at an uncomfortable angle in order to see who it was.

She exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

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