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reasons to read the kate daniels series by someone who just read 5 of them in 5 days and is now unwaveringly obsessed:

-Kate Daniels is hands down one of the best heroines I have ever met. She combines intelligence and general badassery with this goofy yet witty sense of humor, also sometimes she is clumsy which I appreciate

-she is powerful but clearly not infallible and even when she wins you know it took her a lot of hard work. 

-emotionally closed off for very legitimate reasons but she’s learning and it’s a beautiful journey

-super cool magic apocalypse has happened. magic works half the time and tech works the other half. this is really neat and means that people still ride horses

-vampires are the blood sucking human killing undead monstrosities that they should be and they dont sparkle (although the do wear sunscreen)

-intricate, thought out shape shifter society that goes much deep than PACK IS LOVE PACK IS LIFE. Like the author has thought this out very well and provides receipts for things that happen in the form of actual pack law and code

-in fact the entire world is governed by codes and laws even though kate likes to break them. but if you like good world building THESE BOOKS ARE FOR YOU

-the romance!! so slow burn but so good. no insta love because that’s not kate’s style, but when the Love Interest walks onto the page, you just fucking know. and you know it will be good.

-men and women are equally violent and protective so even when kate and her boo thing are angry at one another like, it goes both ways and she is just as alpha as he is. it’s stellar. 

-cool blood magic

-really good fight scenes. like these fight scenes are clearly written but still have you on the edge of your seat

-kate almost dies all the time doing stupid things. which is enjoyable because you know she will pull through as the mc, and there are some really adorable hospital bed scenes between her and her love interest

-the author is a husband wife team so the books are equally balanced based on their writing strengths 

-there is some neato social commentary in here, especially about police brutality and women’s rights and consent/rape culture

-the romantic relationship is like…..So Well Done. Both parties have legitimate issues with being in a committed relationship, and neither of them is “more alpha” than the other, and they both have to learn how to make sacrifices, and it’s just an incredibly well balance healthy relationship with good drama that makes it interesting in every book??

ok so we know that this season is supposed to be really dark, and although i’m not the biggest fan of all the lion switching going on, i do realize it offers, well, a lot of opportunities for angst.

think about it. three of the lions now have ‘back up’ pilots. so if shiro comes back (which he will) we will suddenly have a spare pilot.

AKA this season is the perfect time to remove/kill/have one of the others taken captive, and the candidate could be lance, keith, allura, or still be shiro. becoming a paladin also means that allura isn’t probably (or at least solely) responsible for worm hole jumps anymore, likely allowing coran to do the same.

so yeah, this season is going to destroy us.

DND IS SO GOOD, my players are so amazing, today was the best time i’ve ever had dming, hands down

beautiful absurdities:

  • charming a warlock minion of one of the demon lords of the infinite abyss so he thought they were friends, filling out comment cards to give back to his lord and master with ‘smiley faces and all 10s’
  • taking the iron brazier he was chanting over and turning it over on him like he was a spider they were leaving for someone else to deal with
  • making me come up with a voice and personality for him, which i got really attached to, before killing him
  • asking a mercenary from a city known for its tasty cookies if she got paid in cookies, offensive
  • getting stuck waist deep in quicksand and the bard holding his lute aloft and playing a song to inspire The Beef to pull him out [EDIT IT WAS MUD, QUICKSAND WAS A DIFFERENT TIME. THESE GUYS GET STUCK IN A LOT OF SUBSTANCES]
  • debating stealing the goods that a merchant band had hired them to retrieve, but the team mom had the boxes and the Brigands failed their persuade rolls
  • this loud argument about stealing awakening a swamp hag
  • Using Their Words (and the druid using cookies) to talk down the swamp hag from attacking them, leading me to revamp her personality and change her name to Mud Gal and also fall in love with her

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Pet peeves: seeing Johnny interpreted as a careless playboy even though he cares THE MOST and just wants to love and be loved.

Ugh, same. And since it’s entered fandom osmosis so thoroughly, it pops up all the time, and it’s just not who he is or how he views romance. (For the record: I do think he’s periods where he has had a lot of flings and hookups, but they’ve all happened after Heroes Reborn, so, notably, after the time he found out the person he married was not the person he thought he married but an alien spy, she died, she came back, she was pregnant, the baby was an egg, the egg was actually a monster that was going to kill them all, oh yeah and she created a second identity for the purpose of dating him without him knowing it was her. Again. Which imho is enough to give anyone occasional commitment issues.) (And also it’s not like he’s never been badly written, but hey, fifty years of comics, that should go without saying.)

But yeah his thing with romance has ALWAYS been framed as him wanting True Love. If anything, he idolizes the concept of marriage: 

Also, for such an alleged dog, he doesn’t seem to like being kissed unexpectedly:

And I can pull up tons of panels of him being professional and friendly with beautiful women without hitting on them or even monologuing in his head about how hot they are (cough Peter Parker cough). So seeing him so often defined as a careless playboy who only cares about sex is jarring.

Why Did I Start This Page?

Why did you start this blog? When was the first time you heard of Columbine? Why Rachel of all the victims? Etc.

I get asked this a lot so I guess I’m just going to make a full, proper post for a full description / explanation for future references.

To start off, I had always, always been interested in crime. Since as little as I could remember I’d be watching documentaries and fictional TV shows, just captivated by such a strange concept. I couldn’t understand why people would want to kill other people. It sparked my interest more than Disney Channel ever could. I wasn’t allowed to watch shows like Criminal Minds when I was that little. Growing up I wanted to be just like JJ. But I’d always managed to sneak the channel real quick when she wasn’t looking to shows like Law & Order. Being such an unconventional interest for a girl my age, and also the fact I wasn’t allowed to, made me want to watch it even more. Lil rebel since day one.

Fast forward to a typical middle school day, on December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook happened. That was the first taste of tragedy on a crime level I had ever experienced. I don’t live far at all from it. It was really close to home, physically and metaphorically. I know a family who lost a child that day. I knew him myself. I had seen him around town all the time. He was a normal face to me, a real person to me. It’s not like I have memories with him, but I definitely knew him, of him. I knew his mother, his mother knew me. She knew me since I was a little girl. He was real. He was not an actor. The shooting was not a hoax. How more disrespectful could you get? It’s almost as saying their loss wasn’t real. It was real. It shouldn’t have had to be. But it is a reality. The pain and suffering for that family was real, still is.

That was the first time I heard of a school shooting. It was so abstract to me. It was a pretty horrible memory for me. I remember the fear I felt, also the numbness I felt, the fear I saw on the parents faces, and the confusion on my classmates. My school was so close FBI agents came to our school.

I got pulled out of class and I as I was walking out, I saw the (typically empty) halls fluttered with kids scrambling for their coats at their lockers, all sharing the same complexed and puzzled faces. I thought maybe it was a doctor’s appointment? Usually there is a reason I was being pulled out. But nothing could explain why there were so many kids leaving at the same time. I walked down to the lobby and saw the office filled with frantic parents. I was pretty calm for such an unusual circumstance. Kids next to me were freaking out and crying. The security was tight and the sign out process was very strict. Parents were patted down walking in, stripped of purses and bags. It was absolute chaos. As I was waiting for my mom to come get me, some random lady came up to me “There was a shooting! Little kids were shot in school! The kids are dead!” She went on but I kind of ignored her. I got the message. I didn’t react at all. I just walked out with a straight face. I think it was a self survival, kind of thing. I was in complete shock. As I walked out I saw 4 big black vans parked out front. All my years of criminal shows I recognized they were FBI agents. I still remember seeing the faces on the parents. Thinking back it was almost as if everything was in slow motion.

I was always familiar with murders and shootings, but a school shooting was a complete new perspective for me. My little self tried so hard to understand why something like that would happen. I saw how murders had motives. But people killing little kids for no real reason. That really blew me away. The rest of that night I locked myself alone in my room and sat frozen in front of the television watching the news. Just thinking that could’ve been me, my classmates. I was so confused. The question why? floated in my brain back and forth. There was no reason. At least for me. I could never fathom a sufficient reason to answer why or how that could happen. Why God would let that happen. I was a firm believer everything happened for a reason. I walked to church that night, trying to find some comfort. I didn’t.

Few weeks or months later when things began to calm down and the official story was released, I spent all my free hours at school researching school shootings and Sandy Hook, specifically. That’s when I came across Columbine.

I didn’t become interested really in Rachel until High School. Rachel’s Challenge came to present. I had previous knowledge about her beforehand, basics, but when the speaker came to our school, I was in high school at that point, so hit me differently because I was around the same age as her. Unlike the Sandy Hook victims.

Again I remember every detail of that day. I was in first period science when my teacher told me we had yet another kindness campaign, usually that has 0 effect and is boring as hell. Reluctantly my class and I dragged ourselves down to the theater. I was so tired, it was so early in the morning. Listening to the speaker, I was easily drawn into her because of my interest in crime of course. But I honestly was in shock by the reaction the presentation had. My classmates were so close all of a sudden. The reality of how much of an impact you had on people flooded people with regret. I could see it on their faces. Like Sandy Hook, I kinda sat around with a straight face and took in the people around me. I zoned out. I observed. Even the guys who usually turn everything into a joke sat quiet and in awe. People were crying and hugging with strangers. Even some guys. Openly sharing their life stories and struggles. It was so weird to see. I didn’t understand. How could one have that kind of effect on someone? I had never seen my classmates so close together and connected. The way everyone was so determined to be more compassionate towards each other was just really crazy to me. I went home that night and read her journals online and got to know her as a person, not just religiously or how she died. I was intrigued by the way she thought. Her outlook on life. The way she knew she was going to die. Her philosophies. She made me look at life in a different way. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I began living differently. She inspired me to really sit and think about life. I think we all have a moment in our life when we wake up and do that. We begin to question things. With Sandy Hook down the road, seeing a girl so similarly at the same stage in life, just made me face reality that truly not everyday is promised. Plus Rachel knew what her life was for. She knew her place in life. She knew what she wanted to do. I didn’t. I still don’t know. It made me want to find my purpose, who I am or who I was meant to be.

Strangely enough, there were a lot of connections between her and I. When I was younger I’d tell people the same thing. I was never going to get married, I’d never have kids, I was going to die young, but also I’d have an impact on the world. I got the same hush hush response, people calling me crazy. Seeing someone who said the same thing, and it actually happening, freaked me out so much.

My main purpose of the blog was just to spread my knowledge and clear up any misinformation and misconceptions surrounding her. Why Rachel not other victims? Mostly just because of the way I connected with her. I was fascinated by the effect she had. Plus every aspect of her life was made public. There is so much information I can learn and make a long-lasting blog with. I’ve always wanted to help people, so connecting myself with Rachel on here as well as tying in crime was a win-win situation for me. I wanted to create an open space to discuss and share opinions. Reflect. Keep the victim’s memory alive in a respectful manner. Plus, overall Columbine has so many valuable lessons we all can learn from, any age no matter where you come from. Everyone can put theirself in their shoes. We all can relate to it in some ways. It changes the way you think and makes you re-evaluate, especially for teenages, at such a crucial time in someone’s life, you have so much to learn about yourself and what life is really like. From the dark aspects, the minds of the shooters, to the bright light of someone like Rachel. We can’t forget, we can’t let history repeat itself. Lets all learn from the mistakes of Eric and Dylan and learn to grab onto Rachel’s train of thought. The world will be a better place.

“Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.”

I hope my blog serves its purpose xx

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I'm the one who submitted the pew post and I totally agree with you. I see it part as Derek avoiding a fight with Peter and part Derek thinking "this is the only family I have left" I think a lot of us would make the same decision in that situation, if we had no one left, and the kid we've been trying to work with and help hates us. I think Derek gives a lot of benefit to Peter because he's all he has and I don't blame him for that. Besides, I kind of believe Peter didn't mean to kill Laura.

Peter not meaning to kill Laura is definitely not outside the realms of possibility. I tend to think Peter did it when he was mad with the need for revenge, and that his wolf figured out the most simple equation: Alpha power. I need it. I can take it. 

I don’t think human Peter was in charge at all at that time. 

And pack is important, right? Derek is truly alone. That must be terrifying for a pack animal. I think he makes the conscious decision to believe that Peter, and not necessarily on the balance of probabilities, but because that’s what will help him sleep at night. 

Also, I’m getting really frustrated with people’s “don’t excuse Magnus, Alec was just doing his job!!!” because yes he was and he made what he thought was the right call but did everyone just forget that Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn? That protecting other warlock’s, and downworlders as a whole, has been his m o since the first time we saw him? Imagine being Magnus and finding out that not only does the man who tried to kill you, who slaughtered your people, who tortured and drugged one of your oldest friend’s, who’s demon murdered another, has a weapon that could allow him to finish the job? And not only that, but you’re boyfriend of all people, knew about it and said nothing? Can you imagine the betrayal Magnus must have felt? Busting his ass to help Shadowhunters, to convince the downworld that this time, this time it will be different, only to find out one of the people you trust most in the world left you fighting blind? From what we understand of Magnus, his anger is not centered in the fact that Alec didn’t tell him something. It’s that Alec didn’t tell him something that put lives in danger, lives Magnus feels responsible for. He’s angry because he feel Alec didn’t see him as trustworthy enough to carry that secret, despite all the trust he’s extended to Alec. From Magnus’s perspective, Alec put the Clave’s secrets over Downworlder lives. We see that wasn’t Alec’s intention, Luke sees it too or is trying too( having been on both sides now), but Magnus has been alive a long time, he’s seen the clave put itself before the downworld before and he’s lost friends because of that, so his perspective is colored by a lot of history and a lot of hurt. So when Alec says, “lets not make this personal”, he’s missing the fact that, for Magnus, it already was personal. Just in the framing of the show, we know Magnus had to bury Ragnar. We know he had to heal the damage that Valentine did to Dot. It’s already personal for Magnus in a way it isn’t for Alec. I think part of their getting though this is going to be Alec coming to terms with who Magnus is to the downworld and understanding the Clave’s hand in what Magnus has had to go through.

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For reference, Aversa's backstory given in the mainstory was her Grimleal parents were killed in the crusade by Emmeryn's father, with Validar & the Grimleal adopting her. The spotpass claims Aversa's non Grimleal parents were killed by the Grimleal & they then cast a magic spell on Aversa, enslaving her to them. Because Naga's worshippers can never be wrong and Grima's followers can never be right according to the writers.

yeah…i know.  ties into a lot of problems i have with awakening/fates which is best saved for another time.

-Mod Aaron

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I've always considered myself an animal lover. I've been vegetarian since I was a child and turned vegan a few years ago. But currently I am spending a lot of time with animals and realized: I kinda dislike it. I like some animals but, like dogs or horses, s can't stand them. I'm still staying vegan - I don't need to love animals to not wanting to kill them. Still it kinda makes me sad bc for most of my life a huge part of my identity was "animal lover" and now I feel a bit lost.

Spending too much time around anyone can be draining, I imagine it works the same way with animals for some people. Give yourself a bit of a break from it and see how you feel; animals can be tiring sometimes. Regardless, not wanting to be around them all the time doesn’t mean you don’t love them, you can love someone or something from afar without having very much to do with it. You’re right though, it’ll have no impact on your veganism since loving animals isn’t what veganism is about, but you at the very least care about them because you made the effort to go vegan. I’d say just take some time away from them, maybe go out of your way to see ones you’ve never been introduced to in a sanctuary or in the wild, and it might restore some of what you think you’ve lost.

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Did River like reading books and what kind of books did he like to read or what was his favourite ?

Hi. Yes he liked reading, apparently he didn’t find a lot of time to read.
This was written in 1988 ‘The novels he’s read, or would like to read, are those that kids grew up on 15 and 20 years ago: Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, Richard Bach’s Illusions, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.’ (Vegetarian Times) I think River would of enjoyed the classics.

L xo

simon + needing space away from clary (aka clary approaching simon when he clearly doesn't want her to multiple times)


Things I’ve learned spending the summer working in wildlife rehab

–Never trust wildlife. The second you trust that they will do something or stay somewhere is the second they fly off the table and give you a heart attack.

–I have no maternal instinct for human babies, but every time I hold a baby squirrel or bunny in my hands I’m ready to kill for them.

–Baby mink and baby weasels are the cutest things in the world.

–Trying to grab a squirrel is like trying to grab water.

–Adult squirrels are the devil. They WILL bite you and it WILL hurt. Even if they’re half dead, never assume they can’t bite you.

–If you are bit by any kind of wild animal, even if it barely breaks the skin, wash your hands immediately and bandage it. There are a lot of nasty diseases/infections we can get from these animals. Especially rodents; their bites are nasty.

–An angry bat is one of the most distinctive sounds in the world. 

–Goose bites hurt less than you’d expect but crow bites hurt more than you’d expect.

–Just because an animal isn’t a rabies vector in your area doesn’t mean it’s no big deal if they bite you. There are plenty of other diseases we can get from wild animal bites.

–People will try and take care of wildlife and they will do a terrible job and feed them garbage.

–Don’t mess with snapping turtles. Just don’t.

–A lot of the orphan babies brought in are totally healthy and not really orphaned at all. People just assume that an animal is orphaned if they can’t see the parents at all times.

–People don’t always understand why we have to euthanize animals and they will get very mad about it.

–Turtles are very resilient and can survive devastating injuries. Also never assume a snapper won’t bite just because it’s injured. I had a snapper with part of her face missing try to take my finger off.

–Wear gloves. You never know what an animal has.

–All baby birds look at least a little bit like Bernie Sanders. 



uhh…. thing I did a little bit ago because of my appreciation for my friendo @ Blackggggum as they are super inspiring (and ridiculous)

So I did some reffing and design based on their beautiful pictures, I would probably change a lot now looking at it, but it was the first time ever doing anything vehicle/machine related ;;;;;;;
(S!P: Hummer / S!S: QUADRO4 (4 wheel moped?)

It was really fun and different though!!  (´ヮ`)  ♡

Just a thought...

So one of the things that I love about this season of Camp Camp, is that while it’s still pretty whimsical and hilarious, it’s shown some real character development in Max and David.


Let’s face it, this kid was a die hard troublemaker and a fucking asshole all stuffed inside a tiny ten year old’s body.

Before now, you couldn’t pay him enough to enjoy anything, especially any of David’s crazy camp activities. Hell, he spent a majority of the first season either trying to escape, or trying to figure out how to destroy the camp from the inside. And he got close sometimes, it all could’ve been over when the FBI tried to arrest David for the stuff Max was looking up on his phone. But the small part of him that said what he was doing was going too far made him speak up and exonerate David. And when he thought he had gone to far in his mischievous act that David actually wanted to kill him, he was legitimately afraid and wanted to take back his actions, unlike when he was in the forest with the Quartermaster where it was more likely for him to be murdered and just accepted his fate.

And more importantly, Max was unwilling to accept that people like David existed anymore, and was willing to go to great lengths to break him. And he did. It took twelve episodes but in the end, Max won. David was utterly defeated.

And then Max had to learn the harsh lesson that sure, while life can sometimes be a piece of shit, people can choose too not look past it, but to live with it and still find the good in what’s left. Max was just too jaded by things we know not of, and so was David, and he still found the strength to be himself every day because if he didn’t, Camp Campbell would be even more miserable than Max already thought it was. And because of that, Max decided to help him just for the sake of preserving this optimism.

And now, Max has learned to kind of go with the flow. He’s no longer trying to escape or sabotage David’s every action, he’s just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the show.

More so, when Daniel invaded the camp, Max actually sought out David’s help rather than trying to figure out how to get rid of him on his own. And when nothing he did convinced David of Daniel’s murderous intentions, he entered the Purification Sauna, knowing full well he’d be hypnotized into loving Daniel, but had enough faith in David to remove his rose tinted glasses, finally see the truth, and save all the campers from certain death.

And when David got his heart broken by Bonquisha, he and the rest of the children went to great lengths to try and get them back together so he would stop being so depressed all the time.

That’s a lot of character development for a kid.


As for David, his transition has been a lot more subtle.

This happy go-lucky camp counselor is still pretty much the same, while at the same time completely different. The David of first season was optimistic to a fault. He out right refused to see the bad in people, especially Cameron Campbell, got bullied by the kids into leaving the camp for a day, had no clue how to discipline children, and had an unhealthy obsession with being the best camp counselor. And it killed him every day when he couldn’t figure out why none of the kids loved Camp Camp(bell) as much as he did.

There were even some points in the show where his mask slipped and he looked actually angry for once before going back to Happy David.

Until he was pushed to the edge by Max in the season finale of season one and he finally laid all of his cards on the table. He knew perfectly well that not everything was sunshine and roses all the time, but he had a choice. He could be like Max, pessimistic and down right bitter about the world, or he could try to see the good in the world every day and be the best version of himself he could be.

But he also learned a valuable lesson that day. It was okay to not be himself all the time. Sure, he could still be overly enthusiastic about everything, but he could still let go every now and again. Be it wanting to kick out the psycho cult leader you almost hired and may or may not have been after your job-

or sometimes fucking up and saying the wrong thing-

or being openly disappointed in the decisions other people make-

or admitting that you made a mistake that started off with good intentions-

or getting your heart broken-

needing to cry for days on end (even when it’s super awkward)-

and beating the shit out of some guy for something that wasn’t really their fault but only because you’re insanely jealous because they’re banging your babe now.


So in the end, sure, they’re still pretty similar to how they started off in the show.

But the two of them have grown so much, I can’t wait to see where this show is going to take us next.


Sterek AU: After the death of Claudia magic becomes a taboo in the Stilinski house hold. Everytime Stiles wants to show his dad his magic, to help his dad with his magic John lashes out. Not knowing what to do with the gift that he got from his mother, Stiles represses his magic - doing nearly unrepairable damage to himself.

Years later Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find that the Alpha that killed his sister is far from the most dangerous thing in town.

Keep reading

Hannibal: A dark twisted love story about a serial killer and a criminal profiler. Features manipulation, gore, and emotional trauma.

Hannibal fandom: loveable and crazy. everyone ships hannigram. jokes about cannibalism. 

Killing Stalking: A dark horror story where a one-sided love goes wrong between a stalker and a serial killer.

KS fandom: antis everywhere. shaming posts. jokes are few and far between

I was just tryna find some early 2000s teenager rock music to make some memes out of and I started listening to The Middle by Jimmy Eat World and a lot of songs from that time are about hating everyone and killing society and stuff, but this one is actually a really nice song about not putting so much doubt into yourself and looking for your purpose.

thanks jimmy eat world, this made me feel really nice.