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so. do you consider china’s age 4000? wouldn’t he consider himself 5000 yrs old tho (like, not as a defined age for him as a person, but as the nation ‘china’) bc don’t nations’ views of things depend on their people’s thinking? and like chinese consider our country to be 5000, unlike westerners, so ...

i’ve always headcanoned that his earliest memories are kind of murky and he’s not able to pin down a definitive date. to reflect how long ago it is, and the very fact that we in the present also still have a lot of questions about that time. the idea i very much like is that his earliest memories are connected to the yellow river. the cradle of chinese civilisation, simultaneously an embodiment of life and death; responsible for the fertile silt that enabled our ancestors to farm on its banks, but also the destructive floods that killed so many throughout history. 

i think being around 4000 is a reasonable figure he might subscribe to because of the Xia dynasty, now estimated to have existed around 2070 BCE. but i definitely like to keep a sense of ambiguity because before the xia-shang-zhou project commissioned by the govt (which came up with that estimate), there were debates about this and different figures tossed around. there’s also a gigantic can of worms about china as a concept being fluid throughout history, arguments about whether the dynastic cycle conceptualisation kind of distorts the actual nature of chinese history (china not always even being china as we understand it today etc). all these historiographical issues? maybe there doesn’t have to be a straight-out answer because our understanding of chinese history (like all history) is continually changing—being revised and rewritten, as we develop new approaches and make other discoveries.

i certainly do think he likes the idea of being Old. prestige and all. seniority means wisdom and commanding respect in the confucian hierarchy. the whole sense of being an old empire who survived for so long while many of his counterparts returned to dust. so 5000 is also a claim he might make, especially if he links himself to the huaxia tribes, or considering the traditional stories about the yellow emperor’s reign. 

silverliening replied to your post: Has Gwyn smoked pot again after that one time with…

Would Augus ever try and incorporate drugs of some sort into a scene or is that a no no for both of them?

From Augus’ perspective, he already has? There’s a scene in The Court of Five Thrones where he makes Gwyn take two drugs that alter his physiology/metabolism pretty significantly. (And he makes a mild miscalculation on one of the doses in the process as Gwyn doesn’t always react properly to drugs with his metabolism). One was certainly significant enough that Gwyn had had it used on him before as a literal torture device.

Augus is actually pretty knowledgeable about different fae drugs, especially the ones made from plants, and he’s made a good trade selling them in the past (along with painkillers and medicines). (The waterweed from his hair has properties that can be used for a lot of different potions/ointments etc.) He doesn’t like working with mind altering substances in scenes because they can be unpredictable, and in his line of work, he just thinks it’s flat out irresponsible. So he tends to stick to physiology altering drugs, which he’ll pretty happily use. (He was pretty damn delighted in the scene where he used them, it’s the chapter called Heat if you want to check it out!)

Do any other autistics have this thing where common stuff that scares a lot of people don’t bother you?

Like, I’ve never been scared of getting shots. I got my flu shot a few days ago and it’s just? Not frightening to me? Often times I don’t understand the big deal.

Also spiders. They do freak me out if they make sudden/fast movements or touch me without letting me prepare, but they fascinate me way more? I’d rather sit and observe a spider than run away or kill it. I find spiders very beautiful and intriguing. (Especially jumping spiders, they’re so cute!)

I had Dragon Age Inquisition for the ps3 but i played it all wrong. Picked the wrong class. Didn’t do romances very well (Cassandra was NOT having my guys nonsense) also it was the ps3 version so it looked kinda awful and glitched/froze a lot and generally struggled the whole way through and I stopped playing. 

Now that I have the ps4 version I really can’t help but have my qunari mage woman beast run around with fire in her eyes and hands killing everything for the sake of grinding and me generally screaming “NOT THIS TIME” 

its been nice. 

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I️ was annoyed that in Eclipse they made Alec the 4th unnamed guard. It doesn’t make sense for a ton of reason. The major being- if Aro really wanted Alice that badly, the whole newborn army fiasco would have been the perfect opportunity (100 times better than BD). They could have used Alec to easily killed the others, spared Alice, and made up some story about how ‘she lost her fam and now wants to help enforce The Law so it never happens to anyone else.” You know? Just wondering your thoughts

I share your frustration, and I think a lot of it stems from SM not really communicating what the Volturi wanted to accomplish in Eclipse. 

In Bree Tanner, Jane makes it sound like she wants to wipe out the Cullens entirely, since she gives Victoria a time-limit in which to attack, with no further instructions. That… does not sound like Aro’s orders. (I could see Aro testing the Cullens against the newborns, or sneaking in a few disguised guards among the newborns with directions to target the useless Cullens and using Chelsea to scoop up any valuable survivors. There’s a subtlety to this scheme that Jane’s plan lacks.)

In short, the Volturi in Eclipse are either not recruiting, or Aro communicated the “we want Alice” point badly to Jane, or Jane decided that no way would she help Aro get Alice. 

The presence of Alec just muddies the waters further. As you say, he’s the guy you bring along when you want to knock everyone unconscious and come up with an entirely false narrative. But the Volturi– for some reason I completely fail to grasp– aren’t doing that in Eclipse. So… where does that leave us? 

My confusion is amplified by the fact that a newborn war, as you point out,  justifies anything. The Volturi could basically arrive on the scene, Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do playing in the background, and murder as they pleased. The fact that they don’t, even though it’s extremely legal to do so, makes me question their evil overlording abilities. Y’know. More so than I do already. 

Kids are also allowed to like kpop. It doesn’t all have to be mature and sexy all the time. Like the demographic for kpop is 10-20 ish. It’s not only ajusshi fans(blown out of proportion), that like cute songs and dances. Music is for everyone even kids bop so just because it isn’t your taste doesn’t mean it’s trash. Kpop is marketed to younger fans. (Don’t kill me )To be honest a lot of kpop wether it be cute or sexy or tough has really cringe/cheese lyrics and performance that’s why it isn’t really popular with older people.

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I am in love with the divergent series❤❤ Dont you think that the movie series are completely different from the book, and are completely irrelevant?? I just saw the insurgent movie. It was COMPLETELY different. I like the books way way way better( though some people find it otherwise)

I love it too! (obviously… :D) Not completely different but a lot of things changed, definitely… The first movie was pretty accurate I think? but insurgent, especially the burning house, the total disregard of the other dauntless characters, that there was no scene where Four became leader, or hit Marcus in front of the whole cafeteria. Also that Tris did not conspire with Marcus and that Evelyn killed Jeanine instead of Tori. But honestly, if you look at Allegiant, Insurgent will seem a lot closer to the book than you think. Really, flying bubbles and those hoover-things? they barely had an old airplane. 

Most of the time, when I first watch the movie adaptation, I´m disappointed. Because they will never do those pictures in my head justice. So what I do is to differentiate between movies & books, only then I realize if the movie in itself is so bad or if it´s bc I´m biased :D Not to mention that there are a few plotholes that irk me about the series..

But honestly, just the aspect of seeing Theo James would be enough for me to sit through the movies, no matter how horrible they are :D


I took notes watching the stream! Let me know if there’s anything integral that I missed– and you can bet SERIOUS MONEY that I’ll be piecing together more theories in the next few days!


  • “Bonjour” was an homage to ADWM.
  • Each character Mark plays has different quotes about “Life” (i.e. Life is for the living, life is ours to choose, life needs a bit of madness).
  • The Damien keg stand meant to signify that he’d be stuck in “the upside-down”, and when he tried to wake us up, that told us he was the only one who really wanted to help us!
  • The Mayor turning gray means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  • Mark tried to make it obvious we would die, yet we were all still surprised (lmao).
  • CONFIRMED: In Mark’s own words, Damien is the only one with a “human” reaction to the death.
  • The Colonel was based on the hunter from Jumanji!
  • The Chef is scary, but inherently harmless.
  • Little Buddy’s “kill” mode is insignificant to the story and WAS an homage to FNaF.
  • And the dick on the body tape was 100% Ethan’s idea!! LMAO


  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel DOES “pop in and out of existence”, but he is NOT the only one to do so– just the most obvious.
  • Mark tried to make it “painfully apparent” that the Colonel was the one who did it.
  • Detective and Asshole Mark were friends at the same time he, Damien, and Colonel were friends– but the two did NOT know the Detective.
  • The long winding hall sequence with Detective was intentional– so we could get oriented with the house…
  • … because the house “does not follow the laws of physics”.
  • When following the Colonel out of the bedroom on the second floor, we warp with him to the first floor patio (with the pool).
  • The crib in the room was not a planned detail in the story.
  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel and Celine ran off together, and that’s what made Asshole Mark hate him.
  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel and Asshole Mark grew up together in that house, which is why the Colonel knows it so well and refers to it as “his own”. Mark even considered making those two characters be brothers!


  • “Hence the guns” is one of Mark’s favorite scenes in the series.
  • The cane is a sign of Damien’s high-class status as Mayor.
  • CONFIRMED: Celine and Asshole Mark were married.
  • Quote from Mark himself: “[Celine] wants what she wants, and she won’t let anyone get in her way”
  • Another quote: “She also has a temper… like someone else we know”
  • Mark’s original inclination was to make Damien and Celine be siblings, hence Celine’s adamant refusal of Damien’s help. (I caught onto this notion, but it didn’t really resonate with anyone else I talked to about it.)
  • Mark said that Celine wanted to use the viewer in the ritual because she saw them as expendable, since she didn’t know them personally.
  • There are no lightning strikes when George says “murder” because he hasn’t been inside the house for many years.
  • CONFIRMED: The house is cursed. (Make of that what you will.)
  • CONFIRMED: In the final door shot of Celine, she is possessed– because she messed with power beyond her control, and Damien was in the room with her at the time.


  • The Colonel looks out for Celine and Damien– but NOT Asshole Mark.
  • The odd glowy room-walking sequence was supposedly a small view into another world– “the upside-down”, it was dubbed (but there’s debate about whether that region specifically was “the upside-down”)
  • There is debate as to whether this is how the Colonel “pops in and out of existence”.
  • We don’t see the Detective’s investigation room until that chapter because the house hid it from us.
  • In that room, there are post-its reading “DON’T TRUST THE SEER” (which I caught, but it was a very minor thing I had to watch multiple times to see)
  • The Colonel owed Asshole Mark A LOT of money.
  • As we fall, William says, “It was an accident, I swear!”
  • The original idea for the final gun scene was that Damien would walk in and be the one the Colonel shot, NOT us.
  • CONFIRMED: Asshole Mark had killed himself many times before, but returned to his body from “the upside-down”. That’s why he was stabbed 37 times, poisoned, beaten, strangled, drowned, AND shot– none of those happened on the same day. Asshole Mark tried his hand at the dark arts to achieve this.
  • CONFIRMED: The black eyes we see when Asshole Mark’s body speaks to us after we die is NOT his own spirit– it’s the spirit of someone else trapped there.
  • CONFIRMED: Damien had every intention of helping us! He did! Mark confirmed it– he wasn’t manipulating us at all, he just wanted the best for us!
  • CONFIRMED (!!!): William/the Colonel spent ten hours watching our body overnight and cradled Damien’s cane the whole time. (THE FEELS ARE REAL, GUYS! THEY’RE CANON!!)
  • CONFIRMED: The reason Wilford Warfstache’s suspenders are pink is because they used to be red, but they faded over many, many years.
  • Mark didn’t realize how tragic the ending really was until he was editing it. In his own words, it’s “terrifyingly sad”.

And, finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for…

  • CONFIRMED: DAMIEN PUSHED US OUT OF THE BODY. But he wasn’t manipulating us for that… he did it because he cared for us and didn’t think we deserved the true hell of what resurrection really meant. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.

Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.



uhh…. thing I did a little bit ago because of my appreciation for my friendo @ Blackggggum as they are super inspiring (and ridiculous)

So I did some reffing and design based on their beautiful pictures, I would probably change a lot now looking at it, but it was the first time ever doing anything vehicle/machine related ;;;;;;;
(S!P: Hummer / S!S: QUADRO4 (4 wheel moped?)

It was really fun and different though!!  (´ヮ`)  ♡

two weeks before the 1st performance:

  • tech kids hanging out in the house seats, lighting and sound crew just starting to figure stuff out
  • cast running all the dance numbers 129493 times, crying
  • first pairs of jazz shoes are spotted
  • ensemble mumbling like everything
  • running the show for the first time,,,, crying bc whAT ARE OUR CUES
  • leads still calling out for lines occasionally and ur director getting pissed
  • probs stopping as yall run the show

one week before the first performance:

  • ensemble crying in the corner bc they’re “not loud enough”
  • “?????” - band
  • tech kids are literally at school till 1am
  • set is coming together!!
  • leads are crying
  • !1!1!costumes
  • !1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1 makeup
  • death
  • this is the time period when kids limbs or ankles start randomly breaking
  • someone: *coughs* “REPENT”


  • literally everyone is sobbing backstage
  • quick changes killing people
  • inspirational speeches starting to happen
  • crew kids building their calm façade
  • internal screaming
  • lighting starts doing cool things
  • “dude the set looks so cool with the lights”
  • leads forgetting their lines simply bc of stress
  • “what’s that move again??”
  • “what’s our note again??”


  • everyone just got done with traditions and there are probably a lot of raw emotions happening ajsjdjjdk
  • calm, not a sound backstage.
  • numbness
  • “im fucking serious what’s that move again?”
  • “what the hell is our note”
  • crew is getting calls over the boxes every 10 seconds
  • “where’s my fucking prop”
  • ur stage manager is probably crying
  • everyone is crying
  • band - “?????”

the show:

  • “aw shit i messed that up oh well tonight ill do it right”
  • band - “!!!!”
  • “i can’t cross when they’re dancing to move props can i”
  • literally everyone is SObbIgn after the last performance makeup who??

simon + needing space away from clary (aka clary approaching simon when he clearly doesn't want her to multiple times)


something i want to happen

- all the boys teaching el to play d&d

-maybe even max if she doesn’t know

-maybe even steve joins one night cuz why not (plus he’s grown way attached to these kids)

-so they all pile into mike’s basement which is decked out with a bigger table to play on

-i mean they’ve got 3 new players they need room

-and the little cubby where el stayed is still there because mike and el will sit there and talk after school

-anyway so mike planned this campaign so well!!!! he wanted to make sure it was perfect so that el, max & steve have a fun first time

-it takes them ALL day and they still aren’t even finished but that’s okay because it’s saturday and they can come back to it

-and because it’s late and they all trust each other 100% now they all stay in the basement for the night

-they push the table to the side and gather up all the extra pillows and blankets they can find or that mrs. wheeler will let them take

-so they set up a huge area to lay on and they put a movie on

-not horror because they’ve had enough of that for the time being

-maybe raiders of the lost ark? or a star wars movie

-and they try their hardest to stay up and watch the whole thing but they just can not do it

-dustin knocks out first, then probably lucas and max (who are laying next to each other, kinda shyly)

-mike and el are next to each other too but they’re holding hands

-everyone eventually drifts off but el and steve are the last ones. steve has to make sure his children all fall asleep peacefully

-and el pretty much wants the same thing

-steve gets up and turns off the movie before laying down and going to sleep as well

-next morning mrs wheeler makes a LOT of food for breakfast (11 people is a lot to cook for but steve helps willingly)

-after the kids all finish they return to their game and they kill all the monsters and save whomever needs to be saved

-it lasts almost all day but they finish in time for dinner!!!

-after dinner everyone starts heading out

-jonathan takes will home because joyce still doesn’t want him biking or walking home alone at night

- hopper comes to pick up el but makes sure to say hi to everyone and gives them hugs

-steve gives dustin, lucas and possibly max rides home

-and mike and nancy see everyone off, staying out on their driveway until everyone is out of site and then going inside because there’s school the next day

-yeah that’s it i’m just soft and want them to be happy with normal lives at least a little bit