and a lot of time to kill

When Selznick’s 10-year-old daughter learned of the verdict, she seemed overwhelmed. She said she could no longer remember Mr. Phil’s face. Selznick’s 16-year-old son, who also knew Castile, almost put a hole through the wall in anger.

“They’re right at the age where they believe there will be social justice,” Selznick said. “That’s a lie.”

Zuki Ellis’ son, entering fourth grade, isn’t likely to forget about Castile’s death any time soon. Ellis is black. She’s never tried to conceal from her son the realities of racism or police brutality. But this was the first time anything had happened to someone so close.

“He has the same question a lot of us have: How does something so awful happen and no one is accountable for that?” Ellis said. “How do you kill Mr. Phil and nothing happens?”

Some Thoughts on 7x19

- I already believed Mona killed Charlotte since the time jump started, so I’m glad I’m right lol. A lot of people are disappointed, because it was “predictable”, but I think rather than predictable, it makes sense. I loved how it was revealed, how the scene played out, and how the actors pulled it off. I HAD CHILLS.

- Maybe Charlotte’s death parallels Bethany. Mona accidentally hit Bethany, then Melissa buried Bethany. Mona accidentally killed Charlotte but we didn’t see Mona push her off the church. Maybe Melissa did.

- Maybe Melissa saw Mona killing Charlotte. Maybe AD knew Melissa was at the church that night, which is why AD was pressuring her to give the killer’s name.

- I think this confirms that Charlotte’s story in the Big A reveal was bogus? Or some of it, at least. I’m glad! THIS is the real A I was looking for. She was so cruel and horrible. I LOVE IT. Can’t wait for the real story.

- Something that caught my ears: She said to Mona something like, “This is MY story now. I took it from you.” Could someone be pulling the strings? Writing the story for them? EZRA MAYBE???

- Speaking of Ezra… Right after AD creates a gap between the girls and Aria then gives Aria a free pass out of Archer’s murder, Ezra tells her that hey nothing links Aria to the murder, she can ditch her friends and skip town with him! Maybe he was testing her loyalties and she passed!

- And the fact that he knew about the unfiled report just when AD was blackmailing Aria about it????? How convenient????

- The game ended when Mona confessed. Why and how did AD know Mona confessed? Unless AD was one of the people in the room (the girls, Caleb, and Ezra) or the game had some camera installed in it IDK.

- Spencer/Twincer AD clue? When Hanna and Caleb got to the diner, Spencer/Twincer arrived. Did they call her? Or did she go there to meet Mona? I bet she was the one who left the ‘LEAVE NOW’ note.

- They went out of their way to mention that Toby couldn’t be reached. So the boy comes back just to fuck Spencer and then fucks off again. Lmao you go Toby.

- I didn’t really care for the flashforward scene but since when did Alison use the name EMMA THORWALD??

- When the Kissing Rock video played, I thought, what if AD had the copies of the NAT videos and that was a clue.

- Can’t believe AD just rides off into the sunset after doing all those things just to find out who killed Charlotte. OH AND I know the end song was super corny but maybe it’s a clue to something?

- Must be hard for Alison to find out who killed her mother AND sister all in one day.

- Honestly don’t know what to think about Mary anymore. What she did for Spencer was really heartbreaking BUT THEN I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE’S UP TO, because at one point she was helping Archer to scare Alison and then I think it was also said that she works for AD, so??????

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Hi!! So, I read a few of the series in cosmere, and could you explain somethings? Who are the world hoppers, how do the different books relate (different worlds?)? ... There was something else I wanted to ask too, but I can't remember... Thanks!


Sure no prob. Okay, at the risk of being spoilery, here’s a basic rundown of what’s going on (and what went on in the far yonder days of cosmere history):

A very very very long time ago, there was galaxy with a god. That god was called Adonalsium. Something happened, and all the power held by adonalsium was splintered into different pieces, so-called Shards of power. Each of these Shards represented a different aspect of absolute power, and each latched onto one of the people that killed Adonalsium, granting them the power of their respective Shard. Small side effect: that power warped their personalities. A lot. (”Ati was a kind man, once”). You know some of these shards: Ruin, Preservation, Odium, Cultivation, etc… these Shards–newly created mini gods who used to be humanish and who still live in a shared galaxy– decided that they wanted to play at being Full God ™ and so created planets and civilzations and magic systems and species of human of their own. Sometimes they did it on their own. More commonly, two would team up: see Ruin and Preservation creating Scadrial (fun fact which you may or may not know: Ruin and Preservation used to be bffs before their Shards warped their personalities. It’s really sad. I’m still not over it.)

So there’s your Quick History of the Cosmere. Now to the more topical stuff: what’s going on now, roughly?

Well, one major Shard is being a total asshole. (Odium). He’s killing other Shards to get their power and become the new Adonalsium, as far as we can tell.

A brief list of people whom we know and like who are in immediate danger because of this, maybe because they hold two powerful Shards:


(If you haven’t already, read Mistborn Era 2).

Aaaaaaand lo and behold, Sazed’s homeworld is being attacked by some kind of??? Evil lens flare? Maybe just something that’s moving really fast towards them and is red because of the Doppler Effect (thats not it im making things up. something big and red and evil).

We don’t know much about this Evil Red Thing.

Another thing that’s going on is worldhoppers, which you asked about so here’s a list of the worldhoppers I can think of off the top of my head:

-Hoid. Older than the Shards, from a  planet called Yolen. Knows more about the history of the Cosmere than pretty much anyone. Can jump foreward in time but not back. Shows up in almost all books.

-Khriss. From the graphic novel White Sand, also shows up in Mistborn Era 2 and Mistborn: Secret History. Knows more about the science of the cosmere than anyone. (The science of the cosmere is a whole other kettle off fish which I can not explain very well. In order to understand it better, read Secret History and Emperor’s Soul if you haven’t already). Is buddies with a dude named Nazr (Nazhr?) Basically just travels around the cosmere carrying out scientific experiments. Will probably be best friends with Jasnah at some point.

-Vasher/Zahel. First introduced in Warbreaker, shows up in Stormlight Archive. A Returned of Nalthis, which is a pretty intriguing concept in terms of wider iimplications that I am not going to get into here. I literally… have no clue what Vasher is doing.

-Demoux, for some reason. Probably Kelsier’s fault tbh.

-Some grumpy dude from Elantris. Idk, i still haven’t read elantris.

There are two major worldhopping groups:

-17th Shard. i have no clue whatsoever who they are or what they are doing aside from hunting for hoid maybe???

-the Ghostbloods.  Shallan has currently accidentally joined them. I also don’t know what they want but I’m pretty sure the masked lady is from Southern Scadrial so…they’re legit.

People who are probably worldhoppers but whom we haven’t actually seen on another world yet:

-Jasnah. She was doing something during Words of Radiance. And she has all the know-how.

-Kelsier, because he’s run out of gods to punch on Scadrial and so needs to venture into new waters. There are more complex reasons that that but that’s what I’m going with.

-Vivenna, because Word of Brandon says she’s going to show up in Stormlight #3. Also she’s hanging out with Vasher and Nightblood so…

-Probably Shallan cause, you know, she accidentally joined the Ghostbloods.

Ok thats all the major stuff i can think of now. Feel free to shoot me more questions!

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wedgeluke obvi hehe

this was also asked by @bottomkirk and @captnsunshine jhyguh my followers know what i like i see!!

  • proposes - honestly this could be either one of them i have no preference here?? I just don’t know, I feel like it could go both ways so i have no answer for this
  • shops for groceries - they do it together! I feel like Wedge is probably better with money, though. I think Luke would be the one to write the shopping list and actually get most of the stuff because i think he’s the one who cooks most of the time (im still thinking about that story where they get an apartment and a dog tbh thats where i got my hc for their cooking abilities and its the cutest thing ive ever read in my entire life honestly). They probably joke around a lot while going shopping, so even something so boring ends up being fun and they never really wanna go alone because it’s just a nice thing they do together lmao
  • kills the spiders -I don’t think either of them would ask the other to come kill a spider for them tbh. I think both of them get rid of it themselves, but Luke is more likely to put it outside, while Wedge would probably kill it. 
  • comes home drunk at 3am - TRICK QUESTION ITS BOTH because they went out together and wedge definitely did karaoke (it was come on eileen and it was amazing)
  • remembers to feed the fish - Wedge. Luke was probably the one who wanted to get fish in the first place. Wedge was like “I’m not saying it’s a bad idea but are you gonna remember to feed them tho”, and luke said “oh yeah definitely 100% i will” but then he forgot after the first week so Wedge keeps having to remind him or do it himself
  • initiates duets - Luke if theyre sober, definitely Wedge if they’re drunk! He has like one drink and then suddenly its karaoke time and this happens a lot
  • falls asleep first - Luke. First of all, he’s just really good at napping and falling asleep fast so he can get some rest in between all the shit he has to do all the time (which is a lot), so he can usually fall asleep pretty fast after going to bed. Second of all (here comes the sad stuff sorry), i feel like his trauma sleeping issues are probably more about not being able to actually stay asleep for longer periods of time because he has nightmares. I think Wedge would have a harder time falling asleep, so he’s often up late. I can also see him being the type of person to stay up late to finish up work or something. 
  • plans spontaneous trips - Luke, but I think Wedge would be a better planner tbh (probably because he’d actually plan it instead of being like “hey what if we just went somewhere now”)
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - LUKE (Wedge would be like what the actual fuck, but he’d still probably do it because he’s the actual best)
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - Also probably Luke (Wedge opens them at work and is like hOLY SHIT because somehow he never learns. He doesnt mind luke sending that type of stuff but…. nsfw is called nsfw for a reason)
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - Wedge
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - Luke!!
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - wedge (but luke is also extremely likely to do ridiculous shit. Also more likely to unironically blow kisses)
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) -  I have no idea honestly, like it could go both ways here too. I don’t really think either of them murder people a lot (most of the killing they do is in battle so hiding the body or the crime isnt really an issue lmao), but if it happened i think it’d probably be like “hey i need ur help with a body” “okay where do we meet” no matter who did the killing, like ride or die bitch lmao they’ve got each others backs 
  • wears the least clothing around the house - Luke. He’s a big fan of stealing Wedge’s t shirts and wearing them and underwear around the house. Wedge should probably wear less clothes because everything he owns that isnt plain t shirts or sweaters is… hideous (and luke steals half of his decent clothes on a regular basis)
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - i think they both do this. But I feel like Luke is more likely to actually have a reason, while Wedge is less sentimental and affectionate (compared to luke) when there’s an actual reason, but then like a day later when theyre just chilling he’ll just be like “holy shit im so lucky to have u in my life??”. I think Luke is better at using words for those kinds of things though, so he’s more likely to say “I love you” a lot while Wedge is just… a disaster when he tries to be romantic with words

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Quite a sad ask here but how would the Espada react to their s/o telling them about the horrors of the human world and how a lot of the time humans can be just as cruel and dangerous as hollows to their fellow humans despite still having their hearts and humanity left in them and their s/o felt real despair and emptiness in their own world but they have actually found happiness in Hueco Mundo? (Mostly down to the Espada they are with)

(๑´•д • `๑)


-He’s always thought of humans as kind, and it just doesn’t make sense that you could say so strongly otherwise. Humans don’t eat each other on a regular basis, and most of them have more complex relationships than killing each other, so he’d say your kind is still far ahead. 


-She understands very well how violence and cruelty seem to be a part of nature, and agrees with you than humans can be horrid. However, she’s never known them to reach the same level of animalistic brutality as Hollows, and your species is yours for a very good reason. 


-Humans are foolish, weak creatures that he’s honestly surprised have lived as long as they have. They’re ruled by emotion, and have no sense of true logic. Perhaps they may be cruel, but humans will always be weak, and why you’ve found happiness among his kind, he has no idea. 


-He really doesn’t see why he could ever be any better than a fellow human, especially because he’s the superlative of everything you described. Hollows are everything you hated and then some, and you should figure that out before the ignorance comes back to bite you. 


-He may not know a whole lot about what humans are like, but it’s hard to believe that your squishy species could be anywhere near as dangerous or cruel as Hollows. It’s good that you’ve found somewhere to be happy, but you may not be quite correct on how bad your kind really is. 


-From what he knows about your species, Hollows really are worse. Yes, your kind is every bit as capable of cruelty, but humans have a sense of morals and sympathy that no Hollow has ever needed. Really, you humans are absolutely ruled by those foolish emotions that make things like despair even matter. 


-From all the memories he’s absorbed, he can confirm that Hollows are much, much worse. Yes, your kind can be cruel, but actually having a heart left does a lot to make them more kind. If you want to think of here as better, he won’t stop you, but you’re far from correct in that thinking. 

Elliot was really Wren in a mask (Wren/Melissa team theory)

I’ve never written a theory post before but I’m starting to rewatch episodes of 7A and the very first episode of that season got me thinking a lot.

Marlene King just came out in an interview saying that there will be very realistic masks used in the finale. I started to think about how we saw these masks in 7A with the Wilden mask used to make Ali go crazy and how Elliot/Archer used this to his advantage. So hear me out. What if Wren actually was wearing this Elliot mask? And the girls actually killed the real Archer. The one whose identity was essentially stolen by Wren. In 7x01, Toby is going through stuff of Mary’s and sees that she had visited Heathrow around the time of Charlotte’s death. Okay, so who is the only character we know that is from England? Not to mention, Caleb and Mona are staking out Mary Drake and overhear her speaking with someone with a British accent. We are supposed to think this is Elliot, but what if it’s really Wren? Most actors would disguise a British accent or any other accent if it wasn’t relevant to the plot but this is clearly VERY relevant. Wren has the means to do all of this. He has the money. He has the medical knowledge. Elliot seemed quite knowledgeable enough to sedate Alison in the hospital and to be in control of her medication. Wren would have the access to those things too. Now who is the real mastermind behind this? Melissa, obviously. Melissa has more motive than Wren. Melissa has always been jealous of Spencer and has always hated Alison. Finding out that Spencer is actually related to Alison just makes the torment even more “justified.” Melissa utilizes Wren to gain access to things like medical records and Radley. I have always thought it would make sense for A.D. to be both a man and a woman since often times it appears to be a feminine figure and other times, a bit more masculine. Given Elliot/Wren’s access to the hospital, this would also probably mean that Wren is Emison’s baby daddy. I would also presume that Wren might have a personal interest in things with having been at Radley and knowing Mona (where he may have gotten the idea to steal the game) and Charlotte was also there as well as Spencer. All roads lead back to Radley. I also think all roads lead back to the House of Hastings and the Dilaurentis family. Also, I cannot remember what the episode was in season 1 but Wren referred to Spencer’s house as “the house of Hastings.” Does this sounds familiar to you? Good, because it’s written right smack on the gameboard. Mary Drake in 7x01 then goes on to say that Melissa and Spencer look like twins. And Spencer says people thought that when they were younger. I don’t know the relevance of this statement but this has to have a deeper meaning. As much as I want to believe in a Twincer, I don’t know if they’ll go the twin route again. However, it does make me think about Bethany. What is her connection here? What is her age? I’m asking because I genuinely have no idea. But if Charles and her were friends, they would be about the same age. Meaning that Bethany and Cece would be the same age. That makes me wonder if Melissa really did kill Bethany or is Melissa actually Bethany? That would also give some more meaning or context to the puzzle pieces on the board game. It’s a double meaning. 1. Melissa is actually Black Widow, maybe? 2. It’s hers/Bethany’s drawing. Or it’s a drawing of Elliot’s face sort of as a clue that they killed the wrong guy. They killed the stolen identity of Archer and the Archer who tormented Ali was really Wren in a mask. I would go as far back as to say Wren could still be board shorts and have some type of history with Ali to then manipulate her into marrying him without her even knowing. Ali mentions that she went to the bar Snookers where apparently the voice of Elliot is coming from back when she was seeing Ezra. So maybe Wren knew Ezra through Ali? This would also explain that bizarre airplane scene. That Spencer may have been Melissa wearing a mask to speak to Wren so as not to reveal her identity. It was extremely weird in the way she spoke to Ezra and the way Ezra interacted with Wren. There’s more to the story.

I have no idea if anything I just wrote makes sense because I can’t even follow this show. I’ve never written a theory so if anything I wrote makes zero sense, let me know! I’m going to keep adding to this but this is stuff I got just from 7x01! I’m going to continue to rewatch season 7 for clues.

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So want your generalized opinion for books/movies/shows. I'm really tired that when a lot of characters finally *get together* the first time they do they cheat on their current partner. It just kills it for me, like I wanted them to get together but not like this, and now that they did it ruins it for me. What are your thoughts on this? Also, do you think that cheating is too normalized in current entertainment?

Cheating is way too normalized these days, and because cheating is so normalized, there’s side hoe culture and check your s.o’s phone culture and general violation of privacy culture and its so disgusting

I knew a couple back in school who fought literally twice over the pettiest shit EVERY DAY like new day new drama was normal for them. But they still talked about getting married and getting into the same college and blah blah and I was like b r u h where da loyalty @  

I definitely hate any story line of 2 characters who are going to get together that involve them currently being in a relationship. It’s gross and the whole “i left my bf/gf for you bc ilysm” is so gross because GURL what if someone shows up that’s better than you? He’s gonna leave you for her!! Which is also why I never understand the “I’m gonna steal your boyfriend” insult either like if he’s my bf then you wouldn’t be able to steal him in the first place!! Unless he’s a shitty person who cheats on me bc lmao girl u can have him and he’s probs gonna cheat on you too :P

Scratch love from the equation altogether, if you RESPECTED your S.O as a person then you wouldn’t cheat on them. You would end the relationship through any means but you wouldn’t CHEAT on them.

It all stems from misogyny generally I believe. Holding the girl accountable even when it’s the guy’s fault, like that screenshot that went around of sending your guy friends a beauty blender and one guy answered correctly and when the girl asked how he said that I took an interest in my gf’s things, you wouldn’t know bc your boyfriends cheat on you. And that was somehow seen as this super amazing slay you-need-cold-water-for-that-burn but yo the guys cheated on her??? How is it her fault that the guys cheated?? Unless the ss implies that she was so undesirable that the guys had no excuse BUT to cheat on her. Which doesn’t make sense tbh because you can always end a relationship and not cheat? Idk man my head hurts.

If a guy/girl has cheated on anyone, they are immediately unreliable. Because what guarantee do you have that they won’t do it again? Instead of dragging the relationship out and being paranoid, just do yourself a favour and end it.

//here is me doing another rambly ramble about pets staring my guinea pigs and a lot of random crap in my house. This was number 11 and was requested by @2pcanadas-googlehistory and kind of got long but oh well XD so it’s a good thing I copied this text because it just completely failed to post it. Tumblr ate the video. Goddammit Tumblr. THIS IS TAKE THREE AHHHHHHHHHHH actually this is now the umpteenth time because I got so annoyed I started spamming the upload but none of them worked. Kill me. IT FINALLY FUCKING WORKED

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um, hun, people with internalized homophobia and are actively condemning people I will not support if they refuse help. You should be proud and be lgbt.

 WHERE did i say anything about internalized homophobia in there, where did u get that from hun

 internalized homophobia =/= having a different opinion… you can be a proud gay but not have opinions conforming to tumblr’s ideology.

 I’m not talking about “im gay and i think gay marriage should be illegal again and we should prosecute them”- im talking about “maybe we shouldnt say ‘kill all straight people’ if we want allies” or “let’s not say bi people arent valid just bc they’ve only been in gay or straight relationships” or even “i dont headcannon this character as gay, i headcannon them as bi/pan/ace” etc, something along those lines. like, really minor stuff most of the time

 a lot of the times ppl will have even a *slightly* different opinion than the ideology tumblr has and they’ve gotten told they’re not really gay, they’re a “wannabe straight”, and gotten called slurs by ppl of their own community. one time i said to someone who was being an aphobe “hey maybe you should stop being a jerk to them” (mind you, quite politely actually) and got told i was “actually straight” and “faking it because being gay is just better”. people who are gay but have different opinions actually get exposed to REAL LIFE gay erasure bc of having even a LITTLE different opinion than what tumblr says is ok.

small summer self-care tips from one mentally ill person to another, based on ur hogwarts house


  • more books if you can, video games that are happy if you can’t.
  • find one project you love and chase it doggedly, even if it’s fanfiction. ideally, work on this project w/other friends that are working on projects, so u have accountability and community. 
  • set small goals and crush them, even if they’re managing to get rid of the Depression Water that’s been sitting on the side of your bed for three weeks with a dead moth in it
  • snack breaks 
  • whenever you hear yourself call yourself bad names, whisper “shut up, salasar,” and fix it. call yourself the most ridiculously pretentious and complementary titles you can think of
  • every time ur brain tries to kill you, tell it you will succeed out of spite
  • acrylic nails, regardless of your gender. sometimes they are 50 cents at the drug store. click click click


  • don’t get caught up in the wildness of summer, try to take a few steps back from friends when stuff starts getting dangerous. write down “we are about to do X” and decide if it’s something your mom would be okay with.
  • blanket cape + make urself a paper crown
  • for every liquor drink please drink 1 glass water. friendship hydration challenges are also a lot of fun, but as a warning, i will win them
  • roller coasters will make u feel awake for a bit and that’s fun but friendships shouldn’t make u feel like you’re trapped on one
  • courage is your crest. remind yourself of that when ur facing your demons. also, dye your hair a fun color.
  • you’re not too much for someone to handle just because you’re energetic or whatever. this summer relish in not toning it down. take your meds with water and bite anyone who makes fun of you for them.
  • give urself time to recharge. know your limits. sometimes courage is also saying “no thanks”


  • the sun isn’t out all the time. you don’t have to always be the cheery one. if you fall, your friends will catch you. keep yourself around your loved ones. they’ll forgive you, even if you’ve been gone.
  • cooking and baking for other people is actually so much fun, try and eat a little while you get it done
  • watch children’s movies and shows. it’s okay. take a little while and let yourself feel like you’re seven and the world isn’t as loud as it is.
  • dark scary makeup and instagram photos
  • be patient with yourself. okay you’re not getting better right now but that’s okay. the slope is very slippery. it’s a long climb to the top, but you got badger claws. start with washing your hair. you’ll get there.
  • when they are only hurting you, they do not deserve your loyalty. it hurts to say goodbye, but it will be better when they leave.
  • hard work does include dragging yourself into the shower after six days without it, good job, you


  • find something to be curious in every day, keep that mind working. it helps to slowly teach yourself something, even the anatomy of a bird wing.
  • you aren’t bad if you can’t focus. neither can i and i’ve been a ravenclaw all my life. 
  • it isn’t about being “smart” and you don’t need to fit some neurotypical version of that to be clever; wit comes in all forms and if you chase something unconventional at least you’re chasing something
  • tuna and rice is a good meal with a low price and v low production abilities. turn on TedED while it’s cooking and zone out to something vaguely educational. at least you’re learning?
  • you aren’t and you’ll never be only good at things because of your disease. if someone says you paint beautifully because you’re sad, paint them eating their words. also, peaceful coloring.
  • bird mouth from pringles chips. caw caw
  • go outside. catch breeze, draw leaves, eat fruit, discover small happy.


uhh…. thing I did a little bit ago because of my appreciation for my friendo @ Blackggggum as they are super inspiring (and ridiculous)

So I did some reffing and design based on their beautiful pictures, I would probably change a lot now looking at it, but it was the first time ever doing anything vehicle/machine related ;;;;;;;
(S!P: Hummer / S!S: QUADRO4 (4 wheel moped?)

It was really fun and different though!!  (´ヮ`)  ♡

Hannibal: A dark twisted love story about a serial killer and a criminal profiler. Features manipulation, gore, and emotional trauma.

Hannibal fandom: loveable and crazy. everyone ships hannigram. jokes about cannibalism. 

Killing Stalking: A dark horror story where a one-sided love goes wrong between a stalker and a serial killer.

KS fandom: antis everywhere. shaming posts. jokes are few and far between

The types and what I think of them based on what I've seen from my friends(and probably a little insulting)

~as an INTJ

- quiet
- can make a bitch face that makes you cry
- probably thinks u stupid
- says that MBTI is shit
- fashionista
- has an ENFP friend(“ENFP no!”)
- savage
- that friend who has ultra weird ideas when drunk
- probably most adorable smile on earth
- smart
- most of the time just rising eyebrows and blinking

- bossy af
- prima ballerina
- she is beauty she is grace
- she will punch you in da face
- always in warm socks
- also an actress
- knows how to build things
- basically good at everything
- will shout at you if you do something wrong
- probably slept with almost all male friends

- a n n o y i n g AF
- never shuts up
- meme queen
- so loud
- not funny jokes
- make up queen
- at least smart
- thinks she’s better than you(and maybe she is)
- if you take a sip from her mug u die
- has an ENFP slave
- kinda selfish
- another fashionista
- if she laughs the whole room laughs with her
- soooo much self confidence wow

- garbage lord
- writer buddy
- has ton of OC’s AND GAY SHIPS
- cannot into decisions
- junky food
- understands(really)
- don’t like loud people
- constant lala land
- savage without even noticing
- 4w5
- has 8 minute long video of herself eating french fries on her phone
- impressive self control
- cute laugh
- cute
- the best person to rant with

- can’t stay in one place for a minute
- suddenly disappears in a middle of a party
- daydreaming a lot
- cheerful
- likes to drink A LOT
- too many friends
- nice for everyone ugh
- that laugh which sounds like a puppy riding a pink bicycle in a tuxedo
- can bring ENTP back to earth

- mom friend
- has too many friends HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE
- gonna steal your friends without even noticing
- likes fancy drinks and kitschy things
- obsessed with doggos
- sudden outbursts of anger
- hypochondriac
- really anxious when driving
- doesn’t understand a concept of a personal space

- another bitch face
- can rise one eyebrow HOW U DO DIS?????
- doesn’t understand memes
- smart
- lack of self confidence
- secretly hates u
- wears comfy clothes but looks so good
- has a lot of savings but hardly ever uses them
- they knows better ok? don’t even try to tell them that they are wrong
- don’t particularly like pets
- perfect teeth
- so so so smart once again
- sometimes are rather calm but sometimes… don’t ask

- that kid who asks too many questions during your presentation
- constant bitch face
- hot
- stingy
- falls asleep during parties
- a rant person
- bossy
- hard working
- teachers like her

- has a lot of friends
- drinks a lot
- hard-working
- daddy’s little princess/mama’s boy
- assertive
- smoking a lot
- tells everyone what to do

- white Kanye West
- would kill u if u did something with his shoes
- likes weird electronic genres of music I can’t even name
- on 9gag all the time
- knows all memes
- League of Legends pro player
- can make funny faces
- looks like he was angry
- black humor(especially likes jokes about Jews)
- awkward silence gains a whole new meaning

- the whitest person I know
- “what do u meat it was sexist?? it was funny!!!!”
- only wears yellow pants
- likes PE teacher probably a little too much
- can’t find a girlfriend
- will massage your feet if u don’t watch them properly
- has stupid ideas
- likes basically every person
- drinks wine at parties even though he says that true man should drink only vodka
- don’t know when someone is mean to him

- loud
- hey lets go to the another city and get drunk!!! because why not
- class clown
- talks about her life too much like seriously
- and also about various secretions of her body
- probably gonna end up in jail
- smart and stupid at the same time
- lazy
- has problems with concentration
- talkative
- has problems with self-esteem which she covers acting out like a douche

Don’t take this personally lol

red vs blue as a long-running tabletop RPG started by on-duty soldiers looking for a way to kill time:

  • they all use their actual names b/c no one gives a shit at first
  • GM’d at first by Vic(k), who literally makes everything up as he goes along and just wants to mess with the guys.  (blood gulch chronicles)
  • then later by Allison, who is maybe still salty that Vic(k) killed off her character and wants to get into some Meaty Backstory and Actual Plot.  (recollection trilogy)
    • wash’s player (David??) is an old buddy of hers who takes the game a lot more seriously and gets real frustrated at first with everyone else’s lackadaisical playstyle
    • “why are you using a sniper rifle you don’t have a proficiency in that, get a better gun
    • “for the last time I’m not gonna get rid of the fucking sniper rifle, shut up”
    • “and you keep rolling all these critical fails, so what’s the–”
    • “SHUT UP”
  • the freelancers are either an entirely different party she DMs on alternate weeks or just…pieces of lore the reds and blues unlock as they go, idk.
    • and/or Carolina’s player just has a SUPER intricate backstory which she worked on real hard to tie it into the existing Freelancer Lore
  • idk who’s in charge during the Chorus trilogy…tempted to say Felix(/Isaac irl, prolly) takes over with the mercs as his NPC villains and just has a ball fucking with everyone.
    • by now everyone’s really into it and making a bunch of complicated plans, using their surroundings like total pros, etc.
  • if I knew more about the intricacies of tabletop stuff I’d throw more scenarios out there but I don’t trust myself to get it right.  I love it though. ;v;

ALSO when Ed and Oswald were talking about Oswald loving Ed and all that in the cells Ed kept saying he DIDN’T love Oswald, not that he DOESN’T. Those are two very different tenses, so…!