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Hello sweety, I really love ur account, I start to be a believer in kaisoo this year, I am late I know, but I have a request I was looking for some jelousy moments bc these r my favorate moments ever any way all I could find is nini jelouse over soo and there is a lot of it but only 2 or 3 jelouse soo over nini :(((( can u do a long post about jelouse soo :) thanks 😘

Hi~ Seems like a lot of ppl wanna see some jelly ksoo moments~ 

Here are some that I could find ^o^ (there’s not a lot tho)

You could literally see his face fall..

Aw soo..

Lol it was quite funny tho, cuz even k e y noticed it

So he teased soo for it xD and soo tried to deny it but nah, he was being too obvious xD

When some old friend of nini called, and soo was acting weird xD the other members were being really cheerful and interacted with the girl, but soo was like >_>

This one might be looking too into it, cuz they were all pretty tired that day, but there was just smth about this that made my heart hurt a little..

When soo went and “stole” nini from taetae lol

Funny thing is that taetae quietly slipped away xD

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Hey rhiannon do you have any advice on how to write a good kissing scene?

i mean, i don’t know why you chose me to answer this dear anon… but i shall try my best:


  • “their tongues battled for dominance” (what are we?? 7??)
  • idk abt you, but i don’t know a lot of ppl who moan when kissing…. like mayb it is a thing, but also mayb leave the moaning for when they’re getting rlly frisky
  • focus just on tongues
  • explore their mouths……. we aren’t nicholas cage looking for treasure k? keep mouth exploring to the minimum NO MOUTH EXPLORING
  • just focus on the mouths and the faces and stuff (kissing involves other things)
  • don’t be Too Complex…. like suddenly their head is turning which way.. and their arm is Where? and they…… is this anatomically impossible? make sure stuff is logical, in sequence and Natural


  • talking!! lil broken up bits of conversation, kind of like “where do you wanna go?” *kiss kiss* “bed?” “bed.” *kiss kiss* idk, that’s just an example, but it’s difficult to keep people interested if it’s just a description of the character’s tongues
  • laughing!! omg there’s so much laughing and giggling involved… mayb this depends if your characters have just met or if they’ve been together a long time, but lil moments of actual Connection = gd
  • awkwardness and fumbling… “oops was that a boob grope, sorry, are we at this level yet???” again, depends on what stage of relationship we are talking here but, do they know each other? which way they lean? how much tongue they like? etc. it’s all part of figuring it out
  • the lips!! lips r Important. biting on them, if they have dry lips or soft lips, tugging on them, accidentally biting them, lips moving instead of tongues, idk but lips = Important in kissing. don’t forget abt them
  • have a little build up… like the reader needs to Want them to kiss….. it’s like a will they/won’t they situation, except they Know they will and they Want it 
  • KISSING INVOLVES OTHER THINGS: hands??? where are they?? face cupping = not always a good choice (in my personal kissing experience). are they touching the butt?? (insert age appropriate nemo meme) are they groping each other?? are they groping each other with Experience?? where is this headed?? is it a peck on the lips, but they want more? a brush of the corner of the mouth? full on Heated Make Out Sesh straight out of Angus Thongs?? remember kissing isn’t just ppls’ mouths touching.. everything touches! kissing the neck? the forehead? the cheek? thighs? go wild, but don’t forget about the rest of the body attached to the mouth :):
  • w/ me it’s usually not just abt kissing…. like, does this mean that they’re going out now? they’re having a one night stand? they’re trying new things? they’re used to just being friends? idk, but be inside the character’s head too! not just the kissing but the Feelings and Emotions the kissing leads to
  • draw on your own experience! kissed some people? watched some films? seen that one couple at school who like to make out during lunch? cringed at that couple who just met each other off the train at the station and are now trying to procreate against that pillar? (fic kissing is a bit like fanon….) whether you’ve kissed someone or just seen it, draw on that experience for movement/feeling/surroundings/naturalness etc.
  • does their breath smell? do their teeth knock (usually only when v Heated, and even then not often)? do they Hate lip tugging and the other person does it? do they have braces? have they kissed anyone before? just think about ur character and the setting for a bit, and try to let it come across in the kissing.. i.e a shy character might be nervous abt kissing someone for the first time etc. etc. 
  • have fun with it! <3
Dating Haechan would include

Originally posted by nakamotens


- Can you pretty please write what dating Haechan would include? Thank you so much haha,i really like your blog and all the admins💞💖💕 all the love xx

-Can i have what jealous Haechan would be like? You know like he is my bf and gets jealous ,what would make him jealous,what he would do then ,how would he act,talk…. is he a jealous type etc etc , love you💕

A/N: this is the first time i’m doing this for nct so i hope this is good enough and i hope u guys enjoy it~

  • k so let’s start shall we
  • i’m putting this under a read more bcs
  • it’s gonna be
  • a long ass ride

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Here is my take on how Tinashe whipped our k dudes (plz tell me if u agree or nah) okay here it is 1. She can dance/sing. a lot of idols are talented so it would make sense for them to like other talented ppl 2. She is young. A lot of idols love Bey, and Rih, and Nicki, but they are all atleast 7-8+ years older, whereas Tinashe is literally right around their age group 3. She is black 4. She got a good body, she aint no bey but she got a rack duh...but honestly i need to know her secret

lol I agree! except for the age thing, most these celebrities be dating people much older than that, they like noonas ☕️

KD k-fandom is having their annual gathering now (this year it’s called KADI-ONE). They share lots of cute fanart (in the form of photocards)… I’m so jelly rn.

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Hello, I've been thinking about this whole ship wars going on in the SG fandom for a while, and I know you made a list of respectful Supercorp/Katie fans, but I think we should do something positive/make more noise than the few ppl who aren't as respectful, spend their time trolling others and are really vocal/popular. I don't post regularly, but I do visit the Supercorp tag everyday and sometimes I feel embarrassed of being part of this fandom. (1/3)

I know every fandom has ppl with no boundaries, but I’ve seen too many posts during our short existence of people calling Supercorp the worst/most toxic fandom since s*perwholock… I don’t care if that’s true or not, but I want us to do something to change that. I don’t like K*ramel, bc esp the beginning of that relationship triggered me a lot, but I don’t think it’s ok to send hate to anyone (even if some of us receive it too), but I don’t give a damn about that ship at this point (2/3)

bc Supercorp friendship is awesome and I just wanna enjoy my ship in peace, without getting anxious. So, do you (or your followers) have some suggestions about what can we do to fill the fandom with more positivity? Like some special weeks or something? (3/3)

Hello love, first I would like to thank you for coming to me to share your thoughts. You are one of quite a few that I know feel this way and I have also expressed my feelings in the past for how I would like people to recognize the good side of our fandom.

It is unfortunate that we do have a bad reputation due to the behavior of certain blogs. It is even more unfortunate that they are persistent and seem to have no intention of stopping regardless of who they hurt or offend. Of course we know that Supercorp shippers are not solely responsible for the practices in question nor is our side of the fandom completely victimless.

I do agree that we can do better. The positive side of our fandom is full of so many wonderful, kind and beautifully talented people. Some are vocal about their likes and dislikes, some are happy just being in their niche and contributing their work, and of course there are those that are quiet and are perfectly happy just enjoying the show and reblogging all the content.

SO! After reading your thoughts, I threw some ideas around with my fellow Light Side™ leaders @kara-danvers-lena-luthor and @supercorptrashed

Yesterday, we all encouraged our followers to message us with one positive thing that happened to them this week. It turned out very well with several people reaching out all day to celebrate something that made them happy. We would like to do that same exact thing, but with the show. Next week, we will be encouraging our followers to spread some positivity about the show that has brought us all together. Because let’s face it, there would be no Supercorp without Supergirl. We are planning on doing various things like this during the hiatus to keep positive contribution and open, interactive forums for all of us.

That’s just a general example of what we have been thinking and I would love to see some ideas that anyone else may have. So if you share this sentiment and have some ideas of your own, feel free to comment or reblog. I think it could be very good for the fandom. 


Post your last selfie along with 10 FACTS about yourself. 💕💕

i was tagged by!!! @kageyama-tobiyo some furry friend

i tag: @glaspaladin @kcgane @ackersmith @kingkoganes @pureren @taovol @zaevran @twomillionfreckles @commodorecliche @quiiiznak @myfirstlovestory @uhhuhlistenboy @wishingsebastianstanwasmyman @captainkaltar feel free to ignore <3

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hey do you know any yoonkook shippers with good blogs except you

hmmm um @jeonbase @suga-pls @sleepyoonkooks @yoongook @sugashark@confidenceatitsfinest @yourpinkpill @yumebaah @sugaspun @roseymyg

i just went through who i follow and who mostly post bts and yoonkook but they’ll post other ships too if that’s ok. i tried to keep it to blogs who just post bts or like 95% bts bc i don’t know if you want other groups on your dash as well  

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not rlly discourse related but; i never want to see another cis lgbt+ person claim they don't have the same privilege as straight cis ppl bc i got harrassed on twitter tonight by a cis lesbian bc im nb. there's a lot more to it but it involved invasive remarks about my genitals and then denial that it was sexual harassment (which it is in my country) and use of the t slur towards friends of mine. there was also suicide baiting by others involved (who i believe was cis and het). sorry for venting

Cis LGB+ people don’t have access to Straight privilege like Straight people do, but they undoubtedly both have cis privilege and need to recognize that

–Mod Mercy

K I haven’t even played the dream daddy game (and I don’t think I’ll be able too anytime soon bc if my parents found it I’d be beat :)), but UHHH the lead person working on the game is bi, there’s a ton of other LGBT ppl who worked on the game, the game doesn’t make racist, transphobic or homophobic jokes… buying the game doesn’t even give gg money, they were just paid for voicing thirty seconds in the game and they funded it for the Good Representation TM. Like I understand disliking the game, but honestly it’s so much more preferable over all the other yaoi shit or whatever so.

Maayybe just key down on smashing this game specifically. It’s hurting the young LGBT game developers and artists who worked on it, and hurts the chances of other positive LGBT games coming out in the future. Idc about gg, shit on them however much u want, they’re bad ppl. But like uh, maybe keep ddadds discourse more. Undercover? The LGBT community in gaming doesn’t rlly need this backlash ON TOP of being smothered by the Hets.

Dont rb this

No Fernandes this week, maybe next week too, even the next next week, neither the next next next very next week we could see his face again. So you may have glasses Jellal bless you I pray ~

Received a lot of notifications like/reblog from ppl thank you so much! It seems everyone prefer my illust than the others so hah, wont give any update for JLF’s submition this week ~

Kpop Shipping 💐

Requested By Anon ; “Hiya could I get a personality ship with EXO BTS & GOT7 Im a soft person who doesn’t hesitate to help others but I can tell when ppl start to take advantage of me, I love listening to rnb music, soulful voices & reading Im a psychology student & Im mostly introverted with a lil extrovert (only when I want) I laugh a lot & enjoy helping people open up. I can be stubborn but open minded & reasoned with easily! I value my sleep a lot, I’m a huge night owl and live for the nighttime where Im at peace.” - Excuse me while I’m using my phone at the moment to do this. You have a very interesting personality Anon. More interesting than Sun Sun!! Here we go! ________________________________________________ EXO ; I can see you with Chanyeol; BECAUSE you said you laugh a lot and you enjoy helping others. I see that as a hanger for Chan’s type of s/o you also are very adventurous well that’s the kind of vibe I get from you since you said you love different types of music. Plus you also said that you’re an night owl I can see you both staying up together at night explaining that CY doesn’t exactly sleep according to that video SeHun took of him fighting the air. I don’t know I see you both as a perfect couple everyone would love being around.

BTS ; This one was kind of hard in my opinion; with some little detail I’m in the middle with Namjoon and Hoseok. Your personality tells me you’re a bit mature so you would be better for a older male guy. The reason why I say Namjoon is due to the fact that he loves reading you both are very smart and you value your sleep but you can still be open minded even when you’re half awake. The reason why I said Hoseok is because you’re both the life of the party and can both be very bright. I picture Hoseok and you would be the cute spotlight couple that goes perfect with each other. Hoseok being talkative but also you being very communicative says a lot for you both.
GOT7 ; This one is easy, Jackson. You don’t take anything from anyone you understand you’re your own person not anyone’s play doll. You both are fun to be around and both of you are very understanding but when you know you’re right; you’re right. That’s the end of the story. Making you both stubborn but still open minded to others opinions even when you don’t want to hear it you still listen to make sure the other person is satisfied.

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Are we still on this topic? Anyway i went to blo*k b consert early this year and while we were waiting in line, this group behind me and my friend started singing b*s?? yeah most of us listen to other kp*p groups too but they were talking about b*s the whole time they were in line. Like rapping songs badly and jim*n this jim*n that... It was just really annoying. Others were hyping up blo*k b while this one group was having an a*my meeting ;;;; wrong place guys!

Yeh i heard about that 😷 cause a kpop concert in america/europe is kinda rare so a lot of multifandom ppl attend (even if they dont stan the ones having a concert), they just know a lot of kpop stans will be attending so they wear their own merch to single themselves out. Im still not over a*mys wearing b*s merch @ exordium 🙄 ik its not deep but thats so annoying and disrespectful.

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The mentor thing is one thing but what about the brotherly bond they said s & k have 😓

I dont think i know what u mean, but tbh having a /brotherly bond/ means exactly WHAT? Two guys being friends and being there for the other and supporting each other and caring a LOt?????? And not being blood related at all???? The blood is the important thing here bud. You can have s and k however you want, i love them exactly how they’re in canon and w that I have enough. That doesn’t means you can’t think out of the box and imagine the both of them might like the other in another way and coming to the realization like F U C K IM ACTUALLY IN LOVE. sorry, was that from today? Idk. That means nothing dude :-/ at this point you will need to hear x and x have a romantic bond~ for ppl to start shipping something :-/ bros before hoes I like friendship that doesn’t has anything wrong lmao

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as a writer/creator/life-er, have you had a moment on tumblr where you're like "i put a lot of thought into this one real specific thing and no one is talking about it???" if yes, explain the thing pls because i'd love to hear about the nuance/excitement that went into it! either way, pls pass this on to 5 ppl you thing may have felt this way

As someone who wasn’t… known until i entered the TS fandom. Yes, there have been lots of times where i expected more exposure than what i got be it because of a drawing or because of something i wrote.

There was one fanfic i made for the K pr//oject fandom, that got no notes, a few other drawings that have got a maximum of 2 notes. Things like that.

It’s complex, but you have to remember that everyday you get better and better at what you do. You shouldn’t be discoraged from doing what makes You happy, because that’s the most important part of fandoms. Being happy and feeling content with what YOU do

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To preface this, I'm not a k/i/nk blog in any way. I'm just wondering why sfw kink blogs can't interact? I don't understand

There are a lot of things that I don’t support, like DD//L[x] and the sort. “sfw” K/nk blogs, especially ppl who run ones like those, like to take things that I–and others use–to calm down, and they use them for their k/nks “aesthetic”–to express their k/nk without sexually doing so.

Seeing notifications from a k/nkblog stresses me out–bc like I’ve said before, you can usually tell who is and who isn’t based on their usernames.

Plus, I just wanna say… If your blog is centered around k/nk–a thing that is LITERALLY sexual in nature, how can you call it “sfw”? K/nk is literally sexual. You can keep a blog full of “sfw content”, but if it’s a “k/nk” blog, then. Y’know the base for the blog is sexual.

Sorry if this was a poor explanation, I’m kinda distracted

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Okay, people may call me crazy but it's just a theory. Remember those photos from MAMA 2015 in which Jongin is holding Kyungsoo's waist? (I actually had this theory even before you made that compilation with kaisoo photos taken my media) What if someone from newspaper though it was kinda weird? And so they decided to look into it? And they found proofs? (Maybe took photos of them even tho I know it's not very likely) And so they wrote that thing about same-sex same-group couple and they (1)

called to SM to say “Hey bro, you know what? You’re in pretty deep sh*t right now” and since the whole post was already released they couldn’t take it down and SM started to sweat. They had to react quickly so they brought KxK sooner than they wanted. (2)

For me, this is actually possible, but since im delu my opinion doesn’t matter.

It’s not like my theories are backed up by facts / shit that does exist / has happened… like for ex; that 2012 post that predicts shit correctly or the pict/fancam of kadi looking hella odd and sad and almost burst into tears when the news were out during lotte secret night. 

My words/opinions are not credible bc im a ghei couple shipper. 

What am i doing here right now is a huge blasphemy. 

it’s a wrongdoing to have a strong assumption about this DP thing being fake shit to gain publicity. 

SM+DP words are the truth, those statements and confirmation share the similar stratum as the 10 commandments that Moses had gotten from God in Mount Sinai. (religious ppl pls dont get offended)

Big companies can’t lie. They don’t use media play. Everything is a coincidence.  

Im a sinner here, we are all, for not believing in SM and DP, and choosing to believe in our ghei otp instead. 

anyway shit is gonna get so fucking delu, so prepare ur wine or if u r underage, prepare the orange juice ur mom has bought and stored in the fridge and pls do enjoy my delusion. 


All those things aside IF it was indeed like that, i dont think that somebody called SM (saying, ‘yo u r in big shit now cuz we have proofs’)

i think SM just knew. 

I mean they [SM] have lots of connections everywhere and keeping tabs on their target audiences (meaning us – the fans – and k-media outlets), isn’t that hard. 

I’m not saying that they have full control of their target audiences bc obv it’s impossible, 

They can influence us by directing us into certain drift with their statements, photos etc, but they can’t control us–the mass, they can’ t control the shit we would say/post 

if they could, there wouldn’t be any ‘dangerous/name-ruiner’ photoshopped pictures in the first place and there wouldnt be any delu ppl making theories lol

Im sure that they have known already about our delu assumptions (of the couple being legit) since a long time ago

And thus i think they have known that few of k-media outlets also have the same assumption 

(bc believe me gurl/boii, it is not only us [int'l. fans] who have the assumption of kadi being legit, k-fans too, including those who work in media

tbh its kinda pompous to think that kfans dont see the same shit that we see [about kadi]… 

i mean, we get info from them… how could someone think kfans dont see it as well?)

Perhaps somehow they’ve [sm] sensed the k-media outlets were onto the accused pairing [kadi] during these recent months (cuz dem kadi x k-media pictures were booming)

Then suddenly the rumor about ‘same sex couple dating in the same group’ was blasting out in twitter (internationally – cuz it was in engliseu) a month ago (march 2016)  

The rumor could make them [sm] being extra cautious on ‘guarding/hiding’ this couple

According to another ‘conspiracy theory’ lol the ‘gay couple’ rumor came out in s.korea in sept 2015…  2(?) days before exo went to fiji for vacation 

idk if this shit is true, altho the sudden vacation is kinda weird imo – 

bc wasn’t exo busy about LMR japan debut at that time? why the sudden vacation? 

and at that time d.o x irene got rumored together just bc d.o helped her lmao

If you see the comments on the rumor page on twitter [i dont have the link, sorry], 

ppl were being hushed2, saying things like… “ah, i think i know who..” or “i have two people in mind" 

and those kinda comments got replied like this “then keep it to yourself, don’t mention their name..”

Nobody mentioned kadi, for real, no one mentioned them (i fucking scrolled to the bottom), 

but the comments did mention other couples, yet those ‘i think i know who but i aint gonna tell’ comments got the highest vote. 

[i voted those comments too bc i thought they were talking about kadi lol, somehow those comments seemed to be very discreet and they reminded me of the couple – bc the couple is subtle and known as backstage couple] 

And for me, it’s quite weird… bc our fandom is big, right? (I was expecting to see ‘kaisoo’ being written there, but nope.) 

kadi at that time was considered the last otp that SM hadn’t ruined…yet. gdi SM u had one job

in other platforms such as tumblr, YT, twitter ppl were preaching how fucking real the pairing is, and how they can’t wait for them [kadi] to get married etc

but when that rumor came out, NOBODY mentioned their name on the comment section of the rumor 

and it was quite bizarre for me. but im delu…so.. hahahaha. 

the rumor was also stated along with these sentences; 

“The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.” 

It implies that the group is big, powerful and famous enough to cause such reaction in the industry, and i think we all know which group is the “babe” in kpop/hallyu world right now

“The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.“ 

This implies that these people aren’t afraid, they have nothing to lose. They know they have solid proof thus the lawsuit would be futile –  

Im guessing that the company of these idols would sue the media outlet bc the reporters have ‘tainted’ the idols name for ‘spreading false info’,

but the media outlet prob would counter back with ‘well we have solid proof so it ain’t false, we only state the truth, we ain’t defiling anyone’s name here, we only share the truth to public’ bc they’re assholes

about the 'solid proof’ tho…

idk if it would be indeed something the media outlets have taken by themselves 

or something that they have taken from fans… you know, those moments we share to each other online

i mean, they’re media outlets, they’re legit journalist. 

some ppl still believe those photoshopped pictures and those shit dont have credible sources

if a legit media outlet does make a news about kaisoo they don’t have to use something strong imo (like legit kissing picts?)

they could’ve just put kadi moments (like that eskimo kiss, the kisspering pict etc), then add words about kadi being legit, put their company logo and ppl would def buy it.

they buy DP shit. why would it be any different with other k-media outlet?

What im trying to emphasize here it is not necessarily has to be a blackmail (some shady ppl called the-equally-shady-SM to get money[?]), bc it seems lots of ppl assuming it this way. i was too but then i changed my assumption.

SM perhaps has known already about it [the gay rumor] from little birdies who told them 

they have ppl who monitor fans reaction, what the fans would like, will this concept work, what kind of style members should wear next time, what is 'in’ right now, etc

This gay couple rumor might be only empty words.  It might be untrue, but it was/is still nerve wrecking.


Because the rumor implies that the media outlets aren’t afraid, we can feel that they don’t give a shit about what would happen next through their words. 

They are indirectly threatening (the idols and the company) with their words. 

Something had to be done in case the rumor comes true. 

Thus perhaps bc of those things above they [sm] decided to take an action 

which is fast-forwarding the 'couple’ to be outed in April, not in June, like the Pann post have stated. 

That’s why unlike BY who had quite few of 'clues’ (like IG posts) KxK couple only has a minimum amount of it

Krys uploaded 1 pict when she was presumably shooting her drama. 5 days before the news. 

Why? Why she did that when she was busy? Why not right after she took the pict? Did she even take the picture? 

Would it be possible someone else did and then later on sent it to her and told her to upload it? 

Bc i still dont understand why she uploaded it at that day – when she was busy filming. 

Also, why they went out at 17 Feb (when DP took picts)? 

Kai had a flight to US on the next day 18 Feb and at that time Gaon chart award happened.

Gaon award started at 7 PM KST time, means the show must be held until late at night.

Why went out at such late time even tho tomorrow he had to take a flight?

Taking a long flight is fucking tiring – i couldnt even stan 2 hours flight (jetlag etc)

also idk if u notice it, but kai’s face looked sour on DP picts… he didn’t smile in any of those pictures

and then later on ppl uploaded KxK photoshopped pictures inside the pool

Why? Ppl said it was anti-fans who did it But is it really? 

Those pictures than 'backed up’ by a screenshot  text that belong to 'the hotel’s staff’

The timing was too precise… The picture got posted soon after the news came out

Why such pictures?

Let’s be real here, BY couple had faced lots of shit than KxK does rn

But no one never made such pict of them doing that kinda thing before (as far as i know ppl only photshopped pictures of them going out on date)

Why these photosopper want to make Kai looks like “the dude who did sexual thing with his girlfriend inside the swimming pool”

Why they also made a rumor about them living together ?

They didnt do this shit with BY even tho BY couple faced worst of it. (ppl booed at baek during live show, tae apologized to fans in the airport)

Why they go this far to show us that “kai exo isnt interested in dude –kyungsoo– bc the fake shit he had 'done’ implies he prefers chicks”

and the weird thing is… lots of fans have thought that kai was into dudes before this… 

even there’s a post about exo sexuality analysis that was made by a gay man, he basically said kai was relatable bc kai’s shy demeanor reminds him of his younger self. (and he noted that kai and kyungsoo probably have something going on even though he wasn’t kadi shippers)

lots of ppl also have claimed that kai has 'pinged’ them as gay, especially when he’s with kyungsoo but then this shit happened and some fans immediately say things like 'get over it ppl he’s straight' 

also this is prob just me but the photoshoped picts of them in pool and him smoking make him look ‘though’ now (he used to be seen as the cute/shy boy nini right? but those picts make him legit look like ‘kai’), 

kai is now your typical korean dude who’s into pretty chick and smokes thanks to those photoshopped pictures

but is he really?

ofc this is just IF, mkay? im delu. dont believe my words.

Besides the Pann post might be not true–but we’ll see about that soon i suppose.  

TL;DR: i agree with u but i dont think somebody called SM, i think SM knew/sniffed about the gay news, got worried, then they went ‘let’s rush outing our fabricated couple that was supposed to be outed in june’

sorry for bad engliseu, remember, im delu so my words aren’t credible

i reread this shit and holy fuck i sound so delu… but hey i dont give a shit lol it’s not like i know those bitches who judging me irl, they’re strangers anyway. 


anonymous asked:

okay so this may be a silly question but like i'm new to bts and i'm confused aha so jungkooks name is jungkook obviously but why do some people spell it jungguk ? like is it just nickname and is it still said the same way ? sorry for the silly question, i love your blog !!

hiiii it’s not a dumb question dw ❗️here’s intro 2 hangul + romanization 🙇🏻‍♀️📝

so jungkook’s name is jeongguk. like that’s probably how it’s spelled on his passport n other official documents that require his name to be printed in ~english/romanization. 정국 romanized is jeongguk. to break it down fully ㅈ j ㅓeo ㅇ ng ㄱ g ㅜ u ㄱ k !!!!!

ummmm okay the jeo 저 in guk’s surname (jeon) is u know…… the same as the jeo 저 in the first syllable of his given name (jeong) so it’s written out the same way

(((see we don’t spell jeon as jun because then it would read as joon. ㅜ/u is pronounced oo)))

lots of companies n ppl in general kind of modify the like National Official Romanization™ to make it easier for foreigners to read / pronounce !!!! which I guess is effective bc like i’m sure jungkook is easier 4 u to understand than jeongguk !

the pronunciation of jeongguk / jungkook is hmmmm i guess similar as long as ur NOT pronouncing kook like cook / cookie !

the oo in jungkOOk is the same oo / pronounced like the oo in namjOOn and yOOngi !!!!!

i’m on mobile so i can’t condense the link but here’s namjoon pronouncing guk’s name kinda slowly / clearly (since they usually say it pretty fast):

hope this helped u babie ❤️❗️❗️