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the lover [더 러버] - tracklist

literally in love with this drama. since i couldn’t find a good English source for all the tracks used, i decided to make a list and share it with everyone bc i can’t be the only one frustrated after hearing a good song and not being able to find it afterwards. lots of k-indie music in this drama so some of the links provided are live performances rather than album versions. i’m sure that if u looked into it you could find them if u desperately need to.


time* artist here [Korean name if i can find it] - track here (YouTube link here) 

ending credits song (aka my fav):

glen check [글렌체크] - vivid (x)


4:49 the freaks [얄개들] - wet eyeball (x)

8:20 blue sky [곽푸른하늘] - there are many things i don’t know (x)

11:50 lmao it’s that song from brokeback mountain

18:14 misunhee [미선이]hemorrhoid (x

24:16 jungchashik [정차식] - perfect you (x)

31:05 the freaks [얄개들] - it’s so sad (x)

35:02 dear cloud [디어 클라우드] - take the air (x)

38:32 fall break, kim jae hoon - first day (x)

42:05 han hee jung [한희정] - soil (x)

47:24 lucid fall [루시드폴] - let’s walk (x)


3:47 my little memory [마이 리틀 메모리] - it’s been awhile (x)

9:49 kirin ft. rhythm power - you, now (x)

13:41 전인권, 허성욱- sano ramen (x)

21:50 lee seung yeol [스물 그리고 서른] - twenty, then thirty (x)

30:02 회 피해의식 - don’t spit on me (x)

34:59 mary [마리] - i need your hand (x)

44:15 yozoh [요조] - washing the blanket (x)


0:42 jeju boys [재주소년] - such a day (x

5:50 rose motel [장미여관] - i like it (x)

8:48 10cm - smelly girl (x)

17:37 my sister’s barbershop [언니네 이발관]- the most ordinary existence (x)

26:59  선우정아 - don’t cry (x)

29:23 kim jung kyun [김정균] - house (x)

33:08 ha jung woo [하 정 우] - alaska (x)

38:46  jeju boys [재주소년] - stay with me (x)

46:10 배영경our happy youthful days (x)


2:33 ??

8:07 funky brown [펑키브라운] - the new beginning (x)

12:50 oh seung geun - what’s wrong with my age? (x)

17:16 so hee [소히] - invisible person (x)

21:12 sultan of the disco [ 술탄 오브 더 디스코 ] - her lotion (x)

32:20 hwaji [ 화지 ]- shit car (x)

36:37 jang kiha and the faces [장기하와 얼굴들] - that guy why (x)

40:07 kang baek soo [ 강백수 ] - i have a dream (x)

ending: kim feel [ 김필 ] - marry me (x)


0:28 hot potato [뜨거운 감자] - youth (x)

4:32 뒷모습이 참 예쁘네요 ft. kebee - black skirt (x)

9:33 moha [모 하] - don’t forsake me (x) (little bit uncertain about this one. this is based off the korean title shown during the show but it doesn’t sound like the same song.. nonetheless i’ll leave it here and in case anyone can correct me plz do)

14:56 blue mood [블루무드] - 5 minutes 50 seconds of silence (x)

16:18  kim jung kyun [김정균] - it could be like that (x)

22:50 thirdstone [ 써드스톤 ] - i like old things (x)

27:56 달빛요정역전만루홈런 - 혼자만의 에로티시즘 (x)

33:05 NORAZO (x)

36:46 rollercoaster [ 롤러코스터 ] (x)

44:58  jeju boys [재주소년] - to childhood (x


0:24  kim jung kyun [김정균] -  house

5:53 gogoboys [고고보이스] - you are the reason we became like this (x)

17:48 yi sung yol [이승열] - we (x)

21:42 sunwoo jung a [선우정아] 삐뚤어졌어 (x)

26:02  하와이 - if only that man were mine (x)

30:10 hot potato [뜨거운 감자] - what did i do today (x)

32:07  lucid fall [루시드폴] - black dog (x)

35:59 jang yoon ju [장윤주] - letter to paris (x)

38:39 jungchashik [정차식] -  음탕한 계집 (x)

41:59 friends [친구들 ] - silence (x)

44:26 bom [봄] - it’s okay (x


10:55 insane ciment [인생시망] - sesame oil (x)

21:44 one punch [ 원펀치 ] - i still want to dream (x)

31:02 kim jung kyun [김정균] - overnight story (?? my Korean is subpar at most plz correct me if i’m wrong) (x) (around the 3:30 mark)

35:02 gogoboys [고고보이스] - hello memories (x)

41:00 zitten [짙은] - whale (x)

44:39 son seung jae [ 손성제 ] - 사랑하냐고 (x)


0:25 lunchsong [런치송 프로젝트] - tree (x)

10:36  the freaks [얄개들] - 메주 (x)

15:32  i’m not sure…. will come back to it

18:33 2LSON [투엘슨] - thrown away path (x)

22:47 deffinite [데피닛] ft. i11evn - just do it (x)

26:38 달빛요정역전만루홈런 - 입금하라  (x)

30:14 sunwoojungah [선우정아] -  뱁새 (x)

35:35 mc sniper [mc 스나이퍼] ft. mr room9 & AG - one piece of kimchi (x)

42:03 unknown at the moment… artist: 조준프로젝트                      


0:26  the freaks [얄개들] - on a sunny day (x)

7:43  연남동 덤앤더머배째라 (x)

12:15 analog boy - home delivery is here (x)

16:53 ji seung won [지성원] - dual personality (x)

22:47 - yi sung yol [이승열] - it’s warm inside me (x)

27:46 - kim jung kyun [김정균] - astray (x)

38:12 the moonshiners [더문샤이너스] - there’s no guy dumber than me (x)

42:35 oh ji eun [오지은] - in seoul (x)


0:25 yoon young bae [ 윤영배 ] - 길들이지 않은 새  (x)

3:something?  (x)

7:25 peppertones [ 페퍼톤스 ] - i do not know (x)

9:21 yoon young bae [ 윤영배 ] - occupation (x)

19:57 kwon young chan [권영찬] - childhood  (x)

22:36 jeju boys [ 재주소년 ] - to childhood (x)

25:37  jaurim [ 자우림 ] - twenty-five, twenty-one (x)

42:39 lucid fall [ 루시드폴 ] - 누구도 일러주지 않았네  (x)


0:11 달빛요정역전만루홈런 - staggered (x)

5:11 lucid fall [ 루시드폴 ] - flowers can’t talk (x)

12:43 jjy band [ 정준영밴드 ] - 너란 X (x)

17:49 gogoboys [고고보이스] - 척한사람 (x)

24:50 hyukoh [ 혁오 ] - comes and goes (x)

29:10 lucid fall [ 루시드폴 ] - glass garden (x)

46:30 j-tong [ 제이통 ] - bullshit (x)


3:31 zitten [짙은] - whale (x)

10:52 oh ji eun [ 오지은 ] - 누가 너를 저 높은 곳에 올라가도록 만들었을까 (x)

15:39 son seung jae [ 손성제 ] - 사랑하냐고 (x)

17:36 oh ji eun[ 오지은 ] - scared (x)

23:11 kim jung kyun [김정균] - astray (x)

28:51 jeju boys [재주소년] - during the spring (x)

35:01 언니네 이발관 - 100 years sincere (x)

40:50 hi temperature [ 안녕의 온도 ] - during love  (x)

50:13 standing EGG - starry night (x)

53:22 zitten [짙은] - beside (x) (thanks to the anon who left this in my ask!)

57:00 lucid fall [루시드폴] - let’s walk (x)

                                                       the and


* time as in the time the song comes on during the viki videos 

p.s. if i miss anything feel free to leave an ask stating the time the song comes on during the video or the song itself so i can add it to the list

Mmm i was just asked how i feel about dragon ango theory and I couldn’t process why I dislike it until just now but a lot of the evidence for it is stuff that could also be explained with ‘he’s autistic’ so I think I’d just prefer if those traits weren’t dehumanized once again.

like there’s a huge difference between autistic people identifying with nonhuman entities bc they feel so far outside of humanity due to the way allistics treat us (like there’s a LOT of autistic ppl that are k*n with aliens and robots and stuff and really identify with that otherness, myself included) and an allistic dude inventing a character that acts strangely/talks strangely and then the big twist being that he’s not an Actual Human :/

anonymous asked:

Anon about coming out. Just pull a damn K Stew and starting dating a girl. None of this coming out stuff. I told my mom how I was feeling so she wouldn't be shocked, but only because she didn't believe me the first time I told her, and she would stop expecting me to get with my male BFF since I like girls a lot more than guys. Other than her a few ppl know, but I'm not going to say anything to anyone unless they bring up me being single and needing to find a man. Hopefully I find a girl soon!!

@ anon