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1. 5 things you will find in my bag/backpack

-ibuprofen, pens, phone charger the works

-a reading book in case i get stuck somewhere and need to pass the time

-usually a set of flashcards so i can pretend i study 

-candy wrapper of some kind

-probably a to do list

2. 5 things you will find in my bedroom

-books, just like, everywhere because i am Always running out of bookshelf space

-a bulletin board with postcards photos and other stuff i like to look at

- a couple of plants 

-a bunch of unpacked boxes because i am Too Lazy and i’ve got nowhere to put the stuff inside them (one unpacked box is currently doubling as a second nightstand)

-lots of lamps i’ve got like four lamps  for some reason 

3. 5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

-take a year off from life and travel 

-write something that inspires people 

-walk through a drive through just to like, see what happens

-ride a motorcycle

-I don’t if this really counts but? i just wanna live a life where i’m happy and i’ve got some wild stories to tell yknow

4. 5 things on my to-do list

-learn How To Cook Without Burning Things

-figure out what actually i Want To Do With My Life

-survive my last round of finals at this school (!!)

-work on that self confidence shit

-read a shit ton of books over the summer

5. 5 things people may not know about me

- i really like to run! i ran track and xc throughout most of high school and middle school and it stuck 

-i have three sets of grandparents which is kinda snazzy

-the first time i ever watched any star trek was wrath of kahn in my film class last year and i’m pretty sure i cried in class

-i prefer subtitles on

-i have a scar on my forehead from when i was about seven or eight and for years i called it my harry potter scar and thought it was the greatest thing 

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Dating Sam Winchester would include:

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·         Him being your big overprotective bear

·         Him getting irritated when you call him that

·         “Grrr…”

·         “Stop it Y/N.”

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Breathe (Laf x Reader)

AN: another late and short one! my bad!

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Request: Anonymous- 94 with laf? (94. “I had a bad dream again.”)

Warnings: death ish 

Word Count: 1,481

Gilbert was two hours late from work, without a call or text about why. You were curled up on the couch nursing a mug of tea, trying to stay awake. These were your least favorite nights. Anything could have happened to him. All you could do was run through all of the possibilities until he got home.

You had tried talking Gilbert out of being a firefighter countless times, but he needed the danger, or something stupid like that. The other guys on his shift were fucking idiotic danger junkies who were going to get him killed. Although, once you thought about it, they were really just early-twenty-some guys. All the guys you had come across thus far in life were idiots. You just wished your boyfriend could have been an idiot in a safer environment.

After a while, you grew too anxious to keep sitting, so you got up to start making another kettle of tea. You filled the kettle and jumped up on the counter while you waited for the water to heat up. You couldn’t put your phone down. It didn’t take long for you to get distracted by old texts between Gilbert and yourself. When you had first met, he was still getting the hang of English and mixed up a lot of common phrases. You teased him for it, but it was really cute. A part of you thought that he only mixed up phrases later because he knew it would put you in a better mood.

“Fuck!” you shrieked when the kettle whistled. “Holy shit!”

“My love? What’s wrong?” Gilbert called from the mudroom.

“Gilly?” you jumped off the counter and moved the kettle off of the burner before you ran to meet Gilbert. When he went to hug you, he lifted you up off the ground a little.

“Are you okay?” he kissed the top of your head.

“Am I okay?” you shook your head. “You’re late. And you didn’t call or text. It’s late, Gilbert. You should ha-”

He kissed you deeply. You were mad that he cut you off at first, but he was too damn good of a kisser. It really wasn’t fair.

“Shall we go to bed? You look tired. And as you said, it is late,” Gilbert kissed you again quickly.

You stifled a yawn. “Sure, babe.”

He smirked down at you for a minute before he hoisted you over his shoulder.

“Dude, what the fuck?” you laughed.

“You’re just so small,” he shrugged a little and started for the the bedroom. “I can’t help it.”

“What do you mean, ‘I can’t help it?’ You just- don’t pick me up like this. It’s not hard,” you grunted, squirming a little.

“You always talk about how lazy you are. I’m just helping you,” Gilbert set you down gently on the bed. “You’re already in my pajamas, but I need to change.”

“Mm, once we moved in, your clothes became our clothes,” you said, watching Gilbert closely as he started stripping.

“Do you like what you see?” he waggled his eyebrows.

You pretended to think about it. “I’m not sure. I think I like Alex more.”

“That gay little piece of shit?” Gilbert gasped. “How can you stand to hurt me so?”

“I’m just a shameless heartbreaker,” you sighed dramatically, flopping back onto the bed.

Gilbert pulled on a loose pair of sweatpants on and joined you. “Oh, most definitely.”

“Do you not think so?” You turned your head to the side. The two of you locked eyes, suddenly not able to joke anymore.

“Je t'aime,” Gilbert whispered. You kissed him softly until you yawned into his mouth, ruining the moment completely.

“Why are you like this,” Gilbert said in a strained voice.

“I don’t know,” you winced. “Let’s just sleep and pretend like it didn’t happen, yeah?”

He nodded quickly and pulled you against his chest. “I love you anyway,” he said, back to a whisper. You kissed his chest lightly. You were asleep almost immediately, though it didn’t last very long.

Across the street from you, a large building was engulfed in flames. You tried to call for someone else, but nothing happened. The same result came from trying to move. All you could do was stand and watch. You heard sirens coming from behind you and saw what seemed like truck, after truck, after truck park in front of the building. You looked closely as people began filing out of the trucks. A little ways down the line, you saw someone who looked familiar. Gilbert.

Your stomach fell instantly and you tried to yell for him, forgetting that you weren’t able to make a sound. This was one of the few things you never wanted to see, and now you were stuck watching it, unable to do anything about it. Suddenly you had a clear view of Gilbert and the building. Of course he was the first one in. He was so brace and you felt so selfish for not wanting him to do this, but you couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was going to happen.

People began staggering slowly out of the building one by one. A few minutes later and Gilbert still hadn’t come out. And then you noticed people yelling. They were ushering everyone away from the building. You tried asking what was happening, forgetting yet again that you were stuck, a silent observer. Your heart began to race as you saw parts of the building beginning to crumble.

Gilbert was still inside.

That was all you could think.

Someone get him.

Larger chunks began falling and everyone’s faces were frozen in a look of passiveness. Almost like they didn’t care that people were still in there.

Help him!

People began running and you were stuck. Chunk after chunk after chunk were falling.

Let me go in and get him!

And then the building collapsed in on itself.


A scream finally tore from your throat.

“Gilly!” you sobbed. Gilbert’s arms tightened around you as you shook uncontrollably.

“I’m here, I’m here,” he sat up slowly and pulled you into his lap, rocking you gently. “What’s wrong, my love?”

“I had a bad dream again,” you gasped between sobs.

“Breathe, love. It’s okay, I promise. Breathe,” Gilbert pressed kisses into your hair.

You couldn’t breathe. It should have been one thing you could do, but all you could manage was short, shallow gulps of air. They weren’t doing much for you.

“Love, please,” he rubbed your arms and pressed more kisses into your hair, think for a minute. “Can you repeat after me?”

You nodded a little. This didn’t seem like the time, but whatever.

“Coin,” Gilbert murmured.

You took as deep a breath as you could. “Corner.”

“Le magasin,” he kissed your jaw.

“I don’t-,” you tried to slow your breaths more and think. “Store?”

He nodded. You felt him smile as he kissed you neck lightly.

“Ampoule,” he murmured against your skin, waiting for your response. “Breathe. Ampoule.”

“Bulb,” you said after a minute.

He squeezed you comfortingly. “Three out of three! You did good!”

“Well,” you mumbled.

“What?” Gilbert kissed your neck again.  

“Superman does good, you do well,” you explained. He nodded, but you knew he didn’t understand.

“Do you want to do a little more? You’re still shaking, love,” he asked and waited until you nodded before he started again. “Chaleur.”

“H-heat,” you looked down at the mattress, trying not to start crying again.

“Hier soir,” he turned you in his lap and wiped your cheeks. “Hier soir.”

“Last night,” you couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face, so you stared at his chest.

“Douleur,” Gilbert tilted your chin up gently.

Your voice got caught in your throat. “Pain,” you whispered.

“Good, love. You’re doing so good,” he kissed your forehead. “Appelle-moi.”

“Call me. Which you should have done earlier,” you grumbled.

Gilbert rolled his eyes. “Bleu.”

“Blue,” you played with the waistband of his sweatpants. “Easy.”

“Aime-moi,” he rested his hands on your thighs and rubbed them slowly.

“Love me,” you replied.

“Already do,” he kissed you, smiling with maybe a little cockiness.

“How do you say ‘kiss me?’” you rested your hands on his hips. “Not that I usually have to ask.”

“Embrasse moi. And you don’t have to ask because I don’t think we should deny ourselves the simple pleasures in life,” Gilbert shrugged.

“Mm. And how do you say ‘hold me?’” you yawned.

Gilbert laid back and you moved to lay with your head on his chest. He yawned as he wrapped his arms back around you. “Serre moi,” he responded a minute later.

“Thank you, Gilly,” you whispered.

“Anything for you, my love,” he whispered back. He rubbed circles on your side with his thumb, smiling contentedly when you began snoring quietly. He stayed up long enough to watch the sunrise.

I promise I’ll move on after this, but it would be nice if bi women acknowledged this recurring and disturbing pattern in their community - using bisexual rape victims and domestic violence victims as a trump card against lesbians. Shutting up lesbians when we try to discuss a specific instance of bi women’s lesbophobia by throwing completely unrelated male violence statistics at us.

Do you think male violence against bi women is something lesbians are responsible for? If not, why do you think “but men stalk & rape bi women more often than lesbians, checkmate” is a pertinent or appropriate answer to “here are some ways bi women hurt lesbians”?
(This is not even touching the fact that some of those statistics are pretty questionable, like that oft-cited study about how lesbians are much more likely to be out at work than bi women, which bi women interpret as “bi women have it harder in the workplace, biphobia is worse than lesbophobia”. I talked about how simplistic that interpretation is here.)
That said, bi women do experience higher rates of domestic violence than lesbians. But I’ve also seen studies where het women have a higher rate of domestic violence than bi women - do you think it would be appropriate for a straight woman to use these statistics to shut up bi women whenever they try to talk about straight women’s homophobia? If not, why is it okay when you do it to us?

In this post, as a reaction to a bi woman telling her boyfriend “I’m so gay” and another one commenting with “I will proudly call myself the gayest gay to have ever gayed because I am attracted to men & women” among other homophobic things, I was talking about specific issues in the “wlw community”.
A bi woman replied with statistics about bi women being raped and stalked by men.
In this post I was talking, again, about bi women appropriating the word “gay” and making it inclusive of hetero attraction and how homophobic that is.
A bi woman replied with three different sets of statistics about male violence against bi women, and other issues like bi women living in poverty.
[Editing to add that this exact pattern happened again 3 days after I wrote this post: a bi woman said she liked pretending to be a lesbian when she wants to hang out with a gay man (?) or when she’s too lazy to explain what bisexuality is, I told her not to do that, she gave me a whole bunch of statistics about how men rape bi women a lot.]

What does this have to do with the initial discussion of bi women’s appropriation of lesbian terms? How is this anything but a cheap silencing tactic, and can we please acknowledge that this tactic is constantly used against lesbians by the bi community, and is also used by pretty much all privileged groups whenever a conversation makes them uncomfortable? Marginalised people say “You hurt us in X and Y ways”, privileged people end the discussion with, “Are you saying we’re never hurt in any way? Look at all those bad (unrelated) things that happen to us!”
How is posting an unrelated set of statistics when a lesbian is talking about a specific example of bi women’s lesbophobia, and tagging it with “look how good we have it, guys” and “#‘you bisexuals are so privileged’ explain this then”, any different than men shutting up feminists who try to discuss female oppression with statistics about male rates of suicide or workplace accidents and saying “If men have privilege then explain this”?
I’ve honestly seen bi women bring up these statistics about poverty and male violence as a weapon against lesbians more often than I’ve seen bi women bring them up because they genuinely cared and worried about the vulnerable members of their community. How is that any different from transwomen brandishing statistics about transwomen of colour living in poverty in order to shut up terfs? 
Anyway. I’m just tired of seeing the same statistics again and again. Yes, they’re awful. They’re also not lesbians’ fault. Stop using them to silence us or guilt-trip us. Try replying to the actual things we say instead.

Gaston x reader: I'll Pass — Part 2

A/N: I’m not gonna lie, I truly don’t know if I like this. I wanted to add some parts with gastons pov but couldn’t figure it out, so I think I’ll do a lot of his pov next part? I’m also grateful for all the feedback this is getting, and I’m not sure how many parts this will be.

Tags: @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @withouthannah @hemmingbaes

The days following Gaston’s surprising decline of your dinner were….different. To say you were astonished was an understatement. When he told you he’d rather ask you to dinner and have you genuinely accept the request instead of making it a one time thing to get him off your back you had stood there, mouth agape and positively frozen with shock. The market around you, or at least the people close enough to hear, had gone silent as well. After an uncomfortable amount of time with no reaction from you, Gaston had kissed your knuckles, bid you adieu, and left.

Now you continued your routine, just, differently. At first, Gaston didn’t appear by your side as much. You had some time to enjoy yourself but you found you couldn’t. You were defensive and stiff, expecting him to jump out of thin air and hound you for dinner again. Eventually, he started to show up more frequently, only sometimes he’d stop talking about himself mid sentence and ask you something about yourself. Or he’d greet you and simply walk in silence, observing you. Some part of you appreciated this, another part worried. It worried when you saw him talk to another woman, or when the Bimbettes followed him and cried for attention. You realized you were scared you’d lose his attention. After so many months avoiding him, snapping back, and even ridiculing the other girls who stared at him with big eyes, you were beginning to do the same thing. It never occurred to you that you might’ve just been playing hard to get, and that you might’ve played just a little too hard.

Finally, sick of being confused and letting your worry fester inside, you marched into the castle and sought out Belle. It wasn’t hard, she was reading in the library, with the prince beside her. They looked up as you entered, face flushed and screwed with anger. Prince Adam shivered with fear, cast a glance at Belle, and quickly left the library. Belle marks her place and waits patiently as you slump, overdramatically, into the previously occupied chair.

“Belle!” You cry, throwing your head back. “What am I going to do?”

“Does this perhaps have something to do with Gaston?” Belle asks, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

“It has everything to do with Gaston!” Your voice is laced with despair so genuine, Belle starts to actually worry. “One moment he’s hounding me to go to dinner and marry him and cook for him, the next he’s giving me space and asking about me. Me, Belle.”

“Wait, wait, start from the beginning,” Belle interrupts before you can’t rant any further. “And try not to get riled up.”

With what seems like one breath, you quickly tell Belle what had transpired. You’re arms move wildly and voice raises octaves as you recount the tale, and Belle has to mask her concern at your appearance. Your face is red and there’s bags under your eyes, as though you’d slept fitfully for several days. Your hair is strewn up into a lazy bun, much different from the neat hairdos you preferred when working. As you finish, you’re out of breath and looking at Belle with watery eyes.

“I don’t know Belle.” You say, so softly Belle nearly misses it. “I thought I’d be happy if Gaston ignored me, but now I fear I want his attention.”

Belle clears her throat. She’s not entirely sure what to say for once. You two had so often made fun of him and his group of fans, and you had complained so much about his persistence, Belle never actually thought she’d be in this position. But from what you had described, this certainly was not the same Gaston that had tried countless times to marry her. And Belle had to admit, this worried her a bit too.

“Well,” She starts, picking her next words carefully. “It sounds to me you need to talk with him, privately.”

You know what she means when she raises her eyebrows and it fills you with nerves. You begin to shake your head and say, “Oh Belle, I can’t. I just can’t, not after what I’ve gone through to stay away from him.”

Belle sighs. She rubs the bridge of her nose before retorting, “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you went and fell for him. You know talking to him is the only way to positively figure out your feelings. Maybe this is all just you being over dramatic from the sudden loss of his overbearing presence.”

You breathe deeply, biting your lip and picking at your dress. “Yes, yes….I suppose so.” You whisper mostly to yourself.

You stand, starting to move toward the door. You begin to nod, saying, “Yes, alright, I’ll go talk to him.”

Belle bids you good luck and sees you to the main doors, where you leave, still silently encouraging yourself. When you mount your horse Belle takes a good look at your face. Your eyes are narrowed in conversation and your lips move gently as you murmur. As you turn away Belle quickly calls out, “Don’t be afraid to spruce up a bit, just in case.”

You glance sharply at her, frowning, and Belle waves with a grin as you spur your horse into a run. She sighs, finally letting worry settle on her features when a hand settles on her back. Jumping, she turns to see Adam, who smiles down at her. Belle leans into him and whispers, “I’m afraid how she’ll handle this.”

“She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself just fine.” Adam reassures.

“Yes but, we all saw this coming, didn’t we? Shouldn’t we have warned her?” Belle responds.

To this, Adam has no answer. Belle was right, the signs were there and everyone saw them except for you. The nights you spent hours talking about a Gaston and the way you seemed to light up when he was mentioned. Your mind did its best to shield you from your true feelings, but they were coming around to bite you.

“She’ll be fine.” Adam says. “She’ll be fine.”

Bad Ideas (Chapter 1)(Spideypool)

Welcome to the Story!
Peter meets Wade, Wade says inappropriate things, Peter likes him anyway. Of course that is how it happens!
Peter in this fic is more along the lines of Andrew Garfield, partly because Homecoming isn’t out yet so I can’t write about Tom, and of course, the age thing (yikes!) Peter is definitely older in this fic!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy, drop me a like or reblog or comment if you’d like to be tagged in updates, I post once a day!

Thanks Lovelies!

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Wade looked up from his beer when a beat up old van rolled to a stop in front of the garage. He didn’t bother getting up from his chair, not willing to stand for some lost ass hippie looking for directions.
His eyebrow did raise though, when a lanky brunette stepped out of the passenger side and waved the driver on.

After the dust cleared, the man-nah, that’s a kid- trekked up the driveway, holding a faded red backpack.


“What’s up, man?” Wade tipped his beer towards him, noticing that the kid managed to maintain eye contact, even after getting close enough to see the absolute scarred up mess that was his face. “You need a tow from somewhere?”

“Uh, what? A tow? No man, I don’t have a car.” a nervous smile and Wade kind of hated how much he liked it.

“Well, this is a mechanics garage. Why else would you be here unless you had car trouble? Unless–” Wade looked him over and smirked. “I didn’t expect my rent-boy to here until Friday night, but I’m not going to argue.”

“What?” the brunette laughed, and Wade couldn’t help the interest curling through him at the sound. “No, uh, someone in town said you were looking for an employee? Gave me a ride out here. Wanted to see if you were still looking, or if this was a total waste of my day.”

“Employee.” Managing to look completely disappointed, Wade drained the rest of his beer. “Not a rent boy. That’s a damn shame. Ever thought about pursuing that line of work? I feel like you’d make a killing.”

“Well, uh, if you don’t give me a job I might have to, so maybe give me your number just in case? You know, future reference?” With a frankly adorable tilt to his head, a quick bite into about the fullest bottom lip Wade had ever seen, the boy glanced away and glanced back shyly and Wade was fucked.

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Qooky’s Informally Written ML Fic Rec

So some of you know that I recently sent a fic-rec list via chat to one of my college friends (actually, make that twice now), and there are those who’ve asked that I post it here! Well, this isn’t really a fic-rec list, as more of an author-rec list since I didn’t have enough time to go over each fic and list them down. So I just sent them a list of authors for them to check out and choose which fics to read from them. 

Disclaimer: My descriptions may NOT be entirely accurate so forgive me. I was trying to “sell” these fics to my college friends. I’m sorry but I’m too lazy/tired to link to each fic so I just bolded the mentioned fics. Also, this is based on my reading which, compared to a lot of people, actually isn’t that much xD This list is a year’s worth of my reading.

Also, tagging @greendoodle and @deusbex

Without further adieu, here is the list (with my informal commentary because I made it short, snippy and personal, since these were for someone).

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anonymous asked:

Just coming into your inbox to tell you how wonderful I find the D:M series. NGL I have read all of the stories at least twice/thrice because they are just so well written. I've never really read much KiKasa or MidoTaka but yours gives me life. And AkaFuri has always been my #1 so yeah yours is bEST. ANYWAY! Thanks so much for D:M! If you have time/want to, I'd love to see a little fic with KiKasa. Specifically: Ultra scary/intimidating Kise over a oblivious-to-how-attractive-he-is!Kasamatsu xD

Kasamatsu Yukio spent the majority of his life being largely indifferent to Valentine’s Day. Having no sisters or female cousins or female childhood friends to give him obligatory chocolate, and being absolutely incapable of holding a conversation with the girls in his class, it never really seemed like a holiday that was worth his attention.

He expects this holiday to be slightly different, only because it’s Kise’s first Valentine’s at Kaijo, and if nothing else, Kasamatsu expects to spend the day thoroughly exhausted with having to deal with Kise and his fanclub.

So it is somewhat of a surprise when he gets up in the morning only to realize that Kise has left for school without him.


“I hate this holiday,” Kise says, in dark thunderous tones. Kasamatsu has never heard him speak with such intense loathing.

“Er,” Kasamatsu starts. He’d jokingly said, “Why did you leave to school so early? Were you that eager to get chocolate from your fans?” and he didn’t quite know how to respond to this proclamation.

“This holiday is the worst thing ever,” Kise continues.

“You have a lot of chocolate, though, right?” Kasamatsu frowns. Because surely this isn’t the same thing as Moriyama’s constant bemoaning of the “wretchedness and cruelty of this day.” Moriyama, like most of the basketball players, never got chocolate. Kasamatsu can already see Kise with his accumulated piles of chocolate.

“That’s not the point!” Kise insists. “The point is, it’s a stupid holiday! It emboldens people to confess! Which is dumb! No one should confess their feelings, ever. Especially not because a holiday told them too.”

“I guess?” Kasamatsu says, seeing some of the logic there but certainly not all of it and also wondering where the heck Kise was coming with all of this.

“Also, it’s completely sexist and unfair. Boys should give chocolate too. Why can’t boys give obligatory chocolate to the people they care about? Why is that not OK? Boys might want to give chocolate to the people in their life they care about.”

“If you want to give chocolate to someone, you should just give chocolate to someone,” Kasamatsu says.

“I don’t want to give chocolate to anyone,” Kise says, pouting.

“You’re not making any sense,” Kasamatsu says.

“This holiday is the worst.”


“Were you taking chocolate out of Kasamatsu’s locker this morning?” Moriyama asks.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kise says through gritted teeth.

Some realization flashes across Moriyama’s face, “There were rumors last year of some crazy chick going around threatening people who prepared chocolate for Kasamatsu. I didn’t really believe it at the time…”

“And you don’t believe it now, right, Moriyama-senpai?” Kise seethes.

“Riiiiight. You know most of that was just obligatory chocolate anyway, you can’t really deny a guy obligatory chocolate on Valentine’s Day, that’s just petty—yeah, fine, fine, you be you.” He backs away at Kise’s glare.

Valentine’s Day is full time work, and Kise resents the hell out of this. It is the dumbest holiday in the world and he doesn’t even get chocolate from Kasamatsu. There is no point to this holiday even existing.


“It’s just obligatory chocolate,” the women’s basketball captain says. “I’ve known Kasamatsu for these past three years—”

“If it’s just obligatory chocolate, then you don’t really need to give it to him, do you?” Kise says sweetly, while continuing to block her path.

“You can’t seriously object to this, you’ve accepted dozens of chocolate today!”

“Listen, this is war, all of the movies say so,” Kise insists. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even obligatory chocolate is a confession of feeling something and I can’t risk it. Also, I will bite off your hand if you keep trying to give him that chocolate.”

“Fine!” She throws her hands up in the air. “God, you are such a child!”

“A child who gets to SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM as him!” Kise tosses back, because let’s face it, he needs to count his victories where he gets them.


Kise flops down on his bed and hates everything. There was nothing like having a whole holiday dedicated to expressing love to really drive in the unrequited nature of his own obsession. And while yes he did see Kuroko’s point (who had been very judgey, during Kise’s guerilla attack last year on Kaijo without anyone knowing it was him thwarting all the chocolate delivery) that his behavior was immoral and depraved and fine he also could see Moriyama’s point that blocking the obligatory chocolate was kind of petty, he also didn’t care. One bit. Because all the chocolate in the world didn’t make up for not getting chocolate from the one person it matters and he hates everything.

Something drops on his chest, causing him to look up and see a bar of chocolate, the kind sold at convenience stores.

“Here,” Kasamatsu says. “I have no idea what’s up with you, but stop being so cranky.”

“Senpai?” Kise says, barely believing what was happening. If any of the other Miracles had the power to shapeshift like he did, he might expect this to be a cruel prank.

“I stopped on my way home to get some chocolate for Mizuki and Ren. I thought about what you said about boys giving obligatory chocolate and I was thinking it’d be pretty sad for those guys to not get anything just because we’re a family of all guys. I figured I’d get some for you and my dad while I was at it.”

“Senpai! Thank you so much! This is amazing! This is the best thing ever!” He stops himself from gushing too much and also from jumping on the other boy. He can be restrained! He can be! He looks down at the chocolate in wonder.

“You’re so weird,” Kasamatsu says, laying down on his own bed. “You’ve gotten chocolate before.”

Kise has to hide his face, so Kasamatsu won’t see his reaction. He’s sure that he must look pathetically in love right now, so he just curls up facing the wall, still clutching the chocolate. It’s only obligatory chocolate, he thinks. But every chocolate was a dangerous sentiment, that’s why he couldn’t let anyone give any to Kasamatsu before.

So this was a feeling, even if it was an obligatory one, and he’ll take what he can get.

Maybe this holiday wasn’t so bad after all.

A/N: Thank you, anon-friend! I am very glad to hear that you enjoy Designation: Miracle! And I am always happy to write pining!Kise and oblivious!Kasamatsu. I hope you don’t mind that I took this chance to write a Valentine’s Day fic. It’s set before they hook up in Designation: Miracle, although I have no idea when exactly because I am so bad about trying to navigate timelines. Woo for lazy writing. Thanks again!! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!!

Relationship Challenge - E/C

From what canon?
Eh, most of them in one way or another. A special love for the ones in which Erik is not a psycho.

What kind of relationship? (otp, brotp, family bond, rivalry/enemies, etc)
Otp and brotp, “linked souls”.

What I like in it:
So. Soooo. Like many people here, I shipped them a lot when watching the 2004 movie for the first time as a kid, then revisited the story as an adult and realized they are not really a fairytale cute couple.
Well, when it comes to the original story and most adaptations, shipping them as a romantic couple feels just very wrong to me, if we are following the canon. It’s still a very fascinating relationship. Christine fears Erik but does not hate him, she wants to escape from him but at the same time she does not want to leave him to suffer alone. Erik seems to project all his ideals of love, that are not much based on reality as he never experienced it himself, on her and makes all these plans, all these fantasies, but at first he is also content in only spending some time with her once in a while, certainly not considering himself deserving of her. Their relationship brought something good for both for a while, but it was based on lies and deceit from the start. Then come the threats, the kidnapping, the emotional blackmail, the actual blackmail, and all the stuff. But Christine does forgive Erik in the end, and well I don’t really need to say how beautiful and meaningful the ending is as we all know it very well.
ALW shows this relationship in a much less creepy way, which makes it much more attractive for me, while still keeping the core of it. It still includes threats and blackmail, it is still based on lies, but Christine is more torn between her choices. And the power Erik has over Christine seems to be much less based on pity too. It is still not healthy in any way but it’s fascinating anyway.
Then there’s Y/K, in which this is my actual otp and I don’t even care. Their relationship is much more healthy, and not based on lies (only a few secrets) and Christine actually sings a whole song about loving Erik and. I am still mad about the ending, okay.
The same applies to 1990, but in there Christine’s feelings for Erik are purely platonic, and the kind of love he was looking for could also not necessarily be romantic, and once again, I am mad.
On the opposite end, we have 1989 and Erik’s unhealthy obsession with Christine. While it’s much simpler than the original, I also find this interesting in its own way. The whole “linked souls” things is special is one of my favorite concepts.
1943 is also fascinating, starting as a harmless crush of an older man for a younger woman, escalating to an obsession as he loses everything and goes to insanity. Not something I would ever ship in a romantic way, but interesting.
Nothing in 1962 and 1983 caught much my attention, and LND and Kay also don’t add anything interesting to this.
Then we had the what-ifs. What if Erik was a better person, what if Christine loved him back, what if they met in a different way. A lot of fanfiction explores these in a lot of interesting ways. I must admit that I like this pairing more in fanworks than in canon.
And in AU territory, I really like imagining many different possibilities of relationships for these two. I would like to read more about them as friends, in special.
In general, I think they have the potential to bring out the best in each other, and though this happens very rarely in canon, I still enjoy imagining it.


- Canon compliant

  • (ALW) Christine always wonders what would have happen if she had stayed. She never finds out what happened to Erik, but she knows he wasn’t captured what gives her the biggest relief.
  • (Y/K) If there’s one regret Christine has in life, it’s her reaction to seeing Erik’s face. She never forgives herself for it.
  • (2004) Erik kept watching over Christine from afar, never daring to approach her or her family again. Well, he may have interfered one or twice for her children, but never revealing himself.
  • (1943) Whenever she hears someone refering to Erique as a killer or a madman, Christine interferes and tell them they should remember him as the kind man and talented violinist he once was.

- Domestic

  • Christine is very messy and disorganized with her things, which makes Erik very annoyed.
  • They adopt cats. A lot of them.
  • Erik has never been one to remember dates well, but he always remember every single one that has to do with Christine and gives her the biggest surprises every year.

- AU(s)

  • Platonic soulmates. They are platonic soulmates.

assorted headcanons x x x x x

a tag for them

Fics I wrote about it:

For Now - E/C ending AU

Por Enquanto - For Now in Portuguese

I’ll give you a massage - fluff

Forever - 1989 post ending (not romantic)

Gymnophoria - Pre unmasking

In sleep he sang to me… - April Fools’ spin off to New Life

Deepest Urges - Seduction scene of Don Juan Triumphant

Would you like some tea? - Platonic 

tag Prologue Chapter One

Fics I recommend about it:


Devil’s Little Face - Family fic. Ongoing.

The Angel of Persia - A what-if type. Completed.

Seeing is Believing - A what-if type. Completed.

A Gypsy Caravan - A what-if type. Completed.


Creatures of Quirks - Married fic.

Twice Blessed, Pearl Anniversary, Peace in the Night - Family fic 

An Icy Grip - Hurt/comfort

A Touch of Comfort - Hurt/comfort

A Strange Bliss - Hurt/comfort

The Branded Heart - Modern AU hurt/comfort

Backstage - High school AU

His Other Half - Hurt/comfort

Vanity - Humourous fluff

Safeguard to Paradise - Hurt/comfort

Burn - Alternate ending type AU

The Talking Teacup - Fluff

among the stones - Post canon

Of Angels and Of Love - Fluff

A Walk in the Bois - Fluff

The Paint on his Skin - Fluff

Gifts and Wrappings - Actually a 4-shot. Fluff.


The Hidden Man


There are many other good ones but I am sleepy and too lazy to search for all


If you are a fandom hoe just like me and enjoy reading boyxboy smut greatly, then you are in the right place. This a master list of rec of my favorite pieces I have come across. I will be updating frequently for you guys. I hope you enjoy cuties :-)

Markjinson (mark + jackson + jinyoung)

Baby, I Love Your Company by jaekyu

Summary: Mark’s in a frat. So is Jackson. They might be a Thing. But also there’s Jinyoung.

Chapter: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One of my favorite fics of all time (which says a lot because I read a lot of fics). This fic literally has everything, drama and plot, smut, fluff, angst, I have no complaints. It’s so hot but so cute at the same time. A must read for everyone, read this if you want to live a happy and healthy life.

Jinson (jinyoung + jackson)

Jinyoung’s Peach by ohbutter

Summary: Jackson has pretty much wanted to fuck Jinyoung to the moon and back for as long as he has existed.

Additional tags: tease!jinyoung

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Teasing jinyoung and desperate jackson is the best thing that has ever happened to me. One of the hottest fics I have ever read, I love god. 

Jinmark (jinyoung + mark)

Keep Reading by jagseun

Summary: Mark wanted Jinyoung to read to him.

Additional tags: reading aloud, smut, riding, pwp

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One of the most unique story lines I have ever seen and it was absolutely genius (and hot).

So, What Are You Wearing? by jagseun

Summary: Mark lived in LA, Jinyoung lived in Seoul. They had a healthy long-distance relationship but sometimes meeting once every couple of months was just not enough.

Additional tags: phone sex, masturbation, dom!jinyoung, sub!mark, humor

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This is so adorable yet so hot. You wont really understand that unless you read it. So read it. 

2jae (jaebum + youngjae)

Sideways by gesuotome

Summary: Youngjae and Jaebum are both tired from work which means its time for same lazy sex.

Additional tags: frottage, smut

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Lazy sex is the best sex.

Markson (mark + jackson)

Sudden Urges by cffn

Summary: Mark feels the feels and Jackson is the target. Results are steamy.

Additional tags: bathroom sex, pwp

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Steamy hot markson bathroom sex, it doesn’t get any better than that. 

Full Hands, Full Heart by moonlightlov

Summary: Mark knows it’s just a friend helping a friend, but he can’t help wanting more.

Additional tags: handjobs, angst, fluff, smut, canon!verse

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Cute, cute, cute, cute.

Jaetuan (jaebum + mark)

Answer It by eny

Summary: Mark and Jaebum are getting it on and then get interrupted by a phone call. Jaebum makes Mark answer it.

Additional tags: anal fingering, humor, gay sex, phone sex (kind of?)

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Why isnt jb and mark a thing? This fic was so hot and there needs to be more jaetuan in this world. I am so glad someone decided to write a fic like this, it is beyond hot and I demand a part 2 asap. 


Everyone Love’s Yugyeom by ffairyy

Summary: It’s literally what the title says… Yugyeom getting fucked loved by the rest of Got7.

Additional tags: group sex, pwp, whiny!yugyeom, orgasm control, anal sex (duh)

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One of the only ot7 fics I actually like, Not much to say, just read it and you will understand my obession, Your welcome. 

Yoonmin (yoongi + jimin)

All This Devotion Rushing Out To Me by fatal

Summary: Jimin falls apart between the strain in his arms and Yoongi’s mouth ghosting over his skin.

Additional tags: bondage, blindfolds, dirty talk, praise kink, pain kink, begging, overstimulation, sex toys, alternate universe, pwp

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This is art. This if life. This is the good life.

Love Literally by Incadence

Summary: When Jimin said he wanted a dildo for his birthday, he didn’t mean that he actually wanted a dildo for his birthday.

Additional tags: vibrators, sex toys, masturbation

Chapters: 1/1

Word count: 2.7K

Why I am recommending: This fic is just really naughty and hot so that’s why I like it lol im going to hell. Some dom!yoongi and sub!jimin to brighten up your day.

어둠 속을 밝혀줘 (Light Up The Darkness) by sungmin

SummaryConfidence is sexy. Jimin’s sure of that. And frankly, Jimin is never more confident than when he’s grinding on a stranger and can feel shaky breath on his neck, when he can practically feel the heat pulsing from the other person as they get increasingly more rules up. He loves being in control and having people under his finger, turning and shooting them a cheeky smirk, biting his lip and playing coy. It’s more exciting when they play along.When they grab him and go with the flow.Which is exactly why when he spots a guy leaning up against the bar in an expensive looking outfit and a drink in his hand, Jimin can’t help himself.

Additional tags: pwp, au, rapper!yoongi, dancer!jimin

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: The defiintion of a hot, steamy, sexy, teasing sugar daddy, tension building fic with alot of kinks and dirty talk and wow I just love this fic and you will too I promise. 

→ Can I, Hyung? by Heukhaneul

Summary: Jimin swallows for the first time, Yoongi rewards him.

Additional tags: rimming, porn without plot

Chapters 1/1

Word count: 3.1K

Why I am recommending: So much dirty talking and teasing and grinding and yes this is a gift from heaven bless up. Any Yoonmin fan would die over this fic. 

Feel So Hot On Your Lap (Let Me Ride You Out) by Heukhaneul

Summary: Yoongi wasn’t expecting to wake up under these circumstances; if anything, he didn’t expect to be woken up for another few hours considering it was his day off of work.(But, it seems like Jimin had other things planned.)

Additional tags: blow jobs, morning sex, riding

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Let’s just say after I read this, I considered myself a new person. 

Sekai (sehun + kai)

Nothing But Summer by GinForInk

Summary: While lifeguarding on the beach, Sehun has to deal with the obnoxious guys from his class who think they can skimboard. One is Kris, who he’s had a crush on for years. Another is cute, flirty Jongin, who might be just what he needs to get over him.

Additional tags: alternate universe, public sex, lifeguard sehun, comeplay, lap dance, morning sex, first time, minor drug use

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This fic basically saved my life. It has a little bit of everything and that’s what I love about it. It has fluff, angst, smut and the plot is really good too. Even if you don’t ship Sekai, this is a must read for literally every exo-l.

Baekyeol (baekhyun + chanyeol)

Good Boy by xingmyeons

Summary: The worst part is that Baekhyun just wants Chanyeol to get really rough with him. He’s wanted it right from the start, and it doesn’t make sense, because Chanyeol’s always been so gentle and sweet, and yet all Baekhyun wants to do is his boyfriend to fuck him up.

Additional tags: shameless smut, breathplay, crossdressing, hairpulling, light dom/sub, orgasm denial

Chapter: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One word. Wow. This fic is pretty kink but not too much to the point where it’s overwhelming. If you like dom chanyeol, you need to this read to lengthen your life span. 

→Your Glasses Are Fogging by callme_cutie

Summary: Just a story about two friends who move from casually jerking it together from time to time to jerking each other almost every night, to casual blowjobs until somehow feelings get involved.

Additional tags: alternate universe, mutual masturbation, hand/blow jobs, smut, pwp

Chapter: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Cute and unique story line and some nice smut, what else can I ask for. 

Wonhui (wonwoo + junhui)

Introduction to Theology by Gwanshim

Summary: Wonwoo doesn’t really want to deal with Junhui in the middle of their Theology 101 class, but Junhui is being annoyingly persistent and Wonwoo has never been good at denying him anything.(The porny University AU where Junhui is thirsty as fuck and Wonwoo gives in too easily.)

Additional tags: alternate universe, public hand jobs, over stimulation, dirty talk, public blow jobs

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This fic is the reason why every single time I see wonwoo and jun together, I get all hot and bothered - in a good way though.

Meanie (mingyu + wonwoo)

Behind These Metaphors (I Want You Literally) by Coupsd

Summary: Wonwoo doesn’t know how his favourite regular ended up on his bed… or why he’s asking him to stay.(Or, that weed dealer AU where everything is confusing.)

Additional tags: alternative universe, drug use, oral, floor sex, drug induced sex, masturbation, bare backing

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Hands down one of the best meanie one shots I ever read, you would be dumb not to give this work of art a chance!!

Jeongcheol (seungcheol + jeonghan)

Alone Again by Loserhoshi

Summary: They finally have time alone and they intend to make use of it.

Additional tags: porn without plot, riding, dom!seungcheol, sub!jeonghan

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: I have never read some really good smut but just enough fluff so it is not overwhelming but smooth in a way?? I don’t know, this is art okay?

Wonder Woman

Originally posted by alldeanneedsissamandpie

Paring: Winchestersxfriend!reader
Word count: 850
Warnings: Swearing
Request: Anonymous. Hey. This is a kinda personal request. I have depression and anxiety and from what I’ve read it does fatigue people out. My energy doesn’t last very long and that upsets people. My mom and I got into a screaming match the other day. I slept in too late and apologized but she told me that my depression is made up and that I need to get over it. We made up later but I can’t stop remembering it. Can u do something where Sam and dean say something like that to reader and then make it up to her?

One thing you hated was how tired you felt no matter how much sleep you’d gotten. Between your meds, and the mental strength it took you to get through the day- it was hard to fight. You did your best, trying to make it through the day without falling asleep in random places.

However, you could only fight the fatigue so long. It would get to the point where you had no choice but to pass out. Coffee did nothing for you. Energy drinks didn’t help. NOTHING you had tried over the years helped. At all. No matter what you did, you were left feeling like a zombie without the craving for brains.

You were helping the boys in the library when you were hit with what felt like a train of pure exhaustion. Your chin was resting in the palm of your hand when your eyes got heavy, and you began to feel your head droop. Jerking yourself awake, you yawned. It was one of those days.

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thank you and goodbye.

hello, pals!

ah, I know this is really sudden for you and you all are probably really confused as to what I am doing here and what the hell is going on. in fact, I don’t know myself. I really don’t know but maybe that’s the problem. you see, I didn’t expect that I would cave in someday and say that that’s enough but well, I guess, the day has come?

yes, your assumption is correct: I will be leaving this blog.

the thought has been on my mind for many weeks now and firstly, I believed that it was just a thought that crossed my mind quickly but I found myself thinking more and more about that stuff.

I know, I said I won’t, but as I tried to have a new blog and as I tried to become a different person on the new blog, I just noticed that it’s not what I want. to be honest, it’s difficult to say what I want right now and what not, but I know that I cannot bear to be on this blog anymore. cuzimsickwithhope was my first blog on tumblr and hell, everything had been so weird - I didn’t know what tagging was, didn’t know anything and then I had the spur of the moment and started publishing my writing and just wow, because it was my first time publishing something and getting so much response, and I’m really so freaking thankful like holy fuck, wow. just to think of it: tight already reached 2k notes! 

and you guys continued to shower me with love and support, you were so understanding when I disappeared for like six weeks - and I never told you why, right? well, I confessed to my crush and he rejected me. that simple, yeah, but it was really heart-breaking and shocking. and when that happened, my family decided to go on holiday so I gladly took that opportunity. you all were so freaking kind and just so cute-

but I never told you how many people sent negative comments to my person, to my fics, to my writing style, to my life, and I never told you how many people practically ordered me to update and such. 

I know that it seems unrealistic due to my happy-to-go personality but I just never wante to burden you. but it has happened, I guess. I just don’t feel comfortable on this blog anymore. due to the fact that so many people sent me messages and my inbox was filled with negative content, I realised how much of my life I already put into the internet and I feel exposed, kind of robbed off my existence almost. it’s just- 

cuzimsickwithhope is just…not me anymore.

I had really many memories with this blog, got to know a lot of freaking wonderful people, fuck, I love them all, and I’m so freaking thankful for the 4k followers I gained over the last year - but…this needs to end. I never wanted it to end like this and hell, I feel so freaking guilty, I can’t even breathe like a normal person anymore, but I’m really, really, really thankful for everything you guys have done.

but I cannot ignore the fact how toxic tumblr can be and sometimes is. 

that’s why I’m leaving tumblr but I feel guilty robbing all of my writing from you so I decided to leave it here, take down things I don’t feel content with and let other things be. the nsfw drabbles are going to be discontinued, as well as peccator and my other barely started series: giggles. scream is going to be taken down as I completely am unsatisfied with it.

I think you all are wondering what the fate of kitten is: it’s staying up, but discontinued. I really like this story and I wish to work on it in private before some day maybe coming back and taking it down from cuzimsickwithhope - I plan to post it again, but with a different name and slightly changed. so, if you see kitten is no more on this blog then you know that I’ve came back. about who I am going to be…I don’t know myself and need to find myself again, I was once pretty aware about who I am and what I wanted but the lines between reality and my dreams blurred too much that I need to focus again.

I just want to write without being told to update faster, to not be lazy and do something for my followers - I want to clear my head off and I think now is a perfect time. please don’t think that I am upset with you all, it’s just me.

over the next days, I am going to take several stories down, delete every message and just let the stories exist. this is the end of cuzimsickwithhope and I am so freaking happy that you let me have the chance of getting so much love. thank you.

maybe you’ll see me one day again and think, hey, I know this writing style, isn’t this good ol’ juju?

Thank you so much you both! <3 But I suck so bad at drawing tutorials as I don’t even know how to make one. Believe me, I tried. I just tell someone you just open a blank canvas on photoshop and draw something you love. Which, I know, isn’t very helpful. But that’s how it’s always been for me. For more blabbering about art stuff, do continue. If not, just ignore. :D


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anonymous asked:

Chocobros in Hogwarts houses?

Ohh I love this! Are you ready for some fucking essays? So I took sometime to think about it and I know my choices are probably gonna make a lot of you go ‘uh no’ and you guys can totally, absolutely disagree, but here are my choices ( totally not listening to HP soundtracks as I write this btw….):

Originally posted by zuzalou

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12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

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  • Kondo: its time to forget the mistakes of the past and start making the mistakes of the future
  • Hijikata: the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead
  • Sannan: just because i caused the problems doesnt mean i have the solutions to them
  • Okita: have to stop saying "how am i going to kill my way out of this one" everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • Saito: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • Heisuke: I hope one day I will find love, or a cool looking leaf. either one
  • Shinpachi: i was tricked into believing dropping a candle in to a bath is what a 'bathbomb' is. so tired of being constantly betrayed
  • Harada: love is a battlefield. huh love is a emotion or feeling? then what the hell is a battlefield?? no no this doesn't make sense at all
  • Chizuru: some say killing people is the answer to the problems, me personally i think killing people is bad to do because im not a horrible monster
  • Ibuki: i am going to lay completely still on the forest floor until either things start going my way or i disintegrate into nothing
  • Kazama: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • Yamazaki: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • Serizawa: learning from mistakes is for people who recognise that they make mistakes. i dont give a shit
  • Shiranui: if we do this we do it my way [cut to a bunch of explosions, corpses & debris fly through the air] okay maybe i should be more open to ideas
  • Sen: you know the old saying, boys will be trash
  • Kodo: there are few things in life that can't be achieved with occult dark magic
  • Kaoru: maybe i am the one to blame, on the other hand maybe every one else is the ones to blame
  • Inoue: i was deep in meditation when suddenly i stood up and gestured vaguely about something. that moment changed the course of my life forever
  • Ootori: the "drama" fiasco is over, we learned nothing from it and nothing changed but we can safely say it is over for sure i hear that
  • Itou: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • Amagiri: looks like things are always happening once again
  • Kimigiku: a lot of people say to me, things, but i am to busy brushing my hair and being a beautiful model. thats what life is all about
  • Matsumoto: hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever
  • Hakuouki as a whole: its all fun and games until its not that anymore

ok, it’s basically my life motto to avoid Discourse™ like the plague (especially here on tunglr) unless entirely necessary, but this shit abt the latinx portrayal in d–irty laundry has really peeved me so this is all i’m gonna say on the matter:

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For better INFPs : to cope with Inferior Te and upgrade yourself

I see people being annoyed by  unhealthy INFPs, including me. That’s basically because they’re undeveloped. So I want to share some tips(?) to cope with Te. This is also a kind of self reminder, so I am part of it :p. I am still too lazy to fix my grammar errors and since this is not a thesis, I’ll let it go.

here goes

#1 First of all, accept totally that you’re an INFP. Don’t try to be other type. Let the people who label INFP as wimpy and ineffective without getting to know YOU first forever roam in a shallow stereotype perspective. Like, do we even wear an MBTI tag when we go outside?  MBTI is a base, not box. Don’t mix an INFP who has evolved into a Gyarados with Magikarp INFPs (Actually, I realized some INFPs wanna be INFJ for the sake of being ‘unique’. Please don’t. Special MBTI type doesn’t mean you are special. We’re not an elementary student)

#2. Accept the role of INFP, that admittedly isn’t quite everybody’s delight. You know, the real world works like a machine system. We’re the low harmonies in an orchestra that people mostly don’t pay attention to, we’re the complementary colors of a painting, which of course people would be more attracted to the main RGB. Don’t bite for what you can’t chew. Be vibrant even though you’re just a complementary colors, some people will appreciate them, really. Of course, not many. But it’s just that way.  There are people who feel like a balance is off without this complementary  colors. There are people who needs this complementary colors.

#3. Stop blaming yourseeeeelf, everybody make mistakes too. And basically when you see it as the third person, probably the ONLY person who still feel guilty like you have made such big sin ever  is ….you. Make a list (hey, don’t be lazy now!) and write down this mistakes that made you feel guilty. Write the opposite actions, and then DO IT. For example if you feel guilty for breaking your mom’s jar, you write down that “I’ll help mom fixing some…”. The only mistake that is remain “alive” would be only when you aren’t doing what you’ve written. So, do it. And then after you’ve done, crosscheck it. You’d feel at least a bit better.

#4. Stop blaming the woooooorld, well the world consist of cold and asshole evils but that’s just how it works.  Anyway, why don’t do something for the victims? You can write an inspiring book, or (like I usually do), write a (banter) book that give people idea about what’s happening and what is better to do. Focus on the people who are victim of this ‘evil world’ so that the world will see. There are still good in humanity, so I believe even  in a small amount, there will be people who pick up this idea and willing to help. A good example is Liar Game manga…. or BTOOOM! (I am a manga sucker sorry. But you might find a good movie or novel too).

#5. Read beyond the words. Don’t quickly filter everything to your Fi.  Don’t trust your Fi easily.  “To doubt people is part of understanding them. Being indifference is the actual evil” This applies to everything our Fi has chosen. Suspect your idealism and compare it with the valid data about what is occuring in the world before you whine like a Social Justice Warrior. When you feel it dissonances, don’t be such a stubborn kid and learn to accept it. Use your Ne to find a bridge where your idealism and the fact can “sing” in harmonies. Why do you think INFP is blessed with Ne and not Se?

#6. According to psychology theories (in pscyh101) humans has subconscious mind who only God knows how it is actually works (It is still abstract). But this mind knows yourself best. A developed Fi can ‘read’ what it might be (or maybe that’s not Fi, but well, humans can). When someone delivers a harsh criticism you’ll feel absolutely crushed. But think of it like your conscious mind accepts the harsh criticism, and your conscious mind is affected by many facades judgement of the external world that’s why it is easily hurt (because like I said, that’s how the real world works). Your internal world should know how to work yourself best. So, take it. And swallow it. And then with Ne, try to tinker better with that critics. If it’s good for you you will feel  how precious it was.

#7. Don’t be denial that you’re easily hurt or easily cry. Show them that you still doing okay by expressing your emotion in a healthy way.  Write, Draw, Sing, compose, dance, …. Do everything that you like. 

#8. Only people who know their strength, became wise and accept their weakness. No matter what, humans can’t be perfect in every subject. We’re basically puzzles of each other, just like how the ecosystem was created. Accept your empathy as your strength and let people do pedantic work, for example. As long as you’re DOING something, you’ll eventually come to realization of what your strength and weakness is. Don’t be such misanthrope who spends time at home because you feel alienated. Even if it takes a lot of energy try to find something to do. Start with things you like or help the few people you love.  THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO WILL ACCEPT YOU. You’re blocking yourself with perhaps laziness to move on by thinking there aren’t at all.

#9. Stop.being. effing. naive. Sorry if this is offensive but I’ve been there so I have the right to say it even in rudest way.  Don’t say things like “I don’t need money as long as I can be useful for humanity. I don’t wanna be a money slave like most people in the world is.” You need money, dear mate. Ironically, to save humanity and the world first you have to STAY ALIVE, PRIOR , dear pepperhead. And tell me if we can actually stay alive without money or support needed.  So before reaching to your Fi ideals tower top, build the foundation first. This never be my favorite part, yes I know. but you have to find a work that reward you a lot of money even if you don’t like the work when you have such noble goals. 

#10. One game at one time. You see there a lot of things to do but we (lazy) INFPs are never good setting ourselves in a timeline. Start by making a small, spacious schedule. For example just one to do list “Everyday from 3PM to 5 PM I will do xxxxx”. For a while just stick to that-laughable-for-ENTJs schedule list. When you start to feel comfortable, add more to your schedule. Outside the schedule you can laze off, randomized, I’d recommend you to really be random and have fun. One thing to remind to yourself is to consistently follow the schedule. Once you see results of your everyday consistent work, you’ll want more.

#11. Cry whenever you want. To be honest is the best thing when you’re in progress of developing yourself to be a better person. A  good cry will help you to gain positive thoughts and remind you that some humans might suffer and cry more than you. That’s why you’re in your way to upgrade yourself, to perform your noble goals.

#12. Speak up. Don’t be such a passive aggresive hedgehog (tch, I wanna use swear words here oops).  What makes you look like a wimp is not because you’re easily hurt and easily cry. It’s beacuse how you put up with it. Being whiny and act like a victimized subject is what one would call a wimp.  So, speak like a commander of what you like and you don’t like when it is already not tolerable for you (I know that some of us can.  and prefer to tolerate something that pissed us). It’d be better if you can deliver it in a funny acceptable way. Like, “Excuse me but I dont recall I ask for such hippie table decoration, oh sorry are those your stuffs? Then put them in your desk, because I have a better idea to decorate my table, thanks”

#13. Take a good rest. You can work your Te out  but you can’t never be an ENTJ/ESTJ. Don’t make the lots of work  change your nature, take it easy. It’s Fi’s specialty to remains true in whenever the situation. Basically our Si and Te is to adapt, not to make us to be an ESTJ, lol. So, if you’re still not a  outrageously successful logic-based peep, that’s okay. Keep track of your progress and feel good about it. Do help people when they need and do things in your pace. Embrace some guilty pleasure for your reward after your work. ( I like to be malicious sometimes)

#14. Don’t sulk. What you can’t do today, doesn’t mean you still can’t do it tomorrow. We read a book forward and not backward, yes?. If you want and willing to do, you can learn how to do it. Still, if it’s not perfect, don’t sulk. Keep doing it until you find it good enough, even though it is not as good as others, or ultimate perfect.

#15. Be moderate. The reason why people  got stressed easily is because something is either too high or too low. This apply to basically everything. Like, too much money will make you feel insecure than when you have moderately higher than average, but when your financial statistic is too low you will also feel so insecure. (Yes I love talking about money, mwahahahaha. Okay, no. Jk. Money is the easiest thing to pick as an example).

#16. Stay hopeful! INFPs have their own strong principles and beliefs regarding whatever matters in their life.  To dive into darkness and close yourself, giving up and being hopeless to anything isn’t healthy at all. So, whenever you failed or meet something unexpected, find a source of hope even if it sounds ridiculous for logic-based people. Don’t listen to them. Your goal is to gain back your motivation by being hopeful, not to be clingy at hope. Be hopeful, hopeful, hopeful no matter what people say, they won’t affect your result. 

Remember, even only one, find someone, well, friend or parents who understand you and will support you in your change. To keep your track in progress, etc.  But remember he or she is not there to dictate you. You know yourself best.

25. If Calum Hood Was Your Boyfriend

A/N: I am always so amazed that people actually read what I write and enjoy it. Thank you so much. 

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