and a lot of my comedy heroes

Genre: Humor

Pairing: Strongly implied kacchako

Rating: [PG]

Word Count: 1425 words

A/N: This was a part of another fic that I was writing and I ended up taking this section out but I thought it was much too fun to completely delete it. I think this was good practice at writing comedy and overall, it was a lot of fun to write!

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List of reasons why the secret life of pets is great

-varying body types in pets

-varying personalities between diffrent anilmals besides just “the hero! the token black friend! the one who is definatly gay but we never say that in the movie!“

-so cute!!!

-leaves a love story in there, uses it in the actual movie, but doesn’t make it the main focus

-genuinlly made me cry

-not a lot comedy that was slapstick and stupid like “farts and butts!“, but left some of it for the kiddies

-litterally so fucking adorable

-katie was a huge sweet heart

-showed genuine character development throughout the movie with all the characters

-charters all had obvious flaws and weren’t made to be either perfect good guy or awful terrible bad guy

-gidget was super girly but still a fucking bad ass




-listen that sweet old grandpa and duke made me sob in the middle of a movie theater surrounded by 5 year olds

-fantastic animation!!! sticks to the style, but still great and ctue!

-that hawk was so sweet and cute !!! i cant remember his name atm but he was great

-pops was damn hilatious and sweet

-shows why you shouldn’t abandon your damn pets you asshole

-shows why you should neuter or spay your cat goddamn


-duke was the purest being i love him

-so was max

-but mostly duke

-lots of relatable characters!

-took a great idea for what could have been a short and made it a full length movie

-fantastic movie

-go watch it right now if you haven’t


anonymous asked:

*curtsies* Dear Duke, I'm new to Shakespeare and currently reading Much Ado About Nothing. There's one thing that bugs me- how can Hero still marry Claudio even after what he did? Is it because this is a comedy? Would that make sense when one thinks about the time when the play was written? Sorry for my English. It's my second language. Ps. I love you blog so much and have learnt quite a lot from it! Thank you!

*Curtsies* So, I think what you have to remind yourself of is that first of all, Claudio’s an idiot. He feels everything very intensely and he’s not terribly rational and he’s been batted around like a shuttlecock between the much more powerful characters of Benedick, Leonato, Don Pedro, and Don John. He’s extremely impressionable. Yes, he loves Hero, but he’s also incredibly naive and doesn’t stop to think that he’s being misled when Don John tells him he’s being cheated on (notably, neither do any of the rest of them). He genuinely believes that Hero is cheating on him the night before their wedding. Is it really so shocking that he would leave her at the altar? People today do stuff like that and we don’t find it completely alarming. The way he goes about it is especially cruel but it’s because he’s hurt, he’s completely overwhelmed, and so he does what he’s been doing all along: which is exactly what the Dons tell him. They’re every bit as much to blame because Claudio’s extremely susceptible to suggestion, and they know this. I’m not apologizing for him, I’m just trying to help you understand.

But to the second thing: Yes. Part of it is the time period. Faithless was literally the worst thing a woman could be. The Elizabethans placed a ridiculously high price on chastity, to the point where Elizabeth herself was elevated almost to the status of a deity because she remained ‘pure’ all her life. Ridiculous by today’s standards, but Shakespeare was writing in and around the 1590s and early 1600s. A woman sleeping with anyone other than her husband meant social disgrace. Look at Leonato’s reaction–it’s even worse than Claudio’s and Hero is his own damn daughter. 

All that being said, resist the urge to treat Much Ado or any of the other ‘comedies’ like today’s rom-coms. Shakespeare wrote deep, dark shit and the comedies are not an exception to that. Half the time what distinguishes a comedy from a tragedy is just whether people die or get married at the end. It’s okay that this bothers you. I’ve seen audiences in tears over the wedding scene, and rightfully so. It’s fucked up. What makes it a comedy is that the characters are able to get over it and forgive each other, instead of holding epic grudges and the whole play ending in a bloodbath. 

In defense of Supergirl

At Thanksgiving my sister said she gave up on Supergirl because of how heavy handed the show was. She specifically pointed to the waitress saying “I’m so glad there’s a female hero for my daughter to look up to.”

I totally agree that Supergirl is heavy handed with it’s feminism. I also don’t think that’s such a bad thing. For one, a lot of the conversations that they have on the show are real conversations I’ve had with friends. Cat talking to Kara tonight about how angry women are percieved differently than angry men is a conversation I’ve had before (as a note, college boys react way worse to that point that Kara does, PROVING THE POINT). Why would I object to a show realistically portraying how women interact with each other?

For another thing, I’d rather have a show that is heavy handed in pointing out sexism than a “comedy” that makes offensive statements, claims that they’re jokes, then smugly prides itself on being “edgy” when it gets criticized.

I don’t need every show to be a subtle masterpiece. Supergirl is entertaining, and is using its platform to discuss important issues that affect people everywhere. Why are we acting like that’s a bad thing?

This is… SPOILER!

A transformation phase of… someone ;) 

 A tribute to One`s Onepunch Man. Awesome hero-comedy which everyone should at least try to read! Despite One`s clumsy drawings of manga ;) The further story goes, the better, more complex and interesting it becomes.

There were lots of so funny moments.. Yesterday I laughed so much in last ~20 chapters that I felt nausea and acute pains in cheeks. One`s sense of humor is priceless!