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Besides undertale, are there any other fandoms you love, are there any you particularly dislike or hate, whether it be shows like doctor who or other games like sonic?

Hmmmmm ….
i have never really been in a fandom, Undertale is the first one i’m really deep into :O

But I reaaaally really love Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Digimon and Final Fantasy the most >w<
Animes there are A LOT, but I currently really loooove Attack on Titan, Boku no Hero Academia, Steven Universe and Haikyuu!!!
But there are a bunch more x3x
Dislike … hm .. there are things which are just not to my likeing like Simpsons or any other of those similar cartoons xx .. SouthPark and what else there is haha … But i don’t really HATE anything :O
No matter what, it’s still something someone has put effort into to make it o3o!

Also with normal TV shows … hhhm .. i don’t watch TV lately x3x …
And I mostly am into real human things ahaha
Except for Jackie Chan <w<;;;
But I love comedy and stuff which make me laugh liek Big Bang Theory (the old episodes though) or overall interesting ones like Sherlock xD

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ML fic recs? On Ao3 or tumblr I don't mind but I'm new to the fandom and stumbled across he knows now and loved it so anything with fluff and angst and anything really would be great

Oh man you better be prepared *cracks knuckles*

And Then Ladybug Tossed Chat Like A Frisbee – Collab by myself and @squirrellygirlart it is Ladynoir crack and it is awesome I promise you

The Gaming Club — by @midnightstarlightwrites with art from @edendaphne it is an older Chat AU where the two heroes are now in college. And it’s a reverse crush AU so lots of Chat and Adrien crushing on Marinette.

Adrienette for Seven Minutes@pozolegirl It’s Adrientte fluff wonderfulness

Curiosity and Satisfaction@imthepunchlord It’s marichat gold, also and Enemies Au.

Decide Toi– by aphelionsanathema this is one of my favorites but sadly it is unfinished and I’m not sure if the author intends on finishing it or not but either way it is an amazing read!!! Marichat and Adrienette

Mon Dieu! – by mooncactus It is Adrienette, and it is short and satisfying

Pick Up and Chase@skaylanphear It’s cute!!! so cute adrienette comedy and fluff and wonderfulness.

Tales of Miss Fortune@marinette-buginette Another enemies Au with some sin this time. Honestly I love this author she is brilliant!!! If you even want sin she is the one to go to- she writes it beautifully.

I have more recs I will be adding to this list after I get out of class. For now Happy Reading!!!

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What do you think of Nat's reaction to Jess dating Roger in Spider-Woman #17?

Thank you for asking about this anon, because I really want to talk about it! For those of you who aren’t aware, Natasha showed up in the last issue of Spider-Woman to basically, be a huge jerk.

Jessica: What possible right could you have to judge?
Natasha: Well, you see, I was a particularly impressive super-spy. Quite possibly the best ever. Whereas your boy down there… strictly d-list. We’re already expected to bite our tongues about your career change. You belong in the big leagues and everyone knows it.

In this issue: Natasha dismisses Jessica’s new romantic relationship with the ex-villain Roger Gocking, and Jessica’s decision to leave the Avengers to work smaller cases as a PI.

So, it’s pretty clear that Natasha in this issue is mostly the guest-star prop used to define and reiterate Spider-Woman’s themes. It would probably be more “IC” to use Carol in this role, as it’s similar to the role she played in Alias, but Natasha had already been featured in Spider-Woman as the person trying to get Jess back with the Avengers. Part of the reason for this, of course, is that Hickman was completely ignoring the developments in Spider-Woman during his Avengers run and Hopeless & co. had to play fix-it. For these reasons it’s difficult to see this issue as organic character development for Natasha. And that’s okay.

Natasha has been nosy and opinionated when it comes to her friends love lives before. She wanted Clint and Melissa Gold to hook-up and was horrified when Clint started shacking up with Moonstone instead. She played matchmaker for Hercules when she was leading the Avengers and perhaps most famously conspired with Foggy Nelson to end Matt’s controlling relationship with Heather Glenn. She’s usually well-meaning but not particularly nice. So on that level this has precedent.

What doesn’t have precedent is Natasha’s insistence on the A-list/D-list superhero dichotomy. This is actually a recurring trope in comics themselves, particularly when they star women. Carol’s struggle to make the A-list is the initial theme of Ms. Marvel vol. 2, and her current series is about her struggles as the universe’s premier heroine. Hopeless’s Spider-Woman, by contrast, is about Jessica’s rejection of super-hero social climbing for personal happiness. And then you have stuff like Marvel Divas, where the “A-list” heroines are something for the book’s heroines to define themselves against:

Monica: Who invited the A-listers?
Patsy: My agent. Apparently, Sue Richards couldn’t put my last book down. Ditto the other glamazons.

I always thought this A-list/D-list dichotomy showed up in stories about women because comic writers take a lot of their writing cues from teen comedy cliques. But I’ve gotten a lot of weird asks about whether I like D-list heroines over the years, so now I think some fans like to identify themselves with the underdog in the form of these semi-obscure heroes.

But it’s not something that makes any kind of in-universe sense for Natasha to buy into. Her stories require her to be something of an outsider among her peers— because of her lack of powers, her villainous history, and her general Byronic qualities. Her career as a spy, moreover, requires her to keep a low profile, even if out of universe she is now treated as an iconic Avenger.

I do think Natasha would be alienated by Jessica’s choices for other reasons. Before the Hopeless Spider-Woman series, Natasha was framed as Jessica’s Avengers semi-mentor and new friend, so Jessica’s rejection of the Avengers could seem like a rejection of that friendship. Natasha also once refused the Avengers to do street-level stuff with her boyfriend, Daredevil, and that turned out to be a mistake. But more than that, Jessica’s decision to focus on personal fulfillment and happiness is totally alien to Natasha’s worldview. Natasha does what she does because she feels obligated to, not because it makes her happy.

Alternatively: she likes Jess, and she’s just jealous.

Panels from Spider-Woman #17 and Marvel Divas #1.

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3 recommendations: Lan Chi-comes in later. Can find lots of raws at manhuatai. Bit of a slow burn. The Hero Suddenly Proposed- based off light novel 내 학생이 사이코패스일리가 없어 - Korean webtoon. Roughly translates to "My Student Couldn't be a Psychopath". Dark comedy with many interesting characters

I couldn’t find a link to Lan Chi since I can’t navigate manhuatai (and I assume it has not been translated?), but The Hero Suddenly Proposed To Me can be found quite easily. Here’s at least one link for the manga, and some light novel and web novel translations. I’ve actually heard of it before, I thought it had already been featured here, but I guess not. 

As for  내 학생이 사이코패스일리가 없어, has it been translated? I was only able to find it in Korean by googling the name, which is a pity. Maybe someone will find it this way and take up translating it. 

Edit: someone cleared things up for me and said that Lan Chi has already been translated, I looked it up and assume it’s referring to this series?

I legit cried listening to the A Happy Beginning snippet. It just encompasses the heart of the show for me. Because it’s two people finding happiness, starting a new story, having faith in each other and a whole community and family knowing that they can overcome anything together. And maybe it’s Polyanna but you know I don’t want to be a cynic. That’s why I love OUAT. In a television landscape full of grimdark realities/fantasies, snarky, sarcastic, self-aware comedy, and anti-hero :epics” this show has the courage to be unapologetically upbeat and hopefully. And I need that in my life. I think everyone needs some of that in their life. 

Hey everyone I can see BNHA is really popular right now (of course) so I want to take a moment to shamelessly promote another of my favorite series with a superficial similarity in that it’s also about heroes: Senyu.! (My brain is simple and likes to work in simple comparisons like that…)

Senyu. is a comedy anime and manga series that follows the story of Alba, one of many heroes who have been sent out by the country’s king to seal the revived Demon King. What I love about it is that even though it involves a lot of adventuring and gets serious sometimes, it always remains a comedy at heart, especially with the blatant RPG parodies (which you’ll probably get if you’ve played games such as Dragon Quest.) So even though it has its share of intense moments, it’ll keep you laughing the whole time. The characters are all wonderful and hilarious and many, including my two favorites, are also serious badasses. There’s not much not to like about this series, in my opinion! (But I’m also easygoing and optimistic so who knows whether I’m a good judge)

The anime is on Crunchyroll, and each of the 26 episodes is less than five minutes long, so it’s not exactly a serious time commitment compared to other series. If you get the chance, I highly suggest you read the amazing manga as well, since the anime stops short of the ending (as anime often do) and the manga is where you’ll get to know the characters and see the more serious parts of the story best.

Here’s the very catchy second season opening to give you a taste! I hope it’ll leave you wanting more!


It’s amazing how we went from season 1 to season 2 and it became a completely different show…(by the way, they’re all only supposed to be in their early teens).

Today’s rambles are about Reikenzan! An under the radar anime I very much enjoyed last year, and was looking forward to this year…but now not so much.

Talk continues behind the cut.

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What's your favourite book?~♡

That’s so hard to answer! Okay, I’ll just give you a list of books I keep coming back to.

  • The Harry Potter series
  • Gulliver’s travels
  • The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
  • The Norse myths. (I don’t remember the editor or edition. Oops.)
  • The complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe
  • The comedy of errors (it’s a play but whatever)
  • The lord of the rings/the hobbit
  • Little Women
  • Magnus chase and the gods of Asgard, the sword of summer
  • Heroes of Olympus, the son of Neptune
  • The adventures of huckleberry finn

That’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I read a lot of things, so there’s probably more.

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Consider: romantic comedy about an aspiring soccer lesbian falling in love with one of her teammates and them playing even harder when they're together. No angst, no men, lots of lesbian humour. Actual lesbian actors hired to play them. Actual soccer lesbians for the more technical shots. That's it that's the whole movie.

Consider: you’re my hero. Tell me more!

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*curtsies* Dear Duke, I'm new to Shakespeare and currently reading Much Ado About Nothing. There's one thing that bugs me- how can Hero still marry Claudio even after what he did? Is it because this is a comedy? Would that make sense when one thinks about the time when the play was written? Sorry for my English. It's my second language. Ps. I love you blog so much and have learnt quite a lot from it! Thank you!

*Curtsies* So, I think what you have to remind yourself of is that first of all, Claudio’s an idiot. He feels everything very intensely and he’s not terribly rational and he’s been batted around like a shuttlecock between the much more powerful characters of Benedick, Leonato, Don Pedro, and Don John. He’s extremely impressionable. Yes, he loves Hero, but he’s also incredibly naive and doesn’t stop to think that he’s being misled when Don John tells him he’s being cheated on (notably, neither do any of the rest of them). He genuinely believes that Hero is cheating on him the night before their wedding. Is it really so shocking that he would leave her at the altar? People today do stuff like that and we don’t find it completely alarming. The way he goes about it is especially cruel but it’s because he’s hurt, he’s completely overwhelmed, and so he does what he’s been doing all along: which is exactly what the Dons tell him. They’re every bit as much to blame because Claudio’s extremely susceptible to suggestion, and they know this. I’m not apologizing for him, I’m just trying to help you understand.

But to the second thing: Yes. Part of it is the time period. Faithless was literally the worst thing a woman could be. The Elizabethans placed a ridiculously high price on chastity, to the point where Elizabeth herself was elevated almost to the status of a deity because she remained ‘pure’ all her life. Ridiculous by today’s standards, but Shakespeare was writing in and around the 1590s and early 1600s. A woman sleeping with anyone other than her husband meant social disgrace. Look at Leonato’s reaction–it’s even worse than Claudio’s and Hero is his own damn daughter. 

All that being said, resist the urge to treat Much Ado or any of the other ‘comedies’ like today’s rom-coms. Shakespeare wrote deep, dark shit and the comedies are not an exception to that. Half the time what distinguishes a comedy from a tragedy is just whether people die or get married at the end. It’s okay that this bothers you. I’ve seen audiences in tears over the wedding scene, and rightfully so. It’s fucked up. What makes it a comedy is that the characters are able to get over it and forgive each other, instead of holding epic grudges and the whole play ending in a bloodbath. 

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Hello! What anime would you recommend to someone who likes Akatsuki no Yona and Fairy Tail?

Hello, nonny!~
I feel honored that someone’s asking me for anime recommendations. ^_^ I hope you see my answer! I know it’s a couple of days late. >_<

If you like Akatsuki no Yona:

  • Akagami no Shirayukihime (2 seasons, 12 episodes each)

Akagami no Shirayukihime follows the story of a girl who has to leave her country in order to preserve her freedom. The path she chooses leads her to a kingdom where she finds love, friendship and is able to work as a herbalist, something she’s always wanted to do. It’s a cute story and it has a lot more action in the second season than in the first one, but Shirayuki’s journey is quite enjoyable.

  • Arslan Senki (2 seasons, the first one has 25 episodes, the second - 8)

If you’re more interested in the historical aspect of the anime, I recommend Arslan Senki. It follows the story of a prince who faces betrayal and has to learn hard lessons at a young age. He’s positive, at times even gullible, but throughout the story, he learns how to become a good and respected ruler and manages to take back what was stolen from him. I was very intrigued by the story, but for some reason I had a hard time focusing on the last few episodes of the first season which is why I never got to the second season. Still, some of the characters are very interesting.

  • Kamisama Hajimemashita (2 seasons, the first one has 13 episodes, the second - 12; also has a sequel (something like a 3rd season) with 4 episodes)

If you’re interested in an anime with a strong female lead, I recommend Kamisama Hajimemashita. It’s about a girl who ends up having to take care of a shrine and serve as its goddess. She has to work together with the two shrine spirits and a fox familiar who has zero chill and doesn’t want to work with a human. However, the main heroine decides to deal with none of his shit and manages to convince him to help her. The story is interesting, offers a lot of character development and a lot of quality comedy moments.

If you like Fairy Tail:

(wow, this is harder than I expected)

  • Boku no Hero Academia (1 season, 13 episodes; 2nd season comes out this year)

I watched BNHA thanks to my dear friend @magerain. The anime is pretty popular and I’m almost 100% sure you’ve already read a post or an article praising it. ^_^ But if you need more convincing, I recommend you read Mage’s post about it. But yeah. Likeable characters, cool animation and action scenes, tons and tons of character development, a tiny bit of angst - all good things. ^_^

  • Magi (2 seasons, 25 episodes each)

An anime based on Arabian Nights, has a lot of action, magic, interesting story, likeable (and sometimes goofy) characters, a tiny bit of fan service, a tiny bit of angst and moments when you just can’t stop laughing.

  • Shaman King (1 season, 64 episodes)

Shaman King was the first anime I watched and I just had to recommend it to you. It follows the story of Yoh Asakura, a boy who’s able to summon and control
 ghosts. With the help of his friends and his loyal spirit Amidamaru, he enters the Shaman Fight which is held every 500 years and aims to become the next shaman king. The anime is a bit old, but don’t let that stop you form watching it. ^_^ I remember how much I enjoyed the story every time I re-watched the anime.


All of these series have finished airing. However, the manga they were based on are all still ongoing (excluding Shaman King). The only one I have doubts about is Arslan Senki, but I remember reading somewhere that it’s based on an old manga series that’s being republished at the moment.

I hope this list helped you! ^_^ I’ll be very happy if you drop a message to tell me what anime you decided to watch.

This is… SPOILER!

A transformation phase of… someone ;) 

 A tribute to One`s Onepunch Man. Awesome hero-comedy which everyone should at least try to read! Despite One`s clumsy drawings of manga ;) The further story goes, the better, more complex and interesting it becomes.

There were lots of so funny moments.. Yesterday I laughed so much in last ~20 chapters that I felt nausea and acute pains in cheeks. One`s sense of humor is priceless!

(Noel Fielding’s exclusive sketch of Ayrton Senna, felt-tipped lovingly for the Guardian Guide on a pre-paid envelope)

NOEL FIELDING: HOW DALÍ AND SENNA INFLUENCED MY LUXURY COMEDY - From the eyeball-slicing Spanish surrealist to the ‘enigmatic and spiritual’ Formula 1 driver, a who’s who of Boosh big-ups

Henri Rousseau

I’ve always been obsessed with the jungle. What I like about Rousseau is that he’d never really been to the jungle; he just painted an imaginary, fantasy jungle, which is probably more powerful. There’s something about your imagination that’s much more vivid and arresting than reality. If you went to the actual jungle it’d just be really annoying and full of spiders. We got my old art teacher Dexter Dalwood – who’s now a famous artist – to design my jungle hut, because I always used to rib him about ripping off Rousseau. We’ve dropped a lot of art references into the show: Willem de Kooning, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol.

Salvador Dali

The first film that really inspired me creatively was Un Chien Andalou, the 10-minute film that Dalí made with Luis Buñuel. The eyeball-slicing scene is amazing; I just couldn’t believe that anyone could get away with making a film like that. The image that’s always stuck with me was one Dalí used several times in his paintings, of a giraffe on fire. The juxtaposition is so insane. I remember thinking as a kid, “That’s everything I want to do.” I also love the fact that he was always a showman. I saw a documentary about him the other day and he was walking around New York with an anteater and a load of dwarfs. Dalí is like the absurdist pope. He’s omnipresent: if you like weird stuff, you can’t get away from him.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

His films are so visually rich that they almost make you feel sick. They’re extreme, too: Jodorowsky was so delighted when he found a man on the street with one ear, because then he could make a false ear for the guy and have him pull his own ear off. We use shock tactics a little bit, but it’s for the laugh. In Jodorowsky an elephant dies and in the next scene you see a guy biting into its trunk. It’s so grotesque that it’s almost only the stuff of imagination, but Jodorowsky’s actually got someone to chew on a dead elephant’s trunk. In Luxury Comedy there are these two characters called The Audience. I’m like a weird harlequin in dungarees and my brother’s next to me on a stepladder in a racing driver’s outfit. He puts mashed potato into a bowl on my head, it goes through my body, and then a drawer opens up in my dungarees and the mashed potato comes out on a plate in the shape of a revolver. It’s a funny scene, but without any sound effects it actually becomes quite frightening.

Ayrton Senna

Can you be in love with a dead racing driver? I’m not even into motor racing, but I watched the Senna documentary and I just thought he was amazing: insanely good and completely single-minded, but also really enigmatic and spiritual. Everyone in this country’s quite frightened by spirituality. In South America they talk a lot about being guided by a force, which makes us panic: “What force? What did it look like? Was it wearing a hat? Who do I phone up to get my own force?” Senna’s like a modern-day hero. His racing was almost like an act of poetry because it was so extreme. I’ve taken to drawing him quite a lot, and we thought about doing an animation for the show with Senna as a kind of superhero. But then [Luxury Comedy co-director] Nigel said he looked like the Stig from Top Gear.

Richard Brautigan

He was a writer living and working in San Francisco at the same time as the Beats, although he later disassociated himself from that crowd. I like The Hawkline Monster, which is a gothic western where these two macho bounty hunters are hired to kill a monster, but when they get there the monster is just a gas. Brautigan’s a pretty amazing writer: his stuff is quite surreal, but it’s spiky as well. Sometimes you find yourself just reading the papers and watching crap on telly and you forget.

Jupiter Ascending is not that good a movie and other reviews

Jupiter Ascending is like a winding mountain road. You look at it over a few miles and see that there are a lot of twists and turns, some ramps where a car might conceivably jump a gap, even a loop-de-loop. And there, at the start, there’s a European super-car with Vin Diesel getting into it! He revs the engine. He turns on the radio and wouldn’t you know it, your favorite song is playing. With a squeal of tires, Vin Diesel takes off, only to jump out of the car as it flies through the guardrail, tumbling down the mountainside in super-slow-motion. You watch as the glass explodes from it, as the chassis deforms with every twisting tumble, until finally it explodes into a fiery wreck, the sparks like a meteor shower, the flames like a nebula.

And that’s all well and good, you think, but wouldn’t it be more impressive if that car had actually ran the obstacle course?

And that’s how I feel about Jupiter Ascending. It’s basically the same movie as The Matrix, only not as good, and we already have The Matrix sequels for that.

-For some reason, they put the obligatory love story front and center, even though I could only think was that Caine, our hero, admitted to attacking ‘an Entitled’ for no reason, which apparently turns Jupiter on. You’re expecting him to say something like “that Entitled ordered me to fire on civilians!” or “that Entitled sent my friends to die!”, but no, apparently Caine assaulted someone just because he has no self-control and Jupiter is totally into men who are randomly violent. Uhhhhhh…

-Like I said, same movie as The Matrix, only where that revealed the ‘humanity as cattle’ theme at the end of the first act, this waits until the movie is mostly over to go into that (even though it’s super obvious, making you wonder if Jupiter has ever seen a sci-fi movie before). It doesn’t work nearly as well. I guess here they want Jupiter to kinda be seduced by the allure of being ultra-wealthy before rejecting the system, but she never really seems to feel one way or the other about this wish-fulfillment. Or anything. In fact, her suddenly owning the entire world seems like it comes as a major hassle to her, not anything interesting or any sort of opportunity.

-Really, pretty much the entire movie is a series of ‘people explaining things to Jupiter,’ ‘bad guys chase Jupiter,’ ‘if bad guys have succeeded in catching Jupiter, good guys have to save Jupiter.’ Which, again, similar to the plot of The Matrix, but there, Morpheus/Caine got captured, so our supposed hero Neo/Jupiter had to step up and save him. And he only did it once. Morpheus didn’t immediately get captured again so we could get an instant replay on the clear and obvious climax we had just seen.

-Yes, the third act of the movie has the bad guys kidnapping Jupiter and trying to force her into signing over the Earth to them, then her getting rescued by Caine—then another group of bad guys kidnap Jupiter and try to force her into blah blah blah. It’s really odd, because you’re thinking “okay, I guess that winds up the movieeeeeeee, oh we’re dealing with this entirely new set of problems, ‘kay.”

-Instead of like in The Matrix, where there was one antagonist who represented all of the nogoodniks, here it’s like in the Matrix sequels, with three different baddies all feuding with each other. And I could think was, really? Do we need three? Two could’ve done it, instead of Jupiter the kidnapping victim being passed around by all three of the Abraxases like a joint. The film’s big bad guy is, I guess, Eddie Redmayne, and people really seemed to like his performance, but he disappears for a huge long stretch while Jupiter has to deal with the two other siblings. It’s just bad writing.

-Jupiter is really shockingly passive for a modern-day female protagonist. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s actually a little refreshing that she never learns to fight and has to strap on a skintight leather catsuit and shoot laser pistols because she’s a Strong Female Character—but she never does anything else either. You know, she doesn’t inspire people, she doesn’t come up with clever plans, she isn’t a doctor who cures some disease… In The 100, for instance, Clarke very rarely has to shoot it out with bad guys or have a swordfight, but she still makes hard choices and plays politics and comes up with plans on a weekly basis. Jupiter does none of that. I see no way in which this character passed the Sexy Lamp Test. Again, it’s like if in The Matrix, Neo never learned kung-fu and instead he just kept having to get rescued by Morpheus.

-Okay, let’s just go and compare this to The Matrix again. Matrix ends with Neo, fully a hero, reveling in his newfound power and saying now he’s going to take his fight to the Machines. Ascending ends with the equivalent of Neo going back to work as an office drone, happy with his place in the system, not doing anything to fight against the Machines even though they’re still oppressing his people and he has all this power, but hey—who cares, he’s got a cute girlfriend now. And maybe that’s supposed to be a really subversive ending about what an asshole Jupiter is. I don’t know, it doesn’t play that way to me, especially since the Abraxases are infinitely worse than the Machines, destroying whole civilizations on a regular basis just so they don’t get liver spots. I thought this would be a movie about Jupiter expanding her mind and becoming aware of injustice and suffering around her. Instead, it takes on the worst part of The Wizard of Oz, the end where she says “screw all those hopes and dreams, I just wanna stay home and happily accept my lot in life!” Did we really need an update of that?

-Can we please stop casting Channing Tatum as a stoic action hero? It never works. When he’s basically playing Bruce Campbell—yeah, I said it!—and doing comedy, that works fine. He was even alright making quips in White House Down. But can anyone take him seriously?

-I get it, guys, I want to enjoy a movie that ends with Channing Tatum fighting a space dinosaur too. But! I would enjoy it much more if we’d established that that space dinosaur was Bolin’s big number two man, his fixer, his right hand, not just one more in a long line of henchmen—not even the only dragon. So instead of thinking “yes, Caine beat Bolin’s best man!” I’m just “okay, how is that different from the fifty other people working for Bolin that he beat up? It’s not a climax just because he had a little more trouble with this one. What is this, Taken 2?”

Now, I know Tumblr needs something to insist people see instead of Fifty Shades of Grey, but instead of it being Jupiter Ascending, which is a lost cause and has about as much chance of crossing over with John Carter as it does getting a sequel, how about we throw our support behind Kingsman: The Secret Service? I thought it was really well-done, great action, great writing, and I say this as someone who makes an ‘eww, gross!’ face at Mark Millar as much as the next person.

(In fact, if you go to Latino Review, there’s an interview with the film’s director where he’s shockingly upfront about how much of a hack Millar is and how Jane Goldman, is responsible for turning Millar’s high-concept shit into actual stories human beings enjoy.)

What are some areas where you [and Millar] differ creatively?
Matthew Vaughn: I believe in a thing called three-dimensional characters. [Laughs] He believes in the quick one-liner. I always say, if he was around in the 80s, he’d be in Hollywood making a fortune saying, ‘This is Jaws, set in space.’ That’s where [co-screenwriter] Jane Goldman comes in as well, to say, ‘This is great idea. It’s got so many facets to it but we’ve got to get that heart and that drama to underpin these crazy ideas.’

So, if you wanna talk about how a woman co-directed Jupiter Ascending (~so diverse~), I’ll counter that a woman co-wrote Kingsman and did a much better job.

-I’m going to shock you now: Kingsman is actually a lot more feminist than Jupiter. The female lead, Roxy, has basically the same creds as Mako Mori. She’s in training to be a spy, just like our hero Eggsy, they befriend and support each other, but never develop a romance. They’re just bros who kick ass together. She’s also super cute and has no qualms about seducing another woman, fyi.

“And why should the people listen to you?” “Because unlike some other heroines, *I* have an impact on the plot!” 

-The villain’s henchgirl, Gazelle, is afforded the honor of getting the final mano-e-mano fight with Eggsy. You might expect for it to come down to a ‘good girl vs. bad girl’ fight between her and Roxy, while Eggsy goes after real bad guy Samuel L. Jackson. Nope, SLJ is a total wimp and Gazelle does all the heavy lifting. You could also count her as being a badass disabled character, but I guess ‘the evil villain with the hook hand’ isn’t anything too new. Still, it’s probably better representation than Jupiter Ascending, where it’s like ‘uhh, the police captain and one of the three villains’ twenty henchmen are black women. Diversity!’

-Now, due to our present dumb culture wars, I’ve heard people complain that the movie is denying climate change. Which is just mindboggling stupid to me. Good guy Colin Firth—who is excellent, by the way, as basically Roger Moore’s James Bond in a Daniel Craig world—outright says that climate change is happening. It’s just that SLJ’s character’s attempts to stop it are extremist and evil. Guys, it’s the same plot that Hugo Drax had in Moonraker or Karl Stromberg had in The Spy Who Loved Me: save the planet by wiping out most of humanity, then ruling over the survivors. I don’t think we need to politicize saying that mass murder is wrong.

-I’ve also seen people demanding Social Justice! over the very end, where Eggsy saves the world and then has sex with a cute, grateful girl. Okay, fine—to me, it’s the movie being upfront about being a guy movie and giving the hero a sexy reward, which is a lot less offensive than suddenly turning Roxy into a love interest or the thing the Bond movies seem to be on now, which is to go ‘oh, oh, we care about women’s issues, look, this girl was forced into prostitution, how terrible,’ and then she has sex with Bond anyway and gets killed to show how evil the bad guy is. Kingsman just takes the old stalwart of Roger Moore getting the girl and parodies the cliché by turning it up to 11, with ‘Bond’ knowing the girl for five minutes instead of ten and being more explicit about what’s happening. But at the end of the day, it’s still two pretty people deciding to have meaningless nookie because they didn’t die. I’m pretty sure a fandom with ‘sex pollen’ in their vocabulary doesn’t have room to complain.

-Now, I don’t mean to say the movie is perfect. There are a few too many winky nods to James Bond, where you lose points for subverting a cliché by pointing out ‘look, I’m totally subverting this cliché!’ And it’s funnier if you just let the audience pick up on it. Like how instead of crying blood or having a cyanide capsule collapse his face, SLJ’s villain deformity is just… having a lisp. That’s clever! And there’s also a bit where the villain tests out his doomsday plot on the Westboro Baptist Church. And it’s short enough that I don’t really mind, but the satire there falls flat for me—it’s just the preacher being an io9 commenter saying ‘I’m a religious fundamentalist! I hate science!’ and the punchline is Colin Firth saying ‘wonk wonk, I’m a gay atheist jew with a black boyfriend on socialized welfare’ or something like that. Which is fine, because it’s over with so quickly, but if you’re going to take a shot at as easy a target as the WBC, I feel like you need to be even more clever about it, otherwise you’re just going “and what’s the deal with airline peanuts!?” (c.f. the recent Parks & Rec episode about meninism.)

  • Joan Rivers: "Everyone's a f-g, a n----r, a chink..."
  • Joan Rivers: [joke about rape victims]
  • Joan Rivers: [joke about Rihanna getting beaten]
  • [joke about Joan Rivers dying]
  • Her fans: This is bullshit. She meant a LOT to me, okay? You may not agree with her style of humor, but she happened to be a personal hero of mine and I won't stand for any bullying of her fans. You're all so petty.

titanic-shoe  asked:

I've been seeing more and more people in "that side" of tumblr pressing that ridiculous notion women can't be funny and saying the argument is coming from men. Yet there are men who know and respect actually funny women, such as the Golden Girls.

I’m not sure where they’re getting that idea when there have been many highly successful comediennes in the industry (especially during the 80′s and 90′s).  George Carlin may have been my main role model and inspiration (it had been a dream of mine since childhood to be a stand-up comedienne, but I know now that it’s not a realistic goal, nor one that I feel I can live up to), but people like Joan Rivers, Ellen DeGeneres, Brett Butler, Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, Sandra Bernhard, Laura Kightlinger, Cathy Ladman, Rita Rudner, Kathleen Madigan and Judy Tenuta showed me that gender wouldn’t hold me back.  These were all women I saw all the time on Comedy Central, back when the network was still in its infancy (back when I had to spend many of my summer days at my grandparents’ house, watching Comedy Central in between trips to the nearby park).

Growing up watching Nick at Nite and the like, I also watched plenty of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, where I began to idolize Jo Anne Worley and Lily Tomlin (Jo Anne Worley is the reason why I wear scarves in my hair, and have bangs sweeping to one side with little curls in front of my ears).  I watched a lot of Saturday Night Live (with the original “Not Ready for Prime Time Players”), and Gilda Radner was an absolute hero to me.  Watching I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show is what made me a lifelong fan of Lucille Ball, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show made me want to be like Rhoda Morgenstern (played by Valerie Harper).

If men didn’t think women were funny, these women wouldn’t be the legends they are, and I hate the fact that their existence and importance is being so casually ignored.

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What did you think of One Punch Man?

I finished it recently.

It was very fun, seeing the creative and weird creatures and heroes. The action is very good.

I suppose its biggest weakness is with the main character. Not that his personality sucks, mind you. His personality is very interesting, as this anime is a deconstruction of an overpowered god-like character. The show plays it smart and just makes it an action comedy. (THE MOSQUITO SCENE. MY SIDES)

However, that is the biggest problem. Saitama is still overpowered. Any time they try to make something dramatic, you know Saitama’s not going to lose and that can suck out tension.

But yeah, it’s a lot of fun, certainly worth a binge.


It’s really INSANE. But I think I’m kind of, just a little bit tempted to ship these D:


I’m not expecting any (romantic) love from this movie. Just a lot of action and comedy. There will be moving scenes too, of course. I mean I just want a group of geeky baddasses super hero friends kicking the bad guys’ butts. But even if there’s any hint about any character having feelings for another character I don’t want to ship anything BEFORE I watch the movie!!!!!! HELP!!! 

It’s CRAZY. I just saw these two pictures and my head went right away: I ship it. WTF.

  • If there’s a prize for rotten judgement. I guess I’ve already won that. No ship is worth the aggravation. That’s ancient history, been there, done that!