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What anime world would you wake up in tomorrow based on your Zodiac sign?

Aries/Taurus: Haikyuu!! (yass, help raise that little chicken nugget into a volleyball pro! Plus you get to be in the team! 😆)

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Virgo: Attack on Titan (good luck you poor people🙏)

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Aquarius: Sword Art Online (emm, what can I say? Good luck I guess? 😂)

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Libra: Boku no Hero Academia (discover your quirk, fight villains and act as a wingman to push those ships closer to becoming canon. What’s not to love?💪)

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Scorpio: Kuroko no Basket (lucky, you get to be friends with the skittle squad 😂)

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Gemini/Pisces: Gintama (you get the ultimate package! Comedy, romance, action and surprisingly a lot of tears 😜)

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Cancer: Fairy Tail (this would be one of the most fun worlds to wake up to in my opinion 👌)

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Capricorn: Tokyo Ghoul (more likely to die from how depressing this anime is than getting eaten by a ghoul 😢 on a positive note you’ll be there just in time for the events of Re to start! Roll on 2018 😂)

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Leo: Soul Eater (how freaking awesome would it be to be a meister or to be able to turn into a weapon? 😱)

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Sagittarius: Assassination Classroom(need I say more? You literally have the best teacher ever 🐙)

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I got a lot of people asking me to do another anime astrology post, so here you go! 😊

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Can I have headcannons or scenerios where the s/o of Bakugou, Todoroki, Midoriya and Kirishima (seperately) has a mirroring quirk where they can copy the looks of whoever she chooses and one day decides to copy them and be embarassing in the guy's bodies (possibly around 1-A)? As in dancing on desks, kissing in the copied body, behaving with the wrong personality, dressing up different, Etc.?

Ah, I think I’ve seen this request on a few other blogs! I’m really excited to try this out for myself. I hope I do it justice!


Bakugō Katsuki 爆豪 勝己

• He’s super pissed off. He doesn’t do well with embarrassment, and this situation is extremely embarrassing for him and others involved.

• Still, they’re his s/o and he’s not completely infuriated with them. But he will threaten to blow them up if they continue.

• The most embarrassing thing they’ve done as him is flirt with Deku. Everyone in the class’ jaws dropped. Deku was shaking. Even Aizawa looked amused.

• He was so flustered when he found out about that. The realization came when Kirishima made a comment about “not knowing he felt that way about Deku.”

• He loves his s/o to death, but sometimes he wants to just blow them up. This is one of those instances.


Todoroki Shōto 轟 焦棟


• He’s more flustered about it than anything else. He’s not mad, he just doesn’t know why they find this entertaining. Then again, he doesn’t find most things entertaining to begin with.

• It’s really hard to make a Todoroki mad (but Endeavor succeeds all the time) so it’s not much of a risk for his s/o to do these things. They know he’ll still love them afterwards and that it’s just a little prank.

• The most embarrassing thing they’ve done is sing a song loudly and very off-key during lunch.

• He was there for it, too. Everyone knew it wasn’t actually Todoroki doing this, but it sure was funny to see. Not for him, of course. He was afraid he’d catch something on fire from pure embarrassment.

• He thinks his s/o is silly. Obviously they’re on their way to becoming a hero, and the public really likes heroes that are down to earth and relatable. He knows more than anyone that there’s something about them that everyone just falls in love with.


Midoriya Izuku 緑谷 出久


• Save him. He’s never mad at his s/o when they do these things, but maybe he should be. His face always turns bright red and he starts to sweat a lot. It really stresses him out.

• Still, he does manage to find a little humor in it. He puts himself in someone else’s shoes; someone from the class who’s just watching these instances from afar. Then it would be pretty funny.

• The most embarrassing thing they’ve done is take off their (or rather, his) shirt in the middle of class. He was ready to die right then and there.

• Obviously everyone knew it was his s/o since there were two Izuku’s in the class, but it was still really funny. Not for Izuku himself though, he was mortified.

• He does joke with his s/o about it a lot. He says that this is useful training for how to react to embarrassing situations in the future. Hey, at least he finds a positive.


Kirishima Eijirō 切島 鋭児


• It’s a bit hard to act goofy in Kirishima’s body since no one would really be able to tell the difference.

• For real, if they did any of those three aforementioned scenarios, it would just be another normal day in the life of Kirishima. Okay, that’s a little extreme, but you know what I mean.

• The only embarrassing thing they could come up with was just flirting with himself (aka the real Kirishima). This lasted the entire day without either of them getting bored or too embarrassed to continue. It was amazing, actually.

• Kirishima was having the time of his life that day. It was weird complimenting himself, but he liked being complimented by his s/o. By the end of the day, no one knew which was his s/o and which was the real Kirishima.

• Kirishima finds a lot of humor in their little pranks. He’s the only one who wouldn’t get really embarrassed. He might blush every now and then, but he’s usually in on the joke too.

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Hey Minty! Fast question: what kind of animes do you watch? (I love your art)

COMEDY SHIT IS MY SHIT! I don’t really like sad stuff. I like hero stuff a lot too! Watching and reading BNHA atm. Watched One Punch Man too.

In here you can find my boyfriend Genos….he’s mine….BACK OFF!


I really like High School life comedy genres too, like Toradora!(Love the art style)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is AMAZING.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun I like it a lot too SUPER HILARIOUS.

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ML fic recs? On Ao3 or tumblr I don't mind but I'm new to the fandom and stumbled across he knows now and loved it so anything with fluff and angst and anything really would be great

Oh man you better be prepared *cracks knuckles*

And Then Ladybug Tossed Chat Like A Frisbee – Collab by myself and @squirrellygirlart it is Ladynoir crack and it is awesome I promise you

The Gaming Club — by @midnightstarlightwrites with art from @edendaphne it is an older Chat AU where the two heroes are now in college. And it’s a reverse crush AU so lots of Chat and Adrien crushing on Marinette.

Adrienette for Seven Minutes@pozolegirl It’s Adrientte fluff wonderfulness

Curiosity and Satisfaction@imthepunchlord It’s marichat gold, also and Enemies Au.

Decide Toi– by aphelionsanathema this is one of my favorites but sadly it is unfinished and I’m not sure if the author intends on finishing it or not but either way it is an amazing read!!! Marichat and Adrienette

Mon Dieu! – by mooncactus It is Adrienette, and it is short and satisfying

Pick Up and Chase@skaylanphear It’s cute!!! so cute adrienette comedy and fluff and wonderfulness.

Tales of Miss Fortune@marinette-buginette Another enemies Au with some sin this time. Honestly I love this author she is brilliant!!! If you even want sin she is the one to go to- she writes it beautifully.

I have more recs I will be adding to this list after I get out of class. For now Happy Reading!!!

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hello there. could you make a proper post about ragnarok? your tags are teasing me & i wanna know what you liked about it. personally i was vibrating with excitement throughout, it was so good. after all the dark, boring marvel stuff, finally some quality fun. everything a blockbuster should be, done right. (with enough brothering to warm my samndean heart)

hi there, anon, I’d be delighted. Though coherent film reviews aren’t really my business, this movie was just–supremely delicious enough to make it happen.

THOR: RAGNAROK spoilers below.

Vibrating with excitement is a great way to describe the experience of seeing this movie, and for that I think we need to start with a little background. Anyone who reads my tags on a regular basis knows that, truly, #taika waititi is my hero. Why, though? Well, to start with, he is a genius, and what he’s a genius at is a particular kind of comedy. A lot of people say that there’s a particularly New Zealand sense of humor to his films–not being a Kiwi I don’t know that I could say, either way. However, if you’re a fan of Flight of the Conchords or Rhys Darby, you can hear the echoes of that comedy style throughout his work. It’s whimsical, clever, self-deprecating, ranges from surrealist to subtle. What it is not, ever, is mean-spirited. Sometimes there’s a light jab to the ribs, but it is always, always given with a quirk of a smile. Such a refreshing thing, especially given how… cruel comedy can be, in the wrong hands.

What’s more important than his skill with comedy, though, is the way he’ll layer in real, true feeling–and never makes it schmaltzy. If you’re forced to watch a “feel-good family film” from a lesser director, there will be ‘funny’ moments (often based in personal humiliation and mockery), there will be brief drama (usually melodrama), and there will be moments of poignancy where everyone realizes that they really do love each other, after all. Puke. Contrast here Waititi’s masterpiece–yes, screw you, it’s a masterpiece–Hunt for the Wilderpeople. This movie is genuinely, laugh-out-loud funny–and it also made me cry, genuinely, at the same time that it made my whole chest full and warm with sympathetic joy. The man knows how to layer in emotion with his humor in a way that doesn’t make the audience feel cheaply manipulated. When Ricky Baker earns his happy ending at the end of Wilderpeople, your face hurts from smiling and your eyes are wet, and–if you’re me–you feel grateful, to be treated like an adult by a director. Such a joy not to feel dragged along like a simpleton, not to feel like the script was written with crayon. (No spoilers for Wilderpeople, but if you’re reading this and you haven’t seen it, you fucking should. I think it’s streaming on Amazon right now.)

So. Then we came to Thor. I didn’t have high hopes for the character’s franchise after Thor: The Dark World (though I did like that movie more than most people, it seems). However, as soon as Waititi was attached, my immediate reaction was shock and then a thrill, and holy shit, did he deliver.

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when I saw that Aizawa screamed Mic's name I liteRally ImAgiNED HIM DOING A FLYING DROP KICK AND SNORTED SO HARD I ALMOST DROPPED MY TEA OMG. I beg of you. I'm not even the same anon but pleeeeaaase tell me what those kids thought when they saw their sensi go berserker

Okies, first thing’s first, this request is a continuation of THIS request:

Second of all, thank you for this amazing message my lil’ sapling! Your reaction made me laugh so hard, I really needed a chuckle since I’m a wee bit sleepy but either way, I hope you have a heckin’ amazing day and that you enjoy these headcanons and I’m sorry if they aren’t quite right!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

📖 The entire class goes dead silent.

📖 They had already been shocked by the fact that their teacher had such a young, pretty sister and now that sister was kissing their English teacher, it was too weird.

📖 Add that on top of the whole Shouta screaming issue, then yeah, the kids weren’t sure what to do.

📖 They start whispering amongst themselves about you, curious and a little doubtful at first, though as the scene played out before them, the decided you weren’t anyone they had to worry over.

📖 “Hey Aizawa-sensei…why didn’t you tell us you were Yamada-Sensei’s brother in law?” – Mina, the poor, unafraid soul, was the one to ask and the one to cop the wrath of Aizawa, gaining herself a lot of dorm cleaning duty as punishment.

📖 After this, the rest of the class dropped the issue, gossiping again the moment he was distracted!

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What do you think of Nat's reaction to Jess dating Roger in Spider-Woman #17?

Thank you for asking about this anon, because I really want to talk about it! For those of you who aren’t aware, Natasha showed up in the last issue of Spider-Woman to basically, be a huge jerk.

Jessica: What possible right could you have to judge?
Natasha: Well, you see, I was a particularly impressive super-spy. Quite possibly the best ever. Whereas your boy down there… strictly d-list. We’re already expected to bite our tongues about your career change. You belong in the big leagues and everyone knows it.

In this issue: Natasha dismisses Jessica’s new romantic relationship with the ex-villain Roger Gocking, and Jessica’s decision to leave the Avengers to work smaller cases as a PI.

So, it’s pretty clear that Natasha in this issue is mostly the guest-star prop used to define and reiterate Spider-Woman’s themes. It would probably be more “IC” to use Carol in this role, as it’s similar to the role she played in Alias, but Natasha had already been featured in Spider-Woman as the person trying to get Jess back with the Avengers. Part of the reason for this, of course, is that Hickman was completely ignoring the developments in Spider-Woman during his Avengers run and Hopeless & co. had to play fix-it. For these reasons it’s difficult to see this issue as organic character development for Natasha. And that’s okay.

Natasha has been nosy and opinionated when it comes to her friends love lives before. She wanted Clint and Melissa Gold to hook-up and was horrified when Clint started shacking up with Moonstone instead. She played matchmaker for Hercules when she was leading the Avengers and perhaps most famously conspired with Foggy Nelson to end Matt’s controlling relationship with Heather Glenn. She’s usually well-meaning but not particularly nice. So on that level this has precedent.

What doesn’t have precedent is Natasha’s insistence on the A-list/D-list superhero dichotomy. This is actually a recurring trope in comics themselves, particularly when they star women. Carol’s struggle to make the A-list is the initial theme of Ms. Marvel vol. 2, and her current series is about her struggles as the universe’s premier heroine. Hopeless’s Spider-Woman, by contrast, is about Jessica’s rejection of super-hero social climbing for personal happiness. And then you have stuff like Marvel Divas, where the “A-list” heroines are something for the book’s heroines to define themselves against:

Monica: Who invited the A-listers?
Patsy: My agent. Apparently, Sue Richards couldn’t put my last book down. Ditto the other glamazons.

I always thought this A-list/D-list dichotomy showed up in stories about women because comic writers take a lot of their writing cues from teen comedy cliques. But I’ve gotten a lot of weird asks about whether I like D-list heroines over the years, so now I think some fans like to identify themselves with the underdog in the form of these semi-obscure heroes.

But it’s not something that makes any kind of in-universe sense for Natasha to buy into. Her stories require her to be something of an outsider among her peers— because of her lack of powers, her villainous history, and her general Byronic qualities. Her career as a spy, moreover, requires her to keep a low profile, even if out of universe she is now treated as an iconic Avenger.

I do think Natasha would be alienated by Jessica’s choices for other reasons. Before the Hopeless Spider-Woman series, Natasha was framed as Jessica’s Avengers semi-mentor and new friend, so Jessica’s rejection of the Avengers could seem like a rejection of that friendship. Natasha also once refused the Avengers to do street-level stuff with her boyfriend, Daredevil, and that turned out to be a mistake. But more than that, Jessica’s decision to focus on personal fulfillment and happiness is totally alien to Natasha’s worldview. Natasha does what she does because she feels obligated to, not because it makes her happy.

Alternatively: she likes Jess, and she’s just jealous.

Panels from Spider-Woman #17 and Marvel Divas #1.

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3 recommendations: Lan Chi-comes in later. Can find lots of raws at manhuatai. Bit of a slow burn. The Hero Suddenly Proposed- based off light novel 내 학생이 사이코패스일리가 없어 - Korean webtoon. Roughly translates to "My Student Couldn't be a Psychopath". Dark comedy with many interesting characters

I couldn’t find a link to Lan Chi since I can’t navigate manhuatai (and I assume it has not been translated?), but The Hero Suddenly Proposed To Me can be found quite easily. Here’s at least one link for the manga, and some light novel and web novel translations. I’ve actually heard of it before, I thought it had already been featured here, but I guess not. 

As for  내 학생이 사이코패스일리가 없어, has it been translated? I was only able to find it in Korean by googling the name, which is a pity. Maybe someone will find it this way and take up translating it. 

Edit: someone cleared things up for me and said that Lan Chi has already been translated, I looked it up and assume it’s referring to this series?

How to make a rival

So this post is for the most part my opinions on what makes a good rival character and I’m mainly doing this because I feel having a good rival can really help you make your protagonist that much stronger because they often challenge them to improve and develop beyond what they could do on their own.
I’m also mainly going to be covering a few different types of rivals and how I think they work as well as providing examples of said archetypes that I think really show off why it works.

Friendly Rival:

So this is probably one of the harder ones to pull off because oftentimes I feel like people focus on the friendly aspect and this often leads to these sorts of characters to feel distinctly unlike a rival because it never feels like they’re actually trying to challenge the main character. In my opinion the best way of avoiding creating an overly friendly rival is to keep the friend aspect, but also having a shared goal between the rival and protagonists that drives them to better each other while also potentially having them butt heads from time to time.
I personally think Pinich from Dragon Ball Fusions is a great example of this, because while we don’t get much one on one time between him and the protagonist of the game, I love the fact that their friendship gives off the genuine vibe of two kids just trying to one up each other. There’s also never any feeling of ill will between the characters which really makes it feel much more like a friendly rivalry between two kids trying to prove which one of them is stronger.

Bitter Rival:

Next up is probably the most common depiction of a rival, a bitter rivalry is usually depicted with two characters who completely despise each other for a multitude of reasons and can be mutual or one sided depending on the character’s motivations.
When it comes to depicting this type of rivalry, I think a key aspect to always include is the characters reasoning for said rivalry as it provides context to your audience as to why they act the way they do. On top of motivation I also think you should take into account how the rival interacts with other characters as it can be a really good way of showing the differences in how they normally interact as opposed to when they’re talking to the protagonist.
A good recent example of this is Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia who quite clearly has a lot of pride in himself/his quirk. However once Deku really starts standing up for himself and pushing forward Bakugou is thrown through a loop, because his entire cocky attitude is based around being better than people and seeing someone he previously wrote off as worthless outshine him is an unbearable idea to him and this is a catalyst for his growth as the story continues.

Unknown Rival:

Finally we’ve got a more comedic example of a rival, because this kind of character tends to be a lot worse than the person they’re trying to be to the point where they didn’t even realise that they thought of them as a rival. I think this type of rivalry works better in a more comedy oriented story as it can be a small character gag that said rival is either completely inept or so far behind the character they’re trying to beat that they have very slim chances of ever beating them.
My personal favourite example of this is Genos from One Punch Man, because on top of the comedic aspects of his relationship with Saitama, there’s also the fact that it feels like they have a legitimate friendship with how they interact even despite the fact that Genos clearly takes things a lot more seriously because of his personality.

i know a lotta people around here didnt like him and are gonna be like “hahaha i told you so” but im honestly super fucked up about louis ck being a rapist. he was one of my personal heroes, hes an amazing filmmaker and his comedy is philosophical and it made me laugh at things noone else could make me laugh at. its what made me feel better when i had anxiety. it was the closest thing to a religious text i followed.

i wanna just enjoy his comedy separately from the person he was but thats difficult given how personal his comedy was and how uncomfortable a lot of his jokes seem in retrospect

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Hey um.. Im pretty new to anime well not i knew about it but i only watched two animes (but i honestly forgot most of the content) and i need some help to choose what to watch

Well let’s see…I’ll give you some recommendations based on genre.  I’ll make sure to recommend stuff that isn’t too long.

If you wanna watch something with lots of action, I suggest My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Gurren Lagann, and most of all Fullmetal Alchemist.  If you want action that’s a bit more “ecchi” (nudity and such) I highly recommend Kill la Kill.

If you’re in the mood for some slice-of-life, check out Azumanga Daioh or Nichijou.  The former is a bit slow with some great humor, and the latter is very hyper-active with over-the-top comedy.  Both are very cute.

If you want a comedy adventure anime, try KonoSuba.  It has a good amount of fanservice, so be wary.  All the characters are hilarious, though.

If you like a traditional magical girl anime, Tokyo Mew Mew is my favorite one.  I also suggest Cardcaptor Sakura (the sub), and Little Witch Academia.  (I’d suggest Sailor Moon, but that is a terribly long series.)

If you want an anime that will completely blow your mind with plot twists and psychological themes, try Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Paranoia Agent (this one has a few adult themes).  You can also try out School Live if you prefer something a bit more…scary.

If you wanna watch something that will make you cry, I highly /highly/ recommend AnoHana a.k.a “The Flower We Saw That Day.”  I gotta warn you, though.  I cried on the first episode.

If you’re into anime movies, then boy do I have tons of suggestions:  Wolf Children, Spirited Away, Paprika (this one’s a bit trippy), Tokyo Godfathers, Your Name, My Neighbor Totoro, Summer Wars, and The Girl Who Lept Through Time.

I legit cried listening to the A Happy Beginning snippet. It just encompasses the heart of the show for me. Because it’s two people finding happiness, starting a new story, having faith in each other and a whole community and family knowing that they can overcome anything together. And maybe it’s Polyanna but you know I don’t want to be a cynic. That’s why I love OUAT. In a television landscape full of grimdark realities/fantasies, snarky, sarcastic, self-aware comedy, and anti-hero :epics” this show has the courage to be unapologetically upbeat and hopefully. And I need that in my life. I think everyone needs some of that in their life. 

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How do I know if my story idea is worth to explore and actually write or if it's boring and has been used a thousand times already and is actually a pretty bad idea....?

Well, there’s no checklist for this. “Worth to explore” is a purely subjective idea that will get you a different answer from everyone you meet. Same with “boring”. 

How many people read romance novels when they know the basic ending? A lot. How many people watch action movies knowing the hero is going to triumph anyway? A lot. Some people think dramas are boring while others think comedies are boring. 

A good idea isn’t about originality, but how you decide to work with it. A cliche story can still be good to people who are looking for pure escapism and just happen to like certain tropes, or you can bring fresh ideas to genres by playing with tropes. It all depends on what you want to write.

So, just write it anyway! Especially if it’s something you might enjoy. No idea is truly 100% original, but if you’re really worried about cliches, then learn about them. Learn what they are for the genre you’re working with and then think of ways to subvert them. Learn how things typically play out and see if you can alter it. 

There’s a reader for every well-written story (and sometimes even poorly written ones) so just write what you want to. If you’re worried, then research and figure out what you want to avoid.

Good luck with everything!


It’s amazing how we went from season 1 to season 2 and it became a completely different show…(by the way, they’re all only supposed to be in their early teens).

Today’s rambles are about Reikenzan! An under the radar anime I very much enjoyed last year, and was looking forward to this year…but now not so much.

Talk continues behind the cut.

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BHNA Season 1: A critique.

Let me begin with this:

The first season of Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) is full of its ups and downs and I personally just don’t think it translates well onto the screen.

I’ve never watched a show that’s so confused on what it wants to be. Action thriller, Adventure, Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, etc. It’s such a mess and I honestly couldn’t tell what it defined itself as.

Deku (Our Protagonist) has a clear fear of himself and what he can (and in earlier episodes, what he cannot do) and is very confused on what his personality is. One moment he is a scared cat, next moment he’s the savior. One moment he’s bland to not only me and himself, but to the other characters. Then the very next moment he’s the most popular kid. (With exceptions.) It really doesn’t give him a clear image, and maybe that’s what the writer was going for, yet I just don’t see in him what others do. With or without his quirk, he still has the same issues as most other protagonists. I honestly think that the writer would do a great job at rewriting Dragon Ball Z better*. (Not a jab at him or her, I just see similar ways that stories are written.) It also seems that neither him nor the other characters can figure Deku out, which can be an issue when a character is supposed to grow as a person.

Another issue is that I clearly see holes in not only the plot, but its characters too. The motives and visions behind some motives of the side characters or main characters are half-assed at some moments and at others you can tell that someone wrote something.  Just anything to give the sense of reason for hate, guilt, whatever it may be. I personally found some of the motives uninspired and lazy. A Key Figure for this claim being Bakugo. (Which I will not go into detail here for need to keep off spoilers.)

However, I do give props towards the way they explained All Might and his struggle. As time progresses, he learns more about being a Hero, which is ironic due to the nature of his job. The story really does try it’s best to show All Might in a good light, explaining not only the reasoning behind his powers, (Which personally I didn’t mind to be the GREATEST.) but also gave him a good enough resolve to help Midoriya and himself. He shows at some points what it really means to be a ‘hero,’ by the terms of the show, and makes the show all the much better to watch.

I appreciate the constant inclusion of the side members, helps us remind us they’re there. Buuuut, some scenes could have been done without them and it would have played out the same if not better.

Short review: BNHA is a fair bit of fun if you enjoy action and stories that progress fast. it’s far from being perfect, or even a good anime in my pretentious idea set, but it’s good fun for wasting time or watching with a friend if you’re bored. The characters are flamboyant and while forgettable, really do set themselves apart from one another, each with their own face and identity. There are many jokes that will make you laugh half the time, and groan others. Would I recommend watching this? Not really, but I still had a bit of fun.

I give this show a rating of 60/100. Passable, but not perfect by any means.

Do not send hate for differing opinions. They will get no response. This is my opinion and my opinion alone. If you thought some of the points were made incorrectly, message me on here or on Discord @ “matt-toro#2918″

* Funnily enough, I found that Christopher Sabat, who voices All Might, voiced Piccolo and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z.

This is… SPOILER!

A transformation phase of… someone ;) 

 A tribute to One`s Onepunch Man. Awesome hero-comedy which everyone should at least try to read! Despite One`s clumsy drawings of manga ;) The further story goes, the better, more complex and interesting it becomes.

There were lots of so funny moments.. Yesterday I laughed so much in last ~20 chapters that I felt nausea and acute pains in cheeks. One`s sense of humor is priceless!
I Wish for Infinite Wishes! - uravity1031 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Word Count: 916

Kaminari found this totally-not-suspicious bottle under the tree at the park and… hilarity ensues.

Part of Inktober for Writers 2017 on Tumblr – Day 23: Wishes


[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (7/15)The Avengers

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I hope to god kai's replacement is My hero... I mean yeah it's slow at the start but picks up speed.

I’m positive My Hero Academia will show up to the block sooner or later! The only reason we haven’t gotten it yet is because other streaming services paid big money to secure the rights before Toonami. I personally think the show would be a perfect Toonami show! Lots of action, lots of comedy, and lots of best girls~