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What do you think the chocobros(and Ardyn) ideal honeymoon would be? (*´・v・) (can be nsfw o (◡‿◡✿) )

Aww, this is super cute! I’ve never actually done an Ardyn ask before since he makes me super angry but I’ll give it a try. <3


I have a feeling like this guy would somehow manipulate his way into like renting out some old historical castle or something similar and just have the honeymoon there. Probably also the wedding. It’ll be opulent and over the top (he’d hire people to act as servants and stuff too) so he can be king for however long the honeymoon is. He’ll definitely try to drag out the honeymoon as much as he can so he can act like big boss king man, with you being his queen.


Somewhere remote and secluded with a spa – so somewhere like Galdin Quay, but further away from home. He doesn’t want anybody finding you and him together and like Ardyn, he’s going to try to stretch this honeymoon out as long as he possibly can before he’s got to go back to reality and work as King. There will be lots of sleeping (and lazy morning sex because this is Noctis we’re talking about here), looooots of cuddling. Just you and him and nobody else. Do not disturb sign will be stuck to the doorknob at the hotel pretty much at all times.


MOOGLE CHOCOBO CARNIVAL. Hands down. Prompto is going to do everything he can to get the two of you to go and you guys will be out and about every single day doing having so much fun, eating loads of food, riding chocobos. Prompto is going to take thousands of pictures. At night when you two get back to the hotel, he’s going to not so subtly ask if  you want to ride something else instead of a chocobo. ;)


A cruise that makes stops in historic cities along the coast. That way every day is a completely different experience than the previous one.  New city every day, new food, new places to explore, cheesy gifts from tourist shops because Ignis totally secretly collects these things. Iggy’s cellphone is off – This is solely his time with you and he wants every single second of it to be with you. No distractions.


Like Iggy, cell is off. This is you and Gladdy time and nobody else is invited. You two are going on a very long camping trip and it’s going to be a blast. Giant comfy fires? Check. Scenic view every morning? Check. ….Outdoor sex with nobody else for miles around? CHECK. The amount of noise the two of you make is going to scare off any dangerous animals too. ;)

I drew this today because I want to talk about a thing. A woman asked me the other day about who my favorite Disney Princess was and I answered Snow White. Which is what I always answer for that question (because it gets asked a lot surprisingly)  because Snow White has been my favorite since I was a kid. And every time I always get the same response of “Oh but Snow White sucks! She’s so pathetic/ naive/ helpless/ ugly/ useless/etc. Why on earth would you like her the best?” And it always irritates me, especialy because I get this response from both men and women. So I decided that I wanted to explain why I like her… in a read more! And please, if you’re interested I’d invite you to read it because it’s also kind of some of my thoughts on female portrayals in general.

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