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Yknow what I love about Brian’s route?

Usually, in dating sims, the bachelors have some flaw or problem or emotional/psychological hurdle that they need to resolve/manage, and it’s you’re job, as the protagonist and love interest, to help them do it. Most dating sim routes have this element, and it keeps you engaged and hoping that everything goes well for the person you’re courting.

But in Brian’s route… It’s YOUR flaws that need to be examined. The main character is totally projecting his own insecurities, likely due in part to his relationship with his own father. BRIAN is fine. He’s an emotionally healthy, stable, loving person. He’s not insecure or in need of rescue. He’s not hiding behind a facade or struggling with himself in any way. He’s just a single dad who genuinely loves making friends and being a good dude. It’s the MC who needs HIS help, and that is something I can honestly say I’ve never seen in a dating sim. It’s really cool, and Brian definitely doesn’t get enough love.

(Also the fact that the writers use the budding sisterly relationship between Amanda and Daisy to sell the player on his route, even though the main character doesn’t like him, is adorable. Oh, and, since MC’s canon celeb crush is Mario Batali, who’s a heavyset ginger, it’s extra cute.)


Marie surprising Eliza during her interview at SDCC

Okay, awake again, haha. Not gonna lie, I woke up with some pretty potent anxiety, enough to make me extremely shaky. Thankfully, this anxiety was put to rest soon enough, as I only got two messages; both supporting me. Appreciate them, mates! I probably won’t publish them, they’re both Anon and I have nothing to add, but thank you two for the kind words!

So, seems like nothing else is known about the Cult End. The rumor of it being a DLC ending is getting very popular, which I honest to god hate, because that actually is misinformation being spread and considered fact. It was only a theory someone posted at first as to what the fate of the ending is, and now people think it’s definite proof, despite the fact that Joseph’s writer (What was his name??? God I can never remember) confirmed there’s an ending we haven’t seen, and Arin Hanson (Joseph’s voice-actor) giving smug vague tweets about there being “No secret ending.”

At this point, it seems likely the Cult End is bugged, and something is messing up the triggers. It’s most likely the two “Walk Mary Home” scenes; only one was supposed to play, but the second one that plays messes up the checks for the route’s ending.

So, I managed to get some more info on possible confirmations that the Cult End is, indeed, something we should be able to get with the base game, without DLC. And it seems very likely indeed, the Dadbook answers are a key to getting the Cult End, and also elude to Joseph’s less than stellar nature.

Have a look at what some people managed to find with each answers, and how they correspond either positively or negatively to one another.

Notice how Joseph has both interesting responses to certain answers? Such as how he likes thinking about the end of the world, but dislikes conspiracy theories?

And finally… the artist of Dream Daddy’s backgrounds has something we haven’t seen yet. It’s the background we saw in the data-mine, but it appears to be in the daylight.

Guys. At this point, I can’t believe this Cult End was scrapped DLC for a later date. Not just because of the fact that the achievement linked to the end is still active, but because so much info just points to it being something possible to gain in game, right at release.

Cult Ending is glitched, that’s all I can think of as to why an ending that should be in the game right from the start has still yet to be found, especially in a game this popular, with not many options to go through.

So, I didn’t doodle as much as I had wanted to when we were flying on Singapore, though they had excellent service and the stewardesses were incredibly polite.
I saw some concept art of Pitch prior at the airport when I was checking messages on my phone and wanted to attempt a version similar to one I saw, creating a character and personality to go with it in my head.
(which Pitchy isn’t amazing for a name, but meh, it’s staying and I plan on drawing more of him at some point. Just love the look and couldn’t resist the snaggle-tooth! Will play around with his appearance a bit too.)

My husband ordered me the Rise of the Guardians Art book and I can’t wait for it to arrive!
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

Heres my list for creatures added by my Oblivion mod. Its a WIP and it’ll take me a while to add everything. One thing to note, even though I’m writing “Flesh Atronach Dog” or “Flesh Atronach Goblin”, they’re just called Flesh Atronach in game. Also, just because a creature is on this list, doesn’t mean you’ll encounter it commonly. For example, the spirits of animals are extremely rare, and at most you might encounter one or two in a play through. This is super long, so I’m putting it under a cut:

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holy fuck i got stoned with my bf and my cousins bf outside and then we tried to get in and the door was locked (there’s 15 ppl asleep in the house and the wooden deck is LOUD) so i being the only one w shoes goes around front to check and i barely miss my aunt suzie opening the door!!! and then she locks it so i go back around and nobody’s there like anywhere and so I check the doors and they’re locked!!! And I’m alone !!!!! Outside!!!!!!!! they got me eventually but i was jus freakin out