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I’d like to thank The Punisher (2017-) for introducing me to Dinah Madani, Curtis Hoyle, David and Sarah Lieberman and their kids who are now all officially members of my family

people need to understand that drawing piper with features that are clearly inspired by white european beauty standards sends a message. piper is a character who is considered beautiful, and if you draw her with no distinct native features then that reveals some prejudice you hold that you need to unlearn. like… basically it comes across that you think beautiful is synonymous with whiter features, lighter skin/hair/eyes… even if it wasn’t on purpose it’s something you need to start thinking about and changing.

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Can you recommend a good angst fan-fiction with Jason?

Lol, aren’t all Jason’s fanfics angst?

Okay but on a more serious note, it’s funny that you sent me this because the other day I have just finished re-reading my favorite Jason-centered fanfiction of all time: “If He Had Come” by bronwe_iris on AO3, which I would be recommending to you and everyone else reading this.

This fanfic here is so beautiful and hear-wrenching at the same time. Without spoiling anything it basically takes place in the video game universe where instead of killing Jason, the Joker kidnap him instead and torture him for months up until Bruce finally come in and saves him, but don’t worry aside from that small detail everything is still the same as comic’s canon.

So the entirety of the story is about broken Jason coming back to his old home and being angry with Bruce (Who is a total guilt mess in this fanfic) For taking too long to save him and for replacing him with another boy as Robin when he was missing, it also explore how his relationship was with Dick at that time period, his newer relationship with Tim, the fact that he is now going to be in their family, finding out that Barbara got paralyzed by the Joker and basically just trying to figure out how things are going to be from now on.

No one is acting out of character, no one is villainized, everyone realize their own mistakes and work on making them better. All in all it is the perfect mix between angst, family, hurt and comfort.

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Nightcrawler trying to find a way to hold more swords and being weighed down by them. Logan shakes his head in the background. (Doodle suggestion)

(yes, I’m still getting to these. XD)
This is sort of what you wanted, right?

solo triplets headcanons // the cuddling edition

  • all three love to cuddle, ok? like their cuddle addicts but ben and matt are more open and vocal about it than kylo, obvi
  • ben especially tho like this boy will just wrap himself around you like a friggin octopus, limbs everywhere because he just wants to be as close to you as humanly possible
  • ‘ben – i can’t move’
  • ‘why you want to leave me???’
  • matt is less clingy in that he won’t attack your personal space unless you’ve given the green light first
  • as soon as you say it’s snuggle time, that boy is spooning you to heaven and back
  • he likes when you face each other, legs and fingers intertwined, because looking at you with nothing but love in your eyes is the greatest sight life has offered him
  • kylo will deny his love of a good cuddle sesh in front of literally everyone
  • once it’s just the two of you tho – hoooo boy – he’s all soft touches, gentle kisses, and sweet whispers
  • he especially loves any cuddle position that will allow him to play with your hair it’s hella soothing for the both of you and you’ve ended up falling asleep in each others arms more times than you can count

Imagine Mingyu having his own YouTube channel where he vlogs about his daily life.

BONUS: Within the first month of him opening his YouTube channel, he quickly gains 1 million followers because he’s a natural at vlogging.

Fun fact: Around the end of elementary school and throughout middle school (so grades 4-8), I would often get made fun of for looking like Severus Snape. Mostly because my hair was shoulder length at the time and also because my nose was always made fun of for being big.

But I hadn’t read the hp series at the time and when I did later, Snape’s character didn’t register to me for some reason. So I was clueless when they made fun of me.


Purgatorio: Character Cast

I figured the time has come to share some brief bios about some of the characters I’m writing in Purgatorio, so…

Jane: Jane is the central protagonist in Purgatorio. She awakes outside the town of Midpoint with no memory of who she is or how she got there and quickly ends up working on brothel. Her interactions with Jones lead her to discover she’s actually in a realm of Purgatory, a clerical error in the Underworld’s sorting system. She sells her soul to Jones to avoid being placed in Hell where she belongs. The result of the the trade is that she now technically works for him and he’s insistent on having her help him understand why souls are disappearing from the Underworld.

Cas/Jones: King of the Underworld, God of the Dead, Lord of the Shadows, land lord of Midpoint, and etc. Jones has a lot on a his plate, considering he’s largely running all three dimensions of the Underworld by himself these days, but that doesn’t mean his work is lacking. When errors and “mistakes” start happening, he knows someone is trying to attack his kingdom. Thankfully, a shade just sold her soul to him, so he has a bit of guinea pig to test out ideas on and drag around for company. Or at least, that’s what he keeps telling himself.

Kaileigh: A fellow shade that works alongside Jane at the brothel. Unlike Jane, she doesn’t know she’s dead. She just knows that she likes money, champagne, and Doctor Young’s ward Emily. When the Madam disappears, it’s Kaileigh who nominates Jane to take over, though everyone would much rather it be Kaileigh. She’s kind and respectable, but lacks all sense of organization and leadership, and by her own admission she’s a huge gossip.

Helena: “The acting Queen of the Underworld” though she much rather preferred her old job of overseeing the Hell dimensions and occasionally collecting souls from Earth. The goddess tries her best to help her father manage the Underworld, but she’s overworked and underpaid. Some say she’s cruel and cold but she’s not, she’s just pragmatic. She can’t understand why her father has decided to bring along a damned shade everywhere he goes anymore and it’s become something of a sore topic between the two.

Emily: The talkative ward of Dr. Young, Emily helps him around Midpoint by acting as nurse and caring for the majority of his female patients. She’s gifted at medicine, but she doesn’t have the heart for it. She would much rather spend the day with Kaileigh and her sketchbook. Unfortunately, that means that she’s often dragged into whatever drama Kaileigh has managed to find herself in. Since the arrival of Jane, she’s found that this drama has increased considerably.

Seth: Resident trickster and chaos god. No one is entirely sure where he came from, but everyone knows he will fuck shit up. He’s made several attempts for Jones’ crown before, and fancies himself a king. He doesn’t mind that Jones keeps beating him back though because he’s dating Jones’ son Steve—or at least he was the last time he checked. Honestly, who knows, it’s been a minute. Jones is pissed off about it either way though, so does it matter to Seth? Not really.

Cam/Camille: The mother of Steve and Mallorie, the former Queen of the Underworld. What started as a whirlwind romance and elopement ended in a tragic divorce. Originally thought to be a nature goddess, she discovered her plants only grew in the Underworld; any that grew above ground were poisonous and led to mortal death. Note: Helena does not claim her as a mother.

Dosia: An agriculture goddess, if not THE agriculture goddess. She mothered Camille and has hated Jones for marrying her ever since the two eloped. She really doesn’t hate to say, “I told you so.”

Korinth: The god of love and sex. They adored Jones and Cam as a couple and since the divorce, they’ve been trying to find a nice girl to set Jones back up with. This has proved to be more of nuisance to Jones than anything else.

Jin: A technical employee of Jones, she’s the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery. She prefers solitude, but will help Jones when asked nicely.

Steve: An insanity god and Jones’ only son. His twin sister is Mallorie. He fancies himself a chaos god and is currently dating Seth.

Mallorie: An insanity goddess and Jones’ youngest daughter. Her twin brother is Steve. She is 100% down to party and encourage poor behavior.

Madam LaBelle: The original Madam of the brothel. She took Jane in when no one else would. Her and Jones had…a thing.

Maggie: A selfish shade at the brothel who is suspicious of Jane. She tries to take over after LaBelle disappears.

Dr. Lepus: He’s a doctor. He’s just late when it comes to healing them. But he heals them!

Meet Adelaide, commonly known as Della and the elemental master of Magic! This is pretty much the only artwork ready yet. I’m still working on the fanfic but when it’s ready, I will post it!

Feel free to send me asks about her - her personality, her powers, how she gets along with the others - I’ve got headcanons stacked up in Google Keep 😄

Feedback is appreciated ♥️

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