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Dear those who have been following my Todomomo comic strips,

First of all, thank you very much!

If you’ve noticed, I added a number in front of each of my comics, indicating their age when I set the event to happen.

I spend too much time to think about Todomomo, especially about their future that I already have a timeline thought out, including the start of their careers, engagement (a legit one will be made someday aside from the lighthearted one I made a while ago), marriage (already done, but may elaborate on or doodle a little on the newlyweds), the coming of a litTLe Todoroki (this is potentially dangerous for a sad being like me because it may actually kill me), family fight (it happens guys)….

I’m definitely not someone who follows things chronologically (and I prefer not to if given the choice, ultimately). I like giving stories from a random timeframes so that it feels like I’m always filling in gaps.

Those of you who know me surely also know I will make 70% of my works angstily sweet. I’m not much of a pure shojo creator.

Also, feel free to send me HCs or little thoughts or prompts/ideas on Todomomo! I’d love to see them to get inspiration.

Anyhow, thank you all again! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

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ngl it's nice to see someone excited for the season rather than bashing it and saying how bad its going to be

Warning: just slightly off-topic tangent ahead

Well, I think most of the dread in response to this upcoming season comes from a misinterpretation of the hints of storylines we’ve been given as a result of a mass disillusionment with the show. 

There’s been sorta a Supergirl = Bad mentality happening since like… mid-season 2, which has suppressed any positive stuff we’ve gotten. An episode that was mostly good, but with one rather negative (yet usually unsurprising?) aspect will result in multiple essays about that negative thing.

For instance—a brief glimpse of Mon-El in the new pretty well-liked trailer, and like 3 out of ten people can’t help but mention, “the only thing that ruined it was seeing Mon-El.”

Which is not to say that there isn’t actually a lot of bad stuff or that it shouldn’t be discussed. It’s not like I haven’t discussed my heavy disappointments with season 2.

It’s just that it’s like the news in some ways, the negative stuff is just naturally mentioned way more. Positivity is like cats being rescued from trees, it ends up being talked about only for the sake of reminding people that it’s not all bad. And if you watch the news all day, you’ll get a warped perception of how bad everything is.

So people have this idea that the Supergirl writers are incapable of writing anything good, because they don’t remember anything from season 2 being good. But that’s not actually the reality of the situation.

The truth is, pessimism is often mistaken for cold and pure logic, when it’s actually a defensive mindset.

Quite a few times, I’ve presented all the logical reasons that something bad isn’t likely to happen, and people will respond with “I just don’t trust the writers.”

That’s an emotional reaction, not a logical one.

Comparatively, I’ve got kinda a positivity vibe going, but I like to preserve long-term positive feelings as much as possible. 

Which means? Not getting my hopes up unless I’m at least like…idk, 80% sure of the evidence.

I don’t want Mon-El to be on the show anymore, but I was never under any illusion that he wouldn’t return. They left the mystery of where he went wide open, there was no way they wouldn’t resolve it.

So when I saw that he was definitely returning in that comic con magazine interview, I wasn’t even moderately surprised. So I wasn’t angry and disappointed, because I never thought he wasn’t going to return.

But when I posted the info, people were pissed and were saying that they weren’t going to watch season 3. Because they had thought he actually might not return.

And now, rumors have spread about Mon-El being married when he does return, and people are already celebrating the end of Karamel. 

But the info isn’t from a perfect or official source (It just broke that he was right about Saturn Girl showing up, so it’s looking more likely), and we don’t necessarily know that even marriage to someone else will result in them not being end game somehow. It being an arranged marriage, the death of his other love interest down the line, etc. could keep Mon-El on the show and in the running as Kara’s love interest.

A lot could happen, really. The creative team seems to like the chemistry between Melissa and Chris. But the relationship was also not written with longevity in mind (you can tell by the pacing), and perhaps they have other things they’d rather do (*cough* Brainiac 5 *cough*). 

It’s just too early to tell, and I’d advise people not to get their hopes up about this particular thing, one way or another.

But the point is, I am excited about season 3.

But I’m not being overly optimistic for thinking that Kara’s storylines—at least what we’ve been given evidence of so far, early in the season—are going to be pretty good.

You should definitely be critical of my points, but if you’re looking for some positivity, you can trust that my ideas aren’t simply wishful thinking.

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1st Sentence Meme: Molly lifted her chin, held Sherlock's gaze with more strength than she could have once upon a time, and challenged, "Was that supposed to scare me off?"

Molly lifted her chin, held Sherlock’s gaze with more strength than she could have once upon a time, and challenged, “Was that supposed to scare me off?”

She rolled her shoulders, frowning where Sherlock Holmes chuckled. His hands smoothed over her shoulders, drawing over her bicep. His fingers looped around her wrist. She returned the gesture.

“Elevated,” he said, with a brief raise of his eyebrows.

“What a pair we make,” she said, with a shrug, then a smile.

Send me the first sentence of a fic and a pairing, and I’ll give you the next five!

today me and my two-year-olds were discussing the logistics of spider-man crawling on our ceiling - namely, would he be able to? they brought such profound wisdom as “too high” and “hot light” and “Pider-man little” and though we weren’t able to come to a conclusion beyond We Love Spider-Man, i’m pretty sure this is what school is all about

Aroooo ~
Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
haha not gonna happen I’m afraid