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Enticing - Chapter 1: Want Me

Disclaimer: This is for mature audiences only! All gifs/photos are not mine!

Notes: I’m planning on making Enticing a long fanfic and all BTS members will be included~! I am aiming to make a cohesive story with character development and what not. So expect lots of story line and not just the nasty nasty~ There will be swearing and stuff (I can’t tell if that’s obvious or not, given mature audiences only) This is my first smut so be gentle. Be gentle~ ;) Shhh

     A drop of sweat ran down the side of his face after he asked me if I would be his girlfriend. My friends and I laughed as a cool autumn breeze passed by. The background was filled with the sound of rustling leaves and our laughter. He looked down at the ground.

“So is that a no?” Namjoon said shyly.

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humanities-strongest-beta  asked:

The wolf shifter growled as he was forced into the stage in nothing but his boxers. Chains held his hands and feet in place as his tail twitched behind him. A muzzle kept his jaws closed when a blindfold kept him hidden from the auction for him. ((SlaveLevi MasterWilliam?))


“God, it’s so boring today… the quality of merchandise is poor these days. I haven’t been able to buy anything for several auctions now.” William complained to his friend Rudgar, as he lazily fanned himself with the auction card he held, his number for bidding printed on it.

The reaper was looking for a thrill, something that could satisfy him, and entertain him for longer. His expectations were high, and so far no other pet could live up to them. But his eyes lit up when Levi was pushed onto the stage.

“Oh… kinky…” the reaper murmured with a litle smirk. I want that.

The price was announced, and other reapers started bidding, wanting to buy Levi. William at first just observed, his eyes wandering over the wolf shifter, deciding that he liked what he was seeing. And also, others were bidding vigorously, trying to outbid one another, so it only sparked William’s interest. He wanted to have something that others desired so much, he wanted to be the one they will envy.

“Fifty thousand.” William raised his card, his voice firmly announcing the price he wanted to offer. Few others wanted to outbid him, but finally William won, purchasing Levi for seventy five thousand.

Later on as the auction ended, William was invited backstage, and shown towards the cage where Levi was kept. He was handed a key to his chains, and sign the paper of ownership rights. Reaching out between the bars of the cage, William pulled off the blindfold from Levi’s eyes. “Wag your tail ‘hello’ for new master, puppy.” he smirked.