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Hey you said in your tags that you think the tenth Doctor is not honest and a flaming asshole. I'm just wondering why you think that because I don't think he is an asshole at all or that he is not honest a lot. I'm just curious about your opinion :)

Wow, this has been in my drafts for over a year. Maybe two. Maybe more. Sorry. It’s long. Under the cut.

First I’d like to put out a disclaimer that my favorite Doctor IS the Tenth Doctor and that I literally have a life-sized cardboard cut out of him in my room watching me sleep.

That being said, the Doctor in general is a flaming asshole. It’s a consistent throughout all his regenerations, even in his sweetheart soft-hearted butter-assed regenerations like Five and Eight. A well meaning asshole, but an asshole nonetheless.

Nine, Twelve, and even Six are a bit like cactus covered marshmallows. While still a bit douchey, they hide their soft vulnerable feelings of love and starvation for affection under scowls and sharp tongues.

I don’t think I have to explain why Eleven is an asshole. He’s basically those three inverted. A bouncy puppy on the outside but basically lies to everyone, including his own wife, and doesn’t let anyone see him who is.

To actually answer your question, Ten starts out as only vaguely assholey, kind of ignoring people who he’s not his #1 (aka Rose) and being rude. Like, beginner level asshole. Irritating asshole who everyone acknowledges is an asshole but its part of his charm almost.

Then Rose leaves and along comes Martha. Smart, good, beautiful, FUCKING BRAVE Martha. Yeah sure, she develops a crush on him, but she’s fully aware he’s not emotionally available, and he really drives that home in some dickish kind of ways. Bringing him to the planets he brought Rose and telling her about it, talking about how Rose would know what to do when Martha can’t seemingly come up with a solution, and don’t get me started on his martyr complex.

After Rose leaves, what little exists of the Doctor’s self preservation flies out the door into the vast vacuum of space. He starts to even show signs of suicidal ideation (not unlike Clara after Danny’s death, but at least she still managed to enjoy herself some of the time), which is really sad. Yeah, poor Doctor, he’s heartbroken, he’s depressed, he doesn’t really have the drive to do it anymore etc. Unfortunately, that carelessness and flirting with death often takes Martha along for the ride. 

He doesn’t really think of others feelings. Like, he taunts and yells at the daleks to kill him- never mind that Martha is here, and him dying would leave her stranded far from home. Still, that can be excused. He was trying to end the solution, he was desperate blah blah blah.

At the end of the Family of Blood, he invites Joan along to travel with them, a woman he (sort of) was romantically involved with, a woman who didn’t really get along with Martha, and a woman who, as a product of her time, was also racist. Without even asking Martha! 

Martha does more for the Doctor than a majority of the nuwho companions do, and he practically forgets about her when she’s right next to him. Where season two he was crowing “you’re brilliant” at a ton of random humans, he doesn’t really acknowledge or commend Martha that much. It’s pretty rare.

Alright, well, that part turned into me just being irritated at him for slighting Martha in small ways. Back to the big money reasons.

He’s arrogant, and yeah, the Doctor always is, its part of his charm/image/coping mechanism or whatever, but this arrogance gets really fucking scary. How often he takes liberties with other people’s lives without really considering how it may affect them, he does what he wants- which yes, is a trait common in all the Doctors, but he takes it to the extreme. I don’t even have to talk about Time Lord Victorious and what a shitstorm that was.

His asshole arrogance got him in trouble- almost killed- in Midnight. He enjoyed the mystery, the fear, told everyone else that he was the cleverest in the room, made them feel even more small and helpless. His hubris is an asshole part of him, and it really came into relief in that episode. All the people on the bus recognized his assholeness, and when they became fearful, of course they attacked him.

He punishes people alarmingly often. And when he does, it’s not just to teach them a lesson, but it’s to cause them to suffer, like he thinks they deserve. Yeah, he is occasionally merciful- often with the prompting of someone else- but really, he’s got a lot of vengefulness that’s not even seen in Twelve. 

This has kind of devolved into “why the Ten is dangerous af” but he’s rude too. He treats the people who aren’t one of his super special favorites rudely, even meanly.

He can be a hoppy sweet puppy, but yeah, between the arrogance and rudeness, he’s a little shit.

(My little shit, though.)

This is long and I’m not going back to edit this.