and a life size cardboard cut out of him

Ego Incorporated (pt. 6)

(Finally back with another chapter of Ego Inc.! Keep in mind that this happens in a different timeline than ADWD and From Amy, With Love. Enjoy!)

Wilford places his hands gently over Amy’s eyes from behind as he leads her into the studio. “Watch the wires along the floor there,” he says two seconds too late and has to catch Amy to keep her from falling flat on her face. Once he has her positioned in the center of the room, he pulls back his hands with an exaggerated, “Tahdah!”

Amy gasps. To her left is the stage, exactly as she remembers from the interview Mark did with Wilford years ago. To her right are several rows of cushioned seats for the audience. In the back there’s a sound booth that Mark might kill for, and above their heads are mazes of catwalks and stage lights. “It’s amazing, Wilford!”

Warfstache smiles crookedly and wiggles his fingers wildly at his sides. “I know, I know! I’ve done quite a few heart-stopping shows in here.” Wilford pulls out his gun and fires it at the ceiling.

Amy screams and dives underneath the snack table set to the side of the stage. Wilford leans down and peeks at her with a confused look on his face. “What are you doing under there, Miss Peebles?”

“Um, could you put that away?” She points at the gun nervously. Wilford shrugs and tucks it back into the impossible place that he pulled it from a moment ago. Amy climbs out from under the table as Wilford dips a baby carrot in ranch from the snack table and starts munching. “Wilford, do you understand what it means to murder someone?”

Through a mouthful of carrots, ranch, and brownie Wilford says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Amy opens her mouth to respond when she hears a somewhat girlish squeal from one corner of the room. There in a doorway leading out of the studio is none other than Bim Trimmer. “Y-you-you’re A-amy N-Ne-Nelson!” Bim lets out another excited squeal. “You’re so beautiful! I’ve watched all of your videos!” Bim rushes over with a pen and a scrap of paper that he pulls out of the pocket of his suit. “Could I get your autograph?”

Amy is overwhelmed. “Um, wow. Hi, you’re Bim, right?”

Bim’s jaw drops, and his eyes light up even brighter (if possible) than they were a moment ago. “You know who I am?”

Amy smiles and playfully punches Bim in the shoulder. “Yeah, you’re Bim Trimmer! You’re the guy that hosts the game show!”

Wilford Warfstache, upset that he’s being ignored, stomps over. “Bim, why aren’t you dusting the catwalks?”

Bim flinches slightly and jumps a few feet away from Amy and Wilford. “I, uh, I already did, and I polished the stage lights, mopped the floors, and ordered the new life-size cardboard cut-out of yourself after you beheaded the last one…”

Amy turns to the pink Ego. “Wilford, that’s horrible!”

Warfstache shrugs. “What can I say? I’m too handsome for my own good!”

“No,” Amy crosses her arms over her chest, “I mean that you make Bim do all those things for you! He’s not your servant, after all.” Wilford gives her a look that could only say, “He’s not?” and Amy has to count to ten to keep from smacking him upside the head. “Bim, why don’t you show me around the rest of this floor?”

Bim glances back and forth between Wilford and Amy likes a toddler who doesn’t know which parent to obey. “Um, ok. I can show you my changing room, if you’d like!” Amy nods and follows Bim back through the door he just came by while Wilford munches on another carrot and wonders what he did wrong.

You fail at cooking (RFA+Saeran and V)

▪ever since you admitted to not being able to cook, Yoosung has been super excited to teach you!
▪he chooses hamburgers, since they’re so easy
▪shows you how to patty the meat and while they’re frying, he leaves you to watch them while he goes to the bathroom
▪the burgers start burning so you try to flip them but grease goes everywhere and starts a fire
▪you scream and try to put it out using the sink sprayer but it does nothing
▪Yoosung screams as he runs into the kitchen with a fire extinguisher, yelling at you to get behind him
▪once the fire is out, you realize how ruined the stove is and start crying but Yoosung doesn’t care because you lowkey made him feel manly and like he was protecting you
▪the two of you order pizza (of course from the one place he has coupons for) and the next day you go shopping for a new stove

Saeran Choi/Unknown
▪Knowing how much Saeran loves sweets, you decide to bake him cookies
▪No biggie! You’ve done this before!
▪You make a dozen cookies and then one really big one
▪once you’ve taken them out and let them cool, you notice the big one is still doughy
▪the oven’s cooled but won’t the microwave cook it too…?
▪you put the cookie on a paper plate and set the microwave for 6 minutes and go read a book
▪around three minutes later you see dark grey smoke coming from the kitchen and immediately open the microwave
▪smoke is everywhere and the entire cookie is black and molded to the plate
▪you run outside and dump the cookie in the grass, watching it sizzle for a good fifteen seconds.
▪"MC, what are you doing out here?”
▪oh no

Saeyoung Choi/707
▪Since Honey Buddha chips are his favorite thing to eat, you decide to make him some!
▪I mean, he has a large stash but those will run out soon so why not
▪You make the mixture and slice the potatoes, but the knife slips and you cut your finger :///
▪"Oh Mc~! Guess what I have for you!“
▪Seven comes into the kitchen just as you take your hand off or your wound and sees all of the blood covering your shirt and hands
▪he drops the life-size cardboard cutout of Dat Boi o shit waddup and immediately runs to you, panicking
▪he helps you clean up your finger and sets you up on the couch to rest
▪He’s???really???touched???when he hears you were trying to make him HBC so he kisses your forehead and hugs you really tight until you can barely breathe
Saeyoung let go

Jaehee Kang
▪Jaehee has been super busy with the café so you take over the baking for a little while
▪all goes well until the pot holder slips out of your hands while trying to take some muffins out of the oven and your bare hand touches the metal
▪you s c r e a m
▪cue Jaehee running in to save you
▪she takes you to the hospital and demandsvery politely asks the doctor to check you over and make sure there’s no permanent damage
▪"Jaehee, if it was too serious I wouldn’t be able to feel the pain”
▪"This doctor is about to feel pain if he doesn’t hurry it up, MC we’ve been waiting here for ten minutes"

Jumin Han
▪it’s no secret that Jumin really likes wine and steak so why don’t you surprise him with a home cooked meal?
▪You make a pretty decent steak and the side dishes are looking great
▪you pick out a nice bottle of wine and once you both sit down, you are glad to see that Jumin really likes the meal!
▪"MC, what did you put in these potatoes?“
▪You’re not really sure, so you promise to go look so the cook can use it next time
▪You get up after dinner and check, only to find that you accidentally used some of Elizabeth’s catnip that was laying out and Jumin not only didn’t notice, but thought they were good??
▪You lie and tell him it was parsley because he’d probably figure out a way to use catnip better fit for human consumption and sell it

▪your poor boyfriend has been working day and night on his new musical so you try to surprise him with some homemade ramen
▪everything goes well until you find that you’re out of an ingredient so you just add more of the others so it’s not noticeable
▪he hugs and kisses your forehead while you cook, thanking you for making him a meal and that he’s sure it’s going to be delicious
▪boy was he wrong
▪he takes a bite and attempts to chew it, but ends up gagging and spitting it out
▪"MC, I’m really sorry, but I think you should try again some other time”
▪he means never

▪since your boyfriend is pretty much blind, you can’t rely on the aesthetics of your food anymore
▪you don’t cook often, but when you told him to pick something for you to make, he got really excited
▪V used to be really good at cooking back then so he gives you a few tips while you make the cake he requested
▪since he can still see just a little, you decide to make it into the shape of a camera!
▪You get really into the decoration process and spend three hours on this thing
▪even though it’ll give him a headache, he takes off his sunglasses and squints hard at the cake
▪"MC, thank you! It looks lovely"
▪"Of course! Bears are one of my favorite animals!”
▪cue your internal screaming


Almost all of these are from experience rip

Wammy House Headcanons (part II)

||Since my last post was so sucessful, here are some more headcanons based on my high school experience||

• Near was well known around the orphanage for his handwriting, so much so that Roger once asked him to write up a report for him instead of typing it

• Matt made a three dimensional maze in art, and placed an alarm clock in the center: the only way to turn it off was to get the ball though the maze. This ended up in a teacher’s desk during midterms

• Mello started up a debate club, but the only other person to join was Near

• The student’s computer accounts were tracked by Roger so whenever Matt had a problem with someone he would hack into their account and look up porn

• Matt and Mello once padlocked a chain around the tire on Roger’s car, and sent him on a scavenger hunt to find the combination

• Someone brought in a life sized cardboard cut out of Spock from Star Trek and put it in the foyer: no one has moved it since

• After A committed suicide, someone got up in the middle of the night and put motivational post it notes on everyone’s lockers (everyone suspects it was Mello, but no one says it out loud for fear of being punched)

• Mello and Matt once “borrowed” a snake from the science lab, and the Latin teacher (L) allowed them to keep it in his classroom as long as they named it Septimus Severus

BTS Reaction : Jealousy

BTS reaction to you fangirling/  You being friends with BTS member and said BTS member having a secret crush on you. //I tried to make it so that you can pick and insert the other group/bias that your fangirling over in this.//

I intended this to be like a one sentence plus gif thing - something when wrong along the way. There might be a part 2 : The Confession Let me know if you guys would want one though!

Seokjin: Seokjin would just be fuming with jealously on the inside - wondering what it is about this idol you find so handsome that you need to comment on his “delicious body” all the time! Not that Jin has any insecurities in terms of appearance compared to this other man.  “Aish! Seriously Y/N do you know how much makeup the coordi noonas put on us he’s probably not even close to being as handsome as I am bare face! I mean don’t you ever even see me!”  Jin would just freeze after his little jealously fueled temper tantrum - realizing that he might have finaly let his feelings for you show.

Yoongi: Yoongi realized that he had slipped into the friend zone with you a couple of weeks back when you started to openly gush to him about your idol crush - and the friend zone was definitely somewhere Yoongi did not want to be with you.  You had just showed him your idol crushes newest cute concept mv - asking him “isn’t he(your bias) adorable?huh?huh? wasn’t he?isn’t he just the cutest cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen Yoongi?!?” and Yoongi tried to be a caring friend- key word being tried - he gave you a pathetic excuse for a smile in response to your enthusiastic fangirling. You having caught onto his true what the actual fuck emotion, looked to him innocently and asked “what you don’t approve of my taste oppa?” 

Yoongi trying and failing to keep his jealousy in control decided to just get up and storm out, but not without muttering “Your taste is…a-fucking-adorable y/n.”

Hoseok: You guys were hanging out - a night out walking around the streets of Seoul after having a nice dinner and enjoying some public entertainment(a real date worthy itinerary as masterfully planed by Hoseok), when you suddenly came across a life size cut out advertisement of your beloved idol group. You decided to stop and take a couple of selfies with it, but when you suddenly mentioned how nice it would be to have said idol as a boyfriend and be able to take real couple selfies, and Hoseok just might have not so accidentally punched the cardboard idol cut-out in the face causing it to break in half. You looked at him in shock and disbelief - did your hobi just lose his shits?why did he just lose his shits being the more important question on your mind. Hoseok just looked at your shocked expression then back at the crippled cardboard cut-out before turning on his heels to walk away - however a few steps ahead he turned around right before he was about to drown out his jealous misery with some music and said to you  “He wouldn’t even look good taking a couple selfies with you.” 

Namjoon: Bangtan was performing at the kpop music festival, so Namjoon invited you to come with backstage access this time.  You showed up to the the waiting room section that held all the idols performing at the festival tonight - and was instantly star-stuck, you ended up just frozen in place for a good six minutes just staring at all your favorite singers in one place. Namjoon had been the one that noticed you first and also brought you out of your slight idol induced hypnotism - he eyed you up and down and commented on how beautiful you looked.  You smiled brightly at him began to blush a little which made Namjoons heart start to give out a little (thinking that you enjoyed him complementing you) - but your next statement just completely crushed and flat lined him. You had said in a rush of words “did you know(idol group) is going to perform today?-well yeah they are~and well I was just thinking if its not to difficult-I mean if you know them-and there here wait OMG THERE HERE THERE-RIGHT THERE! Namjoon-oppa please like pretty please can you introdu-oh wait shit no they’re walking this way! Please Namjoon please~~”  But Namjoon just continued to stand their completely numbed by you once again sidelining him in favor of your ‘favorite oppa’.  Said idol group was getting closer - you simi-harsly nudged Namjoon but he barely even noticed the small attack on his body so in a spark of bravery and determination to meet one of your favorite idol groups you took it upon yourself to initiate contact - that being how you referred to this moment in you head.  “Excuse me?- Hi! um..Im a big fan and I just wanted to say your music really inspires me and your stage presence is just-and like that one dane you did with the flip and wow your(bias name)!–your beaut-uh-amazing!and I'm rambling and probably annoying you..oh my god I’m so sorry it just so nic-” and then some miracle must’ve fallen upon you cause your bias from that group stopped you mid verbal diarrhea “nah, its okay. You’re cute whats your name?” Your cute - of couse she’s cut-wait YOU”RE CUTE??!!nono!hell no dude! she’s my cute!! These two small words is what it took to jolted Namjoon out of his stoic state. “ names is-“ “TAKEN!” Namjoon suddenly burst out. “yeah I’m taken…huh?no! my name is y/n not taken I’m y/n, hi!” you supplied to your bias who returned your smile and introduced himself with his birth name instead of his stage name - and not being delusional but you were able to tell when someone was checking you out and is this real or was your bias from one of your favorite groups openly checking you out! You were low key screeching on the inside which turn into full blown internal screaming when your bias stepped closer to you and suggested you guys take a selfie together - but when he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into him to take a picture together - Namjoon’s lost full control of his carefully chained up jealousy monster. “ I said taken T.A.K.E.N.  like shoulder hugging taken! - selife together taken! - MY cute not your cute complements TAKEN!”  And well shit yep by the looks of everyones faces that was out loud - well shit Namjoon thought.  Namjoon wasn’t a mean guy- especially to any of his sunbaes or hoobaes so he quickly apologized to the other group and pulled you away and into the bangtan waiting room where he said you needed to keep Taehyung company or else he’d convince Jungkook to go play a prank on their new favorite rookie group again. “But Namjoon what was that-“ “uh…I uh…y/n…im needed in the bathrooms for a mic test,uh-yeah.bye!” then he quickly left you to question-well everything “Namjoon! that doesn’t even make any sense!’

Jimin: You were both idols. Your company had been in the process of putting together a sub-unit for yourself and another male idol. Currently you were over at Big Hit Ent. Because Jimin had invited you over for some practice.  So you arrived at Big Hit looking for Jimin in the few dance practice rooms they had -but all of them were empty - weird because usually when Jimin asked you to come practice with him he was already dripping in sweat and on the dance floor.  So, you continued to look around going to different recording booths and vocal rooms till you found Jimin in their studio room instead - lying on the floor balancing a soju bottle on his forehead. “Um..what the hell are you doing?” Jimin side eyed you, tounge instantly sticking out trying to concentrate and not letting the bottle fall off him. “what does it look like I’m doing - Im practicing” “..thats practicing?” “yes.” Jimin said as he removed the bottle from his forehead to sit up “well, we’re practicing” “okay, and what exactly are we practicing?” you asked as you moved to sit next to him on the floor - jimin contemplated this for a second before replying “were practicing um…stress relief!” he finished cheerfully.  “..okay, yeah I could use some practice in that too” you laughed cheefully as jimin handed you the firstshot of the night “CHEERS” you sang in unison and down the bitter liquid.  About three and a half bottles already consumed you guys moved to the desk to give your bums a break against the abuse of the hardwood floors and proceeded to drunk search the web, which lead to you guys searching up epic-fail videos on youtube which in turned made you guys laugh way harder then necessary - what could you say you both had the happy drunks personality. One video lead to the next till you were almost done with bottle number five and were now searching up various male idols MVs “oooh lets flay BANGtans” jimin paused to hiccup “newwist music bideo, the fans all say I’m the handsomest-ested in it” he finished with a grin. “no” “pfft why not” “cause I’m on the prowl!” now you were more of the i say weird ass shit drunk compared to jimins i say whatever the hell i want and i’ll slur every last word of it type of drunk.   “what the puck you bowling that you can’t brawl in my sONG!” you side eye him with a smirk “I’m on the prowl for a sex god partner - I need to find the dick and mouth watering chocolate ab portion for my new sub-unit” Jimin just smirked at you as he wheeled his chair right against yours “you have a dirty month y/n-ah” you playfully licked your lips and winked at him “wouldn’t you like to know jimjams” you just laughed and his frozen expression and turned back to the computer monitor playing one of your favorite male groups “dear god, if my company can recruit (bias name) to be my partner I’d be okay with having to do a sexy concept, like seriously Jimin this man makes me thirst I NEED MORE SOJU TO QUNCH MY THIRST!” you were being simi serious but more so you were trying to be funny except Jimin was obviously not amused by your statement. “No” “huh-no what jimin?” “no to that” he motioned to the idol dancing around the computer screen “thafts a no- he’s notf even tphat” then he motioned to his abdomen “whats-” now you motioned to your abdomen “suppose to mean” “SEXAAY!” you gave him your best are you fucking with me face “..and you are?” you challenged -and challenge fucking accepted cause Jimin looked at you and threw his hands up into peace signs as he sent a air smooch your way and said “wouldn’t you like to know y/n” and just pointed down - and yeah you might have followed he’s  downward motion eyes ranking over your best friends body to end up openly staring at your best friends crotch - but you were drunk so–fuck.

Taehyung: You and Taehyung were sitting on the couch watching the Avengers cause even though you two have already seen it multiple times together - it was on - so Taehyung insisted on watching it and you caved as you always did when he pouted and clung onto you.  Currently cuddling - but like platonic friendly cuddling, that didn’t seem one bit platonic by the way Taehyung had his arm wrapped around you and rubbing his thumb lazily dancing on the skin of your right shoulder and you having your head snuggled into the right side of his neck. You guys were enjoying playfully mimicking the actors voices and making comments to the movie then it turned to commercials then a certain commercial came on that featured (idols name) and you wiggled around in Taehyungs grip giggling happily “he’s so adorable tae - like I can’t anymore with this boy” you felt Taehyung withdrawal his touch and overall presence to your body “the don’t” he grumbled - you ignored his rude comment against your idol, you already being use to his growing annoyance to you fangirling over idols - well annoyance over any fangirling that was directed to a idol that wasn’t him. “just wake me up when this turd is off the screen and the cool guys come back on the screen” both of Taehyungs eyes closed before he could see the amused smile grow on your face. “sure thing taetae”

Jungkook: Now everyone knew about Jungkooks HUGE crush on you, except for you.  Now this was a problem - for Jungkook - cause he was your best friend so you told him everything like how you thought that his hyungs were hot af during this performance or damn Yoongis voice is so deep, i’d let him take me or like ‘seriously you don’t get it their like greek gods Jungkook! Jimin must’ve been sculpted from the heavens!’ yeah you especially like jimin you mentioned his abs and ass particularly a lot - and his voice too! - but of douse Jungkook hated the fact concerning your physical attraction to his hung the most.You guys were all in the studio just fooling around taking videos and pictures.  Now, Jungkook was particually annoyed today cause you were being -in his opinion a little too friendly with Jimin and did you real need to take a selfie with Jimin with your cheeks pressed together! Jimin on the other hand was not attempting to piss off Jungkook - the kid had gotten a hell of a lot taller and stronger the past years - and he also wasn’t trying to steal his kookies girl - bro code.  So yeah Jimin new when to back off, like now for instance when you were taking a picture Jimin and Jungkook tried to stepped into the picture as well and for some reason you felt the need to say “ahhh kookie get out~ I wanted a picture of Jimin to make as my screensaver!” Jungkook quirked his eyebrow in a challenge to you “what?” his voice was steady but strong - causing Jimin to retreat - the tension seeming like it would break the second you opened your mouth 

- which it did “i said i wanted a picture of Jimin-oppa fo-” that was it the tension snapped Jungkook rushed forwarded grabbing your arm -leaving you speechless mid sentence - and pulled you out of the room and into the hallway.

//not my gifs//

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Things that happened at work today

•We have a life size version of Shaq as a cardboard cut out as a promo for NBA 2k18. At various points during the day we put him in places to scare each other, my manager then proceeded to tape promo wristbands for crash bandicoot onto shaq and the assistant manager and I put pink sun glasses on shaq. He’s styling for summer.

•The same assistant manager proceeded to drop arms marketing and said “oh no my arms” WITH THE MOST DEAD PAN EXPRESSION

•AGAIN THE SAME ASSISTANT MANAGER WAS DOING MARKETING AND DROPPED SOME AC: ORIGINS MARKETING THAT HAD the pyramids on it, meanwhile I’m below her and it hits me. She says “sorry i didn’t mean to stone you”

I love my store

Such Great Heights

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1168

Characters: Reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean, Gabriel

Warnings: fluff

Theme Song: Such Great Heights by the Postal Service

Summary: Request from @x-compendiums-of-castiel-x : Can you write an imagine where Cas has fallen in love with reader and he talks to Sam and Dean but afterwards he still doesn’t really know what to do. Reader has been in love with him ever since she met him and so Gabriel gets involved to get the two together.  

There will be a Part 2.

Castiel stood in front of Sam and Dean blocking their view of the bunker television. Dean groaned in annoyance, but Sam smile kindly at the angel and asked him if anything was wrong. Cas sighed in self defeat, taking a seat on the coffee table, facing the brothers. Dean recognizes the pained expression on his angel friend, straighten up in his seat, clearing his throat, “Cas, what’s going on man?” The angel looks up from his lap, meeting the two pair of eyes staring back at him. “How do you tell someone you have fallen in love with them?” Dean laughs with his whole body, clutching his stomach. Sam nudges him hard in the ribs, although he too is slightly amused at the angel’s dilemma, he knew better then to laugh.  Dean’s laughter quickly subdues, but a smirk remains on his face. He ask Cas who he was in love with. Castiel nearly panics, quickly getting up and telling the Winchesters to forget it. But Sam jumps up from his seat on the couch and grabs a hold of the angel’s shoulders. He turns Castiel around, the angel is clearly uncomfortable. “Sorry Cas, Dean’s an idiot. It’s Y/N, isn’t it?” Sam’s observation is completely on point, Castiel’s silence only answers the young Winchesters question. Castiel can’t contain the smile that wants to form when he hears your name slip from Sam’s lips. It was never the angel’s intention to fall in love, let alone with the women, the Winchesters had grown close to.

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[Requested] Cnetz Reaction To Chanyeol’s Movie

Note 1: *We only picked nonfans’ comments in order to give a better idea on reactions to the movie and Chanyeol

Note 2: *SIMAAF was not released in theaters in Korea so we will not be able to translate reactions to the movie from Knetizens

Source: Weibo

The first half is full of punchlines, while the second half is quite warm. The ajumma who sat behind me kept saying “Hoojoon (tn: name of Chanyeol’s character in SIMAAF) is so handsome, so handsome.” It’s really rare that my friend who never pays any attention to Kpop idols actually proposed to watch this movie. I mean, I didn’t drag him/her to the cinema. He/she also said that Chanyeol’s Chinese is quite good, and his face is so distinctly outlined. If my memory serves me correctly, Chanyeol sang the OST. It’s a pity that he only sang a small part of it.

I went to the cinema because of the second female lead, but I completely became Hoojoon’s fan after it. Chanyeol is indeed so handsome from beginning to end.

It is indeed incredibly amazing. Even I, a hardcore Clover (tn: fan of tfboys), was fascinated by Hoojoon’s face and acting. I’ve decided to make Chanyeol my third husband.

I became a fan, not an anti-fan, successfully. I only knew that there is someone called chanyeol (tn: meaning that she/he had only heard of Chanyeol’s name before, but didn’t really know much about him). But now I know you, Hoojoon.

I watched it. I’d like to say, Hoojoon is so handsome and sweet. I successfully become Chanyeol’s fan. So adorable and cute. The plot of the movie is quite good as well. Miaomiao (tn: name of Yuan Shan Shan’s character) is so brave and lucky. I envy her.

Why was everyone crying during the kiss scene? I was so fascinated that I was about to die right there. Hoojoon oppa, why not kiss me!!! (Park Chanyeol’s cold face is really too handsome. He looks good in every costume. He looked so good when he frowned. Too handsome. I was admiring Park Chanyeol’s visual without wearing my glasses but I already feel that I become trash because of his handsomeness.)

I didn’t even know nor hear of the lead actor before the movie, because I don’t really pay much attention to Kpop, asides from Gdragon. After watching it, I found Hoojoon, who was played by Park Chanyeol, so cute. The movie is very entertaining too. I couldn’t help but take a picture with him (tn: the op posted a picture of her kissing Hoojoon’s face on life sized cardboard cut-out).

The plot is okay, but predictable. Mabel Yuan’s acting is a bit exaggerating in clueless scenes, but is fine in natural scenes. Some punchlines are too blunt, but there are indeed enough punchlines. By the way, why is Park Chanyeol’s smile so handsome? I saw him a few times on TV and magzines, but as a person who has face blindness, I couldn’t remember his face. But after watching the movie today, I became Hoojoon oppa’s fan in one second.

I was laughing so hard the entire time. I’m Mabel Yuan’s fan. I have to say her acting as a girl from a small town is very vivid, a typical cowgirl.  The only drawback is that the movie is too short. I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it. Hoojoon oppa, so fresh. His handsomeness hits you right in the heart. Please give this movie more screentime!!

Hoojoon is too charming. I went to watch it again with my auntie and cousin. They all laughed happily. And just now, my auntie even asked me if I have any good pictures of him. After I sent them to her, she immediately changed her desktop picture. Hoojoon is so attractive. Even a mother of a kindergarten kid couldn’t resist him. I’ll go watch again tomorrow.

He could kill you with just one glance. He is so handsome that he has no friend (tn: a very popular phrase among cnetz to describe someone who is incredibly handsome). He not only has sparkling visual, but a fulfilled heart as well. He is not just a beautiful shell. His popularity doesn’t come from nowhere.

I couldn’t fall asleep after watching the movie. Right. It’s all because of Chanyeol’s handsomeness. His boyfriend feeling is max when he was acting with Mabel yuan. His manager’s role is quite good as well. The entire audience burst into laughter several times! I thought that the audience were all fans but the couple that sat behind me were asking: “Who is Hoojoon? So handsome!”

I went to watch the movie yesterday with my friend. So shocked by Chanyeol’s handsomeness that I’m gonna fly ahahahahahah my friend said we had to watch it just for Chanyeol’s face. Indeed, I was focusing on Chanyeol’s face the whole time. Indeed so delicate. I’m sorry Karry (tn: a member of tfboys), I’m gonna stay with Park Chanyeol for 15 seconds.

I thought it would be a fans only movie. But it turns out to be not bad. Chanyeol dubbed all his lines. He is so sincere. And his smirk is so alluring.

I barely watch any Korean dramas and never pay attention to Korean stars. I didn’t even know Park Chanyeol before the movie. I watched the movie today and…Why is he so handsome! His eyes are so vivid yet still manly. I barely fall for male stars. But this time it really hits me. My heart fluttered.

As a fans only movie, I didn’t expect much before I went to the cinema. It’s quite amazing that it surpassed 30m yuan already within just two days. And the rating is quite good as well. Most importantly, Chanyeol got so much recognition from the general public and gained a lot of fans. After all, Chanyeol wasn’t widely recognized by gp (tn: kpop is not main stream among gp in China.) But after this movie, I believe his fans will love him even more and nonfans will become his fans. And I belong to the latter. Because, Chanyeol is too handsome on big screen.

I was expecting a crappy movie when I went to the cinema. But this movie, with such a horrible name, is surprisingly better than Bounty Hunter. The guy called Park Chanyeol is so f* handsome.

I went to watch this movie because of Mabel Yuan, but I ended up becoming Park Chanyeol and his manager’s fan. The plot is entertaining, full of punchlines. Park Chanyeol is really handsome and cute. His acting is quite good too. Mabel sister, I stood by you side from the period when you were bashed by netizens to now (tn: a few years ago, Mable went through some dark time because of her own antifans. This is one of the reason why she chose this movie.) I witnessed your improvement and effort. I’m lucky to be a witness. Queen of positive energy. I hope you could be as happy as this. Be the beautiful “flower of laughter” (tn: “laugh flower” has the same pronunciation as “school babe”)

So…I married an anti fan. Fangirling during the whole movie. Did I just fall for Chanyeol without a clue like this!!! Why do I feel like an old cattle that ate the browse (tn: Chinese slang. Means people fall in love with someone much younger.) (PS.I’m the old cattle)

I could never imagine that I would be Chanyeol-ed because of SIMAF. Btw, today, it is the first time that I ever heard of him.

I’m a passerby. How could Chanyeol be so handsome!! He is so handsome I’m gonna cry. Mabel’s acting improved too, pretty. A very good movie. Fighting. eotteokae? I’m being Chanyeol-ed.

OMG, I watched SIMAAF, I’m Chanyeol-ed unexpectedly. I’m too old to be a fangirl. But he is really so handsome.

Eotteokae? eotteokae? I’m Chanyeol-ed. My time of spending money (tn: spend money on idols) has now started. Chanyeol is so handsome.

Just watched SIMAAF. It has a Kdrama feeling. I was Chanyeol-ed after watching it. Chanyeol oppa is so handsome. The movie ended too soon, I was expecting more. I saw some boyfriends dragging their girlfriends out of the cinema before the bonus scene ended. 

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I AM SCREAMING. Cam is on Periscope right now which is like TwitCam and he has a fucking life size Louis cardboard cut out in his bloody office. Also he said this is the best day of his life. Aww can we keep him please?!


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My sister's university class pranked their professor by replacing him with a cardboard cut out of Bill Nye... Do you approve?

Of course, cutouts are always a good prank. When one of my high school teachers asked the seniors for pictures to put up on his wall, I asked if there was a size limit. (He said no) I made a life size cutout of myself and it still hangs on his wall to this day. It has 10,000% sarcastic bio underneath it too because he decided to frame it and make a whole display.