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I was walking around after work, basket full of stuff, jacket done up. A lady stopped me and demanded to know where out beanbags were. We dont sell beanbags. She was the third person to ask me that hour.

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how is going to happen the second red wedding? i dont know nothing about this theory

It’s a theory that Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood Without Banners are going to massacre Freys and Lannisters at Daven Lannister’s wedding to a Frey girl. I’m not a super fan of some of the details of the theory (because we don’t know when the wedding is happening, but it hasn’t been stated to be any time soon; and it’s not been stated to be at Riverrun, that’s baseless fanon; and personally I think the most likely location is the Twins). But I think the general idea that a large massacre of Freys will happen in TWOW, performed by LS and the BWB, is highly probable.

You guys are all so incredibly supportive on this site. Not just this post and not just these ladies.

@zerocarb i dont even know why exactly I binged but I went hard one a 2 cheeseburger meal and a 20 piece nugget. I’ve got a little counter on the main screen of my phone and I was up to 19 days without binging/excess emotional eating. So that is reset and I sipped on some water and green tea. I told josh this morning how food really does feel addictive and brings such relief. I told him some of the feelings I feel and he said it sounds very similar to his struggle with tobacco. Which makes me feel overdramatic but validated at the same time. Every single day feels like such a struggle to not gorge my self (I’m talking 3000+ calories in one meal) no matter what I eat. And when I type it all out it feels a lot more obvious that I should maybe get some help for it.

one major thing about padme’s story that i still take issue with is how quickly she forgot about shmi skywalker. still on tatooine, still a slave, her only child taken from her, miserable and worked to the bone until her violent and lonely death at the hands of the sand people. no. 

if i know padme, then she went back for the woman who gave her a meal and a warm bed in an unfriendly port when padme was literally fleeing for her life. shmi showed her incredible kindness even when she had every right to be jaded and cynical with the entire gd universe. padme was horrified to learn that slavery still existed in the galaxy! how could she forget about the enslaved woman who took her in?

and for george lucas to decide that shmi was a write-off character that everyone, EVERYONE, except anakin, her own son, forgot/didnt care about, is lazy and terrible writing. i dont buy that for a second. padme was led by ironclad morals and for her to forget the slave woman who saved her on tatooine so she could return to a life of opulence on coruscant is just…. not true in my eyes. the jedi couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything about it but that shouldnt have stopped padme. 

shmi deserved better than that.


Let me tell you somethin’: it’s black people everywhere, you remember that, okay? Ain’t no place in the world ain’t what got no black people, we was the first ones on this planet. I’m from Cuba. Lotta black folks in Cuba but you wouldn’t know it from being here. Was a wild lil’ shorty just like you, used to run around with no shoes on when the moon was out. This one time… I ran by this old, old lady, was just a runnin’ and a hollerin’ and cuttin’ a fool, boy. And this old lady, she stop me and she say to me, ‘Look at you. I was a lil’ bad ass too, you know.’ She say, ‘Look at you’ and I say ‘Look at you!’ Then she smiled and she say, ‘running around catching up all this light. In moonlight’ she say, ‘black boys look blue. You blue,’ she say. ‘That’s what I’m gone call you: Blue.’

MOONLIGHT (2016) dir. Barry Jenkins


for her: a wlw playlist by @satremohn​ and @griffindors

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i. strangers halsey ft. lauren jauregui / ii. girls like girls hayley kiyoko / iii. touch shura / iv. telegraph ave + sober daniel andrade / v. girlfriend icona pop / vi. lgbt lowell / vii. marceline willow / viii. daisy zedd / ix. she’s a lady LION BABE / x. nights with you MØ / xi. lowkey dev / xii. let my baby stay amandla stenberg / xiii. sweater weather kina grannis / xiv. distraction kehlani / xv. only a girl gia

For Day 4 of @tazladyweek, Canon Divergence. Don’t get me wrong, I love NO3113 as a member of Team Sweet Flips, but I really want her to be able to go home and chill with her family as well, maybe have some fun being an auntie?


post-reveal maybe, before Adrienne knows Marin’s feelings are mutual?? the interpretation is up to you. anyway, thank you everyone who watched me draw this during the stream. it was a lot of fun working on it while chatting with you guys!

Jemma being cute and lovely ft. paint at the beach \0/