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Do you ever have dreams where you’re dating someone or friends with someone that you’ve literally //never// seen in your life before? WHAT IF you have? What if in a past life you knew that person? Or those moments when you visit a place you’ve never been to and things feel familiar or you have deja vu? What if in a past life you’ve been there and/or lived there. Weird shit my dudes. Weird shit.

(( because i’m in such a fluffy mood, so have this fluff of sweetness. takes place between S1 and S2, a year before Jessie stop adventuring. The ending kiiinda derailed but I tried, anyway aksjfa any grammar error, my fault! ))

The field was nothing but quietness, with trees far and wide surrounding. Birds and chickens were chirping in the distant, and there were distant animal sounds somewhere else. 

But in the midst of the field, was a young warrior sitting on a log. She was polishing her golden sword as she hums a tune. 

The warrior doesn’t notice, but she felt a presence behind her and she doesn’t look over, or speak up. But rather, the warrior continue to hum as she polishes her sword more. 

The hands, behind her, had started to outreach, and the warrior was quick to dodge the hands and a loud bang was heard. She grins, as she see a figure had fall over the log, and let out of ‘oof!’. 

It was a woman, clad in blue-white jacket and brown pants, looks at her with a pout while still leaning over the log. 

“Hey Jessie.” She smirks, and the woman tried to get up, and eventually had her butt falls to the ground, “Trying to hug me, I see?” 

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So sweet Kim porter takes her girls on a girls trip #motherhood 👧🏾👧🏾👧🏽👩🏾🌞