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jacksonwang852g7: 우리 쎈 누나 엘범 나왔지롱요!!!🤗🤗 “울리지마” 많이 많이 들어주세요!! 아니요 … 지금 바로 들으세요!! 😆☺️ 

我姐姐专辑出来了!🤗"울리지마" 希望你们听一下!不是。。。现在马上听 哈哈哈哈🤗

My sis Jessi just dropped her album! “울리지마”! Check it out if you have time ! Oh… no… go check it out now !!!😆😆
If You Can’t Handle Me at My Di Prima, You Don’t Deserve Me at My Kerouac
(for the guy who said he likes my writing better when I “leave politics out of it”)
By Jessie Lynn McMains

Lemme tell you a secret — 
I never leave politics out of it.
I get it, you think it’s hot when
I write about sex, drugs, punk

You like it when I’m the babe
with tits and red lipstick and a
short skirt, who loves to drive
all night and get wasted and find
cute strangers to fuck.

You dig the dusty rainbow
handfuls of pills and the highway
lines stretching on into the rock’n’roll
night and the sweat-slicked bodies
of lovers past and future.

But it’s all fucking political, man.

New poem up at Medium.


Sometimes I do visual art, too; in fact, I’ve been doing more and more of it in recent months. These images are from a larger collage I’m currently working on for a show, titled hindsight is 20-35. The collage has some elements of color, these are just grayscale versions of parts of it. These particular images are probably going to end up in my next issue of Reckless Chants, as well.