and a happy new year!!


2017 🐔새해 복 많이 받으세요! 🍾💰💸
Happy New Year - !!! 🙇🏻🙇🏻‍♀️

ALIVE Official Twitter: 03 January 2016

translated by kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

Growth’s New Year’s ☆


Ryota: Happy New Year, Kou, Mamoru
Kensuke: Happy New Year~! Looking forward to working with you this year too!
Koki: Happy New Year
Mamoru: Come in, you two~!

Koki: Spent the New Year’s at his family’s home
Mamoru: Spent the New Year’s at the Etou Family home
Kensuke: Spent the New Year’s at his grandmother’s home
Ryota: Spent the New Year’s at a hot spring with his family

→ They all returned home today

 Growth’s New Year’s ② ☆

Ryota: Here, a souvenir - manjuu
Mamoru & Kensuke: Yeey♪
Ryota: And then… The special edible wild plants Koki requested
Koki: Thanks
Kensuke: I think about this often but… Kou, the stuff you want sure are refined!
Koki: Really? There’s something enjoyable about relishing what the land has to offer, right?
Mamoru: Even his reason behind it is refined
Ryota: Yeah

Growth’s New Year’s ③ ☆

Kensuke: Spending the New Year at a favored hot spring inn’s pretty fancy~
Mamoru: Eeh!
Ryota: We watched the ekiden at the Hakone hot springs then went home That’s one of our customs. Ken, how was it at your grandmother’s home?
Kensuke: There wasn’t much snow this year. Our relatives came, and the older ones had a dinner party. That’s a custom of ours as well

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 - My knee still hurts, and it will hurt for some time. I can’t do much - I only go to the school and work and do what I need to do. It is awful. I want to walk for the sake of walking.

 - It turns out I don’t need to take the Philosophy national exam; I’ll be taking are Portuguese, English. History A-level, Portuguese Literature.

 - There will be three (if I am not mistaken) Marvel movies this year, plus the new tv show. I am happy. Even though I don’t talk about it (or even show it), I love Marvel. I love Marvel almost as much as I love Shakespeare.

 - (Also, I need to rewatch the Marvel movies and tv shows by chronological order, and not the release one.)

compliment people. not in the “fake” way, but in the sense that if you notice how great their hair looks, or how hard they have been working in the past few days, or how cute and inspiring their blog is, tell them. they’ll appreciate it, and maybe blush a little or smile, eyes lightening up, and maybe that little compliment or ask will make their day.

flower cloak.