and a happy new contract

A few thoughts after today's shit show:

First, this is just a friendly reminder that you do not owe these boys anything! We all spend our free time here because we love them, but we all need to remember that our mental health comes first. If the latest round of interviews (Dick Wattpad) has upset you, please take a step back and do something else with your time! Read a book (or fanfic), paint, play an instrument, bake some cupcakes, take a bubble bath, whatever you need to do to unwind. Liam and Zayn will still be here regardless of your personal involvement, and I guarantee that they would want you to take care of yourself.

Second: Don’t be afraid to think for yourself; your instincts are usually right. If something about a situation seems wrong, it probably is! I know it’s difficult to listen to lies coming from our boys in print and in person, and it may be really easy to take them at face value. However, as with everything surrounding this band, nothing is as it seems. A comment in an interview cannot erase the YEARS of history these boys have, just like reminiscing about a relationship and a child cannot erase the ridiculously shady circumstances behind them. We know these boys have been forced to push lies in the past, and we have no evidence that things have changed for ANY of them (all of OT5 is still trapped, regardless of what they say about being “free”). Use your head and call them on their BS. Also, if you do acknowledge that Liam’s comments about Zayn seem odd, maybe you should check into the legitimacy of the rest of the interview. (Dick Wattpad always pushes official narratives, so maybe you can pick out his priorities from that interview).

Third: I’ve been saying this for this whole radio tour, but it’s worth repeating. Liam Payne is an excellent liar. He is fully training to deal with the press and he has had years of experience to perfect pushing the official narrative. Liam saved 1D from embarrassment time and time again in interviews. So, why are people surprised that he is so good at convincing people of a narrative that is favorable to Simon and company? He smiles a lot and moves his hands and talks really fast, and tries to end on an emotional note to distract people into cooing or laughing with him. It’s all about misdirection. Has anyone stopped to wonder why Liam, who is on a radio tour to promote his upcoming album, has spent almost no time actually talking about his music? Maybe it’s because the entire point of his current stuntlationship is to promote a certain washed up girlbander with a nasty past who has convenient ties to good ol Simon, and who is probably going to be working on some music of her own in the near future. What better way to break into uncharted territory (the United States) than to ride on the coat tails of an attractive young singer who is destined for great things.

In conclusion, take care of yourself. Think for yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. Don’t let current disappointments distract you from the truth.

Oh and buy Strip That Down! Liam isn’t responsible for his nasty narrative; we all know he loves Zayn more than anyone.

Hi guys!

It’s me. That girl who used to be around all the time and post lots of food photos and gym selfies. I’m still around, and will be back at it quite soon.

Seeing as I’m starting the 29th year of my life today and some big changes are on the horizon, I figured I would stop in for an update.

The last two months or so have been insane for me – we’ve been in the process of buying a home, and closing is set for Friday! Two days from now! So the madness is hopefully almost over.

We’ve also been trying to sell our house that we currently own. The first buyers we had fell through, but I’m happy to say we have a new buyer and are under contract with them now. Fingers crossed that we close on that sale next month. It’s been nothing but issue after issue and I can’t wait to have it in the rear view.

Fitness-wise, I’ve been utter shit lately, but to be honest with the packing and everything that’s going on, it’s not surprising. I do, however, plan to totally shift my lifestyle back to happy healthy Val once we move in to the new place. I’m looking forward to forming new habits in a new environment where I’m happy. My husband is completely on board to do the same.

So I reckon that you’ll be seeing lots more of me again once my life normalizes a bit more. I freakin miss you guys.


Make up Your Mind (original)
“Now tilt your head a little to the left.” The photographer directed.

You tilted your head slightly, and then gave a seductive face to the camera.

“Excellent Vera, keep giving more to the camera.” He flashed his camera continuously.

You pulled your long, brunette locks to one side and perked your lips. Your brows curved as you tried to look subtle yet sexy.

“Excellent, very well done. I need someone to get her robe.” The photographer snapped his fingers.

“We’re done this early?” You asked, as you threw a robe over yourself.

“Yes, Enrique would like to talk you and have an immediate conference.” He explained.

“Conference? Is it bad news?” You asked.

“I don’t know Vera, just go.” He urged.

You walked to your dressing room and took a seat in your chair. You heard a knock on the door and turned to see Enrique coming in.

“Vera.” He gleamed.

“Enrique.” You nodded.

“So you know why I’m here right?” He asked, closing the door behind him.

“Not really, I was just told to wait here for your arrival.” You explained.

Enrique grabbed a stool and took a seat beside you. “Well I have some exciting news, regarding your contract.”

“What about my contract?” You curved your brow.

“We have been asked to have you extend your contract to work with other models. You’ve been known to model independently, but high-end brands like Calvin Klein, Balmain, and Chanel would like you to model for them with another male model.” He explained.

“Co modeling? I don’t think so.” You scoffed.

“This isn’t because of Neymar right?” He glared.

“Of course not, this is professional business, I shouldn’t have to ask permission from him to work with a male model.” You assured.

“Then what Vera? Why don’t you want this offer, it could publicize your career.” Enrique explained.

“What type of modeling? And with whom?” You asked.

“I don’t know the details yet, it shall all be announced at a meeting.” He said.

“So I’m not given the details until I say yes?” You curved a brow.

“Precisely.” He nodded.

“Would you like the offer? If not, we can continue to have you model for Lupo solely.

"What do I have to lose right?” You smirked.

“So is that a yes?” He gleamed.

“I have interest. When would the signing take place?” You asked.

“I’ll have to take a look into that, but maybe Saturday or Sunday.” He explained.

“Alright then it’s settled.” You cheered.

“Have a nice afternoon.” He left closing the door.

You unraveled your robe and let it pool to the floor. You slipped on your dress, tugged on your heels and grabbed your purse. You had only modeled from 10 to 11:30. You walked out of the dressing room and made your way to the elevator.

“What floor?” A lady asked.

“Lobby please.” You smiled.

The elevator chimed open and you walked out, slipping on your sunnies. You walked out to the garage and headed to your car. After you got in you pulled out and began driving. It wasn’t long until you had arrived home.

“Neymar’s home?” You said to yourself.

You were surprised because he would usually be at training, but today he had come home early.
You opened the door and walked inside.

“Vera?” His voice echoed through the halls.

“Yeah I’m here.” You yelled back.

You walked into the living room, to find him playing FIFA.

“FIFA seriously?” You laughed, taking a seat beside him.

“What else is there to do when my preta isn’t home.” He cooed.

“I’m home now.” You kissed his cheeks.

Neymar paused the game and shifted his body to face you. He slung his arm around your shoulder. “How was work at the studio?”

“Same old same old, nothing different.” You scrunched your nose and smiled.

“How was training? You’re home early.” You asked.

“We went over plays and did some medical prep, preparing for El clasico has been hard.” He sighed.

“Oh shit, that’s this Sunday right?” You cursed.

He grabbed a strand of your hair and twirled it with his finger. “You’re coming right?”

You shifted to face away from him and let out a sigh. “About that……”

“Are you seriously not going to come?” He glared.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, I have a meeting this weekend, I don’t know if it’s on Saturday or Sunday.” You explained.

“You don’t know? That’s unprofessional of them.” He huffed.

“It’s about my contract.” You mentioned.

“What about it?” Neymar asked, as he went to put the PS4 away.

“Chanel and other high end brands have offered me to model for them. It’s good for me to expand my career.” You gleamed.

“Not seeing the problem with that Vera. Isn’t that good news?” He chuckled.

“But.” You paused.

“But what?” He asked as he put the device away.

“I’ll be co-modeling with a male.” You explained.

“That’s normal, it’s not that big of a deal. Professional business right.” He laughed.

“Neymar I’m being serious.” You cleared your throat.

Neymar walked towards you and placed his arms around your waist. His eyes darted right at yours.

You let out a smirk and bit your lips. “What?”

“So you won’t be able to make it to my match?” He whispered irritatedly.

“Aren’t you happy for me? The whole contract and new offer thing.” You sighed.

“I guess.” He looked away.

“Neymar.” You stared him down.

“Maybe the meeting will be after the match. So who knows? Maybe I’ll come.” You kissed his neck.

“I need you to come, I want you supporting me in the stands.” He explained, quickly pecking your cheek.

“Well it’s all settled, tomorrow when I go back to the studio, they’ll tell me when the meeting is.” You said.

“Congrats babe.” He laughed.

Hours had passed and it was late in the evening. Both you and Neymar were already dressed for bed. You made yourself comfy and turned the lamp off.

“You know Madrid is already in town.” Neymar whispered.

“You nervous for Sunday?” You chuckled.

“I want to win, I want to prove them wrong from the last result.” He sighed.

“Work hard. Tomorrow is the last training session.” You cooed.

“Stating the obvious?” Neymar teased.

“Go to sleep Ney.” You groaned as you threw a pillow over your head.
The light seeped through the window and the room was bright. It was Saturday, and you woke up in a good mood. Today, you hoped to meet the model and finalize the contract; so you could attend Sunday’s match. You noticed Neymar wasn’t beside you, he had left for training. It was 11 am. You went into the bathroom and prepped yourself for the studio. After you finished you headed downstairs.

“Why does it smell like eggs?” You asked yourself as you headed down.

“Marcela are you in the Kitchen?” You yelled.

No one answered. You walked in and noticed a man in sweats and a hoodie cooking breakfast. It was Neymar.

“You’re still here?” You asked, setting your purse on the counter.

“I just got here.” He replied.

“Since when? Your training starts at 11 and you’re late.” You chuckled.

Neymar walked over and plated some eggs for you. “My training was at 9 today.”

“So it ended at ten?” You asked as you took a bite out of your eggs.

“Yup. You were still in bed, so I decided to make you breakfast.” He gleamed.

“How nice, did you make me a nonfat foam latte?” You teased.

“I’m a football player not your personal chef.” He laughed.

You finished your eggs and stood on your feet. You kissed Neymar’s cheek. “Thanks for the breakfast Preto.”

“Are you heading out now?” He asked.

You grabbed your purse and walked over to the door, creaking it open. “Yeah, today i hopefully find out about who I’ll be working with.”

“Good luck Vera.” He hummed.

You blew him a kiss and closed the door shut. You walked towards your car and got in. You pulled out and began driving. It wasn’t long until you arrived at the studio. You headed to Enrique’s board room and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” His voice muffled through the door.

You opened the door and walked in. Enrique was sitting behind his desk. You two were the only people present in the room.

“I’m guessing today is not the day I find out.” You sighed, plopping yourself on a chair.

“Today is where it all happens.” He smiled.

“Can you bring up the guest to my office please, he should be here.” Enrique spoke through the buzzer.

“Guest?” You asked.

“We’re finalizing everything today.” You laughed.

“The company wants to start making this happen. So yes, you’ll be meeting the model today.” Enrique smirked.

“Great, I’m looking forward to this offer.” You crossed your legs.

You heard a knock on the door. Enrique stood from his desk and walked towards it to open.

He opened the door and allowed a tall, broad shouldered man in. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped from shock.

“Vera, meet your co-Model, Cristiano Ronaldo.” Enrique gleamed.

“China? No. I am not interested. My football is here. My heart is here. I don’t think about any other club. Not at all. I believe in finding somewhere you can express yourself, play without fear. When you find that place, stay. 

I live this every day, I can smell it. I see the ambition of the club, my teammates, the manager. I’m living it, seeing it. Wait to sign? No. No. Now is the right time. I want to win titles. Five years is my new contract, it gives me that opportunity. This club, Liverpool, it has a plan. To be back on the top and that’s what I believe in. I want to be part of that.

I understand what Liverpool means. We can say Dalglish, Rush, Hansen, Souness, Suarez, Gerrard. From the owner, the manager, my team-mates. There is nothing that stops us competing with the big clubs. Clubs in England. Clubs in Europe. Yes, clubs like Barcelona. Why not?

The main thing I love about Klopp is that he doesn’t do things for the sake of it. He explains everything, give us an understanding of what and why. It creates an enjoyment. He will be a success here, 100 per cent. I have total confidence in that.“
- Philippe Coutinho talks why he signed a new contract at Liverpool. This quote made me too happy to break it down into smaller pieces, so here’s the entire thing. 

Sagittarius Horoscope July 2017

My dear Sagittarius,

Find balance in your work life and establish a new contract of happiness. Venus helps you forge new grounds in your most intimate relationships in your Palace of Commitment, July 5th - Aug 1st.  She is all about beauty so look to her to speak to your terms and conditions, and see them printed on paper before signing your name. Whether you are getting married or creating a new partnership in business you take action toward a mutually beneficial tie. Saturn in retrograde in your sign strains your belief that a mutually beneficial relationship is out of your reach. Yet, you are self aware and more authentic about your sense of self, thus trust that Saturn promises a long lasting relationship.  He approves of the agreement and Venus gives you the wonders of having security in intimate relationship.

Increased balance in your life is delivered by Mercury. Before July 5th, the god of communication conveys a rebirth to your identity in body and spirit.  Mars helps you gain more ground in the world of sexuality and credit lines! Until July 20th, Mars is making you aware of your sexual needs during Venus’s improvements to your new liaison. The sun gives his life giving rays to fuel your passion for satisfaction.  He makes you look at pleasure in life through two lenses: the mind in a sexual way, and your finances. These two are like little bursts of orgasm when we reach our peaks.  These three planets work to improve your usage of these reserves, so your energy is used well over the course of many years to come.

A new search for meaning in life will emerge from new grounds being forged. Mercury sets the stage from July 5th - 26th, as he directs the compass of your life to your heart’s true north.  He gives you a new step in your road of life which follows the beat of your heart, the basis of your passions in life. Mars joins Mercury July 21st - Sept. 9th, and makes leaps, not strides, in your search for purpose. He is the god of determination and helps you to make the necessary sacrifices and advances in your search for true happiness.  Life will be calling so be sure to answer as your response is going to determine the next few years of your life. The Sun will give his light to give you clarity as your travel through your new road in life.  He actually walks hand in hand with the New Moon of July 23rd.  She arrives right at the cusp of your Palace of Purpose at 0°. Together these two open a profound new door in toward fulfilling your role in life.

Spicing up your life is the Waning Crescent of July 16th to give new breath to your heart. She rubs elbows up close to Uranus the god of individuality allowing your unique vibrancy and self to shine in glory. Jupiter is opposite the duo and finally has opened his goodie bag! He will bring a fun and romantic event to your lap, so be sure to have your contact information.  Others will love you in the limelight and now is the time to expand your network and now even garner the attention of VIPS. The Waxing Crescent of July 30th brings great peace of mind.  You lay to rest the past and feel more comfortable in your skin.  Look to this moon to feel deeper self-acceptance and love for your true self.

Love till the end of time!


Star Queen Adonis

Show Renewals and Contract Neogtiations

A disclaimer of sorts before we start: 1) I am not a lawyer, or an agent. I’m a person who briefly considered a career in entertainment and, as part of that, did a lot of research/had a lot of conversations with people who have, or are currently, working in show business. 2) The process is different for every network, and the list of reasons a show is cancelled/renewed varies from program to program so this is not a hard and fast list of steps/rules, 3) I’m in no way saying this is what has happened or will happen for Castle, I’m merely giving a look into how these things are structured to hopefully ease some minds. 

The first thing you need to know is this: show renewals are something that happen every single year. It’s pretty exceptional if a network comes forward and renews a show for multiple years in one go. Glee is one of the more recent shows to have that distinction, and it’s also an example of why networks shy away from that sort of multi-year deal. Glee’s ratings tanked dramatically, but Fox was legally bound to honor the contract or pay out a lot of money and so they ended up with a show on their schedule that was performing poorly when they perhaps could have found a bigger hit to fill that spot 

For everyone else, it’s a year to year issue regarding job security. As an actor, you might be signed to a seven year deal, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be employed for all seven. A network has the option to pick up the contract and renew the show; and making that decision comes down to a few key things. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey Cass! First of all happy new year! My dash is talking about a possible contract signing, which I didn't even noticed at first. But it sure looks like it. What do you make of this? I will be so supportive of Harry if he decides to do a solo project, and I don't think that has anything to do with 1D, and specially not with ending things with Louis (as I have seen on my dash -.-). But if he really is going that way, it seems a bit of a weird way to do it right?

I have no idea what’s going on.. I just got back from camping which had no reception or Internet and am still catching up haha.. New Years resolution is to not speculate and just let whatever happen happen… Cos it’s going to anyway and I’m not gonna do my head in trying to piece together a puzzle when we only have a quarter if that, of the puzzle pieces…

But. Let me just remind you… That everything they show us is on purpose. They don’t just fucking do deals on yachts and take photos for the entire fandom to see when they know and we know there’s been paps there documenting their every move every day for the last 5 days or whatever.. It just doesn’t happen like that. We get shown this stuff for a purpose. So headlines can be made, people can talk, fans can create drama and almost all of the times, something else is actually happening bts….

  • @alexmorgan13: Last night before leaving Orlando, I signed a new contract and today it was officially announced. I'm happy to be apart of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) expanding and be apart of the Orlando Pride. I'm grateful for the years Portland gave me to better my game, and as always, I will put Club and Country first and help kids around the Nation find their passion for the beautiful game and have the same opportunities I was given growing up to get me to where I am today.

Munir el Haddadi signed his new contract with Fc Barcelona

“ I’m really happy to renew my deal and continue with the best club in the world.The truth is that I never expected anything like this. I’ve just been working hard, learning from everybody, and the effort pays off.” - Munir el Haddadi

  • family member/friend/stranger/obama: how do you feel about the 1d breakup?
  • me in my head: i think that for a band that has literally been working non-stop for five years deserves a break, like any normal band. putting out an album every year and touring every year is something that most artists dont do. theyve had two stadium tours. When do they even sleep? i also think its unfair for the media to be reporting their hiatus as a break-up especially when the boys have said that they are not breaking up, just taking a break to pursue personal interests. what else are they supposed to do in their free time? it sucks for the fans of 1d who have to explain to everyone the whole story since the media refuses to do so. im happy that these boys are finally getting time off and a new contract.
  • me out loud: i don't recall

CRISTIANO RONALDO:“I wish that we were all three in the same team, Messi, Neuer and I”.

“I think it was a good World Cup at the organizational level and won the best, Germany”

“For Portugal was not a positive World because we eliminated in the group stage”

“I hope the next World better for Portugal. We have learned from mistakes”

“Everything that contributes to that football is better and has fewer bugs, is positive and important for the show.”

“In the club we train every day with the same players. We know better, how we play, how we move .. ”

“Not the same a club selection, but there are differences is normal”.

“I would earn as much in 2015 as in 2014 at club and win as many titles as possible”

“Every year is a new challenge and now 2014 is long gone. I want to enjoy the moment.”

“It would be unfair to mention one coach. Everyone has had an impact on my career. All have been important”

“I am very grateful to all the coach who trained me for helping me get where I come.”

“Odegaart is a good player, great quality and a great future ahead. I see much potential in this player.”

“(Odegaard) is very good and very young. We have to give him time to make the best decision for him. He has a good left foot.”

“I think winning the Golden Ball is not the most important. And what you do in your career, in your club.”

“My goal is to get into the history of football. Of course I want to win the Golden Ball. It would be a pleasure.”

Messi: “What made Cristiano this season has been impressive Winning the Champions Cup and leaving the record high goals.”

“I would play with CR7 on the same team. I always like to play with the best and he is one of them, although it will be difficult”

Neuer: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a player first class and has shown”.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Lionel Messi & Manuel Neuer also deserve to win the Ballon d'Or.”

“I’m not obsessed with the Ballon d'Or, is useless. If you win, that’s fine. What matters is and equipment and be better.”

“The future only God knows. I am very happy at Real Madrid, signed a new contract one year ago and I am very satisfied”



You must be delighted to have signed a new extended deal at Manchester United?

Wazza: Yes I’m very happy to have signed a new long-term contract with Manchester United. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world and to know that I will be playing here for the majority of my career is something that I’m looking forward to. I’m happy that everything is now finalised and I can carry on concentrating on my football.

😘 😍 😚