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The Covenant!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I recently watched a movie called The Covenant, made in 2006

And then I was like

Not even kidding, everyone with everyone. But since it’s a pretty old movie there weren’t many fanfictions or video for it. I HAVE READ PRACTICALLY EVERY FAFIC FOR THIS MOVIE! I’m not even kidding.

So, I need everyone on Tumblr to watch The Covenant so there’s fabulous fanfiction for everyone! 

Let’s get this started. SEBASTIAN STAN!


Because everyone knows demon-eyes are hot

And magic!

And boys!

Damn ;)

And some great lines!

And you can literally ship everyone with everyone

So why don’t you drop into this fandom?

Write some fanfics, make some videos, and have fun!

Also here’s a couple of Fan!Video to get you started once you’ve watched the movie :D

And if you don’t like the movie, please reblog anyway so other people can see it :)


needed me ❖ chanyeol

@mayne11 requested: Hello how are you doing ? 😍Wow you are so talented i really enjoyed reading your work .. Please write more of chanyeol sumt if you have time later .. Thank you .

anon requested: Hi!! Can I request a Chanyeol fanfic? I want it to be like Kai’s 95 liner! Thank you! ❤️

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

4309 words | smut, stepfather-stepdaughter relationship, age gap, the slightest daddy kink | velvet

✎ After your stepfather and your mother divorce you keep on meeting him in secret, until you turn adult and finally can do whatever you want. Even having sex with him.

[Warning: If you’re not comfortable, don’t read, please]

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anonymous asked:

Would you be open to writing something with Mulder helping Scully with something wonderfully domestic long before they become involved? Like moving house, fixing the sink, paining the apartment...UST!

I absolutely loved this prompt - thank you so much, anon! I hope you like it. Set between Redux and Detour. 

Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

“Mulder, what are you doing this weekend?“ There is no reason to be nervous, Scully reminds herself as she presses the phone against her ear and winds the cord tightly around her finger. It’s just Mulder.

"Not much. Shoot some hoops, maybe. Why, do you have any tantalizing x-files lying around, Scully?" He chuckles at his own, really not so funny, joke. 

"No, I could just use your… help. For something.” The cord bites into her skin leaving a red mark. Scully considers hanging up the phone and claiming she was high on painkillers. 

“My help? Always, Scully. What do you need me to do?”

“Only if it’s not too much trouble.”

“Scully, come on. What is it?”

“I need to paint my bedroom and the doctor said I should refrain from strenuous activities so-”

“He’s right, Scully. You’re barely out of the hospital. I’ll gladly help you, but don’t you think it’s too soon?” Scully gnaws on her lip. That’s exactly what her mother said, too. If it were up to her, Scully would spend the next few weeks or even months in a bed recuperating. Having ditched certain death, all Scully wants is to do things. Live. Because it’s the one thing she thought she’d never get to do again. She beat cancer. Clearly, she can paint her bedroom.

“I’m fine, Mulder.” He groans in frustration on the other end of the line. “I really am. I know I have to take it slowly and I’m doing that. I just need to paint that wall.” He is quiet for a moment, a tell-tale sign that he’s thinking. Scully imagines him licking his lips trying to come up with the right words. She is not ready to spill her secret just yet. The reason why the paint job can’t wait.

“What time should I come over?”


Saturday morning and the hardware store is crowded. Mulder listlessly pushes their cart along the broad aisles and she has to grab it a few times to prevent a collision with another cart or person.

“You didn’t tell me we still had to buy the paint.” Mulder sounds like a moody child and Scully is about to tell him to stop being such a baby when he abruptly comes to a standstill. It’s too late to stop herself from crashing into him.

“Mulder, what!”

“Scully, look at this,” her eyes follow Mulder’s pointing finger, “what do you think?" 

"It’s cut lumber, Mulder.” He nods, staring at the cut pieces and panels as if they were extraterrestrial entities. Scully briefly wonders when Mulder has last stepped foot in a hardware store. Or if he ever has.

“I could build you a new kitchen cabinet.” His voice is more excited about that prospect than it should be.

“Nothing is wrong with my kitchen cabinet, Mulder. I am very happy with my furniture. What we need is paint.” She tugs at his sleeve and he starts moving again. As if she’d ever let Mulder alone with a hammer and nails. They spend enough time in and out of hospitals as it is. 

They make it to the paint aisle without further disruption. Mulder stares at Scully, at the colors and back at her. 

“I think I should stick with white. What do you think, Mulder?" 

"You really don’t want to ask me about colors.” Mulder’s finger traces a soft aquatic color and then turns to her. There’s a soft, almost shy smile on his face. “Reminds me of your eyes. But uhm, that’s probably not the color you want in your bedroom.” He clears his voice. Scully, touched yet slightly embarrassed, lets his comment slide and moves on to the whites. 

“Silver Feather or Morocco Sand.” She mumbles, examining the colors closely.

“Scully, it’s the same color. They’re both white!”

“No, they’re not. Look,” Scully is interrupted by another couple, matching grins and clothes, apparently hoping for some advice, “the Morocco Sand is a touch darker.”

“Silver Feather works great in bedrooms,” the woman tells them with a wink, “reflects the morning sunlight just beautifully.”

“I think I want Morocco Sand, Mulder.” Scully mumbles quickly and pushes Mulder to get the cans. The couple keeps moving to the reds and Scully takes a deep breath. 

“Are you sure, Scully? I think Silver Feather looks really nice.”

“You just said they looked the same!”

“I was wrong. Let’s buy Silver Feather." She doesn’t object.


Scully feels as if she’s in a movie. In one of Mulder’s videos that aren’t his. She watches as Mulder, shirtless and with low-riding jeans, moves the furniture in her bedroom. Moaning from the physical exertion. The play of his back muscles as he puts protective plastic on the ground is mesmerizing. 

"Should we get started?" He stands in front of the naked wall, hands on his hips. Scully nods, her mouth slightly open. Water. She needs a glass of water. Ice cold. 

"Do you- are you thirsty, Mulder?”

“Oh yeah.” He basically groans. Scully walks into the kitchen, heat following her, and when she pours the glasses, Mulder is suddenly close behind. Scully almost lets go of the glass but quickly recovers and pushes it into his hands. Her fingers brush against his hot, naked chest. Mulder gulps down the water and grins at her.

“Let’s get this paint on the wall, Scully.”

It turns out Mulder puts as much energy into painting a wall as he does in everything else he considers important. She tried to help but Mulder makes her take a break every five minutes. ‘I’ve got this, Scully,’ he told her, ‘sit down and relax. You can watch and criticize.’ She tries to find fault in his brush strokes, but he seems to know what he’s doing. So instead Scully looks for her old radio, dusts it off, and soon soft music fills the room. Whenever a song comes on Mulder likes, he starts whistling, badly. Then Elvis starts singing. Mulder lets go of the pain brush, turns to Scully who sits cross-legged on the plastic, half reading a medical journal. Mulder offers her his hand.

“Dance with me.”

“What?” She laughs.

“Just one dance, Scully. Please. It’s Elvis!” She puts her hand in his, convinced. Small drops of paint are splattered on his arms and his chest. His still very naked chest. Scully loses herself in the warmth of his skin, the feel of his muscles. Her thin cotton shirt is the only barrier between their chests, barely there at all. Her hands are on his back, skin touching skin. 

“Hmm, you gotta love Elvis.” Mulder croons into her ear, his hands on her back drawing small circles. She wishes she’d put on a bit more weight already. He must be able to feel her ribs against his fingertips. Scully makes a mental note to have a big lunch, maybe something with fries. Mulder, she is certain, won’t need to be convinced.

The melody picks up and Mulder doesn’t miss a beat, twirls them around. He laughs at her and the sound is so infectious that she giggles, hides her face against his chest. Suddenly he dips her and Scully squeals. Her eyes, upside down, land on that spot on the wall. She one she wanted to forget. The one that started the whole thing. The music stops, Scully stands upright, tries not to let Mulder see her change in mood.

“Scully? Are you all right? Are you dizzy? I didn’t think. I’m so sorry.”

“No, Mulder. That’s not…” Scully stares at the wall again. The smallest imperfection in a sea of white. 

“What is it?” His voice is soft and she knows the exact moment he sees it. Mulder crouches down, the plastic rustling under him. He touches his finger to the spot, now a pale, distorted orange color. Scully hugs herself, feeling cold. 

“What… what…” But Mulder doesn’t finish his sentence, whatever it is.

“One night,” Scully takes a deep breath, “one night my nosebleed was so bad. I didn’t see anything. It was everywhere. I crashed into the wall, I think, trying to get to the bathroom. I didn’t see the blood on the wall until later and then it was too late." 

"Oh Scully." 

"I didn’t want to look at it anymore. Be reminded of it. I know it’s stupid but-”

“It’s not stupid. It’s not stupid at all.” Mulder picks up the paint brush and dips it into the can. Then he hands it to Scully. Soft white droplets drip to the floor as he waits for her to take it. Her hand is unreasonably shaky as she reaches for it. Mulder doesn’t let go and she eyes him, a questioning look on her face.

“Let’s start a new chapter, huh?” He asks her. Scully nods and together they paint over the blood, over the past until it shimmers silvery white and new.

Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Part 6: Honorable Mentions)

Hi everyone! So before I get to my number 1 choice on this countdown, I wanted to highlight a few honorable mentions. These are in no particular order, but simply a few moments that I thought were worth a quick mention. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, the final part of the countdown will be posted up. Until then, here we go!

Honorable Mentions:

1. Lingerie Dancing:

This was originally going to be on the list, but I ended up swapping it for another moment instead. Cynthia mentions in her book that John loved shopping and buying clothes for her. He particularly fancied lingerie and would buy countless of them for her to try on. Some of these things were far too extravagant to actually wear, but were mainly for look. They would have modeling sessions at home and Cynthia would strut around wearing one of the lingerie’s John bought her. After a few laughs, John would get up and ask flirtatiously “shall we dance”. And they dance…but not for long (Teehee!).

2. Amor en España (Love in Spain) :

In 1966, John was working on the set of Richard Lester’s dark comedy, “How I One the War”. Cynthia went to meet up with him. He was covered in dirt and she LOVED his new haircut. And then……..aaaaahhhh, I’ll just let her explain:

“When the tour ended, he went to Spain to shoot this movie, and I met him two weeks later, in October 1966. It was one of the most beautiful moments as a couple. He was in the desert, stuck in the car. He opened the window and called me over. We made love right there.” -Cynthia Lennon

Look guys, I already posted 2 moments that included them and their love making. This is a great story, but it leans more towards horny than sweet (LOL!!!!) With that said, it’s always nice to hear about John’s playful side with Cynthia (*wink wink*).

3. Dancing Cheek to Cheek:

One of the BIGGEST crimes in internet history is the lack of ANY pictures of John and Cynthia kissing. Seriously, it too much to ask for just one picture? Just one?!?! But I digress, there is one that comes close, although admittedly still not completely satisfying. It was taken in 1965, while the couple was on holiday in France. It’s a picture of them slow-dancing, wrapped in a tight embrace. It’s a very cute picture, and I like that you can see the intimacy between the two. I just wish we could see their faces better, ESPECIALLY JOHN’S. It’s one of the few times I wished he hadn’t worn a hat (beggars can’t be choosers I suppose).

4. Special John-and-Cyn Times:

Cynthia describes that during the days in which John wasn’t touring and she could relax from housework, they would share intimate moments (and no, not “those” kinds of intimate moments…specifically). In her book, she says:

“After weeks apart, me running the household, John traveling and performing, it was wonderful to be close again and to shut out the world. That was when we shared our most affectionate moments. We’d exchange roses or loving notes, and cuddle up together in front of the TV. We called these special John-and-Cyn times, and they were oases of loving peace in the madness of our world. I treasured them.”

Cynthia’s description of those times are kept mostly private, but explained with enough detail to appreciate what they meant to her. I guess personally I would have liked to have heard more, but oh well. I’m just happy she had those happy memories to go back too every now an then.

    5. The Question:

    In 1974, Cynthia and Julian went to see John in America, so that father and son could finally get some bonding time. This trip would be the last time Cynthia would see John face to face. For most of the trip he kept his distance and barely said a word to her. However, just before Cynthia and Julian were to leave, a friend of theirs from the old days (Mal) was holding a party at his home, and invited them there. The atmosphere and overall enjoyment of the party helped John to relax, and finally talk to Cynthia. They mostly talked about Julian, and about old friends from Liverpool. But what really stands out about this conversation is what he asked her towards the beginning. He asked how Roberto was doing (the name of the man Cynthia married a few years after her divorce with John), and she told him that they had parted. He tells he’s sorry…and then he asks her something that I think is very telling…

    ”Are you ok?”

    This moment was during the Lost Weekend, so John at this time was in a relationship with May Pang. Unlike Yoko, who seemed to have a problem with John seeing his son, May encouraged John to bond with Julian. She also didn’t seem to mind him being friends with Cynthia. John of course was a complex individual and I think that while he could love people, he totally was bad a handling tough situations. I think that’s the main reason his divorce with Cynthia was so hard, because he didn’t know how to deal with it. I always felt that even during the ugliness of their divorce, John still loved Cynthia, but I think the drugs definitely detached him from her and made him forget how important she was to him. And when he met Yoko, that deepen the gap between the two of them even more. By 1974, he had pretty much cemented himself in a new life that didn’t include Cynthia. But while his distance can be read from many angles (all of which are valid), I think it partially has to do with lingering feelings.

    As mush as John would like people to believe it, he wasn’t really as mean or as tough as he let on. He had a heart and conscience. And even though he had fallen for May Pang, he still cared for Cynthia…why do I say that? Well, because it’s easy to tell someone your sorry and then quickly change the subject. But the fact that he asked her how she was doing was in a way, a sign that he was truly concerned for her well-being. He didn’t need to ask, but he did. I think he unintentionally let his guard down a bit too much and placed himself in a position in which, depending on her response, he would most likely feel the need to help in anyway he could. Of course we know that she said she was fine, and that was the end of that. But it just goes to show that John’s feelings for Cynthia hadn’t completely eradicated. Deep down, he wanted her to be happy, and have a good life.

    And you may be saying “but getyouhoylake, don’t you think you’re reading a little too into that question”……….eeeeehhhhhh maybe???? I’m an English major, so it’s in my DNA to over-analyze stuff. LOL! But I honestly do believe that John did care, or else he wouldn’t have asked in the first place. Not only that, but consider this, and this is completely hypothetical….let’s imagine that at some point during their visit to America, Cynthia ended up locked in a room with John….it’s just the two of them….everyone else…May, Julian, Mal…they are nowhere in sight. It’s just them two, locked in a room for hours…..what do you think would have happened during that time of privacy??? I’m telling you people, first love is a powerful thing! And feelings like that don’t just go away forever!!

    (Note: Above picture was taken by May Pang (I think). It’s the last picture of the little family together…)

    Stay tune for tomorrows final post of this countdown!

    The Hottie Next Door

    Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

    Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

    Warning : Language?

    Word Count : 2,521 

    A/N : So i thought it’d be fun to rewrite my very first series!!! I hope you all enjoy!! 

    Sounds of loud laughter coming from outside of your window, woke you from dead sleep. Almost startling you.

    You huffed as you turned to your side, to glance at the clock on your night stand.

    “7:30?!” You groaned to yourself, growing annoyed.

    Today is Saturday. The only day you ever get to sleep in. But alas, your neighbors decided otherwise.

    You tore herself out of bed, knowing damn well you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep.

    “I can’t wait to move out.” You sighed.

    Your phone lit up with a sound of an alert. A notification popping up from your best friend, Riley.

    Good morning sleeping beauty! The boys and I are going to get some coffee, want to join?

    Though, You would much rather stay in bed and chill, coffee did sound perfect right about now. Especially after the rude awakening you had.

    I’m down. Starbucks, downtown?

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    You’re Family

    Characters: Jack, Sam, Dean, Reader

    -I think this is for requests so can u do jack x reader like really fluffy - Anonymous
    -Can I request a Jack/reader story? I don’t see many of them and I think it’d be cool (I love your stories btw <3) - Anonymous

    Words: 1230

    Warnings: title, I suck at them, pure fluff, possible s13e04 spoilers

    A/N: Hope you guys like this! 

    You’re Family

    Late at night you knock on the door number 22, and when you got no answer you opened it, expecting to see Jack sleeping, but he was sitting in bed with his laptop and headphones around his neck.

    “Hey, Jack,” you smile at him.

    “Hey,” he smiles looking up from his laptop to you.

    “You know, if you’re available and someone knocks on your door you should say ‘come in’.”

    “Why?” He asks.

    “Well, um, what if you’re… naked or something? It’s just common courtesy,” you shrug.

    He nods.

    “What are you watching?” You ask.

    “Star Wars, I kinda still hate Annakin,” he says.

    You giggle, “That’s probably a good thing.”

    “Sam said the same thing,” he frowned.

    You let out a nervous chuckle.

    “I wanted to ask you… how are you doing?”

    “I… I’m fine. I think Dean likes me now,” he smirked.

    You smiled. “Yeah, you did a good thing by saving us today.”

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    anonymous asked:

    Hi! Love your blog! Can I request youngmin as your best friend who secretly has a crush on you? or youngmin boyfriend? you can choose hahaah

    hi paca anons… i’m here to fulfill yo wishes so why not do both  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    i’m just gonna do an adult!au for this request bcoz older youngmin sounds like a hawt dawg

    edit: i just realise that youngmin IS an adult. omfg i’m such a child. don’t mind me being me lol.

    • that handy-man bestie who brings you ice cream and cake when you’re down and is willing to stay by your side until you fall asleep
    • the person who you call when your current boyfriend cheated/broke up with you and when drinking is a must
    • he’ll be the one to take you home 
    • your only male friend who knows the passcode to your apartment
    • his office (let’s say that he’s an accountant/business man because why not lol) is two buildings away from your workplace so the two of you go out for dinner a lot
    • catching a ride in his car every morning to work 
    • it’s as if you two are a couple who live together because his car has your blanket/cushions/personal belongings and fav songs
    • you singing in the car and showing off your ‘rapping skills’ 
    • “yeah you sound great” he means it but if anyone else heard you they’ll be like????
    • ALWAYS opens the door for you 
    • small talks be like “i think i left my tie at your house…” “oh yeah i think i’m free on the 9th, let’s catch a movie at my place” “i bought you chinese!”
    • people always mistaken you guys as a couple because of how close you are
    • you’d be like “lol we’re not a couple” and youngmin will be like (with a pained face) “yeah… we’re not…”
    • you’re totally oblivious to his feelings because he’s always treated you so nicely that you can’t seem to find the boundary between friendship and love
    • when you start hanging out with this one male colleague a lot and canceling your plans with youngmin he’ll be like “ok…” /lookin like a kicked paca.
    • when you repeatedly ditch him he’ll get really anxious
    • he’ll catch you coming back from your outings with your male colleague and confront you “why are you hanging out with him so much?” he’d say, because it’s a bit pitiful to say ‘why aren’t you hanging out with me?’
    • YOU:“…because we won’t work out”
    • YM: “what do you mean we won’t work out?”
    • YOU: “i need to stop leaning on you for everything you know… we’d both need to be with someone in the end and-”
    • he’ll just kiss you before you can continue; it’s pretty passionate but gentle at the same time
    • “…you don’t need to stop leaning on me” he would look at you straight in the eye “because i’ll make things work”
    • you ran away from him after that
    • a lot of avoiding and blushing on your part
    • youngmin’s patient so he gives you your space but once he can’t handle it, he’ll go for his second confrontation
    • “well hello there bestie” he’ll be pretty sarcastic
    • “h-hi youngmin haha fancy seeing you here” you’d be nervous as hell like your bestfriend of like forever??? kissed you 
    • “yeah well it was kinda hard meeting you in the first place but just tell me honestly- you feel the same way right?” he’s taking the chance and pretends to be 1000000 times cockier than his pure soul is
    • you’d be red and blushing but realises????? wait a minute maybe i like him too?
    • youngmin as a boyfriend is the kind who tries to sleepover at your place as much as he can
    • “oh whoops look at that light… it’s dead i guess it’s gonna take me a day’s worth to change it” “oh no i think i’ll need to help you with house cleaning” “…i came with food! let’s watch some movies”
    • when you two are at his place, he’ll almost be begging for you to stay “you don’t know this but i’m afraid of being alone” “… youngmin you’re one of the most independent and bravest person i’ve ever known” “…you don’t know me well enough” “ok there goes 15 years worth of friendship buddy” “/sigh. stop trying to friendzone me… your boyfriend” 

    Originally posted by im-youngmin

    *paca anons just hit me up again if you need more bf!youngmin because i kinda felt like the post was too long :( hope you enjoyed it <3

    anonymous asked:

    What are your top 3 reasons to watch trollhunters?

    1. The plot. Don’t let the first couple of episodes fool you; its complex and interesting in the same vein as Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, and the whole show is heavily driven by the plot, like a drawn out movie. I find it nicely paced as well. I was never bored and always wanted to keep watching to see what happens next. 

    2. The relationships between the characters. They’re just so genuine and well-developed and great. I especially love Jim’s friendship with Toby as well as the complicated dynamic Jim, the hero, has with Strickler, a villain. Also the makeshift family that forms between Blinky, Arrrgh, Toby, Jim, Draal, and (later) Claire.

    3. The villains are multi-dimensional and morality in the show itself is not black and white. You have villains being tempted to do good. Heroes being tempted to do bad. Villains who aren’t wicked by nature. Villains who join the heroes. A hero you discover initially began as a villain in the past. Heroes who have prejudiced and flawed ideals. It’s wonderful. Contrary to most family-friendly stories too, one of the rules of Trollhunting is finishing the fight as opposed to believing killing a villain makes you as bad as the villain, something I really appreciate.

    Those are my top 3, but there’s so much more, my dude.

    Close Knit

    Pairing: The Losers Club x Reader

    Requests: @hufflepuff-and-feminist said

    “I love how we all use affectionate pet names and flirt with one another. It’s nice, having such a close knit group of friends, you know?” “Okay but have you considered: fuckpile.” With the losers club and Richie for the last bit"

    Warnings: Swearing

    A/N: The storyline of this is kind of random XD


    Y/n had invited the Losers Club over to her house. Y/n’s parents were out and they all decided to have a sleepover.

    After playing a couple board games and watching a couple movies, Beverly came up with a great idea.

    “We should try to bake some cupcakes!” She laughed excitedly.

    “Yes!” Y/n agreed, running into the kitchen to get out the ingredients.

    Soon enough, all eight of them were covered in cupcake batter and flour.

    “Bev, babe, can you pass me the eggs?” Richie asked, not looking up from the cook book he was reading.

    “Sure, sweetheart.” Beverly handed him the eggs.

    “Hey Y/n, can you pass me the sugar, honey?” Stan asked, flicking a bit of flour at Bill, who didn’t notice.

    Y/n chucked a bag of sugar at him.

    “Thanks, babe!”

    “Hey, Y/n.” Richie got Y/n’s attention. Y/n raised their eyebrows at him questioningly.

    Richie flicked sugar onto Y/n’s face.

    “Even with a face full of sugar, you’re still the most beautiful person in the room.” Richie wiped a bit of sugar off Y/n’s face.

    “I love how we all use affectionate pet names and flirt with one another. It’s nice, having such a close knit group of friends, you know?” Ben smiled, wrapping an arm around Bev’s shoulder.

    “Okay, but have you considered: fuckpile.” Richie laughed.

    “Fucking hell, Richie.” Eddie groaned.

    “C-Come on, Richie.” Bill facepalmed.

    “What’d I say?!”

    Momma’s Boy Part 22

    Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested)

    Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader


    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21

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    On Harvey, and the rest...

    Unless you were in a coma this week, you’ll have heard the “shocking” news about Harvey Weinstein’s serial groping, harassing and general abuse of women. You’ll have followed the phoney “outrage” of men who thought women should have spoken up sooner, or called the police, or “manned up, ‘cos that’s showbiz” or whatever shite men (not all men, but hey, a bloody lot of them) say when they feel one of theirs is under attack. 

    The fact is, everyone already knew that Harvey was a bully. There was a whole plot-line in ENTOURAGE about it, based on the standing joke that Harvey (I can’t remember his character name, Harley or Herbert or whatever, but the portrait was damn lifelike) never forgives of forgets, and will go to any lengths to get revenge on anyone who annoys him.

    I met him a couple of times, you know, when we were making CHOCOLAT. I never saw him sexually assault anyone, but what I did see was how terrified all his people were of him. Stories abounded about him: how he’d sacked a studio executive for letting in a goal during an inter-studio football game: how he’d given Gwyneth Paltrow £5 million in diamonds to try and persuade her to do a film. I don’t know if these stories were true or not, but one thing was clear: Harvey loved those stories. And Harvey loved the fact that everyone who worked for him lived in fear of his temper, his presence, his bludgeoning rudeness and his reputation of never forgiving anyone who crossed him.

    I could tell he enjoyed that. The first words he ever spoke to me, at a party early on, were: “Hello, I’m Harvey Weinstein, and when I walk into a room, authors shit their pants.” To which I replied: “In that case, Harvey, I’ll send you my next dry-cleaning bill.” And Harvey laughed; apparently delighted at my reply. Later, one of his people took me aside and said: “He likes you. He likes people who stand up to him.” She made it pretty clear to me that not many of his employees did. 

    But here’s the thing. I wasn’t a studio employee. He couldn’t threaten my career, or make me persona non grata in Hollywood. He’d acquired the rights to my book from David Brown, who originally optioned it. He had no power over me. What he did do, though, was exploit a tiny clause in my densely-printed, 50-page contract: a clause that I had been led to believe meant that he owned the stage rights to the screenplay, but that he maintained meant that he now owned the stage rights to my book - rights that, for the past 18 years or so, I’ve been receiving weekly offers. If his company ever decides to use these rights, as far as I know, I don’t get a penny - and the one time I happened to mention this (at a party, where my conversation was overheard by someone from the Daily Mail), my agent - who had been trying  in vain for several years to get in touch about maybe making the contract a bit fairer to the author - got a phone call the very next day from Harvey’s people, making it clear that Harvey wasn’t at all happy to hear that I had been discussing his business. To me it felt very intimidating - and I realized that that, although I’d been off Harvey’s radar since 1999 as far as paying me any money was concerned, he was watching me very closely when it came to any kind of criticism of him, or of his business. 

    Of course I have no idea of the motives behind his refusal. Why would a huge company like Miramax begrudge a few grand to an author for rights? Was it just because they could? Was it because they didn’t care? Probably.  And yet I can’t help wondering: what if I hadn’t been quite so smart with my repartee, that night? What if I’d let Harvey have his joke, fluttered my eyelashes a bit; pretended to be impressed and intimidated by the big movie mogul, instead of laughing at his boast that he made authors shit their pants? 

    I know. In the general scheme of things it isn’t an important story. But in 1999 I was an unknown author: the money I got for CHOCOLAT was nice, but nowhere near the millions that J.K. Rowling got for Harry Potter. It was enough for me to live on a couple of years without worrying too much about going back to my teaching job, which was great - but it wasn’t much. Not compared to the kind of sum the Weinsteins made from the movie. Not even compared to the money they spent on goodie bags for the actors.  If Miramax had been prepared to pay for the stage rights to my story, it wouldn’t have cost them much. My goodwill wouldn’t have cost much. Doing the right thing wouldn’t have cost much. 

    Since 1999 I’ve heard rumours of plans for a stage musical of CHOCOLAT - a project I’d love to be part of, and not just for the money, but because it’s my book, and I’d like to think that I could contribute something. I’d like to be included. I’d like to sit in theatre and think: I helped make this, instead of You took this from me. So far, the Weinstein Co. hasn’t spoken to me once about the project (which is still ongoing, as far as I’ve heard). As it stands, the disputed clause in my contract means that, even if it does get made (a possibility that seems increasingly remote), they owe me nothing.  Not a penny. Not even a phone call.

    So why didn’t I fight? Well, for the same reason, I guess, that no-one else has tried to fight back. There’s no fighting back against the kind of money and power wielded by the Weinsteins. I couldn’t afford to contest their claim, and if I had, I would have lost every penny I had made, whether I won the case or not. And so I moved on, just as others moved on from various other kinds of abuse. Because although I don’t pretend to have suffered in anything like the same way that Harvey’s sexual-assault victims suffered, there is a link between the two kinds of incident. Both come from an arrogant base of power, and privilege, and intimidation. Both come from a misguided belief in one’s personal invulnerability. Both come from the widespread belief that power is strength; that strength is good; and that the strong will always survive.

    And this isn’t a sentiment exclusive to Harvey Weinstein: it’s a belief shared by  many powerful men - Jimmy Savile, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby - who revel in the fact that they can get away with anything: who bask in the knowledge that others are afraid of what they might say or do; who use that fear to build empires, and to create little mini-mes everywhere they go: because that kind of arrogance trickles down, infecting others with their beliefs. It teaches men that yes they can: it teaches women to keep their mouths shut. It’s what we used to call bullying when we were children: now, it seems, it’s what a lot of men call success

    And yet, a success that’s built on making people shit their pants was always going to stink. It’s a smell that some can tolerate: they may even fool themselves into believing that it’s the smell of money. But there are successful people who manage not to bully and intimidate; just as there are men who somehow manage not to be rapists and abusers. All power and money does is to intensify what already exists. And so tonight I’ll be raising a glass of (cheap) champagne to the women who finally spoke out about the stink that’s been wafting around their heads for years. It isn’t new, and it isn’t nice, but that doesn’t mean we ignore it. It’s the in locker-rooms and boardrooms and hotel rooms and college rooms; it’s the smell of male power and privilege, and it’s high time all of us stopped pretending that it doesn’t smell like shit.

    Happy Valentine's Day - Bucky Barnes x Reader (2017 February song challenge)

    Words: 1146
    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
    Featuring: Tony, Steve, Nat, Clint
    Warnings: Swearing.
    Song Challenge with Jadyn!
    Authors Note: So this is my song challenge for Feb. and I know it’s early but the theme this month was love so i decided why not put it out today? This is based off the song Happy Valentines Day (I’m Alone As Fuck) by Austin Jones and you can check it out here! (It’s literally 30 seconds.) Fluff af fic.

    What is this? Jadyn’s Challenge

    Challenge Masterlist. Masterlist.

    Pink, red, white, and even a dash of purple. Those colors in February just made you angry. Everyone seemed to be so excited to celebrate a day of love, which happened to be a random Tuesday, while you couldn’t care less about it.

    Love is hard to find with your job. Fighting to save the world can come with a price and makes everything much harder. Relationships were almost unheard of, unless you are Super-Dad-Husband Clint Barton, and love was not easy. Many people would be all for being with an Avenger, but the second things get ugly and life threatening, they leave you.

    And of course, the last few years, something always happens on Valentines Day.

    After months of being with someone you really connected with, the horrid day rolls around. Some villain always decides to have their fun and try to ruin the day, meaning you had to leave your valentine and go protect the world. And that’s when they always realize that this is how it’s always going to be; the world comes first, their love comes second.

    So you didn’t bother.

    But that did not stop the Avengers from trying to make your miserable day a little better. Tony insisted you join him to a nice breakfast fit for Valentines. And while it was the nicest breakfast you had ever had, and a great effort from Tony, it all felt weird. You didn’t know how to act, especially with a million couples surrounding the two of you stealing kisses every four seconds. You were just friends with Tony, not Valentines.

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    Strike Two (Part 9 of Curve Ball)

    Originally posted by he-is-the-best-part-of-me

    Summary: An accidental collision. Lucky shoes. Baseball lessons. As much as they might try to deny it, fate seemed to be working to bring Derek and Y/N together. But being in each other’s lives could prove to be more complicated than either one of them bargained for.

    Author’s Note: FINALLY! It is here, y’all!!! I know it has been an eternity since I updated this series, but it is finally written and I couldn’t love this part more. I really hope you guys like it, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy ;)

    As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-pilot on this series, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales!!! She is so amazing to work with and always such great ideas!!! I can’t even say thanks enough <3

    Warnings: Language; a lot of feels

    Tags: @wheresthekillswitch, @urwarriorangel, @palaiasaurus64, @melanie451, @houseofrahl, @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one, @splashofbi, @livinglife-dsa, @miaforeverblue


    “Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” Stiles’ voice broke me out of my stare and I slowly turned my head to look at him, eyes wide and lips sucked between my teeth as I grunted out a ‘hm?’ He blinked at me several times before averting his gaze to the spot I was so tethered to only moment ago.

    “Sorry,” I sighed. “I’ve just been…distracted.”

    “I’ll say,” he snorts, earning a glare. “What’s up with you lately?”

    “Nothing, I’m fine.”

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    Birthday Girl - Mingyu

    Requested?: Yes, by @psyracassiopeia
    Author: Admin Lilly
    Genre: Angst to fluff
    Words: 1911
    Summary: Mingyu forgot your birthday and tries to make things right again
    A/N: This has taken SO LONG and I’m SO SORRY about it! I hope you enjoy and if you don’t feel free to request another scenario!
    One of my new years resolutions is actually to be a little more consistent with writing, since I’ve been having a writing slump over the past couple of months, so you guys might get some more scenarios lol ALSO we just surpassed 500 followers which is great, thanks to everyone following us!!!!

    Originally posted by hanwooz

    You sighed, looking down at your phone once again. Your boyfriend had promised you to come home sooner today since it was your birthday, but it was 9pm and he was still nowhere to be seen. You decided to text him once more, asking where he was. All you wanted was to spend a nice evening with him, just chilling at home, eating and maybe watching a movie.

    After about another hour without a reply from him you decided to order a pizza and lay down on the couch. Maybe you would have taken this situation better if you weren’t so hungry and on top of that super exhausted.
    You had spent all day with your friends, who had taken you out to your favorite restaurant for a nice lunch and afterwards went to an amusement park with you. They were incredibly thoughtful today, not just with the activities they had planed, but also with the gifts they gave you. All of them were now stacked on the floor right next to the TV, among them floating a few balloons and a huge teddy bear one of your friends had given you, thinking about the nights when Mingyu didn’t get to be home due to practice or because he was on tour.

    You guys had been dating for around 1 year now and at this point he basically lived with you. You had given him a key to your apartment when he started complaining about barely getting any sleep due to the other members and how he could use some alone time every now and again. You felt for him and basically took him in, now he slept over almost every night. An exception was when he had schedules really early the next day or when the boys practiced for too long and he was scared of waking you up.

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    Affair (C. Evan’s Imagine PT.2)

    Summary : Your best friend Chris Evans is set to be married to his long time girlfriend. You would be over the top thrilled if you hadn’t slept together in a night of passion. What will happen to your friendship?

    Author : Ash

    A/N : I listened to AJR “Weak” on repeat while I wrote this chapter. This is continuation of “ Imagine Having a One Night Stand With Your Best Friend, Chris Evans.”

    Master List 

    Prompt List

    Ask Us A Question!


    Originally posted by shenghoutony

    5 Days Ago

    “You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about what it would be like” Chris spoke with a seductive tone. He took a long sip from his beer, eyeing you up and down. There was a different spark behind those usual playfully blue eyes. 

    You scoffed in a mocking tone as you ran your hand through your hair letting out a deep breath. Of course, you and Chris always danced around the idea of what it would be like to sleep together.  But you had a feeling this time wasn’t just a “what if”.

    “Of course I have, you meatball, but you are engaged. Even if you and Liz are fighting, she always comes around. Plus, remember winter formal in 10th grade? Our failed attempt to loose our virginity? ” You giggled and turned to look at him. You eyed him up an down. 

    He let out a soft chuckle shaking his head at the cringe worthy memory. His eyes turned back to you. Fixated on you. His eyes darted from your lips to your eyes and back again. 

    “What?” You asked as if you were trying to read his mind. Your eyes searching his face, trying to describe that hunger in his eyes.  

    “You are just so fucking beautiful, (Y/N).” he whispered as he sat his beer on the table leaning closer and cupping your cheek in his face. 

    You both took a deep breath. You could feel the breath hitch in your chest. Swallowing the lump in your throat, wondering if any moment would the butterflies fly out and show how nervous you were. You shook your head and hung it down trying to compose yourself. 

    “Ch..Chris, we…we” before you could finish Chris cut you off with a kiss. The kind of kiss that makes you wonder how in the hell you ever lived without it. The kind of kiss that just melts your bodies in perfect harmony. You both moaned into each other’s mouth,  your hands wrapping around his neck as his fingers gripped your waist.  

    You both whimpered as you pulled away taking a much needed breath. “I’m sorry. It’s just with the wedding coming up, and the fight tonight I’m starting to wonder if I’m making the right choice. Starting to wonder what it would be like between us.”

    He traced your bottom lip with his finger. You swallowed back a gasp as you took his hand in yours. “ That’s probably the alcohol talking, we should probably call it a night.” You said as you got up to discard the empty beer bottles on your table.

    Chris caught your wrist, startling you. He picked you up and you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. Your hands wrapping there way around his neck as he placed you against the wall. His hands moving over your body. His chest keeping you supported as he explored.

    “(Y/N), I love you. One night, that’s all I ask. We’ll blame it on the alcohol. I just have to know. “ he whispered in your ear. You felt shivers run down your spine. 

    “One night.” You whispered back.

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    anonymous asked:

    Ok, three different things, but all the same pairing: What if UF!Sans's crush just came up and sat on his lap for no apparent reason while they were watching TV or a movie? What if said crush mentions at one point (probably in response to something on the TV) that they find fangs sexy? What if at some point after this (probably days to weeks later) said crush got drunk and LICKED UF!Sans' gold tooth. Just. Leaned over and licked it.

    :D OH MY GOD IT’S THIS ONE!  This ask circulates through the imagine blogs, almost everybody has gotten it!  I feel like a real imagines blog now!  I’m legit!

    He’s a little surprised when you just sit in his lap.  If he’s your crush chances are he’s flirted with you, but he honestly didn’t expect you to reciprocate it that much; he thinks you’re way out of his league.  His hands hang in the air for a moment, itching to settle on your warm soft waist, before he gives in.  Humans are so… nice to the touch.  He’s wanted to do this for a while actually, wondering how your flesh feels, but he’s been playing it cool with you.  Flirting with somebody he actually likes is tricky.  It’s just as nice as he’d dreamed it would be, and he actually relaxes into this.  No, it’s even better than he imagined.  Nah, he isn’t cuddlin ya, whaddya take him for?  Some kinda sap?

    When you mention idly that you think fangs are sexy his grin gives a little nervous twitch, eyelights flicking to look at you.  His arms tighten a little around your waist, (when did they wrap around you like that?) and he seriously considers asking if they’d like try to them out.  His eyes go from their eyes to their neck, that beautiful soft neck, he just has to lean forward…  “heh, maybe you’ll feel em some day.”  And like that he settles back into the movie, every nerve on end.  There, not too hard, not too soft, God he doesn’t want to scare you away. 

    But he hasn’t stopped thinking about it.  Not once, and ever since then his eyes will flick to your neck now and then.  A couple days later you’re at Grillby’s, the nice secluded little booth he likes best, and you two are having a great time.  It’s when he’s staring at your neck again that you make your move, dragging your tongue over his tooth.  His sockets snap open in shock, turning still as a statue, and for a second you think you’ve broken him.  Until suddenly everything is a blur and you’re not in Grillby’s anymore, this is his room.

    He grows and slams you on the bed, one hand on that waist, his hands have been tingling from how warm it is for days.  The other is just resting on your neck, keeping you nice and pinned in place.  “heh, you’ve got a taste for gold, sweet cheeks?  or fer me?  c’mon babe, you can get a better taste of that.  an’ my silver tongue.  maybe i’ll even copper a feel.”  He leans forward, and is still for a beat, looking into your eyes… and when he doesn’t see any fear, you really want this, want him, then he finally gives you a passionate kiss.  He nips gently at your lip, tongue slipping past to tangle with yours.  When he pulls away he buries his face in the crook of your neck immediately, running his fangs over your skin and making goosebumps rise.  There are more nips, a lick, and then finally a good bite.  He groans low, sockets half lidded, and when he pulls away even though he doesn’t have lungs he’s panting like he just ran a mile.  “you’re sooo sweet fer me.  i wanna taste ya more, babe.  gonna give ya all the teeth ya can handle.”



    Anonymous said: An imagine where you’re a celebrity and are dating Fionn and no one else knows until you show up at the premiere with him

    Word count: 1,944

    Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

    Originally posted by teenage-wasteof-life

    GIF isn’t mine.

    Your eyes scanned your reflection in front of the mirror; the dark-gray and elegant strappy jumpsuit looked bigger on you since you had not put your shoes on yet and, finishing the last details of your gorgeous makeup, you tied your hair up into a bun on the top of your head. In your mind, your voice echoed again and again, saying that everything was going to be okay for the rest of the day, but you were not feeling it. You were worried and somehow, you just wanted to stay in for the night. But that was not going to happen.

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    Lai Guanlin — Winter MT Confession

    Wanna One X Mini Winter / Christmas Series

    Ha Sungwoon | Bae Jinyoung | Hwang Minhyun | Kim Jaehwan | Lee Daehwi | Park Jihoon | Kang Daniel | Ong Seongwu | Park Woojin

    December 29, 2017

    Guanlin X Reader

    Word Count: 1371

    “Current condition through Mount. Han is fairly steady. However, there has been a major crash down the highway on 203. We are looking at a 2-3 hour delay as the snow must be cleared in order for officers and the medical team to come through and look. This has been KCN News at 4PM.” 

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    Why I ship SasuHina:

    ((First of all, I would like to mention that this isn’t a post about why Sasuke should have ended up with Hinata, but a post about why I think Sasuke and Hinata make a good pair. I’m clarifying this for, ‘Just in case’ purposes.))

    Sasuke doesn’t know Hinata exists.

    Well, I beg to differ, considering they are seen standing next to each other in the chunnin exams before the preliminaries begin. I know Sasuke has a very narrow tracked mind, but even with a Sharingan he could see her. We all know someone by association, and I’m sure Sasuke knows her. They are both part of the Rookie 9 and Sasuke knew of Neji as well, a Byakugan user. 

    “Hinata doesn’t know Sasuke exists.”

    Please, that isn’t even a valid argument, Hinata more than well knows the boy exists. He is the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan, rival of the Hyuga Clan. The love of her life, Naruto, only talks about Sasuke every other second of his life. Even if she didn’t wish to know anything about him, she would still hear the gossip from Ino or Sakura. Hiashi would probably have some comments about it as well. 

    They’ve never talked...”


    …In Canon!”

    Fine, I’ll give you that much. If we are counting the new movie and the spoilers aren’t fake, then they will have their first conversation. But that shouldn’t mean anything because you don’t need to talk to a person to get a measure of who they are. 

    Hinata is weak and can’t defend for herself. Sasuke wouldn’t want someone like that by his side-

    See, I’m going to have to stop you right there.This isn’t about Sasuke and Sakura or Karin or any other character. This post is about Sasuke and Hinata. Let’s state some facts: (Facts acquired by Lunaneko14 post and then researched for accuracy. If you want me to take the)

    • Hinata is one of the only rookies to not cheat on a written chunin exam.
    • Hinata created her own jutsu at the age of 16. Making her the 2nd youngest to do so (after Kakashi) and the fastest at preparing for combat.
    • Despite only being a chunin, at the beginning of the fourth shinobi war, Hinata outlasted Neji (then a jounin) in stamina.
    • Within months of creating her won jutsu and withing seconds of mastering the eight trigrams of 65 palms, Hinata was able to merge them making her the fastest ninja to develop her own technique to the next level. 

    Am I saying she is Sanin level like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke? Of course not, because she wasn’t trained under them. But to say she is weak, that is just wrong because she has been dedicated to her hard training, like the rest of them.

    They have nothing in common.” 

    • Sasuke loved Itachi, who gave up his life to save him, same with Hinata towards Neji. 
    • Fugaku and Hiashi trained their strongest child for the sake of the clan, while neglecting the other.They felt as if they weren’t good enough. ((I believe if they would have ever interacted back in their academy days, they would have formed a strong friendship just based on sympathy alone.They could understand this pain better than any group of characters in the show.))
    • Both are strong shinobi who can fend for themselves. 
    • Both come from a noble clan with strong blood lines.
    • Their personalities are alike: 
      • both train diligently to the point they became blind for about a month.
      • are quiet in their own ways. Hinata is shy while Sasuke is quiet because he wants to be left alone. Which is great because they can be in silence comfortably

    Well if they both are quiet, how would they hold a conversation?”

    Sasuke actually talks to people he likes, even in the beginning he didn’t like Naruto and Sakura that much and still easily talked to them. 

    Also, (imo) I believe Sasuke would have liked to be noticed by her, considering she didn’t have the loud annoying fangirl type of of reaction. She never really annoyed him, fawned over him, and if he wanted to be alone, because of Hinata’s personality she would have given him his space. Hinata has always admired Naruto because of his hard working personality that helped her strive on forward, and it would be refreshing for Sasuke to have seen someone fall for the other based on their personality. It would be pretty comforting to know for Sasuke that if she ever fell for him, it wouldn’t be because of his looks or lineage, but because of who he was. 

    Miscellaneous: (my personal nonsense opinion about it)

    • They have a great color scheme going on. Talk about easy drawing. (I’ll admit it’s shallow, but they do look good together))
    • They’re almost always seen drawn next to the either in official fan art where it includes them standing side to side. 
    • Its like the perfect sweet innocent cinnamon roll dating the most ruthless character and it is great fanfiction and fanart material. 
    • Their kids would be over powered as fuck. Don’t get me wrong, like Boruto isn’t already, but still. Hyuga and Uchiha, bad ass to say the least. And their kids would be adorable.
    • Can you imagine Hiashi walking into his house and being like, “Hello Hinata, Hanabi, Neji, Ko, Sasuke.. wait… what?”
      • what type of reaction would the hyuga clan have??? :O 
      • would they welcome the missing nin with open arms or what?
      • like i said, great fanfic material.


    Don’t get me wrong, I love NaruHina so much that when it came out at the end of chapter 700 and then the movie was released I cried, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining a what-if scenario with Sasuke and Hinata. I know it won’t happen, but the thought of it would be nice.