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Closing your eyes you breathed in deeply as the sweet smell of the hot chocolate filled your nose. Newt was watching you as you did this, smiling at you as you smiled into the cup. Looking down at his own cup he took a drink.

“I love this” you said contently as you looked out the window, watching the chilly wind blow through the trees.

“Hot Chocolate?” he asked quietly

Giggling you looked over at him “Well, yes, but I meant all of this” you moved your head referencing everything around you “Sitting in this place, drinking warm drinks by the fire while it’s cold outside, with you” you smiled at the wizard as he smiled back a light blush coming to his cheeks.

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how to cope with really acute homicidal thoughts? (like as acute as setting a public place on fire tomorrow)

Take out your emotions on things like a punching bag, or other forms of exercise, play violent video games, watch gory, violent movies, do something you love that you know will distract you, or talk it out with someone. I’ll listen if you choose to talk to me

struggle to belong

I struggle to belong

there have been







& I cant seem

to hold my place

in any of them

this is no tragic loner lament

being oblivious

to the whole thing of it all

yet some days

I wonder

what must it be like

to have your niche

cosy armchair by the fire

place where they remember

you fondly

one of us

one of ours

old alumni

I have burnt bridges

by my identity

not choice

not for me

the coffee klatch

fund raisers

welcome committees

I was pleased to leave

these dead places

& they were pleased

to let me go

we met for a purpose

& when that purpose ended

so did we

neil benbow

Okay Y’all

you got this post to 10 notes. so here you go you filthy heathens.

(just wanna say that Black Hat is from the Cartoon Villainous, in case you’ve been living under an internet rock.)

So to give some background, I’ve been practising Dream Incubation. It’s this thing where you think about a thing and then you dream something to help you understand/overcome that thing. Long story short I was looking for a solution to my creativity block. I was like “Dream Gaster or Black Hat, Gaster or Black Hat.” and then I went to sleep. I was really relaxed tho because I had a pampering bath before bed, so I was expecting the lucid dream, Now here’s the goods:

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I want harry to perform kiwi or only angel at vmas so finally someone would set on fire that place like the good old times

i mean im guessing he will perform two ghosts, since its his new single releasing 3 weeks before rhe awards, but heres hoping he will surprise a bitch lol

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*


Bktd Week Day 5: Hiking

A compilation of comics for a bakutodo hiking trip to Echo Mountain, an awesome hiking spot in California with a demolished (burnt down) hotel at the top