and a few wards


I occasionally tap into the energy of my parents’ house to do a quick check on the wards there. When I did this a few months back, I noticed that there was a new presence hanging out in the pool. I finally got the chance to astral journey there and see what’s up.

I use my altar there as an access point to the house and step out into my room. I say hello to the land guardian who doesn’t even look up from the book that he’s reading as he sits on my bed. Leaving him, I make my way outside to the pool where a hippocamus with aqua-colored scales quickly swims to the far end away from me. His fishtail undulates through the water like a seahorse’s and his translucent, dark blue mane floated in the air like steam. As I sit down on one of the nearby chairs, he nervously glances over his shoulder multiple times as if to keep checking if I were still there.      

“Hello,” I finally say, breaking the silence. “Ah!! I’m sorry!! I’ll be leaving right away,” he skitters over to the edge of the pool and hastily throws his webbed hoofs onto the concrete trying to hoist himself out. “Woah, woah woah! You don’t have to leave!” I exclaim as I move over to him to try and coax him back into the pool. Up close, I realize how small he is, no bigger than your average-sized human. He doesn’t respond to my urges and instead keeps struggling to pull himself out, “No, I’m sorry! I don’t want to be a problem or burden!! Sorry to bother you, Captain, uh…?”

“Doom, Captain Doom,” of course I give him the name that I actually use with spirits and not the comical nickname that my friends gave me. I don’t think I’d be taken seriously if I went around calling myself “Captain Doom”. However, I’m entertained by how he called me a captain based on my pirate attire and decide to talk to him about my ship and the only crew member that I currently have. My stories calms him down a bit and he relaxes back into the water.

When our conversation reaches a lull, I ask where he’s from. “The beach!” he chirps. “The beach? What are you doing here then?” I question. The beach is only at most 10 minutes away from the house so for a hippocampus to choose to live in a small pool over the wide open ocean struck me as odd. “Because the pool is warmer,” he answers. I shake my head, “I don’t believe it. How can this pool be hotter than the ocean? I mean there’s the solar panels but I can’t see them helping that much.” Silly me forgot that while, yeah, a smaller body of water will lose heat faster than a large one, it’ll also gain heat faster. “It’s true! It’s true!” the hippocampus exclaims as he enthusiastically bobs up and down.   

“Aren’t you supposed to be in a herd or something? I can’t imagine a hippocampus would like travelling alone,” a voice from behind me interrupts. I turn around to see the land guardian leaning against a wall with crossed arms. “What?” he says, “I just wanted to see how you were going to handle the situation.” I step away from the hippocampus and approach the guardian, “And what is your opinion on it?,” I ask.  “I want him gone!” the guardian growls while cutting his clawed hand through the air, “He doesn’t belong here and I don’t need him bothering the residents.” The hippocampus speaks up, his voice weak and cracking, “B-But Mr. A and Captain Doom, I haven’t hurt anybody! I haven’t eaten anything and I don’t try to talk to anyone. I just like the warmth.” As he finishes, he meekly shrinks down into the water, nervously awaiting our response.

“You haven’t eaten at all?!” I ask in surprise, “But you’ve been here for at least two months! What do you even eat?” He quietly answers, “Kelp. That’s why I haven’t eaten anything.” The guardian impatiently beats his wings, “Don’t get distracted, Captain,” he says my title with mocking distaste, “This creature cannot be allowed to remain here.” He jabs a finger in the direction of the hippocampus and declares, “You must leave come the first day of summer. I think that’s a pretty generous date.” Turning back to me he says, “Captain, can you ensure that the hippocampus is gone by the first day of summer?” It was more of an order than a request but I would have said yes either way.

“Good! Then it looks like my work is done here. Ha! It seems like I handled the situation for you, Captain. Say, since when did you start going by “Captain” anyway?,” he plays with the feathers on my hat as he asks that. “There’s been a lot of changes since we last met,” I answer. “I’ll bet,” he steps back, spreads his wings, and takes off, flying away. I direct my attention back at the hippocampus who speaks before I do, “I’ll be gone by the first day of summer, don’t you worry!” He says that while looking completely worried himself. I wonder if he’s afraid of something at the beach or if he’s scared to be without his herd. I decide not to ask just yet and instead offer him food. I tell him that while not kelp, I do have nori in the house and fetch it for him. The nori is too thin for him to eat, he can’t chew it as he’s used to and it just sticks to his teeth.

I offer lettuce for him to try instead but he’s suddenly wary of my largesse. “Why are you giving me so much food? Do you have some devious plan?” he questions. “What are you talking about?” I ask in confusion. “You must want something if you’re being this nice to me,” he explains. He can’t bring himself to look me in the eyes as he states that but he still feels a little more confident than before, or maybe just serious. Since I want to make his future departure a smooth transition, I decide that having an amiable relationship would be a good idea. So, I hopped to my ship in the astral and my one-member crew and I harvested some kelp for the hippocampus to eat. I brought it back to him but he still regarded it with fearful suspicion. I decide to just to bet on time giving me the chance to improve our relationship and left.

we also need to talk about what magnus’ spellbook implies which is that he’s singlehandedly created hundreds if not thousands of spells and that these are spells unique to him. meaning he’s the only one who can both cast and undo them, except for what he may have chosen to share to a select few. and that these are likely the spells warding the Institute, but not only that, the Clave is probably relying on many other spells he’s created.

basically what i’m saying is magnus bane has the greatest insurance policy ever because if he goes, all of his spells go with him.

When a bad guest leaves

Sometimes, as much as we try to be polite, we can’t help but be relieved to see people leave after an extended stay. Maybe they overstayed their welcome, or were more of a nuisance than you anticipated when you offered the invitation. But now they’re gone, and the cleansing and banishing can begin!

Cleanse your space

An annoying guess can leave your house in physical and emotional turmoil. Wash sheets and tidy up the space they stayed in for sanitary purposes, but also to banish the negative energy they brought with them. Once you’ve finished cleaning, take a broom and sweep all the negativity out the front door.

Cleanse yourself

Bad guests are stressful. Your guest may be gone, but the stress that’s piled up during their stay is still present. Calming bath helps physically relax while also soaking away any negativity that clung to you while you were cleaning. Finish the bath off with an exfoliating body scrub to wash the ick away, and lotion as a physical protective ward (and necessary hydration!).

Practice grounding

Having visitors can be limiting, and it’s likely some aspect of your daily routine has been interrupted during their stay. Now is the time to reclaim things and make your space feel like home again. Once your decor is as it should be and secret notebooks are out of hiding, light some incense or candles to help give the area an emotional reset. Hearty, filling meals (like things containing root vegetables) help provide emotional grounding.

Set up wards

This isn’t a necessary step, but it’s a good added precaution. When you get sick you become more susceptible to other infections, and the same can happen with spaces filled with negativity. Setting up a few wards can help to repel any other gunk that ends up being drawn your way. Because the issue is someone who brought negativity into your home, the best placement for wards would likely be your overall home or property, the room they stayed in, and where they slept. The type of ward varies by personal preference and the issues brought on by their presence.

Ok but what if John was a few minutes late and by the time he got into Sherlock’s ward, culverton is already gone and Sherlock is unconscious and all the machines were blaring. Flatline. No pulse, no signs of breathing. John screamed for the nurses to bring him a crash trolley and desperately tries to resuscitate Sherlock. After a few attempts, it worked, Sherlock’s heartbeat came back and he was alive again…..

But at a cost. The several minutes that John came in late meant precious time that Sherlock’s brain was being deprived of oxygen. And now brain damage was real. Sherlock became partially paralysed, his legs were weak and wobbly. His hands trembled and spastic. But worst of all was the effect on his cognitive function. His once brilliant mind was now incapable of processing information, reasoning or judgement properly. Anomic aphasia sets in: his ability to use or process words, even basic words, becomes impaired.

The Sherlock who woke up was a different man. And it all happened because John had come just a few minutes late

(Thanks to @lmirandas for giving me the basic medical info to facilitate this headcanon)

Yes, but. Think of this:

Newt’s suitcase is bigger on the inside. It’s big enough to live in, even - many of Newt’s creatures do. After a while, Newt does. He adds charms to it bit by bit, step by step at a time, and they layer up and mix and integrate in all sorts of new and interesting ways. Newt doesn’t know what he’s doing, not really (Hogwarts drop out remember?) but he knows enough and he can make up the rest and it all seems to work so why worry? Newt is not the worrying sort.

And then, Newt’s suitcase needs some protections. He likes Tina, Tina is a bro now, but let’s not forget that she closed the lid and sat on his suitcase, picked it up and carted him off to MACUSA like so much laundry in a basket. So, Newt adds some… enhancements. Notice me nots, to begin with, chameleon charms, the usual sort. A few barrier wards - you need a key, now, to open the case (or for Newt, a click of the fingers, but that only works for Newt). And then, his pride and joy, the ability to apparate the suitcase while standing inside it and take everything - case, creatures, all of it - with you, safely out of danger and out of reach of various MACUSA holding cells.

Well. “Apparate”. It’s not quite apparition. It’s disappearing from one place and reappearing in another, and it’s controlled via a runic matrix so huge and complex that he has to roll it up into a giant cylinder and stand it almost directly under the entrance to the case. Except, then, you can’t get in because there’s a giant control cylinder in the way, so he moves things about a bit and shifts the case onto its side so that it’s more like a real door and less like a trap door. It’s different, but it’s all good, even if it takes a while to load up the not-apparition and it makes a funny whooshing sound while it’s working.

Then, then then then, why travel the normal way? Why bother with boats and trains and all of that, why not just move the case? It’s tricky, mapping where he wants to go, and the runes are now unhelpfully rolled away in the cylinder - he’s had to put a barrier round it to keep the creatures out - so he adds all these levers and knobs and twiddly bits and he’s got a control panel going.

He doesn’t always end up where he ought, but he’s close enough. And if he slides about in time a bit, well. The muggles have known about space-time for twenty years now, and he’s usually mostly right. Mostly.

He ends up where he needs to be, and that’s the important thing. He suspects, actually, that his case is interfering a bit here - it’s got so much magic in it now that he wouldn’t be surprised if it’d developed a bit of sentience. He gets in the habit of talking to it as he bustles about, much like he would to any of his other creatures, and it seems to keep the case happy. Why on earth it felt the need to jam the chameleon charms on a phone box of all things though is beyond him, but. It’s still all good.

Then it turns out that “where he needs to be” is at various points “a thousand years in the past” or “two galaxies over” and he runs through space and time (hell of a lot of running involved in this saving-creatures things, which evolves into saving-people things, which somehow become saving-planets and Newt just keeps running) and it’s not all good anymore. It’s friggin awesome.

(And then, just because, Newt drops back into New York in his phone box suitcase. He leans out the door and he holds out his hand and he says, “There’s a whole universe waiting. Come with me?”

The case hums behind him, the slowly spiralling runes of the control column glowing with a faint golden light. The niffler scurries round trying to catch, scuffling paws pressing who knows what buttons and levers that the case carefully puts back behind it. There’s new habitats in the depths of the case, ice tundras where the ood can sing and never be slaves, shadowed forests where the vashta nerada lurk, a pocket of space that stretches impossibly large for when the last space whale in the universe comes to call.

“Come with me?” Newt asks, and Credence takes his hand and steps into the stars.)

(Alternatively: “Come with me?” Newt asks. Graves lifts his coffee and tries to drown himself in it.

“How illegal is that contraption?” he asks from behind his mug.

“It’s perfectly legal!” Newt protests. “They don’t get around to outlawing it until at least the twenty eighth century.”

“The twenty eighth century oh god.”

“On this planet. It might be more illegal on other planets. Maybe.”

Oh god.”)

sourwolfstories top 10

Magic Stiles/Emissary Stiles Sterek Fics (by request)

1. There Are Monsters At Home by calrissian18

“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

2. Strut on a Line, it’s Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

3. If the ley lines you should follow by InTheArmsofaThief

And Derek just stood there, staring at Stiles like he was a ghost.

“Dude, I know it’s been a while but you don’t have to look at me like you’re that surprised I’m hung over in the woods. It’s practically a tradition at this point.”

“Stiles?” Derek whispered, the name falling from his lips like a punch to the gut. Stiles watched, confused, as Derek took a deep breath in and took a shaky step forward then back again. “You’re not- you can’t be. Who are you?”

4. A Little Lost by exclamation

A magical accident sends Stiles back in time. Now he’s stuck in New York, living with Derek and Laura, and the only way to get back to his own time is to learn to use magic. Meanwhile, he must figure out how much he can tell them about their future. Can he warn them about the dangers they face? Can he change his own past?

And can he trust the creature known as Bookworm, who seems to know him better than he knows himself?

5. sanctuary where i stand by ceserabeau

"We’re happy to have you, Stiles,” Laura says, and nudges Derek hard, “Aren’t we?”
“Of course,” Derek says through gritted teeth.
When he looks at Stiles, the kid has a smug grin on his face. What a little shit.

AU where Stiles is sent to the Hale pack to be their emissary.

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Why you need to ward your inner spaces.

When I guide people to make their inner space, the third step is always “ward the shit out of it.”


An inner astral space is still a real space. External spirits and even other humans can come there and find it to visit you! Which is great if you invite them in. And not so great if they come to find your space without being invited.

Consider the following scenarios:

You invite a human friend to come to your astral space. Unbeknownst to you (and possibly, unknown to your friend) a nasty spirit has been following them, looking for a way “in”. Your friend has their inner spaces warded, but yours are not. When they travel to your inner space, this nasty spirit simply follows them, sets up shop in your inner space, and presents itself as a friendly nature spirit. Over time you begin to trust this new, cool being in your inner space and regard it as one of your companions. It’s there to eat you. It will destroy you as soon as you let your guard down.

You go on an astral adventure where you help a group of gnolls who were being targeted for genocide. The humans you fought against naturally, well, don’t like you any more. Among these humans are powerful mages and shamans who follow your energetic signature back home. They invade your inner space, camp out, and wait for you to return. The next time you enter you are ambushed, your astral body is trapped, and you are dragged back to their astral space to be executed.

You have been practicing divination with tarot and pendulum. You are reaching out to house spirits. Unfortunately you have not properly warded your home, and a nasty little spirit sneaks in. After you use your pendulum to speak with it, you enter your inner space. This spirit follows you, and attacks you.

You are doing a guided meditation to meet your guiding spirits. You have never met them before, this is very exciting. Instead of going to a new space, you are transported to within your personal inner space. You see three beings around you. They are all beautiful and smiling. “We are your guides!” they say. You smile. You feel uncomfortable for some reason. Maybe just anxiety from meeting new spirits? They crowd around you. “You need a healing, dear. Just relax, and let us in…” You lie down. You don’t like this, but they are your guides, right? You close your eyes. You feel something coming in. This isn’t right… Far above, your true guides are screaming. You can’t hear them.

Fortunately, warding your inner space is easy. Here are a few techniques:

Go to your inner space and fly up to space. Create a thick (perhaps two or three hundred feet/100 meters) orb around the entire space that you see. NOTHING may penetrate these wards except for you and beings you invite by name. Graft magical sigils in to the surface of your magical orb.

Build a guardian’s home. A big one. Create the most powerful astral creature you can imagine that is devoutly loyal to you. A dragon, a flock of griffins, a hydra, a cerebus. Anything. Charge it with guarding your inner space and chasing away all who try to approach. Speak to it every time you travel and get a status report.

Build an automated zapping system. Construct a huge tower that ascends far in to the sky. Fill it with powerful and infinite energy to target and attack any unknown, external entities that try to enter your inner space.

Return to the orb you built. Place an enchantment over it so your astral space is invisible to all who seek it out and impossible to find to outsiders.

Enchant or sigil your orb-wall so it causes great pain to whoever tries to enter unallowed.

Inside your orb-wall, ward your personal home or spaces you spend the most time in. Draw lines in the ground made of stone. Add sigils of protection.

Create multiple mini-guardians that travel your inner space. They can be wolves, lions, soldiers, whatever you like. Instruct them to travel and live in the land, and take care of any intruders.

Remember – there are LOTS of friendly, good, worthwhile spirits to be friends with. There is no need to entertain or accept random intruders just to have a “real” spirit experience. Trust me.

**Do not be worried about all this if you are just going out daydreaming. This is all for a permanent inner space that you identify as your astral home ^^

Alec seeing Magnus’ cat eyes for the first time

“No, don’t.” Alec said. He raised his hands and gently put it on Magnus’. “Don’t do that.” Carefully he led Magnus’ hands away from his eyes and, still holding them, lowered both of their arms together. “Why not?” Magnus asked, his voice trembling. Magnus held on to Alec’s hands, not daring to let go of them because he knew if he did he would hide his eyes again. But clearly Alec wanted to look at them. So he let him, but the warlock wanted to avoid Alec’s stare of potential fear so bad that he couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere else than the ground. “Because you don’t have to. Please just… just look at me.” Alec answered, putting all the gentleness and reassurance he had in this one sentence to make Magnus believe he meant it and there was nothing for him to be ashamed of. He watched Magnus and knew from the look on his face that this was the least thing the warlock wanted to do in that moment. Magnus fought with himself, he knew it, but he also needed to look at him in order for Alec to tell him all the things he wanted to tell him. Then, after a few seconds, Magnus took a deep breath and did the bravest thing he ever did in all the years he lived. He raised his head to look at Alec.

He did it. His hideous warlock mark was exposed in front of one of the few Shadowhunters he ever truly loved. All the wards he built around himself, his soul, his heart, his eyes, removed by a single look at the boy. Magnus was sure he never looked as vulnerable as he did now, standing in the middle of his living room, just looking at the boy he loved so much, his hands shaking while still holding on to Alec’s. He was also never as afraid of someone’s reaction as he was now in this very moment, because thousands of people reacted in the same, humiliating, mortifying way. And he wasn’t sure if he could take another one from someone so close to his heart he didn’t want to ever lose.

Alec’s eyes widened as he fully saw Magnus’ amazing yellow-green cat eyes for the first time. He still held Magnus’ hands and felt them shaking in his. “You’re… they’re… I… I don’t… I’m… ” Alec stammered as he kept on staring at them. His mind just blacked out at the sight of Magnus’ warlock mark that he now stood there and was out of words. He knew he needed to say something, he wanted to say something, he wanted to talk to Magnus so badly and tell him so many things at once, but now he just couldn’t think of anything to say. Even Alec’s jaw now began to drop a tiny bit.

Magnus knew it would be that way. He knew it. Why did he even hope for some other reaction from a Shadowhunter than the usual one. Alec wasn’t as different from the others as he thought in the end. If he would just start talking instead of just standing there and staring at him, obviously shocked. If he would just show his fear, his disgust like everyone else did. Magnus couldn’t take the silence any longer. He felt his eyes start to tear up, the last thing he needed right now. He hated to cry in front of people. He bit his lip and hoped it would help, but it didn’t. “Please, Alec. Say something.” Magnus nearly whispered and only barely managed to not let his voice break. “Say anything, but just please stop this silence.”

“I’m trying Magnus, I really am.” Alec answered. He took a second to clear his thoughts. “But… your eyes, they… they look so…” He stopped. He searched for the right word to say. Good, great, amazing, wonderful, stunning. None of these words seemed to fit to describe the beauty that was his boyfriend’s mark. Suddenly, a tear started to roll down Magnus’ cheek. “Ugly? Hideous? Unnatural?” Magnus ended Alec’s sentence, his voice shaky. He freed his hands out of Alec’s grip and let them hang loose at his sides. Blinking away tears he met Alec’s eyes, who was now looking at him even more shocked than before. “There’s nothing I haven’t heard yet, Alec. I believe I know what you’re thinking. So go on. Tell me how hideous I am. Tell me I’m a monster. Tell me you don’t want to have anything to do with a filthy demon spawn.” Magnus balled his hands into fists, desperately trying to prevent himself from crying even more. But nothing worked. “Do you think I haven’t seen that exact reaction hundreds of times before? Do you think I don’t know people are acting nice but are actually scared of me? I might act like I don’t care but do you know what? It hurts. It hurts somewhere deep inside me and it already hurt more times than I could count.” Tears were now streaming down his face, he didn’t look at Alec anymore, avoided eye contact because he felt so ashamed of himself once again, and this time it was even worse because it was his dear Alexander. As he spoke the next sentence, his voice finally started cracking. “I thought you were different. Different from all your Shadowhunter friends who think they’re oh so better than everyone else. Who don’t have a problem with calling me “Warlock” as if it were the filthiest curse word, who don’t even really look at me once they’ve seen my mark, who don’t consider for one second that I might as well have something like feelings. You’re all just the same.”

Alec went utterly silent, honestly shocked of what Magnus just said. He wanted to hold him, kiss him and tell him he wasn’t like that. He wanted to heal the broken part of Magnus’ soul, wanted him to forget all the words people insulted him with, all the heartbreaks. He wanted to tell him his eyes were the most beautiful thing he ever saw. That was the word he was searching for before. Beautiful. Alec reached out his hands to take Magnus’ again and tell him all of that, but just as he was about to move closer to him and start talking, Magnus flinched away from his touch. “That’s… that’s not true, Magnus. Believe me.” Alec began, his hand still stretched out a few inches in front of Magnus’.

“You know it’s true. And it’s horrible. Every single time it’s horrible.” Magnus answered in a chocked voice. “Ever since I was a kid and my mother killed herself after she saw them the first time, I hated showing them to anyone.” He pointed at his eyes. “Even my own mother thought I’m a monster. And there were many after her that thought and still think the same. Now even the boy I thought I could trust.” He hated it, but right in the moment he looked at Alec as he said the last sentence, everything came crushing down on him. All the insults, the hurt he always tried to conceal with witty remarks and so many more buried pain he had to bare because he was what he was and he had what he had.

“Don’t you dare say that, Magnus!” Alec couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed his boyfriend’s shoulders. “You’re wrong.” There followed a silence where just Magnus’ sniffling was audible. Alec reached up to Magnus’ face to carefully wipe a tear away that slowly made its way down his right cheek, where Alec let his hand rest. Magnus closed his eyes and lowered his head. “I don’t think your cat eyes are hideous Magnus. They’re part of who you are. And people who won’t accept that are stupid. Don’t you dare think I would be disgusted or afraid or anything of you. Don’t you dare ever think that!” “You… you really mean that?” Magnus asked after he processed what Alec just said, his eyes still closed. “Yes I do.” Magnus’ mouth formed itself into a little relieved smile, he again could feel tears coming up. But now they were happy tears. His boyfriend did actually accept who he was, he couldn’t believe it.

Magnus was so incredibly happy, he put his hand over Alec’s on his cheek and let himself draw closer to Alec. He felt Alec putting his other hand under his chin. “Open your eyes my dear.” he said and raised Magnus’ chin up so that he was looking at Alec when he opened his eyes a few moments later. “You actually mean that, Alexander?” Magnus asked quietly, only to convince himself even more. “Yes.” “You really do?” “Magnus I assure you, I swear by the Angel, I mean it.” Magnus was still red- and wet eyed, but he grinned. A vow to the Angel. From a Shadowhunter. That was something. But just to be really sure, he narrowed his eyes and asked again. “By what angel?”

“Dear god, Magnus.” Alec now grinned too. He put his other hand on Magnus’ left cheek, so that the warlock’s face was cupped and looked him deep in the eyes. “I swear, on the Angel Raziel, that I, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, accept you, Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, as you are. You have cat eyes and that’s okay. You don’t ever have to be ashamed, and you better don’t ever think that I hate them again, because I don’t. Is that good enough of an oath to you?” Magnus looked very serious during Alec’s vow, but began to smile again now and that was all Alec needed to know it was good enough.

“It was. It really was Alexander. And I swear I will never let myself believe again that you wouldn’t accept who I am.” He put his hands on Alec’s hip, and because Alec still cupped his face, he didn’t have any other choice but to look at Alec and smile at him. He felt Alec moving closer to him, but before he could bend down to kiss him, Magnus had to get another thing off his chest. A few weeks ago, he had told Alec that he unlocked something in Magnus but he wasn’t aware that the Shadowhunter boy he didn’t even know that long, managed to unlock parts of Magnus’ soul he didn’t show anyone but himself before. “Alexander… you should know though, that until this day, I try really hard to accept my mark. Some days I don’t have a problem with showing them, at least when I’m not around mundanes. But there are some days where I just hate them. Especially after someone once again showed me what he thinks of them. Be it through looks or through insults. On those days I hate them so incredibly much because all they ever did was bring me pain. That’s why I mostly glamour them, why I didn’t show them to you from the beginning. That’s why I didn’t want you to see them, because I was sure the minute you’d see them you would end all of this. As so many before you did. But you didn’t and I’m forever incredibly grateful for that. But Alexander, the truth is that I doubt I’ll ever fully accept my mark. You know, my cat eyes, they are…” “… beautiful.” Alec quietly ended the sentence.

Alec ended Magnus’ sentence with the one word he thought would ever be remotely accurate to  describe the yellow-green colouring of the irises and the perfectly slit-shaped pupils of his boyfriend’s eyes. A moment later, the most amazing eyes he ever saw widened and the pupils thickened a tiny bit. “They’re… they’re what?” Magnus asked surprised. Did he just not get that right or did Alec just say his eyes were… beautiful? His mark has been called many things, many many things, but never beautiful. Interesting, fascinating, captivating, those were some of the best things they’ve been called by people who actually liked Magnus. But beautiful was utterly new. And unexpected. Very very unexpected. Magnus stared at Alec with disbelief in his wide open eyes.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” Alec asked gently, stroked the warlock’s left cheek with his thumb and watched Magnus slowly shake his head afterwards. “No one ever called them that Alexander. No one. Not once. I didn’t think anyone would ever do. I don’t even believe it myself, how should anyone else ever think that?” he said sadly, his grip on Alec’s hips getting tighter to remind himself he’s actually there and actually just said that. He watched as Alec moved his head closer to his and felt his hands moving down to Magnus’ shoulder again. And there it was. The smile he loved so incredibly much. The gentle tiny, light-up-the-world Alec-smile. “Oh Magnus.” Alec whispered, if to himself or to Magnus, he didn’t know.  

There was now barely any space left beween them and the remaining space got filled with Alec gently resting his forehead against Magnus’. Alec holding Magnus by the shoulders and Magnus holding Alec by the hips, their foreheads touching they stood there for a few moments, just looking at each other, until Alec cleared his throat and whispered “They’re so so beautiful, they’re… you’re so beautiful.” Alec brought his head even closer to Magnus’ than it already was and had his lips now nearly touching Magnus’. They both let their lips hovering over each others for a few hearbeats. “My god, you’re so beautiful.” Alec whispered against Magnus’ lips and finally, finally kissed him.

They kissed once before, at Alec’s almost-wedding with Lydia. But that kiss was totally utterly different to the one they shared now. The wedding kiss was fierce, intense and full of desire from both of them. The kiss now was slow, gentle, intense in a whole other meaning. Alec was so incredibly tender, he wanted Magnus to know how ridiculously in love he was with him, wanted him to believe everything he just said through that kiss. They both could feel each others heart beat, Alec realizing that right now, in that moment, both their hearts beat as one. It felt like they shared one heart together, which Alec was sure, was actually the case from now on. Magnus felt it too and was taken aback in the best way he could imagine, that after all those years, he finally found true love again. And not only true love. He found someone who would fight with him against any evil in this world and he couldn’t describe to anyone how happy and grateful he was for that.

They both weren’t sure how much time had passed during the kiss, but they were both still standing, Alec now cupping Magnus’ face again and both of them not wanting to move their head away from the other. Alec started to whisper against Magnus’ lips again. “You’re so beautiful Magnus.” “You already said that.” Magnus whispered back and smiled, he now cupped Alec’s face too. “I know but… it seemed worth repeating. And I will repeat it over and over again until you believe it. And even then I will tell you again and again.” “You’re so sure I will eventually believe it?” Magnus asked. He honestly wanted to know if someone could actually do that. “I will help you to.” Alec answered and brushed his lips against Magnus’. “You know why?” “Why?” “Because…” Alec placed a kiss on the edge of Magnus’ mouth. “… you should know you’re beautiful…” Another kiss on Magnus’ left cheekbone. “… just the way you are.” A third one on the edge of his mouth again. Alec closed his eyes. “Magnus Bane, you are the most beautiful human being there ever was and ever will be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The people who don’t appreciate you don’t deserve to even be in your presence. They don’t deserve you, because you are so kind, so loving, and so incredibly optimistic even after living so long. They don’t deserve you, because you deserve the universe. You don’t know it, but I do.”

“My dear Alexander, how do I deserve you?” Magnus asked in a husky voice, being very moved from Alec’s little speech. “I just told you. You needed someone to tell you the truth.” Magnus let out a sigh and pulled Alec into a tight hug, because right now he didn’t have any other idea what to do. “I know and I thank you a thousand times for that. But I have to note one thing. You said ‘human being’…” “Yes, and?” “You know I’m a warlock. I’m not a human being.” “Technically, yes. But not to me. To me you are exactly what I said.” Alec answered and buried his face in Magnus’ neck. “I wish I knew how to find the words to describe to you what this all means to me. Until I find them, thank you. Just thank you, Alexander.” He began to stroke Alec’s hair and felt the boy smile against his shoulder. “And I promise you, no glamouring of my cat eyes anymore when we’re together. Because a certain someone told me I don’t have to change myself. And I won’t.” he added and began to smile himself. As an answer, Alec squeezed him a little tighter for a second.

So they stood there for a few minutes, until Alec started asking questions like “What happens if you’re pissed? Do your pupils then get three times their normal size? Oh my god, can you see in the dark?” and some more. Magnus had to get himself a glass of wine. He was in the middle of pouring him a glass in as he heard Alec shout from the living room “Will you ever stop drinking?” “I don’t think so, Alexander.” he answered and grinned.

Skye’s Last Name in the Framework

So, as we can see from the image above, Skye’s name is not centrallised as it would be if she wasn’t using a last name as we saw in seasons 1 and most of season 2.

We can surmise that this Framework version of Skye is using a last name but thanks to that strategic thumb positioning, we can’t see what it is. But we can make a few guesses.

The first and most cruel, could it be Skye Ward? It would be a cruel play with the ship name sure but I’m not sure that it will turn out to be Ward. The text Daisy receives refers to Ward as her boyfriend and not husband, so there’s no reason for her to have taken his name.

It could be Johnson but even that’s unlikely because if she found her parents in this reality, then her name would be Daisy Johnson and not Skye (I’ll also talk about why she’s Skye in this reality and not Daisy).

The one I think that’s most likely is May, that is Skye May. Skye was always looking for a family and I think the Framework gave her that while also giving some peace to May, by giving her a surrogate for a daughter. I think it’s possible that we’ll see a deep bond between Daisy and May in the Framework that will help Daisy break through to her. I also want this to happen because I miss their interactions.

Now, as to why Daisy is Skye in the Framework is because as Daisy, she doesn’t have any ties to Ward or any of the ‘fixes’ that AIDA made. Skye on the other hand, was impressionable and naive. She was looking for approval and as stated earlier, a family. Daisy has all of that, she found her birth family and the family she chose, Coulson, May, Simmons, Fitz, Mack and Elena. These people validate and encourage her own deep-seated sense of justice and doing the right thing. She considers them family because of who they are, the way they were shaped by their regrets. Daisy, while also more understanding, would never choose to be with Ward, she’s still mourning Lincoln, remember. Her mind would immediately rebel.

And Chloe’s acting in that sneak peek was amazing. Her shock at finding Ward in the bed and not Lincoln, then her anger when she tried to quake him and finally her terror and helplessness when she realised not only did she not have her powers but that she would have to play along. Her discomfort and disgust every time he comes closer is palpable.

Also Brett Dalton, as Ward, he’s not being a jerk yet. He’s amused when she tries to quake him because he doesn’t know about her powers (obviously) and it makes no sense to him, except that it looks silly. He’s puzzled by her behaviour but doesn’t think too long on it. It is a little troubling that he doesn’t pick up on her discomfort but that’s probably for the best, we don’t him sniffing around and getting suspicious..

Anyway, that’s all I have for now, can’t wait for the episode to air! It has been too long!

Make Her A Stark~Part 1 - Robb Stark x Reader

Hey so I started watching Game Of Thrones instead of revising and, although I am only on season two (I know almost everyone dies and my heart will break), I have written a 2 part Robb stark imagine and I have begun a Jon Snow imagine. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry if things aren’t accurate I am new to the fandom. This doesn't follow the events of the show. Let me know what you think, please!!!


Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

You shivered profoundly as you clutched at your coat. You had been in Winterfell for only a few weeks on you fathers orders, to be Lady Catelyn’s ward as your father and brothers were too busy to be dealing with your ‘woman’s antics’.

You were not used to the cold and each breath seemed to burn your lungs a little as your skin was constantly covered in goose pimples. You missed the heat and you could never seem to find warmth, even with your new clothes and furs. Winter was coming and you had no idea how you would manage then.

You could feel your own body slowly becoming tired and ill but you had to remain well, you could not embarrass yourself in front of your hosts. You father had been trying to make connections with the Starks for years and, although nothing had been said officially, you had a feeling your father sent you here for another reason other than to get you away. Not wanting to give him any other reason to hate you other than you being his only, unwanted daughter and youngest child.

You were attempting to cross the courtyard to the main hall to see Lady Stark when you could feel yourself swaying a little and almost stumble before a layer of large furs being draped over your shoulders and a strong arm gripping yours firmly.

“Are you okay, milady?” You looked up into Robbs blue eyes wearily,

“Of course my lord,” you lied, “I am needed by your mother so I must take my leave…” You tried to shrug away from his furs and pardon yourself but he wouldn’t let you escape him,

“Lady (y/n), You are becoming ill you need rest,” he pulled his coats further over you,

“And you need your furs, you will freeze”

“I am used to the temperatures,” He smiled kindly at you. That smile could truly thaw you. Despite his eyes being the colour of ice, they were warm and his touch would linger on your body leaving a different kind of warmth like a lasting tingle. You would not be able to deny your attraction to the oldest Stark boy who was just one year older than you. “(y/n),” he addressed you without your title for once, making you listen, “If you do not return to your room and allow me to get a nurse I shall carry you myself. My mother can wait I am sure.” His words of kindness and caring made your heart pang, with a little hope that maybe your silly little crush was reciprocated.

“I shall return after seeing your mother, I promise.” You returned his smile but he frowned.

“No, milady, you shall return now and that is an order.” His still firm grip on your arm moved you around and almost dragged you to your chambers that were considerably large compared to the closest you father had stuffed you in. You sighed at the warmth given off by the fire as Robb guided you to sit by it carefully. As you reached the chair you almost collapsed again from exhaustion only to have Robbs strong arms wrap around you - that in its self, made your head spin even more than it was.

Catching you as delicately as he could he picked you up effortlessly, calling for a guard to fetch a nurse as he carried you to your bed, laying you down on the sheets and raising your head to cradle it. You few weeks here had left him in a daze around you. You were the fairest lady he had ever seen and you care for his younger sisters and your need to help his mother and family so much meant he couldn’t help but admire you.

He and yourself had often taken little walks around Winterfell, more often when you first arrived rather than now but you had only ever really spoken formally, all 'milady’ this and 'milady’ that and that is what annoyed him a little about you, you were so focused on doing well for and proving yourself to your horrible, male-heir-obsessed father that you wouldn’t allow yourself to enjoy anything. He had thoroughly enjoyed being with you and he wanted you to see that but he could never seem to get through to you.

Little did he know that really, you wanted to let him in too. You were just afraid Lady Stark would, at some point, send you back to you family and back to your sheltered life as a disgrace to your brothers. You adored Robb and that was the truth, but formally, you were here for his mother. Informally, your heart would always be here for Robb.

He had been hoping to speak to his mother himself earlier when he had seen you stumbling in a sick state, not thinking twice about throwing his own source of warmth around your shivering body. He knew you were not coping being in the cold as opposed to the heat you were used to. He had watched you for days as you continued along with your life, trying to ignore it and simply stay out of the way.

Seeing you so sick, unable to hold yourself made a part of him hurt. He had so badly wanted to hold you and comfort you and take care of you, he never imagined he would have to see the girl he had fallen for so quickly and hard in such discomfort with such a fever. His feelings had grown quickly like wild fire. The way you were selfless yet could look out for yourself, the way you tied your hair back while focusing, the way you held yourself at formal events and then seeing you afterwards so relaxed.

Your sweats had begun to set in and your (e/c) eyes had fluttered shut just as two nurses rushed in before stopping before him,

“Lord Stark,” they bowed their heads a little,

“Help her, treat her as a Stark.” He ensured, his worry had set in and now he wanted nothing more than you to be awake and well so he could hold you again in a better circumstance. He still cradles your head in his lap when a nurse began to usher him away,

“A lord should never see such a lady indisposed,” she almost spat at him rather rudely but in a mad worry to make her well, he left squeezing her hand one final time before grabbing his sword and heading outside.

He had forgotten to take his furs but you had needed them more than him so they remained around you fragile body as he hacked away at a target with his blade. The way the healer woman had referred to you as 'such a woman’ troubled him. He had demanded she be treated like a stark yet she referred to you as an outsider. Yes, you belonged to another family but if he had just been able to speak with his mother earlier he could have gotten her to discuss a courtship. He would happily make her a Stark over any other woman in the land.

Stale and Tasteless

Summary: On a rare day off, Bucky gets appendicitis and the reader takes care of him. (This is an AU where everything is nice and no one gets hurt nor dies).

Word Count: 2,055

Contains: FLUFF. Just a bunch of it. Light smut.

A/N: For @fvckingjensen, who asked for a hurt/comfort fic with Bucky. Hope you enjoy it, hon!

Originally posted by assetandmission

Bucky was planning to spend the day in bed, making love to you and ordering delivery, when the pain hit him, unexpected and brutal. He was just coming out of the shower and you were in the kitchen fetching a cup of water after he had promised you a day void of papers to sign and phone calls. It was a rare day off and the two of you intended to spend every minute of it together.

Until Bucky’s appendix decided to bother. Bucky bent in on himself, groaning loudly as he cradled his stomach. Your ears perked up at the sounds of pain and you ran towards the bathroom, only to see your boyfriend looking like he had just been kicked soundly in the gut.


“Oh, shit, that hurts,” he said through gritted teeth, the veins of his neck jutting out as his breath became stuttered.

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Dear nurse fellow

“Dear night shift fellow nurse from unit B, I’m leaving you this note to courteously ask you to stop using and messing up the drawer I use for patients files and CT scan forms. I’m a new recruit, but I know this drawer belongs to unit A, and you could at least clean after your mess. 

With my best regards,

Lucy Heartfilia, morning shift nurse, unit A”

“Dear Lucy, I would gladly stay in my own unit and mess my own drawers up, but unit A is too clean and cold for me to resist the temptation to give it more soul.

Equally best regards,

Night shift nurse from unit B”

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For anon…enjoy!

You clenched your jaw when you saw Cassian alone in Medbay. He wasn’t hurt, but he was alone. Considering he seemed to be avoiding you the last few days, that was all you needed. You stalked into the ward, already irritated. Cassian set down the datapad on the desk before turning around. His eyes widened when he saw you standing in front of him.

You nodded. “Yeah. It’s me: the person you’ve been purposely avoiding Captain Andor.”
The man swallowed. “I, uh, need to-”
“What? Check reports? Eat? Turn off your dorm light again? What excuse have you come up with this time?”
He remained silent. You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.
“Look, I don’t what I did to make you hate me, but the least you could do is be professional about it. We aren’t in the academy where passive aggressiveness is the norm, okay-”
“You think I hate you?” he whispered.

You eyed the man, genuinely confused. He seemed in slight pain at the suggestion. He lowered his gaze, swallowing.

“I…I don’t hate you,” he murmured.
You took a step closer. “Then why are you avoiding me?”
“I’m jealous,” he admitted with a breath.
“Jealous? Why are you-”
“Because you’re with Ketter. I just…I really like you and,” he paused, “I guess I was upset that he got to you first.”

Softly smiling, you cupped the captain’s cheek. He kept his gaze off you, afraid of seeing pity. You pecked his lips, effectively shocking him. With furrowed brows, he studied your smirking features.

“I am confused,” he admitted after a long silence.
You smiled. “Ketter and I had one date, that’s it. I never thought of going further than that with him because,” you paused to chuckle, “I like you too, Cass. A lot.”

The smile that spread across the man’s face was enough to rival the gleam of the sun. Gently, you pulled the man in for another lingering kiss.

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I know you're still working on prompts from before, but if you're comfortable with it, could you do “Did you just cough– blood?” with a sick Lance being taken care of by Keith? If not I understand.

(I kind of took this one and ran, haha. I’m new to writing for things like coughing up blood so I apologize if it’s lacking! My mind instantly went to pneumonia. But I tried here you go friend I hope you enjoy)

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Conversation I wanna see at some point this season:
  • Coulson: So...
  • Framework Ward: Yeah?
  • Coulson: Did Daisy tell you what happened to-
  • Framework Ward: Yeah. You crushed real me's chest and left me to die on some alien planet.
  • Coulson: ...
  • Framework Ward: ...
  • Coulson: we good?
  • Framework Ward: Bro, knowing what I know about the real me, I would've killed me too. It's all good.
  • Coulson: then.
  • Framework Ward: Yup.
  • *Coulson and Ward look away, trying not to be awkward.
  • Framework Hunter: *bursts into the room*
  • Framework Hunter: Hey, not trying to intrude but Daisy ordered pizza for all of us.
  • *Hunter leaves. Coulson and Ward then, after a few more awkward minutes, get up to eat some pizza*

anonymous asked:

May I request some arguing action w/McCree x Reader? Feel free to add anything else you want to. And thanks for writing it!

Added heated accidental love confessions because it’s required.  Thanks for the request!

Kinda long so I’m putting it under a read more; it is SFW.

PS: Proof reading is for chumps.

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