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!!! I realized I never posted this here ;;o;;
These were taken back in March (when I was in Manila) :D
I was like – who wants to hang out at the mall or something lol
Then these super nice MM fans dropped by and gave me all these prints and gifts and food and kjahkjsa i was so surprised hhuhu so precious ;;o;; LOOK AT IT EVERYTHING IS SO GORGEOUS ((im so lame i only doodled a crack 707 in their notebook kjdshfs))

I brought all the prints and stuff with me here to NY and I’m gonna take proper photos when I’m done with my room (along with other MM stuff a few people have sent me as well! You know who you are heehe) :D Thank you so much hhh

Yo I wanted to tag my Tumblr squad and my group chat squad and my real life squad so uh… Have fun guys?
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Can I join the discord even if I might not say anything?

There’s quite a few people who don’t talk in there, but I’m fine with most because I recognize their usernames from tumblr and other places. I’m kind of keeping an eye out for One Certain Person, so having inactive users is a bit unnerving!!!,,

im fine with lurkers, im just scared of the possibility of a lurker being a person i don’t want to see

A sampling of people who made Year in Review’s “New and Notable” lists
  • NASA
  • Apple Music
  • National Geographic
  • Nike Women
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Post It Forward
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • ME???? SOMEHOW???????????
  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????

It seriously bothers me how many events and talks there are about polyamory at my local LGBT center. They have more for polyamory than they have for lesbians. As far as I can tell these events are even open to straight people. It’s a sad day when there’s more for straight people than for lesbians at an LGBT center. I feel like I complain about this sort of thing a lot, but it’s just really frustrating. I think that this is a pretty widespread problem, unfortunately, and it can feel particularly isolating when you have very few options for finding gay people in your area and/or you live in a conservative or rural area. Then you go on tumblr and are told that you’re a privileged monosexual who has it all. It’s astounding. 

  • Date: so
  • Me: yeah...?
  • Date: so what-what do you do for fun?
  • Me inwardly: what do I
  • Me inwardly: what do I do for fun, what do i do for fun, hm
  • Me inwardly: I imagine a million different scenarios for two fictional people to fall in love and a million more scenarios where they DON'T fall in love, and then a few million where they're both pining and have no idea the other is pining
  • Me inwardly: and THEN I find a bunch of other people who have their own million scenarios and talk to them
  • ME inwardly: and then I WRITe a million scenarios and READ a million scenarios
  • Me inwardly: and then I watch the original source material and think about all the POTENTIAL they wasted
  • Me inwardly: then I go on tumblr and lament to other people like me
  • Me inwardly: and then sometimes I ARGUE with people over THEIR fictional ships between fictional people in a fictional universe
  • Me outloud: eh, nothing, really, I guess I read a lot
  • what i say: yea, i don't think tumblr is as cool as it used to be, but whatever
  • what i mean: tumblr has undoubtedly changed for the worse over these past few years. you cant even voice your own opinion on your own blog, no matter how tame, without having to literally step on eggshells in fear of getting harassed, bullied and/or ridiculed by angry priviledged white people who most of the time are simply too insecure with themselves that they need to constantly remind others of how "horrible" they are to make themselves look and feel better. its pretty fucked up. plus there is always the plethora of misinformation that circulates around and, this being a website used mostly by impressionable young adults and adolescents, that information is considered "correct" and the entire website looks like one massive misinformed shithole because of it. and on top of that there is the trend which consists of making trans men feel like utter shit while trying to simultaneously "protect" them. yup, it's pretty damn fucked up, but whatever
I’m not Tumblr famous. I love it when a red number appears above my inbox icon. If someone followed me, I smile and it makes me happy. When I lose a follower, I ask myself why. When someone hates me, only few people comfort me. When I make a text post, I rarely have notes for it. Almost all of my posts are reblogged from other users. When I hold an honesty hour, you can count with your fingers the people who ask. But despite the fact that I don't have a high follower count, I am proud of my blog. Why? Because the person who is reading this right now chose to follow me. :) I love you followers.

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I was looking over this blog. I'm a Chicano, by the way. I find it odd that this blog and many of the posts "fight" the hypersexualization of Latinas on tumblr and other social media, yet they post their sexual identity. I have seen a few posts with the women identifying themselves as bisexual or queer. If ridding the world of the hypersexualization of Latinas, or all women for that matter, is to take place, don't identify your sexual orientation. Just a thought.


I’m sorry but I’m going to have disagree with this. Gender identity and sexual orientation is an important part of many Latinas’s identity and part of reclaiming the tag and ourselves in general is to show that we are people, people who are of many different races, appearances, genders and sexual orientations and we as people with different dimensions, deserve more than being reduced to an object for some creepy fetishizer to hypersexualize. 

- RTLT (bio-mechanic)

I agree with my fellow mod. There is nothing wrong with US defining ourselves, in my opinion the problem is with other people taking our cultural, and sexual identities and trying to package/dehumanize us for their own sexual gratification.

- RTLT (perpetualradicalism)

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Um, I don't want to offend you, but why the aversion to curing disabled folks? I'm wheelchair-bound myself, likely never be able to walk again, and I would be overjoyed to be cured of this. I'm not saying this is a torturous life not worth living or anything, but I would definitely be happier if I were able to walk again. Is the issue here that everyone getting cured is unrealistic and trivializes disabilities? I'm sorry if I said anything wrong, I'm new on tumblr and I don't want to be mean.


Ok a few things

  1. I’m talking specifically about representation in fiction, whilst some disabled people do want to be cured, curing fictional characters does nothing for them except remind them that its something they can;t have, it takes away representation and only serves to make abled people feel better
  2. There are many disabled folks (especially Autistic and Deaf people but many others too) who do not want to be cured for a variety of reasons, number 1 being that there is nothing wrong with us, we have differences and are disabled by society because of them through inaccessibility, violence, attitudes and rhetoric, but us ourselves, being Autistic, and for other people, being Deaf or being paraplegic or being schizophrenic or being chronically ill or being blind or anything else? does not make us less, does not make us inferior and we deserve to be given the same opportunities as everybody else as we are, not with the expectation that we will be like them someday
  3. Of course this doesn’t mean you can;t want to be cured dear, I’m not gonna dictate how you feel haha

Hope that helps!

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To be honest. I love Matpat. I love his videos but I don't always agree on his conclusions. Some of them I find ridiculous but a lot of people who are against him either act petty when others mention him or just get on some sort of ridiculous high horse.

I’ve been pretty against a few of his videos myself, but let’s be honest here: he’s learning just as much as we are.  Some of us, who are plugged into Tumblr 24/7, don’t realize that not everyone has gotten to learn as much about certain things as we have—and we can become blinded by that.

It’s so easy to think that we’re cooler than other people because we know about what’s wrong with the world and recognize when something is being done wrong.  It’s so easy to put ourselves on a pedestal and shake our heads at the world below where they don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

But we absolutely cannot do that.

In my experiences with watching MatPat’s videos, he’s more than willing to discuss issues and think critically about things.  His recent video about the Pope proves to me that his heart is in the right place.

He’s made mistakes and he still makes mistakes, I won’t deny that, but talking about it on Tumblr and acting like he’s the devil or that nothing he does is good because of those mistakes he’s made is not going to change anything.  I truly believe the things that MatPat has said and done that are read as offensive by many people (me included sometimes), are not done maliciously.

Instead of complaining about it and acting better because we know better, it’s our job to share the knowledge that we have in order to better other people.  It’s important to point out, politely and gently, that something wasn’t okay.

The problem I have with the criticism lately is that quite a bit of it boils down to “MatPat please kill yourself.”  It’s a black and white morality that has to be broken apart.

What’s most ironic to me is that it’s sort of the same thing that MatPat was talking about in his most recent video.  “Us vs. Them.”  The “heuristics,” or easy assumptions that the brain makes about other people.  It’s very, very easy to go to the easy conclusion that “MatPat has done things that I don’t like, therefore he is completely irredeemable and the enemy.”  It’s that black and white thinking that causes people to crash and burn so quickly on Tumblr. We cannot think like this.

People are not black and white.  MatPat is not a perfect cinnamon roll but he’s not the devil either.  And if you have an issue with one of his videos, find a way to contact him!!  Talk to him!  Discuss it!  And if it turns out that he doesn’t want to have the kind of conversation with his viewers, then I’ll walk away from his videos too.

But until then, people on Tumblr need to get off their high fucking horse and learn to communicate instead of judge.

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Do you know of or have a list of any other bloggers that identify as some kind of asexual? I feel like we have a community here but I'm confused and don't really know who it centers around or who to just talk to and be friends with because like goddamit all the asexuals on tumblr seem pretty cool but I feel like there's a lot I can't find or who are on the fringes and I just want us to be an inclusive group for all aces to be friends and chat together and feel accepted and stuff

well, there’s a few people i started following way back when for feminist or fandom reasons, and at some point i discovered they were also asexual; or someone started following me and i followed them back for whatever reason, and it turned out they were asexual. it happens, and it’s kind of fun when it does. but they don’t post exclusively about asexuality and i wouldn’t be comfortable giving out their personal urls

but i can give you a list of some other specifically ace/aro/queer blogs i do follow that post some good stuff and have larger followings, as well as a few other ace-specific blogs that have turned up on my radar

also here’s a whole giant list of blogs. and you’re free to talk to/follow me at personal, if you don’t mind fandom/feminism/anime trash stuff as well, although i do post a lot of queer stuff. and if anyone as any other blogs to add, even their own, feel free

~Mod Q