and a few hours later jim's vitals were no longer way off

Time for a change, part 5

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 2122

Warning: Mild language

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McCoy set your limp body down on the biobed as Chapel handed him a tricorder.  She set the bed to monitor your vital signs closely as he scanned over you.  “Damn it. There is a bleed that was not there before.  I would bet my license that it is this radiation exacerbating the trauma.  We need to fix this before any major damage is done.  We may need to decompress the brain as well.”  Chapel nodded before moving across the sickbay to bring in the equipment to monitor your brain activity and intracranial pressure more closely. The doctor administered another hypospray to prevent further bleeding.    The team worked quickly and rather quietly knowing that time was of the essence to save you.

Within minutes, the biobed alarmed as your vital signs began to fluctuate.  The oxygen saturation levels along with your respirations were dropping quickly.  “She is going into respiratory arrest.  Between the trauma to her brain and the bleed, there is pressure on the brain stem.  We are going to have to intubate.”  The nurse beside him moved quickly to bring the equipment he needed.  “You better not die on me [Y/N].  I refuse to tell Jim you didn’t make it.”

Meanwhile on the bridge, Jim was coordinating the efforts of moving the ship from the anomaly.  It seemed the calculations you had devised were sound and Scotty along with Chekov were recalibrating the shields and deflectors as fast as the crippled ship would allow.  When everything was settled in their own processes, Jim finally took the time to breathe.  His ship looked to be on the mend and hopefully on its way back to safety.  The bridge crew was busy with their tasks, it was then Jim decided to check on you.  He felt horrible having to leave you in the mess hall earlier but the entire ship and crew were in danger.  Now that things had settled just a bit he wanted to make sure you were all right. He gave over bridge command to Spock and headed towards sickbay.

As the turbolift moved, he thought about the last couple days with you.  It had been a rare thing for him to find someone that was not only beautiful, but also enjoyable to talk to as well.  Jim wanted to find out every detail about you.  It was somewhat scary for him, but seeing your smile or that blush that appeared on your cheeks when he asked a deeper question only made him want to find out more. The realization came quickly that you would not be on the ship for much longer.  You were not part of his crew but merely a passenger on the way to your next assignment. Once the Enterprise had docked at York Town, you would be whisked off to the Gracen Lok to further research terraforming new worlds.

That thought caused a pain in his chest.  He wanted you here on the Enterprise where he could see you as much as he wanted.  In fact, it was something he wanted more than anything at that moment.  Jim started formulating a plan to get you to stay here with him.  By the time he was finished you would never want to leave. A bright smiled covered his face as he walked into the sickbay.  He searched around the main area biobeds for you.  The commotion coming out of one of the exam rooms caught his attention. Chapel walked out of the room in a hurry grabbing some medication hypos before turning back.  She saw Jim and stopped in her tracks.  The look on her face told him there was something serious going on.  He ran to the door of the exam room, feeling like the air had been knocked out of himwhen he saw your body lying there on the bed. You were covered by different equipment and had a tube for breathing.

Jim had not realized he had said anything until Bones turned out to look at his friend.  “Jim, we are doing everything we can…”

“What happened?  She was fine when she left the bridge.  What the hell happened to her?!”  He tried to run to your side but Bones stopped him.

“She started screaming in the turbolift about pain in her head, then she collapsed.  There is swelling in her brain from the trauma to her head as well as a bleed, which I think was intensified by the radiation. [Y/N] is unable to breathe on her own right now, so we are doing it for her.  Jim, we are watching her closely.  I am not going to rest until she wakes up.  It is the least I could do for what she did for this crew.”  Jim looked shell shocked listening to Bones as he stared at your unconscious form.

“She has to wake up. I… I want her to stay on this ship. Stay with here with me.”  His words quiet and broken.  Bones laid a hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him as best he could.

“Give her a few days to let her body heal.  Give me time to do what I can to help her along.  Go check on the ship, I have a few things to do before I let her rest for the night.”  Jim nodded rubbing his eyes and face before walking out of the sickbay without a word.

The days that followed consisted of engineering finishing the work needed and the ship beginning its trek through the anomaly back towards York Town.  The estimated time was three days to be completely free of it and eight days to reach their destination.  Jim barely slept or ate.  He would go between the bridge to monitor the progress and the sickbay to watch over you.  Bones was not much different.  He slept in his office when he could and lived on coffee.  Chapel several times had covered them both with blankets when they passed out from sheer exhaustion.  Neither were doing well and it was starting to show in their attitudes.  Jim was becoming more frustrated by the day that you were not waking up, which in turn he took out on Bones, being the closest person to the situation.  Bones would rake his hand through his hair making it all the more unruly.

On the third day your vital signs had started to stabilize but Bones was cautious.  He did not want to tell Jim just yet as not to get his hopes up if something else went wrong.  Jim was unable to get down to the sickbay for most of the day.  There had been engine issues then structural integrity issues once the Enterprise was free.  So he did not get to see that Bones was slowly weaning down the oxygen assistance for you.  At the end of the day, you were breathing completely on your own though you had not woken up yet. The hope was that you would in the next twenty four to forty eight hours.  

By the time Jim had made it down to see you, it was late and the lights in the room, dim.  He curled up in the same chair he had since you had been there, falling asleep quickly.  Sometime later in the night, you stirred.  The pain in your head was aching badly and your whole body felt sore and stiff.  It took a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room.  You were confused as to why you were in the sickbay and why Jim was sleeping in the chair.

“Jim?”  You called quietly to him.  Even your throat hurt.  The man did not stir from his chair.  “Jim…” Trying louder this time, your raw throat protested.  His head moved to back against the chair a moment, blinking hard trying to figure out what woke him.  Looking towards you, he expected to see you still lying there unconscious.  He nearly fell out of the chair trying to get to the bed once he saw you were looking at him.

“[Y/N], you’re awake. Oh my God.  Are you feeling all right?  Does it hurt anywhere?”  You covered his lips with your fingers.

“Shhh, my head is killing me.  Why am I in sickbay?”  He laughed as he lightly kissed your forehead.  

“Do you remember hitting your head?”  It took a moment but you did finally recall the breakfast interruption and being thrown from the chair, slamming your head on the deck.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well you had some major head injury and a bleed of some sort.  You couldn’t breathe on your own.  Bones wasn’t sure you were going to make it.”  His words nearly stopped your heart.  You had been so close to death and would never have known.  However, here Jim was watching over you while you slept.  “I’m so damn happy you are awake and okay.  I don’t know if I have ever been so scared in my life.”  Smiling up at him, you rested your hand on his cheek.  

“How long have I been out?”

“Three days.  Three of the longest damned days of my life. Between coming here and making sure you hadn’t left me, I had to make sure your brilliant plan was being carried out. Because of you, the Enterprise made it out of the anomaly and we are on our way back to York Town for repairs.  You saved everyone.”  Your face lit up in the darkness of the room at his praise.  All the work you had done over the years led you to this moment.  Your work had done more than just study radiation it had served a purpose and saved lives.  

Bones appeared in the doorway, then let out a sigh of relief as he saw you two talking.  “About damn time you woke up.  I was hours away from having to sedate him so he could get some rest. How you feelin’ kid?”  Both of you looking back to him.

“My head hurts but I think I am all right.  Memories are a little fuzzy and stiff all over.”  He walked up raising the lighting of the room slightly, giving you time to adjust.  Injecting you with a hypospray, the pain started to dull giving you much relief.

“I will make sure you are comfortable now that you are awake.  As long as you behave and do what I say, I will let you out of here in a couple days.  Deal?” Holding out your hand to him to shake, you quietly agreed.


Both of you made good on your word and you were released two days later.  There were three days left in the voyage to York Town.  You and Jim spent as much time as you could together in between his shifts on the bridge.  You had spent the three days in his quarters still trying to recuperate, sleeping in his bed while he slept on the couch.  He wanted you as close as possible.  The Enterprise was to dock at 0600 the next morning.  Jim had been jumpy most of the day.  Finally, you could not take it anymore.

“What is going on with you? You seem so… off.  Jim talk to me.”  You were sat on his couch with your legs up looking over at him as he mindlessly rubbed your feet.

“I’m fine…”  You gave him a look like ‘tell me another story’.  He sighed loud before it all came out.  “Okay, well I want you to stay.  Stay here on the Enterprise with me.  I mean for the ship too.  You are brilliant and we could use another brilliant science officer who saves the ship in her spare time.  You deserve better than scouting missions on the Gracen Lok.  Everyone wants you to stay.  Especially me, I want you to stay.  Please stay.” Every word had come out in a hurried mess that you had to take a moment or two to process it all.  He really wanted you to stay.

“Yes.”  You said quietly.  He was not looking at you in fear of what you were going to say.

“Look you don’t have to decide now… Wait did you say yes?”  His blue eyes were large as he looked over at you.  Laughing, you nodded over at him.

“I want to stay on the Enterprise… with you.”  Jim let out a whoop and jumped over to pin you on the couch in a tight embrace.  

“I promise you, [Y/N], I am going to do everything I can in my power, to make sure you don’t regret that decision.”  He kissed you to seal that promise and the promise of what you two would have in the future.


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Sentence prompt #3, part 2/2

Read part one here:

As usual, watch for the cut.

Steve called a stop with just a few hours of daylight left. Tony’s temper had been getting shorter and shorter throughout the day and they hadn’t talked in several hours. He’d been betting his hopes on finding some kind of civilization, and he didn’t even have it in him to be grateful that they hadn’t run into their pursuers either.

“Not as nice as our boulder, but this will do,” Steve decided, stopping at a hill that butted up against a broad tree. “Though we probably won’t be able to have the fire inside the shelter tonight.” He slid the parachute pack off his shoulders and fished the cans out. One was filled with blackberries, and Tony roughly shucked his jacket off so Steve could dump the berries onto the stained silk lining. He clenched his jaw in response to Tony’s obvious temper, but said nothing. He set the jacket aside and gathered up the cans, walking back to the creek to fill them, leaving Tony to play house again.

Tony spent several minutes working out the feverish rage that had been boiling under his skin throughout the day. He dragged over the fallen tree that had obviously played into Steve’s choice of campsites, flung one end up to lean on end on the hill, and stomped down the surrounding vegetation. It was amazingly cathartic, and the sure knowledge that no one was there to witness his tantrum just made him kick and stomp harder. He dug up rocks and threw them at the hill, growling with the effort.

A crackle of undergrowth warned Tony of Steve’s return. He stopped, panting hard and regretting the display. His fingers throbbed from digging through the soil and his arms were scratched and stinging where they were exposed. He dipped his chin to his chest and resisted the urge to apologize. Steve passed him as if he’d found nothing strange about it at all. He set the filled cans down on a flat rock and started gathering up sticks.

“We’ll use the parachute for a tent tonight,” he decided. “At least it’s not a bright color.”

Tony grunted and started collecting his rocks for a fire pit. He was burning up and the last thing he needed was a fire, but he did need something to do with his hands, something to occupy his mind. Steve got the parachute slung over the crossbeam and tied down while Tony was still trying to get the fire going. His hands were shaking too much to direct the beam and he was starting to get frustrated.

Steve’s hands appeared out of nowhere, cupping Tony’s wrists to hold them steady. Tony jumped and snarled, and it came out as a snarl, low and sonorous. Steve put his hands up, but he didn’t move away, and he was right against Tony’s back and he was too warm and too close and smelled like earth and salt and musk and his knees were on either side of Tony’s body, hemming him in.

“Tony… you’re burning up. I think you might be reacting to those berries.”

“The berries were fine,” Tony snapped. He drew in a breath and carefully set the delicate reflective cone down so he didn’t break it. His shoulders fell. “I guess you’re going to figure this out sooner rather than later,” he said, moving out of the ‘v’ of Steve’s thighs. He put some space between them and then paced a path between two trees.

“Are you sick?” Steve prompted.

Huffing out an annoyed breath, Tony announced, “I am a shifter.”

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Cold - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous. Part of the Autumn Fic Meme requests.
Warning: gunshot wound & mentions of blood (minor)

When you joined Starfleet, you knew the possible risks you would be taking. You knew that you would be visiting multiple hostile planets, in the hopes of joining them into Starfleet. You knew that when you went through training, you would be taught how to hold a blaster, and that it was possible you could get hit.

What they didn’t tell you, or at least not in great detail, was how much it would hurt. Now, as you were lying on the ground, blood pulling out of your hip, you cursed your schooling for their failure to prepare you.

Through your anger, you failed to realize that you were slowly falling asleep. Or losing consciousness. You forgot what schooling told what happened when you were shot. Either way, your eye sight was going black and you fell into a sleep.

When you came to again, you were no longer on the hard ground, but lying in a soft bed. The bright lights around you told you that you were inside a hospital like room. You began to sit up, but as you did, a hand firmly grabbed your shoulder and made you sit back.

“Relax. You’re hurt pretty badly,” Leonard said. He held a chart in his hands, as he surveyed you with a worried look on his face.

“Where am I?”

“Med Bay.”

“What happened?” you asked, sitting up again, ignoring Leonard’s previous warning.

“You were shot.” You gave him a look, and he softened a little bit.

“I know that. How did I get here?”

“Jim and Sulu brought you back here. You’ve been asleep for almost a day.” You nodded and squirmed, reaching down for the bandage that was sticking to your hip. “Don’t,” he said, grabbing your hand. You looked up into his eyes, and saw how tired he was.

“Have you slept?” you asked. He shrugged and you took his hand. “Leo.”

“I pull all-nighters a lot.”

“I’m fine, babe. Why don’t you get some sleep?” He smiled and pulled away from your hand, setting your chart in the bin at the end of your bed.

I’m fine, babe,” he repeated. You smirked and shook your head.

“I know you better than that.”

“Then you know I like to follow medical procedure. You were in surgery for almost two hours. I wasn’t going anywhere until you woke up.”

“I’m up.”

“I know. So let’s go over how you’re feeling,” he said with a smile. You rolled your eyes, but let him check your heart rate and blood pressure, the old fashion way. “I’ll need to change your gauze, too.”

“So you want me to undress?” you asked with a laugh. As you did, you felt a shooting pain in your hip and cringed. Leonard’s smile fell and he walked closer to you.

“I told you, you needed to relax,” he said, pulling back the blankets to look at your hip. He tugged on the bandage, and you winced as it pulled up some of your skin. “Sorry,” he said, looking up at you with pleading eyes. Usually when Leonard ‘apologized’ to his patients, he never meant it. But looking at him now, you knew it was torture for him to see you in pain.

“It’s okay. Keep going.” He nodded and pulled on the bandage again. It was coming off incredibly slowly, mostly sticking to the drying blood on your skin. “Just rip it off,” you said after he tugged and tugged on a piece that wouldn’t budge.

“Alright. Hold tight.” You nodded and closed your eyes as he ripped off the bandage in one fell swoop.

“Ouch!” you cried out, immediately reaching for your hip. Leonard grabbed your hand before you could, and kissed your hand.

“I know, I know. It’s over,” he said, walking up towards you. You nodded and forced a smile up at him. He kissed your hand once more before walking to the other side of room to get new bandages. He cleaned up your wound with some freezing chemical before taping up your hip again. Once he was done, he pulled the blankets back over you.

“You should try to get some rest again,” he said again. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable?”

“I’m kind of cold.” He nodded and immediately left the room, coming back a moment later with a few blankets in his hands. He threw them over you carefully, tucking them around you.


“Yeah,” you said with a smile.

“Good.” He leaned down and kissed your forehead. “Get some sleep.”

“Only if you do, too,” you said. He stopped halfway to the door and folded his arms.

“I’ll be fine.” You shivered as you opened your mouth to say something. “Are you still cold?”

“I don’t know! I guess when you get shot, it kind of takes some of your core temperature,” you said with a shrug. “Remember when I got shot?” Leonard laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I remember.” You scooted over in your bed, and patted the space next to you. Leonard shook his head. “No.”

“You asked if there was anything you could do to make me feel more comfortable. I would be more comfortable if my boyfriend would sleep with me. That way, he can monitor my vitals or whatever the hell he does, and get the rest I know he needs.” You reached out and took his hand, smiling up at him. He sighed and gave your hand a squeeze. “You can’t argue with me.”

“I know.” He laid down in bed with you, and fixed the blankets so they covered the both of you. He wrapped his arm around you as you rested your head on his chest. “I was really worried about you.” You smiled and looked up at him.

“Really? I wasn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I knew I had the best doctor in the world.” He smiled as you shivered, and wrapped your arms around his waist. He kissed your forehead.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”