and a favorite performance ever

ok but real talk? chris colfer and darren criss singing come what may is the best thing that’s ever blessed this earth and i think about it a lot

“It was an emotional blow, and we all felt it. I don’t know why everyone on earth felt so close to that guy… he was beloved and endearing and inoffensive in some weird way. For all of his screaming and all of his darkness, he was just lovable.” - Anthony Kiedis, talking about Kurt Cobain in his autobiography “Scar Tissue” 2004
One of my favorite pictures of Kurt performing ever.


if we just walk together like this
wherever we go, it’ll be heaven

to the boy whose passion exceeds limits, whose kindness brings joy to others, and whose heart is always in the right place.

kai, it’s your 23rd birthday today, but even if the years make you older and wiser, in my eyes you’re still the bright, kind kid whose one and only love is dancing; the kid who lives and breathes for the stage. thank you for being one of the warmest, sweetest people i know. for loving your fans so greatly, and for caring for all the other exo members. thank you for having a big, bear heart! one that loves a little too much. thank you for your loud, silly laughs and your strong and supportive words. for your pretty selfies, your lovely singing voice and your mind-blowing dancing. for all the hours and all the artistry you put into your work. thank you for all the years of laughs and tears you’ve shared with us; and most of all, thank you for the ones that are yet to come.

to the sweetest dancing king i know! happy birthday kim jongin!

Four Hours - Johnny x Reader - College!AU

Requested by: @sellmysoulpls . Enjoy the suffering, lovely Bry <3

Word Count: 1838

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: College!AU, Fluff, Slight Angst

It had been six months since you’d last seen your best friend.

It’s not that you two had been fighting or anything.

You video chatted and texted all the time like you two were practically living together, it’s just that the two of you were attending different universities that were approximately four hours apart.

Neither one of you had had the time to leave town during the weekend and hang out, so you settled for talking on the phone all day.

And now the semester was over, and the both of you were headed to your home town, back to the same two houses that stood right next to each other and made you the best of friends all those years ago.

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James Corden, 2016 Tony Awards, “That Could Be Me” || Neil Patrick Harris, 2013 Tony Awards, “Bigger”

Don’t Play With Me, Boy | one

Originally posted by jjks

Taehyung is the love of your life. Or so you thought.

Word Count: 818

Warnings: none for now

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: fluff, slight smut, celebrity!reader au

Song: Blackpink’s Playing With Fire

A/N: BOi this fic is gonna kILL ME and aLL OF yOU

one | two | three | four

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My favorite performance of any song ever as filmed by Jonathan Demme. RIP.

There’s gonna be a Hallelujah day
When the boys have all come home to stay
And a million bands begin to play
We’ll be dancing the Vict'ry Polka

Molly McIntire - 1940s Jefferson, Illinois

Wall (M)

Characters:  Song Mino (WINNER) x You (OC) x So Ra (OC, Your Friend) x WINNER members (Cameo)

Genre:  Smut (Rough), AU

Beware:  Dirty Talking, Cheating, all that bad stuff (MINORS STAY AWAY RIGHT NOW!)

Length:  2370 words

Plot:   Inspired by WINNER’s Exit Teaser (MINO Ver.)  You are extremely attracted to your favorite boy band’s drummer, Song Mino, ever since you saw them perform in the bar you and your friend So Ra frequently visit.  However, he is already engaged with no other than your friend, So Ra, that made you devastated.  However, he happens to be a little tease and plans something evil, who doesn’t give a fuck if you will like it or not.

Please take note that I interpreted the teaser in my own way – so some of you might have interpreted the story behind the teaser differently.  I will totally respect that.

Comments and suggestions are pretty much welcome :)

A/N I apologize for any grammatical errors and stuff like that :D I WAS SO EXCITED IN POSTING THIS SHIT HAHAHA


“So Ra, will you marry me?”  Mino knelt in front of your friend, So Ra, on the stage, to the eyes of all the guests and audience at club EXIT.

“Of course, baby, I will marry you!”  So Ra cried happy tears as she hugged Mino tightly. The crowd was cheering and shouting at them loudly.  

“Congratulations Mino-ssi!  You will officially be “jailed” this time!”  Lee Seung Hoon, the vocalist of the band shouted against the mic that made the crowd laugh at his joke.

You clenched your fists at the drink that you are holding to hide your frustration.  Your tears are starting to fall from your eyes but you’ve managed to keep them still. The newly engaged couple soon made their way towards you and you immediately put on a fake smile.

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Music Asks

1. How old were you when you started playing?
2. Do you want to march drum corps?
3. Ever played in a pit?
4. What other instrument(s) would you like to learn?
5. Ever had an issue with your instrument during/right before a performance?
6. What’s your usual practice routine like?
7. Ever been to any music camps?
8. Are your parents supportive in your musical endeavors?
9. Most satisfied you’ve ever been with a performance?
10. Least satisfied you’ve ever been with a performance?
11. What’s your favorite solo work for your instrument?
12. What’s your favorite solo for your instrument from a larger work?
13. What’s your favorite type of ensemble to play in?
14. Was there any particular reason you chose to play your instrument?
15. Were you ever involved in marching band?
16. Worst injury your instrument has ever sustained?
17. Worst injury you’ve sustained because of your instrument?
18. What piece(s) do you want to play most?
19. How are your piano abilities?
20. How are your conducting abilities?
21. Have you ever taught private lessons?
22. How well versed are you in music theory?
23. Why do you love music?
24. What’s the longest break you’ve ever had to take from your music?
25. Who is your biggest fan?
26. How do you avoid/recover from burnout?
27. What’s your weirdest performance story?
28. Favorite piece you’ve ever played?
29. If not music, what careers are you looking into?
30. Do you think you’ll continue playing your instrument later in life?

“Chris and the Persian” - Digital Oil Painting

“He’s such a sweetheart, but see this face? He looks like the grumpiest, meanest kitty ever, and I love that. This look right here, where he looks like he wants to devour your soul - we call that ‘The Ludgate.’”

Yep, I had to throw in a Parks and Rec reference, it’s still one of my most favorite shows ever, and probably my favorite Chris Pratt performance to date. The cat was totally channeling April, so it just worked. ^_^

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