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Charmed meme: three deaths [3/3]
↳ Prudence Halliwell: 1970-2001 

I don’t understand why magic can’t fix this and why we can’t bring Prue back. It’s not like we haven’t cheated death before. I don’t understand why this time is any different. It’s like the book just deserted us and deserted Prue and I don’t understand why. We lost our sister. How can we ever understand that? We’ve tried every magical way to bring her back… but we can’t. She’s gone.

Run Away Baby Ch. 5 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Hey lovelies! So, school is over in four weeks and then I’m free to stay at home all day to write and eat ice cream! Yay! I just have to get through some performances, an audition, and finals. But thank god that it’s May because I am sooo done with school. Anyways, I’ve finally gotten to write the next chapter of “Run Away Baby” and I hope you all enjoy the severe angst. I love you guys, and thank you for 1.5k. Much love to you all, xoxo

Description: Pregnant with Steve Rogers’ child, your husband, you’re a happily married couple. He moved you to the countryside, trying to keep you away from as much harm as possible. Isolated, and by yourself most of the time, you always worried about him when he went away. But, marriage couldn’t have been better for the two of you for the three years since you had taken his last name. But, one night, when Steve’s out on a mission, you get a call from Nick Fury telling you to get as far away from your house as possible.  

Warnings: Death and angst. please be wary, this chapter relates to a very sensitive topic which is losing a baby. Please, if it is too much for you, I suggest avoid reading this chapter.

Chapter 4


“She’s going to be okay. Well at least physically she will recover, but I do have to warn you about how her mental state will be in when she wakes up.” The doctor folded his hands together as he spoke with Bucky and Fury outside of your room. “I suggest staying with her at all times, being there for her, and if things take a turn for the worse, please don’t hesitate to contact me.” 

Fury placed a hand on the doctor’s shoulder. “Thank you. Thank you for doing all that you could.” The man nodded, taking Fury’s free hand and shaking it before walking down the hall, and disappearing around the corner. He turned to Bucky. “Can you watch and protect her? I need to deal with this Rogers issue that we have on our hands.” 

Bucky clenched his jaw at the mention of Steve. “He’s not going to lay a hand on her.”

“Oh, don’t worry. That’s not going to happen on my fucking watch.” Fury’s usual hard tone softened a little with his next sentence. “But, I need you to stay with her while I make sure that doesn’t happen. Take care of her for me, okay?” 

“I will, don’t worry. She’ll be safe with me.” Bucky looked into your room and his gaze landed upon your beaten up, sleeping figure. “I promise that nothing will happen to her as long as I’m with her.” 

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You should do holsom for that 31 questions thing like do all of them

here we fucking go,

1. Who in your OTP is the serial butt-slapper and who is constantly getting their beautiful butt slapped?

theyre equal opportunity bros…if ur bf gets a killer shot at beer pong or aces his chem exam you have to slap his butt it’s the Bro Code

2. Who wants to be immortal and who wants to die before they’re old?

they had a conversation about this at 2am and they both decided that they would pick the same option (“i never wanna live without you bro” “BRO”) however, holster has tried to get his poptart out of the toaster with a fork three different times so dying young seems likely

3. Who smokes and who pulls the cigarette from between their lips every time they try to light one?

i mean they’re college athletes so neither of them smoke but i bet holster tried it once freshman year and ransom had to run back to his dorm to find his inhaler

4. Who always has cold hands and who is always warming them up for them?

ransom’s hands are freezing and holster breathes on em and gives them kisses 2 keep them warm

5. Who plays candy crush in important meetings and who elbows them in the ribs to make them pay attention?

when they have a lecture together they just snapchat each other uglie badly-angled selfies

6. Who can fall asleep anywhere (and does) and who has to put them to bed?

ransom is forced to survive on three hours of sleep during finals so he passes out mid-conversation and holster sets an alarm and rolls him into bed so they can nap together

7. Who is the genius procrastinator who wings every test but still comes away with straight As, and who takes preparation and conscientious work very seriously?

justin “4.0 but never goes to class” oluransi, a beautiful coral reef, is a strange combination of both, holster has seen his textbooks maybe twice this semester and manages B’s

8. Who takes their coffee black and who likes it with milk and two sugars, getting called a pussy by Person A?

ransom gets his with like six sugars and holster has been drinking black coffee since he was 6

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Every Me And Every You - Thirty Three

Seven hours later and you landed in Las Vegas. Given the flight times and the time difference, by the time you’d hired a car it was pushing 5pm.

You’d tried to call Spencer again before taking off and when you’d got into the airport with no luck. The first few times it had gone straight to voicemail, but now it was ringing out.

Not knowing where to go, you called Penelope.

“Hello, my little ray of sunshine. What can I do for you?” Ever cheerful, you could hear her smiling down the phone.

“Pen, I don’t suppose you’re still at work? I don’t know where Reid is and he’s not answering his phone. I know we’re not meant to, but I wondered if you could ping his phone.”

“I’m not at work, but I am at home. I can link up. Give me five minutes sweet cheeks and I’ll hit you back.”

She disconnected the call and you sat waiting impatiently in the hire car, wondering if you’d made the wrong decision by coming out here.

Seeing her name flashing up on your cell,  you answered.

“He’s at his Mom’s hospital. Have you got sat nav, I’ll give you the address?” She read out the address and you programmed it in. A twenty minute drive.

“He’s been there for the last hour, I’ll keep my computer on and let you know if he leaves alright? Give him our love when you see him.”

“Thanks Penny, will do.”

You navigated the Las Vegas highway following the directions until you pulled up outside a fancy looking building. It certainly didn’t look like a hospital but you knew that Spencer paid a lot of money to have his mom cared for, feeling guilty that he’d wasn’t able to do it himself.

Parking up and finding the main reception, you asked for him, the friendly looking receptionist advising that he was here and that she’d send an orderly to go and fetch him from his Mom’s room. You waited nervously, still not sure whether you should have come or not.

A few minutes later you spotted him walking into the room, his eyes scanning around and wondering who his visitor was.

He looked tired, his voice mail to you had been left in the early hours of the morning so you guessed he was physically exhausted as well as emotionally. You knew he must have been super tired as he wore his glasses, an accessory that rarely made an appearance now.

When he spotted you he did a double take, squinting through his lenses. You gave him a small smile and a little wave as he crossed the room to you.

“Y/N? What are you…..” he trailed off, his voice small and raspy the way it got when he was upset.

“You said you needed a friend right?” You opened your arms to him and he embraced you, burrowing his head into your neck.

“You came…. ” he whispered, his words barely audible.

“Is it okay that I did? I’m sorry I didn’t pick up when you called me this morning. My cell died, both of them would you believe it?”

“It’s more than okay. I can’t believe you got on a plane and came all this way by yourself. Does Hotch know you’re here?”

He pulled away from you and you could now see how red his eyes were behind his spectacles. Poor Spence.

“I didn’t find out until I got to work, Em said something to him about us being really close friends and we don’t have a case sooo. I tried calling to check it was okay but your phone was off and then when I got here, it just rang out. I had Penny work her magic to find out where you were. They all send their love by the way.”

“My cells in my bag on silent, I wasn’t ignoring you I swear… ”

“Reid it’s fine. You’ve had more important thing to think about. How are you, how’s your mom?”

He sighed, his shoulders heavy.

“I’m… okay, I guess. My mom…. Well, she’s more upset. It’s almost like the last twenty two years never happened and she’s still married to him. I mean, she knows she’s not, she’s lucid right now. But she’s just devastated. And I feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m as upset as I should be.”

“She did spend more of her life with him than you did Spence. Regardless of what happened between them, she’s probably got a lot more happy memories of him than you do.”

“I know, I just don’t know what to say to her or how to comfort her right now.” He rubbed his eyes under his glasses, blinking a few times.

“Listen, I need to find a motel or something, do you have anywhere booked yet? I can go find somewhere for us both and then come back and meet you. Do you have a hire car?”

“Yeah it’s outside in the lot. Don’t leave so soon after you’ve got here, please. There’s a hotel a few blocks away that always has vacancies, I stay there all the time when I visit. Come… come meet my mom if it’s not too weird. You might help distract her for a bit.”

“Alright, I can do that.”
Stronger Together - Alex and Lena Bodyswap
By Organization for Transformative Works

Prompt for a Lena/Alex body swap from a few anons, @lurkz, @iamdeltas, and someone else here a while back (and apologies for only now getting to it…the queue is too damn long! But I made it nice and long to make up for the delay)

A/N: I’m putting the full text here, but I’d love it if you’d come let me know your thoughts (if you have them) in the comments too! It’s always fun getting to interact with you all there! Also, if you go there, you can catch my fun nerd notes which, let me tell you, they got historical today

Chapter Text:

“How was your day, babe?” Maggie called out to Alex over the sound of rice noodles sizzling in the wok for dinner.

“Good. Little tired, but it was actually a lot of fun.”

“You hung out with your people all day. Of course you had fun, Danvers.”

“What do you mean ‘my people’?” Alex asked, pulling two beers out of the fridge and helping to get the table set for dinner.

“You, Lena, and Winn? I mean nerds, duh,” Maggie answered with a laugh, clicking off the burner.

“Are you trying to imply that you, Maggie Sawyer, Science Division Detective and not-so-secret sci-fi connoisseur, are not a nerd?”

“Well that depends, are we talking a nerd when compared to the general population? Then yes. Compared to you three? Not a chance.”

Alex just rolled her eyes as she handed over the bowls for Maggie to fill. “Whatever, you’ll always be my nerdy girlfriend.”

“And sexy. Can’t forget that part.”

“Mm, you know I never forget that part.” Alex made a show of checking out Maggie and winked when she caught her gaze.

“Like I said: nerd. But anyway, did Lena get the headset things working?”

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Max lightwood: Do Not Kill Him

In the books CC has Sebastian kill Max to show that he is completely evil, and to give Izzy a reason to want Simon in her bed. Lets start with Sizzy, Simon will be spending the episode with Maia, and in the show is not the type to two time girls. Also death is a tragedy, not a starting point for a relationship. I have read stories where a character will have a one nightstand the week after a loved on dies, because they want to be held and to stop thinking for a bit. but CC is the only author I have ever read who tried to turn a funeral/mourning family into a place to find a girlfriend or the day after as a time to make a move.

Moving on to showing that Fake!Sebastian is completely evil. He has already done so many evil things, only the last of which was attack Max. Also when CC did that she thought Sebastian would appear in one book, be killed at the end, then stay dead. When she decided to make him the villain of the next half of the series and wanted people to think maybe he wasn’t/did not have to be all bad she made his death a miniscule thing. Luke or Jocelyn suggest that Maryse and Robert need time away from each other because they remind each other of their dead child? Nope they separated over an affair that happened Ten years ago, and is brought up Ten times more than the child who died two months ago. People barley mention Max. One time he was mentioned was by Jace (who we did not know yet was spelled) and Jace says that all the deaths in the war were just collateral damage, he trusts Sebastian completely. Another Time Clary tells Sebastian she can’t forgive him for that and he actually goes “It was just an accident. I only meant to knock him out. How was I supposed to know his head was that soft (he hit him with a hammer.). Any way I am different now, so it does not matter”. Max deserves better!

Hear is what I would like to see happen. We know that Izzy calls Caterina to come help Max. We know Caterina is a famously gifted healer, even among warlocks. I want her to save max’s life, but for him to not be 100% fixed. He suffers lasting damage and will never be a field soldier. Why do I want this? How could I ever wish something like that on a 12yr? Two reasons. One I do not want him to be pushed into the dark and forgotten. In season three for every time Sebastian tries to call himself a hero no one ever gives a chance, ever time we are supposed to pity him, I want to Max to be shown and for people to be reminded that he brutally and viciously attacked a child in cold blood, that this is no protagonist or even an anti-hero, but a villain who is evil. Secondly I think covering disabled people and how they aren’t able to do everything, but can definitely do great things and have important roles would be a great Arc for both Max to center and Shadowhunters to tackle. It was never talked in the books. A race of soldiers and permanent injuries are never mentioned. Max has “accidentally” used a fire rune in class, he hacked the schools simulator system, found hidden clues. He is actually MORE sneaky and troublesome than Jace freaking Herondale! Imagine him learning to create simulators, Imagine him setting up controlled emergences/crisis to test the skills and readiness of the institutes occupants. Think of the representation and possibilities!

Something in OPM I want to bring up

First, Saitama and Genos, but mostly Saitama. They have the most adorable, funny, heartwarming relationship.

But let’s just go over a few points here:

  • Saitama is light-years beyond what Genos will probably even hope to be. They both know this.
  • Saitama’s ranked at the very bottom of the Hero Association as the lowest-ranking C-class, while Genos debuted as an S-class. This alone meant that the two were treated very differently by the Association, fellow registered heroes, and the general public.
  • Saitama’s seen Genos get an instant fanclub, get welcomed by a fellow hero, and rack up a huge fan following within days of registering. What did Saitama get in the same amount of time? Three different people tried to basically haze him, he was mistaken for a villain, and the very people he saved ganged up on him and yelled at him.

What am I getting at here? Basically, everything looks like a classic villain origin story for Saitama. Between the lack of recognition, flat-out undeserved scorn and ridicule he gets from almost everyone, and someone far less powerful than himself getting far more praise and fanfare that he sees every day…he could easily just end up resenting Genos and give up being a hero.

He’d get more recognition as a villain, because how do you ignore someone who could easily kick the crap out of even the top-ranking S-class heroes? How do you not fear and respect someone who can level a city, take on several of the best heroes and several monsters without breaking a sweat? If he wanted to, he could be an unstoppable supervillain. He could easily reduce Genos to scrap metal.

And it would all start with resenting Genos.

Just imagine that instead of secretly appreciating how much Genos adores him, he just gets jealous that this little punk gets so much more credit, all the fangirls, all this praise that he should be getting.

Imagine instead if the episode ended with Saitama killing Genos.

But here’s the catch: he doesn’t. He never even thinks of it.

Because you know what? He became a hero for fun, sure, but he’s still a hero at heart. He’s a good person not just because he can send villains flying with one punch, but because he looks out for people and cares about them. People hating on him after he saved their lives? Sure, he gets angry at that, but who wouldn’t? But that doesn’t change him for the worse.

Look at this:

Instead of being the person to drive him into jealousy, Genos is the person who motivates Saitama to keep on going.
It doesn’t matter that he has more fans - what matters to Saitama is that Genos will always be his biggest fan, because he knows what he’s really about.

So in that sense, Genos is important, but this episode (sad as it was) says a lot of Saitama’s character. Most heroes in his position would’ve gone to the dark side by this point. Not him.

tl;dr Saitama is the best hero.

anonymous asked:

Could you suggest some Batfam prompts you'd like to see?

As in things I’d personally like to see written out by other people?

I almost think this is a trap to trick me into writing more things on my own by making me start describing them, anon. because it almost worked.

There’s a couple like “what-if” prompts scattered around my blog, like if Dick Grayson were raised by a villain (Joker for example) and was reformed under Bruce but still had residual mental scars to hide from people (the cartoon YJ team, specifically) (I think in general I’d just like a kind of “mystery arc” for Robin like we got with the other kids, though I understand why it didn’t happen.)

I really like AU’s and what-ifs. I got a fantastic prompt in my askbox that I assume is from German Naruto Anon that was like “what if Bruce and Batman WERE seperate people” like, not split personality ableism shit, but like. literally different people. And I tried to write it out three times and my computer ate it EVERY TIME oh my god it was so beautiful. But that is a prompt I’d love to see more of. Like. What if Batman was anyone but Bruce Wayne, or what if something small changed? (like Roadtrip Vigilantes is just “what if Batman stayed with the league of assassins longer; that’s all it is man. that’s ALL that changed. And Monarchs to Behold is a ‘’for want of a nail’ story about Bruce deciding that just saving Gotham isn’t enough, and t turns into a villain story.)

So things like…. if Bruce Wayne and Batman were different people…. but that’s ALL that changed.

Bruce Wayne is still an easily upset, traumatized, fake-it-with-a-smile-and-do-charity person, he just… no longer has the batman outlet. But he still provides Batman with gadgets and shit, because Batman uses Wayne Tech. Bruce’s children are still Robins.

And Batman is a stranger.

Like. What kind of story does that yield?

Other prompts that could be cool:

  • YJ Artemis thinks that Batman is to Robin as Sportsmaster is to her and Cheshire.

  • More stories from the JL as a disconnected league; what does (for example) Wonder Woman do that Batman doesn’t, and vice versa? And how do they connect separately? Judging from the WW movie (which I just got out of for my second viewing ueuheuheuhehuehueee) Diana will protect humans but wants them to sort things out on their own; Bruce is that human, sorting out small scale things as best he can to help the whole picture. How does that read between them? How do you Teach someone like, say, Jason, an upset kid, that Wonder Woman can’t always come down to Crime Alley to save him and his mother specifically, and that its a human problem, and Diana is… something else, who is being merciful by helping at all

  • more bruce being a Human Among These Fucking Gods. and being a father among these gods. Does he ever come home and look at his busy but successful kids, and feel his tiring bones of the years passing, and he sits down with a heat pack and just… aches? While the world is going by, and he won’t be a part of it forever, and did he do enough right…? Is he going to be happy in his old age, or just… tired and sad…?

  • I think i just want trauma works i’m so sorry batman is my trauma story i’m so sorry. bruce can’t go to movie theaters anymore.

  • Maybe the JL people try to arrange a “get to know you” movie night at Green Lantern’s personal theater so they don’t have to remove costumes and Batman gets bullied into going basically (you think “batmna wouldn’t let himeslf be bullied” i’m sorry to inform you that Alfred Bullies Him Sometimes) and it turns… bad

  • I swear I don’t hate Alfred I just wish he wouldn’t be given all Bruce’s good traits and made into a saint figure. So maybe, as a prompt, one day, Alfred Fucks Up Badly. This family’s only human, okay. That’s the important thing. Bruce is human and that’s compelling. Alfred is human and that’s unfortunate.

  • The Day Dick Grayson Learns Bruce is Mortal, and Realizes Bruce has been Scolding Him for Being Mortal, What a Hypocrite, You’re Not Allowed to Leave Me, Too, Bruce.

  • alternatively:
    The day Bruce Wayne isn’t home when he said he’d be. His phone isn’t picking up. He didn’t have a mission, he just had a late night snack. There’s no news of kidnapping or major police activity in Gotham, but…. Dick googles traffic accidents, and there’s been a fatal collision on the road that leads up to the manor. No names have yet been released.

(subtitle to all these prompts: Death Belies like a Spectre Unto All)

i’m so sorry, you sent me this fantastic ask and these are all I can come up with, hahaaa…. i hope you find a prompt you enjoy somewhat in here, at least. ….most of my fics are just… ground-up  “what if we take this to its most logical conclusion” type things where I take one thing 100% as seriously as possible and then build up around that. I hope that helps at all
SDR2 Boys with a lonely S/O

I can kind of relate to this every time I enter a different grade. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

- Mod Teruteru

Hajime Hinata

- He had only met you a few times before.

- The first two or three times he saw you, he kind of just ignored you.

- Then four or five the other times, he noticed that you never talked to anyone.

- After he had finally tried talking to you, he realized it.

- “Excuse me?”

- You didn’t turn around.

- “Um, hello? Excuse me?”

- When you turned you looked sad.

- “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong person. Don’t worry, it happens all the time.”

- He thought you looked lonely all by yourself.

- “No, I want to talk to you.”

- Your eyes widened a bit.

- “Really?”

- When Hajime nodded, you tried your best not to explode.

- You never insisted on hanging out, so Hajime always did it when you both had free time.

- Eventually, those times when you shared books together, he would purposely put his hand over yours.

- Or when you got close to him to show him a funny video you found, he could feel his face getting hot.

- Those moments were the ones where he had realized.

- He had developed feelings for you.

Nagito Komaeda

- He noticed you when you walked the halls or sat in classrooms by yourself.

- You didn’t talk to people and you read by yourself.

- So he wanted to see what was wrong.

- He caught you by surprize in the library, but you still kept quiet, because it’s a library.

- “Hello, my name’s Nagito Komaeda.”

- You looked to your sides, then gave Komaeda a weird look.

- “Are you sure you want to talk to me? The only time I talked to a student in school was because they received a dare to do so.”

- When he confirmed that he wanted to talk to you, you kept yourself quite closed.

- It took a lot of time and patience for him to help you open yourself up to others.

- It was nice as well.

- You never walked home alone, your opinion on some of your favorite books mattered, someone actually cared about the things you did.

- Spending all this time with you made Nagito feel things.

- Weird things.

- Now he wants to do stuff like hold your hand or kiss your forehead.

- Just the thought of you makes him all warm and fuzzy inside.

- … Is this what having a crush feels like?

- It’s kind of nice.

Teruteru Hanamura

- He’s met you times before, and has definitely tried talking to you.

- When you ignored him, he was used to it at that point and didn’t care.

- The first time he really insisted on talking to you was when you walked into the school cafeteria once.

- The whole place was empty so he decided to take your order and make you something.

- He was about to walk out the kitchen door when he stopped and saw you doing something weird.

- You had taken a thermis out of your bag and opened it to see if the water inside was still hot.

- Then you took a cup of instant noodles out of your bag and started preparing it.


- He literally ran up to your table and slapped that shit onto the floor.

- You held your un separated chopsticks close to your chest as you took five whole seconds to register what just happened.

- Then Teruteru informed you that he would make you a bowl of ramen ten times better than that.

- If you knew how to interact with humans, you would have left already. But you reluctantly said yes.

- He led you to the kitchen and you watched with utter confusion as Teruteru prepared some generally great looking noodles.

- When you took your first bite, you went starry eyed and continued to shovel the food into your mouth.

- After that Teruteru continued to just generally be around you after that.

- He made sure that you were never alone while you two were at school.

- With all this time together, stuff started forming.

- Like feelings and stuff.

- Teruteru could recognized it immediately.

- He had a crush on you.

Kazuichi Souda

-  He only saw you while in the hallways.

- He already found you cute.

- You were quiet, reserved, and by the looks of it flustered easily.

- It was just that he never got the chance to talk to you.

- He would either spot you in a crowded hall, then you would disappear, or you would straight up run from him.

- W…was it the teeth?

- The first time he talked to you was when he caught you lost in the hallways.

- But you were the one that talked to him.

- “Um, e-excuse me. I’m looking for classroom 77? There are a few students there that need to take their evaluation test.”

- His face lit up when he turned and saw you.

- Your cheeks turned pink at the sight of his adorable smile.

- You introduced yourself with a reluctant smile and let Souda lead the way to your assigned destination.

- He became a kind of guide after that.

- By that I mean he would follow you around to you next class whenever he had the time because you were at that school the same time he was, you didn’t need a guide.

- But none the less you enjoyed it.

- After awhile, Souda started noticing things about you that he didn’t before.

- How cute you looked when you were asleep, how flushed he would get on the occasion you grabbed his arm from fear…(how much he wanted to see you in a swimsuit…)

- Based on past experiences, he knew exactly what this was.

- He had a crush.

- And he was proud about it.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

- What did the Ultimate Yakuza think of someone the likes of you?

- He thought you were godd*mn f*cking adorable.

- But no one can know that.

- Besides, if a rival yakuza clan found out that he even remotely likes someone, they’d be on top of their every move like that.

- He thought it was kind of weird though.

- How you would walk the halls all by yourself.

- You never talked to anyone unless you had to.

- He once sent Peko to see what was up.

- But she came back earlier than expected, saying that you could somehow sense her presence and began looking for her.

- So he decided he would check it out himself.

- “Hey, you.”

- A shiver went up your spine and you whipped around with two or three books in your arms.

- “Y-yes? Is something wrong?”

- Oh geez you were jittery.

- “No nothing’s wrong, I just wanted to talk.”

- You cocked your head and showed obvious confusion on your face.

- “No one’s ever talked to someone like me… what do you want?”

- “To talk. Here I’ll help you with your books.”

- It took him awhile to get you to open up. You were comfortable with the wall you put up to hide from others.

- But when you did, you were really cute. You smiled a lot, your laugh was adorable, and he found himself really wanting to hold your hand and ki-

- Wait.

- What?

- …

- Sh*t.

- He had a crush.

Ultimate Imposter

- He had began studying you for a new disguise.

- Your reserved stance and the fact that no one talked to you was perfect for when he didn’t want to be noticed.

- But damn you were hard to keep an eye on.

- You could easily blend into a crowd when you wanted to.

- And when you were by yourself your senses got heightened tenfold.

- You made sure you always knew who was around you.

- Once when he thought he was doing pretty well, you turned and stared into space.

- “Okay, whoever’s following me can come out now.”

- Absolutely no way he’s coming out after that.

- Then you started searching.

- The first place you looked just happened to be his hiding place.

- “Could you please tell me why you’ve been following me for the past week?”

- He made sure to dress as the Ultimate Bird watcher.

- “I only saw a rare bird hanging around here every once and awhile. I want to catch a picture of it.”

- Your expression grew frustrated.

- “There is no way Name could have gained fifty pounds in the last week. I may not talk to people but I know what they look like.”

- Oh okay.

- Though you were angry at him, you let him ‘study’ you more after he thoroughly explained himself.

- But your nature in general didn’t just intrigue him.

- He caught himself blushing when he thought about you.

- And thinking things like cuddling with you and holding hands.

- He thinks he has a crush?

- Yeah that’s probably what this is.

Nekomaru Nidai

- You always made absolute sure that Nidai was a good distance away from you at all times.

- He freaking scares you.

- You didn’t do any sports anyway, so he always just minded his own business.

- It was just once that he had to talk to you.

- He was a bit intense in getting your attention.


- You fell over, with all your books suddenly scattered on the ground.

- When he approached he towered over you. You stood up and tried to keep your balance in front of him.

- “Y-yes? Can I-I help you?”

- “A weak voice like that isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

- What is he talking about?


- You fell over again, this time picking up a heavy textbook and putting it in front of your face.

- “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! M-my voice isn’t that loud to begin with…”

- Nidai realized how much this is probably scaring you and let the introduction slide.

- But he made a promise to help you gain more confidence for yourself.

- Your confidence wasn’t the problem but okay.

- A few days into your training and you already learned to make your natural voice louder.



- Then Nidai would start laughing.

- “Nice job L/N. Much better than last time.”

- He likes to be blunt with himself about his feelings.

- And he definitely had feelings for you.

Gundam Tanaka

- He didn’t notice you at all at first, just like everyone else.

- It was his Devas that first recognised your 'hidden dark powers.’

- Gundam was preparing another ritual, when Cham-P suddenly ran off, followed by Maga-G, Jum-P then Sun-D.

- He, obviously, followed them.

- “What is it my beautiful Dark Devas of Destruction? Have you found our new source of dark energy?”

- When they ran up to a girl/boy reading a thick book, he was rather surprised at them.

- Why would the Devas run from their ritual posts just to find a normal human?

- You looked to your left and saw four fuzzy hamsters by your side.

- You laughed and began petting the chubby orange one happily.

- Oh, that’s why.

- When you looked up at him, your smile disappeared.

- “Oh, sorry. I should have known these guys would belong to someone.”

- You marked your place in your book and stood up to leave.

- But Gundam stopped you.

- “My Devas don’t run off to meet with any old human. You must be some kind of dark energy I have yet to tap into.”

- What.

- Despite the weird introduction, Gundam had become your only friend in this school.

- You spent most of your time with him, and that time would be spent taking care of animal.

- …

- I mean come on.

- You love animals, the Devas loved you.

- How could he not have a crush on you.

A/N: Teen!Westallen AU where Iris realizes she has feelings for Barry right about the time she hears he & Becky broke up. You’re welcome for the fluff. Lol.

Iris had never been so nervous in her life. She was only fifteen, and it was her best friend’s locker she was walking to, so she knew she shouldn’t be thinking in extremes. But she couldn’t help it. She’d realized something in recent weeks, something she hadn’t want to admit BEFORE Barry Allen got a girlfriend because the perfect bubble that was their friendship was too precious to burst.

But now she recognized the feeling for what it was. Topped off with the obvious jealousy she felt every time this girl was around, STEALING her best friend away, looking smug and victorious in HER direction, as if she knew exactly what she felt before she did.

Maybe she did. Maybe everybody did.

Did her dad know? Did BARRY?

She felt her face grow hot at the latter possibility.

If Barry knew how she felt about him, and he STILL started dating Becky Cooper, was that him trying to gently let her know he wasn’t interested in a way that wouldn’t hurt her?

Well, it DID hurt, but she couldn’t tell him that. She wouldn’t be the one to damage his first relationship before it barely got off the ground.

But that was six months ago. And YESTERDAY, they had broken up.

Iris hadn’t known about it. He hadn’t told her. That should’ve annoyed her, but she didn’t know how she’d have reacted if he HAD told her, so she was actually glad she’d found out through run-of-the-mill high school gossip. It gave her time to think. And now, six hours later, she knew EXACTLY what she was going to do with this knowledge.

She would approach him, tell him she knew, offer her condolences, and then…

Two steps away from Barry Allen, Becky Cooper with her long blonde perfect hair whooshed past her and right into Barry’s arms. He evaded a kiss, but Iris couldn’t tell it was because he didn’t want to kiss her or he was just too startled to response.

“Iris,” he said, pushing Becky off him a safe distance away, but not repeating the action when she draped her arms around his neck from behind and set her chin on his shoulder.

“Hey, Iris,” Becky said, the false sweetness to her voice making Iris just barely restrain a glare and a disgusted cringe.

She forced a smile instead, like she always did.

“What’s up?” Barry asked, drawing her attention back to him.

“I, uh…heard some people talking about you today, and I thought-” She shook her head, ignoring the heat of Becky’s piercing stare on her left cheek. “Nevermind. It was obviously false information. I’ll see you at home.”

She started to move past him, annoyed by herself for believing the rumors and at Becky for smiling the way she was now.

But Barry went after her and grabbed her arm, making her halt. Reluctantly, Iris turned back around. She couldn’t decide if she was relieved or not that Becky was no longer clinging to him and was actually a safe distance away.

“What did you hear about me?” He asked, brows furrowed. “Something bad?”

She hesitated, her tongue thick in her mouth, then said, “No. nothing bad. And anyone who just saw what I did will know what’s been going around was nothing but a rumor. I should’ve known you wouldn’t keep something this big from me anyway.”

“What did you think I kept from you?” His brows furrowed further.

Her lips parted, but no sound emerged.

And then, completely uninvited and unwanted, Becky broke into their conversation again, wrapping her arms around Barry’s waist from behind.

“I think she’s talking about last night, babe.”

It took Barry a minute, but finally the light bulb turned on. Beet red, he looked back at Iris.

“THAT’s the rumor going around? That Becky & I broke up?”

“I take it you didn’t,” Iris said, he tone of her voice flat, even as she tried to not make it be.

Barry shrugged, awkwardly because Becky was hanging over him.

“We sorta did, I guess.”

“But we made up this morning,” Becky interjected. “Didn’t we, Bear?” She kissed his cheek.

Iris could barely contain herself. Everything inside her wanted to viciously scratch her nails all over Becky’s perfect face. Bear was HER nickname for Barry. And her dad’s of course. But no other girl should get that privilege.

“I…should go,” she said, because she really needed to get out of there. She couldn’t stand being there another minute.

“I’ll see you at home?” He offered up, clearly confused and frustrated because he could tell she was sad but didn’t know why and didn’t know how to fix it.

“Yep,” she chirped and then turned away.

“Bye, Iris!” Becky said in the sing-song voice that Iris despised. The blonde probably knew it too.

She could not BELIEVE she’d figured out she had a crush on her best friend, and had actually thought maybe him breaking up with his girlfriend meant he could be interested in her.

How incredibly awkward. How humiliating.

Iris wanted to cover her face with a pillow and hide herself under her blanket and burrow away into her closet until high school ended and Barry went away to college, and then when he would come back, she’d be completely and totally over him.

But that was still a few years away. A few years felt like an eternity.

She sighed dramatically when she got outside and then sat on the steps outside the school, telling herself not to cry, especially when students were bursting out of the building and could easily see her.

Not two minutes later, Becky Cooper was stomping off ahead of her, crossing the street. She looked angry and annoyed and distraught, and she clearly hadn’t noticed her or she likely would’ve said something scathing and rude.

Distracted by the sight of the fleeing girl, Iris hardly noticed the person who sat down beside her until he bumped his shoulder with hers. She nearly jumped as she turned to look at who it was.

“Barry,” she gasped. “What are you-” She looked back across the street, but couldn’t spot Becky anywhere. Then she saw her way into the distance stalking purposefully from one block to the next.

Iris looked back at Barry.

“I don’t understand.”

“We broke up,” he said.

She blinked.


Her lips parted. “Again?”

“Mhmm.” He nodded. “I actually thought we were still broken up until she lunge at me right before you got to me at my locker.”

Iris said nothing, still trying to process.

“I know I should have told you, but it was really late last night, and she was just talking crazy over text and suddenly broke up with me.”

Iris remained silent, continually at a loss.

“I was going to tell you today, but I had to get to school early for science club, and chess club had a practice session during lunch, and we don’t have any classes together this semester, so…”

“You’re really broken up?” She asked, needing clarification, but kind of hating how desperate she sounded.

He nodded. “Yep.”

“But why?” Her brows furrowed. “It seemed like she wanted to get back together. And you…” she gulped. “You like her.”

“Nah,” he said. “I don’t think so.”

Her jaw dropped. “Then why were you dating her?”

“She was the first girl to ask me out,” he said. “It seemed like a pretty dumb idea to turn her down. That’s what I thought at the time at least.”

“Well, she’s pretty,” Iris said, then wondered why. “And popular.” She scolded herself again.

He shrugged. “Just not my type, I guess.”

She raised her eyebrows dubiously.

“You don’t like pretty, popular girls?”

“I don’t like Becky Cooper. Not when she looks down on my best friend like she’s dirt and accuses me of cheating on her with you.”

Iris’s face felt like fire. She swallowed hard.

“She did that?” She asked, her voice almost a squeak.

He nodded. “Said I’m in love with you and just won’t admit it,” he said too quickly, avoiding her gaze. “And that you just feel the same way, and I was blind if I didn’t see it.”

She swallowed hard and waited till she found her voice again.

“I see why you broke up with her.” She waited a few beats and then took the plunge. “Was she right?” She asked, tentatively meeting his eyes.

Barry looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and Iris regretted asking the question, but she didn’t know how to take it back without making it a big deal or stumbling over her words.

“I…” he finally managed. “Well…” he cleared his throat. “I can really only answer part of that, Iris. And…I don’t know if you want me to.”

Her face fell and she turned away. “Oh.”

Barry began to panic. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking, and he wondered if he should’ve dared to hope at all after breaking up with Becky purely because she’d laid out proof that Iris wanted to be with him.

“Can you answer your part?” He asked quickly and heard her breath catch in her throat. She didn’t respond. “Or…what were you going to tell me at my locker?”

Iris turned to face him, debating. He was surprised to see a shimmer of tears in her eyes.


She licked her lips, glanced down at his lips for one brief moment, and he prayed to God he hadn’t imagined it.

“I…” she tried, then failed to produce any more words.

She took his face in her hands and met his eyes. It was something she did every so often, but this time was different.

Clearly nervous, she started a shaky descent towards his lips. Then before she lost her nerve, Iris pressed her lips to his and closed her eyes.

It was her first kiss, so she didn’t know what to expect, but his lips didn’t move, not until she counted to three in her head. Then she felt his lips press back against hers, and her eyes opened wide.

She pulled away, dropped her hands from his face and stared straight at him. He mirrored her shocked, confused, wary expression.

“Can we forget that happened?” She asked on a whisper, mortified because of how very NOT romantic this felt.

Barry tried very hard not to squeak.

“I really don’t want to,” he admitted bluntly, instantly igniting the butterflies in Iris’s stomach.

“Then…I guess Becky was right,” she said tremulously.

“She was?” He asked, gawking, but smiling a little too.

“Well…” Iris’s gaze flirted away from his shyly. She gulped. “At least about me.”

The space of three seconds, as long as their first kiss has been, felt like an eternity, but it was enough to drive Barry into action.

He reached out and cradled her face in his hands, turning her and leaning down before she could decide to look at him.

He kissed her as she had him, but then he angled his head to kiss her differently, sliding his lips against hers, opening them and gently prodding her to do the same.

Iris was hesitant, but eventually followed his lead. She turned towards him more and clutched at his shoulders and waist. When he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, she felt a zip all the way down her spine.

She pulled back, startled by the sensation, eyes wide.

“Was that too-” he stuttered, but she wouldn’t let him finish.

“Where did you learn to kiss like that?” She demanded, breathless. Then a thought occurred to her. “Did you and-”

“No!” He said, wide-eyed in honest denial. “She - we never - ”

“I’m your first?” Her eyes lit up, her face glowing.

His heart threatened to explode.

“Aren’t I yours?” He asked sheepishly.

“Yeah.” She grinned. Then pulled him close and kissed him again. She was smiling so wide though it was hard to kiss him properly.

“So how did you know how to kiss me?” She pressed, and he knew he couldn’t get by without telling her.

“I watched videos,” he admitted.

Iris pulled back, scandalized but only mildly so.

“Barry Allen, you watched-”

“TUTORIALS, Iris. Not porn. GOD.”

She giggled and pulled him close again. She stopped smiling long enough to kiss him properly. She got lost in it. She moaned and felt the shiver rippling through him when she did. Felt it again along with an intoxicatingly groan from him when she flicked her own tongue against his.

When she finally pulled away, they were both breathless.

“How long have you liked me, Barry?” She demanded.

I LOVE you, he was thinking, but it was probably too soon to tell her that.

“A long time,” he said instead, and she returned the confession with a sappy grin.

“You?” He ventured, needing to know.

“Not sure,” she said honestly. “I just realized it recently, but I probably have for a while.”

He was starry-eyed, giddy. He took her hand in his and threaded their fingers together. Then he stood up and she came with him.

“Want to go to the park?” He asked. “They just finished the new swing set, so I won’t break my legs when I try to pump my feet.”

Her smile spread and she nodded once.

“Sure, Bear. Let’s do it.”

He guided her down the steps, then, not bringing a backpack home that day, he crouched almost to the ground and waited.

Iris recognized the invitation and couldn’t suppress her giggle. She bit her bottom lip, smiling, and then promptly situated herself on Barry’s back, holding tightly around his shoulders as he slowly stood up.

Barry grabbed her calves in his hands, holding her to him as he started the trek towards the park. It gave Iris shivers, the feel of his hands on her bare skin. She kissed the side of his neck in return and then nuzzled into him, smiling happily.

Unseen to her, Barry was grinning like a fool, his lips spread so wide his cheeks hurt, but he didn’t care. Only in his wildest dreams had he believed Iris would feel the same way.

Half a block from the park, Barry started to run. He could only run straight in short spurts, and it was just enough to keep Iris from being too jostled about. He set her down when they reached the grass and reached for her hands which she granted him willingly.

She reached up on her tip toes and he craned his neck down to meet her lips.

“This is going to be such a problem living in the same house,” he murmured after one sweet, sensuous kissed.

She groaned, because she’d been trying not to think about that very thing.

“What a mood killer, Barry,” she complained.

His eyes widened in panic, so she assuaged his worried with a quick peck on his parted lips. She intertwined their fingers together and dragged him further into the park.

“Come push me on the swings, Barry. We’ll worry about the rest later.”

And just like that his mood shifted instantly from panic and worry to the overflowing joy he’d felt before. He didn’t say anything for a while, but he smiled like a kid on Christmas and she giggled as if she’d had a full glass of champagne. He pushed her on the swing and then got on one himself. They kissed a few more times and then they lay on the grass, hand-in-hand, gazing up at the puffy clouds partly hiding the sun.

“This is a great first date, Barry,” she said a while later.

He grinned to himself, still in disbelief that this was happening. Then shamelessly he admitted the simple truth that she had likely forgotten.

“It’s where we first met.”

smogon  asked:

Three days after getting Platinum (my first pokemon game) I found a shiny Budew. I didn't even know what shinies were at the time, I just caught it because it looked different. And then the VERY NEXT DAY I caught a shiny Gastly. After that, in recent games I tried every trick in the book to catch more shinies. Masuda method, chaining, etc. Never got a shiny through those methods. Guess they only come out when you aren't looking.

glad to hear Platinum was your first game ;u; 
“i just caught it because it looked different” THATS SO SWEET, ARCEUS BLESS THIS TRAINER

rosithepixie  asked:

You run a wonderful blog and so often you really capture the characters. I was wondering if perhaps you could write some head canons with With pre-fall gabe, hanzo or Sombra (or even just one of them if it's too much) comforting a non-binary SO who is worried about losing their housing? I've had a rough go of it the past year with losing 2 different housing situations and now that I'm settled i'm worried about doing the wrong thing and losing it too.

I…am going to give it a try :D bear with me? Lets do……Gabriel. You can never have to much Gabriel Reyes in your life. 

Update: I am a little distracted tonight. Missed the part where you asked for headcanon..sorry ;-;

Shutting the trunk, Gabriel made sure the car was locked before leaning down to pick up a big box labeled ‘fragile’. Squinting up at the small house, after a moment he walked up the unfamiliar stairs to the door, managing to open it while holding the box.

The inside was a mess, littered with boxes both full and opened, items scattered about and furniture in a disarray. There were a few pictures already mounted to the walls, but there was a box still full of many and a hammer on the table next to it. 

Gabriel was in the process of helping you move right now and settle in. That was the last of the boxes from the last house, though Gabriel knew that only two thirds of the battle was done now that the two of you had to set up and pack. Unfortunately though, this was almost clockwork now. 

The last four places hadn’t worked out so well for you. You found yourself being kicked out by each place, either because the plot the building was on was being sold or because of untrue claims by either neighbors or landlords.

Gabriel had been pissed, especially about the last one. To have to move that many times in almost two years was painful, and he understood that you just wanted somewhere quiet to live. There was nothing loud or bothersome for others regarding your lifestyle, but it just seemed fate wasn’t ready for you to settle.

“I’ve got the last box, y/n!” he called, carefully placing it on the already cluttered couch. Sure, the place looked like it was being owned by a hoarder but considering how beautiful the last place had looked once Gabriel and you had gotten to work, this would be easy enough.

When there was no reply, Gabriel frowned and headed for the kitchen. There you sat at the table, head in yours hands. Pausing, Gabriel watched you for a moment.

Elbows on the table, you had your head in your hands. Your shoulders were shaking ever so slightly, and he saw a tear fall onto the table surface. 

“Aw, y/n,” he said softly, letting out a sigh as he walked over. Placing a hand on your shoulder, he leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

Immediately you pulled down your sleeve a bit, sniffling and wiping at your tears quickly. “S-sorry Gabe,” you mumbled, trying to make the tight feeling in your chest go away. “I’m fine.”

Tilting his head back a bit, Gabriel knelt beside you at the table and took your chin, making you look at him. “It’s okay to cry, you know,” Gabriel said quietly, watching you with those eyes of his. “There’s no judgement here, y/n. I know you’ve been under so much stress lately…”

Reaching up to wipe at your eyes again, you tried to clear your throat. “I just…I don’t know what I’m going to do if they ask me to leave, Gabriel. I’m so… so tired of moving,” you whispered, voice thick with emotion and you tried to stop the tears.

All you wanted was to settle down. You couldn’t keep managing to afford to move like this. There was so little warning, and you had almost no time to settle before they were asking you to move again. What was wrong with you?

Gabriel brushed a thumb across you cheek, tracing the line of your jaw. “I know you are. This place will be different,” Gabriel says softly. “I promise.” He hated to see you so down, and worse hated to see you cry.

But Gabriel would rather you cry in front of him so that he could hold you then for you to go hide and cry where he could not comfort you. 

“You say that every time. What if this is no different? What if I settle and in three or four months, they ask me to leave?” you ask in a small voice.

Gabriel looked thoughtful, wondering how best to answer that. “Y/n, I know this is hard. But you have to think positive and the good will come,” Gabe said, sounding sure of himself…though usually he’d say that’s bullshit. But for you, it was true. “You want to know what you have no matter what, at least?”

Taking another shuddering breath, you tried to settle your stomach, which was alight with nerves and upset from the crying. “What do I still have?” you asked, trying not to hiccup.

Gabriel gave you a lopsided smile. “You have me…which I guess isn’t the greatest thing, but love…I’ll do this as many times as you need, I will help you as much as I can to make you always have somewhere to go,” Gabe said, before clucking your chin. 

Letting out a quiet, tired laugh, you leaned back and tried not to show that his goofy smiles were working on you. “No…you’re right. At least I have you,” you could admit.

Looking around the room, you stared at the (exaggerated) hundreds and hundreds of boxes laying about. “We really have a big mess to clean, don’t we?” you said, grimacing.

Noticing the look, Gabe immediately shook his head. “Nah. I mean, we do. But not today,” he said, taking out his phone. “What you and I are going to order a pizza and some wine…and go play some video games. How does that sound? I can have it hooked up in probably five minutes flat.”

Eyes lighting up at one of your favorite hobbies, you immediately nodded. “That…sounds heavenly,” you said, wondering how you had been so lucky to get this man in your life who thought the top comforts in the world involved videogames, pizza, sweets and win. He was a dream come true.

“We’ll get onto the mess tomorrow,” Gabe said, winking as he dialed the number. “Meet me upstairs?”

“Yes!” you said, managing to push your fears to the side.Getting up, you immediately ran upstairs, knowing that if nothing else went right in this world, at least you would have Gabriel.

octaves are terrible: an essay

in case anyone wants to see the absolute octave hell that my roommate @howdoijennifer and any of my other neighbors who are home are suffering through this week

I feele like I’ve tried literally every practicing technique to get these octaves in tune (especially the last run of fingered octaves) but if you think you have any suggestions that I haven’t tried go ahead and say them lol

I’ve done: rhythms, slurring different numbers of notes together, playing just one string at a time, isolating shifts, practicing octaves separately in scales every day for months, doing the runs like last note - last two notes - last three notes etc., focusing on the bow arm, focusing on the hand frame and moving from the arm, practicing at different times in the day such as in the morning and before bed, stopping on different notes, accenting different notes, mentally practicing, maybe forgot some…

i wholeheartedly recommend clip studio paint! it’s definitely worth the money

photoshop is a good program for painting, but it is a huge goddamn program and expensive as hell, since it was originally intended to be used for photo editing. it works for digital artwork and is nice overall, but clip studio paint is honestly so much better in my opinion as a sequential art major after having used it for a little while

clip studio paint was developed in japan for comic artists. it can’t handle bigger files as well as photoshop, but it has an absolutely incredible perspective tool that has helped enhance my artwork as well as my knowledge of perspective a LOT

by creating perspective layers in one, two and three point perspective, every line you draw automatically snaps to a pre-established vanishing point, which you can move around on the horizon line as needed

in addition to this, you can draw ellipses and curves in perspective using various tools! (i haven’t quite gotten the hang of them but they seem handy once you know how to use them! my professor demonstrated them a few times in class)

there’s lots of other features i haven’t even discovered or tried out yet, including a tool that lets you create text bubbles for comics in all different shapes! you can even put text in the bubbles and it’s super easy

FUN House

Warning: Clowns, Perverted  clowns.

Happy Reading Dollies!!!

I loved  writing this.

Based off season 1 episode 3 Fun Town.

Going to the carnival with Tig was an experience. He was so much fun to hang out with. Thats why you loved him.
“Lets go on the tea cups Babe please”? You begged Tig
“We’ve went on them like four times already”. “Lets go into the FUN House”. He pulled you.
“Okay as long as you dont make fun of my funny shapes in the mirrors”. You laughed
“Scouts honor”. He held up his hand.
As you two were walking you bumped in to Jax and Bobby.
“Hey guys”.
“Hey Y/N, Tig”. Bobby said.
“Where are you guys going”?
“To the FUN house” Tig said
“What are you doing Jackson”? You asked
“Trying to put this clown fucker in the water”. He laughed
You shook your head. Jax tried three different times to dunk the clown missed every time.
“Look at that, the pussy biker cant put the ball in the hole”. The clown said. “Feel sorry for your woman there, she might need a real man to fell her holes” He said pointing to you
“THATS A BOZO NO NO FUCKER”. Tig yelled pushing the button to dunk.
“Ahh come on guys I didnt mean anything by it’. The clown protested
You stood there in shock, how could someone for child be so perverted.
"Listen here you sick motherfucker, you dont disrespect my lady”. “You’re going to apologize to her”. Tig said as he pushed him back under water.
“Sorry lady that your man can find the right hole to make you scream like I could”. He laughed.
Tig flipped. He had Jax step on the clowns shoulders as he held him down in the tank.
“You sick son of a bitch, your going to regret saying anything to her”. “You missed with the wrong outlaw boyfriend”. He yelled.
You looked around, people were watching. You were afraid that someone would call the cops.
“Tig just forget it, come on”. You tried pulling him away.
“No, he’s died”.
“Tig if you kill him, you cant prove him wrong”. You smiled devilishly
Tig stopped and thought about it. “You’re right”. “Jax, Bobby lets go”.
He pulled the clown up, as he was trying to catch his breath. “If you ever look, think or even speak about my Old Lady again”. “I’ll kill you”. Tig dropped him
You grabbed Tigs hand leading him away. “Thank you for being my hero”.  You kissed his lips.
“That fucker needed to keep his mouth shut”. “He shouldnt say that about you”.
“You showed him okay, can we forget it and have some fun please”.
“Yeah, lets go”. He pulled you to the FUN house.
You were half way threw the house when you looked over at Tig. He was sulking.
“Whats wrong Hun”?
“Nothing”. He brushed you off
“Alexander Trager, tell me whats  wrong”. You stopped.
“That asshole, he just just pissed me off”. “Maybe hes right”.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me Alex”. You put your hands on your hips.
“Babe look at me, you’re the fucking king of orgasms”. “You can make me scream, rip out my hair and cry from ecstasy just by touching me”. “Thats how good you are”. “Dont ever think your not good enough”. “You are plenty and you can give more than you’ve got”. You reassured him.
He smiled. “Thanks Dollface”. He kissed you.
“Really thats all, I guess I just have to show you”.
You looked around and found a area that was discreet.
Pulling him inside. You pressed your backside on Tigs crotch grinding, Tigs hand went to your hips. As you rolled you heard Tig grunt.
“Come on Doll”.
Turning around you undid his zipper pulling out his cock. Leaning down you lick from base to tip. He moaned. Sliding down your pants. You bent over as Tig pushed your panties aside and pounded in. You screamed at the fullness.
Tig pounded hard and deep. “Thats it Daddy, let everyone hear what your doing to your Little Girl”.
“Fuck Doll, You’re so fucking wet”. He grabbed your breast.
“Fuck your pussy hard, Daddy”. You screamed
“Your pussy feels so good around my cock”. Tigs head went back, eyes rolling.
“Can I come Daddy please, OH GOD”.
“Come for me Y/N”. His thrusts became harder and faster.
You gripped on to Tigs thigh as you came to keep steady. Screamin to the top of your lungs as Tig hit your G-spot over and over. Coming for the second time. Feeling Tig twitch inside you. He came squirting  his seed in your dripping pussy.
“Fuck me”. Tig said as he pulled up his pants.
“Can you wait until we get home, I cant walk as it is”. You laughed, fixing your self.
He slapped you ass, finding your way out. You saw the others. The two of you running up to them.
“Where  have you guys been”. “You missed or more like heard a great show”. Jax laughed.
“What do you mean”? You asked blushing.
“Some couple was fucking in the FUN house”. Juice said laughing.
“OH God”. You said
“Well you wanted everyone to hear and that they did”. Tig pulled you in for a kiss.
Reminding Tig that you loved him and he was the one for you. He took you home and showed you that he loved you too. You can say that your favorite place to have sex is in the FUN house at the carnival.

A girl in my kindergarten class said that
the gap in between my two front teeth
made me ugly,
for the last nine years
I’ve kept my mouth closed in pictures.

A boy in my first grade class said that
I talked too much and that it was annoying,
for the last eight years
I’ve been nervous to talk around people.

A boy in my fourth grade class said that
I was fat and then laughed as he strutted away from me,
for the last five years
all I’ve wanted was to be pencil thin.
One week later,
a group of boys tell me that I am fat
and that I am ugly
as they snicker and high five one another,
they neglect to realize
that there are oceans forming in my eyes
and that the salt water stings too bad to keep my cheeks dry
and waves roll down my red face
as if it is a sandy beach
polluted by self hate.
For the last five years
I cringe every time I am near a mirror.

Upon the beginning of middle school
I realized that I look different than everyone
I felt as ugly as my fellow classmates said I was.
“Why don’t boys like me?”, I ask myself.
Suddenly it dawned on me,
boys like pretty girls.
For the last four years
I’ve tried to make myself look pretty.

A girl in my sixth grade class said that
I dressed like a middle aged woman
and wore too much make up,
for the last three years
I’ve refused to wear skirts.

A girl in my seventh grade class
made fat jokes about me.
So did her twin brother.
Little do they know
that their “humorous” remarks
are one of the reasons for my tear stained pillow.
For the last two years
the urge to thin myself down has increased greatly.

An insecure and sad girl in the eighth grade
stands before me in the mirror
as a distorted image is displayed
all I see is flaws.
I blame those who have said these things to me.
for the last nine years
I’ve hated myself.

—  “when will people realize their words hurt?”
S. K. Stinziano

sometimes my brother’s friend will come into my job n pester me. so i get to have the same conversation abt how If You Want To Grow Your Hair Into A Man Bun, You Can’t Come Back Here Every 3 Weeks, and then he always tries to convince me that pink floyd is a terrible band and it’s such a weird experience. he told me once that “time” and “comfortably numb” sound almost exactly the same and i literally asked him what the hell he was talking abt. honestly if you wanna argue that any of their songs from different concept albums sound Very Similar, i’d argue “have a cigar” and “pigs (three different ones)” but otherwise you’re jst making an ass out of yrself

Enjoying the View--Imagine #1

She was beautiful. Gorgeous y/ec eyes always shining bright in the sunlight. I awed at the way her y/hc hair spun around her when she moved, the way the sunlight hit it, turning it into a glowing halo enveloping her head. I wouldn’t doubt her being an angel. I had never seen someone who made my insides melt, but froze my tongue and feet. That’s how I leaned against the tree on the grounds around the school where everyone hung out during school when the weather was nice.

I had never met her. Not officially. She seemed to glide past me, effortlessly, every time I tried to introduce myself. We had three classes together, and I wasn’t exactly a nobody, In fact, I had a large group of friends so some considered me popular. But despite that, y/n didn’t notice me, except for the few times our eyes would meet and I had a fleeting hope that she would come and talk to me, only to be disappointed. She stuck close to her best friend and never intermingled with different cliques. She was a bit of a loner, but she seemed content. Especially as I watched her now, biting into an apple as the fall breeze swept her flowing hair out of her beautiful face. My eyes were stuck on her, everything falling away. And then her eyes met mine.


“Brooo! Yo, man! Where you been?” I tore my gaze from y/n who had quirked an eyebrow at me making my insides twist, to one of my idiot friends, c/f1/n. 

“Dude, he’s still staring at that chick he’s been obsessing over,” c/f2/n said smirking at me. 

“Nah, I was just enjoying the weather,” I lied, gesturing to the leaves that were falling around me. 

“BullllSHIT!” c/f2/n said, making his voice rise comically on the last bit. “You’re whipped, man. I mean, I don’t blame you, she’s a hottie, but she also never really talks to anyone except for her weird best friend.”

The way he talked nonchalantly about y/n rubbed me the wrong way. 

“She’s a lot more than a hottie. She’s really intelligent and have you heard any of her jokes? She’s hilarious. It’s especially cute when she laughs at her own jokes and her eyes crinkle up at the sides and, god, don’t even start me on her voice, I could listen to her all da–What?” I stopped my rambling noticing my friends staring at me in disbelief. 

C/f1/n turned to c/f2/n, exchanging glances that I couldn’t read. 

“You better date her soon because I don’t think I can take your lovesick ass much longer,” C/f1/n laughed at me good-naturedly, patting me on the shoulder. 

“How? I mean she’s her and I’m me and–”

“Exactly! Dude, you’re one of the more popular guys here, just ask her. You overthink way too much. Just flex a little, show her what she’s missing out on if she hesitates,” C/f1/n replied.

“She barely notices me. Popularity doesn’t matter to her. I’m as noticeable as a fly,” I felt my shoulders slouching.

“I mean, flies are pretty noticeable, they’re annoying as fu–,” C/f2/n noticed the death glare I was giving him. “OK, you think she doesn’t stare at you, but she’s sneaky and I’ve seen her doing it, she’s just better at hiding it. She’s doing it right now, bro.”

Sure enough, when I looked across the field she was staring, her eyes seemingly pleading me to come over and talk to her, her perfect lips parted slightly, My stomach tied itself into intricate knots and I felt heat rising to my face. 

“Fuck it,” I huffed under my breath

I charged over to her, watching how her mouth and eyes widened in shock. 

My face was on fire. What was I doing? What. Was. I. DOING?!

“Hi there,” she practically whispered, and hearing her beautiful voice quieted my fears. 

She looked up at me, her eyes soft, trusting. This gaze only encouraged my insanity. I knelt down slightly in front of her and the fall breeze carried her sweet scent of vanilla perfume along with something I could only identify as her natural scent over to me. 

“Hey,” my voice came out steady. So far so good, I thought to myself.

“I like your shirt,” I cringed the moment the words left my lips. Aaand there goes me being smooth.

“Yeah? Was that what you were staring at earlier?” She quirked an eyebrow, moving in closer. Her fingers brushed mine in the dying grass. My stomach lurched. “Or was there something else besides my shirt that you enjoyed about the view.”

Her face was so close. Yet, so far. But I took this time to study her features. The curvature of her upper lip’s cupid’s bow, the perfect wrinkles on her nose that were formed by how she always wrinkled her nose when laughing, the way her eyes had specks of lighter and darker shades of the same color.

“Hmm,” I hummed, losing my insecurities and hesitance in her beauty, her intoxicating scent and presence. 

I traced my fingertip over her one raised eyebrow.

“Your eyebrows.”

My finger ghosted ever so lightly over her eyelids, down under her eye, brushing her eyelashes. She blinked, making them flutter over my skin. The sensation felt strangely good. 

“Your eyes. Your gorgeous, breathtaking y/ec eyes.”

My finger trailed down the bridge of her nose.

“Your cute nose.” My voice dropped to a whisper as my fingertip filled the space between the end of her nose and the beginning of her lips. “But you know what I tend to stare at most?”

“What?” She breathed and I felt her hot breath fan over my hand. Her eyes looked up from my own lips, filled with waves of emotion I could drown in. 

“Your,” I traced my finger over the outline of her lips,”sinfully beautiful…” I replaced where my finger had been over her bottom lip with my lips.My lips were barely touching hers, but still energy and excitement and peace shot through my veins. It felt so right. 


And as my lips formed the ending of the word, I molded them with her insanely soft ones. She let out a soft breath through her nose, that tickled my face and made me smile into the kiss. I was overwhelmed with the fact that I was finally kissing the girl I had liked for so long. I brushed back her hair and gently placed my hand at her neck, pulling her closer. She raked her hands through my own hair, roughing it up. She tasted like the tart apple she bit into before and every dream I ever dared to hope for. 

A/N: This is my first imagine. I know there’s not a lot of talking. That’s not how it’ll always be. I decided to do it from the crush’s POV because thinking of how someone might admire you like you admire them is satisfying, SEND ME REQUESTS PLEASE! :) ~Logan~

sassyhazelowl  asked:

If you're up for the challenge... would you mind doing lyon x meredy + Frostbitten Veins? I'm just curious what you'd do with it!

Ok so writing this gave me some anxiety cause I’ve done three requests, and stupidly opened myself up to requests with the hardest prompt list. On top of that, you requested and I really like your writing so this was hard. 

I played with this idea for a while and tried different angles but every time I wrote i came back to my original idea. That being said, this is 260 words that can be found on FFN & AO3

Oddly enough the pressure started in his feet, and not his crisscrossed arms. He had done this once before but he had been too young, the situation too dire, for him to fully recall what it truly felt like. Back then he had been able to get away with scrapes alone and now…

The pressure built up, pouring out of him and pulling the wind into a small cyclone around him. The winds’ increased pace and force blocked out much of the noise that distracted him from the task at hand. It quieted his thoughts, and nearly drowned out the desperate, and exhausted protests from behind him. Last time he had stopped short—had been stopped—and that had altered the trajectory of two different lives other than his own. He had long since given up on forgiving himself, whenever he thought back to that moment he felt a familiar pang of regret. This time would be different however, this time he would go through with it, not just for himself but for his exhausted and incapacitated comrades who lay strewn across the battlefield.

“Lyon!” Meredy called, struggling to rise up on her injured forearm. “Stop!”

He bowed deeper into his wide stance as the pressure let up, replaced by a familiar tingling sensation that started in his fingertips and toes and danced up his arms leaving frostbitten veins in their wake.

This was it, he could go through with it.

“Ice shell!”

There was a brief pause in the tempest as he released a breath—then everything became quiet.

Ahhhh! (。•́︿•̀。) Must have been pretty serious if Lyon resorted to that! (hope i got his character right o_o) 

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