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Every Me And Every You - Thirty Three

Seven hours later and you landed in Las Vegas. Given the flight times and the time difference, by the time you’d hired a car it was pushing 5pm.

You’d tried to call Spencer again before taking off and when you’d got into the airport with no luck. The first few times it had gone straight to voicemail, but now it was ringing out.

Not knowing where to go, you called Penelope.

“Hello, my little ray of sunshine. What can I do for you?” Ever cheerful, you could hear her smiling down the phone.

“Pen, I don’t suppose you’re still at work? I don’t know where Reid is and he’s not answering his phone. I know we’re not meant to, but I wondered if you could ping his phone.”

“I’m not at work, but I am at home. I can link up. Give me five minutes sweet cheeks and I’ll hit you back.”

She disconnected the call and you sat waiting impatiently in the hire car, wondering if you’d made the wrong decision by coming out here.

Seeing her name flashing up on your cell,  you answered.

“He’s at his Mom’s hospital. Have you got sat nav, I’ll give you the address?” She read out the address and you programmed it in. A twenty minute drive.

“He’s been there for the last hour, I’ll keep my computer on and let you know if he leaves alright? Give him our love when you see him.”

“Thanks Penny, will do.”

You navigated the Las Vegas highway following the directions until you pulled up outside a fancy looking building. It certainly didn’t look like a hospital but you knew that Spencer paid a lot of money to have his mom cared for, feeling guilty that he’d wasn’t able to do it himself.

Parking up and finding the main reception, you asked for him, the friendly looking receptionist advising that he was here and that she’d send an orderly to go and fetch him from his Mom’s room. You waited nervously, still not sure whether you should have come or not.

A few minutes later you spotted him walking into the room, his eyes scanning around and wondering who his visitor was.

He looked tired, his voice mail to you had been left in the early hours of the morning so you guessed he was physically exhausted as well as emotionally. You knew he must have been super tired as he wore his glasses, an accessory that rarely made an appearance now.

When he spotted you he did a double take, squinting through his lenses. You gave him a small smile and a little wave as he crossed the room to you.

“Y/N? What are you…..” he trailed off, his voice small and raspy the way it got when he was upset.

“You said you needed a friend right?” You opened your arms to him and he embraced you, burrowing his head into your neck.

“You came…. ” he whispered, his words barely audible.

“Is it okay that I did? I’m sorry I didn’t pick up when you called me this morning. My cell died, both of them would you believe it?”

“It’s more than okay. I can’t believe you got on a plane and came all this way by yourself. Does Hotch know you’re here?”

He pulled away from you and you could now see how red his eyes were behind his spectacles. Poor Spence.

“I didn’t find out until I got to work, Em said something to him about us being really close friends and we don’t have a case sooo. I tried calling to check it was okay but your phone was off and then when I got here, it just rang out. I had Penny work her magic to find out where you were. They all send their love by the way.”

“My cells in my bag on silent, I wasn’t ignoring you I swear… ”

“Reid it’s fine. You’ve had more important thing to think about. How are you, how’s your mom?”

He sighed, his shoulders heavy.

“I’m… okay, I guess. My mom…. Well, she’s more upset. It’s almost like the last twenty two years never happened and she’s still married to him. I mean, she knows she’s not, she’s lucid right now. But she’s just devastated. And I feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m as upset as I should be.”

“She did spend more of her life with him than you did Spence. Regardless of what happened between them, she’s probably got a lot more happy memories of him than you do.”

“I know, I just don’t know what to say to her or how to comfort her right now.” He rubbed his eyes under his glasses, blinking a few times.

“Listen, I need to find a motel or something, do you have anywhere booked yet? I can go find somewhere for us both and then come back and meet you. Do you have a hire car?”

“Yeah it’s outside in the lot. Don’t leave so soon after you’ve got here, please. There’s a hotel a few blocks away that always has vacancies, I stay there all the time when I visit. Come… come meet my mom if it’s not too weird. You might help distract her for a bit.”

“Alright, I can do that.”

Run Away Baby Ch. 5 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Hey lovelies! So, school is over in four weeks and then I’m free to stay at home all day to write and eat ice cream! Yay! I just have to get through some performances, an audition, and finals. But thank god that it’s May because I am sooo done with school. Anyways, I’ve finally gotten to write the next chapter of “Run Away Baby” and I hope you all enjoy the severe angst. I love you guys, and thank you for 1.5k. Much love to you all, xoxo

Description: Pregnant with Steve Rogers’ child, your husband, you’re a happily married couple. He moved you to the countryside, trying to keep you away from as much harm as possible. Isolated, and by yourself most of the time, you always worried about him when he went away. But, marriage couldn’t have been better for the two of you for the three years since you had taken his last name. But, one night, when Steve’s out on a mission, you get a call from Nick Fury telling you to get as far away from your house as possible.  

Warnings: Death and angst. please be wary, this chapter relates to a very sensitive topic which is losing a baby. Please, if it is too much for you, I suggest avoid reading this chapter.

Chapter 4


“She’s going to be okay. Well at least physically she will recover, but I do have to warn you about how her mental state will be in when she wakes up.” The doctor folded his hands together as he spoke with Bucky and Fury outside of your room. “I suggest staying with her at all times, being there for her, and if things take a turn for the worse, please don’t hesitate to contact me.” 

Fury placed a hand on the doctor’s shoulder. “Thank you. Thank you for doing all that you could.” The man nodded, taking Fury’s free hand and shaking it before walking down the hall, and disappearing around the corner. He turned to Bucky. “Can you watch and protect her? I need to deal with this Rogers issue that we have on our hands.” 

Bucky clenched his jaw at the mention of Steve. “He’s not going to lay a hand on her.”

“Oh, don’t worry. That’s not going to happen on my fucking watch.” Fury’s usual hard tone softened a little with his next sentence. “But, I need you to stay with her while I make sure that doesn’t happen. Take care of her for me, okay?” 

“I will, don’t worry. She’ll be safe with me.” Bucky looked into your room and his gaze landed upon your beaten up, sleeping figure. “I promise that nothing will happen to her as long as I’m with her.” 

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A/N: Teen!Westallen AU where Iris realizes she has feelings for Barry right about the time she hears he & Becky broke up. You’re welcome for the fluff. Lol.

Iris had never been so nervous in her life. She was only fifteen, and it was her best friend’s locker she was walking to, so she knew she shouldn’t be thinking in extremes. But she couldn’t help it. She’d realized something in recent weeks, something she hadn’t want to admit BEFORE Barry Allen got a girlfriend because the perfect bubble that was their friendship was too precious to burst.

But now she recognized the feeling for what it was. Topped off with the obvious jealousy she felt every time this girl was around, STEALING her best friend away, looking smug and victorious in HER direction, as if she knew exactly what she felt before she did.

Maybe she did. Maybe everybody did.

Did her dad know? Did BARRY?

She felt her face grow hot at the latter possibility.

If Barry knew how she felt about him, and he STILL started dating Becky Cooper, was that him trying to gently let her know he wasn’t interested in a way that wouldn’t hurt her?

Well, it DID hurt, but she couldn’t tell him that. She wouldn’t be the one to damage his first relationship before it barely got off the ground.

But that was six months ago. And YESTERDAY, they had broken up.

Iris hadn’t known about it. He hadn’t told her. That should’ve annoyed her, but she didn’t know how she’d have reacted if he HAD told her, so she was actually glad she’d found out through run-of-the-mill high school gossip. It gave her time to think. And now, six hours later, she knew EXACTLY what she was going to do with this knowledge.

She would approach him, tell him she knew, offer her condolences, and then…

Two steps away from Barry Allen, Becky Cooper with her long blonde perfect hair whooshed past her and right into Barry’s arms. He evaded a kiss, but Iris couldn’t tell it was because he didn’t want to kiss her or he was just too startled to response.

“Iris,” he said, pushing Becky off him a safe distance away, but not repeating the action when she draped her arms around his neck from behind and set her chin on his shoulder.

“Hey, Iris,” Becky said, the false sweetness to her voice making Iris just barely restrain a glare and a disgusted cringe.

She forced a smile instead, like she always did.

“What’s up?” Barry asked, drawing her attention back to him.

“I, uh…heard some people talking about you today, and I thought-” She shook her head, ignoring the heat of Becky’s piercing stare on her left cheek. “Nevermind. It was obviously false information. I’ll see you at home.”

She started to move past him, annoyed by herself for believing the rumors and at Becky for smiling the way she was now.

But Barry went after her and grabbed her arm, making her halt. Reluctantly, Iris turned back around. She couldn’t decide if she was relieved or not that Becky was no longer clinging to him and was actually a safe distance away.

“What did you hear about me?” He asked, brows furrowed. “Something bad?”

She hesitated, her tongue thick in her mouth, then said, “No. nothing bad. And anyone who just saw what I did will know what’s been going around was nothing but a rumor. I should’ve known you wouldn’t keep something this big from me anyway.”

“What did you think I kept from you?” His brows furrowed further.

Her lips parted, but no sound emerged.

And then, completely uninvited and unwanted, Becky broke into their conversation again, wrapping her arms around Barry’s waist from behind.

“I think she’s talking about last night, babe.”

It took Barry a minute, but finally the light bulb turned on. Beet red, he looked back at Iris.

“THAT’s the rumor going around? That Becky & I broke up?”

“I take it you didn’t,” Iris said, he tone of her voice flat, even as she tried to not make it be.

Barry shrugged, awkwardly because Becky was hanging over him.

“We sorta did, I guess.”

“But we made up this morning,” Becky interjected. “Didn’t we, Bear?” She kissed his cheek.

Iris could barely contain herself. Everything inside her wanted to viciously scratch her nails all over Becky’s perfect face. Bear was HER nickname for Barry. And her dad’s of course. But no other girl should get that privilege.

“I…should go,” she said, because she really needed to get out of there. She couldn’t stand being there another minute.

“I’ll see you at home?” He offered up, clearly confused and frustrated because he could tell she was sad but didn’t know why and didn’t know how to fix it.

“Yep,” she chirped and then turned away.

“Bye, Iris!” Becky said in the sing-song voice that Iris despised. The blonde probably knew it too.

She could not BELIEVE she’d figured out she had a crush on her best friend, and had actually thought maybe him breaking up with his girlfriend meant he could be interested in her.

How incredibly awkward. How humiliating.

Iris wanted to cover her face with a pillow and hide herself under her blanket and burrow away into her closet until high school ended and Barry went away to college, and then when he would come back, she’d be completely and totally over him.

But that was still a few years away. A few years felt like an eternity.

She sighed dramatically when she got outside and then sat on the steps outside the school, telling herself not to cry, especially when students were bursting out of the building and could easily see her.

Not two minutes later, Becky Cooper was stomping off ahead of her, crossing the street. She looked angry and annoyed and distraught, and she clearly hadn’t noticed her or she likely would’ve said something scathing and rude.

Distracted by the sight of the fleeing girl, Iris hardly noticed the person who sat down beside her until he bumped his shoulder with hers. She nearly jumped as she turned to look at who it was.

“Barry,” she gasped. “What are you-” She looked back across the street, but couldn’t spot Becky anywhere. Then she saw her way into the distance stalking purposefully from one block to the next.

Iris looked back at Barry.

“I don’t understand.”

“We broke up,” he said.

She blinked.


Her lips parted. “Again?”

“Mhmm.” He nodded. “I actually thought we were still broken up until she lunge at me right before you got to me at my locker.”

Iris said nothing, still trying to process.

“I know I should have told you, but it was really late last night, and she was just talking crazy over text and suddenly broke up with me.”

Iris remained silent, continually at a loss.

“I was going to tell you today, but I had to get to school early for science club, and chess club had a practice session during lunch, and we don’t have any classes together this semester, so…”

“You’re really broken up?” She asked, needing clarification, but kind of hating how desperate she sounded.

He nodded. “Yep.”

“But why?” Her brows furrowed. “It seemed like she wanted to get back together. And you…” she gulped. “You like her.”

“Nah,” he said. “I don’t think so.”

Her jaw dropped. “Then why were you dating her?”

“She was the first girl to ask me out,” he said. “It seemed like a pretty dumb idea to turn her down. That’s what I thought at the time at least.”

“Well, she’s pretty,” Iris said, then wondered why. “And popular.” She scolded herself again.

He shrugged. “Just not my type, I guess.”

She raised her eyebrows dubiously.

“You don’t like pretty, popular girls?”

“I don’t like Becky Cooper. Not when she looks down on my best friend like she’s dirt and accuses me of cheating on her with you.”

Iris’s face felt like fire. She swallowed hard.

“She did that?” She asked, her voice almost a squeak.

He nodded. “Said I’m in love with you and just won’t admit it,” he said too quickly, avoiding her gaze. “And that you just feel the same way, and I was blind if I didn’t see it.”

She swallowed hard and waited till she found her voice again.

“I see why you broke up with her.” She waited a few beats and then took the plunge. “Was she right?” She asked, tentatively meeting his eyes.

Barry looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and Iris regretted asking the question, but she didn’t know how to take it back without making it a big deal or stumbling over her words.

“I…” he finally managed. “Well…” he cleared his throat. “I can really only answer part of that, Iris. And…I don’t know if you want me to.”

Her face fell and she turned away. “Oh.”

Barry began to panic. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking, and he wondered if he should’ve dared to hope at all after breaking up with Becky purely because she’d laid out proof that Iris wanted to be with him.

“Can you answer your part?” He asked quickly and heard her breath catch in her throat. She didn’t respond. “Or…what were you going to tell me at my locker?”

Iris turned to face him, debating. He was surprised to see a shimmer of tears in her eyes.


She licked her lips, glanced down at his lips for one brief moment, and he prayed to God he hadn’t imagined it.

“I…” she tried, then failed to produce any more words.

She took his face in her hands and met his eyes. It was something she did every so often, but this time was different.

Clearly nervous, she started a shaky descent towards his lips. Then before she lost her nerve, Iris pressed her lips to his and closed her eyes.

It was her first kiss, so she didn’t know what to expect, but his lips didn’t move, not until she counted to three in her head. Then she felt his lips press back against hers, and her eyes opened wide.

She pulled away, dropped her hands from his face and stared straight at him. He mirrored her shocked, confused, wary expression.

“Can we forget that happened?” She asked on a whisper, mortified because of how very NOT romantic this felt.

Barry tried very hard not to squeak.

“I really don’t want to,” he admitted bluntly, instantly igniting the butterflies in Iris’s stomach.

“Then…I guess Becky was right,” she said tremulously.

“She was?” He asked, gawking, but smiling a little too.

“Well…” Iris’s gaze flirted away from his shyly. She gulped. “At least about me.”

The space of three seconds, as long as their first kiss has been, felt like an eternity, but it was enough to drive Barry into action.

He reached out and cradled her face in his hands, turning her and leaning down before she could decide to look at him.

He kissed her as she had him, but then he angled his head to kiss her differently, sliding his lips against hers, opening them and gently prodding her to do the same.

Iris was hesitant, but eventually followed his lead. She turned towards him more and clutched at his shoulders and waist. When he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, she felt a zip all the way down her spine.

She pulled back, startled by the sensation, eyes wide.

“Was that too-” he stuttered, but she wouldn’t let him finish.

“Where did you learn to kiss like that?” She demanded, breathless. Then a thought occurred to her. “Did you and-”

“No!” He said, wide-eyed in honest denial. “She - we never - ”

“I’m your first?” Her eyes lit up, her face glowing.

His heart threatened to explode.

“Aren’t I yours?” He asked sheepishly.

“Yeah.” She grinned. Then pulled him close and kissed him again. She was smiling so wide though it was hard to kiss him properly.

“So how did you know how to kiss me?” She pressed, and he knew he couldn’t get by without telling her.

“I watched videos,” he admitted.

Iris pulled back, scandalized but only mildly so.

“Barry Allen, you watched-”

“TUTORIALS, Iris. Not porn. GOD.”

She giggled and pulled him close again. She stopped smiling long enough to kiss him properly. She got lost in it. She moaned and felt the shiver rippling through him when she did. Felt it again along with an intoxicatingly groan from him when she flicked her own tongue against his.

When she finally pulled away, they were both breathless.

“How long have you liked me, Barry?” She demanded.

I LOVE you, he was thinking, but it was probably too soon to tell her that.

“A long time,” he said instead, and she returned the confession with a sappy grin.

“You?” He ventured, needing to know.

“Not sure,” she said honestly. “I just realized it recently, but I probably have for a while.”

He was starry-eyed, giddy. He took her hand in his and threaded their fingers together. Then he stood up and she came with him.

“Want to go to the park?” He asked. “They just finished the new swing set, so I won’t break my legs when I try to pump my feet.”

Her smile spread and she nodded once.

“Sure, Bear. Let’s do it.”

He guided her down the steps, then, not bringing a backpack home that day, he crouched almost to the ground and waited.

Iris recognized the invitation and couldn’t suppress her giggle. She bit her bottom lip, smiling, and then promptly situated herself on Barry’s back, holding tightly around his shoulders as he slowly stood up.

Barry grabbed her calves in his hands, holding her to him as he started the trek towards the park. It gave Iris shivers, the feel of his hands on her bare skin. She kissed the side of his neck in return and then nuzzled into him, smiling happily.

Unseen to her, Barry was grinning like a fool, his lips spread so wide his cheeks hurt, but he didn’t care. Only in his wildest dreams had he believed Iris would feel the same way.

Half a block from the park, Barry started to run. He could only run straight in short spurts, and it was just enough to keep Iris from being too jostled about. He set her down when they reached the grass and reached for her hands which she granted him willingly.

She reached up on her tip toes and he craned his neck down to meet her lips.

“This is going to be such a problem living in the same house,” he murmured after one sweet, sensuous kissed.

She groaned, because she’d been trying not to think about that very thing.

“What a mood killer, Barry,” she complained.

His eyes widened in panic, so she assuaged his worried with a quick peck on his parted lips. She intertwined their fingers together and dragged him further into the park.

“Come push me on the swings, Barry. We’ll worry about the rest later.”

And just like that his mood shifted instantly from panic and worry to the overflowing joy he’d felt before. He didn’t say anything for a while, but he smiled like a kid on Christmas and she giggled as if she’d had a full glass of champagne. He pushed her on the swing and then got on one himself. They kissed a few more times and then they lay on the grass, hand-in-hand, gazing up at the puffy clouds partly hiding the sun.

“This is a great first date, Barry,” she said a while later.

He grinned to himself, still in disbelief that this was happening. Then shamelessly he admitted the simple truth that she had likely forgotten.

“It’s where we first met.”

anonymous asked:

Could you suggest some Batfam prompts you'd like to see?

As in things I’d personally like to see written out by other people?

I almost think this is a trap to trick me into writing more things on my own by making me start describing them, anon. because it almost worked.

There’s a couple like “what-if” prompts scattered around my blog, like if Dick Grayson were raised by a villain (Joker for example) and was reformed under Bruce but still had residual mental scars to hide from people (the cartoon YJ team, specifically) (I think in general I’d just like a kind of “mystery arc” for Robin like we got with the other kids, though I understand why it didn’t happen.)

I really like AU’s and what-ifs. I got a fantastic prompt in my askbox that I assume is from German Naruto Anon that was like “what if Bruce and Batman WERE seperate people” like, not split personality ableism shit, but like. literally different people. And I tried to write it out three times and my computer ate it EVERY TIME oh my god it was so beautiful. But that is a prompt I’d love to see more of. Like. What if Batman was anyone but Bruce Wayne, or what if something small changed? (like Roadtrip Vigilantes is just “what if Batman stayed with the league of assassins longer; that’s all it is man. that’s ALL that changed. And Monarchs to Behold is a ‘’for want of a nail’ story about Bruce deciding that just saving Gotham isn’t enough, and t turns into a villain story.)

So things like…. if Bruce Wayne and Batman were different people…. but that’s ALL that changed.

Bruce Wayne is still an easily upset, traumatized, fake-it-with-a-smile-and-do-charity person, he just… no longer has the batman outlet. But he still provides Batman with gadgets and shit, because Batman uses Wayne Tech. Bruce’s children are still Robins.

And Batman is a stranger.

Like. What kind of story does that yield?

Other prompts that could be cool:

  • YJ Artemis thinks that Batman is to Robin as Sportsmaster is to her and Cheshire.

  • More stories from the JL as a disconnected league; what does (for example) Wonder Woman do that Batman doesn’t, and vice versa? And how do they connect separately? Judging from the WW movie (which I just got out of for my second viewing ueuheuheuhehuehueee) Diana will protect humans but wants them to sort things out on their own; Bruce is that human, sorting out small scale things as best he can to help the whole picture. How does that read between them? How do you Teach someone like, say, Jason, an upset kid, that Wonder Woman can’t always come down to Crime Alley to save him and his mother specifically, and that its a human problem, and Diana is… something else, who is being merciful by helping at all

  • more bruce being a Human Among These Fucking Gods. and being a father among these gods. Does he ever come home and look at his busy but successful kids, and feel his tiring bones of the years passing, and he sits down with a heat pack and just… aches? While the world is going by, and he won’t be a part of it forever, and did he do enough right…? Is he going to be happy in his old age, or just… tired and sad…?

  • I think i just want trauma works i’m so sorry batman is my trauma story i’m so sorry. bruce can’t go to movie theaters anymore.

  • Maybe the JL people try to arrange a “get to know you” movie night at Green Lantern’s personal theater so they don’t have to remove costumes and Batman gets bullied into going basically (you think “batmna wouldn’t let himeslf be bullied” i’m sorry to inform you that Alfred Bullies Him Sometimes) and it turns… bad

  • I swear I don’t hate Alfred I just wish he wouldn’t be given all Bruce’s good traits and made into a saint figure. So maybe, as a prompt, one day, Alfred Fucks Up Badly. This family’s only human, okay. That’s the important thing. Bruce is human and that’s compelling. Alfred is human and that’s unfortunate.

  • The Day Dick Grayson Learns Bruce is Mortal, and Realizes Bruce has been Scolding Him for Being Mortal, What a Hypocrite, You’re Not Allowed to Leave Me, Too, Bruce.

  • alternatively:
    The day Bruce Wayne isn’t home when he said he’d be. His phone isn’t picking up. He didn’t have a mission, he just had a late night snack. There’s no news of kidnapping or major police activity in Gotham, but…. Dick googles traffic accidents, and there’s been a fatal collision on the road that leads up to the manor. No names have yet been released.

(subtitle to all these prompts: Death Belies like a Spectre Unto All)

i’m so sorry, you sent me this fantastic ask and these are all I can come up with, hahaaa…. i hope you find a prompt you enjoy somewhat in here, at least. ….most of my fics are just… ground-up  “what if we take this to its most logical conclusion” type things where I take one thing 100% as seriously as possible and then build up around that. I hope that helps at all

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Three days after getting Platinum (my first pokemon game) I found a shiny Budew. I didn't even know what shinies were at the time, I just caught it because it looked different. And then the VERY NEXT DAY I caught a shiny Gastly. After that, in recent games I tried every trick in the book to catch more shinies. Masuda method, chaining, etc. Never got a shiny through those methods. Guess they only come out when you aren't looking.

glad to hear Platinum was your first game ;u; 
“i just caught it because it looked different” THATS SO SWEET, ARCEUS BLESS THIS TRAINER

Something in OPM I want to bring up

First, Saitama and Genos, but mostly Saitama. They have the most adorable, funny, heartwarming relationship.

But let’s just go over a few points here:

  • Saitama is light-years beyond what Genos will probably even hope to be. They both know this.
  • Saitama’s ranked at the very bottom of the Hero Association as the lowest-ranking C-class, while Genos debuted as an S-class. This alone meant that the two were treated very differently by the Association, fellow registered heroes, and the general public.
  • Saitama’s seen Genos get an instant fanclub, get welcomed by a fellow hero, and rack up a huge fan following within days of registering. What did Saitama get in the same amount of time? Three different people tried to basically haze him, he was mistaken for a villain, and the very people he saved ganged up on him and yelled at him.

What am I getting at here? Basically, everything looks like a classic villain origin story for Saitama. Between the lack of recognition, flat-out undeserved scorn and ridicule he gets from almost everyone, and someone far less powerful than himself getting far more praise and fanfare that he sees every day…he could easily just end up resenting Genos and give up being a hero.

He’d get more recognition as a villain, because how do you ignore someone who could easily kick the crap out of even the top-ranking S-class heroes? How do you not fear and respect someone who can level a city, take on several of the best heroes and several monsters without breaking a sweat? If he wanted to, he could be an unstoppable supervillain. He could easily reduce Genos to scrap metal.

And it would all start with resenting Genos.

Just imagine that instead of secretly appreciating how much Genos adores him, he just gets jealous that this little punk gets so much more credit, all the fangirls, all this praise that he should be getting.

Imagine instead if the episode ended with Saitama killing Genos.

But here’s the catch: he doesn’t. He never even thinks of it.

Because you know what? He became a hero for fun, sure, but he’s still a hero at heart. He’s a good person not just because he can send villains flying with one punch, but because he looks out for people and cares about them. People hating on him after he saved their lives? Sure, he gets angry at that, but who wouldn’t? But that doesn’t change him for the worse.

Look at this:

Instead of being the person to drive him into jealousy, Genos is the person who motivates Saitama to keep on going.
It doesn’t matter that he has more fans - what matters to Saitama is that Genos will always be his biggest fan, because he knows what he’s really about.

So in that sense, Genos is important, but this episode (sad as it was) says a lot of Saitama’s character. Most heroes in his position would’ve gone to the dark side by this point. Not him.

tl;dr Saitama is the best hero.

sassyhazelowl  asked:

If you're up for the challenge... would you mind doing lyon x meredy + Frostbitten Veins? I'm just curious what you'd do with it!

Ok so writing this gave me some anxiety cause I’ve done three requests, and stupidly opened myself up to requests with the hardest prompt list. On top of that, you requested and I really like your writing so this was hard. 

I played with this idea for a while and tried different angles but every time I wrote i came back to my original idea. That being said, this is 260 words that can be found on FFN & AO3

Oddly enough the pressure started in his feet, and not his crisscrossed arms. He had done this once before but he had been too young, the situation too dire, for him to fully recall what it truly felt like. Back then he had been able to get away with scrapes alone and now…

The pressure built up, pouring out of him and pulling the wind into a small cyclone around him. The winds’ increased pace and force blocked out much of the noise that distracted him from the task at hand. It quieted his thoughts, and nearly drowned out the desperate, and exhausted protests from behind him. Last time he had stopped short—had been stopped—and that had altered the trajectory of two different lives other than his own. He had long since given up on forgiving himself, whenever he thought back to that moment he felt a familiar pang of regret. This time would be different however, this time he would go through with it, not just for himself but for his exhausted and incapacitated comrades who lay strewn across the battlefield.

“Lyon!” Meredy called, struggling to rise up on her injured forearm. “Stop!”

He bowed deeper into his wide stance as the pressure let up, replaced by a familiar tingling sensation that started in his fingertips and toes and danced up his arms leaving frostbitten veins in their wake.

This was it, he could go through with it.

“Ice shell!”

There was a brief pause in the tempest as he released a breath—then everything became quiet.

Ahhhh! (。•́︿•̀。) Must have been pretty serious if Lyon resorted to that! (hope i got his character right o_o) 

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Terrible things that I’ve done:

•strung along a friend I knew had feelings for me
•did nothing for him while he did a lot for me
•told him I made out with two different guys at a frat party (which in itself is bad) without even considering why telling him of all people about it was terrible
•engaged in blatant hypocrisy, fully knowing I was, and doing it anyways
•slept around with a bunch of different men, one of which was the brother of the wife of my uncle, none of which cared about me nor did I about them
•claimed I was a NS
•got blackout drunk, threw up on the floor of a club, and went to the hospital, ruining a friend of a friend’s birthday party
•yelled at my best friend every time he tried to help me with something
•hurt three super close friends of mine, one especially who was having a hard time to begin with
•contemplated suicide and ending up in the ER, ultimately frightening my parents who were already having a hard time because my grandfather was dying

So yeah, I wanted to write these things down on here because I hate that I did those things and I’m sorry I did them but I don’t have a priest to talk to right now because I’m in my home. I did a lot of really really terrible things that hurt probably more than a dozen people in the end. And half that shit on the list wasn’t even shit I was sorry for until recently.

My guess is that if I did commit suicide at that time, I would’ve actually seen the depths of hell.

And I’m still not perfect. At all. Not even close. I screw up A LOT. Not as bad as that period in time, but still more than most people, I feel like.

I like my life right now. A lot. I’m not suicidal and I don’t want to die. But if God decided to end me right now, I wouldn’t really blame Him.

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how would each band member react to an s/o that has the biggest spice resistance in the history of mankind?

(ok i read this as the band who has a s/o who can’t handle spice sorry if i got it wrong)

2D: He’s a pretty picky eater but he does like stuff with a bit of kick. There’s a mutual understanding for eating out and you both end up going to the same three places when you go out

Murdoc: Ever since his time in Mexico he’s actually quite liked spicy food. He doesn’t understand why you don’t like spicy food and he teases you relentlessly every time you go out to eat 

Noodle: She’s actually a pretty good cook and tries to sneak different spices past you whenever she can. Once she got a bit too liberal with the chilli and you didn’t speak to her for the rest of the evening

Russel: He doesn’t really care all that much. Personally he doesn’t like bland food so when he cooks he tries to do it in a way that you’re both satisfied

Enjoying the View--Imagine #1

She was beautiful. Gorgeous y/ec eyes always shining bright in the sunlight. I awed at the way her y/hc hair spun around her when she moved, the way the sunlight hit it, turning it into a glowing halo enveloping her head. I wouldn’t doubt her being an angel. I had never seen someone who made my insides melt, but froze my tongue and feet. That’s how I leaned against the tree on the grounds around the school where everyone hung out during school when the weather was nice.

I had never met her. Not officially. She seemed to glide past me, effortlessly, every time I tried to introduce myself. We had three classes together, and I wasn’t exactly a nobody, In fact, I had a large group of friends so some considered me popular. But despite that, y/n didn’t notice me, except for the few times our eyes would meet and I had a fleeting hope that she would come and talk to me, only to be disappointed. She stuck close to her best friend and never intermingled with different cliques. She was a bit of a loner, but she seemed content. Especially as I watched her now, biting into an apple as the fall breeze swept her flowing hair out of her beautiful face. My eyes were stuck on her, everything falling away. And then her eyes met mine.


“Brooo! Yo, man! Where you been?” I tore my gaze from y/n who had quirked an eyebrow at me making my insides twist, to one of my idiot friends, c/f1/n. 

“Dude, he’s still staring at that chick he’s been obsessing over,” c/f2/n said smirking at me. 

“Nah, I was just enjoying the weather,” I lied, gesturing to the leaves that were falling around me. 

“BullllSHIT!” c/f2/n said, making his voice rise comically on the last bit. “You’re whipped, man. I mean, I don’t blame you, she’s a hottie, but she also never really talks to anyone except for her weird best friend.”

The way he talked nonchalantly about y/n rubbed me the wrong way. 

“She’s a lot more than a hottie. She’s really intelligent and have you heard any of her jokes? She’s hilarious. It’s especially cute when she laughs at her own jokes and her eyes crinkle up at the sides and, god, don’t even start me on her voice, I could listen to her all da–What?” I stopped my rambling noticing my friends staring at me in disbelief. 

C/f1/n turned to c/f2/n, exchanging glances that I couldn’t read. 

“You better date her soon because I don’t think I can take your lovesick ass much longer,” C/f1/n laughed at me good-naturedly, patting me on the shoulder. 

“How? I mean she’s her and I’m me and–”

“Exactly! Dude, you’re one of the more popular guys here, just ask her. You overthink way too much. Just flex a little, show her what she’s missing out on if she hesitates,” C/f1/n replied.

“She barely notices me. Popularity doesn’t matter to her. I’m as noticeable as a fly,” I felt my shoulders slouching.

“I mean, flies are pretty noticeable, they’re annoying as fu–,” C/f2/n noticed the death glare I was giving him. “OK, you think she doesn’t stare at you, but she’s sneaky and I’ve seen her doing it, she’s just better at hiding it. She’s doing it right now, bro.”

Sure enough, when I looked across the field she was staring, her eyes seemingly pleading me to come over and talk to her, her perfect lips parted slightly, My stomach tied itself into intricate knots and I felt heat rising to my face. 

“Fuck it,” I huffed under my breath

I charged over to her, watching how her mouth and eyes widened in shock. 

My face was on fire. What was I doing? What. Was. I. DOING?!

“Hi there,” she practically whispered, and hearing her beautiful voice quieted my fears. 

She looked up at me, her eyes soft, trusting. This gaze only encouraged my insanity. I knelt down slightly in front of her and the fall breeze carried her sweet scent of vanilla perfume along with something I could only identify as her natural scent over to me. 

“Hey,” my voice came out steady. So far so good, I thought to myself.

“I like your shirt,” I cringed the moment the words left my lips. Aaand there goes me being smooth.

“Yeah? Was that what you were staring at earlier?” She quirked an eyebrow, moving in closer. Her fingers brushed mine in the dying grass. My stomach lurched. “Or was there something else besides my shirt that you enjoyed about the view.”

Her face was so close. Yet, so far. But I took this time to study her features. The curvature of her upper lip’s cupid’s bow, the perfect wrinkles on her nose that were formed by how she always wrinkled her nose when laughing, the way her eyes had specks of lighter and darker shades of the same color.

“Hmm,” I hummed, losing my insecurities and hesitance in her beauty, her intoxicating scent and presence. 

I traced my fingertip over her one raised eyebrow.

“Your eyebrows.”

My finger ghosted ever so lightly over her eyelids, down under her eye, brushing her eyelashes. She blinked, making them flutter over my skin. The sensation felt strangely good. 

“Your eyes. Your gorgeous, breathtaking y/ec eyes.”

My finger trailed down the bridge of her nose.

“Your cute nose.” My voice dropped to a whisper as my fingertip filled the space between the end of her nose and the beginning of her lips. “But you know what I tend to stare at most?”

“What?” She breathed and I felt her hot breath fan over my hand. Her eyes looked up from my own lips, filled with waves of emotion I could drown in. 

“Your,” I traced my finger over the outline of her lips,”sinfully beautiful…” I replaced where my finger had been over her bottom lip with my lips.My lips were barely touching hers, but still energy and excitement and peace shot through my veins. It felt so right. 


And as my lips formed the ending of the word, I molded them with her insanely soft ones. She let out a soft breath through her nose, that tickled my face and made me smile into the kiss. I was overwhelmed with the fact that I was finally kissing the girl I had liked for so long. I brushed back her hair and gently placed my hand at her neck, pulling her closer. She raked her hands through my own hair, roughing it up. She tasted like the tart apple she bit into before and every dream I ever dared to hope for. 

A/N: This is my first imagine. I know there’s not a lot of talking. That’s not how it’ll always be. I decided to do it from the crush’s POV because thinking of how someone might admire you like you admire them is satisfying, SEND ME REQUESTS PLEASE! :) ~Logan~

A girl in my kindergarten class said that
the gap in between my two front teeth
made me ugly,
for the last nine years
I’ve kept my mouth closed in pictures.

A boy in my first grade class said that
I talked too much and that it was annoying,
for the last eight years
I’ve been nervous to talk around people.

A boy in my fourth grade class said that
I was fat and then laughed as he strutted away from me,
for the last five years
all I’ve wanted was to be pencil thin.
One week later,
a group of boys tell me that I am fat
and that I am ugly
as they snicker and high five one another,
they neglect to realize
that there are oceans forming in my eyes
and that the salt water stings too bad to keep my cheeks dry
and waves roll down my red face
as if it is a sandy beach
polluted by self hate.
For the last five years
I cringe every time I am near a mirror.

Upon the beginning of middle school
I realized that I look different than everyone
I felt as ugly as my fellow classmates said I was.
“Why don’t boys like me?”, I ask myself.
Suddenly it dawned on me,
boys like pretty girls.
For the last four years
I’ve tried to make myself look pretty.

A girl in my sixth grade class said that
I dressed like a middle aged woman
and wore too much make up,
for the last three years
I’ve refused to wear skirts.

A girl in my seventh grade class
made fat jokes about me.
So did her twin brother.
Little do they know
that their “humorous” remarks
are one of the reasons for my tear stained pillow.
For the last two years
the urge to thin myself down has increased greatly.

An insecure and sad girl in the eighth grade
stands before me in the mirror
as a distorted image is displayed
all I see is flaws.
I blame those who have said these things to me.
for the last nine years
I’ve hated myself.

—  “when will people realize their words hurt?”
S. K. Stinziano

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You should do holsom for that 31 questions thing like do all of them

here we fucking go,

1. Who in your OTP is the serial butt-slapper and who is constantly getting their beautiful butt slapped?

theyre equal opportunity bros…if ur bf gets a killer shot at beer pong or aces his chem exam you have to slap his butt it’s the Bro Code

2. Who wants to be immortal and who wants to die before they’re old?

they had a conversation about this at 2am and they both decided that they would pick the same option (“i never wanna live without you bro” “BRO”) however, holster has tried to get his poptart out of the toaster with a fork three different times so dying young seems likely

3. Who smokes and who pulls the cigarette from between their lips every time they try to light one?

i mean they’re college athletes so neither of them smoke but i bet holster tried it once freshman year and ransom had to run back to his dorm to find his inhaler

4. Who always has cold hands and who is always warming them up for them?

ransom’s hands are freezing and holster breathes on em and gives them kisses 2 keep them warm

5. Who plays candy crush in important meetings and who elbows them in the ribs to make them pay attention?

when they have a lecture together they just snapchat each other uglie badly-angled selfies

6. Who can fall asleep anywhere (and does) and who has to put them to bed?

ransom is forced to survive on three hours of sleep during finals so he passes out mid-conversation and holster sets an alarm and rolls him into bed so they can nap together

7. Who is the genius procrastinator who wings every test but still comes away with straight As, and who takes preparation and conscientious work very seriously?

justin “4.0 but never goes to class” oluransi, a beautiful coral reef, is a strange combination of both, holster has seen his textbooks maybe twice this semester and manages B’s

8. Who takes their coffee black and who likes it with milk and two sugars, getting called a pussy by Person A?

ransom gets his with like six sugars and holster has been drinking black coffee since he was 6

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“You know, I tried to go to work today. Like a normal human being. Then, if I thought I wasn’t going crazy yet, I tried to get out of town via three different roads and guess what? I end up right back where I fucking started at each and every time. So now I’m here, forced to do fucking conference calls in a fucking coffee shop because the house is still under god-damn renovations and they’re drilling fucking everywhere. Please, yell at me again for picking up the wrong damn cup and even offering to pay you a new one because my day just hasn’t been bad enough yet!” he spat, slamming a ten dollar bill down on the counter. 

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My autocorrect has three different lengths of "omg" saved in it. This is a useless fact, you didn't need to know it, but I felt it was my duty to share it. ~crush anon

Every time I write hug in my phone, my phone tries auto correcting it to huggle

Kissing Game♥

Summary:  Still closeted, Phil goes over to Dan’s house with their parents thinking they’re just friends. But while he’s over, Phil always tries to think of different games or challenges for them to do. There’s just so many places to make out in that house. Why not try as many as they can in an hour?  Even Dan’s parent’s room that they’re currently sleeping in…

Word Count:  3637

“Daniel, your friend is here!”  Dan’s mom yells from down stairs.

Dan is on his feet in a matter of seconds, running downstairs towards his ‘friend.’  Okay, him and Phil weren’t really just friends.  More like friends with benefits.  What can he say?  Dan’s into guys, but of course he has to keep that a secret from his horridly homophobic parents.  They’d flip their shit if they ever found out, so for now him and Phil are a secret.  Its not like they’re really a major thing anyways, so what’s the big deal?  If anything it just adds more excitement to what they’re doing.

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Peter showing off his powers when you join the Avengers (Pt. 2)

Hey! Could I request an imagine where reader is a new recruit to the tower and Peter tries, and fails, to flirt with her

I used different requests for the two parts, in case anybody was confused.

It had been about three weeks since you had joined the Avengers. And, boy, had it been the craziest three weeks you had ever had in your life. You used to think that the Avengers were these noble, mature adults, who didn’t take nonsense from anybody. You had been completely and utterly wrong. The Avengers were so immature and childish, you couldn’t help but laugh every time you thought about it. The latest argument in the tower had been about Disney movies and Disney princesses.

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“Do You Believe?” A Fenrys Fanfiction

In this fanfic you should read this before continuing. There are a bit of things in that fanfic  that will help you understand this one. After reading that, please enjoy this (long) fanfic!

Word Count : 6465

Edit : I am currently working on the next part of these time jump installments. The name is WIP.

Please enjoy this! 

No matter how many times Fenrys fiddled with his tunic buttons, or unstrapped then restrapped his belt, and then slid his jacket on and off, on and off, he could never not see what Maeve had just done to him.

The White Wolf of Doranelle yet again fiddled with the ends of his shirt, halfway between tearing the whole thing off and hugging it tighter to his bare and exposed self. For Connall, he thought and he let loose a small breath.

Sometimes he hated his brother just as much as he hated his circumstance, but whenever he saw Maeve glance just one time - one gods cursed time - at his brother, Fenrys practically begged her to take him to bed.

He knew Connall knew what he was doing and sometimes Fenrys couldn’t look at him. Couldn’t stand the sight, smell, or touch - even a simple place of his hand on his shoulder - of Connall.

But when Fenrys noticed the subtle difference between them, the different eye color and hair color, but also the way Connall smiled a bit differently. The way they both laughed a bit differently. Even their wolf forms, Fenrys pictured their mother.

He hadn’t taken him long to realize that the woman warrior and male that had raised him and his brother weren’t his blood. They both had light hair and mind boggling blue eyes. Fenrys couldn’t have come from them.

Sometimes, when he was pinned to the bed on his back, or forced down on his knees, he would bring those those subtle differences together and he came up with different outcomes. His mother - their mother - had dark ebony hair and soft sky grey eyes. Her cheeks were soft and her jawline was tough and could out last any beating. She had to have been a grey wolf. To give her a bit of him and Connall.

Those dreams were his only comfort in the night hours. Those thoughts and hopes were all that kept him from trying to rip Maeve’s head off her shoulders. The sliver of hope that his birth mother was alive out there, plotting and planning trying to get her sons back. And his father - for some reason Fenrys didn’t give a rat’s tail end about the man.

It was his mother, the thought a woman could love him, that kept Fenrys going. His father was just the other side of the equation.

Fenrys found himself in the woods surrounding Doranelle. He needed to get out of that suffocating capital, with Maeve and her stupid blood-oath. With Gavriel, always trying to help him. With Rowan Whitethorn, always giving him pitying looks. With Lorcan-brooding-Salvettere. With Vaughan, who had the luxury of just flying up up and up.

Fenrys shifted and he curled his wolf form around a tree and rested there. He rested there, as the sky stayed dark. Fenrys closed his eyes and his tail slowly ran itself along the soil.

His ears perked when he felt the wind shift. He growled and peeked open one eye, only wanting to scare the squirrel or rabbit who had wandered across the wrong Fae-Wolf. But when he saw a girl, sitting in the tree, he opened both eyes.

She was beautiful. Fenrys had always been interested in beautiful things. But he looked for their flaws first. A chipped tooth, a scar that could never be hidden, a broken smile. Anything that was not perfect about them but made them even more beautiful.

Maeve was perfect but she was the devil incarnate. Imperfections and scars showed a person had been beaten down, but had enough strength to get back up.

This female had one. Three long and jagged clawed scars that looped around the entirety of her neck. She smiled sweetly when she noticed Fenrys staring at them. She wore a low v neck tunic. Her scars could be hidden but she showcased them, she would never hide them.

“What are you?” Fenrys’s ears perked up, but he couldn’t find enough strength to want to shift back into a Fae. The woman perked her head to the side and she stared down at herself.

“If I tell you, I’m afraid things won’t fall into place as they should” The woman swung her legs over and she gracefully fell off the branch and landed without a noise on the soil. Her voice was of a slow moving river.

She smelled of burning spice thrown into the winds. Fenrys cocked his head to the side and he snarled as the woman knelt before him. “I won’t hurt you” She whispered, getting down on her knees before the White Wolf of Doranelle.

Fenrys had to give her credit. He was tenfold the size of an average wolf, and she only looked at him with a half-masked interest. Fenrys shifted and he scooted back, leaning his back against the tree.

Ten feet of soil and grass and wild lands separated them. The girl smiled and she ran her fingers down her scars gently. “Maybe I’ll tell you about mine when you share about yours”

Fenrys took the time to take in her looks. Dark ebony hair and shocking grey eyes. He tried not to show his shock and the girl smiled softly, nodding. “Mom?”

The girl shook her head. She pushed her hair out of her eyes, pushing the ebony curls out of her face. They turned to a stark white as she ran her fingers through it. Like his fur. “I was only what you wanted to see. I am not your mother”

“So you’re not a…”

“I’m not a monster” The girl pulled herself to her feet and she leaned against the tree. Her dress was stained with grass and soil, but she didn’t seem to mind. “If I was, I think I’d have already killed you.” The girl smiled down at Fenrys.

A smile. Fenrys had never seen one so beautiful. One that wasn’t cruel and twisted, one that wasn’t whispering in his ear that he should calm down and serve the one the smile belonged to. It made Fenrys want to engulf in the pleasure that smile could bring.

“I will always be here. Until you don’t need me”

Fenrys blinked and she was gone. He stared at the empty air perplexed. The sun rose over the horizons and Fenrys sat there, staring. He wanted it back. That smile, those scars, that soft voice. He wanted more.

Fenrys shifted back into his wolf form and as the bond nearly dragged him by the invisible collar and has Maeve forced him onto his back again once the sun settled over the sky, Fenrys wanted to know her name.


Fenrys arrived at exactly the same time he had arrived yesterday. The sun was just setting and he wrapped himself around the same tree. His ears twitched and his ear perked up at every snapped branch or rustle of the wind. “I need you”

The girl appeared. She smiled as she slowly climbed down from the tree across from Fenrys. She seemed to float across the grass as her bare toes wiggled in the soft green. “Do you?” She asked, setting herself down. “And why is that?”

“I just do” Fenrys answered. He couldn’t form an answer. He sounded pathetic.

“Then another question: Do you believe, Fenrys the White Wolf?”

“In what?”

“That was not my question” The girl crawled forward and her sky grey eyes peered into Fenrys’s onyx ones. Her nose just barely brushed the tip of his snout and Fenrys scoffed, blowing hair into her face. She smiled and scooted back only slightly. “I asked if you believed?”

“In what?” Fenrys asked again. His paws scratched at the ground and he scoffed in the girl’s face again. She was too close. Her smile only grew every time he tried to huff and puff and blow her away.

“Call me again when you believe. And then our journey can begin, together. I feel a mighty storm awakening in you, Fenrys the White Wolf. A storm I have been waiting for a long time”

The girl gave Fenrys a sweet smile and she tapped his nose before she disappeared again. Fenrys gave a Lorcan-brooding-Salvattere worthy huff and a growl. But he picked himself back up, and locked the cage on himself too early as he walked back into Doranelle.


True to her word, Fenrys had tried for three nights to find the woman that made Fenrys see women different, but she did not appear. Believe. Believe in what? What was he to believe in when he was a glorified toy every day?

His days with Maeve continued on into his nights, and sometimes Maeve didn’t even let him leave the room. Fenrys gave up on trying to find the woman’s scent by the fourth day and he gladly let himself be locked in Maeve’s chambers.

Fenrys clenched his jaw as Maeve stroked his cheek gently. She pressed her body against his and ran her hand down his chest slowly, cocking her head to the side. Fenrys looked at her neck and surprised himself with the disappointment that flooded his every sense when he didn’t see that necklace of scars he wanted to see. “Why are you disappointed, Fenrys? Am I not enough in this body?” Enough? Any male would kill to have the body Maeve had decided to be in when she was with him.

Fenrys stilled his emotions and he ducked his head down, kissing the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Maeve stiffened and Fenrys took the opportunity to lift her up and wrap her legs around his waist. He growled and backed them onto her bed, burying his face in the mattress by her neck as she stripped him out his tunic and pants.

Maeve took her time as she fiddled with his belt, dipping her hand up and down and around. Fenrys twitched and he gripped the sheets around her head tightly and Maeve smiled. “Sensitive”

Fenrys held back his growl and he didn’t object as Maeve flipped them over, pinning him on his back again. He was forced to stare up at her as she braced her hands on his chest, leaning down and kissing the small scars that covered his chest with a lover’s softness.

It only made Fenrys want to retch more. “How about we pleasure you this time, Fenrys?” Fenrys’s arm darted forward and he gripped Maeve’s hair, keeping her from ridding him of his trousers.

Maeve smirked softly and she kissed the fine hair on his navel and she purred, staring up at Fenrys with those doe eyes that always drew men in. “So sensitive, Fae males” Fenrys gripped her hair harder and he cursed himself for arching his back as his trousers were carelessly thrown around his ankles.

Fenrys kept his eyes open and trained on the ceiling as Maeve coaxed him into rolling his fingers across the nape of her neck. Fenrys wanted to sink his claws in and completely skewer her. “Enjoy it. Scream my name and never stop”

A blood-oath command. Fenrys tried to bite his lips off to keep her abhorrent name off his tongue. But when her mouth closed over him, her command took over and Fenrys howled, arching his back again.

And let the gods rain down hell and drag Fenrys back with them because Fenrys enjoyed it. And he hated himself for it. Even breaths flew out from his mouth, but he couldn’t stop his body from betraying him and enjoying every moment.

Fenrys shut his eyes as his pleasure overcame him and he howled his wolfish howl, twitching in Maeve’s mouth. The Queen grinned and as Fenrys came down from his horrible high and as he opened his eye, he saw the girl with a necklace of scars. “I believe” He whispered, Maeve too occupied with building up his next edge to hear.

The girl smiled and she stroked Fenrys’s face and the male could have sworn he felt her cool but comforting fingers. She leaned down and placed a kiss on his brow, and Fenrys knew she would be there the next time he came looking for her.

“What do I believe in?” Fenrys asked. He sat only a few feet away from the woman this time. She smiled and braced her elbows on her knees, biting her lip slowly. Fenrys’s eyes fell down then they snapped back up. No.

“You just have to believe” The girl smiled. She twirled the grass in her fingers, leaning her head back against the tree. “So when something comes along, you know what to do. Does that make any sense, Fenrys?”

“Not at all” Fenrys huffed again. He shifted back into a wolf and rested his head slightly on the girl’s knee. She smiled and scratched behind his ear until Fenrys fully rested the weight of his head on her leg.

“I’m new at this” The girl smiled and she rubbed the back of Fenrys’s neck gently, circling her thumb. Fenrys jerked away at the familiar touch and he lifted his head off her leg, going back to being ten feet away. “I’m sorry”

The wolf didn’t reply and she bit her lip, brushing her hair away from her necklace of scars. She brushed them gently and saw Fenrys watching.

“If you could look like anything…why keep them?

“I can not look like anything, contrary to your belief. This is who I am, scars and all”

“Are you a saving angel?” Fenrys scoffed. He buried his nose under his paws, watching her with skeptical eyes.

“Maybe” The girl smiled. She traced her fingers along her scars again, tossing her head back to stare at the heavens. “I go somewhere much better” She smiled and lied back against the grass, spreading her arms wide. “Do you believe, Fenrys?”

Fenrys gave a practically audible eyeroll but he nodded. When he looked up, his saving angel was gone. He sniffed at the grass that was slightly dented due to her body weight. She smelled of burning leaves this time.

As Fenrys was forced to lock himself back in his cage as the sun climb over the sky, he wondered what she would smell like next time.


“You seem happier” Connall commented, staying in the corner. He didn’t dare look at his brother as they both wiped their bodies clean of blood. Fenrys narrowed his eyes at his brother, then he shook his head. “You aren’t..enjoying it, are you?”

“Gods, no, Connall. How could you be so stupid?” Fenrys snarled. Connall cringed and he wiped the back of his neck, his cloth coming back a deep red. He shook his head and dipped it back in the bin.

“Connall, I’m sorry-” Fenrys walked forward to brace his hand on his brother’s shoulder but Connall slapped his hand away, snarls leaving from his mouth. He wrung out his cloth and scrubbed his knuckles and arms in silence.

Fenrys watched his brother and he cursed himself for acting the way he did. He remembered why he let himself be taken to bed every single day. So Connall wouldn’t have to.

He remembered he was trying to preserve the softness and gentle breeze that seemed to follow Connall around every time he walked in or out of a room. He was trying to save the sweetness that still laid within his twin’s eyes, even under Maeve’s rule.

“You will always hate me, won’t you? For trying to step out of your shadows?” Connall slammed his cloth into the bin. Red water splashed out and slid across the floor. Connall clenched his fists and he slid his shirt back on. “I look at you and I see competition, Fenrys. Always have. For our parents’ love and affection. For Maeve’s. For anyone’s. You’ve always been better, the White Wolf that can travel in the shadows? What am I? The back-up? You still save me, Fenrys, and when is enough enough? I will never be able to repay you for this” Connall walked past his brother and out of the room before Fenrys could answer.

Fenrys pulled his shoulders in as he watched Connall limp away. Even this morning, Fenrys had made most of the killing blows. The male set himself down on the stool and he groaned, burying his hands in his hair.

Was his brother right? No. Fenrys felt this urge this need, this yearning to stop every blade that was swung at his brother, even if it meant that he would have scars for the rest of his life.

He didn’t want Connall to be in his shadows. His shadows were the worst place to be. Dangerous, full of rage and a scary wildness. Fenrys shuddered and he gripped his head.

He screamed and knocked the bin over, throwing it against the wall and watching it break. Connall had joined the most cruel creature, just to get away from Fenrys. To have someone to protect, to serve, and to cherish.

And all Fenrys had done was follow him, pulling Connall right back into his deadly shadows. Fenrys felt small fingers prying his hands away from his face. He almost screamed again when sky-grey eyes met his onyx ones.

Fenrys got up quickly and he closed the door. He braced his back against it and the girl smiled softly. “No one can see me but you. But I can make myself visible to others. It will allow me to visit you in the day”  

“No” Fenrys shook his head. He let the girl gesture him back over and he sat down. She smiled and brushed the small cut on his lip, sitting on her knees between his thighs, staring up at the wolf. “You’re mine. My…hope”

“Hope” The girl smiled. “Is that what you want to name me? It’s pretty, but not original” She laughed softly and traced a crescent moon on Fenrys’s knee.

“Janus” Fenrys whispered. The girl’s head perked up and she smiled, nodding. “Goddesses of new beginnings”

“Oh I like that. Janus” She whispered. The girl smiled and she shimmered.

“Don’t go” Fenrys begged. The girl stopped shimmering and Fenrys gaped at her.

“I’ve only just gotten here, Fenrys” Her cheeks lit up as Fenrys touched them. She was…solid. Fenrys leaned forward and Janus smiled, bracing her chin on the side of her hand, cooing into his touch. “Names hold a lot of power. And I really like Janus”

“Mine?” Fenrys pressed his forehead against hers. To protect, serve, and cherish.

“Yes. Always” Janus smiled. She stroked Fenrys’s cheek and when the door swung open, Janus disappeared. Fenrys sat up straight and he looked over grumbling as he saw Gavriel.

“What?” The wolf spat out, standing up. Gavriel gave him soft eyes and Fenrys glared at him in return. “Don’t pity me or my brother, Kitten” Fenrys shoved past his cadre member, snarling.

“You should see your brother” Gavriel said, following him. Fenrys walked a bit faster, but Gavriel just kept a leisure pace, smiling at everyone woman they passed in the palace.

“I should do a lot of things. Above all, I should be in Maeve’s bed. You’re holding me up. Nice chat, Kitten”

“You will need somebody, Fenrys. Eventually”

“I will need no one” Fenrys growled. He skipped steps as he traveled up the spiral staircase. Fenrys didn’t look back once at the mountain lion as he walked to Maeve’s chambers, squaring his shoulders.

But when he saw Janus smiling softly, leaning against Maeve’s doors, Fenrys was wrong. He needed Janus. And when he walked into Maeve’s room and didn’t leave for the rest of the day, he pictured sky-grey eyes.


“Doranelle is an interesting place - look forward. People will think you’re talking to yourself” Janus shook her head and she giggled. She stopped at a flower cart and leaned over the woman, peering at the flowers. She sniffed then softly and grinned up at Fenrys.

Fenrys cocked his head to the side and the flower-woman looked up at him and smiled the same way Janus was smiling. But her smile made his blood curl and turn to ice. He quickly walked away and Janus squawked, running to keep up with him.

“I could always just make myself visible to others, Fenrys. I’d love to meet your friends” Janus looped her arm through Fenrys’s. She smiled and walked next him, her bare feet tapping along the stone grounds of Doranelle.

Fenrys spoke through clenched teeth, half-way to hide the fact he was talking to an invisible woman and half-way to hide the possessiveness he felt over said invisible woman. “I said you’re mine”

“Being visible won’t stop you from protecting, serving, and cherishing me, Fenrys” For some reason, those three words made Fenrys smile instead of cringe. He turned to look down at Janus and he nodded.

“I believe”

“Good, boy” Janus reached up and she rubbed behind Fenrys’s ears, hiding her laugh as the tip of his ear twitched. “Cute. We still have a long way to go, Fenrys”

Fenrys ducked them into a dark alley and he sat down, turning his back to the outside world. Janus slipped between his legs and he found himself stiffening less and less every time she did. “I still don’t understand the final destination”

“You will when we get there” Janus smiled. He cocked her head to the side and she looked behind Fenrys. She braced her chin on his knee. “I must go. Your friend is coming. I will be back, Fenrys of the Wolves”

Fenrys reached out, but Janus was already gone. He snarled and stood up, walking quickly out the dark alley. He saw Lorcan smirking and he only wanted to punch every tooth - fangs included - out of the demi-Fae’s mouth. “Did I interrupt something, Fenrys?”

“Don’t you always” Fenrys growled. He stared at the Hellas blessed Fae, cocking his head to the side. Loran was the equivalent to an adolescent giant. Same height, same ugly face, same ugly personality, and same moodiness.

“Rowan is looking to train again. I told him I would come get you before I do some…fun things” Lorcan smiled cruelly. Fenrys rolled his eyes and he walked away, but then Lorcan gripped his arm. “It would be a shame if…Maeve caught your little friend”

Fenrys snarled and he glared up at the Hellas Demi-Fae. Lorcan grinned and he let Fenrys go, like water slowly trickling through a punched hole in a dam. “Thank you, Fenrys, for your delicious candor” Lorcan waltzed away, picking at his nails with his blade.


Maeve rolled off of his damp body and Fenrys hated himself for whimpering at the loss of contact. She had claimed he wasn’t performing well and had dug her way through his mind. He was glad he had kept Janus a secret. She only saw grey eyes and white hair.

Maeve had tilted her head to the side and had said “Very well” then her eyes had turned the same shade of grey and the same bone white for her hair. Fenrys had shuddered and stared in horror. But those eyes were a frigid grey and her hair was the color of hopeless hope. And she still did not have the necklace of scars - Janus’s perfect imperfection.

Maeve had tamed the wolf by pinning him on his back again. She stayed in his mind and pleasured him there as well. It was thing to have this monster taking over his body and making the male and wolf within him howl in pleasure and beg for more. But to dig around in his mind, a sacred place, and make his mind yearn for her too, made Fenrys feel worthy of nothing.

Maeve had made him not only scream her name, but beg - beg - for more. Fenrys had never begged for anything. If there was one thing he wanted to beg from Maeve, it was death. Not more of her horrid touch.

He wanted her off of him, but those words, “You were made to protect, cherish, and serve me, Fenrys” had kept him in that bed, squeezing her hips tighter. She had snarled serve, serve, serve, over and over, and Fenrys served her.

He had reached up, then down, then out, then in, and every which way and had served Maeve until even the Queen of Faes couldn’t mask the pleasure Fenrys had given her. She was a female after all. And Fenrys was notorious for pleasing his females. But Maeve was not his, he was hers. Her toy.

“Serve me, Fenrys, serve me” She had said. Over and over. Commanding him to make her feel good. Commanding him to make her see stars. Commanding him, like the dog he was. The filthy dog he was.

When Maeve slid off him, Fenrys was panting. He stared at the ceiling, long since past trying to cover himself in blankets he would not find. Maeve liked the bed bare when he was there, which was almost every waking and sleeping hour.

Maeve sat up on her elbow and she stroked Fenrys’s face softly, dipping her fingers down the curve of his shoulder. “Kiss me, Fenrys” Fenrys stiffened. He clamped his lips shut and Maeve smirked. “Have it your way” She reached her hand down and Fenrys stilled, gripping onto the sheets.

It only took a few seconds for Maeve to have him howling, begging once again. She grinned and leaned down, bracing her other hand on Fenrys’s chest and she kissed him.

She tasted of apples. Fenrys kissed her back, as she dipped into his mind, making him eager. He gripped her hair and flipped them over, pinning her down. Maeve grinned and she grabbed Fenrys’s face, pulling him down. “Cherish me, Fenrys”

Fenrys cringed. He nodded. Cherish her. He couldn’t even imagine cherishing this cruel thing in his arms. He closed his eyes and he pictured the necklace of scars and he braced his knees in between Maeve’s legs, and cherished her all night long, into the day.


Her toes dug into the moss that covered the log. Janus smiled and she stared down at the waterfall, covering her mouth. She removed her hands and looked back at Fenrys.

“Do you know?” He asked, just barely balancing himself on the log. He was sure his body weight would crack the only thing that kept him and Janus from falling thirty feet. “Do you know what she…”

“I do. But even I don’t have the magic to stop Maeve. I am sorry” Janus stared down at the water below. “It is why I have brought you here. A good cleansing helps the mind, soul, and body” Janus looked back at Fenrys. “Do you believe?”

Fenrys believed this log was going to break, yes. But he nodded anyway. Janus grinned and she reached for the hem of her dress. Fenrys cringed and he looked away. Janus grabbed his face gently and she nodded. “Clothes can stay on. Either way, I want to see if Fenrys of the Wolves can swim”

Fenrys nodded and he leaned into the cool touch of Janus. She smelled of mist today. He swallowed as much of her scent as he could and he brushed her back gently.

Fenrys reached up and he took off his over coat, tossing it along the log. Janus smiled and she sat down on the log, watching Fenrys kick off his shoes and throw them to the other side then toe off his socks. “That’s quite enough, Fenrys. You’ve just gotten so much closer to your destination” Janus smiled up at the heavens, as if she was saying I told you so.

Janus stood up and she lifted her dress over her head. She wore a smaller, shorter, and tighter under dress beneath. Fenrys found himself staring too long then he looked away. Janus grinned and she spread her arms like a bird - like his saving angel. “Jump, Fenrys of the Wolves!” Janus leapt forward and she pencil-dived into the water below. She screamed and laughed, flinging her arms. She broke the surface and Fenrys found himself smiling.

“I believe” He whispered. He jumped in after her, breaking the surface a lot faster than Janus had. When he resurfaced, he sighed in relief to see Janus swimming on her back, giggling.

“I know you believe, Fenrys” She swam around the wolf and splashed him until he splashed her back. Janus squealed as Fenrys wrapped his arms around her waist and hauled her out of the water, tossing her over his shoulder.

He dunked her under and Janus laughed as she resurfaced. She danced in the water, tossing it to the skies. She swam on her back and on her front, her hair sticking to the sides of her face.

“Do you visit my brother? Or anyone else?” Fenrys asked. He pulled himself onto the bank, his bronze body shimmering. Janus swam up to him and Fenrys opened his legs wide enough, letting her rest between them. He was slowly understanding that Janus didn’t just like being in between them to get a better look at his face.

“No. I don’t, Fenrys. I am yours, forever”

“I don’t want you to go” Fenrys reached forward and he cupped her face. He leaned forward more and more until he was hovering over her, the sounds of the waterfall blocking out their breaths.

“Then don’t think about it” Janus cupped his face. She scratched behind his ear and smiled when his ear twitched. Slowly, ever so slowly, Fenrys let a smile take over his face. Then Janus was gone and Fenrys grasped at the grass where she used to be.


Fenrys shook. He shook as rage and fear took over his body. He couldn’t think straight. He tried to imagine a necklace of scars and a giggle that made butterflies break free from their cocoons, but pure rage took over. Fenrys screamed and he ran towards Maeve.

Vaughan and Lorcan caught him around the arms. Fenrys kicked at them and he screamed at the evil Queen that would forever have a hold over him. “Let him go!”

Maeve stayed on her throne and she watched, a small smile playing on her devil red lips. She tapped her nails against the side of her head. She was dressed for the occasion. Completely red. Dress, lips, hair, nails. Her eyes were a dark stormy grey.

Fenrys fought harder and he knew Maeve was letting him have this sliver of control. To make it worse. “Do you know what happened, Fenrys? I grew a bit tired of you, but Connall was there when you were not” He was with Janus. Fenrys’s face fell as he stared down at his brother. “He did not perform well, I’m afraid he’s been gone too long”

“Let him go. Your fight is with me”

“On the contrary. Where one twin is involved, the other gets dragged along. It’s the fun of having both of you” Maeve grinned cruelly. She sipped her blood red wine and she licked her lips softly. “Count them off, Connall”

“Don’t do it!” Fenrys screamed. He tried to fight off Vaughan and Lorcan, but nothingness had overtaken their eyes. He watched his brother be pinned down by Gavriel. “Don’t do it, Maeve!”

Connall clenched his jaw. He looked up at Maeve, mouthing I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Fenrys could tell Maeve had taken control of his mind. Connall would never apologize for something like this.

“One!” Connall screamed as the iron barbed wired whip sliced across his back. Fenrys screamed and he tried to kick at Vaughan’s knees, trying to yank his arms out of Lorcan’s grip. To get to Connall.

“Two!” Connall screamed again, bracing his hands on the ground. Fenrys cringed and he fell limp as Lorcan punched him in the stomach. He wheezed slightly and could only listen to his brother scream, “Three! Four!”, Fenrys snarled and he shifted as Connall screamed “Five!”.

Maeve grinned and she watched with slight amusement, tilting her head to the side. Fenrys didn’t know what was happening until a twin whip slashed across his eye. He howled in pain and then he came down again. “I yield!” Connall screamed. He had counted to sixteen before he could no longer handle the pain.

Fenrys whimpered and he curled in a ball. Maeve put her hand up and she stood up, walking off her throne - click click click. She smiled and reached down and lifted Connall’s head up. “Soak his wounds in salt water. Now.”

Fenrys whimpered and he pawed at the ground. His left eye was drowning in his blood and he could only watched in horror was Rowan Whitethorn and Gavriel dunked his brother in cold salt water and Connall’s screams filled Doranelle.


“She tries to break you, Fenrys” Janus pressed the cool cloth to his eye. She ran her slim fingers through his golden hair. She sighed and looked down at the shaking Fae.

“She’s winning” Fenrys bowed his head, burying his face in Janus’s side. Janus smiled gently and she made Fenrys hold the cloth to his eye. She crawled over to Connall, assessing his back. “Will she not notice both our absences?”

“Maeve will find she was pleasured immensely tonight. She will not know the different if you are both back by dawn” Janus nearly snarled her words. Fenrys wondered who was doing the pleasuring. She knelt over Connall and she smiled.

“I have questions. And I want them answered” Janus nodded and she spread the green paste over Connall’s wounds. The Black Wolf moaned and whimpered, shifting from wolf to man yet again.

“Who are you? What are you? Where do you come from? Why me? Why not Connall? Does someone visit Connall? Are you it? Does someone like you visit every male? Does-”

“Slow down” Janus laughed softly. She blew across Connall’s forehead, pushing his fever at bay. “I am Janus. I am the White Wolf. I come from your mother, Fenrys. I am your guardian. Connall has my sister, the Black Wolf. I’m not sure what the universe has in plan for other males, but only my sister and I visit you and your brother”

“My…mother?” Fenrys whimpered. He fell limp, feelings drowning him. Janus crawled over to him quickly. Fenrys eagerly let her slide between his legs and cup his face.

“I was there when you were born. I vowed to watch over you” Janus reached forward and she brushed the side of his face, pulling the cloth down. She didn’t cringe away from his brutalized eye, only looked at it. “It will heal. I promise”

“Tell me more about her. Please” Fenrys cupped Janus’s face. He saw it then. The Wolf in her eyes. Janus smiled sweetly and she kissed the side of Fenrys’s face, and the Fae found himself leaning into her soft lips.

“I wish I could, Fenrys. One day I will and I will honor your mother” Janus brushed her scars. She settled herself between Fenrys’s legs and the wolf leaned forward, pressing her back tightly against his chest and nuzzling her neck.


“I promise with my life, Fenrys” Janus smiled and she wrapped his arms around her, watching Connall.

“Will he be okay?”

“Yes” Janus bowed her head. “You will both get through this. After the Darkness”

“What does that mean?”

Connall stirred, moaning. Janus pulled herself away from Fenrys and she checked on Connall’s scars, lifting up the rags that had been her dress. She sighed and washed the scars down again. “It is a brutal way of healing them, the salt water, but the wounds will be fine scars soon enough. You should go. Come back to me tomorrow, Fenrys”

“Will that be our good bye?”

“Of course not, Fenrys. Should you ever truly need me again, I will come back”

“I won’t need you again, will I?” Fenrys asked, as he carefully picked up his brother. Connall grunted and he opened his eyes, smiling at Janus. His eyes fluttered closed and Fenrys knew, his brother loved Janus’s sister the way he loved Janus.

Janus was already gone.


Janus smiled down at the White Wolf, basking in the sun. She rubbed his stomach slowly, looking down at the small scar over his eye. She moved her fingers over to his back, rubbing again. “You have grown so much, Fenrys. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it will make a difference.

“A flame is coming, Fenrys” Janus continued. “A flame that will burn Maeve to ashes and pull you and Connall out of the Darkness. She will be the one you yearn to protect, serve, and cherish. She is what you need to believe in.

“Do you believe, Fenrys?” Janus looked down at him. She smiled and rubbed his snout gently, kissing it. Fenrys lifted his head up and he nodded.

He shifted and pulled Janus into his lap. “Before you go, I need to- I need to be able to touch someone and have- have them touch me without…” Fenrys felt like the dog he was when he was with Maeve. How dare he ask this of Janus? Janus, who might as well have been his second mother. But when he was with her, maternal love was not the only thing Fenrys felt.

Janus smiled and she stared down at Fenrys. “It would be my honor, Fenrys. But the honor, alas, is not mine. I know, though it seems far away, a Wildthing will ride in on the winds and sweep you off your feet. A hair of gold and a gaze of light. A scream louder than your roar, and a temper wilder than yours. The honor is hers. Caged, branded, and tamed like you. But you Fenrys, are of the Wolves, and you are not tamed. The honor is hers”

“I believe, Janus” Fenrys smiled. He held her face and he held on tighter when Janus began to glow. “Please, not yet”

“I believe too, Fenrys” Janus smiled. She leaned forward and the wind licked Fenrys’s lips, as Janus disappeared for the last time. Fenrys held onto nothing and he stared at where Janus was.

But he held onto something. Janus had told him he only had to believe. And whatever Maeve threw at him. Fenrys would believe in the flame. And he would believe in his Wildthing.

This is so so so long but thank you for sticking through to the end. I really love this concept and I hope you loved it too. 

Extra : The term “Wildthing” came from @propshophannah fanfics called Wildthing and I loved it so much, I hope she doesn’t mind I borrowed it. Here are her Part 1 and Part 2 you should really read this FenrysxAsterin fanfic.

Sick Arin

Arin could barely even open his eyes without feeling like garbage. He wrapped himself up in three different blankets. His nose felt stuffy and gross. To top it all off, his eyes were puffy. His head pounded each time he moved and his entire body ached with such pain that he found himself stuck in an awkward, pathetic position on the couch. Every time he tried to speak, a gross croak came from his throat.

“Sup, you sassy son of a bitch,” Dan called from the front doorway. “We’re on sick baby duty!”

“W-we,” Arin mumbled, eyes not even able to open.

“I brought soup, asshole, you better be ready to go to flavor town,” Brian’s voice continued.

Dan immediately threw himself onto his knees near the couch, his palms pressed against Arin’s flushed cheeks.

“Talk to me, buddy! Are you dying? You better not fuckin’ die on me, man! I CAN’T MURDER ROSS ALOOOOONE,” he swooned dramatically, caressing Arin’s cheeks.

“…’m fiiiine,” Arin answered, his voice weak as he nuzzled into Dan’s chest. “…’s jus’ a cold…”

Brian and Dan sandwiched Arin on the couch and joined under the largest blanket.

“You get started on the soup and we’ll pop in an anime, alright,” Brian said, his tone the least harsh its ever been.

“You hate anime,” Arin whispered.

“And here I am, tolerating it for your sick ass. Funny how love works, huh?”

“…luh you guuuuys,” Arin yawned, pulling himself into both of their laps.

“We’re pretty fantastic, so I’m not surprised, you sick bitch,” Dan murmured, kissing Arin’s forehead and unscrewing the top of the soup thermos. “Now open wide for the soup train~”

“Don’t eat it until Dan makes the ‘choo choo’ sounds,” Brian demanded. “I gotta make someone suffer while I’m here.”

“Bri, are you serious,” Dan whined.

“Look at Arin’s poor, sick little faaaaace. You don’t wanna disappoint him, would you?”

“Choo…choo…” Dan mumbled, hiding his face in his scarf.

Winchester’s Garage and Salvage

Imagine applying to work for Dean at his garage, and him giving you three days to prove you’re worth hiring. 

Author’s Note: This Dean x reader is a couple different requests put together! For working with Dean at his garage, fighting with Dean but him having a soft spot for you, and reader and Dean getting along only because they’re both stubborn. 

Dean is callous and rude in the beginning. The story is based off of him running the garage/salvage by himself, so presumably Sam has left him and Bobby is gone. Dean has a dog. Dean doesn’t really like the dog, but he keeps it around because it’s Sam’s. There was SO much more I wanted to do with this but I didn’t have time. Oh well! I tried to fit a lot in there. Dean and reader are both stubborn and fight but cute fluff in the end! It’s comical/light. Oh and there’s probably a ton of typos… it’s really early in the morning.  

Warnings: Dean being a jerk, drinking, language, 

I wiped my palms off on the front of my jean shorts and scooped my hair up into a messy pony tail. Three different jobs in the last week, and each left me high and dry. I needed this, bad. The rusted carcasses of vehicles surrounded me on every side. I was fairly familiar with most of the models, drawing on what my father had taught me as a child. I used to resent him for the hours we spent sitting in the garage together, but his captive education might come in handy now. The long dirt road lined with scrapped cars eventually ended in front of a small building. The windows were thick with dust and the door was wide open to the summer air. I sighed and silently prayed this wouldn’t be an unfortunate end to an unsuccessful day. When I crossed the threshold my feet creaked across the aged floor, alerting a sleeping dog not far away. He immediately rose and scampered towards me, floppy ears shaking with each step. I dropped to his level and rubbed the scruff around his collar. 

“Hey, boy. Yeah, you’re a cutie. What’s your name?” The dog lapped at my hand in wordless approval. 

 "Bones! Come!“ A gruff voice startled both of us and the dog retreated behind a pair of jean clad legs not far away. I slowly followed their bowed length upwards till I met piercing eyes and a stubble framed scowl. The man had his arms crossed over his chest and a blackened bandanna jutted from his front pocket. I’m not sure what was more startling, the rumble of his words or the intensity of his sharp, dirt smudged features. "Can I help you?” His impatient tone suggested he had little intention of carrying on the conversation longer than necessary. I quickly tried to recover my chance at making a good impression. 

 "You’ve got a nice dog.“ He narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down repeatedly. When he finally did speak it was perfectly disinterested. 

"He’s not mine. Look, are you lost, hon?” Great, he was a total hard ass. “I’ve got an long driveway for reason. You’re a little old to be selling Girl Scout cookies, aren’t you?" 

"I’m here about the help wanted sign out by the road. I was hoping-” Before I could repeat my well practiced request for employment, the man erupted with callous laughter. 

“Is something funny?” He stopped all too abruptly and cocked his head. 

“Oh wait, you’re serious? You really think you can work here? You might chip a nail.”  By now I had indignantly placed my hands on my hips. I scoffed and imitated his prideful stance. 

Don’t patronize me, Winchester. I may look like just another girl, but give me a chance… That’s a nice Impala you’ve got out there. 327, 4-barrel, V-8 engine, automatic, 4-dr, hardtop… How’s she handle?” The man’s jade eyes widened, suddenly appearing like gems amidst the grime on his face. He swallowed back surprise and gave a little shrug. 

“Like a champ; I see you’ve done your reading… Tell you what, if you can last a three days here, the job’s yours. Six tomorrow, don’t be late.” I smirked and nodded quickly. At the first sign of my excitement he grimaced. “And please, just call me Dean.”


The first day of working for Dean was brutal. I arrived at six in the morning and sat outside for thirty minutes before he showed up at the door in boxers and a T-shirt. He squinted at me for a long time before finally allowing me inside. He didn’t offer me any of the coffee I could smell brewing, or any friendly conversation. His first job for me was organizing the paperwork in the office. I muttered a few frustrated remarks about "administrative punctuality” and “sexist assignments.” But he wasn’t phased by it in the least. I sat, sorting various piled receipts and bills for three hours in that 99 degrees Fahrenheit hell-hole. 

 "Dean, how come some of these bills aren’t even in your name? In fact, they’re in a bunch of different names…“ I studied the few photo frames on his desk. There was one of him and a man with long hair, the slight family resemblance suggested a brother or cousin. Another showed a graying man in a wheel chair in front of the salvage yard. Probably his father. A clatter from the adjacent room sent the dog running to lie under my feet. 

 "Dammit, Bones! I buy you toys and all you want is my clothes!” The golden retriever dropped a wrinkled plaid shirt by my shoe. I grinned and patted his head softly. 

 "Good boy, Bones. Is he always so grumpy?“ The sound of Dean clearing his throat nearly sent me out of my chair. He was standing there, bare chested and just as unimpressed as ever. He must have just gotten out of the shower because I could actually see his facial features for the lack of grime. I was surprised how handsome he was, despite the stern brow. 

 "May I have my shirt?” Honestly I had no interest in giving him the plaid button down. The view I had was already perfect. His time working in the garage left his upper body bulky and toned. The curved of his shoulders seemed to be carved of marble. 

“I asked nicely. Now quit gawking and give me the shirt.” He crossed his arms, which just brought further accent to the muscles there. Even while he was glaring I had to laugh as I tossed the material in his direction. His wet hair was dripping slightly when he began to button up the shirt, eyes still on me and jaw set firmly. 

“Now if you’re done playing secretary. Let’s go do some work." 


 By the time the sun was setting I was covered in sweat and grease. Dean was merciless. We replaced tires, welded frames, hauled scrap, and painted bumpers, and that was just before lunch. My entire body ached and I was ready to take a nice long shower, even though going straight to sleep sounded just as inviting. Throughout the day Dean didn’t say much, but his lack of words wasn’t a lack of communication. I could tell from his behavior that he was growing more and more used to me being around. He stopped making rude remarks whenever I attempted to carry something, and refrained from calling me weak when I had to stop for a break. By the end of the day we were content to work side by side in silence, and that said more than any compliment could have. When I was getting ready to leave I leaned against the door frame to say goodbye to Bones. 

 "Looks like he’s going to try to follow you home.” Dean frowned at the dog’s affection towards me. “Damn traitor.” I laughed and swung my backpack up over my shoulder. 

 "Nah, he knows where home is. Speaking of home, I’d better get going. Have a good night, Dean.“ The man across from me nodded and waved me away with his hand. I smiled at his passive gesture and began the long trek down the road. 

Even at dusk the summer air felt hot and oppressive on my already damp skin. I was about a hundred yards down the road when I heard an engine roar to life and the crunch of tires over gravel. The creeping noise became louder and louder, till I looked behind and saw Dean driving up beside me in his Impala. He stuck his head out the window to get me to stop walking. 

"Where are you going?” I looked at him as if he was crazy, and at this point it seemed like a possibility. 

 "What do you mean, I’m going home.“ He rolled his eyes like I was the biggest idiot he’d spoken to in months. I was probably the only person he’d spoken to in months. 

 "There’s nothing within two miles of here. Where the hell is home?” His teeth were grinding when he asked, this time sure that I understood the question. I sighed heavily and continued walking. The impala stayed moving slowly beside me. When I was sure he wasn’t going to leave me alone I relented. 

 "… The motel on the corner of Cooper and Dodge Mill. It’s no big deal, I’m kinda in between places right now.“ My living conditions were embarrassing to say the least, but Dean isn’t seem too surprised. I wondered if maybe he was familiar with staying in motels. 

 "At least let me drive you.” The road felt especially long now that my legs were sore. I shook my head, but not before he recognized my consideration. “I know you can handle yourself, but climb in. You’ve earned it." 

 Our car ride was comfortably silent. I thumbed through the box of tapes under the seat and smiled at his taste in music. When I stuck an ACDC track into the player he didn’t object, and I sang along by myself through the short drive to the motel. When we pulled in I didn’t expect a goodbye, but Dean yelled after me. 

 "Hey!” I reluctantly spun on my heel, half anticipating a cruel joke. “You did good today kid, keep it up.” The man at the wheel gave a barely-there grin before burning out of the parking lot. 


The second day started well. Dean and I even talked for a bit, although about nothing in particular. But as the day dragged on we both became less inclined to speak and closer to snap at each other. One spat became two, and soon we were screaming at one another from across the junkyard. Dean called my work shitty, and I called his attitude shitty. He said I was a stupid girl who couldn’t keep a job, so I said he was a grumpy ‘old’ man who couldn’t keep any friends. Soon we were throwing insults with same force we had been putting into our scrap metal. As soon as the day was over I grabbed my things and began to throw down his

“I finished everything you asked. Here’s your wrench and your stupid shirt.” I unbuttoned the flannel I had been wearing over my tank top and tossed it into the floor for Bones. “Go to hell, Winchester. A day with you makes me feel like I’m already there.” Dean yelled at the dog to come back with his shirt, and then at me out the door.

“Good luck getting a job, you ungrateful wench!” I flipped him off and began my trek down the driveway. All I could think about was getting out of here, and maybe breaking something back at the motel… if everything in the damn room wasn’t broken already. It was getting dark quickly, and by the time I reached the main road I couldn’t see much besides the few vehicles passing by. Suddenly my world was enveloped in the bright glow of headlights as someone pulled up beside me. I hoped it was a cop. When my eyes readjusted I swore under my breath and pretended not to see. 

   “Get in the car.” Dean reached across to open the door to me, but I pushed it shut. 

“No, Dean! Go back to your shitty little garage." 

 "I’m not letting you walk home at night alone so you can get picked up by some lonely truck driver.” Now that he mentioned it, my situation was fairly unnerving. I had never walked this road at night before, and the only drivers I had seen so far were semis hauling freight to god knows where. Dean growled and pounded a fist on the steering wheel. 

 "Y/N, get in the frickin car or I will follow your stubborn ass all the way to White Pines.“ With a look that could kill I finally ripped open the door and threw my bag between us. “I hate you.” He just shrugged and turned the radio up too loudly for either of us to speak over. 


 The next morning I was still pissed off when I woke up. I debated gathering my things and spending my last dimes on a bus ticket to a neighboring town. At least somewhere else I wouldn’t have to be harassed by my "boss” and treated like an incompetent child. I stormed around my room for a while until the anger had mostly subsided, but in my pacing something in the window caught my eye. My attention was drawn to a shiny black vehicle parked outside, the sleek paint job reflecting the rising sun perfectly. I could recognize that ride anywhere. 

 I threw on my only set of clean clothes and slammed my door on the way out. Dean watched me march across the pavement till I was close enough to touch. My nostrils were flaring and my heart was pumping as I glared into his eyes with every bit of frustration that had kept me awake for most of the night. From the looks of his face, he didn’t sleep well either. 

 "Dean Winchester you are the biggest asshole I know.“ I snarled at him before walking around the the passenger side and throwing myself in the seat. Nothing I did before then surprised him, but now he sat dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape. I jammed a cassette into the radio and rolled my window down roughly. 

 "Well what the hell are you waiting for? We have work to do, don’t we?” He stared for a few more seconds, completely unsure of how to respond. The first change in his features was a sudden smile, one wider than I had ever seen on his face. He shook his head and revved the engine. 

 "And you, Y/N, are the craziest, most stubborn woman I know.“ 


 We had only worked half of the third day when Dean did something out of character. He motioned me to follow him inside to the fridge, brought out a pack of beer, and shoved one into my hand. I wrinkled my forehead at him. 

 "What do you want me to do with this?” He threw his head back in a loud laugh, one so unusually happy that even Bones lifted his chin off the floorboards. 

“Well generally people drink it, but do whatever you want I guess.” His soft green eyes were gleaming with mischief when he ripped the top of his own can open and poured it into his mouth like a desert man drinks water. I still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t some kind of test, so I drank very slowly, eyes on Dean for any clue as to what was going on. Finally, after polishing off his second can he leaned back on the counter and returned my gaze. 

 "I wanted to apologize, Y/N.“ I watched his 5 o'clock shadow shift with the clenching of his jaw. "For yesterday.” I found myself increasingly uncomfortable with this new openness. I wasn’t sure how to approach Dean when he wasn’t biting back insults. 

 "Do you usually apologize to people by bribing them with cheap beer?“ He gave me a familiar scowl and flicked a can tab at my face. 

"You’re ruining it again. This morning I didn’t even have time to speak before you went bat shit crazy and jumped in the Impala.” I blushed down at my drink and tried to hide behind several large gulps. Before I knew it the can was empty. 

 "You were going to apologize? That’s why you came?“ Dean nodded and smirked at the thought of my erratic behavior. I shifted from side to side awkwardly and wished I hadn’t been such a hot head. 

 "You’ve been really… Good, to put up with me. I know I can be difficult sometimes.” I nearly spat out my drink when he spoke. 

 "Sometimes? Dean you’re a regular pain in the ass, most of the time.“ He chuckled in surrender and tossed another beer my direction. "So…” I kicked at one of the crinkled cans on the floor and tried to keep my voice from breaking. Dean eyed me impatiently when I didn’t finish my question. 

“So what?” His regular disgust painted his tone and made me feel comfortable. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst. 

 "Are you hiring me?“ He emptied the beer in his hand while I waited. My heart was pounding out of my chest before he finally crusted the can in his fist and tossed it into the bin. When he did speak it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down.

 "Y/N, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been hired for three days now." 


 That night I grabbed my things and headed towards the door, but Dean didn’t budge from his place on the couch. I waited a little while longer before turning to make sure he saw me. When I looked up his eyes were already locked with mine. “What, you’re not going to give me a ride home?" 

 "Nope.” He enjoyed watching me stand there, clueless as to what to do or what was happening. His little grin made me both curious and nervous. 

“You didn’t just get the job. Let me show you something.” Dean looked strangely childish as he motioned me to follow him past the garage door and to an old flight of stairs. Each step creaked loudly under our weight. The walls rising around us were printed in a faded floral wallpaper that seemed quite homey. I guess Dean didn’t care to paint over this section of the house. When we finally reached the top of the staircase he stopped in front of a door and smiled back at me. I could see his excitement in the way he ushered me closer. 

“Close your eyes.” I laughed at his request and crossed my arms over my t shirt.   

“No way in hell, Dean. I don’t trust you for a second.” He rolled his eyes, and bit the inside of his cheek in an annoyed smirk. 

“Come on, just do it. You’re ruining the surprise… Here, let me help.” Before I could protest he removed the bandanna from his pocket and was placing it over eyes carefully. My hands thrust forward and grabbed his shirt to compensate for the sudden darkness, and then it was his to laugh. I felt his chuckle vibrate in my clutching fingers as he tied the cloth gently. I could smell the earthy scents of oil and dirt on the rag, as well as spicy aftershave from him being so close. When he was finished, he began to guide me by my shoulders into the surrounding blackness.

 "See, that wasn’t so hard.“ I stuck my tongue out at him and he muttered "stubborn asshole” into my ear. The door creaked and I was walked into a room I had never been in before. I could already tell it was brighter than most places in the house from the light just barely seeping through my blindfold. 

 "Where are we?“ Dean ran a calloused hand up and down one of my arms and I hoped he didn’t notice the way it made me shiver. 

 "Okay, ready? You can open your eyes.” Sudden brightness flooded my vision and I had to squint for a moment. With each blink the room around me came into being. The first thing I noticed was the large, circular window on the wall that overlooked the field outback. A plain but clean white curtain hung in front of the glass and fluttered above a small bed. The mattress was piled with blankets of varying sizes and mismatched colors. Some where probably handmade gifts from loved ones. A little TV sat across from the bed and some refurbished tables and dressers gave the room overall congruence. I couldn’t imagine why Dean would need something like this. 

 "It’s not much, I know, but I’ve been to the White Pines motel and I can guarantee this is better.“ It was all starting to make sense. Dean was walking around the room pointing out various things, but I was too busy looking at him to notice what he gestured to. 

 "It’s a new mattress, cable TV, running water that actually gets hot. I put up a mirror over here…” He looked so satisfied with the work he had put in. That same sense of accomplishment he got when he fixed something was in his eyes now. And it was for me. 

 "Oh and there’s an empty bureau here for your clothes.“ He scratched at the back of his hair and shrugged shyly, suddenly aware I was staring. 

 "And best of all you’re right over your job. No more long walls to work.” Gratitude like I had never know was threatening to tear me apart at the seams. Dean had given me a job, a home, a new life… Tears were welling in my eyes and there was nothing I could say without letting them go. My silence must have come across as disinterest because Dean started to speak quicker and with less pride. 

 "I mean, if you don’t want it I’ll still give you a ride from the motel…“ Before he could finish I threw my arms around his neck in a crushing hug. My head was tucked into his shoulder perfectly, and I hid my tears in his shirt. 

 "Dean, of course I want it! It’s perfect!” He was stunned for a moment, hands limp down at his sides before reaching up to rub circles in between my shoulder blades. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of him. 

“Thank you, for everything."