and a different three every time i tried


So I’ve been having this theory, and it’s a bit complicated but hear me out….

Main point: it’s not anti that’s returning again, cos as proven by “Jack”

So if anti’s always been around, of course it’s not him appearing in that glitch in Detention. Cos in actuality…

It’s Jack himself.

Every time Anti appeared in a glitch he was either smiling, freaking out, covered in blood, or all three. But it doesn’t look that way this time. It’s different.

(i tried to get a better screenshot, but you can see it clear in the gifs) This isn’t a menacing looking face. Rather, it looks like Jack’s confused by something, maybe wondering if the camera can actually see him? cos when you look at when he’s adjusting his camera in a past prop hunt episode (couldnt get a better screenshot sorry :P)

He has the SAME LOOK as he was fixing the camera so it could see him.

And when “Jack” is responding to anything about anti, it’s all normal, even (dare I say) a bit too excited about all of it??

Oh but what about the pointing and the whole “Forgotten but just too afraid to remember biz?” Why would Jack point and why emphasize that?

well my friend, it’s definitely not cos we forgot about anti. pete’s sake, we were still including him in oxenfree fanart. NO, INSTEAD WE FORGOT ABOUT SAVING JACK!

WE FORGOT THAT THERE WAS NEVER A RESOLUTION TO “SAY GOODBYE”! We freaked out, tried to figure out how to save him for a bit, then poof jack’s all hunky dory saying he’s ok WHEN IN ACTUALLY IT WAS ANTI THE WHOLE TIME.

Jack saying how much fun he had with the community freaking us out, who’s to say Anti didn’t have fun either?? i mean he practically thrives off of it right? So all this time, we thought Jack was ok, when in reality we’ve just moved on from him, FORGOT ABOUT SAVING HIM, and carried on watching Anti like normal :). That is until the real Jack started to finally rebel a little by giving us a major clue…

It’s our fault that all this anti stuff happened, we were too afraid to think that we were never able to protect Jack from him. Quite possibly the real Jack knows this sad fact all too well and possibly blames us for it, and anti will never let us forget that we failed….

So don’t be surprised if in a video you hear somewhere in the distance:

H̢҉͚͕͈͙̙̦̼̤̮̳̗ͅE̵̶̴͉͔̣̮̤̮̻̘̕ͅL̨̩͎̜̙̕P̀͜͠͡҉̻̺̼̩͇̠͖̰͙̣̼͈͎̪̘̠̲͎ ̧̦̩̙̰̝̩̠̹̼͚̞͇̰̹͍͇̞̯̯̀͝M̷̵̝͍̫̬̼͔̣͎͓͟͞E̸̡̬̺̣̘̫̜̰̱̯̞̬͚͔͖̜͡ͅͅͅ.̴͔̲̮̗͇̫̲̝̮̩̗̣ͅ.̴̷̡̝̦̤̟͖͍̹̭̣̭̺̼̥͍͎̭͙.҉̴̡̠͎̲̼͈͕̯̫͍͙͚͔̘̜̩̀͝.̵̴̡̥̜̼͔̻͕̞̗̯̞̻̥͚͚̦͖͍

IwaOiKage Headcanons

HQ OT3 + WEEK // Day three // Victory or Loss

Once again I am a little late and this time with some headcanons for victory and loss. Also, this is kind of a continuation of my previous post.

  • Kageyama, Oikawa and Iwaizumi went to different universities, but they still play volleyball and every time they have games against each other mild drama ensues.
  • Iwaizumi has never won any of the official games against Oikawa or Kageyama and he tries to be mature, but he’s actually really salty and frustrated.
  • However, he doesn’t take his anger out on his boyfriends unless he gets teased too much (by Oikawa).
  • He holds one victory over Oikawa in a practice match and he is actually really proud of it, but he can’t admit it because he knows Oikawa would tease him even more.
  • At least neither Kageyama nor Oikawa were ever able to beat him in arm wrestling.
  • The volleyball rivalry between Kageyama and Oikawa is way worse and no matter how much Oikawa loves Kageyama, he is still bitter that he’s less talented than the younger boy.
  • He somewhat got over it and they often practise together in their free time but an official game is still a very serious matter for both of them.
  • In their first game against each other Oikawa’s team won against Kageyama’s team and Oikawa kept rubbing it so much in Kageyama’s face that he didn’t want to share a bed with him for a while.
  • The three of them ended up all alone sleeping in their own rooms because Iwaizumi didn’t want to decide and prefer one over the other.
  • Oikawa and Kageyama reconciled about one week later when Oikawa’s team lost before they could reach the nationals and Kageyama came home just to find him crying.
  • Kageyama laid down next to Oikawa on the couch and cuddled with him. They both fell asleep and only woke up when Iwaizumi came home in the evening.
  • And yet Oikawa only apologised properly after Iwaizumi had scolded him because he hadn’t of his own accord.
  • Kageyama’s team won their second game against Oikawa’s team and Kageyama was really surprised that Oikawa still wanted to go home together with him.
  • When he asked him about it Oikawa said, “I just wanted to give you the chance to go to nationals, Tobio-chan! And with this it’s only two losses and two wins!”
  • Kageyama knew that Oikawa only tried to play his feelings down for the sake of their relationship, so he mostly left him alone for the rest of the day and let him and Iwaizumi share a bed without him.
  • It took around a week until Kageyama was woken up in the middle of the night by Oikawa who climbed into his bed to cuddle with him.
  • Kageyama’s team made it quite far and actually went to nationals. Iwaizumi and Oikawa went to cheer him on as often as possible.
  • Oikawa complained a lot but whenever they were actually watching a game, he was totally mesmerised and Iwaizumi knows that Oikawa secretly loves to watch Kageyama play.
  • They lost in the semi-final but since it was only his first year and he has two very loving boyfriends he got over the loss rather quickly

WOW I am so sorry this took so long, @bella1694 and @sungscheps! I hope you guys don’t mind that I did one story for both of your prompts, since they sort of worked together. It is longer than all the others, so that kind of makes up for it, I guess.

Pairing: Phoenix/Maya

Prompts: “I almost lost you.” AND “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

Word Count: 2,042

Note: I didn’t feel like researching medical stuff so I tried to be as vague as possible.

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Sick Arin

Arin could barely even open his eyes without feeling like garbage. He wrapped himself up in three different blankets. His nose felt stuffy and gross. To top it all off, his eyes were puffy. His head pounded each time he moved and his entire body ached with such pain that he found himself stuck in an awkward, pathetic position on the couch. Every time he tried to speak, a gross croak came from his throat.

“Sup, you sassy son of a bitch,” Dan called from the front doorway. “We’re on sick baby duty!”

“W-we,” Arin mumbled, eyes not even able to open.

“I brought soup, asshole, you better be ready to go to flavor town,” Brian’s voice continued.

Dan immediately threw himself onto his knees near the couch, his palms pressed against Arin’s flushed cheeks.

“Talk to me, buddy! Are you dying? You better not fuckin’ die on me, man! I CAN’T MURDER ROSS ALOOOOONE,” he swooned dramatically, caressing Arin’s cheeks.

“…’m fiiiine,” Arin answered, his voice weak as he nuzzled into Dan’s chest. “…’s jus’ a cold…”

Brian and Dan sandwiched Arin on the couch and joined under the largest blanket.

“You get started on the soup and we’ll pop in an anime, alright,” Brian said, his tone the least harsh its ever been.

“You hate anime,” Arin whispered.

“And here I am, tolerating it for your sick ass. Funny how love works, huh?”

“…luh you guuuuys,” Arin yawned, pulling himself into both of their laps.

“We’re pretty fantastic, so I’m not surprised, you sick bitch,” Dan murmured, kissing Arin’s forehead and unscrewing the top of the soup thermos. “Now open wide for the soup train~”

“Don’t eat it until Dan makes the ‘choo choo’ sounds,” Brian demanded. “I gotta make someone suffer while I’m here.”

“Bri, are you serious,” Dan whined.

“Look at Arin’s poor, sick little faaaaace. You don’t wanna disappoint him, would you?”

“Choo…choo…” Dan mumbled, hiding his face in his scarf.

maybe an unpopular opinion but… different sexual needs are a valid reason to break up over. and i do not just mean lack of sexual needs, I also mean even those who need sex twice, three times a day. im talking about ppl who r really kinky but also ppl who enjoy only quiet simple sex. yes you guys can be perfect for eachother in every other way, it still gives you the right to find someone who fits you better sexually. sex is important in a relationship, whether it’s the frequency, variety or lack of sex. never let someone tell you that ‘you could have just tried to compensate’ to make it work.

Requested: No

Word count: 1.317

Content warning: Abuse, and swearing 

Author: Julia

A/N: If you like this and think I should make a part 2, please let me know x

Y/N and Ashton get into a huge fight ending with the words “I don’t love you anymore.”

“Honestly, Y/B/F/N, he’s stood me up three times this week alone. Then he tried to make me feel bad for not being able to take his calls, while I was at uni!” You groan, throwing your head back on the sofa. “What do I do?”

There was so much running through your head, you didn’t know if it was worth it anymore. Things were so different when he was on tour. He would skype you almost every night, he was charming, and no the asshole that he’d grown to be. The worst of it all, he took all of it out on you. He was sweet and caring to everyone, he just saved his bad side for you.

“Honestly Y/N, I’ve seen you cry more times than I’ve seen you happy with him. He’s not the same guy that I saw you fall for.” Y/B/F/N frowned. You knew what she was getting at. It was time, time to try and move on.

“I know.” You whisper through a shaken voice. “Hey, you can come back here tonight if you need to. I just want you to be safe.” She reassures you, you knew she would always be there for you, especially when things with Ash hit the fan.

“Thanks, babe.” You smile, and gather your things. “I suppose I’ll be back.” You sigh. The walk home was the hardest part, or so you thought. All you could think about was how Ashton was going to take the news, it was going to go down one of three ways. One, he would be devastated and beg you to say. Two, he would tell you he’s glad, and that you should just leave. Or three, it would end in an all out war, three is the one you’re most scared of. You knew he’d been at the bar all day with Michael, but you prayed that he didn’t drink all day.

You found yourself at home before you were ready to be there, you knew Ashton was home, seeing his car in the driveway. You took one last big breath, and walked into your former home. You looked around, seeing that there was blankets, and clothes all over the floor. Your clothes. “Ash?” You called through the house, picking up the clothes that were at the bottom of the stairs.

“What the fuck do you want, Y/N?” He spat at you. You were taken aback by his tone, but figured he was just mad about you not doing the dishes, or something small. “Ash, why the hell are my clothes all over the floor?” You asked, not really wanting to know the answer now.

“The fuck do you think? I want you out of my house.” The words he was using hurt you, but you knew it was going to get even worse once you tell him, so you have to stand your ground.

“Okay..” You sigh. “But can I talk to you because I’m gone?” Fear was creeping into your body, as you saw him holding the jewelry box that your grandmother had passed down to you. Please don’t do it Ash, you know how much that means to me. You were praying he would break your one and only remembrance of your grandmother.

He set the jewelry box on the table and sat down, you followed shortly after, wanting to take the jewelry box from him. “What?” He asked, you could tell he was debating something in his head, his previous tone was gone, and he was looking around the room, fiddling with his bracelets.

“I don’t want you to get mad,” You almost beg him. “but I think I need to break up with you.” His head snapped to look you in the eye. “Excuse me?” His harsh tone filled the room. Before you knew it the jewelry box that meant the world to you, was thrown across the room, breaking into pieces of glass, and broken wood.

You felt your lip tremble, but you had to hold it back. “You don’t get to decide that without talking to me first, Y/N!” He stood, shouting at you. You stood as well. “I’m sorry, Ashton. But it’s things like that,” You point to the broken object you had so many memories behind it. “that make me know I’m making the right decision.”

You walked away from him, and started grabbing the clothes that were on the floor by the stairs. “This isn’t over, Y/N!” He stormed over to you and twisted you around, making you look at him, hurting your arm in the process. You looked at him with a hurt expression. “Do you not realize why I have to go?” You whispered, rubbing your arm.

“No! I fucking don’t, Y/N! That’s why I’m demanding you talk to me!” You felt your lips shake again, hold it back, Y/N, don’t let him see you cry. You took off one sleeve of your sweatshirt, and showed him the mark that he’d just left on your arm. He looked at your arm, with his features softening. Then you pointed the the broken jewelry box. You could tell by the look on his face he was starting to understand, even in his drunken state.

You then pulled out your phone and showed him all the unanswered texts you’d sent him, just today alone. “Don’t you see?” You finally let your guard down, and let a tear fall. “I have to go.” You pull up your sleeve, and grab just what you can get to before the door.

“Y/N, wait.” His voice was soft again, like it used to be when you first met. You couldn’t answer without your voice breaking, so instead you just shook your head, and walked out the door.

You didn’t realize that you were sobbing until you got back to Y/B/F/N’s house. “Y/N!” She frowned, puling you into a hug. “He broke it.” You managed to choke out. “What? What did he break, love?” She asked, looking you up and down, to make sure you weren’t physically hurt. “The jewelry box.” You sobbed, hugging her tightly.

She knew how much that had meant to you, so instead of trying to fix things, you pulled you inside and sat you on the sofa. You sat and talked to her for 5 hours, well into the early hours of the morning. You had started to calm down, but that’s when the pain of your arm started to kick in. You pulled down your sleeve, and looked at the bruise, that had formed even larger.

“Did he do that?” Y/B/F/N asked, walking back into the room with some more water for you both.  You nod your head, not wanting to talk about that awful night any longer. “Do you want me to go kick his ass?” She offered, you laughed slightly and shook your head.

As if on cue, your phone started to ring, you’d been ignoring it all night, you’d seen at least 20 messages from Ashton, and a few calls from Luke as well. You picked up, and saw that Ashton was calling you. Realizing it was about 6 in the morning, you picked up, wondering if maybe he was going to yell at you some more. Either way, you were almost desperate to hear his voice.

“Y/N! Where are you? I woke up and you clothes were everywhere, and the jewelry box! What happened?” He pleaded, he didn’t remember a damn thing from last night.

“All you need to know Ashton, is we’re done, and I don’t love you anymore.” You hung up the phone and looked back to your best friend whose eyes were filled with pity.

“I’m sorry, I know that was hard.” She offered you a hug, and you gladly took it.

I tried to figure out The Mystery Shacks floor plan. It was a nightmare. The shack changes a lot depending on what the story needs but there are certain consistent rules. 

This is what I came up with and I’m quite happy with it. There are some compromises I had to make. Like omitting the door leading to museum from gift shop, It just cant exist. The museum isn’t even in that end of the house. Also there’s a door which has been opened in three different occasions and every time there has been a different room or closet. Hence the Room of Requirement.

 I might elaborate more on what’s and why’s but don’t hold your breath.

For the past three nights I’ve been visited by a different spider. Each time I have tried to peacefully and safely take the spider out of my room and into the conservatory (where the flies actually chill). And every attempt and invention created to do so has resulted in the creature dying a horrible, grotesque death where it’s organs have slowly dripped out of it’s still live body whilst I’ve panicked then tried to put it out of it’s misery but failing and causing it more agonizing pain before it’s eventual demise.
These arachnid messengers have clearly been sent by our reptilian creators and conductors to see if the human race is actually worth saving. I apologize to all the fellow human beings who will now also have to suffer the endless rapture of giant spiders that is now upon us. The initial projectile vomiting of the arachnid’s reproductive cells that will form and marinate in our intestines will be rather upsetting but once our rib cages begin to unwind and burst out of our chests, the pace will pick up a tad and I’m sure it could turn into a more respected event. Think Familicide with a little more Baby Shower vibes. As patient zero of the upcoming events, I shall keep you informed as the hair speckled, malnourished legs of our new gods slowly scratch at my mucous membrane as they climb out of my throat ready to feast.

Or maybe someone just keeps leaving the windows open and I’m just really clumsy. That works too I guess.