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“Look, Reiner, one more thing. When you fire, you need to breathe. Try this… take a big breath in and out.”

Reiner, frowning, opened his mouth and inhaled, then exhaled loudly.

He can hear Bertolt’s smile, “Ok, that’s good, but let’s do it softer, and focus on taking that breath in, and then breathing it out nice and slow. And when you’re done breathing out…. that’s when you shoot.”

“Huh, I never thought of that,” Reiner mumbled.

“Let’s go, big breath in…”

He inhaled through his nose. He could smell the loamy earth they’re laying on, the wet grass, the fresh breeze coming in with the dawn. The tin cans are more visible, their dark outlines stark and defiant against the sky, significantly brighter now than when they started. Light yellow and pink streak across above their heads. He can feel a cold drop of sweat run down his chest under his shirt. And again, Bertolt’s hand rested on his back between the shoulder blades, warm and strong. Right now, he felt grounded, alive. Somehow, Reiner knew he would never forget this moment.

“…and out.”

He exhaled, lined up his sights. The hard wood of the rifle pressed against his cheek, the butt in the crook of his shoulder. Finger ready on the trigger, the metal grip of it cool and rough against his index. At the end of his breath, he held, and with gentle pressure squeezed-

Excerpt from a fic I wrote after chapter 94: Breathe First

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really like your design of Hak and Yona's daughter! *_* (super cute!) can you do more drawings of her by herself?? or maybe playing with Yona and Hak? (whenever you have the time for it, course)

I’m rather fond of how she came out too. Look at this faaaaaace. 

(And in case this gets spread around, here, go take a look at the post where this pic and AU came from. There are more babies. Ha ha ha.) 

With a face like that, this little stinker can get away with anything. 

(I can’t take credit for this idea. The whole fandom can take credit for this idea, really.)

And no matter how much she spends her life on the road and roughing it up with the family, you know she’s bound to be spoiled rotten everywhere she goes. 

You know how lucky and loved you’re gonna be, Baby Thunder Dawn?