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United Airlines Forcibly Drags Man Off Flight After He Didn’t Volunteer To Give Up His Seat - blogged by: @eleven8 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It’s not uncommon for airlines to overbook flights, but often times, when they do so, they offer incentives in the form of flight vouchers to persuade volunteers. However, what happens when no one wants to give up their seat? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#UnitedAirlines is back in the hot seat after a passenger caught the airline forcibly removing another passenger who did not volunteer to leave his seat on his own. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Jayse D. Anspach, a witness, took to Twitter to voice his complaint. According to Anspach, the incident occurred on United Flight 3411, which was going from Chicago to Louisville. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“#United overbooked and wanted 4 of us to volunteer to give up our seats for personnel that needed to be at work the next day,” tweeted Anspach. “No one volunteered, so United decided to choose for us. They chose an Asian doctor and his wife.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
According to the witness, the doctor refused to volunteer because he had to work at the hospital the next day. When he declined to leave, United called security to force him off. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“A couple airport security men forcefully pulled the doctor out of his chair and to the floor of the aisle. In so doing, the doctor’s face was slammed against an armrest, causing serious bleeding from his mouth. It looked like he was knocked out, because he went limp and quiet and they dragged him out of the plane like a rag doll..” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
United Airlines’ social media team gave a brief … read the rest log on to (clickable link on profile) #logon #readmore (at Nashville, Tennessee)

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Hello! I was wondering if you could do like rfa+saeran react to mc being a kpop cover dancer / pop dancer in general? Thank you!

I’m like on a roll with these request guys. imma try and do in every day (or every other day depending on my motivation levels)


  • Yoosung can’t dance for shit
  • so when he find’s out MC is a dancer boi is shook
  • immediately binge watches all MC’s videos
  • their number 1 fan
  • sends his LOLOL mates links to their videos
  • always takes lunch to MC’s practices
  • doesn’t leave till they’re finished
  • so captivated by them dancing
  • attempts to learn how to dance just for MC
  • kind of succeeds i guess


  • Zen’s a pretty good dancer
  • He’s so amazed by MC 
  • so many mirror selfies in the dance studio
  • Zen is always praising MC on social media
  • his fans are like 
  • ’name a more talented couple i’ll wait’
  • always asking MC for an impromptu slowdance 
  • MC doesn’t even do ballroom dancing 
  • they still can’t refuse him anyway
  • they’re like
  • ‘pls we’re in the middle of the meat aisle’
  • Zen doesn’t care


  • b o i 
  • u know how Jaehee is with Zen 
  • think of that but better
  • MC tells Jaehee about them being a dancer
  • bam! Jaehee’s on to of it
  • she’s head of the fanclub
  • knows their schedule 
  • Jaehee watches MC dance whenever she’s stressed
  • which is a lot shame on you Jumin
  • she’s so in awe of how much practice MC puts into it
  • Mc’s always complaining about how little sleep she gets
  • Jaehee’s like


  • so proud of MC
  • he’s like
  • ‘look at my lil bun go’
  • always buy MC new dance attire
  • ‘Jumin that’s the fifth pair of legging you’ve bought this week’
  • ‘If you won’t treat yourself, I will’
  • tries to get a private studio installed in the penthouse for MC
  • MC kindly refused
  • Jumin wouldn’t stop pouting about it for a week
  • uses C&R to get MC publicity
  • MC is so confused
  • like where did all these subscribers come from


  • another one that tries to add to MC’s following
  • Mc gets annoyed saying they want recognition on there own merit
  • he only does it occasionally now
  • probably founded Mc’s fanclub
  • always pauses Mc’s videos at the weirdest moments
  • makes memes out of them
  • MC suggested they pick a song they can dance too
  • probably chose darude sandstorm or some shit like that
  • it should be noted that MC never took  a suggestion from him again
  • MC’s always nagging him about his diet
  • Seven’s like
  • ‘ i don’t need u to remind me of my poor life choices’


  • so amazed
  • he’s like 
  • ‘why are you good at shit like this’
  • ‘like why can’t you be good at knitting or something’
  • doesn’t directly praise MC’s dancing cause he’s a tsundere
  • secretly watches when they’re too focused
  • makes pterodactyl noises when he get’s caught
  • refuses to dance with MC
  • after one time Seven taped him
  • happily stands on the sidelines
  • death glares all MC’s dancing partners tho
  • like why u so petty 

Day 3: Self-Discovery

I am terrible at writing bc I haven’t writen anything that wasn’t academic in nature for literally years. This is also pulling from several of my own experiences, all mixed into one. @jugheadweek

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hey Emma, have you see this? teenvogue*com/story/harry-styles-doesnt-think-gay-rights-political?mbid=social_twitter I thought what he said was ok, but now I'm just confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

(x) I understand the points that Teen Vogue is making, but I still think Harry had the best of intentions and I understand what he was trying to say. I know there was a long discussion about this a couple of days ago and I didn’t really want to talk about it then, but I’ll touch on it briefly since you linked me to this.

I think it’s a bit unfair that celebrities are frequently pushed to be political by the general public (think about how many people wanted Taylor Swift to speak out in favor of Hillary, for example, and clearly this interviewer wanted Harry to be political as well), but then they receive a ridiculous amount of flack when they do say something regardless of what it is. Harry quite clearly didn’t want to talk about politics, likely knowing how volatile the subject is and how easy it is for something to be misconstrued, but the interviewer pushed him, and when he tried to essentially say that he feels equality for all people should be a fundamental aspect of society rather than something that is up for debate in the political arena, a lot of people interpreted it as negatively as possible.

I fully understand that Harry’s perspective is an idealistic one that sadly doesn’t match with reality in a world where the rights of LGBTQ+ people, women, immigrants, and other minorities are constantly being debated by politicians, but I think Harry definitely realizes that. He was talking about how he views those things, but I think it’s absurd to suggest that he doesn’t realize that how he views equality isn’t how much of the world views equality considering he has participated in campaigns aiming for gender equality, he posted a rainbow on Instagram the day gay marriage was made legal in the United States, and so on. A roughly two sentence long answer in an interview when he was probably not prepared for a pointed question like that does not encompass Harry’s full understanding of equality and to suggest that he’s just an idealist with no comprehension of the precarious political position of equal rights for many individuals across the world is, in my opinion, ridiculous.

(B)romance in the NHL

Summary: A viral article about Kent and Tater’s bromance sparks some confessions.
Word Count: 3,700
Rating: G

The music skips with an incoming text that Alexei ignores as he mixes his smoothie and hums along. Once he adds the last chunk of banana he slips the lid on the blender and turns it on. A few moments later he turns it off and the silence is jarring. Alexei walks over towards where his phone is laying on the counter, hoping his battery hasn’t died yet again. His phone has been on the last leg of life for a couple weeks now, but he’s too attached to it to change it in for a new one, no matter how much the rookies tease him. 

Alexei picks up the phone. It isn’t dead. It buzzes incessantly in his hand as 20 messages turned to thirty with three missed calls and several voicemails. Alexei swipes in his password and scrolls down the list of names until he reaches the first message. It’s from Kent. The first is a link with three messages in quick succession after.  

Kent (8:57 am): I didn’t even notice them take this 
 Kent (8:57 am): It makes us look kind of gay… don’t you think?
Kent (8:58 am): Okay yeah other ppl think it’s hella gay too wtf 

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In response to ur post, one of the theories for homosexuality's significance in terms of evolution I'm aware of is that when we were in tribes and hunter gatherer groups, gay people would have relationships with people from other groups, which would build bridges between the tribes, allowing heterosexual members to reproduce with them and diversify the gene pool. As far as I'm concerned there aren't that many clean-cut theories in terms of why and how we have lesbians in particular though

Interesting!  I found a link to an article about homosexual behavior promoting social bonding.

“From an evolutionary perspective, we tend to think of sexual behavior as a means to an end for reproduction,” Dr. Diana Fleischman, an evolutionary psychologist at the university and one of the researchers, said in a written statement. “However, because sexual behavior is intimate and pleasurable, it is also used in many species, including non-human primates, to help form and maintain social bonds. We can all see this in romantic couples who bond by engaging in sexual behavior even when reproduction is not possible.”

I guess it would make sense that if same-sex attraction was prevalent, it would be used to benefit the tribe’s social status among other tribes.

LDR Date Idea #12

Get some cute apps!

There are a handful of really great apps for both iOS and Android designed just for couples!

There are two in particular Aurora and I use:

1. Couple

Couple links you and your parntner’s accounts. Like a social media site just for two! It features a standard chat room, a calendar for important dates, lists that you can edit together, video call, phone call, and even a little room where you can doodle on your phones together!

But my personal favorite feature is called Thumb Kiss. It’s essentially a blank screen that you can touch, but when your partner touches their screen, the spot they’re touching shows up for you! And when your fingerprints touch (or “kiss”!) your phone will vibrate and the screen will flash pink. It’s super cute!!!

2. Happy Couple

Happy Coupe is a super cute trivia app just for you and your partner! Every day, the app will give you 5 multiple choice  questions about your partner, as well as the same 5 questions to answer about yourself. It’s a really cute way to get to know each other even more.

Not to mention, the app also provides relationship advice and gives you “challenges” like “Think about three things you adore about your partner and describe it to them.”


Why I don’t fuck with The Gays, Reason 3,271: Breadquanda

A friend added me to a gay FB group and I check in pretty frequently because it has a lot of members and people post links to queer news stories that I’ve often missed.  The moderator changed the group header to this about half an hour ago:

And this is the comment I just posted as soon as I saw it.

We’ll see if it sparks some intelligent conversation or (more likely) there’ll be some internet eye-rolling and gays trying to out-sass each other over who’s being too sensitive.  But in case you’re not familiar with Keisha Fabo, here’s a link to video (embedding is disabled) so you can catch the gist of the situation.

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Kindly Calm Me Down

I posted yesterday that I write fluff on demand for my wonderful mutuals who might need a pick-me-up. 

So, just for you @adorkablephil, have Phil comforting Dan during their trip to Singapore. Because who doesn’t need a Phil taking care of them when they’re feeling less than their best?

This might have been inspired by some of my own experiences. The title is from a the Meghan Trainor song of the same name. Because its beautiful and encapsulates this well I think.


AO3 Link
(1k, fluff, comfort, hints at social anxiety I guess?)

Singapore is hot, and crowded, and full of constant interruption. It’s seeing pictures of themselves taken at a distance in their own social media tags and posing for them every couple of hours. It’s feeling that trailing presence wherever they are and while they wouldn’t change their lives for the world, it does have a wearing effect on Dan as the day goes on.

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Read-through of Twelfth Night

Sign up now! This form will be open until 11:59 PM EDT on May 12th, so you’ll have this week to sign up and then we’ll cast the readthroughs.

We’ve done something different with the time zones this time; all times are listed in UTC and we added a link to a website where you can visually compare your time zone to UTC. You can also use Google to calculate it for you, but a couple of us are visual people and find that helps us. We understand that it may be confusing at first, but we’re hoping this will streamline the process and become less confusing in the long run. Please send us an ask if you have any problems or questions!

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Fake relationship AU!

Hoo boy I love this

- They’d decide to fake date for any number of reasons. Phichit needs to get a pushy ex to leave him alone, they each needed a date for some event and then everyone assumed they were together so they decided to keep up the act, and my personal favorite: Yuuri Heartthrob Katsuki keeps getting asked out and needs Phichit to be his fake boyfriend so he’ll be left alone

- Phichit insists that it needs to be social media official, because “if someone wants to know if you’re single the first thing they’ll do is check you’re facebook relationship status, and then stalk every public piece of social media”. They upload a bunch of cute couple-y photos over the next couple of weeks, including several where Phichit insisted that he be kissing Yuuri on the cheek for the photo.

- All the PDA. And the preparation that went into it. “Yuuri if we want to make it believable we have to be comfortable kissing and holding hands so… Do you want to practice now..?” They settle into each other’s arms and link fingers. Yuuri feels like he’s about to explode from anticipation, so he reaches up and kisses Phichit (a little too forcefully). Phichit giggles in surprise, and is like “here, let’s be a little more gentle” and cradles Yuuri’s chin and presses their lips together again.

- Both of them catching feelings for each other and coming up with reasons to keep the facade going. And each just gazing lovingly at the other when they’re not looking.

- Not wanting to go back to before because surprise they’re in love now. Yuuri loves the feeling of being in a relationship and having tangible proof each day that he’s loved and cared for, and Phichit loving the supportive relationship that feels so comfortable and easy.

the notepad on my phone during 32 hrs of vocal rest

A few months ago I did 32 hours of silence as recommended by my vocal coach. I just stumbled upon the ‘notes’ section on my phone from that weekend. This is really uninteresting. I don’t know why I’m sharing it. Oh well, if there’s even one girl that feels better about heavy periods after reading it then I’m glad I shared it. 

Do u know if we have Zertec medicine at home ?

Can we stop at CVS

My vocal coach recommended to take at night to experiment
To see if it helps

No kinda healthy food open this late ?

medicine Taste like poison

My throat doesn’t hurt. My vocal chords are just so torn up from all the post nasal drip

Very well received restaurant from food critiques. Saw it mentioned in vice. Hole in the wall

Will u ask if they have vegan options

This is so generic and scripted

My toilet keeps running
Very bad
It was fixed yes

He replaced the valve
And it just started doing that right now

My vocal coach recommended

When are u going

Sorry I can’t talk. Ur a sweetie for being understanding

I’ can’t talk at all

I don’t want to be around a bunch of people when I feel like I’m gonna wanna talk

Lemme go talk to Yaz real quick about studio

Can I make I breaky when u come back

Only Walgreens has this kind, I’ll have Yaz get it on the way home from studio

Don’t worry about it I’ll have Yaz get it 

There’s hemp milk I steamed

I put fresh ginger at bottom


Dinner date tonight ? I don’t want to I’m scared I’ll turn schizo

What time are ur plans with the guys . I don’t wanna do crossfit cuz I’m gonna be in situations where I have to talk

My period is so bad so no lower body

I feel fine tho!

This whole conversation is a summary of my life

I watched more of Trump speech and it was disturbing felt very nationalistic

But Abu said to give him a chance

Very good point about the pilot thing

Thank you bb. Normally I break out around my period

I’m so heavy I literally have to change my pad or tampon every 30 min

She won’t go unless u walk her that’s what I do when it’s raining 

I don’t like all the back and forth but it’s one of those situations where we’re gonna get convinced to do them

When are we doing vacation
why go back and forth

So still going back and forth

May as well do it after
Cuz we’d come home for like 2 days

I watched it  

We should it’s our president

Can we just board it up since we don’t use it anyway

Our remote only works when you get super close

Borax is a mildew remover and it didn’t work. Also I scrubbed with bleach and it didn’t work

Will u be around to feed the hoe

To dinner with Casey

Maybe we should find another spot

Do u wanna ask how long

I gotta text Yaz about something real quick

I’m not old hehe no I wanna stand for real

When we order can u ask for vegan for me- sometimes they use fish sauce or chicken stock as base . Just so no animal product

When we ask what’s vegan curry on the menu I’ll decide

What time do we have to leave

I thought it was entertaining
I was expecting a crazy twist

I thought the doc was gonna be the one seeing all the ppl

I wanna sleep with you but I gotta get all my stuff

Do you want meee

I do I’m just gonna be a mess. I have to get up every few hours

Only if u really want me. Just cuz my period it’s really uncomfortable for me

Wanna see a really good music video new hardcore band

It’s kinda scary how kids nowadays are so comfortable talking to a camera vlogging

Like I wouldn’t even know how

Did you happen to look at that video interview I posted on twitter a couple days ago

It’s really good . U should watch it when ur more awake it’s 15 min

An interview with this guy Simon sinek . He is an expert in the digital age and talks about social media addiction . Just go on my personal Twitter it’s the first link

Yaz and Nida left and scar only peed I gtg home soon:/

There’s a big women’s march downtown

Yes but they already left

I gotta take care of scar

She just needs to poop so she doesn’t do it inside

I’m sorry u would do the same for Nanuk

Lets talk about Persona 5!

More importantly, Makoto. Ha ha.

Man I did not expect her to be so great. I love Ann to be sure, but when thinking about romantic partners for Akira (the protag), I cannot picture him with Ann. Theyre close friends for sure. But I feel both of them would never end up together. Guys and girls can just be friends.

And I still ship Ann and Yusuke. Maybe differently than I originally did because I know them a little better, but I can see them together a lot more than her and Akira.

But man as soon as Akira saw Makoto’s persona… He was in love.

Shes smart, fierce, strong… He is the leader and she is his advisor. His strategist.

They are going to be such a power couple in my game. I’ll hold off to see the other female characters but so far Akira has a big crush thing for Makoto. Their date at the arcade (intro to social link) was so cute.

Akira can show her to Soujiro as ‘look, Im dating the class president.’ And they look so good together.

And also would love for him to be all nochalantly in Sae’s face about how he’s with her younger sister.

Still waiting to see if Goro and Akira develop good material together… I am aching to pair them together too.

Persona 3 is one of my favorite games ever, but I’ll be the first person to tell you it’s a big proof of concept more than a game, one that was very delightfully refined in Persona 4 and even further in Persona 5.

It’s just, every time I sit down in P3, I can’t help but feel like a jerk just telling people what they want to hear and in general I wish there was more interaction with, you know, your homies, the people you are going into Tartarus with instead of randos. I loved the Social Links with these randos, mind you, but I think they should be the cream on top of the cake, not the cake itself, as in, people in addition to being able to bond with your S.E.E.S. amigos and amigas.

And even with those you can interact beyond a superficial level, it’s like, holy shit, so damn lop-sided. You wanna hang out with Mitsuru? Well, I hope you are a literal genius before even considering talking to her. Do you want to hang out, for WHATEVER reason, with Yukari? Only if you are the hottest guy ever, sure. Like, the Fool Arcana being a collective S.E.E.S. thing was such a cop out, and it just felt weird when everyone’s like “OUR BONDS” when the game felt more like a group of people with a common goal more than friends (which is wonderful in itself and I love it but it kinda betrays the central them in the game, sadly). Playing as the female protag in P3P makes it clear they realized the mistakes they made, because the Social Links there are your friends, and also don’t require you to be a Nobel Prize Awardee to even consider giving you time of the day.

Persona 4 was a BREATH of fresh air, but it may have overdone it because you clearly are the reason why they are all there; You remove the MC from the equation, and with like a couple of exceptions, they are mostly perfect strangers.

So yeah, Persona 5, as far as I’ve seen not only has balanced that real well, but it also gives you a real feeling of “WE DEM BOYZ (AND GIRLZ)” which is really important to a franchise about the bonds we make with people and how they prevail regardless of the mask we wear in front of them.

RFA members on a roadtrip with MC (packing + playlist)


  • Zen landed on a new role that features a lot of road trips, so he wanted to experience it firsthand
  • Ofc he brings his princess along
  • Packing took at least a month
  • Most of the time was spent on picking out matching couple outfits
  • (Also an alarming amount of skincare products)
  • “Zen wtf is an ultra fresh aloe vera hyper moist face mask pure snails, and why did you bring a whole box of this”
  • He proudly exclaimed something about taking care of his god given looks (as to not disappoint the people who find joy in his looks *cough*Jaehee*cough*)
  • The planned route was supposed to take 3 days tops
  • But it got dragged into almost a week because he insisted on stopping at all the places to take pictures
  • Not of the scenery but of himself (and you ofc)
  • At every stop u were treated like an attraction because random ppl would stop and take pictures of the gorgeous couple
  • His playlist consisted of his musicals, which he enthusiastically sang along to
  • In the beginning u thought u were gonna die tho cos he was rly putting on a show (also motorbike boy not the safest driver)
  • After a while u started singing along (not as well as Zen ofc but he loved that u decided to join)
  • At night he would take you out to the hood of the car to see the stars
  • This boy looked so innocent and cute until u got back into the car (and boy the BeastTM was unleashed)
  • The only reason you returned home was because he was running out of that face mask


  • He wanted to attend a gaming convention that was a few cities away
  • You offered to drive, but he insisted on driving himself (to show u how much of a man he is)
  • Boy scout Yoosung had packed all of the essentials +/- a shitton of snacks so you didn’t need to do much
  • Let me tell u this boy was so excited to go on a roadtrip with his gf
  • He made sure everyone knew before u even left the house
  • Constantly documenting every moment & sharing it on every social media
  • #roadtripwithbae  #lovehersomuch  #relationshipgoals
  • You were embarrassed but u still liked everything he posted (which only encouraged him more)
  • Yoosung’s playlist was the most normal out of the entire RFA
  • Consisted of top hits that u guys sang along to
  • He was actually a pretty good driver
  • Maybe even a little too cautious (he was so adorably focused on trying not to piss ppl off on the road)
  • You spend the car ride playing childish car games
  • “I spy with my little eye something that starts with C”
  • “Cutiepie!” he says happily and points and you (what an innocent cinnamonroll)
  • The word was car btw” u say but you’re blushing
  • At one point u fell asleep before getting to the destination
  • You woke up huddled in Yoosung’s fav blanket (probably blue and covered in stars)
  • The next day u find a shit ton of your sleeping pics on social media
  • #sleepingbeauty #luckiestman #ilusomuch


  • Jumin was on a trip out with his dad to so Jaehee finally had a couple days off
  • After spending a couple days recharging, she decided to take u to a newly opened coffee shop called Stardollars (get it??? Badum tiss), insisting that they had the best brewed coffee in the entire country
  • (although u suspect that it was linked to Zen doing a commercial for said café)
  • By the time u got out of the house Jaehee had already packed everything u needed, and planned out the entire trip
  • All u had to do was to get onto the car
  • She asked u to put on whatever music u liked so she could get to know u better (◕‿◕✿) 
  • To mess with her u put on the most hardcore rock music u could find (◡‿◡✿)
  • Oddly enough she was really into it (⊙‿⊙✿) 
  • You took it upon yourself to take lots of cute couple pictures (so that people KNOW you’re a couple)
  • At one point u had to stop because Jaehee said u were distracting her driving
  • The time was spent just talking about everything that came to your mind (dissing Jumin)
  • She kept on pestering u with questions the whole way
  • Are you comfortable?
  • Are you hungry? (DID YOU FUCKING EAT?)
  • Do you need pee breaks?
  • Are you cold?
  • At some point u mistakenly called her mom
  • She got super red and was a lot quieter after that
  • Until you put on Zen’s musicals
  • Rest of the car ride was spent practically screaming the lyrics with passion (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


  • Jumin wished to spend some time with you, so he decided to take you to the cherry farm
  • He originally intended to fly there but you suggested a roadtrip
  • This boy was interested in this activity called “roadtrip” and got quite excited
  • He tried helping you pack
  • But when he insisted bringing an oil painting of Elizabeth the third you had to stop him
  • He insisted on driving in the beginning (and u foolishly agreed)
  • But after almost getting killed the fifth time within 30 min you forcefully took over (for some reason this turned him on)
  • To make him stop pouting you let him choose the music
  • And immediately you went a couple centuries back in time
  • You were met with Dvorak’s Symphony nr. 9 in E minor (he enthusiastically informed you of the title)
  • You never knew that it was possible to sing along with an entire symphony orchestra
  • Seeing Jumin happily swinging his head from side to side to the rhythm of the music you couldn’t help but smile
  • “Listen to the crescendo MC” this boy was so enthusiastic
  • You stared at him blankly (let’s just play along)
  • He’s now trying to act as the conductor swinging his hands up and down with his eyes closed
  • He was so cute u almost drove off the road
  • At one point you tried to play the game “yellow car” with him but you quickly stopped as you saw the confusion in his eyes
  • “Why would you wish to be hit?” poor boy could not comprehend
  • When you couldn’t come up with an answer (because idfk why ppl actually plays this game Jumin) this smug piece of shit grinned and asked whether this was a fetish of yours
  • “Because if that is true, I would gladly comply, but this is neither the place nor time, just wait until we get to the hotel”
  • Oh boy shit went down at the hotel


  • So Seven somehow got the news that a new cat café opened a couple cities away
  • …NOTHING STOPS SEVEN!!! ZERO!!! SEVEN!!! from his beloved kittycats
  • He’s more excited than usual (if that’s even humanly possible)
  • Like really there’s this manic gleam in his eyes and you’re slightly concerned
  • “We’re going RIGHT NOW-“
  • But Seven no it’s midnight and you’ve got shit to do-
  • -right NOW
  • A second later he’s already outside starting one of his babies
  • “Seven can we at least pack-“
  • No need
  • The Defender of Justice is always ready for an adventure
  • You realize he wasn’t joking as he lifts the car trunk and reveals a stock of Dr.Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips (what did you even expect)
  • But also toiletries, clothes and living essentials (????)
  • Seriously when did he even pack these
  • “Secret agents are always equipped to be on the run MC”
  • Oh right.
  • Hackerboy somehow managed to program a GPS into the robocat
  • “Turn left in 400 meters meow! Master doesn’t want to get lost meow!”
  • Go cat or go home
  • Nothing prepared you for Seven’s playlist
  • It started with a chipmunk version of Nyan cat (fuck off Seven)
  • He sang along completely out of tune
  • Robocat discarded its GPS function and chimed in (sometimes you’re legitimately scared of it)
  • You chucked an empty Dr. Pepper bottle at Seven’s face (while he laughed his ass off)
  • But an hour later you were both yelling Rebecca Black’s Friday at the top of your lungs
  • Somewhere along the trip you fell asleep (still mumbling Gangnam Style in your half-consciousness)
  • This is ofc live broadcasted to the entire RFA

shinjiroaragaki  asked:

Yo!! I was thinking last night about the infamous trio system. I like Maki and Momota both (a lot!) but I couldn't help but start thinking about other alternatives to them as the besties and then I had the idea of Kirumi and Hoshi forming an investigation trio with Saihara. Do you think it'd be viable?

Now this is a really fun AU idea. I like Maki and Momota both quite a lot myself, but this whole idea has so much potential, it really interests me!

I think it would definitely be viable, yes. If anything, it might actually make more sense than the canon trio, given their personalities. Saihara is someone who certainly flocks to personalities who are more take-charge and reassuring than his own, but he’s also pretty clearly put off by people who are too loud, too aggressive, or seemingly dragging him along by the nose to mess with him (it’s very telling that he seems very, very tired in both Momota and Ouma’s FTEs).

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anonymous asked:

hey, i was reading einstein's article "why socialism" from the 1949 monthly review (via this link monthlyreview*org/2009/05/01/why-socialism/) and was wondering what he meant by "the economic anarchy of capitalist society" - does he mean a free market type of economy or? i'm not well versed in this area so your input is much appreciated!

I think he meant that capitalism doesn’t utilize democratic planning as a socialist society would, resulting in people having vast differences in resource access and social power. I don’t know if this was the right word for that sentiment, though. (For a couple reasons – both because anarchism is necessarily socialist by design and because capitalism does utilize planning and order in such a way that the ruling class makes out like bandits and a bureaucratic state apparatus maintains their interests.) Democratic planning for need would, according to Einstein, contrast with the chaos of a hierarchical market economy. I still argue that democratic planning will have degrees of order and chaos, similar to capitalism but in different increments. Just as socialism is the dialectical reconciliation between individual and collective (liberation of the individual from property hierarchy and liberation of the collective from poverty and artificial scarcity), I think it can also be understood as a system that finally takes people for what we are – that is, emotional/collaborative/dissenting/hard-working/leisurely animals that function best when both our physical and spiritual needs are taken care of, understood through social ownership over that which is socially-operated. Democracy is a process, and it can be orderly or chaotic, collaborative or competitive. But it’s the only way we can dismantle class and finally meet each other on a shared ground of common humanity.