and a cent to my name

How to dress store bought candles.

For those of you that don’t make your own candles you can still do something a little special for the store bought ones.

I get my 7 day candles from the 99cent store. Before using them for any spell work you need to make sure that you clean and cleanse them. I like to make a solution of salt, water and lemon essential oil spray it on a cloth and clean the glass and the top of the candle. This part is extremely important. You don’t want some 99 cent store workers energy on the candle not forgetting all the 100′s of people that might have picked it up and put it back :-p 

The candles that I made today are to be used on my altar for Hekate. This candle is pretty basic. If I was doing a spell candle I would write names, actions or something like that on the glass.

Remember, while you are dressing your candle concentrate on your intention for the candle. Thinking about what you’re gonna cook for dinner while making it will tarnish the affect.

What you need

  • Candles
  • Oils (I’m using homemade Hekate oil)
  • Screw or stick (For the holes)
  • Herbs
  • Cotton swab

Step one

Clean your candles and tools

Step Two

Take the screw or stick and pierce holes into the top of the candle. I use a pretty big screw so that I can go all the way down to the bottom of the candle.

Step Three 

Use a dropper to put one drop of oil into the hole. Then use the cotton swab to spread the oil through-out by dipping it in the hole. 

*If you don’t have a dropper you can cover the tip of the cotton swab and coat the inside that way*

*When working with oils, Less is more. The first time I ever used oil on a candle I covered the top with tons of it and it set on fire lol. So be careful!!!*

Step Four

Place small amounts of your chosen herbs over the holes and then use the cotton swab to push them inside. You can add as much of the herbs as you wish, it’s just easier to push down if you do small amounts at a time. I have in the past put small chip crystals down the holes too.

*Some witches add a layer of herbs to the top of the candle. I don’t do that with these ones because I leave them burning for a while and I don’t want the herbs to catch fire while I’m in another room*

Step Five

Once you have finished your candle it’s time to activate it. Some people write a spell or a blessing to say as they light it. Others say their intent for the candle out loud. Find the right way for you.

For this candle I say a little prayer (that I wrote) to Hekate and let her know that these candles are dedicated to her.

Thank you for reading

Brighest Blessings



At 1 AM I’ll still be sipping vodka out of a plastic cup with his suppression littering my neck but this time it’ll be different.

And on Friday nights six months from now you will still find me dripping fluorescent light rolling a two cent straw over my tongue and crunching words between my back teeth while empty screams of adrenaline drown my ears over a five dollar game with no meaning. Maybe this time the boy next to me will still recall my name after two grams and a car ride.
Maybe this time my throat won’t thicken if he doesn’t.

In two weeks my teeth will still rattle at the slightest conflict and it still won’t be as loud as my voice was at 4 AM when we screamed into the snow from the frost bitten windows of your car. You chose your car because it was fast. I chose you because my hands didn’t quiver when you spoke to me.

Three years from now I will still press my cold hands to warm skin to siphon the heat and still the shaking and your name will still drip off my tongue like the summer you were named for.

And you will think you know me.

But you won’t know that after four months I stopped calling myself an artist because without your face cycling in my mind like a 50 cent run in the laundry mat I couldn’t create anything worth more than the paper coiled around the cigarettes in my left pocket. I smoke now.

And you won’t know that I filled one page to three books with the memory of the shy shade of green that dappled the brown iris of your eyes when the sun splashed your skin. I hope they will notice how the splatter of freckles on your nose like a discarded paintbrush’s last hoorah mimics the slivers of green. I love that green.

Soon I won’t spit out beer the temperature of bath water anymore and size 6 will slide off my waist instead of size 14 clinging to it and I still will fill the silence with chants of what if what if what if because the emptiness reminds me too much of how hollow my stomach is and I won’t burst the capillaries in my knees on spit-slick tile and instead will stain my ribs with lip prints.

But I still will knot my fingers in the fabric of your shirt
And will whisper when you lean close to me.
Yet it will be different.

Because I won’t be 17 and you won’t be 16
But I still will beg of you to remember me
remember me
remember me.


—  I don’t know who I am anymore but I know I was better when I was with you

I fucking love every single second of this. I love these outfits. I love how the parts were split. I love Jihyo’s voice every single second she sings. I love Mina doing Woozi’s parts (her voice is too pretty to not do those parts). I just love this. All of this.

Really terrible pick up lines
  1. If I were writing an essay on your beauty, I wouldn’t need to double-space or increase the margin sizes to satisfy the minimum page requirement.
  2.  Somebody needs to call the bomb squad, because you’re the bomb! Are you religious? ‘Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  3.  Hey, my name is Emily but, you can call me tonight. 
  4. I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.
  5.  If I received a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have five cents.
  6. Could you please step away from the bar? You’re melting all the ice! 
  7. Is your last name Campbell? Cause you’re mm mm good! 
  8. Do you have an eraser? because I can’t get you out of my mind!!!
  9.  Hey, are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand what you do, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out?
  10.  Are you the new school janitor? Because you just swept me off my feet.
  11. Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you. 
  12. Something is wrong with my cell phone…its just that your numbers not in it It’s a good thing that I have my library card because I am totally checking you out.
  13.  Can I tie your shoe? Because I can’t have you falling for anyone else. 
  14. Even if there wasn’t any gravity on earth, I would still fall for you! 
  15. Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u.
  16.  I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?
  17. You better call Life Alert, ‘cause I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up. 
  18. You’re single, I’m single. Coincidence? I think not!
  19.  Hi, I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you? 
  20. Girl, if I were a fly, I’d be all over you, because you’re the shit!
  21.  Hey baby, you’ve got something on your butt - my eyes! 
  22. Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?
  23.  If you were a steak you would be well done.
  24. Hey… somebody farted. Let’s get out of here.
  25.  If you were a tear in my eye I would not cry for fear of losing you.
  26.  Was you father an alien? Because there’s nothing else like you on Earth! 
  27. Are your parents bakers? Because they sure made you a cutie pie!
  28.  You spend so much time in my mind, I should charge you rent. 
  29. Do I know you? Cause you look just like my next girlfriend. 
  30. I hope you know CPR, cuz you take my breath away!
  31. Can I follow you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams.
  32.  You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry. 
  33. Was your dad a boxer? Cause you’re a knockout! 
  34. If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber.
  35.  Do you work at a coffee shop, because I like you a latte!!!!!!!! 
  36. If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.
  37.  Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious!
  38. Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  39.  I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way. 
  40. I lost my phone number, can I have yours?
  41.  Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day. 
  42. Can I have directions? [To where?] To your heart. 
  43. The doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U. 
  44. Have you been to the doctor recently, it looks like you need vitamin me
  45. Did you just fart because you blew me away!
  46. homosexuality is a disease… and I’ve caught it from u ;)
  47. If you were a fart, I’d hold you in forever
  48. How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, hi I’m Emily.
  49. My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in. 

There was a booklet about djinn equips bundled with an issue that was released near the end of the Magnostadt arc (August 2013). Here are the highlights of it and my two cents:

-Alibaba in djinn equip mode is dressed in white while as Hakuryuu is covered in black dragon scales and Sinbad in black feathers. Ohtaka chose those colors on purpose, probably to represent their alignment.

-Zagan djinn equip is a combination of a peafowl and a dragon (the dragon in Hakuryuu’s name). Ohtaka also comments that Hakuryuu in djinn equip mode becomes Kokuryuu (黒龍=black dragon) rather than Hakuryuu (白龍=white dragon)

-Ohtaka drew Zepar djinn equip while she was sleepy and struggling to meet her deadline. The idea that Zepar’s scream puts everyone to sleep seems to be inspired by that.

-Kouen’s djinn equip was originally a combination of a dragon and a skeleton, not snakes. That sounds kind of like Belial djinn equip, isn’t it? Maybe Belial was originally Kouen’s djinn and it had different abilities?

-Ohtaka made sure that the djinn equips of Alibaba, Sinbad and Kouen are of different colors because she wanted to draw them next to each other in color someday. Now that we are nearing the ending, will we ever see that?

-Originally, Kouha’s djinn equip would turn him into a girl and Ohtaka wanted to use that as a gag, but she ended up scrapping the idea.

-Ohtaka thinks Koumei’s ability to move and transfer objects is the most useful ability and she wants to have it herself.

-Kougyoku was originally meant to die after introducing her djinn equip. IIRC Mogamett was originally a minor charcater and Kougyoku had a big role in the battle against the medium. Maybe the Magnodtadt arc had a different plot and ending at that stage?

-Djinn equips are meant to show a lot of skin because they were based on Buddhist statues.

-Now here’s the revelation that made me quite salty: up to near the end of the Magnostadt arc, Ohtaka thought about giving Alibaba a second or even a third djinn. Did Ohtaka change her mind or is she planning to make Ugo Alibaba’s djinn after Aladdin saves him from David? Would another djinn for him serve a purpose at this point?


1. I don’t care if you are in love with Harry and want him for yourself, or if you think Kendall is a bad person, but calling her names and tearing her down on a public domain is not going to change the fact that they are friends.

2. You cannot call yourself a feminist and simultaneously tear a woman down in ANY way, shape or form. So if you find that’s what you’re doing, check yourself and reevaluate your words.

Society already pits us against each other and makes money off of it.

Ladies, let’s empower one another.

A tiny problem with “lancelot” name ship

While i do love the idea of having a name ship that is actually good, i think it will make tagging and searching for the content a lot more difficult


Take in mind “Lancelot” is a actual name, which has been used for a lot of characters in lots of fandoms; so if we actually go tagging it like that either way we clog other fandoms’ tags (which will be kind of rude) or most of the time we will only find content that will be about OTHER fandoms…

We can still call the ship “lancelot” but for tagging reasons, i think we should think of a less common name for it… (plus having to type Lancelot (voltron) or vld Lancelot won’t be a lot of help as the searching option in Tumblr looks up for anything containing “lancelot”)

A couple of options i think could work will be:

  • Lantor
  • LanceTor (making a wordplay with Lancelot and their names)
  • Lonce
  • Lotce
  • Etc…

Just my two cents in this matter, bc i want to be able to search for this ship as much as you do!

Edit: I personally prefer Lantor as the tag for this ship, while we still can refer to it as /ance/ot, to avoid confusion with other fandoms


Here is Yuzu’s SC gala run-through of Notte Stellata.  I feel peace and tranquility watching this new EX.  The most impressive thing to me is his posture.  His hand movement is to die for!  I’d like to take this opportunity to share my 2 cents on his “seems like” popped 1A in this EX.  After watching it several times, I’ve realized something.  I believe it wasn’t a popped 1A afterall.  I think it’s a planned 1A and here is my reasoning.  After he finished his run-through, he did that jump 1 more time and it was clearly a planned choerography move.  I don’t know what is the actual name of this move, but for now I’m calling it as “Delayed Rotation Single Axel” and it is so so SOOO beautiful and creative!

So I know the whole “Albus Severus” controversy has been going on FOREVER now but I just saw an interesting post about it which got me to thinking. I agreed with a lot of the points it made but much like many other posts it implied that Harry somehow neglected people like Molly and Arthur and Remus by naming his kid after Snape and Dumbledore. 

But I really disagree with this? The thing about most of the people (apart from Hagrid) who the fandom consider “more worthy” of being the namesakes of Harry’s children is that they all have other people who can name their children after them. 

I see people complaining that Harry never called any of his children “Fred”, but wouldn’t Fred II have been born by then anyway? Same goes for Molly. Teddy’s middle name is “Remus” and honestly if I were Harry I would want to leave Remus to Teddy, should Teddy wish to name any potential future children after his father. 

But the thing about Albus and Severus is that they have no remaining family. They have no decedents who will remember them. They will both be mentioned in the history books, but they nonetheless remain very lonely figures, and I think Harry identified with that. 

I’m not saying that they aren’t both deeply flawed (though I think the tumblr attitude to both of them is very one-sided and I dislike it), but in a way I feel like it made total sense for Harry to name his son after them. 

Dumbledore did some deeply sketchy things regarding Harry’s treatment during the war, but the strain put on him was massive. He was the one person everyone looked to for the safety of the wizarding world and Harry knows that pressure. He knows how isolating that can be. 

When Harry sees Snape’s childhood he sees himself - lonely and abused, but finding solace in the magic of Hogwarts. There, of course, the similarities between them essentially end, but again that feeling of loneliness is something that Harry knows all too well. 

Its not about shunning those who loved him in favour of people who treated him poorly, it’s Harry knowing that most of those people have other family to remember them. Snape and Dumbledore don’t have that, and despite all the other shitty things they did, both of them did help Harry in their own ways. 

So Harry wants to ensure they are remembered, because if he doesn’t do it, who will?

Okay so I’m gonna pitch my two cents in here and I’m not naming names but this is very obviously about one particular artist. I will name names in the fact that this is almost entirely about the Homestuck fandom. Not entirely! But almost entirely!

And let me give people a bit of history - a bit of perspective, perhaps. The Homestuck fandom is fucking old, okay. It’s not the oldest by far, and in comparison to most old fandoms, it’s actually really young, but as for tumblr phases? Old. Started in 2009, it’s 2017 now, somehow it still exists, but not in the way that it did in say, 2012 and 2013. The ““golden”” years. The dark days, for some, if they hated it. Lots of people who liked the comic back then were, say, 16-20 years old. That makes them 20-24 years old now. Most of them have moved on. Why? Because the comic went to shit. That’s a whole other post. But there were tons of pauses, some that lasted up to a year, and in that time other fandoms cropped up and a lot of people jumped ship because they just didn’t feel the same things for the comic anymore. And that’s fine!

So who’s in the Homestuck fandom now? Lots and lots of new fans. Lots of new fans who are in the 16-20 age range again. And that means that back in 2012 and 2013, they were 12-16. People who are now 15 were 11. You get my point. Math is fun when it’s as easy as subtracting 4. So with all these new fans pouring in to an already dying fandom and trying to revive it, there have been lots of changes in fan content. Ideas and headcanons being thrown out into the general masses that no one ever really thought about before! And tons of people thought, wow, yes, this is really cool!

But here’s the thing. Not every old fan disappeared. Some stuck around. I’m one of them, despite the fact that I only really care about two characters at this point (and my interpretation of them more than canon’s).

So let’s talk about that! I’ve had my headcanons for these characters since 2011 when I first started reading. I’m happy with my headcanons. When I see other people’s headcanons, they’re often different from mine. Sometimes I think, wow, that’s really great, I’m gonna adopt that. Other times I think, huh, that’s interesting, but it’s not for me. And guess what?

Not everyone’s headcanons have to be the same. And if someone’s headcanon is not the same as yours, it does not make it inherently wrong or bad. That’s why the word headcanon exists in the first place.

If you want to picture human Terezi as a 6 ft tall buff Latina pansexual transgirl? Go for it! But I’m gonna keep thinking of her as a 5′2″ scrawny bisexual pasty white ginger. Are either of us right? No, because she’s a fictional alien who doesn’t exist in real life. Do both of us have good ideas? Hell yeah! The more the merrier. 

So the issue that’s been cropping up now is that people are getting really damn heated when someone draws characters in a way that they don’t agree with. And it’s fair to not agree with someone! But what isn’t fair is to expect that person to change just to conform to your standards, and to attack them if they don’t. What’s disgusting is when those artists receive death threats because of it. Fandom culture rallies against abusive characters and relationships, again attacking people if they dare draw them, but then they go about the systematic teardown of someone’s entire life because “oh guys I have the receipts!!! This persons is inherently terrible and everything they’ve ever done and ever will do is also awful because I’ve seen their art so now I know everything about their life in general!” You know what that is? Abuse. You don’t know these people. You don’t know what their lives are like. You don’t know how they think or what they’ve been through, what they’re currently going through, or anything. You can only assume, and most of the time, you’re probably wrong.

This needs to stop. We’ve already seen or heard about people who almost committed suicide simply from the amount of hate they’re getting. People HAVE died because of it. You, yes you, reader, YOU, do not want someone’s death on your hands. 

So if you don’t like someone’s art? That’s fine. Take a deep breath. Find a different fan artist to reblog from. There are plenty of them out there. But understand that just as you’re sitting here on your side of the screen, there’s someone else out there on the other side of another screen, and your words can hurt more than you know. And if you want that? If you enjoy the power rush of pulling up old art, spreading assumptions like truth, calling people out, and starting witch hunts? Congratulations. You’re the exact kind of person that you’re telling people not to like. And sooner or later it’s going to catch up to you.

It's time to stop.

Guys, my two cents in all this.
This community is amazing and i love it.
Is it necessary to go around biting at each other’s throat so much?
I cannot even check the tag right now.

I think i am gonna quote Ethan from H3H3.
“I am not angry, so do not get angry for me.”

Call me names, whatever. But this is totally unnecessary yelling.
Yeah Mark did a video oh wow cool, but this does not allow us to take this whole issue personally.
Lie to me and say that you are defending yourself here. People are getting angry at others for stuff that isn’t even directed towards them. Both the parties defending Mark or against Mark.

Both parties were at fault in this issue. Why is it a reason to spark so much hate and anger? Why is it a reason to grab a sword and start stabbing people randomly?

Two days ago we were all in awe for the Valentines surprise, we were all having fun. Why is this stupid discourse turning everyone into enemies?

This community was built on love. A community where when someone wanted to blow their head off they could turn to us for support. This community saved lives.
A community that has helped raised a lot of funds in charities and that has supported good causes because we BELIEVED in them.

Is this violence necessary?
Let’s be the better person in the room and stop attacking each other for this.
Argumenting is okay, but telling people to die because they do not agree with you crosses a line.

We are a community, we help each other, not yell at each other.
Let’s not throw our morals out the window and turn into medieval people at war with fire and swords.

Don't screw over the person who knows your company's dirty secrets.

(warning: long story)

I used to work for a horrible company. It was financially, emotionally and physically abusive of its employees. Over the years of being there, I had been screwed out of multiple raises. One year I was promised that I was going to get a raise to show exactly how much I was valued in the company. They were 7 months late for performance reviews, so for 7 months that is what I heard. “myjobwashotgarbage, we don’t know how we would do it without you and we’re going to make sure you know how much we value you with your raise.” That raise was 15 cents. I was worth exactly 15 cents more per hour.

It got worse as time went on. My job became a catchall. If it wasn’t sales or the main industry of the field, it was me. I was accounting, project manager, legal, I briefly was HR, shipping and receiving, you name it, I did it.

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anonymous asked:

In your opinion, assuming a limited amount of money, is it better to give smaller donations to more charities or larger amounts to a smaller number of charities?

Well, again, I’m not in the service-provider area of not for profit, my company doesn’t feed the homeless or anything. So this really isn’t my field, and I’m not speaking from direct experience.

In general, however, I think probably a larger amount to a smaller number of charities would have more impact. When you give, say, five dollars, a portion of what you give is going to go to the administrative handling of your gift – paying the processing fee, entering it (and you) into a database, sometimes generating a thank-you letter, sometimes adding your name to a list of donors, et cetera. But if you give ten dollars, the process is pretty much the same – so if thirty cents of your gift goes to the handling of the gift, thirty cents is coming from ten dollars instead of sixty cents from two five dollar donations to separate charities. It’s the “buy in bulk, pay less for packaging” theory of donation. :)

Good luck! I hope you find some great charities to give to.

I will never stop being angry about how in every movie a guy looks at the girl and everyone immediately accepts that they’re in love. Nobody bats an eye. Nobody claims how it’s forced or came out of nowhere. Nobody.

But the second you suggest John and Sherlock might be in love you’re suddenly a horny straight girl having fantasies about Benedict Cumberbatch and basically your gay agenda is in the way of the real story. All of a sudden strictly platonic friendship is the most important thing in the world.

Fuck this.

And when I mention representation then people throw tv shows and movies at me that already have LGB representation. Guess what? I know! I am aware! I watch them! But 99 per cent of these LGB characters are introduced along the lines of “Hi, I’m Paul, I’m gay, I love sex, sex is good, give me all the cock” or “My Name is Greg, I’m gay and I’m ashamed” or “This is Sarah, she likes men and women, but what she doesn’t like is labels”.

Listen, LGB characters aren’t allowed to have the same stories as straight people. LGB characters aren’t allowed to discover their sexuality later on because apparently that’s forced and comes out of nowhere and, according to others, it’s even queerbaiting. It’s sad, but LGB characters must be introduced with their sexuality already known so straight people aren’t confused. ???

Jfc. This makes me so mad.

ok but zenyatta’s 20. Like only 20. I’m 20. He’s 20?

let’s talk about zenyatta failing at being an adult. zenyatta breaking some important bit of his inner machinery and torbjorn going “??? You’re an Omnic??? Why would you think you can survive without this???”

“It wasn’t making a weird noise so I wasn’t worried” (I said this about my blender once after I didn’t tighten the cup part enough and milk poured out onto the motorized part)

Zenyatta having no concept of money and how much people need to eat and the difference between generic and name brand goods. overwatch sends him on a milk run (like literally, they just need milk, eggs, bread, and a newspaper. That’s it.) and he comes back with five cents

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i think it was months ago maybe a year ago someone asked me a question about investing their savings?? and if i knew something about it and could help. i’ll never forget it. like i have maybe 46 cents to my name at any given time. i’ll never forget it. “do you know anything about investng funds?” pal i don’t have any funds. i’ll nevr forget that message 

So i went to the local action a couple of days ago and saw they started selling their own alcohol markers, what caught my eye was that a set of 12 markers only cost about 3,99 euro each (about 33 cents per marker they would be….. like for real?) so not thinking much of it i decided to buy 2 sets just for laughs….next day i went back and got the other two because they actually work really well to my surprise! Sure the barrels are a bit cheap and the colors don’t always mach with the color name and sample on the cap but….holy hell they do work lovely! An amazing alternative if you can’t afford those super expensive copics or even the lesser expensive brands which still cost quite a bit (just to compare, i bought a set of 6 illustrator markers from spectrum noir and had to pay 23 euros for just 6 markers….action gives you 12 for JUST 3,99 euro XDXD)
Only down side is that they don’t sell them open stock and seem to be action exclusive, couldn’t find them any where else online, also they are not refillable…. but still can’t beat a deal like that 8D

When some people hear the word feminist they are automatically against it.
The prefix fem being feminine or female
Because they aren’t represented in the name it doesn’t apply to them.
Therefore does not matter.
These are the same people who chant “all lives matter” demand a white history month and started the meninist “movement”.
I get asked why I would label myself as a feminist as if it’s synonymous to words too hateful to speak.
I am this unspeakable word because I want equal rights.
Yes I can vote but I’ve only had this so called right for less than a hundred years
Yes I can work but I only make seventy-eight cents to my male counterparts dollar
Yes I can sleep around but not without having a string of insults hurled in my face.
I am a feminist.
Because the government places laws on my body
When I can and cannot terminate a pregnancy sometimes placing a fertilized egg’s “life” over my own.
Telling me I can’t breastfeed my child in public telling me it’s “indecent.”
Because the phrase “she was asking for it” is thrown around as often as we breathe.
As if I should consider who might not be able to “control” themselves at the presence of my skin.
As if I should expect to be attacked if I drink too much.
Or flirt too much.
Or if I am unconscious.
I am a feminist because I learned how to place my keys between my knuckles when walking home.
Because when my sister moved out my parents gave her a can of pepper spray.
A parting gift they didn’t think to give to my brother.
Armed with a pink canister and a set of keys while I walk home alone at night.
I am a feminist because when I was thirteen a grown man followed me home in his car when I wouldn’t give him my number.
Because women have been killed when rejecting catcalls and requests for phone numbers.
Because a man running for President of the United States said “grab them by the pussy you can do anything” in regards to what you can do to a woman.
Because he said: “it’s impossible to be a ten if you’re flat chested.”
Because I was force fed what is beautiful from a young age
Because I had self esteem issues by eleven
And a body dysmorphic disorder by thirteen
Because I was told I had to be thin in order to be attractive.
I am a feminist because I am recovering from trying to be “beautiful”
I was told if shaved my legs and underarms the boys would like me.
But let me tell you I haven’t taken a razor to either of those places in months and I couldn’t feel more beautiful than I am now.
I am a feminist.
Because wanting equal rights doesn’t take away from the ones you already have.
—  I am a feminist, my free verse piece for creative writing.