and a bunch of screaming babies

In other news Park Jimin is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen, boy runs around with that squishy smile and baby hands acting all soft n cute like he just the Purest Bean in the bunch and then u put him on stage and he somehow gains +2000 Daddy™ points and grinds so fine the earth quakes I don’t wanna be played like this, u gotta pick one personality u chimchiminey shit I don’t have time for these games


But he’s been talking about making a DMC Zero for a while now so this could totally be a thing

On the other hand how fucking cool is Eva though??? She made a pact with the strongest demon in hell, married him, had his babies, and brought both her son and later his friend back to life while she was a spirit. She made bracelets that allows you to slow down time and apparently at one point fought against Inferno’s armies with Sparda. I can’t help but wonder why her soul wasn’t dragged down to hell when she died, though, like isnt that part of a witch’s contract?? Or maybe because Sparda, yknow, loved her, he didn’t want her soul to be eaten or anything so he arranged to have her soul to become absorbed in the amulet that he gave her.


Tough Love (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,881

Warnings: SMUT (not full but definiely NSFW), Swears

Authors Note: This story doesn’t have a really entriguing plot line? It’s just a bunch of angst that I felt like writing to give you guys something while I finish writing all of my Daveed fics. Thank you for being patient. I love yall! Also it is one thing to read smut but another to write it. It was really awkward so I had to take baby steps. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY FIC, GIVE ME FEEDBACK. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS!!!

not even requested (lol)


“It’s over!” you screamed to Philip, this must’ve been the 3rd time you said these exact words in the past month. “You tell me that every time baby, but you always come crawling back.” he said back at you, as you tried to shove all of your belongings into a tote. “Have I ever told you that you’re an arrogant son of a bitch?” you shot back at him. “Yeah? Well you are the most clingy ass hat I’ve ever met.” he said back, just as angrily. “You know what? Sorry. Sorry that I ever cared for you, sorry that I wasted your damn time Philip.” You spat back at him before leaving his apartment. “The only waste of my time is this fight. I know you’ll be back by tomorrow.” he yelled at you before slamming his door shut. This was what your relationship had ended up as. It wasn’t always like this. At first it was all lovey dovey, the honeymoon phase. It ended as soon as it started. Philip was his flirty self, and you were clingy. Always needing reassurance that he returned your feelings, always making sure he hadn’t found somebody else. He was outgoing and you were reserved. It was a miracle that you two had even gotten together. It was also true that you always caved in after a fight. You always went back to him begging for forgiveness when you weren’t the one at fault, always forgave him for whatever he did. Every time you promised you wouldn’t go back, every time you did. This time it was different. You were tired of being in a one sided relationship, tired of giving him everything you had only for him to give you half. You didn’t go back.

“Y/N let’s go out tonight!” Your best friend said. You hadn’t moved from your bed since you broke things off with Philip. It was past a week, and by this point you usually caved. It took alot out of you to keep away from him. It was weird to break the cycle. “I dunno.” you mumbled from under the covers. “You need to get over him. He never deserved you.” your friend said as she made her way to your bed and sat on the corner. She moved the covers a bit and gave your shoulder a rub. It was true, everybody told you that he didn’t deserve you but you felt as if you didn’t deserve him. You were the sweetheart, always seeing the good side of people. Philip was the player, always taking advantage of others. He took advantage of your sweetness, and you saw the good side of him. “Please?” your friend whined. You decided it was enough, you were tired of letting Philip have this power over you. even after you called it quits. “Ok.” you said sitting up.

You put on your tightest, most short dress you had in your closet and looked in the mirror. Holy shit, you felt amazing. When was the last time you even wore this dress? You made your way to your shoe rack and chose your highest heels and wiggled your feet into them. “Oh my god. You look hot.” your friend said as she stuck her head out of the bathroom. “I know.” you giggled.

You two headed out, and managed to get a taxi on a busy friday night. Once at the club, your friend went to the dance floor, and you sat at the bar sipping on some champagne. You looked around enjoying the scenery, you hadn’t left the house for a week afterall. That was when your heart jumped to your throat. He was here. Philip was at the other side of the bar. He looked distressed, running a hand through his wavy hair. Bags under his eyes, signaling he hadn’t slept in some time. He looked up, and your eyes locked with his. You froze, you didn’t know what to do. Before you could run into the dance floor and get lost, he got up and made his way over to you. “Y/N.” he said sitting in the stool next to you. You couldn’t respond. “You look beautiful.” he said stirring his drink. “Couldn’t say the same for you.” you managed out. He slightly chuckled. “I haven’t slept for a week, what did you expect?” He replied. “Why haven’t you slept? You did plenty of times when we were together? Remember that time you missed our one year anniversary plans because you slept through it?” you replied, feeling bitter. “I haven’t slept because you aren’t by my side when I wake up. I forget that you left me and I wake up disappointed.” he said simply. Your breath got stuck in your throat. “Philip. Stop.” you say, looking away. “What am I doing?” he asked back. “You know what you’re doing, you always do this.” you say trying your best not to fall back into him. He had a way with words, and he knew how to use it. You had fallen in love with him and what he said. It was hard not to fall back into love with him the same way. “Please, come back.” he almost pleaded. “Fine.” you say, a spark of hope rose to Philip’s eyes. “I have things at your place I want back anyways.” you say trying not to let your walls fall. He looked down in disappointment, but led you out of the club.

Once at his apartment you gathered all of your remaining items into a paper bag. You looked around and remembered every memory the apartment held for you. You were interrupted from your thoughts when Philip cleared his throat behind you. You whipped around and saw Philip’s eyes traveling up and down your body. You rolled your eyes and tried to exit the room. Philip grabbed your arm, and you felt electricity in the places where he touched. “Please. Don’t go.” he whispered. “I- I can’t stay.” you say trying to keep yourself from giving in to him. It was so hard. You wanted to, but you knew if you did you would end up hurt again, and you were tired of it. “Why not?” Philip tugged a bit on your arm so you faced him. His eyes were glossy.”Our love is so hard Philip, It’s rare that we don’t go a month without fighting.” you say. “But every time we fight we end up together again, It just shows our love is tough Y/N. Easy love is for the unpassionate. Our love is so much more than that.” he argued back. “Yes, but I always end up hurt Philip, everytime we fight.” you said unable to meet his eyes. “I won’t let that happen.” He replied. “How can you say that? We do this so many times, and everytime I end up hurt Philip. What is different about this time?” you say slightly raising your voice. He didn’t answer. “Exactly. There’s nothing different.” you answer yourself and move past him to the door. Just as you were turning the doorknob he answered you. “Want to know what is different Y/N? Every time you come back to me, but this time it’s me going to you. I’m the one who is hurting, the one who can’t sleep. When you didn’t come back, it hit me. I lost you, I lost the thing that mattered most to me. When you were mine I never realized how good you were, you were always under my spell but you broke out of it. And I screwed up. When you were gone, I realized that I loved you more than anything else in this world. I realized who I am. I am nothing without you Y/N. Please.” He began to cry, tears rolling down his freckled cheeks. “Please don’t leave me.” He began to sob as you stood in shock by the door. It was rare that Philip was left vulnerable. He was crying too hard to realize you had dropped your bag and walked over to him. You took your thumb and ran it across his cheek to wipe away his tears. He raised his gaze to you. “Is that how you really feel Philip? Please tell me it’s true. Please. I want to believe you so badly.” you pleaded. “Y/N. I promise, I-” you gave in at that. You shut him up by pressing your lips to his slightly. They fit together like puzzle pieces. His hands began to roam your back, and you wrapped your arms around his neck trying to pull him closer even though your body was already flush against his. You moved your lips to his jaw then to his neck leaving open mouthed kisses on his neck. He gasped at the contact. “Y/N- I love you so much.” he managed to get out. You slowly started to undo his button down revealing his toned chest. You pressed your hand against his chest and moved your lips back onto his kissing him harder than before. Philip backed you up into a wall and his arms made their way to your butt, and began to grab at your thighs. On command you jumped slightly and wrapped your legs around his torso. He led you to the bed without ever breaking contact. He laid you down and hovered over you, admiring you and savoring the moment. Your noses were touching and he stared into your eyes, “God you’re so beautiful.” he whispered, you couldn’t help but blush. He quickly put his lips against yours again and began unzipping your dress. You raised your butt slightly so he could work it off your body. That left you in your matching set of navy blue underwear. He moved down, removing your bra, kissing your chest and stomach. When he reached your thighs, he gently traced over your stretch marks. He loved those especially. He slipped off your panties, leaving you exposed. When he made his way back up, you began to unbutton the rest of his shirt and tossed it off. Your hand reached into his pants, and rubbed slightly against the fabric of his underwear. He moaned into the kiss and you smiled. He broke the kiss to unbutton his pants, and slip them off along with his briefs. He kissed the tip of your nose before lining himself up. “Are you sure Y/N?” he asked you. “Please Philip, I need you.” You whimpered.

The next morning you woke  up wrapped in Philip’s arms. He was already awake just admiring your beauty, he brushed stray hairs from your face. “Morning beautiful.” he whispered into your ear before placing a kiss behind it. “Morning handsome.” you replied turning to face him. You hadn’t woken up like this since the honeymoon phase. “I’ve missed this.” you admitted. “You won’t ever wake up another way.” he promised pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. You snuggled into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you once more. It was true, you had given in to him, but when you gave in to him, you also gave in to love. This time you were willing to get hurt. Willing because you loved Philip more than you realized. Willing  because easy love wasn’t love at all.

having sex with Ethan would include...

requested: yes

anon: Could you do an imagine/preference on what it’d be like to have sex with them?

anon: having sex with them would include…

( I swear for those of you who are innocent –like me– this isn’t bad AT ALL) 

↣ lots of dirty talk

↣ probably a bunch of hickies

↣ usually super rough but like your first time would be super slow & passionate

↣ compliments like every 3 seconds

↣ him calling you baby/babygirl

↣ leaving marks/scratches on his back that would be really red and visible the next morning

↣ ethan being super tired and sweaty afterwards

↣ kisses EVERYWHERE.

↣ “I love you so much baby,”

↣ him loving it when you scream his name

↣ him smirking the whole time !!!

↣ ethan groaning in pleasure

↣ “holy sh- oh my god y/n”

↣ him begging you to give him a bj  

↣ falling back on the bed breathlessly just staring at the ceiling replaying that recent events in your head

↣ literally having sex anywhere/everywhere. on the floor, in a bathroom, at the park. anywhere

↣ “round two?”

↣ “yeah, why not”

↣ you literally falling asleep on top of him

↣ and him being super okay with it and playing with your hair

↣ then in the morning you guys would be super sore/tired so you’d end up doing nothing the whole day.

a/n – this wasn’t too smutty and like i have NO experience but I thought this was pretty good haha (:

polaroidgirlfriend replied to your post: a concept: nick holding freddie

Don’t…do this (my heart is beating really hard @ this concept (in a good and painful way))

okay but consider this: louis coming into the bfast show for promo (that thought alone already has me screaming tbh) and he brings freddie because something messed up in the schedule and briana’s busy and it’s too early for anyone, so louis doesn’t have a choice and he walks into the offices with freddie snuggling in his arms (probably all bundled up in a bunch of coats and jackets bc louis is paranoid he’ll get sick) and nick’s in the middle of a link when he looks up and sees louis and goes “oh my god there’s a baby” on the air and everything and he recollects himself but makes a beeline for louis as soon as he can and demands to hold freddie and probably does not let go until long after louis should’ve left. but nick’s so happy and louis is having so much fun watching nick chatter on the radio while absentmindedly holding a sleepy sigh-y freddie who’s not quite ready to sleep but not quite awake either. and then after, louis goes “so freddie really likes you, yeah? would you want to come over for lunch or summat and keep us company?” and nick just smiles and says “well, if you insist”

I Love You, You Idiot - Fred Weasley Imagine

It was a chilly Saturday morning, you were in the stands sitting with a bunch of Gryffindor’s screaming “GRYFFINDOR! GRYFFINDOR!”. You screamed with the crowd as Angelina Johnson grabbed the qauffle and passed it to Katie Bell who throw it into the Slytherin’s goal post. Gryffindor was in the lead by 30 points you laughed that your boyfriend, Fred Weasley, kept coming close to the stands to either kiss you or wink at you. “Freddie get your head in the game!” you yelled at him “Kiss me! ” he smiled and pulled you close and you kissed him passionately for a few second “Go get them baby” you whispered in his ear.

He finally got his head in the game hitting buldgers like he was supposed to do, You were so proud of him. Then, a voice filled the whole stadium “HE GOT THE SNITCH! HARRY POTTER RECIEVES 150 POINTS FOR CATCHING THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS!!!” You looked over to harry to see him on the ground one hand holding his broom; the other holding the golden snitch and putting it high in the air so, that everyone can see it. You smiled and cheered but, it quickly disappeared when you saw an angry Malfoy open the chest of quidditch balls and released a buldger.

Some people watched as the buldger flew high in the air and head very fast towards Fred “Fred watch out!” you screamed he turned around and it hit him hard in the chest he flew backwards and landed on his back not moving. You ran as fast as you can to get to him but, it was kinda hard because everyone was surrounding him; people made space for you and you kneeled down next to him touching his face and wiping away blood that came out of his nose. You were crying so hard, Hermione and Ginny both picked you up so, that Madam Promfrey can get a good look at him; Once she healed all of the bruises and bloody areas on Fred’s chest she let Harry and George carry him up to the hospital wing.

You were still being supported by Hermione and Ginny; Because you still were crying very heavily “(Y/n) Fred is going to be okay” Ginny said rubbing and patting your back “I know its just that it looked so painful when it hit him” you sniffled. The whole Quidditch team sat by his bed, while he slept you just watched his stomach go up and down going with the rhythm of his slow breathing. “Bye (Y/n) Don’t stay to long” Ginny whispered “I’m not I’m going to leave in a few” you told her as she left the hospital wing. You lightly squeezed his hand wishing he was awake right now so that you can cuddle him.

You looked at his faced then jumped at the surprise of his eyes opening “Finally, they’re gone!” He said smiling “Fred you were awake?!” you whispered/Yelled at him “Yeah for the whole thing” He said coolly as he pulled you in bed next to him and wrapped his arms tightly around you. “Freddie, you got me worried; but are you okay?” he chuckled “Babe it was just a buldger! ” he said laughing “Shut up” you said before kissing him like it was the last time ever. “I love you, you idiot” you whispered in his ear “I love you too” He whispered in your ear before leaving a trail of kisses on your neck and putting both hands on your waist.


October 23rd, 2016

Today, James and Lily are going to a Little League Quidditch game. Harry’s younger son is decimating a bunch of other ten year olds, and Lily thinks James is just a little too excited about this. Of course, that judgment only stands until she spots Harry and Ginny, who are both standing on the bleachers screaming at their son to “hit that Bludger harder, baby, you almost got him this time!” (Ginny), and “dive for it, I believe in you!” (Harry).

“See?” James says, smirking smugly. “I’m not the worst in the family.”

“Fine.” Lily sighs. “Third place.”

lazeetrash  asked:



as both a bts stan and a svt stan, boss is watching was such a good show. such good shit

highlights include:

  • scoops the man tanks jeon cena pvp irl 
    • baby boo is #1 cheerleader feat. his leader’s shoes
    • (our competitive kook declares war through meaningful glares throughout the rest of the show)
  • kook pays tribute to his idol zion t by becoming zion t
  • “diva boo: a trot star is born”
  • just in: eomma jin does not swallow, he spits (the water)
  • one leg battle aka everyone gangs up on bts, even bts
    • hobi hopes around screaming… falls
    • yoongi gets tired (ofc)
    • bts loses everything
  • fresh faced rookies seventeen are a bunch of animals and not to be messed with 
    • dk stands for deceitful kick (to jimin’s back whilst the baby angel takes a break to rub his poor calves)
      • dk is strong af don’t mess with dk
10 Random Facts About Me

Tagged by @chalie510

1. I truly love coffee and get really into the whole process.
2. I’ve been in a bunch of bands and sometimes I miss screaming my lungs out.
3. I have three tattoos, ‘PMA’, 'No Regrets’, and a lightsaber.
4. My mom is the one who got me into horror movies, a huge passion of mine.
5. This year I plan on focusing more on my writing and getting out of this massive slump.
6. I love hockey (NJ Devils), Baseball (NY Yankees), and football (NY Jets).
7. Strongly believe that there is too much hatred in this world and we need some serious change.
8. Can’t eat spicy food without acting like a damn baby about it.
9. I’m a super snob when it comes to what beer and whiskey I drink.
10. I’ve seen a UFO once, when I was a little younger.

I tag @coldonex @coffeestudent @several-shades-of-why @apricotbelly

Seventeen reacts to seeing a snake
  • S.Coups: Since he's the oldest, he'd be like 'yeah I got this'. He'll try and pick up the snake, but he'll scream once it's in a two foot radius of him.
  • Jeonghan: He'd look at the snake and marvel at how pretty it looks. Maybe he might pet it, but nothing much. One of the only members that doesn't piss their pants.
  • Joshua: I bit hesitant and probably won't go near the snake at first. Then he'd warm up and pet it a few times. Overall he's pretty calm. After he proceeds to find the members that ran away since the leader is too busy being a five year old.
  • Jun: Pshh. A snake has nothing on him. He'd hold it and wrap it around his neck and will start scaring the other members. Reason why DK is no where to be found.
  • Hoshi: Probably tries to speak snake and hold a conversation with it. Eventually when he gets bored he'll choreograph a dance inspired by a snake. Is probably going to try to convince the manager to let them get one.
  • Wonwoo: Lol no. He'd be in the corner behind a wall of chairs and tables. He had is bae to protect. Well after he gets over his fear.
  • Woozi: Is okay with the snake, but isn't a huge fan. Probably laughing at the scared members. Blackmail at it's finest.
  • DK: Is laughing at the other members until Jun comes near him with a snake. Barricades himself somewhere. Isn't found for the next three days.
  • Mingyu: Is too busy hiding behind Wonwoo to notice anything else. Trying not to piss is pants and failing miserably.
  • The8: Is following Jun and is trying to convince him to stop terrorizing the members. Gives a snake a really cute name.
  • Seungkwan: Diva ain't having any of this. Come near him with a snake and he will cut you and pour acid on your body. If anyone says he was scared, pshh, him? Denies it for the rest of his life.
  • Vernon: The entire hip pop unit was scared of a bug, as if Vernon's an exception. He'll step into the room and turn around in less than a second. He'll be like 'oh yeah, I forgot my swag at the dorms and I have um stuff to do.'
  • Dino: Hides behind a life-sized cardboard cutout of Michael Jackson. 'Sunbaenim save me!'
  • ~Nilla

Poussey Washington I Will Remember You. (Spoilers!)

So I just wrapped up the fourth season of OITNB and wow. Just wow. Everything felt so powerful this season, from Piper’s branding, to Aleida’s release, to Daya picking up Humphrey’s gun, and yes….to Poussey’s death. I come onto Tumblr expecting to see praise for how well this was handled, how real and poignant the writers made the scenes and all things following up to it.

Instead I see a bunch of cry-babies screaming for social justice and that she was killed BECAUSE she was lesbian. People hashtagging “Poussey Deserves Better” and that this was another example of a dead queer couple. THAT IS NOT WHAT POUSSEY’S STORY WAS ABOUT. IT WAS TO MAKE YOU THINK HOW BLACK PEOPLE ARE TREATED IN THE PENAL SYSTEM.

People who say that they will boycott this show because a gay character died on a show full of diverse woman with fluid sexualities will never understand the message that this season was trying to pass along. This was a season of reflection, of the treatment of minorities in prisons. It was to make you question the world around you, in a world where something like what happened to Sandra Bland could happen to anyone of color. It was to show how the media could and would try to demonize even the smallest child with an adorable smile if it will protect their own.

So OITNB writers I see what you’re trying to do. I see the messages that you hope to spread. Lets hope others do to.

And to you Poussey Washington. I will choose not to remember you as a body on a floor, but as that girl who smiled as she overlooked New York and saw a new future.

Back Off

Originally posted by fyesdylanobrien

Requested by anonymous: can you do an imagine where o'brien and y/n his girlfriend are at an airport and it gets intense with a bunch of fans and paparazzi and she gets nervous and she has anxiety ?? and he protects her and basically acts like her bodyguard ??????

WORDS: 165


WARNING: short

A/N: I hope you like it.

Y/N’ P.O.V.

Dylan held my hand and I hear a lot of screams, I was already nervous because of the paparazzi, I have no idea of what will happen.

“C’mon, baby, the car is waiting.”

We get out and a lot of people start running at us, the security guards are trying to stop them but it’s a lot of people. I feel my body tremble and Dylan notices it. He put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest.

“Back off!” The security guard screams.

Dylan holds me tight and I close my eyes, Dylan yells something I couldn’t understand and then everything stopped. I opened my eyes, trying to breath and Dylan closed the door. He hugged me.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry, baby.”

I look at him and I dry my tears.

“I am so sorry; I couldn’t imagine it would be so many people.”

“It’s ok. I’m fine.”

“I love you, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, Dyl. I love you too.”

Me: *scrolling on tumblr*

Me: *sees bias*

Me: *internally screaming* OH MY SWEET BABY LOVE L O O K at THIS BABE omg why are u so freaking cute lil sugar pie honey bunch but hawt too? goood loooord r u trying to kill me?! like wtf ur perfect I love u like im actually in love with u ur so awesome and nice and sweet and like wow frick frack baby love shiiiiit ya know like damn 

Me: ?????

Me: *reblogs* 

Me: Soooo anyways….

Too Many Drinks (SQ Week #1)

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Pairing: SwanQueen

Word Count: 2.020

Fic Rating: T

Summary: Emma wakes up in Regina’s bed. With the woman. And they don’t remember anything of the night before, just that they were at Neal’s birthday party and had too many drinks.

Read in Ao3 //

A/N - A small fic for the SwanQueen Week, this one for the first prompt “ Bed Sharing”. 

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Most Underrated TPTB quotes ~ Calzona |

Meg Marnis, Writer, Hook, Line Sinner| Grey’s Anatomy 06x20

“While breaking this episode in the writers’ room, we talked about a bunch of different ways we could show Sloan-Cubed’s arrival … We went with the version that aired because we really thought we wanted a super-charged, fun, dynamic opening to the show – I LOVE this opening. Director Tony Phelan did an amazing job of setting up the sequence that went from the Callie/Arizona fight to Mark screaming for suture kits, to everyone running across the hallway and standing in the doorway as Teddy just looks at them while holding this newborn covered in goo.”

“…Callie and Arizona are finally talking about the “baby” in the room. And literally are interrupted by an actual baby being delivered in the other room… does anyone else find that as funny as I do?
Anyway… When Shonda told us that this would be the episode where Callie and Arizona have the all-out FIGHT, my first question was, well, who wins? Is it going to be baby… or no baby?
And really, how does Arizona, a PEDIATRIC surgeon really not want kids? She obviously likes them, she’s obviously great with them, I mean, why else put herself through one of the hardest specialties in medicine, if not?
And that’s what Callie doesn’t understand.
Callie watches her girlfriend help deliver a baby, watches her girlfriend calm a baby down, and watches her girlfriend insert a central line into another baby in the NICU. All in one day.
Arizona never flinches when dealing with babies that are her patients. So in Callie’s mind, there must be a reason why Arizona doesn’t want one of her own. And she assumes it’s because her brother died.
And yikes, does she assume wrong.

That scene in the residents’ lounge? Jessica and Sara were freaking genius in that scene.

Arizona cannot even believe Callie went to the brother place. And we see that, Arizona really just doesn’t want kids. There is no THING that happened. There is no dark hidden story that she can’t bear to talk about. She just DOESN’T want them.

It’s heartbreaking because they love each other, and they want this relationship to work. Badly. It’s heartbreaking because they want to make each other happy, they want to meet in the middle, they want to compromise. But what’s the compromise when it comes to babies?
I get it when it’s Friday night, and I’m exhausted from researching medical medical all day, and I want to watch “Smallville” but my fiancé obviously wants to watch some five-hour sporting event. But we love each other, so we do what every bickering couple would do… we watch “Friday Night Lights” instead. Compromise. Both of us happy. But with Callie and Arizona? Isn’t it, baby… or no baby?…”

See on one side, I wanna draw my characters being cuddly and giving each other dorky tickle fights with lots of kisses and fighting over the remote on the couch over a Brady Bunch episode only to laugh and make out furiously like precious flustered babies.

On the other side, I wanna draw my characters screaming over their dead bodies, sobbing uncontrollably at the idea of rejection, and begging for forgiveness with tears streaming and blood on their hands.