and a bunch of screaming babies

In other news Park Jimin is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen, boy runs around with that squishy smile and baby hands acting all soft n cute like he just the Purest Bean in the bunch and then u put him on stage and he somehow gains +2000 Daddy™ points and grinds so fine the earth quakes I don’t wanna be played like this, u gotta pick one personality u chimchiminey shit I don’t have time for these games



gfdi i shipped heavymedic so hard back in the day 💦💦 💦

all the shirtlessness, tum tums and babies aside, i am so proud of astro. i am so proud they have so many loving fans that would do anything for them. i am so proud so many idols came to support them. i am so proud they held their first solo concerts and finally get so see the vivid plum + space violet sea. i am so happy they got to head a whole bunch of people chanting their names and screaming just for them.  i am so happy they haven’t faltered and are climbing their way up in the kpop scene. i am hella happy fantagio let them do whatever they wanted during the concert. i am happy that astro is happy and doing what they love with so much support from their company, fans, family and fellow artists/idols and they have so much more to come since they still are rookies. astro exist, aroha exist, love exists. i am just so proud.

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heLLO HI WELCOME TO YOONMIN HELL - I don’t know what you’ve already read? or even what you’re into? but i’ll try to cover the basics

okay this is getting really fucking long. i’ve a ton more to recommend though? anon come back when you finish all these classics and we can get into the moderns LOL

fyi i have a fic rec tag which i update occasionally as i find particularly interesting fics that i’ve read recently!


AN: This one came from me haha I felt like writing it so I hope you like it!


“Don’t you touch me.” His wife hissed, bending over while holding to the bed, giving him a mean look that stopped Gray on his tracks when he was on his way to massage her lower back like he had been doing. “You touch me and Juvia will drown you.”

Gray loved his wife, loved her more than anything in the world, but he didn’t like her at all while she was in labor.

At first, she was fine, handling the pain but as things progressed, she had been losing her temper and finally snapping at him. Juvia had never, since their first fight, been mean or treated him bad – aside their fight because of Invel but even then, it didn’t count.

He could understand why she was so pissed off: she had been in labor for eighteen hours and he would’ve snapped a long time ago, but his sweet wife turning into a glaring monster was awful. Seeing her in pain wasn’t helping either.

“I guess the time is coming.” The doctor, a middle-aged woman said, kindly and tried to touch Juvia, but the blunette shook her head and the nurse stopped.

No one touches me right now.” Juvia said between gritted teeth, groaning when another contraction hit her. The sound of pure pain made Gray’s stomach turn. He hated seeing her in pain.

“Alright, dear.” The nurse said when Juvia was panting. “The contractions are getting closer, it’s almost time. You have to lie down now.”

“No. No, no.” Juvia whined. “I’m fine here. It hurts less. Please.”

“Juvia, listen to her.” Gray said, nervous. God, why did he agree when she told him she wanted a baby? He wasn’t ready to see her go through that pain. “You need to lie down.” Juvia glared.

“Come on.” The nurse waved so Gray joined her into helping and after some maneuver, Juvia lied down on the bed. “Here we go. I will examine you now.” She looked between Juvia’s legs and Gray hovered over the nurse until she looked up to Juvia, smiling. “Well, you are ready to push and the little one wants to see the world, I bet.”

Juvia’s eyes widened and she looked at Gray, who was also wide-eyed, before she looked back at the nurse. “Is… is it gonna happen now?”

“Finally, huh?” She chuckled. “When the next pain hits, you can push.”

“Oh.” Juvia breathed and then looked in Gray’s direction, offering her hand so he assumed it was fine to touch her from that moment on. “Gray-sama.” She was clearly panicking a little so he grabbed her hand and kissed it. “It’s… it’s happening now.”

“I know.” He told her.

“I’m scared.” Juvia whispered.

“I’m scared too.” Gray confessed. “But we will get our son with us soon, alright? Come on, Juvia. You’ve been brave, have been giving me grief and nasty looks for hours and now it’s finally time.” He kissed her hand again, smiling when she managed to laugh quietly.

“Oh, here it comes.” Juvia moaned in pain and squeezed his hand – it hurt like a bitch, but it was a small price to pay to let her know he was there.

Gray couldn’t say how long she pushed and pushed, crushing his hand with hers while he told her she was doing great. And time definitively stopped when Juvia pushed one last time and then the cries of a newborn echoed through the room.

It was amazing how just a few seconds could last almost an eternity.

“It’s a boy.” The doctor declared, holding the baby so they could see – the baby was a mess of a white goo and some blood, he was screaming, angry because all he ever knew changed drastically but Gray couldn’t take his eyes off him. “With very good lungs.” She chuckled and put the baby on Juvia’s chest.

“Oh.” Juvia let go of his hand, both going to hold their child close to her. She was still breathing with difficulty, especially when she started to cry. “Oh, you are here.” She caressed the baby’s back, which seemed to calm him down from the wild screaming to whimpers. “You are so perfect.” He could see the baby more clearly than she did – Gray doubted she saw the baby properly yet – but she wasn’t mistaken: he was perfect. A bunch of black hair on top of his head and a bit wrinkled, small fingers, all dirty up but absolutely perfect. Juvia looked at him, crying and so happy. “He is here”

“He is.” Gray nodded, kissing his wife’s forehead. “He sure is.”


Even after three hours seeing his son in his arms, Gray still couldn’t believe he helped create him. Gray hoped his son inherited Juvia’s blue eyes, as it appeared Gray had provided the dominant genetics.

“You will be trouble as you grow up, won’t you?” Gray whispered, one of Gris’ hands on his and it was so tiny. All about Gris was tiny, fragile and perfect. Gray was currently fascinated with how tiny Gris’ nails were and he examined each finger. “You made your mother very scary while you were being born. She is scary, you’ll learn, but never to me. I’m special. I guess you are too, so let’s see.” He stared, bewitched when Gris yawned. Gray never knew love like that. He loved his wife, he’d die for her (he did, a couple of times, really) but what he was feeling for his son, was so much more. “I can tell you will drive us crazy.”

“Please, don’t say it like it’s a prophecy.” He heard his wife’s voice and looked up, seeing her finally awake – she had taken a well-deserved nap.

“I don’t think we will have much of a choice.” Gray snorted softly. “Do you want me to give him to you?”

Juvia nodded. “Juvia thinks it’s time to feed him again.”

“How do you know? He’s quiet.” Gray got up slowly so not to bother their son.

She snorted softly. “My breasts feel as if they are going to explode.”

“Oh. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.” Gray raised his eyebrows and put the baby in her arms. Seeing her with their son in her arms and the beautiful smile on her lips were about the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Hello, my love.” She kissed the baby’s forehead but he hardly moved. “Still tired, I see. Today was rather eventful.”

“That’s an understatement.” It was Gray’s turn to snort. “I hope he enjoys being an only child. There’s no way I’m putting you through that pain again.”

“Oh, we are not having just one baby.” Juvia cooed at Gris and didn’t even bothered looking up, preparing herself to feed their son like she was taught by the nurses a couple of hours before. “In a couple of years we are going to try for a girl.” Juvia wrinkled her nose when the baby latched on her breast, still not used to the feeling. “You will want a little sister, won’t you?”

Gray couldn’t believe his ears. “Have you already forgotten the pain you were just a few hours ago? I didn’t.”

“Oh hell no.” Juvia finally looked up. “That was awful and Juvia will never forget it. But it was worth it.” She smiled at her husband and then down to the baby. “Look at him; he was so worth it.” Gray couldn’t help but to agree, touching the little boy’s tiny hand. “Can we talk about this in about a year or so after we enjoy our little boy?”

“Yeah.” Gray agreed. “I’ll still say no.”

“Please.” Juvia rolled her eyes. “You will absolutely melt if we have a little girl. You know you will. Don’t worry Juvia is tough, she can take labor.”

“You are not the one receiving the mean glares.” He mumbled. “I’m not used to that.”

The Water Mage giggled. “Juvia promises to keep the mean glaring only to when having a baby.”

“Thank god.”


AN: I know this might sound very OOC but if you are in labor for eighteen hours, you are bound to yell at people to leave you alone and give them mean stares. I think Juvia’s entitled to it, she returned to her sweet self once it was over. :)


Little Miss Dancer Girl…

After taking care of some things at the bar I went to pick up my munchkin since it feels like I haven’t seen baby girl in forever! Once I walked in she immediately ran to me screaming and gave me a big hug (She’s strong for a 3 year old, I thought I was getting strangled) she wanted to take a whole bunch of pics cause she really liked her hair but I really wanted to get her home so she could see her room her Daddy & I worked so hard on. 5 mins turned into an hour cause she wanted to dance…Ya’ll see my face right! I didn’t mind at all though, I missed my little buttercup!

(Peep the photobomb by Konjit’s thighs)

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Your Jason Todd one was amazing!! Please do another one, maybe one where the reader is pregnant and how Jason deals during each trimester

DAD FIC’S ARE MY WEAKNESS FRIEND! Thank you for sending this in:)


  • Telling Jason you were pregnant was the cutest damn thing
  • you both had been trying to get pregnant for awhile now and when you finally got the new, you knew Jason was going to flip
  • you give him the pregnancy test in  wrapped box like a present
  • when he opens it up his eyes light up and he gasps
  • he kisses you and your belly for the next hour and a half
  • he totally wouldn’t admit it but he was crying a lil bit
  • he was totally in the honeymoon phase of your pregnancy
  • everything was peachy
  • bought a bunch of onesies in gender neutral colors
  • all of them say something along the lines of ‘I have the best dad’ or ‘i have a cute dad’


  • you began showing and Jason could not stop smiling and touching your bump
  • he began getting a little protective over you and the baby
  • when you got cravings he would find some way to get it for you no matter what
  • even the food he hated, you would get it in a heartbeat
  • he keeps a photo from your ultrasound in his wallet
  • you found out you were having a boy
  • at this point the batfam knows too
  • Tim buys you guys a bright red crib
  • another flood of onesies came in, but this time it was uncles
  • “My uncles the greatest” “I got this from my favorite uncle” “You think my butt’s cute? Check out my uncles!”
  • (the last one was from Dick)
  • Jason cleaned the apartment to make sure the space was sanitary or you and your new baby


  • If you thought he was protective before
  • oh boy
  • he is crazy protective
  • everyone that comes near you has to get a face mask and a pump of hand sanitizer from mommy Jason
  • he keeps you on bed/couch rest the further you get along
  • has like 12 different baby bags ready for whenever you go into labor
  • he has a dry run for the hospital like once a week
  • he also has been reading a lot of parenting books to make sure everything’s perfect
  • speaking of perfect
  • he sets up your nursery for your baby boy
  • It was a red set up to match the crib Tim had bought you
  • it was a little dark for your tastes but it was adorable none the less
  • he painted a little tree in the back with a bunch of little birds and a bat right next to the crib
  • when you finally go into labor he is cool, calm, and collected
  • he gets you to the hospital quickly to make sure there wan’t any unnecessary stress on you or his little boy
  • when you were actually giving birth you yeled and screamed at him but he couldnt help but smile
  • all of the verbal abuse was worth it to see his son
  • the first time he holds his son he cries
  • you have the cutest family in the world

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You and Peter Parker being teen parents (HEADCANNONS)

A/N: ok I know peter is !!15!! but who cares its tumblr ayyyyyy no one asked for this meme shit but i did so here we go

  • ok so it seems as if someone forgot to wrAP IT BEFORE HE TAPPED IT
  • peter fainting when you tell him
  • you almost fainting with him
  • yes you may both be 15 but you were going to get through this together and raise a beautiful lil baby
  • “peter, do you know because you’re spiderman and you have spider powers and shit?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “will our baby be a hybrid?”
  • “what”
  • aunt May being happy in the end
  • oh boy when Tony finds out..
  • “Peter oh my gosh do you not have any pull out game”
  • Tony does one big facepalm
  • your parents having a heart attack on the spot
  • after all, you are both 15 which makes you kIDS YOURSELVES
  • after a few months of the news settling in… you grow a bump
  • peter adores the bump 
  • you adore the bump
  • what you do not adore is the weird cravings?
  • Peter being super protective over you and your smol bump, never letting you do anything for yourself
  • constantly needing to assure peter that you aren’t useless and could do stuff
  • peter brushes this off
  • going to find out the gender
  • “congratulations on a baby boyl!”
  • peter gets his wish for a little boy
  • fighting on baby names
  • until you finally bring up a suggestion that melts peter’s heart
  • “what about ben?”
  • peter hugs you tightly
  • practically moving in with peter and aunt may
  • when it comes to you giving birth.. peter panics 
  • however in labor, he gives soothing kisses to your temples and holds your hand tightly
  • “are you okay darling?”
  • “oksorrydarlingkeepbreathinginandout”
  • when baby ben is born, you both tear up and May takes a lot of pictures for you both
  • he is a flawless lil potato 
  • you cry with peter
  • peter looking at you with eyes full of love, knowing you two are meant to be
  • your family being beyond perfect
  • tony showing up with a bunch of condoms for the future and baby iron man merch
  • tony too asks if the baby is a hybrid
  • peter rolls his eyes
  • peter being so loving with little baby ben, always cuddling and cooing with the child
  • ben always smiling and looking exactly like peter !!
  • this warming your heart
  • BEN HAVING THE CHUBBIEST CHEEKS *eternal screaming*
  • groggy peter waking up in the middle of the night whenever ben cries
  • “i’ll go get him..”
  • “no peter, let me”
  • “no no, you stay here beautiful”
  • peter is a great dad
  • it turns out that ben isnt a hybrid
279 prompts cause I'm waiting and waiting and waiting

1. Someday I’m going to get this right.
2. Maybe I don’t need to understand
3. I’m holding on tightly
4. You’re a mystery.
5. Wait until the lights are low.
6. I did it thanklessly.
7. I got a strange feeling about this.
8. You’re running away?
9. Don’t stop if you’re enjoying yourself.
10. I think about it every day and every night.
11. I can’t say ‘no’.
12. Well I didn’t think you’d take it this far.
13. You won’t be the same.
14. Come closer, I have to tell you something.
15. I hated the nights in the van when we drove through the night.
16. That’s a hundred miles an hour.
17. Even though it’s not always good.
18. You’re more than just a great face.
19. Let your hair down.
20. We can be ourselves now.
21. Go ahead, be foolish.
22. It’s your fault that I screen my phone calls.
23. I’m not home anyway.
24. Tell me when.
25. You’re talking to a lady.
26. You’re not exactly what I had in mind either.
27. How can you ignore it?
28. This conversation is pointless.
29. Trust me, you were heard.
30. I can hear crying through the door.
31. I never took anyone’s side.
32. I’ll keep my mouth shut.
33. She can’t keep you from stumbling.
34. I’m in misery.
35. Your chest is so cold right now.
36. I will cover you until we’re gone.
37. We are the same!
38. You could make it easy on me.
39. The wait is so long.
40. Thanks for the souvenir
41. Of course, he fucked everything up.
42. I did what you couldn’t
43. This is wrong?
44. I have some hope left.
45. Anything you ever did was strictly what you were told to.
46. I know what I need!
47. Tell on me
48. It’s now or never.
49. Leave a trace of yourself, come on.
50. Let me take the lead.
51. You think I’ll apologize for what I did.
52. I’ll admit that I fucked up.
53. There’s some grey here.
54. You better believe I’ll move on.
55. Tell it like it was, come on.
56. You know what to do if you’re lonely
57. I’m suffocating
58. It’s been a long time coming.
59. What are you trying to do to us?
60. What about Sunday? You swore you’d make it work.
61. I wish you would change your mind.
62. It would just take a minute.
63. I’ll be awake anyway.
64. He said you were nice.
65. Unless you’re going to be cool…
66. Find me tonight. I’ll still be in the city.
67. What made you think twice?
68. Secretly, you’re a good one, aren’t you?
69. You broke a couple glasses.
70. You called me about six different awful names.
71. You posted it.
72. I’ve been so worried about you lately.
73. You think you’re good enough, huh?
74. It’s good enough for now.
75. You don’t look like the person I trusted.
76. You can’t find love when you’re this smashed.
77. That’s not what you said yesterday!
78. I’ll feel better when we get to the club.
79. Nothing your hands on my body can’t fix.
80. I know you need a body to keep you warm.
81. We will have a good time
82. You’re acting pathetic.
83. You’re the only reason I came.
84. I thought you were going to help me.
85. I’m not giving you shit.
86. It’s 4 in the morning.
87. Of course, it hurts.
88. You got to give me more than that.
89. Why did I even wait up?
90. I don’t want to lose another fight.
91. Let it sink in.
92. How can you sleep?
93. It’s all over me.
94. I handed over the keys.
95. I can’t stop crying now.
96. If we’re going to do it, I want to do it right.
97. I don’t feel very safe.
98. Remember when you said you would change?
99. You don’t play fair.
100. That hair is not mine.
101. You and I didn’t exist ever.
102. What were you hoping for?
103. Why did you play games?
104. Don’t speak for me ever again.
105. I’m not something to be conquered.
106. You know just what to say.
107. Just couldn’t resist.
108. We have way too much in common.
109. I have a shopping problem.
110. Do you think about me when you get off?
111. This feels hopeless now.
112. I’ve got time for you. Always.
113. Were you crying?
114. You’re confusing me!
115. Don’t waste my time.
116. It’s too late for this tonight.
117. I’m sure you feel very right.
118. I didn’t feel bad when we lied.
119. I heard you scream in the bathroom.
120. Wait around and see for yourself.
121. How high are you?
122. I never put you down.
123. No one needs that!
124. Did you forget to turn your heart on this morning?
125. It feels really tight.
126. Why are you still talking?
127. I can’t escape you!
128. This is the best I can do.
129. If you see me walking down the street, just walk by, okay?
130. I still cry about it.
131. Do you ever think about what we did?
132. You still turn me on.
133. My heart feels heavy.
134. I’ve had too much time these days.
135. Don’t call me baby.
136. Can you not see murder when it’s in front of you?
137. Stop showing up at my favourite places.
138. You don’t just want to talk.
139. Walk away.
140. You know all the reasons why already.
141. You didn’t know me then.
142. What’s the excuse?
143. She lost control.
144. Are you lonely?
145. What’s with the naked guys?
146. Don’t get carried away.
147. Stop screaming. We are in public.
148. I heard through a bunch of people.
149. Oh wow, you’re not kidding.
150. Vanilla, right?
151. You are actually going to go home with them?
152. This is not me being jealous, okay?
153. Oh, I love paying for things I can’t afford.
154. I’m not sitting here and wishing for you.
155. What’s on your phone that is so interesting?
156. I’m imagining what you could possibly find interesting about them.
157. You’re not that much of a mess.
158. I’ve seen you here before.
159. Good luck replacing me.
160. I wish I was smarter.
161. I’m not interested in you like this.
162. Can you handle that?
163. We’re never alone
164. You’re leaving with somebody else
165. You said I could come along.
166. I did not see this coming.
167. You sound like crazy people.
168. Your car reeks of weed.
169. Do you hear yourself right now?
170. I’m tired of putting things on hold.
171. This is the strangest thing you’ve asked for.
172. I don’t want to know why.
173. I’d rather be sad with you.
174. Wake me up next time.
175. It feels like fire.
176. How much more of this can you take?
177. It’s hard being away from you and not knowing.
178. I can’t believe this is happening
179. Don’t rage about this.
180. I hate that I need you.
181. How are you going to make things better?
182. Are we being spied on?
183. You know I’m human, right?
184. Hate is a part of life.
185. Baby, answer the question
186. I know that you’re sorry
187. I need you to pay attention.
188. Now you’re freaking out.
189. I didn’t know about this garbage when I agreed.
190. Give me a chance to remember
191. I defended you
192. I’m in my own world.
193. Write the note already.
194. Load your car up then.
195. I won’t say it.
196. Tequila turns you into someone else.
197. So you lied and cheated?
198. It’s seven am, you can’t be angry yet.
199. You got one shot left.
200. I’ve been thinking about what I used to do to you
201. All I need is a little bit.
202. You are drinking too much
203. Keep it to yourself
204. You think this is what 'okay’ looks like?
205. If you only knew.
206. Just wondered if you were asleep.
207. I don’t care how you feel.
208. It’s less dangerous this way
209. Keep it real.
210. I wish I could read your mind.
211. I’m not looking for a fantasy.
212. I’m so into you.
213. This is heaven.
214. It’s chaos in here.
215. Am I dreaming?
216. You’re my only friend
217. I know why you’re crying, but care to explain anyway?
218. Everyone knows what you think.
219. You can’t miss what wasn’t yours.
220. It was all a lie. I lied and kept lying.
221. You said 'yes’.
222. Wait a minute, bring that back.
223. I’m not worried about a thing.
224. You got this.
225. You’re smarter than you think you are.
226. He is so drunk on power.
227. This belongs to you. I want you to have it.
228. What do you believe in then?
229. This is betrayal. This feels like a slap in the face.
230. He was right there.
231. This is my life, don’t you forget that.
232. I paid him to do that.
233. What good could you do?
234. How much will you lose?
235. Are you committed to this?
236. She won’t listen to you.
237. Use both hands.
238. I didn’t get close on purpose.
239. You’re the worst nice girl I’ve known.
240. I’m not the nervous kind.
241. Shame on me for getting so close.
242. Fuck you and your family dinner.
243. I wish we never kissed.
244. Is it okay that we are so close?
245. You’ve been nothing but trouble since you arrived.
246. Good luck finding someone to be with you now.
247. Doesn’t matter what you tell them, I’m not coming.
248. I would have figured you out.
249. If it was my choice, we would still be together
250. Where have you been?
251. You want to be forgiven?
252. I’m scared I’ll die alone
253. I didn’t want to walk out.
254. Where were you then?
255. When I saw you, I freaked out.
256. Don’t run away from me.
257. I’d go anywhere you wanted to go.
258. I saw you from the corner of my eye.
259. You’re making my heart feel tight.
260. You don’t have to dress up.
261. I’m letting go tonight.
262. That better not end up on the Internet.
263. I’m trying to be patient.
264. This wasn’t what I dreamed for myself.
265. I don’t want to hear the great story you worked out
266. Call in sick.
267. I can wait til you get back.
268. This is about to go from bad to disastrous
269. I didn’t think I’d actually wind up liking you.
270. You knocked him out.
271. You’re not the boss of me.
272. You think you’re so slick, don’t you?
273. She is going to destroy you.
274. Can you walk and talk at the same time?
275. I’ll call you a cab. An uber.
276. You must not respect me at all.
277. The kitchen? Of all places?
278. Call that girl. I bet she would give you a ride.
279. If it makes you feel better, go ahead.

Fucked up things about mother! and what they meant, or at least, how I interpreted them

Mother! is a film that marketed itself as like a mystery thriller.

You see a couple living alone in an isolated house with a weird crowd of people coming in for…a reason.

And you think oh, so it’s a mystery. What’s happening? So you go see it.

And what you get is a metaphor about the lives of celebrities and their families. 


Let me explain my interpretation. 


Invasion of privacy:

Obviously, all of the people, polite but invasive, were a metaphor for how even the most polite “fans” are still intruding. 

Everything’s normal at the beginning of the film. Even though Jennifer Lawrence is a little uncomfortable with the old man and his wife, she’s still not totally upset. Social manners dictate that she be a kind hostess. And she is, she takes their invasion pretty well, since her husband seems reasonable and kind for letting two strangers in.

These two strangers are just “fans” of his original work. They’re normal people who just admire him. That’s normal, right?

“Fans are people too.”

They’re just admiring. 

At this point, Jennifer Lawrence and her husband are normal people who are just happy that their work gets recognized.

This is “small” celebrity status. 

People who are recognizable, but not uber famous. 

They get to be friendly with fans, get one on ones without people getting weird 

But then….

Fans make their own personal problems somehow related to their celebrity and behave badly when their celebrity’s family or friends tell them to step off, they don’t own that celebrity (*coughs, sound familiar, tumblr?) 

So the two “normal” fans have two fucked up sons. One kills the other. It’s a tragedy. Jennifer Lawrence expresses her condolences, but Michelle Pfieffer is cold and says she couldn’t “possibly” understand while Jennifer’s husband is gracious and “mourns.” 

Michelle Pfieffer is a “fan” who sees her own problems in the lives of the celebrity’s family. 

She then “takes sides” according to how she applies her own tragedy to the celebrity’s situation. 

And she takes the celebrity husband’s side, because he’s “mourning” while Jennifer is uncomfortable with people in the house. 

But this mourning is pandering.

He’s showing only the slightest of true sympathy for them. He just revels in the drama, in being the hero, who comforts all. He is their messiah, he pities their small problems and comforts them because he is a benevolent master. 

Additionally, all of the family members come in, invade Jennifer’s home.

They re-paint.

They jump on her sink even though she TELLS THEM REPEATEDLY that it hasn’t been braced yet.

Then it BREAKS. 

Like this is just the beginning.

Celebrities and their families TELL their fans not to do something.

For a practical reason.

But fans do it anyway because they think they’re being cute, playful. They take liberties with celebrity’s possessions, with their reputations. 

They treat the celebrity’s things like toys and then let them clean up the mess while they get off scot free and retreat into anonymity. 

Then the celebrity gets MORE famous. People ADORE him and treat him like a god who can do no wrong, whose every action is sacred. They then DEMONIZE close relatives and friends when they have NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT GOES ON WHEN THE CAMERA IS OFF. 

So Jennifer Lawrence has a baby. The madness is over. Her husband is happy because he finally started writing again. He published a book and everyone’s excited. 

She’s happy because it’s just the two of them, plus another, the baby that’s coming. 

There’s no stain under the carpet  (blood, from when one brother killed the other earlier) and she throws away medication she’s been taking the entire movie to deal with the stress. 

But then the paparazzi come. Fans come. They come and they take her husband away from her.

Earlier, he went away for an “emergency.”

He left his wife alone because he “had to” and he assumed that she would be ok.

And she’s an adult, after all.

It was traumatic, but she excuses him because he’s a “good man.”

But in this case?

He just adores the fame.

He leaves her to bask in glory. 

He doesn’t eat dinner with her, a dinner she made specially for him. 

And THEN, he tells everyone to come inside.

They eat her meals. 

They start taking her things, because they “need a piece” of the poet they adore so much.

She tells them to stop but they don’t care. 

This whole part was clearly a metaphor for how celebrities’ lives are treated as commodities. 

Everyone feels entitled to their favorite celebrity’s lives. 

They want a piece of them for themselves, but don’t consider that maybe one day, there’ll just be nothing left of whatever it was that made that person special. 

They also take liberties with her food, her toilet, her possessions, her house.

They tear things off the wall and run off with it. 

They shove her around and don’t care that she’s pregnant. 

And then….

Kristin Wiig the editor, social civil war, and how celebrities are expected to fix the entire world’s problems by being “icons” when they’re really just people. 

Ok, this part of the movie was really weird and kind of tedious. For some reason, the film went from people invading and cutting up her house to…women in cages.

People fighting in the living room with riot masks. 

People getting pepper sprayed. 

Bodies covered in ash all over the floor. 

Nurses and medics rushing to help people lying on the floor, dying. 

And amongst this mess is Jennifer Lawrence and her husband…who inspires people. 

Who sees their suffering and wants to help…but who disregards his wife.

Who starts to see himself as a messiah, instead of as the man he truly is. 

This is a fascinating part which I only understood JUST NOW, as I was typing this! 

Celebrities are our “fantasy.”

The real world is horrible. 

People die in terrorist attacks. 

People protesting are pepper sprayed and beaten. 

Women are sex slaves being sold like goods. 

Disgusting men walk around destroying everything. 

And here we have a celebrity who’s powerless to stop these things. 

And yes. 

Yes, he is a figure of hope. He can offer people some comfort in trying times. 

But he’s also human.

He has his own responsibilities. He’s just a man.

He NEGLECTS HIS WIFE AND CHILD to be the people’s “savior.” 

And that leads us to: 

A baby is taken from her mother, its neck is snapped by the people’s rough handling of it, and its corpse is ripped apart and eaten by his father’s fanatics

Ok, this part was horrific. 

But I understood what it meant. 

He wanted people to see his child because they “asked.”

He really did want to support his wife, at some points, but every time, EVERY TIME, his fans came first.

His image came first. 

He took her baby from her after it was born after assholishly waiting for two days for her to FALL ASLEEP.

Then he gave it to the crowd.

And they tore it to pieces.

Clearly, this was a metaphor for a celebrity’s family.

Everything they do is consumed by the public. 

The babies of celebrities are neatly folded into consumer goods the moment they’re born.

They’re battered by scandals and by the public’s eye. 

It was brutal to watch and I think the message there was that we don’t consider how it would feel to be born with a spotlight on you and your every action.

We take it for granted, our privacy.

Our right to live our lives unmolested. 

But kids?

Kids of celebrities are always being “held up” and “eaten” in a way. 

Ok, so the scene ends with the baby being eaten and with one fan saying, “We’re so sorry for your loss…but he will not be forgotten!” 

This to me says that people will apologize for their actions…but not mean it. 

They’ll never learn their lesson; they’re just sorry their dark side was exposed to the light.

They’ll hide it away again until the next situation comes along. 


Jennifer Lawrence’s husband refuses to apologize and he refuses to change his ways EVEN AFTER HIS BABY WAS KILLED


His baby died and what does he tell his wife?

“I’m sorry…but we can make something out of this tragedy! It wasn’t for nothing!”

It shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Jennifer Lawrence is disgusted, rightfully, because he’s just thinking about himself.

he didn’t care about her or her baby. 

he cared about the publicity. and now that the baby is dead…he still thinks of himself as the people’s god.

he “makes” tragedy into yet another moment of worship. 

And then a scene that just wouldn’t end…..

Jennifer Lawrence is brutally beaten by a crowd calling her a whore and her shirt is ripped at and I’m forced to see her boobs popping out 

Ok so…this part was really upsetting. 

You thought a tiny helpless baby having its neck snapped and its corpse eaten was as bad as it got?


After her baby is killed….what happens?

She stabs a bunch of people with glass.

And then they descend on her, screaming, and beat her brutally, punching her in the face, in the stomach, tearing at her shirt.

Her boobs pop out.

And then her husband FINALLY comes to her rescue.


This part?


A celebrity’s family member is angry at her privacy being violated. Or she’s angry about a way she’s been portrayed in the media.

She lashes out. 

And is mercilessly torn apart by a misogynistic public.

Like I think her breasts popping out wasn’t meant to be sexy at all.

It was literally the grossest thing I’ve ever seen, not that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t hot, just that…

I don’t find people beating a woman’s nose in and then kicking her still pregnant stomach as she lies bleeding on the floor sexy foreplay.

Plus her boobs aren’t sexually shown.

They’re just there, on display, after a crowd of people beat her almost to death. 


This scene to me…makes me think about leaked nudes.

Everyone was calling her a whore. 

Celebrity’s wives are under careful scrutiny, you know?

In a way husbands aren’t. 

So rumor  mills always accuse wives of cheating, or of being shrill, nagging, selfish bitches who don’t support their husbands. 

This to me was the story of a wife of a celebrity who was treated horribly by the public, who’s as human as the rest of us but doesn’t get to be because she’s in the spotlight. 

Her brutal treatment was really symbolic of how people don’t know SHIT about a celebrity’s home life.

They assume they do and demonize anyone deemed “harmful” to their celebrity, who they CLEARLY adore because they can do no wrong….and that includes family members. 

But they don’t know anything. They don’t understand.

And people get hurt. 

Families are torn apart. Love is lost. 

And finally….

Jennifer Lawrence gave everything to this asshole, then blows up the house she built for him, and THEN her burnt corpse still gives him its heart, which becomes the priceless antique that he’s treasured for years 

This was the ending. 

She’s dead. 

She’s burnt everything, the house, their possessions, him, the people. 

And yet…she still gives him the last thing she has. 

Her heart. 

When he never deserved it.

And he takes it, smiling.

And it becomes a priceless jewel, something he’d had in the beginning of the film, which had been broken by one of the many visitors. 

So this part was infuriating because..

then you see another woman waking up in the house, right where Jennifer Lawrence started.

So there you go.

That’s the ending. 

There’s a massive scandal.

The public takes the celebrity’s side, of course.

The celebity’s wife is destroyed socially and publicly.

She’s forever that “bitch” who hurt a good man. 

A brave hero. 

(who let his son die and let his wife deal with this pain all alone). 

She’s burnt every bridge she knows.

She doesn’t have her baby or her husband or her home or anything.

This seems to me like a metaphor for divorce.

The celebrity’s spouse is divorced and has nothing anymore. 

In fact, they have less than what they had before, because at least before they knew anonymity.

Now they know hatred from people who only saw the whole debacle from the side of the celebrity, and only pitied and cared about him, since they don’t know this non-famous, normal, human woman. 

But she still gives him her heart, saying she loves him, loved him. 

And he has everything she ever gave him, all of the support and love, and now that he has it from millions of adoring people?

He doesn’t need her anymore.

He takes what she has left and leaves.

And finds a new woman.

A new victim. 

And it begins again, the scrutiny. 

This movie was fucked up. 

But damn. 

Was it fascinating. 

Because the social commentary is simply phenomenal.

I’m actually kind of bent out of shape about this, because the movie was brutal, but its message was even more brutal when you realize it. 

It wasn’t a mystery thriller like it seemed. 

it was a story about the media. 

And about fame and power that corrupts and destroys people who’re really not that different from you or me. 

All I could think about was Britney Spears and how she had a mental breakdown and all people could do was mock her and make fun of her and shake their heads, telling their daughters how they don’t want to grow up like her.

She’s human. 

Humans are fucked up. They fuck up.

The only difference with celebrities is that their mistakes are horrifically public, and the backlash is much worse. 


I hated this movie.

But fuck, I just realized, I kind of loved it too. 

Edit: I’m a fucking dumbass. It’s an allegory for the Bible. And that’s it. Ok. I’m an idiot. Disregard everything I said.

That One Night H.S.

So I was going to do this all in one, but it was kind of long, so I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

*You meet Harry and have a one night stand. You get pregnant and he doesn’t know, but five months later he sees you and your pregnant belly.

Soft snores came from beside you as you sat up and looked for your shirt. The room was dark making it difficult to see, but you found your button down by the door. You held it up and frowned; over half of the buttons were ripped off. Sighing, you threw it back on the ground and grabbed Harry’s shirt that was next to it, pulling it over your head. Once you had your shorts on, you grabbed your phone and keys and snuck out of the room, breathing a sigh of relief once you made it into the bright hallway.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get to your apartment, but you were exhausted the moment you saw your bed. Falling face first onto your mattress you let sleep come over you.

You pulled a shirt over your head, staring down at your five month pregnant belly peaking out of your shirt. Your belly finally popped two weeks ago and now nothing fit you right. Thankfully, your best friend, Liza, was going to go shopping with you for new clothes. You sat on your couch thinking back to the moment you found out.

Harry had left the next day after their concert and only a couple of weeks later you were sitting on the edge of your bathtub with Liza staring at the multiple pregnancy tests with two lines. At the time, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your apartment wasn’t that big and you were working and going to school full-time. You didn’t have room for a baby in your life and that terrified you. Thankfully, your parents had been very supportive, so at least you didn’t feel alone. As much as you wanted to tell Harry, you didn’t have his number or any way to contact him, and part of you was thankful. You didn’t know if you could handle the stress of all the fans on top of how much your life was changing, so you let it be.

Your phone chimed, bringing your mind back to the present. Liza was outside waiting for you, so you made your way down the stairs and into her car. She liked to listen to One Direction just to annoy you, and that’s exactly what was playing when you opened the door. After the two of you had been driving she spoke.

“So, did you hear that they’re back in town today? They’re going to be here for three days,” she told you, but you already knew that. Though you wouldn’t admit it, stalking Harry had become a way to pass the time when you weren’t working. You also had contemplated buying a ticket, but they were sold out the minute the announced the reunion. 

“Yeah? So what?” You shrugged and looked at the store while Liza found a parking spot close to the front. You didn’t want to think about it. Truth is, you were afraid of telling him. You had no idea how he would react. You’d like to imagine he’d be excited and drop everything to help, but you tried to be realistic. He had a career that caused him to be away for months on end, and why would he want to give up One Direction for a baby he didn’t even want.

“So? Are you going to try to find him? He needs to know, Y/N.”

“He doesn’t. He’s a big rockstar, and I don’t need him or his money to take care of my baby,” you denied, while grabbing a cart. The two of you walked towards the maternity section and began picking out clothes. This wasn’t you at all. You liked to wear crop tops and booty shorts, not big stretchy bras and pants with elastic at the top.

“It’s not just your baby though. I could understand when you thought you’d never see him again, but now he’s here. He’s literally somewhere in town. You can’t just ignore it.”

The argument when back in forth for awhile while you finished shopping. Once you were done, Liza waited for you to pay and then the two of you left, deciding to stop somewhere to eat.

You were about halfway through your burger when a bunch of screaming came from outside the store. Dread filled you as you recognized the sound. You turned to face the doorway to see Harry and Liam walking inside the restaurant, waiting for the hostess to seat them. You sunk down in your booth and hoped that they wouldn’t notice you, but as fate would have it, they were seated in the booth in front of you.

Harry hadn’t noticed you yet and you debated running out of the restaurant, but Liza refused because ’she wanted to finish her steak’. She smirked at your disdain as you drank your water to the point nothing left was coming up the straw. The noise caught Harry’s attention and he looked at you. You hoped he wouldn’t recognize you, but of course that wouldn’t happen. He grinned when he saw you and motioned for Liam to look as well.

“Hey! Y/N! It’s so great to see you!” Liam said, speaking across the booth. Liza was still slightly awestruck due to the fact that she had never actually met either of them and that she always had some sort of crush on Liam, but she played it off cooly.

“Hi, I’m Liza,” she greeted, reaching behind her to shake Liam’s hand. He smiled greeted her back as did Harry, before focusing back on you.

“Hey, Y/N. How long has it been?” he asked, as if you hadn’t been running through his mind since the moment he woke up alone.

“Um, I’m not sure. Like five months?” You posed it like a question, like you didn’t have a very obvious way to keep track of the time. You began picking apart your bun, nervous for what might happen. There wasn’t an obvious way around him finding out, and somehow, a public restaurant didn’t seem like the best scene to have this kind of conversation. To top it all off, you had bought a nice loose-fitting dress that would’ve somewhat hid your bump, but it was currently in one of the bags in Liza’s car. You were still in your tight shirt that barely covered your stomach.

“Wow, long time,” he said, smiling at you. The little growing baby in your stomach decided to give a strong little kick and began rolling around. Maybe it was due to your heart racing now that you were near Harry, but either way, it really made you have to pee. It felt like the fates were kicking you while you were down and nothing could go your way.

Seriously. This city was huge and it just so happened that the one guy you wanted to avoid walked into the same restaurant you were at, sat in the booth in front of you, and now your baby had to make a scene. “I have to pee,” you grumbled, standing up and facing the bathroom. You knew Harry’s eyes must’ve been on your rather prominent stomach, but you kept walking. Your face was red and you let out a shaky breath once you made it to the bathroom, leaning back against the wall.

You stared into the mirror and looked at your belly. Your shirt had risen up, again, and the small purple stretch marks were beginning to form at your pants line. After taking a breather, you went to the bathroom and washed your hands, staring at your reflection for a moment before walking out of the bathroom.

Harry was standing right next to the door and cornered you. “Y/N. We need to talk.”

So there it is! Hope you guys like it and I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

Part TWO



“!!! AAAA a  a a a  a- That scared the hell out of me… On a more important note, how did a thousand of different mons find out about where I live?  What do you mean by go away? This is my territory! I should be the one saying that to you bunch.”

Well, looks like the Zoroark is now awake, thanks to a bunch of screaming children. Seems that she hasn’t noticed about her.. unique facepaint…

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Ups and Downs but Mostly Downs

Request: If batsis (bruce blood daughter) had depression and self harm -anon
Same request from @robinlover11620

A/N: I have been getting a lot of requests for batsis with depression and self harm so I decide to do it today. DO NOT hurt yourself in any way shape or form. If you are going through something talk to someone you can trust because someone out there cares about you. Sorry if it is bad. I would like feedback.

Warning: This has a lot of angst in this. Curse word. Mentioned of abuse and rape. You might cry I got really sad after writing this myself.

Y/M/F/N - your mother’s first name Y/M/L/N - your mother’s last name

Word Count: 2345

Everybody has their up and downs in life. For some people it can happen when they are teenagers when they are being bully for their looks, but then glow up later in life. It can also happen in adulthood when they can’t pay for their mortgage and then later become homeless, but then they win the lottery and get there life back together. But this never happen to you, your life never the had ups, it was always downs.

It first started when you were born in a hospital just outside of Gotham. You were a perfectly healthy baby girl. But that is not how it happen, you were born in the street of Gotham, and you were not a perfectly healthily girl. You were born three months too early, and left there to die by your drug addict mother. She was high when she had you, but she knew that she did not what to keep you. She didn’t have time to rinse you and she just didn’t want to. At the last minute she realize that if somebody found you, and ran you through the system. She was in the system because of crimes she committed when she was younger, and she did not what you trace back to her, so she did the only thing she can think of, marking you. She had a generally idea who the father was, Bruce Wayne. Did I mention she was high? Well she was. She pull out her knife and began to carve into you, while you were screaming your head off because of the pain. When she was done carving into your right shoulder it read “Waye” she forgot the N. After it she drop the knife and left.

Then right after that, a kind person found you and took you to the hospital, and adopted you later. Oh if only that was true. A bunch of thugs found you and thought they can make a quick buck by selling you to somebody, and they did. But you did go to a hospital, sort of, you were sold to people that sold babies to rich families who could not have babies. They have a setup where you stayed until you got bought. The only problem was that you were never bought. No one wanted a baby that was premature and still needed a ventilator. After 3 months they throw you out and leave you on the foster care doorstep.

After a few months, a man came and adopted you and you got to live in a mansion with a butler and brothers and sisters that loved you. Well that is what you dream of right after you got your daily beating and raped by the man of the house. You were 8 when it started to happen. When you were found you didn’t have a name. All you had next to you was some trash and the knife that belong to your mother. The people at the foster care center made up the name Y/N for you, and since you hand the words “Waye” on your shoulder that became your name, Y/N Waye. You bounce around foster care from foster care, and it also happen to you every time. You will get beat, raped or both. After awhile you got tired of it and ran away. You lived on the street, and you got by. You would steal from stores or people’s houses. You ran with this crew on kids that was leaded by a teen name Jason Todd, he was fifteen years old. He was seven years older than you. He was nice to you and took care of you, he was like a brother to you. He knew about your past and you knew about his. He was your only friend that you had.

One night he wanted to get some extra money, so he went off stealing tires off of cars. You wanted to go with him, but he said no because it was too dangerous for you, so he told you to go wait in our secret hiding spot. You did exactly what he said to do, you waited in that spot for three whole days. He never came back to get you. You thought that he didn’t want you anymore and left you just like your mother did. You were so mad you started to go on a rampage. You went into an alleyway that was outside of your hideout and started to punch and kick the brick wall until your hands were bleeding. After a while, you decided to grab the lead pipe next to you, and start swinging. Then you hit a mirror that was laying there. It broke into pieces, and you just looked down at the pieces and picked one up. Then you rolled up your sleeve, you looked down and see the cigarette burns that one of your foster moms gave. You went above it and started to cut. That was the first night you cut yourself.

A few years later you were thirteen you are finally a teenager, and one day a group of four boys found you in a alleyway because you were being mugged. After that they took you in and became apart of the family. That is what you saw on a tv show once when you broke into someone’s house because you were hungry. You were not like the normal thirteen year old girl. You were a short, underweighted girl who has to cut herself to feel something. You have been feeling a bit off lately. Even though your stomach is growling you can’t come to eat, you were sad all the time, and just loss interest in living. You are just the short skinny girl that has to cover her body with long baggy clothes because of the self harm and beatings you got in the system, that was left by your mother and best friend/brother.

You had started to get the same thought that every orphan kid thought of. Why did they leave me? All you had to remember of your parents was a knife with your mother’s name on it and a scar on your arm that said “Waye.” After a few days looking on the computer at the library, you found a website that would tell you where you can found your lost parents. First you typed in Waye, and nothing came up. Then you looked at the knife that had your mother’s name on it, Y/M/F/N Y/M/L/N. You typed the name into the computer, and came up with all of her information about her. There was a picture of her, and you look just like her. You look farther into the website and you found her address, she lived in downtown. It was only a bus ride away. After sitting at the library computer section for thirty minutes, you decided to go and see her. You hopped on the bus that went downtown. It was about a ten minutes bus ride until you reach the stop. You got out and walk to the address that you had written down. After a twenty minute walk, you ended up in a nice neighborhood with townhouses. You had it all planed out on the bus ride and the walk on to the house on what you are going to say to her, but once you reach the door you froze. You were lost for words. She was a middle-class woman with a nice house, why didn’t she want you? You were just about to knock on the door, the door flew open. “Oh hello. My I help you young lady.” The man said to you. “Oh I am here to see Y/M/F/N Y/M/L/N.” you said in a quiet voice. “Ok. Honey there is someone at the door to see you!” The man yell into the house. “Ok. I am coming.” A woman with the sweetest voice answer. “Ross and you go and check on Rose before she breaks something” she said to the man who is Ross, he just nodded and walk off. “Hello. Do I know you?” She said to you. You froze again, you couldn’t move or talk at all. “Are you ok sweetie?” She said touching your shoulder. When she touch your shoulder you felt loved and safe. “I am your daughter.” You said in a low voice. She took her hand away quickly and grab your upper arm, and took you to her garage. “What are you doing here?!” She yell at you once you enter the garage. “What do you mean ‘what are you doing here’? You are my mother and I just wanted to know you and why you left me to die.” You said with a crack in your voice. “I don’t have another daughter. My daughter is sitting in the living room right now playing with my loving husband.” She said getting angry. “But I have proof look.” You said while pulling out the knife and moving your shirt out of the way to see your shoulder. “See look this is yours, and look you wrote this on me for some reason.” I said while pointing. “The reason why I wrote that on your arm was so that you would not find me!” She said getting even more mad. “But why I was just a kid.” You said while your eyes started to water. “Are you kidding me?! I was twenty two years old! I did not have time to raise a kid! I was too busy partying, doing drugs, and fucking anything that had legs!” She was yelling at this point. “Well since you’re better now, can you take care of me.” You said with a pleading voice. “Are you serious?! You are literally the reminder of what I was, and that was trash. I went to rehab, and I have been clean ever since. I do not need that near my daughter or my husband. You need to leave right now.” She said with a serious tone. “But I -” you were cut short when she decided to slap you across the face. It didn’t really hurt you. You were use to it by now. You ran out of the garage and didn’t look back.

You were crying your eyes out. You just wanted it to be over already. You ran into this warehouse that look abandon. You found a rock on the ground and throw it at the window. You got a piece of glass and started to cut yourself, really deep. It was the deepest you have every cut yourself, and it was also the fastest you ever blacked out. Once you woke up, you were tied to a chair. You looked around the room to see who did this to you. All you saw was a man with green hair and white skin, he kinda looked like a clown. “Who are you, where am I, and why am I here?” You said quietly, you were still lightheaded from the blood loss. “Well well well, look who is finally awake. Well my name is the Joker, we are at my warehouse that you broke into, and I am kinda using you as bait for the Batman.” He said with a grin on his face. “What do you mean your warehouse this place is abandon and what kind of name is Joker?” You said with a questioning face. “What do you mean this is my home away from home, and kid there are worse names out there like ‘penguin’ and ‘condiment man’.” He said mocking the names. “Well at least you have a home I live on the streets with no one.” You said with a sad face. “Hey. Stop making that face and put a smile on that frown.” He said while touching your face. You tried to move your face, but he grabbed it again. “Don’t move or I will cut you more than you already have on you.” He said putting a knife to your face.

“Put the knife knife down Joker. You don’t need to hurt her.” A man with a weird deep voice said. “Batsy you came, and since you ask nicely I will put the knife down.” He said right before he stabbed the knife in you right thigh. “AWWW!” That was the only thing you could say. Batman came closer but the Joker said no. “Remember we had a deal. You give me the money and I will not hurt the girl, but I do not SEE the MONEY!” He said while holding my chin with a death grip. “Here is your money right here Joker.” Batman said while walking over and grabbing a bag behind a box. “Here take it.” Batman said. “See. Now was these hard.” The Joker said while opening the bag. Once the Joker open it a gas came out of it, and the Joker felt right to sleep.

Batman came over to untie you and get you up, but once you tried to walk you fell down. Batman caught you, but you could not feel your legs. You didn’t know if it was the stab wound or the about of blood you lost while you were cutting yourself. “I need to take you somewhere where we can patch those cuts up. Now the hospital is too far, but I know a place. Is it ok if I take you there?” Batman said to you. All you did was nod, but then everything went black.

You started to wake up, but your eyelids were so heavy you could not open them, but you could hear voices. “Are you 100% sure.” A man who sounded like he was in his 30s or 40s said. “Yes I am sir. The blood test came back positive, that is your daughter laying on that table.” A older man with a British accent said.

“Who is my father” you said while trying to get up.

So should I do a part 2?

Special Delivery

(creds to owner)

Characters: Jared Padalecki x Fem!Reader, Megan Padalecki, Baby Padalecki

Word Count: 1,426

Warnings: switching POVs, childbirth, cursing, cute fluff oml

This was a request from @the–blackdahlia, hope you enjoy!


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Tough Love (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,881

Warnings: SMUT (not full but definiely NSFW), Swears

Authors Note: This story doesn’t have a really entriguing plot line? It’s just a bunch of angst that I felt like writing to give you guys something while I finish writing all of my Daveed fics. Thank you for being patient. I love yall! Also it is one thing to read smut but another to write it. It was really awkward so I had to take baby steps. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY FIC, GIVE ME FEEDBACK. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS!!!

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“It’s over!” you screamed to Philip, this must’ve been the 3rd time you said these exact words in the past month. “You tell me that every time baby, but you always come crawling back.” he said back at you, as you tried to shove all of your belongings into a tote. “Have I ever told you that you’re an arrogant son of a bitch?” you shot back at him. “Yeah? Well you are the most clingy ass hat I’ve ever met.” he said back, just as angrily. “You know what? Sorry. Sorry that I ever cared for you, sorry that I wasted your damn time Philip.” You spat back at him before leaving his apartment. “The only waste of my time is this fight. I know you’ll be back by tomorrow.” he yelled at you before slamming his door shut. This was what your relationship had ended up as. It wasn’t always like this. At first it was all lovey dovey, the honeymoon phase. It ended as soon as it started. Philip was his flirty self, and you were clingy. Always needing reassurance that he returned your feelings, always making sure he hadn’t found somebody else. He was outgoing and you were reserved. It was a miracle that you two had even gotten together. It was also true that you always caved in after a fight. You always went back to him begging for forgiveness when you weren’t the one at fault, always forgave him for whatever he did. Every time you promised you wouldn’t go back, every time you did. This time it was different. You were tired of being in a one sided relationship, tired of giving him everything you had only for him to give you half. You didn’t go back.

“Y/N let’s go out tonight!” Your best friend said. You hadn’t moved from your bed since you broke things off with Philip. It was past a week, and by this point you usually caved. It took alot out of you to keep away from him. It was weird to break the cycle. “I dunno.” you mumbled from under the covers. “You need to get over him. He never deserved you.” your friend said as she made her way to your bed and sat on the corner. She moved the covers a bit and gave your shoulder a rub. It was true, everybody told you that he didn’t deserve you but you felt as if you didn’t deserve him. You were the sweetheart, always seeing the good side of people. Philip was the player, always taking advantage of others. He took advantage of your sweetness, and you saw the good side of him. “Please?” your friend whined. You decided it was enough, you were tired of letting Philip have this power over you. even after you called it quits. “Ok.” you said sitting up.

You put on your tightest, most short dress you had in your closet and looked in the mirror. Holy shit, you felt amazing. When was the last time you even wore this dress? You made your way to your shoe rack and chose your highest heels and wiggled your feet into them. “Oh my god. You look hot.” your friend said as she stuck her head out of the bathroom. “I know.” you giggled.

You two headed out, and managed to get a taxi on a busy friday night. Once at the club, your friend went to the dance floor, and you sat at the bar sipping on some champagne. You looked around enjoying the scenery, you hadn’t left the house for a week afterall. That was when your heart jumped to your throat. He was here. Philip was at the other side of the bar. He looked distressed, running a hand through his wavy hair. Bags under his eyes, signaling he hadn’t slept in some time. He looked up, and your eyes locked with his. You froze, you didn’t know what to do. Before you could run into the dance floor and get lost, he got up and made his way over to you. “Y/N.” he said sitting in the stool next to you. You couldn’t respond. “You look beautiful.” he said stirring his drink. “Couldn’t say the same for you.” you managed out. He slightly chuckled. “I haven’t slept for a week, what did you expect?” He replied. “Why haven’t you slept? You did plenty of times when we were together? Remember that time you missed our one year anniversary plans because you slept through it?” you replied, feeling bitter. “I haven’t slept because you aren’t by my side when I wake up. I forget that you left me and I wake up disappointed.” he said simply. Your breath got stuck in your throat. “Philip. Stop.” you say, looking away. “What am I doing?” he asked back. “You know what you’re doing, you always do this.” you say trying your best not to fall back into him. He had a way with words, and he knew how to use it. You had fallen in love with him and what he said. It was hard not to fall back into love with him the same way. “Please, come back.” he almost pleaded. “Fine.” you say, a spark of hope rose to Philip’s eyes. “I have things at your place I want back anyways.” you say trying not to let your walls fall. He looked down in disappointment, but led you out of the club.

Once at his apartment you gathered all of your remaining items into a paper bag. You looked around and remembered every memory the apartment held for you. You were interrupted from your thoughts when Philip cleared his throat behind you. You whipped around and saw Philip’s eyes traveling up and down your body. You rolled your eyes and tried to exit the room. Philip grabbed your arm, and you felt electricity in the places where he touched. “Please. Don’t go.” he whispered. “I- I can’t stay.” you say trying to keep yourself from giving in to him. It was so hard. You wanted to, but you knew if you did you would end up hurt again, and you were tired of it. “Why not?” Philip tugged a bit on your arm so you faced him. His eyes were glossy.”Our love is so hard Philip, It’s rare that we don’t go a month without fighting.” you say. “But every time we fight we end up together again, It just shows our love is tough Y/N. Easy love is for the unpassionate. Our love is so much more than that.” he argued back. “Yes, but I always end up hurt Philip, everytime we fight.” you said unable to meet his eyes. “I won’t let that happen.” He replied. “How can you say that? We do this so many times, and everytime I end up hurt Philip. What is different about this time?” you say slightly raising your voice. He didn’t answer. “Exactly. There’s nothing different.” you answer yourself and move past him to the door. Just as you were turning the doorknob he answered you. “Want to know what is different Y/N? Every time you come back to me, but this time it’s me going to you. I’m the one who is hurting, the one who can’t sleep. When you didn’t come back, it hit me. I lost you, I lost the thing that mattered most to me. When you were mine I never realized how good you were, you were always under my spell but you broke out of it. And I screwed up. When you were gone, I realized that I loved you more than anything else in this world. I realized who I am. I am nothing without you Y/N. Please.” He began to cry, tears rolling down his freckled cheeks. “Please don’t leave me.” He began to sob as you stood in shock by the door. It was rare that Philip was left vulnerable. He was crying too hard to realize you had dropped your bag and walked over to him. You took your thumb and ran it across his cheek to wipe away his tears. He raised his gaze to you. “Is that how you really feel Philip? Please tell me it’s true. Please. I want to believe you so badly.” you pleaded. “Y/N. I promise, I-” you gave in at that. You shut him up by pressing your lips to his slightly. They fit together like puzzle pieces. His hands began to roam your back, and you wrapped your arms around his neck trying to pull him closer even though your body was already flush against his. You moved your lips to his jaw then to his neck leaving open mouthed kisses on his neck. He gasped at the contact. “Y/N- I love you so much.” he managed to get out. You slowly started to undo his button down revealing his toned chest. You pressed your hand against his chest and moved your lips back onto his kissing him harder than before. Philip backed you up into a wall and his arms made their way to your butt, and began to grab at your thighs. On command you jumped slightly and wrapped your legs around his torso. He led you to the bed without ever breaking contact. He laid you down and hovered over you, admiring you and savoring the moment. Your noses were touching and he stared into your eyes, “God you’re so beautiful.” he whispered, you couldn’t help but blush. He quickly put his lips against yours again and began unzipping your dress. You raised your butt slightly so he could work it off your body. That left you in your matching set of navy blue underwear. He moved down, removing your bra, kissing your chest and stomach. When he reached your thighs, he gently traced over your stretch marks. He loved those especially. He slipped off your panties, leaving you exposed. When he made his way back up, you began to unbutton the rest of his shirt and tossed it off. Your hand reached into his pants, and rubbed slightly against the fabric of his underwear. He moaned into the kiss and you smiled. He broke the kiss to unbutton his pants, and slip them off along with his briefs. He kissed the tip of your nose before lining himself up. “Are you sure Y/N?” he asked you. “Please Philip, I need you.” You whimpered.

The next morning you woke  up wrapped in Philip’s arms. He was already awake just admiring your beauty, he brushed stray hairs from your face. “Morning beautiful.” he whispered into your ear before placing a kiss behind it. “Morning handsome.” you replied turning to face him. You hadn’t woken up like this since the honeymoon phase. “I’ve missed this.” you admitted. “You won’t ever wake up another way.” he promised pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. You snuggled into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you once more. It was true, you had given in to him, but when you gave in to him, you also gave in to love. This time you were willing to get hurt. Willing because you loved Philip more than you realized. Willing  because easy love wasn’t love at all.

Part One: Congratulations, It’s a Boy. (Two and a Half Men S06E02)

Episode Summary: Sam and the reader investigate a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered, and upon working a crime scene, discover a baby boy. Dean is called to help after the reader and Sam are unsure of what to do. However, while taking care of the orphaned child, the reader and Dean discover something about themselves—they make decent parents. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 4,210.

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suigestsuxsakura headcanon? :3

Suigetsu could care less about girls. Karin pretty much soured any sort of potential romance for him because of her overbearing personality, so he tried his best to steer clear from girls.

After the war was over he DID NOT GO BACK TO OROCHIMARU OKAY. He did not. In no way whatsoever did he even think about it. Sasuke casually invites (and by that i mean just tells him to go) Taka to Konoha where they can hang out and introduces him to his other team (Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura) with, y’know, Sasuke’s special way.

But you know, Suigetsu isn’t a complete idiot. He’s heard stories at times from Sasuke about this pink-haired chick that was ‘so annoying’ and ‘obsessed with him’, so he only knew THAT side of Sakura from when she was younger. He saw her during the war and how amazingly strong she was, but ANYONE THAT WAS INTERESTED IN SASUKE UCHIHA SEEMED TO BE A GIRL THAT HE WAS 100% NOT INTERESTED IN.

During their stay in Konoha (which wasn’t even really a short visit, more like a much-needed year-long vacation). He pretty much was glued to Juugo or Sasuke because who else would he be with? Karin was loud and everyone in Konoha was creepily happy and super friendly. Still, Sasuke was Sasuke and do you know who Sasuke hangs out with? Naruto. And do you know who Naruto hangs out with? Kakashi, Sakura, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, AND SO MANY PEOPLE. 

Suigetsu isn’t partial to so many people and he also wasn’t a fan of Naruto’s obnoxious flailing and speeches about friendship. He felt he didn’t belong. Not in Konoha or Oto or Kiri or really anywhere. And it pissed him off that Sasuke just laid around with this blonde freak that only talked about ramen all the time???

“So, yeah, I’m going to take off.” Suigetsu is a good guy. He doesn’t want his shitty attitude to ruin Sasuke’s happiness or whatever. Probably just going to collect the rest of his swords or do mindless work until he realizes what he really wants to do with his life. 

He’s leaving. Getting his things packed, complaining about how little money he has, and trying to guess how long it would take to get to Kiri and find out some clues about where the rest of the swords are. Until Sakura drops by to give some medical books to Karin for her to look through. (They all share their own room since they’re so used to sharing rooms, okay???)

It’s pretty awkward at first. I mean… like really awkward. ‘So you’re leaving?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘It’s Suigetsu, right?’ ‘Uh-huh.’ ‘Back to Kirigakure?’ ‘That’s the plan.’

Sakura is ready to go back until she spots a picture of Taka together on one of the tables, probably belonging to Karin. She laughs a little, kind of embarrassed, while Suigetsu stares at her like ‘wtf??’. She explains that while Sasuke was gone with Orochimaru, they didn’t really know what was going to happen with him. She admits that she wondered who he was with and if he ever felt alone.

“Seeing this just reminds me of our own photo as Team Seven. In a way, I’m glad he met you all. Being with other people made it easier, I’m sure. Especially when dealing with his brother.”

Suigetsu just scoffs. “Pfft. Yeah, that was a big pain in the ass, though. Following him around all the time and having to make sure he was okay. Do you know how many times I’ve almost died because of him?! He’s the worst guy in the world! And now, he’s spending all of his time with that whiskered-face weirdo who’s always going on about udon or whatever and it drives me crazy! I swear, the Uchiha guys show no appreciation!”

Sakura plays along. “Definitely. It’s always a little grunt or two instead of a proper ‘thank you’, right? So rude!”

Suigetsu drops what he’s holding to continue his little rant. Honestly, this is the first time he’s let off some steam in a few weeks. “Finally! Someone who gets it! I’ll tear my hair out if I receive ‘hn’ as an actual response again! The guy can’t bear to say a word or two?!”

Sakura just nods her head, looking back on the picture. “I get what you mean, but you know, Suigetsu… When you’re off running errands or doing something else… Sasuke-kun tells us all about Taka and how you guys kept him stable for the most part. He relied on you guys and, after all of his problems, really is very grateful for your loyalty to him.”

Suigetsu kind of feels bad now. But I mean it’s not like the stuff he said about Sasuke WEREN’T true. Why can’t the asshole just say that stuff to his face???

“So are you still going to leave?”


“You were packing up. Heading to Kiri, yeah?” She puts the picture down and heads over to Suigetsu. “Or maybe… you could stay a little while longer? Talk to Sasuke? I’ve heard from quite a lot of people that it take a while to warm up to Konoha’s… ‘suffocating’ hospitatlity.”

Suigetsu is kind of suspicious of her. “Why do you want me to stay so bad? What, is Sasuke making you do this?”

“You’re one of Sasuke’s bonds. It may not be obvious to you, but to him and Naruto, having bonds are pretty special.” She pats him on the back and gets ready to leave. “Anyway, it’s your choice, so do what you want.”

So Suigetsu is having a hard time deciding what to do. Does he leave? Stay? WTF???? This girl that he barely knew just comes waltzing in and messes up his clearly thought-out plan and ruins it! He’s pretty much throwing a temper tantrum by the time Karin comes back and looks like an idiot. 

So he stays. And he learns she’s right. He gets used to the shopkeeps always telling him good morning or the random passerby asking how his day was (like is this an assassination attempt?? why are you asking about MY day???). He still kind of avoids Naruto, but mainly due to headaches and the fact that it seems like Naruto just drains him of all his energy. BUT HE’S TRYING. Sasuke even notices a bit of a change and they just nod to each other in acknowledgement. And it doesn’t take long for him to start spending more time with Sakura.

She wasn’t at all like how Sasuke described her. She was smart and strong and she barely ever spoke about Sasuke! She did have a scary side to her, but Suigetsu tried his best to not annoy her like Naruto did. It was becoming very obvious to everyone that Suigetsu was starting to crush on her and Karin had her chance to finally tease him about being infatuated with someone. She even told Sasuke about it. THE NERVE–

Sasuke just takes it in stride. It kind weirded him out at first, but he’s like eh. He’s pretty much Suigetsu’s wing man after finding out even though Suigetsu doesn’t even fucking know that Sasuke knows. Sasuke is not one to talk about such personal matters. So what does he do? He’ll make plans with Suigetsu, Sakura, and Naruto then challenge Naruto to a spar, leaving Suigetsu and Sakura alone. He’ll bail on plans with Suigetsu while Sakura is just so conveniently leaving the hospital after her shift, so she can join Suigetsu on whatever him and Sasuke were supposed to do. Get it now? Sasuke is very subtle and it doesn’t take too long for Sakura to start feeling a bit cozy with Suigetsu as well.

In the end, they do get together and Sasuke’s all smug, but no one really knows why. Hey, it’s his way of truly thanking Suigetsu, I guess.


Suigetsu and Sakura are terrible negotiators when it comes to dates. They’re either going out with friends (because it’s easier to go with the flow) or staying home.

When it’s really hot and they’re all swimming at the beach or whatever, Suigetsu will melt into the water and scare her. It always works. He loves pranking her.

He tries to be suave and smooth, but he ends up failing a lot of the time. He’s just not very good at flirting. Give him puns or making her laugh and he’ll land it every time.

Suigetsu can be very jealous and will often ice Naruto whenever he can. Both because he knows that Naruto once fancied her and because he just doesn’t like him. 

Sakura thinks his snaggle tooth is the cutest thing in the world. Just his sharp teeth, in general. She thinks it’s kind of sexy tbh.

Sakura can be jealous too. If they go to beach where Suigetsu shows off his swimming, she’ll hear a few ladies commenting on his physique and just his overall appearance. She’ll give them the death glare until they stop their gawking.

Karin’s always asking for the latest gossip from Sakura, so she has extra blackmail to make him miserable. It’s fun to see him squirm. Sakura’s pretty oblivious and Suigetsu just wonders how Karin knows that he’s severely ticklish???

Suigetsu tries to keep PDA to a minimum around Taka, but he’ll slip up every now and again. He’ll give her big hugs or kiss her forehead and Karin and Sasuke throw up in their mouths a little. Super embarrassing to him.

Mebuki honest to god thought he was a demon that seduced her daughter. She doesn’t trust him at all until Sakura pretty much begs her that he’s a normal human being that likes big swords. Cue her mom snidely remarking if he’s compensating for anything. They do not get along, but Kizashi loves his puns so he’s invited over often.

Suigetsu likes to cook, often showing off his ‘cutting skills’ with a bunch of meals and always a bunch of knives.

He also, to the encouragement of Sakura, to open his own restaurant. It’s a great way for him to cut things while also looking cool. Sakura thinks so anyway. His food’s good too! Naruto’s always telling him to put ramen on the menu and Suigetsu just looks into the camera like he’s on the office or something. He’s so done.

They also have a bunch of kids. On the first one while she was pregnant, Suigetsu was terrorized with the thoughts of having some screaming brat and having to clean up after it and why did he succumb to such desire, etc. After their baby boy was born, Suigetsu was in love. Kids are super ridiculous and they say hilarious things and he just had so much fun. Sakura put a stop to his begging after the fifth child. Three boys, two girls. She was finished lmao

She one time caught him trying to sharpen their teeth and wow what a sight that was lmao He never did it again even though they would have looked SO CUTE as he often says it. He also calls Sasuke and Juugo their uncles and Karin is the grandma.

Being James Potter's Sister Would Include...
  • Getting teased 99.9% of the time
  • No matter what you do
  • But also having someone who would be proud of all your achievements
  • Embarrassingly so, really
  • Like if he sees you gaining house points for your house
  • There’s a bunch of “WOOHOOO” and “FUCK YEAH, THAT’S MY SISTER”
  • Everyone thinking you’d be just as much of a troublemaker
  • They wouldn’t be wrong though…
  • Helping the lads pull off pranks
  • Keeping watch when they do
  • And causing distractions
  • Basically a perfect crime team of 5
  • High fives when you all pull it off
  • Being treated as a sister by all the Marauders
  • If they see you upset, the first question is
  • “Who do we have to hex??”
  • Basically having 4 brothers
  • No guy can go close to you without James having a frown on his face
  • And asking a billion questions about the dude later
  • “James, I was just giving him notes from a class he missed.”
  • “Is notes code for ‘let’s snog later’ now??”
  • A lot of little arguments
  • That usually end in one of you in a headlock

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