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A nice gigantic post of the Animal Hoodie Matsu stickers I drew! Plus a speedpaint. Links and more rambling under the cut!

Ahhh it’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY I CAN POST ABOUT THE STICKERS. A lot of work went into these (possibly too much;;;), and I took so stupidly long haha! There were a few livestreams I did while working on them, many tweets, many tears LOL

Unfortunately I was only able to salvage footage of Todomatsu being colored and shaded completely since a bunch of the other recordings got corrupted due to errors with my backup;;; I’ll try my hardest to do better in the future!

If you’re interested seeing my slow-ass coloring process be sped up to LIGHT SPEED, check it out here!

ok so months and months ago i sent in an ask about a komugi garage kit, and i’ve finally finished building her! i still need to paint over a couple chips and find her a base but other than that she’s done. It took me a while cause i got busy but i probably spent a total of about 3 weeks continuously working on it. This was my first garage kit and it was a really rewarding experience and i’d love to make more in the future. If you’ve never made a garage kit before but you want to, i would recommend finding a cheaper one on yahoo auctions, mandarake or surugaya and build it during a school/public holiday. 

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So I'm a new exo-l and I'm curious, is it known that Minseok drinks a lot? I see a bunch of jokes about it, but I don't know if it's because it's true or if it's one of those jokes within a fandom.

now that i think of it i dont think he drinks a LOT but idk he just talks abt drinking more than other members and also these iconic pics

but again, minseok is not rlly open abt his personal life so anything abt that is pure speculation lmfao. 

holy shit so yesterday she told me she’s confused about her feelings for me and said a bunch of sweet stuff like she overthinks it all when she’s alone but when we’re together she forgets everything else and it doesn’t feel like that big of an issue and she’s totally freaking out and we’re not sure what to do now all i know is i’m not alone this is really happening i’m falling for my best friend and she’s feeling things too oh my fucking god

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Personally I think having the sheith month at the same time as the BB is awesome! A lot of people likely couldnt commit to the BB, this will give the something else to do. For those who are doing the BB, if they finish before hand, they have more prompts and content to watch out for. We should all be excited for the amount of sheith we'll be seeing, not tearing each other down over timing. Don't be petty. There's enough people in this fandom who are already pros at that. Support your sheiths!

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Im gonna be working on commissions all month and might post other drawings here and there. And then in december…I have no idea where life will take me but hopefully I can open commishes to new folks. ❤

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hello! ~potential spoiler alert~ superwiki just retweeted something from a crewmember at a night shoot for the finale and it looks so much like the purgatory river. the river/nice peach fuzz scene was in a dabb episode so maybe we'll get a flashback or something? probably just wishful thinking for me but i wanted to see what other people thought twitter{.}com/Trishymakeup/status/857153804973871104

You think they’ve severely underestimated how traumatised by Purgatory Destiel we all were?

I feel like they used the same woods for a bunch of stuff (aside from the Purgatory headspace in 10x19 of course :P) - I think it’s either confirmed or just like, that’s what the woods around there look like for Sam in 6x22 for example. I kind of feel like it doesn’t HAVE to be the same stream to evoke Purgatory when it looks a certain way… Although that sure looks a lot LIKE it >.> 

12x09 kind of evoked Purgatory while they were being chased through the woods, and they even crossed a (the?) stream, but it was obviously just symbolically like it. Depends how they use it. There’s Wanek’s tweets of the house in the woods, and Jensen’s tweet by a lake shoreline, that one reminding me of 11x20 or 11x09 where Amara and God were hanging out by various lakes. 

  • httyd: wow look at all this heterosexual stuff. look. see here all the guys love astrid. stoick misses his wife. just look how heterosexual they all are. how nice
  • httyd 2: ok so we might have lied, gobber *might* be gay. if you interpret a passing comment the right way but it could mean a bunch of other things too. FINE we'll confirm it outside the film
  • race to the edge: everyone is so fucking queer i swear the entire island is made out of rainbows or some shit. here have some gay flirting is that not enough??? HAVE A GAY KISS HERE YOU GO

Every time I see something about SeaWorld I feel like talking about whale watching and how fun that is, so:

  • You get the satisfaction of knowing the whales are in the wild, not a tank
  • Sometimes there are microphones and you can hear whale sounds which is awesome
    •  (Orcas click and groan when underwater they sound like giant wet robots I love it.)
  • Not as freakn’ expensive
  • You can see a bunch of whales at one time 10/10
  • Supporting local businesses!
  • Sometimes the whales will get really close to the boat and you can look at them up close
  • You can see them breach
  • Not limited to just whales, there are also otters, sea lions, walruses if you’re in the right place, etc.

In other words, I like whale watching. Thank you for listening.

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Maybe the mods should just make a group chat, that's what I did when I was rp-ing Katara.

((i would honestly love that since i reblog like… 20% of other people’s threads to my personal blog so that i can gush in the tags about how much i loved that interaction? but in a chat i could just confront them DIRECTLY about how great they are!

plus it would be nifty to like, not even necessarily all-out plot something, but to just collude on stuff. like if i suddenly made a post pretending to be Mabel stealing Dipper’s phone, the effect would be loads better if Mabel then immediately reblogged it. that’s some realistic sibling stuff right there.

the biggest issue really is that there’s aaaalways new gravityblogs being made. do we just freely hand out our info to every new person? discord would probably be better for the effort, but does everyone have discord? i know i don’t, i just know i haven’t opened skype in like half a year.

and would the other mods even be interested? it’s totally respectable if someone’s simply just not interested in joining a group chat with a bunch of people they don’t really know…))

I just want to take this time to talk about how awesome the character designs are.

Like, mcs are always well done because that’s what counts, but I’m super surprised and impressed at how awesome other characters are. Take Usui. That is freaking awesome. And the world we’re actually introduced to is super great

This game has already exceeded my expectations by a lot. Usually in romance games, I just can’t wait to get to the boning, but in dmmd I’m actually starting to enjoy the ride. I think the world is interesting enough to keep someone’s attention even if they don’t want to see a bunch of dudes bang and that is super freaking awesome good job there