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Hello! I’m at Gosh! Comics in London this Saturday doing a signing with good good boys John Allison (Giant Days! Bad Machinery!) and Marc Ellerby (Rick and Morty!). Come say hi!!
I think I’ll be signing Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar, Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch and Kim Reaper. I’ll sign whatever you bring as long as I’ve worked on it though!! gimme gimme
There’s also a whole bunch of other cool things happening that day ‘cos it’s free comic book day!! So come on down. Let me write on your possessions. 

Thoughts on Creation Club &  “Paid Mods”

Admittedly it’s been years since I’ve been a modder, but here are some rough, bullet point thoughts. 

  • Don’t think of this as paying modders for mods, because it’s not really that. Think of it as Bethesda hiring third party developers and giving them a cut of the profits rather than a salary. The relationship here is between developer and publisher, with milestones and dev support, not one of a company providing a storefront and taking a cut. 
  • Bethesda is investing far more money and effort into this than anyone ever has before. They’re dedicating QA and localization time to the mods, and, if the talk of milestones is accurate, also the attention of a producer or two. While their previous attempt could very well be characterized as a cash grab, with the company exerting very little effort, they are definitely committing a lot to making Creation Club work. Additionally, it sounds like a lot of the content on the Creation Club is going to be made by traditionally paid developers, so freelancers aren’t shouldering all of the burden. 
  • Videogame production varies widely in staffing needs during different stages of a project. In the early stages, they’ll need a boatload of programmers and a few artists and designers. In the later stages, they’ll need a bunch of artists and designers while the programmers are relegated to bug duty. Creation Club is likely a way to keep the studio occupied and earning money (thus, not laid off) while they do not have anything to do on a proper big project. Remember the gamejam from after Skyrim? This is the opportunity to release those projects while supporting the studio. 
  • This may very well also be a way to occupy the content creators of Bethesda while the programmers do something about the engine, like everyone’s been asking. 
  • While this is a new thing for singleplayer Bethesda games, this is pretty much the same sort of thing as the Crown Store for ESO or any other MMO. The addition of 3rd party (mod) content is the only “new” thing - and it is barely new when we consider that companies already frequently outsource DLC (or even main game) content. The only difference is that the developers are now approaching the publisher rather than the other way around. 
  • The Creation Club will cause has caused division in the community. Part of it is due to the perception and the function of the program (choosing certain modders, meaning real or perceived favoritism/elitism, putting money into the equation), part of it is due to the nature of the community (modders as a whole are a fickle and drama-filled bunch). This is natural, for now, but I do not think that it must, much less should, persist. Modding has always had its superstars, those modders whose names everyone knew, mods everyone recommended, opinions everyone respected. It has always been a cult of personality and timing as much as it has been of quality. Unless someone is already full of themselves and a total ass, getting into the Club isn’t going to magically ruin them. 
  • Many modders will not participate in the Club, due to ideological opposition, unwillingness to submit to a publisher-style relationship with Bethesda, dislike of the software, inability to publish their sorts of mods on the platform, etc. While the first people on the platform will undoubtedly be well-known names (Bethesda would be foolish to not launch with some famous support), the smaller ecosystem may very well prove to be a boon to less famous modders. Fewer mods = better chances that someone will find your mod.
  • I would go so far as to say that we owe it to modders to give this thing a chance. Someone releasing a new bow on Nexus, nearly six years into Skyrim’s lifespan, isn’t going to get much traction. Someone releasing a bow into a brand new, curated and supported system, showcased front and center to an audience of millions of console players? Suddenly, that newbie modder has a chance. But only if we don’t chase them away with flames and accusations of treason first. Instead, we should encourage them, even if we don’t intend to ever spend money on their product. That newbie modder can be nurtured into a helpful and vital part of the community, and may release free content down the line, too. 
  • (If you ever run into a great mod/art/fanfic/theory/etc. that you want me to look at and talk about, please do send it my way.) 
  • It bears repeating: don’t flame, threaten, or otherwise harass the people who want to sign up for the Creation Club. I saw a lot of this the first go around, and that is the real toxicity in the community, not modders wanting to get a little something back. 
  • Every hobby has someone making money from it. It’s why Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon self publishing, Patreon, etc. etc. etc. exists. The fact that some fan artists are able to live on their fan art hasn’t stopped other people from making fan art. The fact that a Skyrim modder got hired by Bungie didn’t shut down the Skyrim modding scene. Neither will people making a few bucks through this new thing stop everyone else from modding. 
  • If people do withdraw their mods due to this, or stop giving advice, or otherwise become dicks, it is because they were already dicks to begin with. See the above. 
  • In other words, just how well this works (or doesn’t work) is mostly up to us, the community.
Crowd Goes Wild

Summary: Sami comes home early to find you dancing in the kitchen in his shirt and your underwear. Fluff and smut ensue.

*             *             *             *

It was a Sunday morning, and you had just barely opened your eyes. Sunlight was streaming in through the small crack in the curtains. You sighed and turned your head towards Sami’s side of the bed. You sighed when you realized that he wasn’t there. He was on the road doing a string of shows with WWE. He wouldn’t be home for another two days.

You had lived with Sami for a little under a month. He had asked you to move in, and initially, you were scared. You would be packing up your life and moving not just to another city, but another country, to live with Sami. You had your worries. Sami wasn’t home all the time, which meant you would be left at home more often than not in a city you didn’t really know. But Sami assured you that you would be safe. And living with Sami meant you got to see him two nights a week rather than two nights a month.

When Sami was home, it was great. You couldn’t be happier. You were living with the man of your dreams. What could be better than that? But it was harder when he was gone. You were in a big house, by yourself, in a city where you didn’t know anyone. You didn’t have girlfriends you could call up to go shopping or get your nails done. You didn’t have anyone to go downtown to have a drink with. You went to work and then came straight home. It was a dull routine but one that you accepted because it meant more time with Sami. And you knew your family and old friends were only a phone call or Skype call away when you needed them.

You laid your head down on Sami’s pillow smiling as the faint smell of his shampoo filled your nostrils. You closed your eyes, hoping to get a little more sleep before you had to get up. It was no use, though. After laying there and trying to fall asleep for twenty minutes, you realized you weren’t going to go back to sleep anytime soon.

You pulled the blankets off yourself and made your way into the bathroom. You took a long relaxing shower and then pulled on a pair of red lace panties and one of Sami’s t-shirts. Since it was just you at the house, you didn’t bother to put on pants.

You made your way downstairs to the kitchen. You started a cup of coffee in the Keurig and leaned against the counter as you scrolled through Twitter and Instagram as your coffee brewed.

You had just finished looking at Instagram posts a bunch of the Superstars and Divas had posted from a bar last night. You smiled when you saw one Sami posted of him and Kevin. Despite their on-screen hatred of each other, in real life, the two of them were closer than brothers. So much so, that Kevin was one of the very few people that had a key to your house. Kevin had his arm draped around Sami’s shoulders and they both looked genuinely happy, a sight you loved to see.

You added some cream and sugar to your coffee and took a sip just as a growl came from your stomach. You decided to make yourself some breakfast. You walked over to the fridge and got the carton of eggs out along with some bacon. You turned the stove on and carefully placed the bacon into one pan and cracked a few eggs into the other.

You opened Spotify on your phone and began to play some Metallica, a band you loved thanks to Sami. You started to rock out and dance as you got more and more into the music. It began with a slight head bob and turned into a full on rock out session in the middle of the kitchen.

You heard a chuckle from behind you along with some clapping. You froze. Who was in your house? And how had they gotten in? The front door was locked, you were sure of it. Only Sami, Kevin, and Sami’s mom had a key to your house. Sami and Kevin were in another state for work, and it was too early for Sami’s mom to come over.

“And the crowd goes wild! Let’s hear it for Y/n, the sexiest breakfast making girlfriend in the world!” You heard that all too familiar voice say as you felt the blush creep to your cheeks in embarrassment.

Your lips curved into a smile as you spun around and saw Sami leaning against the doorway of the kitchen with a big grin on his face.

You ran over to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He put a hand under your butt and on around your lower back to support you as you buried your face into his shoulder. You clung to him like your life depended on it. It had been two long weeks without Sami. He wasn’t able to come home last week because it was too far to travel back home.

He stood there with you in his arms for a few minutes as the two of you enjoyed just being able to hold each other again. It felt so good to have his arms around you again. It felt like you were at home in his arms for the first time in two weeks. You took a deep breath as you smelled the cologne radiating off his chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home? I would’ve picked you up.” You said.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“I didn’t even hear you come in.” You said. “You about gave me a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry, baby.” He said as he set you back down on your feet but made sure to keep his arms around you. “I enjoyed the show, though. My sexy girlfriend rocking out to one of the greatest bands in the world in my shirt and those cute little panties that don’t cover anything…it was quite a show.” He said with a smirk.

“It’s so embarrassing.” You said as you hid your face in his shirt so that he couldn’t see you blushing.

“Babe, that was not embarrassing…It was actually kind of sexy.” He whispered. He then moved his lips down to your neck. He placed his lips on the sensitive spot as the base of your neck and gently sucked on it.

You leaned your head back to give Sami more access as a sigh escaped your lips.

“I missed you.” He whispered as he pulled away from your neck to look at you.

“I missed you too.” You said. You felt his hands slide down your sides to rest on your hips.

“Think we could put breakfast on hold for just a little bit?” He asked.

“Depends. What do you have in mind?” You asked.

“Making up for all the nights I wasn’t home to make love to you.” He said.

Your lips curved into a smile. “I think we can postpone breakfast for that.”

He walked over to the stove and turned it off before lifting you into his arms and carrying you down the hallway to the bedroom.

He gently laid you on the bed, and you noticed that his eyes caught something about you. You turned your head to see what he was looking at. His eyes were locked on something on your nightstand, but you weren’t sure what it was.

“What are you looking at?” You asked.

“That picture from NXT the night I won my first championship.” He said. “It wasn’t there when I left.”

“Oh…um, yeah. I wanted a picture of us by the bed so I put it there. Is that okay?” You asked.

“More than okay.” He said. “You remember that night?”

“Yeah. I do.” You said as you smiled at the picture. In the picture, Sami was sweaty from his hard-fought win, but he looked so proud as one arm held the title over his shoulder while the other was wrapped around you. You had slid into the ring to congratulate him and were the second person to embrace him, right behind Kevin.

You looked up at Sami and couldn’t help but smile. You still couldn’t believe he was actually home. He crawled onto the bed and placed his hand on your cheek. Slowly, he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. You closed your eyes, and savored the taste of his lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Sami’s hands moved to your waist as he held you tightly.

His tongue ran over your bottom lip, asking for entrance.  Your lips parted, and his tongue quickly found its way inside your mouth. You ran your hands down his shirt, stopping at the hem to pull it off. His hands reached for the hem of his t-shirt you were wearing and quickly made work of pulling it off you. His tongue ran over his lips as his eyes roamed your nearly naked from in front of him.

“God I’m one lucky guy.” He said.

He climbed off the bed and unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans he was wearing and slid them down his legs. He then crawled back on the bed and slid his hands up your thighs as he leaned down and pressed his lips to your neck. His hand slid to your lace covered core, and he began to rub circles against your clit through the material. A soft moan escaped your lips as you felt the knot in your stomach start to form.

It had been two weeks since you had been touched and it felt incredible to have Sami’s hands on your again.

He began to gently suck on your spot as his fingers pushed the material of your panties to the side and he slipped a finger into you.

Your back arched off the back at the feeling of his finger pumping in and out of you.

“S-Sami,” you moaned out.

“Feel good, baby?” He asked before adding a second finger.

“Y-yes.” You said as you closed your eyes and leaned your head back against the pillow.

One of your hands ran through Sami’s hair as the other slid down and began to palm him over his boxers. He groaned, and once he was fully hard, you slipped your hand underneath the material and started to pump him.

“I need to be inside you.” Sami groaned out as he pulled his hand out from your panties and quickly slid them off you. He climbed off the bed to pull his boxers off. He reached down and grabbed your legs and wrapped them around his waist and positioned himself at your entrance.

He paused for a moment and looked at you, almost as if asking if it was okay.

“Please, Sami.” You said as you lifted your hips up to try and relieve some of the tension.

He slowly pushed himself in until he was all the way in.

“You’re so tight, baby.” He groaned out as he closed his eyes. He paused for a few moments before sliding out and pushing back in. You dug your nails into his back as his thrusts got deeper and deeper.

His thrusts were going at a steady pace, you could already feel the knot forming in your stomach. He had one hand on your hip and the other holding himself up near the side of your head. You felt your muscles start to burn and you felt that knot tightening inside of you.

“I’m gonna come, baby.” Sami breathed out.

“I’m almost there.” You replied.

Sami’s hand slid from your hip to rub figure eights on your clit. That was the final thing you needed. You felt yourself go over the edge as your orgasm hit you and you released on Sami’s dick.

A few moments later Sami hit his high, and you felt him still as he released hot spurts inside you. He pulled out and rolled over onto the bed next to you. You both laid there on your backs looking up at the ceiling with heavy breaths and a layer of sweat on your bodies.

“Welcome home, Sami.” You finally managed to say.

He smiled and rolled onto his side to face you. He reached out and ran his thumb across your cheeks.

“I love coming home to this.” He said before he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

Piercing Issues

Braun Strowman/Reader
Smut/Explicit, 3125 words


You’re backstage at Smackdown, holed up in your assigned corner, surrounded by fabric and costumes, busy at your sewing machine. You sigh to yourself, rubbing your eyes, because while there are plenty of creative aspects to your job, you also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time reinforcing the seams of tights.

“Hey,” says a gruff voice from behind you, and you turn, swivelling your chair around. There are some big guys here, and most of them have voices to match, but Braun’s is the biggest of all, every word he speaks amplified by the sheer bulk of him, echoing through that cavernous chest.

“Hey,” you say, smiling, because Braun’s also the guy who’s probably the least like his stage persona. He’s almost shockingly sweet, his offstage personality hard to reconcile with the monster he plays in the ring. “What can I do for you?”

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Lady A

Dean Ambrose/OC. For Anon: You’re a new diva and all through NXT people refer to you as the female Ambrose, due to your attitude, wrestling style and even your attire to some point. They keep going on about how you’d be a perfect couple and you secretly kinda like it, cause you have a crush on him but have never met him. You accidentally walk into his dressing room one day after getting lost in the arena and he tells you how he’s heard about you being the female him and…smut

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dream-unity  asked:

As someone who will be a junior in highschool this year, I have to know: What do you think is the right journey for someone who wants to become a storyboarder? Or just any tips? I love your comics, and was surprised to hear you are a storyboarder, but as this is a field I am interested in especially, I hoped to get a few pointers!

That’s a really difficult thing to answer, because it really is true that everyone’s journey is a little different; there’s no one right way to do it. I didn’t realize that a lot of the things that led me to where I am today were just because of circumstances, of happening to know the right person and be in the right place at the right time. But! There’s still things you can do and habits you can get into right now that will help maximize your chances for getting into storyboarding in the future:

  • Obviously you want to draw a lot, but especially to draw a lot from life, and to draw a little of everything. People, animals, backgrounds, vehicles, and fantasy stuff from the imagination. In storyboarding, you don’t have to make everything look perfect, but you should at least feel comfortable with tackling anything that comes up in a rough manner.
  • Watch a wide variety of TV, film and animation from a wide variety of sources and genres. It will help build your cinematic vocabulary. Get fannish about it!
  • Draw your own comics and your own animatics, set them to music or podcasts or whatever you like. Anything that helps get you thinking about sequential art and how to set up your camera, compositions and cuts. And most importantly: finish the projects you start! One finished comic or animatic is worth five unfinished ideas. The cool thing now is that software and tools to help you are even easier to use and obtain than ever before. 
  • Try to avoid cynicism and “cringe culture,” be kind and sincere to fellow artists, especially while you are in school. Going to school for art/animation is not required for these jobs, but the most important thing you get out of it is industry relationships. People will prefer to hire a mediocre artist who is friendly and easy to work with over a superstar artist who’s an asshole any day.
  • If you can, try and find a mentor: someone who’s in the industry and has been there for awhile. Establishing a friendship with them will help you out even more in the long run than just “can you please critique me?” 
  • Be aware and open to the fact of doing things other than storyboarding for awhile. Very few people go straight into boards right out of school. I was a background artist for a couple years prior to hopping to boards, and before that I did a bunch of freelance jobs and very crappy part-time jobs. Others right out of school will likely start with revisions or cleanups before boards themselves, too. There’s no due date for going into a job you like, so don’t worry about not getting to it right away. 

I hope all this helps!

Enzo Amore One Shot- Whoops

You adjusted the headphones on your head while the radio host announced your arrival to the studio. “And right now we are joined by the beautiful Y/N… WWE superstar and actress.” She smiled over at you as you leaned into the mic. “Hiii…” “Thank you for being with us here today… You are one of our highly requested people.” “Awww… Thats so sweet. Thanks for having me and all the other superstars here today… I hope they didn’t cause too much trouble.” You giggle. “Never. Everyone has been a joy to have around.” She goes on to talk about Wrestlemania being in town and how everyone is buzzing with excitement. She starts the segment you will be participating in which was just a bunch of questions about your love life from twitter. “Okay this is a question from Kyle… He wants to know how you would describe your first kiss in three words.” You pause to think about it. “Oh gosh if he hears this he is going to kill me… Sticky… Short… Regret??” You say with a grimace. “How old were you??” The host laughed with you. “I was ten and he was like twelve I think…” You cover your hands with you face in embarrassment. “Okay next question is from Liza… She wants to know what was the best day you ever went on.” You blush a bit at the question. “My last date probably was my favorite… He took me out this sketchy looking pizza joint and literally I was scared to go in. The food was like the best I ever had. And afterwards we went to the park. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid again… It was great to just let loose and be myself on the swings or on the monkey bars. He even came up with the most ridiculous game… It was like horse but he called it KISS… And at the end who ever lost had to kiss the other person… OH!! And when we were playing basket ball he helped me dunk it… He had to like pick me up so I would be tall enough…” You laughed with the host. “That  is so funny because Enzo described the same exact date when he was asked that question.” You gasped at this and buried your face back in your hands. “Oh no… Hes gonna kill me.” 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… this is just a stupid little one shot I thought off… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

anonymous asked:

What fandoms are you in??

I’m pretty active in the Phantom of the Opera fandom, the Little shop of horror fandom (kind of?) and more recently, the Hunchback of notre dame fandom.

Other than that, I post a lot of random shit from a lot of other fandoms, but I guess the ones listed above are my mains? Though, with my constant shift in interests, im sure there’ll be more. I’m into a lot of other musicals too, like Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the park with George, Anything goes, rocky horror, be more chill, Chicago, Jesus Christ superstar, and a bunch of others. As well as other things like A series of unfortunate events, always sunny in Philadelphia, and a bunch of other things that I’m probably forgetting.

Yeah I’m…all over the place 😅

Devon sat backstage during a Live Event just skimming through Twitter quietly. She was seeing a bunch of fans post pictures from the event and send thank you’s to the Superstars they met during the meet and greet which made her smile. She loved getting to see the fans having an awesome time while they were in their town. She was so distracted that she didn’t notice that someone tripped on her foot that was out a bit from her sitting with her leg crossed over her other leg. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!”

WWE: Dress up

You’re a WWE Diva. You’re best friends with Paige and currently dating Sami Zayn. People usually comment on your friendship with Paige, claiming that it’s a very ‘different one’. They weren’t wrong – you guys were different. Really different.

Given that you were in a long-term relationship with Sami, you weren’t as wild as Paige. You played around with colours when it came to your ring attire whereas Paige stuck to black. You were a classic princess and Paige was a classic well…Rebel. It’s what made your friendship so dynamic.

WWE decided to host a Halloween party for all of the superstars. You loved dress up. Paige however didn’t.

The excitement began to build with the words leaving Stephanie’s lips, “So be adventurous. Have fun – dress up. No, not as yourselves…” we laughed.

“Babe. Rollins, myself and a bunch of other guys wanna do a group dress up. You weren’t planning for us to do a couple thing right?” Sami sounded like a kid again, so excited to dress up with his friends. I smiled, “no no I have plans of my own.”

Sami left with Seth and I skipped over to Paige, pouncing on her back, “So what are we dressing up as?” She turned, placing her elbow on my shoulder and rested against me, “I’m thinking like Goth witches or something along those lines.” I groaned… “Let’s step out of our comfort zones. Leave me with the costumes okay?” I attempted to reason. She raised her eyebrow at me. Oh boy.

“I swear on my life (Y/N), if you make me dress up as a damn princess or some other shit th-“ “I won’t.” I cut her off.

Two weeks later

“Yeah. Yeah. Chiiiiill I got us sorted. I’ve been working on it for two weeks now Paige. Ah ha. And did you paint your nails white? Yes, and your hair? Like neat curls? Paaaaaaaaige!” this phone call was going on for over an hour now. “I’ve told you as much as you need to know- now I’m cutting the call. I’ll see you in a bit.” Sami smiled at me from across the room. He’s so cute.

I threw the cordless house phone onto our bed and made my way over to him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss, “I’ll see you tonight.” Sami and I didn’t know what each other were going to dress up as. I guess that made the evening even more exciting. I got in my car and made my way to Paige’s house.

“There you are!” Paige opened the door before I could even knock, pulling me inside, “I’ve literally had the worst case scenarios running through my head (Y/N)! Let me see the costumes!” She pleaded, referring to the large box in my hands. I walked towards her bedroom and of course, she followed. I stepped inside, “hold on,” I said pushing her back out and locking the door. (Y/N)!” I heard her yell. I put the box down and lay the outfits across the bed and let her in. “Shit those look fucking amazing!” she held the pair of black wings up. “That’s mine.” I coughed. She stared at me. “You want me to wear white? Fucking white!?” I laughed. “C’mon Paige. Out of our comfort zones remember? I’m always sweet and innocent and you’re always Goth and rebel. We’re switching it up tonight.” I winked.

After several minutes of pleading, my best friend finally gave in (after i agreed to be her personal chauffeur for the next two weeks) and we finally got dressed. “We look fucking sick mate!” Paige admired the selfies we had just taken. We looked pretty amazing. Now it was time to get to the arena.  

This is just part one…there will be a part two



Some documentaries I have watched

katiefab asked me to make a list of documentaries I’ve watched that I would recommend. I made a tiny list a long time ago for ~nerd~ documentaries, that is here.

Most of this list is comprised of films I saw at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival which is an annual deal in Missoula – I think it’s my favorite cultural event-type thing that happens here.

I’m not sure if I full on RECOMMEND all of these – some of them have endings or parts that morally are not real cool and I don’t like how a lot of stuff is portrayed, but I think they’re all worth watching, at any rate.

  • Going Clear - Scientology. Terrifying. Weird. Very, very, very worth watching.

  • 1971 - A group o’ ordinary normal citizens breaks into an FBI office in Pennsylvania, aiming to find proof of secret surveillance programs, among other things (they succeed). Very gripping.

  • Kung Fu Elliot - White Canadian dude thinks he’s the next martial arts superstar; he is VERY clearly not. This thing has the most ???????-inducing ending of anything I have ever seen. Just suddenly everything gets very weird and, ah, gross and bad. Everyone should watch this. I am still confused.

  • Bedevil - A high priestess witch lives in a tiny conservative town, and its residents terrorize her. Like they kill her rescue animals? Among other things. She tries to run for city council. This one is weir and made me uncomfortable a bunch. When I saw it at the film festival, the director and Darla (the doc’s focus) were there and answered questions and I’m real worried about her as a person. I hope she left/leaves that place. It was surreal to watch this movie with the distanced view ya normally have for media like that and then have the for real person standing right there in person, still entirely stuck in the situation depicted in the doc. Made me feel really guilty for the way I had thought of her, caricatured. 

  • The Weather Underground - Doc about the radical left wing originally student-based group that bombed a ton of public buildings in the 70s

  • Meet the Hitlers - Just follows the lives of a bunch of people named Hitler. One thread follows a gross-o journalist who incessantly hounds/tries to out the allegedly last descendents of Hitler (or something like that). I hated that so much. But otherwise it’s just a weird ‘here are a handful of people who have nothing in common other than a name and here are their lives’

  • An Honest Liar - About the magician James Randi who was super very anti-con artists/’psychics’ and etc. Also about Randi’s boyfriend and some secret stuff there. This one I saw at the film fest, but it’s on Netflix. You should watch it.

  • Rich Hill - Follows the lives of a bunch of poor kids in a poor town. That’s it. It’s interesting though. Also on Netflix.

  • When We Left the Earth - A 6 part Discovery documentary on NASA space programs from pre-Mercury to the Shuttle. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It is gorgeous. So much great footage. So well put together. I have it on DVD. You can borrow it.

  • Resurrect Dead - There are hundreds of these mosaic tile things on streets all over the country (and kind of world). Cryptic sci-fi conspiracy theory-sounding messages on them. They are called Toynbee Tiles. Who/why/how??? Not the greatest documentary but def worth watching because Toynbee Tiles are something else, man.

  • Shut Up Little Man - Dudes living in this apartment have loud neighbors who argue constantly and about weird things. They record the arguments. Tapes of the recording get passed around the…underground pre-internet audio community? There’s a better more specific name for that group of people but I cannot remember it. Very weird. Made me feel sad also.

  • The Devil and Daniel Johnston - About the anti-folk(?) outsider musician Daniel Johnston. He’s bipolar and has schizophrenia and his music is a reflection of that – songs about thinking he was possessed by demons and other similar stuff. He was not well taken care of for a large chunk of the beginning of his life and I’m mad about that. The documentary is very well made but there’s a level of sort of…objectification/idolization of his work decontextualized from his mental health that is very unnerving.

  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia - I saw this one a long time ago but it’s about a family in West Virginia and a whole lot of stuff happens. That is all I remember.

  • Almost There - Old guy makes art (”outsider” art because, I guess, it’s weird and he is weird and not an “artist” [outsider art as a term feels gross]), lives alone in a horrifyingly unfit for living in basement/house, probably near death or very bad disease, is annoying as hell, the filmmakers help him collect his art into an art show, there’s some gross stuff in his past that is brought up, I don’t like how they dismiss it or handle it, they help him leave his home and get into a nursing home and then it’s over.

You Made Me Wait (Trixya) - Evolution

A/N: I wanted to post this before episode 7 aired, but things happen. (I blame my gf). Let’s just pretend this happened anyway in the midst of all the real-life Trixya going on. I know it’s not based on the photos or Palm Springs, but I was already writing this one and didn’t want it to go to waste. Enjoy!

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someone asked me to explain the world cup of hockey so here goes

okay SO *cracks knuckles* let me take you back to sochi 2014, when the NHL threw a giant fit over who was responsible for paying for insurance for their players to participate in the olympics (hint: they wanted it not to be them) as well as the fact that “their” stars participate but another organization makes all the money. international pride and unity blah blah blah where’s the dough. since then they’ve threatened not attending pyeongchang in 2018 (lol okay), and have created their very own WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY, which i will never call world cup because NICE TRY, HOCKEY, BUT NO.

basically this is their first attempt at creating an “olympics” but one that they own (and thus, one that creates money for them). to the nhl’s eyes, it’s a global hockey championship that pits hockey’s greatest stars against each other in an exciting contest to see “who really owns hockey” (no I’m not kidding that’s one of their slogans, how gross is that). in reality, it’s really like a bunch of exhibition games prior to the season with players in vague (yet menacing) groupings, missing a bunch of stars who (understandably) want to use this time to heal up so they’re ready to start the season.

-Team Some Of Canada: Canadian superstars aged 24+. the usual crew. crosby. giroux. corey perry (sigh).
-Team Some of America: American superstars aged 24+.
-Team Young Guns (aka Team North America): Canadian and American superstars (or pupa superstars, at least) aged 23 and under. the kids. the youths. the ankle-biters. featuring connor mcdavid and jack eichel, working together to save planet earth. will they find victory? will they find international unity? will they find… love?
-Team Russia: the usual suspects plus a bunch of KHLers because why not
-Team Sweden: led by your favourite redheaded west-coast duo
-Team Finland: self-explanatory
-Team Czech Republic: does not contain Jaromir Jagr because god isn’t real
-Team Some Of Europe: superstars from every european country not listed above. yes, you heard me. TEAM SOME OF EUROPE. look, nobody wants to see moldova lose 19-0 but you expect us to take this seriously with TEAM SOME OF EUROPE!?!?!?!

Thus far it’s (actually) been pretty entertaining, if by “it” you mean the Young Guns, who have something to prove and are so fast they broke both the sound barrier and zdeno chara’s ankles.

And That’s What You Missed On Glee!

This is all in retrospect, but the republican field may be the weakest in modern history. It makes the “Romney having trouble with some Pizza CEO” look like Lincoln-Douglas. And it’s so weird, because in like, August, it kinda seemed like a murderer’s row. You had a veteran from an established political line, libertarianisms messiah, a governor who weaseled his way into office in a historically blue state, a young upstart from Texas by way of Canada who embodies Tea Party ideals, a son of Cuban immigrants who seemed like the Republican answer to Obama, a Jersey bully who “tells it like it is” and a famous pediatric neurosurgeon played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Hell, it even had Rick Perry, who is a complete and utter buffoon, but has the luxury of looking like a movie president. 

In the end though, these guys couldn’t play on Sundays. Let’s break down the list.

Jeb: Spent half his campaign looking like he didn’t want to be there. Maybe he got lazy? Assured by his handlers that the Road to the White House would be a leisurely sunday drive, he panicked at the threat of rain, drove that motherfucker right off the turnpike. He only started to get animated, to get HYPE, when the campaign was already lost. 

Rand Paul: Say what you want about his racist old bitty pa, his cantankerous stage presence stuck with you. Rand Paul has the personality of a half empty coors light can left in the sun for six hours. And that HAIR. It makes Trumps fucking coonskin cap look like Cary Grant. 

Scott Walker: God, we thought this guy was the future of the Republican Party? I certainly had him as a dark horse up to August. He looked terrible in prime time, just a mess of flop sweat and awkward stammers and dorky church dad fashion. SW won the governorship because he played to the baser instincts of shirtless Packer fans. Easier to do on the state level than it is when you’re competing with a bunch of other raven plutocrats. Especially when you’re competing looking like 

Cruz: Still in the race but flailing wildly. People in his own party despise him with all the fires of Amon Amarth. Looks like the type of guy you wouldn’t buy a Used Car from. Feels like his main skillset, being a nasty little troll, doesn’t really connect with people who want to know if they’ll have a job soon. 

Rubio: Rubio’s casual dismissal of Jeb seemed like a superstar moment, like the dude fucking posterized Mutumbo or something. Now that the fallout from Jeb’s campaign is being unleashed before a ravenous Douglas, it seems more like me dunking on a five year old’s Little Tyke’s basketball set. It doesn’t help Rubio that he’s handcuffed by his party. He needs to be Latino, but not toooo Latino, if you catch my drift. Also worth mentioning, the guy gives off very awkward “Bobby Jindal walking backwards” vibes. Like he needs proper blocking and a set of prepared notes the size of the King James Bible in order to appeal to human fucking beings.

Christie: Man, where to begin. Like, first things first, his campaign was sunk as soon as images of him holding hands with Obama as they toured Sandy’s destruction hit Breitbart. Then he spent the better part of four years making a fool of himself. The problem with being a bully is that you make a lot of enemies with sharp knives, just waiting for the right time to strike. The Bridge thing was in the papers for MONTHS, and each new revelation changed his image from “assertive” to “Tony Soprano in Heidi and Kennedy.” But the worst sin of all?

Like, it’s bad enough that your a Cowboys fan FROM FUCKING JERSEY, but hanging out with Arkansas Oil Baron Jerry Jones, a guy who even Cowboys fans hate, is too much for the American people. 

Wait a second, is that Hulk Hogan above Jerry’s shoulders? Pick your friends better you fucking sack of assholes. 

Ben Carson: Absolutely batshit crazy, but not absolutely batshit crazy in an entertaining way. Like trump, spouts a string of enormous lies, conspiracy theories, and incendiary hate speech, but does it with a voice that sounds like he’s DJing a smooth jazz station. Has a tenuous grasp of history and how government works, and when that stands out in a field that included Rick Perry and Donald Trump, that really says something.

Rick Perry: God what a fucking moron.

My point is like, this was a very weak field to begin with, and a Trumpless race would’ve revealed that sooner or later. It’s so weak, that it let a libertine outsider take the lead and offered little in the way of resistance. 

And that’s not dismissing Trump, who, despite his Stormfront Message Board platform, has done an incredible job of selling himself to a large contingent of angry hopeless people. I guess that’s the secret, Trump knows his brand, Trump IS his brand, 24 hours a day. He has nothing of substance to say, and it’s debatable if he could point out Azerbaijan on a map, but he can sell himself to Tea Party wackos while still chilling with the landed elite type of niggas who think the Hamptons is “Too middle class” now. 

But like, you just feel that a professional politician worth his salt should’ve picked Trump apart months ago. Instead these guys let him get too powerful, let him stake claim on all their talking points, then they let him control the pace and strategy of the debates. That’s some lightweight shit, and you can’t lightweight your way around a guy who’s never let the truth get in the way of his enormous ego. 

Anyway, that’s all I got.