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Apps Useful For Witchcraft And Divination

Dont mind the Wicca(n) in the titles. They’re still useful for general witchcraft.


  • Witches & Witchcraft Amino by Amino Apps: Connect with other witches and find resources!
  • Wicca Spells and Tools by Big Book Apps, LLC: This app features a bunch of spells and herb correspondences.
  • Wicca Herbalism by Theago Liddell: Herb correspondences
  • Garden Answers Plant Identifier: Take a picture of a plant and it identifys it for you!


  • Labyrinthos Academy by Labyrinthos Academy: Useful to learn the meanings of tarot cards

Tarot Apps

  • Kawaii Tarot by Diana Lopez: A cute and adorable app for tarot!
  • Galaxy Tarot by Galaxy Tones Software: The Rider Waite Tarot deck in app form.
  • Golden Thread Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy: A sleek and simple tarot app!

Rune Apps

  • Galaxy Runes by Galaxy Tone Software: A runic divination app.
  • Runic Divination by Evansir: A runic divination app.
  • Runic Formulas by Evansir: Create your own runic formulas!

so yesterday i hit 1k? which is absolutely insane? when i started this blog 6 months ago i honestly never thought i’d get this many followers so thank you very much to every single person who follows me!!

like every other blogger, i decided this milestone had to be celebrated by a follow forever! it’s basically just a list of all of my mutuals and bunch of other people that i absolutely adore, tysm for making my tumblr experience the very best :’)

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Theories on Cortana...

A few weeks ago I referenced this quote in an earlier post about Edom: When they arrived in the mirrored city of a destroyed Alicante Alec tells them Edom’s story (COHF 482-483): “They didn’t have seraph blades; they hadn’t developed them. It doesn’t look like they had Iron Sisters or Silent Brothers, either. They had blacksmiths, and they developed some sort of weapon, something they thought might help them.”


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Malia- You’d Be Worth It

Request-  hey lovely! can you do a malia x reader where the reader has a crush on her and is an avid hiker in the preserve, but she gets extremely injured and can’t get help. conscious coyote malia find her and keeps her warm and alive through the night. she talks to her in coyote form until a rescue team finds her. she wakes up in the hospital with a human malia by her side who confesses her feelings. love you!!

A/N- So much love and right before Valentine’s Day! I’m blushing. Hope you guys like this one!

Malia strode to her lunch table with her tray in hand, looking forward to digging into the nachos she had picked up. As she walked over to Scott and the others, she realized that there was one new edition to the table, someone that usually wasn’t there, but caused her to grin nonetheless.
You were sitting there next to Lydia, smiling and laughing as you opened a packet of mayo and spread it onto to the sandwich you had picked up from the sub line. You didn’t go to Beacon Hills High, so it was a surprise to see you sitting there, but Malia knew Lydia picked you from Devenford Prep for lunch sometimes.
You and Malia met during the deadpool, when your ear-splitting scream sent an assassin crumpling to the ground in front of her. That scream may have left her ears ringing, but one glance at you left stars in her eyes, and from then on, the two of you became friends.
The minute she realized you were a banshee, she felt an undeniable urge to protect you, and a couple of Scott’s pack members had commented on it, but you just chalked that up to her nature. She had spent half of her life as a wild animal after all, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t into Malia.
She was strong and beautiful, and loved being outside just as much as you did. Besides, she seemed to really like you, and you could definitely tell when she slammed her tray down next to yours.
“Hey!” Stiles cried, jerking back from the seat Malia had just stolen. “I was gonna sit there.”
“And now I’m sitting here,” Malia stated, shooting him a sharp look.
He looked from Malia to you, and then backed away with a look that seemed to say he wasn’t going to get in her way. Malia grinned and sat down next to you. “Hey, Y/n.”
“Hey, Malia,” you told her with a smile.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I just wanted to come see you guys,” you told her. “It’s nice to get away from Devenford for a while.”
“And Brett,” Lydia said with a smirk.
You rolled your eyes at her, but Malia frowned. “Is he bothering you again?”
“No, not really,” you said. “He just doesn’t seem to get that we play for the same team, and you know I’m not talking about lacrosse.”
“You want me to kick his ass for you?” Malia asked sincerely. “I mean, he would heal, so it’s not like breaking his arms is a big deal.”
You laughed softly. “I appreciate that, Malia, but I think I’ll be okay. If I really needed to, I could make his ears bleed, so…”
You shrugged and Malia smirked. She would honestly pay to see you kick Brett’s ass, and she knew that you very well could.
“So are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?” you asked.
“Studying for midterms,” Lydia said with a sigh. “We’re actually having a group study session on Saturday, if you want to drop by my house. We could compare notes.”
You nodded. “I’m going hiking in the afternoon, but I could drop by later if you really wanted me to.”
Lydia shrugged. “I don’t want to pull you away from the trail-”
“You should come over,” Malia cut in. “I could really use some help with Chemistry.”
You nodded. “I took it last year, but I can try to help you. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have Lydia do it though?”
“Yeah, Malia, I can-” Lydia began.
“I’m sure,” Malia cut her off, nodding at you vigorously.
You felt a blush crawling on your cheeks. “I guess I can’t say no to that.”
Lydia smiled knowingly and winked at Malia, who shot her a glare. “You can come over at four, Y/n. And I might go out and do a snack run, so you and Malia can have a one on one session while I’m out.”
Malia’s eyes widened, but you simply smiled and glanced over at Malia. “That sounds great.”
You spent the rest of your lunch laughing and talking with her, and you were so lost in Malia that you didn’t even realize lunch was almost over. “Oh shit. Lydia, we’d better go, right? You’re gonna be late if you take me back Devenford.”
The Banshee shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay. I can miss a few minutes of one class.”
“I can take you,” Malia said quickly. “I have my car now, and I’d only be missing study hall.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah,” Malia told you. “Of course.”
Your lips turned up at her determination. “Okay.”
Malia grinned and gathered her things, and you grabbed your bag. You stood up and said goodbye to Lydia and the rest of Scott’s pack, and then followed Malia to dump your tray.
“I really appreciate this,” you told her.
“It’s no big deal,” she said with a shrug. “Besides, I like hanging out with you. You’re a lot hotter than my algebra homework.”
You laughed softly. “Thanks, Malia.”
She shrugged at you again, and you followed her out of the cafeteria and to the parking lot. You hopped in the car just as the bell signaling the end of lunch rang, and then she started to drive.
“So what trail are you taking Saturday?” she asked curiously.
“The one that goes to Lookout Point,” you told her. “But the long way.”
Malia raised her eyebrows. “You’re doing that on your own?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” you asked.
“Because it’s a rockier trail than the others. After all that rain from the Ghost Riders, there have been a bunch of rockslides. My dad was talking about all the erosion, and how people shouldn’t even be hiking that trail, especially not by themselves.”
You scoffed. “Malia, I’m a good hiker.”
“That doesn’t matter,” she told you. “It would be dangerous even for me.”
“Don’t you think I’d be able to tell if something bad was going to happen?” you questioned. “I mean, I’m a banshee.”
“You and I both know it doesn’t work that way,” she countered.
“No one knows how it works,” you protested.
“Exactly,” she agreed. “And it sucks, but the voices aren’t really reliable.”
You sighed. “Tell me about it.”
Malia frowned. She could hear the weariness in your voice, and she mentally cursed herself. Even though she had made a lot of progress at being human, she still tended to say the wrong thing sometimes, and she had just done it again.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” she added gently. “You’re still a badass. You can kill someone just by screaming, and at least that part’s reliable.
Your lips turned up. “Thanks, Malia.”
“Just take a different trail, okay? I can’t have you dying before our study session.”
“Alright fine,” you relented. “I guess I can’t be the reason you fail chemistry.”
Malia smiled. “Thank you.”
She pulled into the Devenford parking lot, and parked in a space right in front of the doors.
“What are you doing?” you asked, your brow furrowing.
“Walking you to class?” she offered, cocking an eyebrow at you.
A grin broke its way onto your lips, and you scooped your bag up from the floor of her car. “Guess I can’t say no to that.”
You opened the door and hopped out of the car, and Malia did the same. She came around the back of the car to meet you, and as you headed into the school, you heard someone call your name.
“Y/n! My life just got a little bit brighter.”
You sighed as Brett jogged up behind you, and Malia glared at him. He slid between the two of you, and you raised your eyebrows at him. “You know, you’d think that after almost being assassinated, you’d be a little less cocky.”
“Hey, I’m just grateful to be alive,” he told you smoothly. “You know, enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer? And looking at you…that’s definitely one of those pleasures.”
Malia’s low growl cut through the air, and Brett smirked. “You have a little crush, Malia?”
“No,” you snapped, shouldering him out of the way to grab Malia’s hand. “I do.”
Brett raised his eyebrows at you and paused on the sidewalk, but Malia grinned and darted forward. She tugged you against her, and kissed you right in front of Brett, causing your eyes to go wide. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it, but it still caught you off guard.
Brett scoffed as you and Malia pulled apart. “Get a room.”
You and Malia laughed as he walked away, and she glanced down at you with a smile. “I’m sorry. I had to.”
“It’s okay,” you told her with a grin.
“I also really wanted to kiss you,” she continued. “And I have for a long time.”
You flushed. “Me too.”
“Come on,” Malia told you, reaching out for your hand again. “I don’t want to make you late for class.”
You headed into Devenford Prep gripping her hand, and you couldn’t hide the grin on your face. It wasn’t like you even wanted to, because with Malia by your side, you certainly had a lot to smile about.

The Coyote huffed and looked at Lydia, who was staring at her with one eyebrow raised.  “Seriously?”
“What?” Malia groaned, leaning back on Lydia’s couch with a huff. “I was thinking about the answer.”
“Malia, I asked you if you were paying attention,” she said, shooting her a look.
“Oh, then no,” Malia told her plainly.
Lydia let out a sigh and reached out to shut the chemistry textbook sitting between them. “Fine. Maybe we could both use a break.”
“Thank you,” Malia breathed.
“But,” Lydia added. “When I come back, you better be ready to focus on electron configurations and not Y/n.”
“I can’t help it!” Malia protested. “I haven’t kissed her since Thursday. I wanna do it again.”
Lydia rolled her eyes and moved away from the couch. “She’ll be over later. And you had better not be planning on sneaking off into one of my bedrooms.”
“I wasn’t,” Malia said with a shrug. “But I am now.”
Lydia huffed and headed into the kitchen, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. Malia leaned back on the couch with a smirk, and Scott shot her a smile from the armchair. “I think you guys are great together, Malia.”
“Yeah,” Stiles added from where he sat by Scott’s feet. “She’s a total badass. She’s perfect for you.”
“Stiles,” Liam complained next to him. “Help me.”
He gestured frantically to his homework, and Stiles rolled his eyes and turned back to the younger boy. “Liam, come on, all you have to do is find x.”
“How?” he groaned.
“You know,” Stiles told him. “You take the thing and put it here, and then you take the other thing and do the thing to it.”
Liam glared at him, and Malia felt a twinge of pity. Math was by far her worst grade, and the only reason she had passed it was Lydia’s notes. Liam was better off going to her for help instead of Stiles. The Brunette meant well, but he usually just ended up talking or flailing more than he did any actual explaining.
Malia sighed and picked up her phone, checking the time. You weren’t supposed to be over for another hour or so, and every second she had to wait felt like an eternity. She’d rather have you explaining atomic structure to her than Lydia, and she knew there would be an opportunity for you two to sneak off at some point that night.
She would have given just about anything to be with you on your hike, but she knew there would be plenty of opportunities for that later.
Malia slouched back against the couch for a few seconds, hoping that she would have a little more time to daydream about you before Lydia came back. Wherever you were, she hoped you were having fun.

Birds twittered above you as you hiked up the trail, your muscles burning with the strain. You loved the challenge that hiking brought you, and as you trudged up the sharp incline, you felt a rush of exhilaration.
You knew it wasn’t the best idea to take the trail up to Lookout Point, especially with what Malia had told you, but there hadn’t been any rain for a day or two. The weather outside was perfect, and you knew the view from the top would be amazing. To you, the risk was worth it, especially because you were so sure you would be fine.
You had been hiking since you were five, a direct product of living with outdoorsy parents. You loved being in the woods, and so did Malia, and that was just one the things that added to the growing list of why you fell for her. Hiking gave the both of you an opportunity to break away from all the monsters and the death, and just detox from everything going on.
Whenever you found a body, a hike was your go-to coping method, and you could think of no better person to have alongside you than Malia.
You continued to head up the incline, but you had to stop for a few moments to catch your breath. You placed your hands on your knees and paused, gazing up at the blue sky above you. You reached into your backpack to grab your water bottle, and that was when you heard a soft rumbling sound coming from in front of you.
Every muscle in your body froze, and for a second you were sure what you were experiencing was an earthquake. California was no stranger to seismic activity, but when you looked up and saw a cascade of rocks tumbling toward you from the top of the incline, you knew this was no earthquake.
It was a rockslide just like Malia had warned you about, and you quickly scrambled back down the trail. Your breath came in heavy gasps as you tried to get away, but you knew there was no outrunning this thing. In your haste to escape, you tripped down the trail and rolled into the dirt. All you could think before you felt a sharp pain in your head was that you never should have ignored Malia’s warning, and then suddenly your vision went dark.

Malia was still sitting in the living room with the others when she heard it. It was a crash, not unlike the sound of something shattering on the floor, and everyone in the room looked toward the kitchen.
“Lydia?” Scott called, jumping up from his chair. “Are you alright?”
Only silence came from the kitchen, and with a concerned look at Malia, he headed toward the Banshee. Stiles,  Malia, and Liam all  jumped up too, and when they crept into the kitchen, all they saw was the back of Lydia’s head. Shards of glass and inedible popcorn covered the floor by her feet, but she wasn’t moving an inch.
“Uh, Lydia?” Liam asked hesitantly. “Are you okay?”
She whirled around suddenly, her green eyes filled with fear, and everyone flinched. “Something’s wrong.”
“What?” Stiles questioned.
“Something’s wrong,” she repeated, her eyes darting to Malia. “I can feel it.”
“Why are you looking at me?” Malia demanded.
“Because Y/n’s in trouble.”
Malia’s blood ran cold, and she took a step forward, her boot crunching on some glass. “What do you mean she’s in trouble?”
“I’m not sure,” Lydia told her. “But I think she’s trapped, or…or stuck. She’s hurt…really hurt.”
“Oh god,” Malia realized. “She must be on the trail.”
“What trail?” Scott asked. “In the preserve?”
“I told her not to,” Malia practically growled. “But she’s stubborn and probably did it anyway. There’s a trail my dad was complaining about, the hard one that goes up to Lookout Point. He was saying that it wasn’t safe because of all the erosion from the rain.”
“You think she went up there?” Stiles asked.
“Yes,” Malia told him. “And we have to find her.”
Lydia nodded. “We need to hurry.”
Stiles nodded. “Me, Scott, and Liam can take the jeep. You can go with Malia.”
“What the hell are we waiting for?” Malia demanded, glaring around at the group. “She said we don’t have a lot of time. Let’s go!”
She was the first to burst out of Lydia’s front door and head to her car, and she nearly left the Banshee behind in her haste to get to you. She was speeding the whole way to the preserve, and she was either lucky enough to avoid the police, or they were all out investigating another murder. Whichever it was, it didn’t matter to Malia. All she wanted to do was get to you.
She finally skidded to a stop at the entrance, and then jumped out of her car without even cutting off the engine. Her boots hit the dirt, and she immediately began to strip off her clothes.
“Malia!” Lydia shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“I’m faster as a coyote!” she snapped, tossing her clothes and shoes into a pile next to one of her tires. “I need to find, Y/n. The guys will catch up with me.”
Before Lydia could protest any more, Malia was morphing into a ball of fur. She dropped to the ground on all fours and took off into the woods without a second glance, leaving Lydia there to heave an exasperated sigh. She brought a hand to her mouth and resisted the urge to bite her fingernails, an old childhood habit that had plagued her whenever she was nervous.
She just hoped that Malia could find you, because if the sinking feeling in her stomach was any indication, you didn’t have a lot of time.

You woke up to a pounding in your head, and a heavy, painful feeling all over your body. It was like you were being crushed, and when you opened your eyes and found you couldn’t move, you realized you were. You were half-buried under a pile of heavy rocks, covered in bruises that were already beginning to decorate your skin.
You shifted, but your right leg and arm both screamed in protest, causing you to grit your teeth against the pain. Birds were still chirping above you, and the sun hadn’t stopped shining down. The forest was making its normal sounds, with one tiny edition that you had no doubt was all thanks to you.
A small whispering seemed to creep into the edge of your sense, sending a chill down your spine. You had heard the voices of the dead before, and when they gave you a warning, it always scared you. With that being said, that fear was nothing compared to what you felt when you heard your own name.
You felt tears pooling in your eyes, and you knew that if you didn’t get help, you were definitely going to die. You stared up at the trees above you, and you were just starting to think that it was a beautiful day when you hear soft, thumping steps.
They were quiet, so quiet you were sure you had imagined them at first, but then a furry face appeared over yours. You froze in terror, but as you looked into the creature’s eyes, you saw recognition in them.
“M-malia?” you croaked.
She leaned down and licked your cheek once, and you smiled. “God, you must think I’m an idiot. And…and you still came out here after me?”
She trotted over and laid down by your side, the one that wasn’t covered in rocks. Her fur pressed against your stomach, and you weakly reached out to run a hand over her flank.
“I can hear it you know,” you whispered. “They’re saying my name. I’m going to die.”
Malia picked her head up, her eye growing sharper, and she looked at you as if to say ‘shut up’. You smiled softly. “Maybe not. Maybe you’ll be my hero again, huh? Just like when we met.”
Your voice grew softer as your eyes grew heavier, and before you know it, you felt your head tilted to the side. You felt Malia nudging you with her nose, even gently nipping at your hand to get you to wake up, but it wasn’t working. Your fingers fell from her side and hit the ground, and you slipped into unconsciousness, watching the forest flur blur out behind your eyes.

You arm was itching. You reached out to scratch it, still not quite ready to open your eyes, but as your fingers grazed something rough, hard, and definitely not flesh, you had change of heart. You opened your eyes to find a purple cast covering your arm.
You shifted around, still incredibly sore, and your one very stiff leg told you that there was probably a cast on that too.
“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.”
You jumped at the sudden voice, and you glanced around you to find Malia sitting in a chair next to your bed. You blinked. Had she been there the whole time?
“I…yeah, I figured you would,” you said softly.
“You’re a banshee,” she stated. “That doesn’t mean you’re invincible.”
“I know, Malia, I just-”
“That was stupid,” she interrupted. “And it was reckless, and you could have died. How do you think I would have felt if you died? You’re one of the few people who actually make me want to be human, Y/n. You’re part of the reason I decided to stay this way. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“Malia,” you said softly. “I had no idea.”
“Well now you know,” she said. “So you better not go running off into the woods again. At least not without me.”
You glanced down at your casts. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter,” she told you. “Because you still owe me a study date anyway.”
You smiled. “Right.”
“And another kiss,” she added.
You grinned at her. “When did I promise that?”
“You didn’t, I just want one,” she said with a shrug.
“Well, I’m right here,” you said flirtatiously. “And kind of immobile right now, so if you wanted to make your move-”
Your last few words morphed into an ‘mmph’ as Malia darted forward and pressed her lips against yours. She was gentle, more gentle than you had ever imagined Malia could be, but you guessed she was worried about hurting you. You closed your eyes as she tangled her fingers in your hair, and you wished so desperately that you could sit up and thread your fingers through hers.
When she pulled away from you, staring down into your eyes and grinning, you felt like maybe being stuck in bed wasn’t so bad.
“Do you like your cast?” she asked suddenly. “Scott’s mom let me pick out the color while you were out.”
“And purple’s your favorite,” you remembered with a smile.
She nodded. “I figured you’d like it.”
“I do,” you promised her, running your fingers over it. “And I’m going to make sure you’re the first one to sign it.”
“Stiles already called dibs,” she said with a shrug.
You rolled your eyes. “Well, it’s my cast, so I say you sign it first. Stiles can wait.”
“Good,” she said with a smile. “But as much as I’d love to stay and keep kissing you, I have to leave.”
“Why?” you asked quizzically.
“Because I can hear your parents coming back down the hall with a nurse,” she informed you. “And I’ve been kicked out of your room twice already, and I’m not really supposed to be in here.”
“Malia,” you complained.
“What?” she asked, backing toward the door.
“I don’t want you getting in trouble because of me.”
She suddenly pulled open the door, wedging herself in the threshold. She shot one cautious glance down the hall and looked back at you for a few more seconds, and then her lips turned up in a grin.
“You’d be worth it,” she assured you, winking and then slipping out the door.
You felt your face flushing as Malia slipped away, and you leaned back against the hospital pillows. You closed your eyes, knowing that you only had a few seconds before your parents and the nurse got there, but you wanted to dream a little longer. And with your lips still tingling from Malia’s kiss, you knew there would be a lot to dream about.

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Could you do like a list of good guy slytherins? It seems like they're all evil, and Im slytherin so it kinda sucks for me, lol.

Definitely take a look through our Sorting Masterlist for everything we’ve sorted, as well as the sorting spree for other sorts, but off the top of my head:

  • Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones
  • Princess Jasmine, Peter Pan, Flynn Rider (also potential Gryffindor) and Prince Naveen as Disney characters
  • Toph from A:TLA
  • Fred of Scooby Doo fame
  • There’s a whole bunch more as well. 

Followers, reblog with some of your favorite Slytherins!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Another video game wallpaper! This time, the PlayStation 2 (one of my favorite consoles!)

This was also lots of fun, and I know I left out a bunch of other great games, maybe volume 2 soon?

Be sure to credit me if you plan on using this image please!


#97 - Mostly Melia

Been watching a bunch of chuggaconroy’s Xenoblade playthrough to see how others play one of my favorite rpgs ever (I’ve invested ~125 hours playtime into it, yeesh). He and I share the same opinion in that Melia is best girl.

Also some very ecchi things at the bottom there based on some ref pics. For, you know, “practice”.

Soooo sometime in the near future I may be becoming a NCAS working pupil for a FEI level internationally competitive dressage rider (and he’s worked with people who have competed in the Olympics). There’s a max of four positions available and I’m hoping to get one of them! By the end of the course I’ll be a qualified horse trainer with experience with breaking, breeding and teaching (plus a bunch of other shit). Emailing my cover letter and resume tonight. And then there’s an interview with three of the people managing the course (scary ahhhh). But I know them all so hopefully it’s not too bad. Problem is there’s lots of riding and training under saddle. As well as training other horses, we have a one hour private lesson with the head dude every week. Lily wouldn’t be able to cope with what we would be asked to do. The training would be too hard on her. THAT MEANS I have to take on another horse to train, and the lady managing the course offered me one of their horses to use/train. Which means new horse!! Excitement but also FEAR. (Also if she’s offering me a horse preemptively does that mean she thinks I’ll get one of the spots?!?!?!!!!!)

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THANKS SO MUCH for shedding light on Taka/Hiro's relationship. I discovered Hiro through Taka and I got caught up in these horrible forums saying that Taka & Hiro don't like each other. I didn't wanna believe it! So I tried looking for ANYTHING(like pictures of them being chummy) to prove those people wrong but came up empty. What you said MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!It's totally understandable why they keep their Relationship away from the public eye. I'm happy they're on good terms. YOU'RE AWESOME! :)

You’re welcome (^^) This is going to be a looooonggg reply but it has to be said.

I’m aware of some people saying the brothers disliking each other. I stay away from OOR fandom because of these kinds of people. I found that the bigger the band got, the crazier the fans became. Some of those so-called fans behave almost like haters especially when talking about the Moriuchi family and MFS …… particularly Hiro.


To me it’s strange how these fans came up with their “conclusion” of the brothers “supposedly disliking each other” when all the clues and evidences are showing exactly the opposite.

1) These “fans” conveniently left out the fact that Taka started to personally show photos with his parents ONLY after OOR started breaking into the American market and performing at Yokohama Stadium. After people firmly acknowledged him as a star on his own. There were no photos of Taka and his parents at all during the years of OOR trying to establish themselves in Japan, right?

It took Taka more than a decade to break away from the “Mori’s son” image that was plaguing him in his Johnny days. So, isn’t it natural for Taka to want his little brother to be viewed and acknowledged as his own person by keeping their professional lives separate?

2) There is one person on YT who claimed that “Hiro dislikes Taka” based on the assumption that Hiro talked awkwardly to him about his birthday in that conversation with Takeru Satoh. This person even went on to say that Taka was the reason for his parents’ split. My Goodness! Papa and Mama Mori have always loved and supported their children despite that difficult time in their lives. A marriage is a complex thing. You are insulting them by accusing their son of that.

Hello people, Hiro speaks in “keigo / honourific language” with Taka because their mother Masako Mori raised him that way. She wanted her kids to learn to respect older people since young age. Hiro spoke “keigo” to the older members of MFS in the beginning too as he admitted in this HAL College interview. It may appear awkward or something different to other people but it’s normal to this family. I saw a video of their mother saying Taka’s friends thought it was “Sugoi!!”. Also, for Heaven’s sake, Taka is NOT the only “tsundere” older sibling in the world yo! 

3) Did anyone notice that Takeru Satoh asked for Taka’s permission first at around 0:41**  before continuing telling that story about Hiro? Taka replied with “Hai…hai….”* or “Yes….yes…”.. Takeru didn’t simply blurt out everything just like that. He knew the conversation was being filmed and he remained respectful even though they are besties. Oh, didn’t Takeru say in this video that he’s also friends with Hiro?

*Update: Taka said 『いい / ii』not 『はい。。はい / hai…hai』but it means the same in this context. Sorry for the confusion :-P

** Update (5 Dec 2016) : Since the video I linked was removed, I put the original video the clip came from, 3にん. Takeru said it at around 13:37 time mark.

4) The fact that Hiro is friendly with many of Taka’s friends is a clear clue that he is VERY CLOSE with Taka. I think that applies to even ordinary people like us. You must be truly close with your siblings if their friends are yours too, right?

Top photo is GEN playing ping pong with OOR members Ryota & Tomoya with RxYxO Coldrain watching. Well, by now, many MFS fans (at least those who read my blog) should know who GEN is to MFS, right?

This photo of Hiro & Toru is REAL. Not Photoshopped. They were at Subciety’s Christmas / Year End party in December 2012. It was held at Wonderbowl Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Many of GEN’s friends were there like Maximum the Hormone, AIR SWELL, Takahiro Ikeda (BMX Pro rider) and a bunch of others. The entire MFS members were there. Alas, only Toru came representing OOR ….. huhu. Anyway, I think you can see from Hiro and Toru’s body language that they’ve known each other a long time.

5) When their father Shinichi Mori was hospitalized for cancer scare, I believe all the 3 Moriuchi brothers were together by his side because he informed all 3 of them about his condition. Read the translation here by Dessy.

Look at their message and flower bouquet for their father on his 50th Anniversary of being in the music industry. The 3 brothers shared the bouquet together instead of sending it separately.

6) I remember reading an interview where Taka said he’s happy that each of his family member is doing their own thing and specifically mentioned about “my brother has his own band”. Sorry I forgot which interview though. I believe it was from Ryeon’s blog. If it’s not there, at least you get to read a bunch of her OOR translations (^^)

7) This is an actual photo of Taka buying a present for Hiro and it wasn’t even Hiro’s birthday from Taka’s friend Yosuke’s blog on Ameblo (it’s gone now…huhu). But you can read that part on Dessy’s old Tumblr here.

8) Their mother Masako said her sons would visit their father during important occasions like Obon Festival and New Year in this interview or the translation by Dessy here.

9) Let’s not forget how busy musicians’ schedules are.
i. Touring. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. Moving. You know how exhausting that is?
ii. If they’re not touring, they’ll be in the studio working on new music or rehearsing for the next show.
iii. There are also series of meetings with staff and crew.
iv. Discussion with designers and engineers for their stage show, lighting, sound, merchandise.
v. Interviews and promo rounds with magazines, TV and radio stations.
vi. Photo and video shooting.
vii. Meet & greet with fans.
viii.Travelling from city to city. This takes a lot of time. Doraemon’s magic door exists in comics only.

OFF time from band to band may not match unless you’re on the same Tour. It’s unrealistic to expect Taka and Hiro to get together easily. Hey, I work a regular office job and I hardly see my own family even though we live in the same house!

10) That Daikanyama Unit sighting of Taka at MFS Live and his message on IG still make me feel warm and tingly inside (^^). The show was under Tsutaya Records’ special event ツタロック / TsutaRock for those who bought the ALONE single from them. OOR was scheduled for Ozzfest 2015 on 21 November. So, Taka squeezed in some time out of his busy schedule to see MFS on 19 November.

This is a photo of that Daikanyama Unit show. The concert report from Tsutaya is here.

Here is the photo that Taka uploaded to IG that night. Look at his message.

Take a closer look at what some of the Japanese fans were saying.

Isn’t it obvious that Taka is supportive of MFS and is happy for Hiro?

What I’m trying to say is the family is a lot closer than what we think or know. It might take a bit of effort to see the hints and evidences but they are there. So, it’s horribly mean and cruel to accuse the siblings of disliking each other simply on the basis that we don’t see their physical closeness.

youandmeunthinkable  asked:

quakerider please <3

Of course! <3 ;)

1: Who spends almost all their money on the other?

Well, neither Daisy nor Robbie would spend almost all their money on the other, because they both recognize how important it is to be fiscally responsible. They both have struggled with not having enough money in the past, and neither wants to seem like a charity case to the other. Still, every once in a while, they both like to treat the other, especially Daisy.

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Daisy. She often finds herself curled up against Robbie, because he is just so freaking warm! That warmth eventually leads to sleepiness. Robbie, of course, never complains. He knows she struggles to get sleep sometimes, so any chance she has to get some rest, he’ll allow it. Plus, he thinks she looks so cute when she sleeps.

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

On her days off, Daisy will often just lounge around the Reyes house in her underwear and a big shirt or hoodie. Robbie always yells at her to put on more clothes in case Gabe or anyone else shows up. Daisy proceeds to flip him off, grab a bunch of food, and slink off into a room alone with her laptop.

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

They both do, but more often than not Daisy tells Robbie not to stay up all night when he says he has to go do Ghost Rider work. She worries how him constantly flipping between doing the night job and his job at Canelo’s with barely any rest will affect his health. He stays out all night sometimes anyway, which has led to too many arguments between the two when he comes back in the morning. Robbie usually lets her win, because he knows she is only mad and yelling at him because she cares about him a lot.

5: Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident, and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

I headcanon them both to be terrible cooks, honestly, but Robbie is just a little bit better than Daisy. Daisy tries to make one of his favorite family recipes that she got from Gabe for him as a surprise, but she quickly becomes overwhelmed and burns it. Robbie thinks her intentions are sweet and tries to make them cookies instead. When those burn, they give up and go out for tacos and ice cream.

6: Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?

Daisy is more into the Internet than Robbie. She’d be the one to find the prompts that she thinks applies to them, but when she shows them to Robbie, he kindly but nonchalantly disagrees.

7: Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?

Daisy. She often takes his shirts and hoodies, but there honestly isn’t an article of clothing of his that she hasn’t or wouldn’t wear, except maybe his shoes.

8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

Robbie doesn’t mind running errands because that means he gets to spend more time driving his beloved Charger, Lucy. Still, after he’s made sure to get everything on his list, he still manages to come home to Daisy asking if he remembered to get the one thing she thought of that morning and he certainly did forget.

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?

Robbie. Robbie drives the car. No questions. Ever since Daisy drove Lucy in pursuit of Mack and scratched up her side, he hasn’t let her anywhere close to the driver’s seat of his baby, despite Daisy’s never-ending complaints and whines.

10: Which one does the posing while the other one draws?

Daisy wanted to get better at drawing forensic sketches in case she ever needed the skill for a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. She forces Robbie to be her model while she practices which eventually leads to her sketching him doing silly, unnecessary poses.

11: If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

Honestly, it could be either way for both. Daisy and Robbie can both be so extra™ sometimes while the other just casually deadpans the other’s ridiculousness. Although Daisy definitely seems like the type to be eating chips during a mission.

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

Robbie doesn’t drink that much mostly because he drives his precious Charger a lot, and, even if he can’t get hurt, he recognizes that driving under the influence is a big no-no. Daisy manages to drink fairly moderately, but sometimes she overdoes it a bit, especially during parties or after a bad mission. Robbie often carries a drunk Daisy to bed and stays with her all night to make sure she’s okay.

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

They both do, whether it’s a silly keychain for Robbie’s keyring, or a bag of Daisy’s favorite snacks.

14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

Daisy. Too many times she’s caught herself saying “Reyes” as her last name which is swiftly followed by teasing from whoever is around. Daisy claims her accidentally using Robbie’s last name is just because she’s changed her name so many times she forgets and it’s the first name that pops up. It is certainly not because she has played around with the idea of “Daisy Reyes” in her head. (sure, Daisy)

15: Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

Daisy would honestly quake that spider into oblivion, but Robbie is used to taking care of the spiders in his household ever since it was just Gabe and him. He tells her to calm down then he captures the spider and releases it outside.

16: Which one gives the other their jacket?

Robbie, obviously. Daisy is the only person he allows to borrow his signature leather jacket (mostly because he thinks she looks so good wearing it).

17: Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?

Both. The whole S.H.I.E.L.D. team is very protective of Daisy, so when she and Robbie reveal they are now dating, each member makes sure to let Robbie know how much trouble he’ll be in if he hurts her. Eventually, they begin to trust Robbie more and let up on the threats. Gabe still threatens Daisy about treating his brother right. Even though he gets to know Daisy more and he likes her, every once in a while he will still send warning daggers in her direction to not break his heart.

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

Robbie. He tries not to tell Daisy his growing feelings for her due to a variety of reasons, but especially because he knows she is still pretty hung-up on Lincoln so she probably won’t reciprocate. Finally, one day, he tells her in the hopes that if she turns him down, these feelings will start to go away and he can move on in life. He is shocked when she kisses him and reveals she feels the same way.

19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?

While the two might struggle with parenting due to their important world-saving duties, Daisy and Robbie would still be great parents. Robbie practically raised his brother after their parents died, and Daisy has always been fantastic with kids. Daisy would probably the more “fun parent,” and Robbie would be the more “serious parent,” but they both have their moments where they switch roles.

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

Neither would do that, but one time Daisy typed with numbers as letters while she was in a hurry and Robbie has still not stopped teasing her ever since.

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

Both. Daisy and Robbie are always ready to step in and help aid or protect the other, but Robbie is certainly the more overprotective one.

22: Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

Both, but Daisy does it more often. Robbie only started to pun in retaliation of her pun jukes at his Ghost Rider abilities, and now punning is a daily competition for them and a loving sign of affection. Still doesn’t stop the pained smiles, groans, and eye rolls, though.

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

Robbie comes home from Canelo’s to find the house a mess and a half-dirty, half-sudsy energetic brown poodle tackling into his arms. A wet and disheveled Daisy and Gabe quickly appear after it. Gabe tells Daisy he knew Robbie wouldn’t be happy coming home to see this. Daisy tells him to shut up then explains to Robbie that she found Tremors on the side of the road and she knew she had to help. Robbie knows that after she’s named it, the puppy staying is inevitable. Immediately, Robbie becomes the puppy’s favorite person much to his smug satisfaction and Daisy’s jealous disappointment.

24: Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

Robbie always used to give Gabe piggyback rides growing up, so when he sees a tired Daisy tripping over her feet, he immediately bends down and tells her to hop on.

25: Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering?

Daisy is such an overzealous cheerer, both out of love and wanting to embarrass Robbie terribly.

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

Daisy. Not because she wanted a funny photo to embarrass him with later, but because Robbie looked so cute and peaceful sleeping on her shoulder that she wanted to capture the moment forever.

27: Which one would give the other a makeover if they asked?

Daisy. She often complains that all Robbie ever wears is the same outfit in different colors and shades. It wouldn’t be a complete makeover, just a few different clothing styles to give him some variety.

28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

Does Gabe count? Kidding! But, probably neither. Even thought both don’t own pets, they are both pretty great with animals.

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

Robbie, just because he’s taller. He would give Daisy the entire umbrella, though, since the rain doesn’t bother him.

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

The two rarely get vacations, but they’d probably love to relax for a few days on a beach in Mexico, the Caribbean, or any place tropical really. Nothing but the sun and surf and each other’s company. Daisy would take the pictures.

…I just had a distressing conversation with a friend in the Line Rider community about non-binary pronouns, and, well…

“I’ve watched a bunch of Jordan Peterson videos, and…”
oh god damn it

“you haven’t really said why we should use preferred pronouns other than ‘it makes people feel wonderful’, which is, well, to me, not very convincing”
How do you respond to this? basic decency, respect, being nice to people are not convincing reasons?

“I don’t like that people force their preferences on me”
Um yeah, it sucks doesn’t it, when people don’t respect your preferences… *headdesk*

“I don’t feel distressed when people eat meat”
Yeah, but you would if they kept telling you that by not eating meat you were forcing your preferences onto them! (I countered with this, he didn’t get it)

“If someone preferred heroin over food you’d not give them heroin because it’s unhealthy. There’s a basis for that. I think we know very little about what causes not feeling like a man/woman…”
Ugh this conversation was a mistake
you’re seriously comparing using they/them pronouns to giving someone heroin???

At that point I said I didn’t think I could continue with the conversation because it was too upsetting. I told him I have non binary friends, leaving out the fact that I’m nonbinary myself, and now I’m proceeding to ignore his attempts to continue it. maybe I’ll try again tomorrow…

thedragonmissionary  asked:

could you pair the similarities between the riders and dragons of the gang, valka, stoick...??? an example would be like hiccup and toothless bla bla bla then snotlout and hookfang then bla bla bla explanation and etc. thanks!!!!

Yes! I would love to do this! The similarities between dragon and rider excite me to tears because they are all completely perfect for each other.

Hiccup and Toothless

Let’s face it. This duo would need a novel to cover all their similarities. Possibly three novels.

Hiccup and Toothless are probably the most notably similar in terms of their life stories. They parallel one another even before they meet. Hiccup and Toothless both are social outcasts and peculiarities for their respective species (a non-dragon fighting Viking and the single seen Night Fury), then find one another and form a bond with an enemy they had good reason to kill. They try to kill each other, in fact, over the course of their relationship with one another - Hiccup by holding a knife up to Toothless and Toothless by shooting a plasma blast. Hiccup and Toothless both give each other their worst physical injury; there is no small similarity between a missing left leg and a missing tail fin. Yet at the same time, they fill each others’ lives and find happiness.

And I am not even done. Nowhere close. Both Hiccup and Toothless are without family members. Toothless saves Hiccup falling; Hiccup saves Toothless falling. Hiccup saves Toothless from drowning in water; Toothless saves Hiccup from suffocating in ice. Hiccup and Toothless grow to become the chief and alpha of their tribe, surprisingly young leaders for who they are, but filling in gaps from the war deaths of their predecessors. Their leadership is foreshadowed before they come to this point; Toothless takes intelligent initiative far more than any of the other dragons, and Hiccup’s voice is the most frequent to suggest ideas in the Dragon Academy, and almost always heeded.

Personality-wise, Hiccup and Toothless certainly are not the same individual, but they do contain notable parallels. Hiccup and Toothless are both top notch at their skills, seen especially in the television series. Toothless is the fastest dragon and most intelligent, just like Hiccup is an enviable dragon rider and very intelligent in his own right. They work together very well, both proficient at fighting, and thus incredible to watch fly together. They both are very resourceful with their environment; Toothless’ wide use of plasma blasts from moving objects to shooting down obstacles to echolocation is just as handy a toolbox as Hiccup’s creative construction of elements in the forge.

And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Snotlout and Hookfang

Hookfang is the next thing to Snotlout in human form. Again, there are personality differences, but this amazing dysfunctional pair certainly share a lot in common.

Design-wise, both Snotlout and Hookfang are the most prototypical of their kind. Snotlout is the meaty, buff, weapons-centered Viking celebrated on Berk in the early days. Likewise, Hookfang has the most standard of the dragon designs, as even the art book itself acknowledges.

But there’s more than just design at here. To cite the first art book, “the Monstrous Nightmare is… considered the most violent, stubborn, and tenacious. In battle, it’s the first to arrive and the last to leave.”

Are we SURE we are not talking about Snotlout here? He is a rather stubborn, violent, and tenacious individual himself, and undoubtedly is the sort of individual who would hold on fighting in battle beyond reason. He considers himself a warrior and at least tries to show that off. “Thawfest” shows he has the great physical capability that the other Vikings cannot match just like Hookfang is a Monstrous Nightmare, which only the best Vikings fought back in Berk’s old war days.

The thing is, both Snotlout and Hookfang screw up more often than they successfully exhibit their great warrior skills. Hookfang will make mistakes all the time, such as making situations worse when trying to rescue Snotlout from the Changewings in “We Are Family Part 1” or burning up the dummies he is supposed to be recognizing in both “Thawfest” and “Best in Show.” Snotlout likewise frequently fumbles and finds himself missing his throw when trying to hit a Nadder in HTTYD 1, among other such incidences. Let’s think of all the times his rump has been roasted by his own dragon.

Snotlout and Hookfang’s temperament similarities still keep on going. They are not good at demonstrating affection. Snotlout puffs up himself and tries to hide when he cries, even acting outwardly incapable of understanding the concept of a broken heart. Hookfang, on his own part, is more likely to walk away with a flick of his tail than give his rider a cuddle. And they always treat each other with that rough dysfunctionality, Snotlout shouting at his stupid stubborn dragon to do something, his dragon unyieldingly flying away and paying no heed to the Viking.

Yet despite this, both are very much capable of affection. “Viking for Hire” shows Hookfang excitedly caressing the Jorgensen boy with his snout, and “Race to Fireworm Island” is all about how much boy and dragon are willing to do for one another. That’s the part where Snotlout returns Hookfang’s “hug”.

These two are completely one hundred percent made for each other. Snotlout’s dragon in the books might be a pretentious female dragon named Fireworm, but it’s simple canon that he takes a Monstrous Nightmare. And the Monstrous Nightmare in both books and movies is considered to be a dragon of high status. It’s the hardest to fight in the movies and it’s the hunting dragon reserved for the chief in the books. And Snotlout and Hookfang are the prototype Vikings until Hiccup and Toothless swoop in and unintentionally take over the spotlight themselves.

Astrid and Stormfly

The Deadly Nadder is a nimble, dexterous dragon, just like Astrid is. It is very intelligent, just like Astrid is. It also is thorny, just like Astrid is. I mean, come on. Look at those designs. Stormfly and Astrid both have spikes all over them. The early sketches shown in the art book show Astrid was always intended to hop onto a Deadly Nadder, and thus their physical designs and abilities parallel each other nicely.

I think it goes deeper than that, though, based upon the description of the Nadder in the art book. “This skilled flier has an explosive temper that makes it a daunting airborne opponent but if you stand right in front of its nose you’ll be in its blind spot and it won’t be able to see you” (p. 40).

I feel this is a good characterization of Astrid, too. She has her own blindspots regarding Hiccup and the dragons within the first half of HTTYD 1, not to mention she is nothing short of a short-tempered gymnast, too. And despite the frightening temperament of both, Astrid and Stormfly alike are actually rather sweet and affectionate individuals.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut and Barf and Belch

Barf and Belch are two separate heads but connected together as one dragon, just as Ruffnut and Tuffnut are two individuals but “stuck with each other since birth”. The two twins and the double Zippleback heads might appear the same at first look, too, but each has their own uniqueness. Ruffnut and Tuffnut have distinct personality differences just like Barf expels green gas while Belch lights it. But all those heads can make for extreme dysfunction at times, too, especially since not one of those heads in the entire crowd is incredibly bright. Don’t get me wrong - all of them DO have intelligence and demonstrate it well - but they also have tendencies to overlook obvious details.

Fishlegs and Meatlug

Fishlegs originally was supposed to ride the Hideous Zippleback rather than a Gronckle in the movies, more closely paralleling the three-headed dragon book!Fishlegs befriends. However, this does not mean Fishlegs and Meatlug are unsuited for one another. On the contrary, I find this one of the pairs with the most obvious chemistry, and not just because they are always physically demonstrating their affection to each other.

Fishlegs and Meatlug have both been designed to be husky, the Gronckle taking on the appearance of “boulders” and Fishleg’s shape being all about squares. I feel like they belong in those photsets of owners that look too much like their pets. Beyond that, both of these characters are a “gem of a different color,” meant to be unique and divergent from the others. Fishlegs is the oddball dragon geek of the bunch, while Meatlug is “the most atypical-looking dragon in the line-up” (p. 36). And they both struggle with being unappreciated by the others for their actually very impressive skills. Meatlug might be the slowest flier and Fishlegs not much competition in the Dragon Training ring, but both have abilities that the other dragons and riders cannot at all do.

Personality-wise, Fishlegs and Meatlug are the sweethearts of the human and dragon worlds, respectively. They are also the most timid, most reluctant to enter danger, and most friendly. Odin, they have even developed the same habits. “The Iron Gronckle” shows the two of them stress eating together to handle their similar emotions of feeling unwanted by the rest of the gang.

Stoick and Skullcrusher

Enormous, imposing, stoic giants these two are. Not much is seen of Skullcrusher, but he has that same larger-than-life, thick, intimidating appearance and presence that his rider has. However, at the same time, that does not mean either are without heart. We see Stoick act in full love at the end of HTTYD 2, and Skullcrusher himself is shown to be a friendly dragon himself when he shoves his nose toward Eret and sniffs the ex-dragon trapper curiously.

I would actually talk more about Stoick and Thornado’s similarities because we know about that relationship in greater detail. I touch on their endearingly parallel personalities a bit here.

Valka and Cloudjumper

Both Valka and her dragon are simultaneously regal and quirky. For Valka is an admirable queen, a highly-skilled dragon vigilante who deserves respect. But she is very cumbersome around people, to, even walking around on all fours at one point. Cloudjumper as well holds himself up with a prideful posture, yet does more than his dumb share of activities - especially around Toothless. Beyond that, both Valka and Cloudjumper are very intelligent and imposing individuals to encounter.

And both are unique in a crowd. Just like Hiccup and Toothless are separated off with Hiccup being an outcast and Toothless the only Night Fury, so also are Valka the outcasted Viking woman and the only Stormcutter seen onscreen. 

Lastly, design-wise, you can see they are similar. Valka intentionally made her armor to look like a dragon, and the spikes and flares on places like her boots mirror the patterns of Cloudjumper.

Gobber and Grump

I really just want to say “These lovable lugs” and type up a bunch of hearts <3 <3 <3 and leave it at that.

The Barkeep’s AUs

Does anyone ever think about what the other universes that the Barkeep created were like? It goes without saying that Sparks, Croach and the Red Plains Rider ended up in the reciprocated onus designated as dating in a bunch of universes, either two of them together or all three of them. However, there must have been universes where Croach never ended up under onus to Sparks in the first place. In those universes, Sparks probably doesn’t live very long.

This are my ideas about some of the AUs that the Barkeep made-

1. There’s a universe where Cactoid Jim saved Croach’s village and Croach ended up under onus to him. Croach learned to express his emotions much better than in the main universe because he learned from Jim rather than Sparks.

Croach and Jim make a good team and don’t really argue. However, G'loot Praktaw (neither of the designated it as ‘Mars’ while talking to each other) is a much darker place. Jim was living on the outskirts of G'loot Praktaw, helping humans and Martians alike, when he saved Croach’s village. He’d once thought about upholding the law officially but G'loot Praktaw’s Marshal was killed before he got the chance.

Before the USSA could assign a new marshal to Mars, the Halley’s Comet Gang killed most of the human settlers on the red planet. The colonization was deemed a failure and most of the remaining humans left. The planet became a haven for varmints of all sorts.

Red stayed and joined Jim and Croach in their attempts to save the world she loves.

2. There’s a universe where no one saved Croach’s village. Every Martian youngling, who hadn’t completed their Hee-Ros K’west and got their Nah Nohtek, perished. The Martians blamed the humans and it caused another war. The USSA got involved and in the end most of the Martains were killed.

3. There’s a universe where Croach really was pregnant with Sparks’ baby. One night, before the baby was born, Sparks got really drunk and admitted that the reason he was freaking out so much wasn’t because he didn’t want to have a child with Croach.

The real reason he was panicking was because he had no idea how to raise a half-human half-martian baby. He’d baby proofed Mars when he thought he was going to be a father to Red’s baby but he didn’t know how to do that for a baby that wasn’t fully human.

Sparks didn’t know how to help their baby understand all their senses when he only had five or how good Croach would be at helping their child deal with emotions.  Sparks knew that he couldn’t complete dangerous martain rituals so that their child didn’t have to. He didn’t know if Nah Nohtek was compatible with humans (or half-humans) at that point. He worried that their child would end up feeling the same way as the Red Plains Rider, that they didn’t belong with humans or martians.

Sparks was also having a lot of nightmares about the fact that he’d accidentally killed Croach that one time. He kept thinking about the fact that he’d not only killed Croach but also their unborn child.

Croach took Sparks’ confessions well once he understood why Sparks was so worried. They talked and, while he was still really worried, Sparks knew they could do it. It was one of the universes where they end up happily together.

astridthevalkyrie  asked:

Headcanon ask! Which habit does each teen have that the others can't stand?

Related post: Dragon riders’ bad habits.

Alright, hehe this is going to be entertaining. XD

  • I feel like people eating with their mouth open drives Astrid up the wall. I imagine that Tuffnut especially has the habit of chewing with his mouth open, though I can also see Snotlout and Ruffnut doing this, too. Astrid cannot stand this.
  • To be honest, I imagine there are a bunch of random little habits Snotlout has that annoy Astrid. I could see Snotlout as someone scratching his butt in public. Astrid disproves. Astrid greatly disproves. And, as we know canonically, she gags whenever Snotlout tries to flirt by kissing his own muscles.
  • For that matter, Astrid seems to be the person that’s easiest to annoy with peoples’ little habits.
  • I can imagine Fishlegs reading and mumbling the words to himself. He’ll pick up a book and chill in the clubhouse. Snotlout finds Fishlegs reading to himself a little weird; Heather finds it endearing; Ruffnut gets VERY annoyed by it.
  • Ruffnut picks her nose. Hiccup finds that extremely gross. Tuffnut notices Hiccup’s repulsion one day and starts shoving his fingers up his nostrils every chance he can get - not to actually pick his nose - but just to get on Hiccup’s nerves.
  • Fishlegs isn’t a fan of the fact the other youths swear. That Hiccup is a very seldom swearer, and that Astrid usually only does it when she gets irritated, are things he’s fine enough with. But the constant swear bombing from Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut? Fishlegs no likey! If he’s feeling very tetchy, he’ll make clean corrections in the corner with superior vocabulary.
  • No one enjoys it when Tuffnut goes too long without a bath. Well, Ruffnut doesn’t mind, she’s used to it, but everyone just groans in pain when smelly Tuffnut waltzes into the clubhouse and drenches every air particle with his unpleasant odor.
  • Snotlout has a tendency to take things without asking if he can take them. Astrid has a tendency to put things back without telling anyone she moved it. Nobody enjoys either of these antics from Snotlout and Astrid. Especially Hiccup. No one moves his stuff.
  • No one enjoys Snotlout’s habit of bathing outside. But I’m pretty sure that’s canon. XD

Let me tell you Stiles is going to come through the rift with a bunch of the captured people at the exact same time that the ghost riders come for Scott, Malia and Lydia so there’s going to be a huge confusion and no time to reunite so everyone is going to scatter to get away and out of the tunnels and stiles and lydia will just be running through the school, desperately trying to find each other and then finally they’ll both come in the two separate doors of the locker room and just STARE at eachother before Lydia finally says “I never got to say it back” and stiles will just be awestruck and speechless before lydia runs at him and throws her arms around him and kisses him

I’m really starting to find monotheism weird. I mean, all the theisms are weird, but at least polytheism would make sense. Stick your head out a window and look at a nature. You see that beautiful, majestic little nature? That shit was designed by committee.

I mean platypi. Platypi! Someone took a perfectly good mammal and attached a bunch of riders and passed that shit through both houses and boom: Platypus. You can tell people just kept sticking in new junk because that thing has *so many chromosomes!*

And even people-bodies are mis-wired. Two people were in charge of designing the eye, and whoever designed the optic nerve clearly went first and thought “fook dis pleb #420YOLOSWAG”, so the other guy had to work around it.

And seriously; what type of amateur runs the waste disposal system straight through the amusement park? Especially since the amusement park is also the factory that copies your shoddy work. Mistakes were made and demigods were blamed.

So, my question to the people who only believe in one central planner who is infinitely good at everything he does: What’s your excuse?