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the real karasuno

a team of dorks, but to the rest of the school they’re perceived as a frightening, hostile bunch. just think about it, you have:

  • asahi: self explanatory
  • tanaka & nishinoya: unruly, obnoxious punks that definitely have gotten into fights with other students before.
  • ennoshita: nice enough, but hangs out with the punks so he’s automatically one of them
  • narita & kinoshita: literally couldn’t give a crap about anyone or anything
  • kageyama: doesn’t know how to socialize, never smiles
  • kiyoko: beautiful and kind, but so intimidating she makes people nearly wet themselves
  • sugawara & daichi: are known to have serious beefs with other sports captains/vice captains, both hold grudges, can make anyone fear for their lives if provoked
  • tsukishima: actively tries to piss everyone off
  • yamaguchi: number one supporter of the bitter, asshole french fry
  • hinata: seems harmless until you actually talk to him
  • yachi: truly compassionate, but gets so flustered she either screams or faints. doesn’t do well with strangers
  • takeda: passionate weirdo, gets way too intense about a lame high school sport
  • ukai: piercings, smokes, dyed blonde hair and works at the convenience store and yells at anyone who makes a ruckus.

no wonder we never see any of them having friends outside the club. it all makes so much sense.

anonymous asked:

i'm curious why do you hate sjm so much? i'm just asking bc i haven't read anything she wrote yet and i've seen people calling her misogynist so idk

hey! i’m too lazy to list off a bunch of stuff but if you look through the “anti sjm” tag on tumblr it sort of explains itself! other than being a bad writer she thinks she’s the queen of diversity when she loves killing off poc and all her characters are straight???? the world she writes is extremely hetero-normative and the relationships she presents to us are so abusive, including sexual assault with future love interests in acotar. idc if people like her, go read her books and have fun, but i personally will never support her. hope that helped!

oh gee how did this happen

So (over!!) a hundred people are following me. I slaved away to build this little block castle of fanart and fanfiction, only to realize I had sealed myself inside it, with no way out but to destroy all I had worked so hard to—okay I’m kidding. This was just a cute, silly idea.

Since most of y’all found me through my kid!Fatal post (or at least, that one has the most notes, for now—OMG people you love my shetpost don’t you?), and because everyone seemed to like the mini blue raspberry so much, I decided to draw more of him to thank you. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to color him as well. And y’know, it wasn’t. The castle of blocks on the other hand… whose bright idea was this anyway

I have an idea for another short comic starring kid!Fatal, so that’s a thing that might happen, but this will have to be enough for now.

*furtively sets up giant flashing neon signs leading @fatal-error-blog to this picture*

Uh I mean

Fatal belongs to @fatal-error-blog :)

And this version of him is based on the Momma CQ world by @alainaprana

To both of you, my followers, and everyone else who has liked, reblogged, and said such nice things about my work: you make me smile and sometimes have little excited freak-outs. Thank you all so much! <3