and a bunch of other great actors

why you should [risk] seeing ‘it:’
  • a bunch of little kids cussing each other out!!!
  • some truly classic one-liners, t r u l y,
  • doesn’t shy away from stephen king’s brutal subject matter for a second
  • pennywise is so well-acted and so are all the kiddos
  • really great score
  • it’s hard to make seven main child actors all feel important and relevant, and they pulled it off
  • main characters include: a kid with a realistic stutter, a kid with anxiety, a young girl standing up to sexualization (and abuse), an overweight kid with a heart of gold, etc.
  • nice sprinkling of awwww moments
  • a bunch of children throwing rocks at each other to rock music
  • some very very clever framing that makes me want to go back and study the film closer
  • the spooks are wise
  • it made me yell
  • good balance of cgi and physical effects—especially in terms of vfx make-up
  • it portrays child abuse on the same level as the rest of their fears and that is important
  • they don’t try to water down anything “because they’re kids,” if that makes sense; but mature themes are handled very well
  • lovely coming-of-age vibes amidst the shapeshifting clown monster
  • they really pulled out all the spooks with this one folks
  • look getting the bejesus scared out of yourself with a full audience is a great experience, this one has a decent plot and top-tier spooks, you should really give it a chance

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Oh my gosh it was amazing?? Like I loved it soooooOO much. I’m trying to refrain from screaming but !!! The acting was great, the cast was so talented, and it was overall an amazing show. I’m just gonna list some things I LOVED

-Chris’s first line was “look I didn’t want to be a half blood” (my friend and I were screaming when he came on stage)

-Good kid live sounded so great. He climbed the set and scaffolding and I almost cried. I probably will cry.

-Mr. D was hilarious! George Salazar is such a talented actor

“Tartarus” “-Like the fish sauce?!”

My favorite easter egg was in one song when they were going through some of the quest moments their clue to leave the lotus casino was when a girl with a floppy hat and a braid came out and said “my brother and I just arrived here yesterday, may 1st…1939!”

Carrie Compere’s voice is so beautiful. She killed it. Sally, Silena, Charon, she was amazing.

-Sally in general! She kissed Percy’s forehead, sprayed febreeze whereever Gabe went, and was so caring and sweet

-Annabeth’s solo song was amazing and really in character! Grover’s was about Thalia and how he could have saved her (again, tears)

-The little percabeth moments sprinkled in! “You drool in your sleep”, “seaweed brain” “wise girl” they held hands for a couple seconds, and idk if it was just me but at one point they looked close enough to kiss

-we can’t have a scorpion on stage?? Why don’t we just fuckin stab Percy in the back


-Like everyone except Chris McCarrel and Kristin Stokes played multiple rolls and they were all so great at what they did

-At the end of the show I (and a bunch of others) got to meet some of the cast members! They signed things, took photos, and were so so nice (my current lockscreen is my photos with chris mccarrel, george salazar, and kristin stokes lmao)

I could say so much more but it’s like almost 1am and I’m delirious.

TLDR: The Lightning Thief was an incredibly amazing play with great talented actors and it was definitely worth it! I loved it so so much

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Hey love your blog :) I've been trawling through tumblr trying to find mandarin langblrs lol I've been learning mandarin for about 2 years now (but I'd class myself as an advanced beginner tbh) do you have any recommendations for any books or apps or websites or anything where you can read stories/any texts in mandarin? preferably at a beginner (but not too easy) level? thanks a bunch! Aliyah :)

I don’t have many beginner resources sadly, but i do have a few suggestions for things you should definitely check out and maybe save for later:

  1. Du Chinese: This is an app that has a bunch of short readings that range from easy to difficult. The readings are organized by HSK level so you can pick what level you want to read at. While reading, you can click on words you don’t know and the definition will appear on the top of the screen. Also, if you hold down on the word, a couple bubbles will pop up above the word and one of them gives you the option to save the word to a vocab list that you can review. Reading the stories is free when they come out but, after a week or two, you have to pay to view each story. It would be nice to have free access to all the stories, but you still have access to the vocab so that’s a plus.
  2. 漫画人 Manhuaren is an app i’ve talked about on my blog before. It’s an app where you can read manga translated into Mandarin for free. It’s a Chinese app, so everything is in Mandarin. Also, I was unable to find it in my phone’s app store, so I had to go to the app’s website on my phone and download it from there. It’s a resource intended for native speakers so the manga might be difficult to get through but if you’re interested in this it’s definitely something you should check out.
  3. 短美文 Duanmeiwen and 短文学 Duanwenxue are two websites where native speakers post short pieces of writing. The content ranges from poems to short essays about almost any topic imaginable. These are also made by and for native speakers of Mandarin so the website is in Mandarin and the content will be slightly more difficult to understand, but there’s definitely some interesting stuff on here. (A really simple piece I recommend is 你知道我喜欢你吗. I made a vocab list here if you’re interested)
  4. 成语故事大全 Chengyu Gushi Daquan is a website that has the stories behind a bunch of 成语 chengyu (set expressions that are typically four characters long that refer to a story or historical event; they’re like idioms but a little different).
  5. Chinese Reading Practice: this website has short stories and poems with English translations and relevant notes. It was created to help people learning Mandarin so it’s a little different than the other resources. Everything is divided by level of difficulty. It also has a scrollover dictionary feature, so you can see the definition of words when you scroll your cursor over them. 
  6. 童话故事 tonghuagushi: this has a bunch of fairy tales. I haven’t really explored this site much but it looks promising.

Another suggestion I have is to find some Chinese or Taiwanese musicians, actors, models, etc., that you like and follow them on social media. They’ll usually make really short posts and they sometimes use slang or more colloquial expressions that you might not learn when using a textbook.

Like I said, I don’t have many beginner resources for reading so I’m sorry if this isn’t helpful right now. If anyone else has some other suggestions though that would be great!

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i wasnt around for ot12, and i wanna know more about luhan so i figured why not come to you, LuhanStan69, for information????

ok well first of all, the name luhanstan69 is…. .…. .. .  . horrific and i want it tattooed on my ass .. .. . and second of all …. i was also not around for ot12….. but i can still show u the world (im so sorry just…….click on the bold links,,,,i didnt mean for this 2 happen)

ok so : my man… first name han last name lu and it means dawn deer and he really fucking looks like a deer?? his eyes are so big and sparkly and his features are really delicate and soft but don’t be fooled he really takes no prisoners and will fight literally anyone (here is him yelling at a saesang driver who was recklessly driving, like he really doesn’t take any shit one time at the airport he showed the fancameras that a saesang was calling his phone also the song Roleplay exists in which he basically tells his saesang fans that he will Fuck Them Up if they keep trying him,,,…,.,. a legend if u will) he was born april 20, 1990 and technically he’s a taurus by some calendars and aries by others but he said fuck it im an aries and whatever he says is law so he’s an aries. 

mmmm he’s an extremely talented vocalist and dancer (he was main vocal for m and their lead dancer also the visual). im not sure how familiar you are with exo m but I will recommend moonlight and what is love as songs that really show off luhan’s vocals from his exo era. as far as dance goes this is a classic mmm also his solo from the lost planet for the star is a treasure that must be preserved tbh. um anyways ya luhan was the bomb in exo m but he’s also the bomb solo!! his last exo concert was the 140921 tlp in beijing and he left exo in october of 2014 due to lack of support for luhan’s career and obvious health issues (if u watch fancams from his last stage u can see his face is swollen on one side and pictures of his eye being fucked up and he was having really bad chronic headaches i think i dont remember exactly also he fell down during let out the beast and is clearly in pain sorry im not trying 2 write a defend luhan leaving piece but this info isn’t really circulated now so it’s easy to write off him leaving as for just money or whatever)

and then luhan took a break!! he recovered his health in his home beijing and came back with : That Good Good say what u will abt the song either it’s ur style or not idc but the choreo is nice and his face is….stellar.. from there luhan worked toward releasing his album Reloaded which sold like hotcakes :( my baby :( The Star™️ and he started to truly become The Star™️ once he became a member of Running Man China (now titled Keep Running due to S Korean/Chinese political issues) and began to take on movies like The Witness (he also did the ost for the witness titled Medals which blew tf up and was used for the Rio 2016 Olympics) and Time Raiders. he then held his first !! solo !! concert !! in early 2016 aka the Reloaded series ft. three absolutely beautiful hair colors: mint/blue/green pink purple and some ridiculous wardrobe changes and he kicked ass :( and his fame in china rly skyrocketed like this man….endorses the entire planet (off the top of my head he is/was the spokesperson/endorser for: kfc, crest, lenovo, some bike company thing, puma, cartier, coke, sony, gap, lancome, l’occitane en provence, canon, kung fu panda, star wars (he got his own star wars song like exo has lightsaber but lu got the inner force….iconic), ummmmm what else idk i can’t remember anymore oh wait ADIDAS he literally was just announced for adidas today….an icon mayhaps?) anyways ya hims the Shit in china and he’s like the king of weibo?? like he holds a guinness world record for weibo….amazing

ok moving on to my :( favorite part …. when he put out catch me when i fall in oct 2016. This is it. This is That Song tbh. This is when he became the King of Aesthetics and Music. The MV is beautiful and so are the lyrics (i really encourage you to read the lyrics for the song bc they really show a lot about luhan and i fell absolutely undeniably in love with him when i read them). And from there he litralee cannot be stopped im not gonna make u read my opinion on all of them but his absolute best releases since then (keep in mind im talking abt in the like 7 months….he has put out so many songs AND mv’s for all of them plus teasers it’s really insane) are skin to skin , what if i said , and on call . truly … the mf king of aesthetics. i expect his next full album will come out probably around july/august…he’s really been building up to it with his mini albums so it will probably be more or less a repackage of all of those minis but ya !! keep ur eyes peeled!!

beyond his performance stuff he’s really the most passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and talented guy. He works so hard like it is astounding. He is so incredibly inspirational and i really just think he’s a good person and frankly i would trust him with my life. He really cares for his lufans and wants them to be safe and happy even international lufans like he puts english subtitles on all of his mv’s and now his bts videos also have eng subs like…..he doesn’t have to and yet? he’s there….doing it all. he also has fan events for his bday like one year he had a soccer event on his bday and made it livestreamed so that fans at home could watch too  :( he’s just v thoughtful :(

TL;DR: luhan is the sweetest boy on the planet and he just wants to make aesthetic bops and play w cats and live his life happily and freely. he is the most precious thing to me and he deserves all the love in the world. also he is a human meme and Lu is his magnum opus if u want to see more of lu i highly recommend Running Man (this is his first ep, and these two are my favorites) and episodes 2, 5, and 9 of exo showtime are my favorite lu episodes. u can catch him in the movie The Great Wall w matt damon and a bunch of v famous chinese actors and singers lmfao i just got it from redbox the other day lu is so cute um also he’s in a cdrama rn called Fighter of the Destiny which is all eng subbed on youtube the cgi is like ridiculously cheesy kinda power rangers feel but his face and sweet acting…’s enough 4 me….anything luhan does is enough 4 me

Voltron Fandom Poem (?)

People are just people
And these ships are not real,
These characters are fictional
So what’s the big deal?

Sheith vs Klance
Gets people caught in a crunch,
Others claim the fandom’s toxic
What’s the matter with our bunch?

All these anti’s and the discourse
It really brings people down
The creators and producers probably can’t help but frown

Of course not everyone fights
We have great writers and fan art
With so many creative minds
Maybe we can get a new start

Throw negativity out
Cease the hate, make things right
Appreciate the fandom
Embrace it in a new light

The producers have done great things
The voice actors as well
The visual art is amazing!
Voltron’s pretty swell

Six more seasons left to go
Plenty time for development,
Let’s make these next seasons the best
And appreciate our paladins :)

Thoughts on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 premiere

Okay so I’m not doing like an in depth review. Just some bullet points on it.

Spoilers! (Probably)

•Dang that was a good premier! Reestablished everything organically and doesn’t skip a beat. It’s like there really was only a two week gap from the last time we saw it.

•I like how Nathaniel is being a bit more direct with his feelings, only for Rebecca to spurn him.

 ~The water bottle call back at the end of the episode was great.
•The pretzel breaking is still really tragic, despite how much it was used in the promotional material.
•It’s great to see Paula integrating so well with Valencia and Heather.
~I really like where Paula’s character is going and how she’s handling her relationship with Scott.
•Rebecca still lying about Robert tells a lot about where this season is going.
•The music numbers were great!
~Holding off on buying them. I really hope they do a full season soundtrack eventually.
•Vincent playing the fake Josh was hilarious.
•White Josh and Daryl are still relationship goals, with both of them having rational views that created their problems, and working through them in couple therapy.
•Heather and Valencia didn’t do much beyond providing comedy and slightly furthering their own characters, but they were hilarious. Again it’s like the actors never left the studio or got out of character from season 2. I thibk the focus was rightly placed.
~The minor characters got some real great jokes and screen time moments in, particularly Maya and Mrs. Hernandez.
•Overall the show is back and back in full swing and further pushing the boundaries of what CW will allow…probably. I don’t watch other CW shows.

Hey, Clone Club!

As you may or may not know, today I met Graeme Manson and boi, wow, where to even start…

First, there was a panel with him, which started with video messages from the cast (Tat, Kathryn, Kevin, Kristian, Jordan, Josh, Lauren and even John) saying how much they wish they could be here in Brazil, how much they appreciated our fan love and all of our support through the years (I cried with their videos because I’m super emo all the time, it was really cute). 

The first segment of the panel was basically about the process of writing, filming, planning the series, where Graeme answered the questions from the host, it was really fun! He talked a little bit about how everything started, he mentioned wanting to produce a film and all that, but they needed a break before a new project. The second part was all about fan questions and blooper reels! Every 2 or 3 three questions they played one video, 3 in total. Good thing: I got to ask him a question!!! I asked about Rachel and Helena, and if the many parallels between them were intentional, and if yes, why we never got a scene of them together and if it could happen if the film they’re talking about really happens (thanks @katsadako for the suggestion!) first he asked: “Are you a Rachel fan?” and I said “Yes! She’s my baby!” - he laughed and said, obviously joking, “Oh! Rachel fans are the worse!”, we all laughed and I said I was a Helena fan too, then he answered the question saying that they only noticed Rachel and Helena never met by the end of Season 5, and couldn’t think of a way for them to meet, so they preferred to approximate Sarah and Helena more, but he would definitely be very happy to make it happen in a possible film, if it is anything in the same “universe”. He mentioned that ideas of spin offs were popping, but like, not exactly as a continuation, more like companions, other clones.

Ok, end of questions, one more blooper reel, end of panel… NO! THERE’S MORE! There was an invite under 30 chairs for a cocktail in the hotel he’s staying at! How amazing is that? He invited a bunch of fans, film makers, actors, producers, writers to discuss their ideas and meet new people! It was great! Sadly, I didn’t find a invite under my chair… BUT! We all went outside the room, and he started taking pictures and talking to the fans, of course I wanted to tell him about how much this TV show changed my life, specially Tony, because he helped me to come out to my sister as a trans guy. We did talk, he signed my phone case, we took a picture and he hugged me, and I decided to wait until he was done with the other people so I could mention a thing I forgot: Tony was, in fact, the first trans guy I’ve ever seen on TV, well, anywhere really because at that time I was 12 or 13 and had no idea trans man existed. When I got to talk to him and told him that, I couldn’t hold back my tears and cried a little bit, he took a picture of us to show Tatiana and I mentioned I didn’t get an invite, so he asked my name and said I was going with him.

After a while waiting, we went together to the cocktail, talked a bit more and I asked @starconfetti‘s question (about Cosima’s abandonment issues), he said that in his opinion, she had a really loving and supporting family, sometimes distant, but that her constant fear of losing Delphine is just because she loves her deeply.

I spent a good while meeting other fans, talking to him about how Tony was important, we talked about how I learned english, what I wanted to do with my future, took more pictures and all. I am still amazed by how effortlessly nice he is (and I’ve always felt kind of intimidated by him, HA!), and when I needed to head home, we hugged more, I said I wanted to keep in touch (@sarahshelena, I can’t believe I said that to him and your fic was the first thing that came in my mind right after, OH GOD.), so he told me to post our pic and tag him on Twitter, so he could follow me for us to talk, and mentioned that he was communicating with the cast all day and was going to send them our pictures. He called me a “smart dude”, I said “thanks man” and then he told me how important he thinks it was for us to meet, I agreed, we laughed and hugged once more before I left.

Honestly, it was an amazing experience. Usually I do not feel so connected with someone so fast, but he’s extraordinary. Sorry for the long ass post, but I needed to share the whole (and it’s still not whole, because would be as long as a bible) thing. If you ever get the chance to meet him, do not hesitate! It is SO worth it!

Thanks for your attention, and sorry if I didn’t ask your question, it was all so overwhelming! 

Also, I recorded a few videos and audios that I’ll edit to post later! ;) Oh! Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I am SO sleep deprived, but I couldn’t let the memories fade!!!

What Happens Behind Closed Doors

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Request: Yeah it’d involve having to write the actual adultery scene. I just imagined like the reader and Mark going through rough times in their own relationships (or the reader could be the single one) and they kiss. And mark is all “i hate cheaters” and the girl is like “me too” and things getting heated. But I get that it’s an uncomfortable scenario so it’s okay, love.

Summary: Mark cheats on his girlfriend with Fem!Reader, much angst and self indulgence :/

A/N: Henlo my precious babs am sorry I was gone for a week, this fic proved to be a bit harder to write than I thought but I’m pretty happy with how i turned out tbh. This is my first ever ‘cheating’ fic so I think I did alright. Anyway, no I dont condone cheaters. It’s a shitty thing to do to someone and I think cheaters ar 100% scumbags. For this reason I couldn’t get myself to imagine Mark cheating on Amy (bc she’s perfect and doesn’t deserve that oh my god), so while writing this I convinced myself that Amy is the reader and not the girlfriend. (Although this isn’t much better because then that means she’s ‘the other woman’ there’s no winning here oh my god rip) Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this! (ps in case y’all haven’t seen Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character cheats on his wife with Margot Robbie, so that’s why I mention her in the fic ok I’m done now bye)

Wordcout: 1315, why are all my fics in the 1300 margin lmao

Warnings: cheating, angst, ‘this is wrong but I won’t stop you because I secretly want this too’ trope

Requests are still closed friends, sorry!

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Welcome to the Oscars 2017: who will win, who should win. My analysis and guide into the most important night of Hollywood.

We are back for another year of surprises, snubs and, at times, predictable awards. Tonight will be full of fancy dresses, brand new memes and political undertones in every speech of the night. But, in between a beautiful dress and an A-lister falling gracefully in the red carpet, a film will be crowned as the best of 2016 or, at least, Hollywood’s favourite.

Originally posted by junibie

I usually make several posts analysing the most important categories with a couple weeks to go before the big awards. But as this year I’ve been busy with some creative work of my own, I am going to try to summarise my usual rant in a single post. So prepare for a long, and hopefully interesting, look into tonight’s show. And if you need tips to fill your ballot, you can always count on me!

Actor in a Supporting Role

Originally posted by lettherightfilmsin

After the surprising turn it took last year when Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) took the coveted award over clear favourite Sylvester Stallone (Creed), it seems this year this may be one of the most predictable categories in this year’s Oscars.

This year, we have three first timers in this category, one of them as young as 20. Alongside them are veterans Michael Shannon (Nocturnal Animals, one previous nomination) and Jeff Bridges (Hell or High Water, 1 Oscar, 5 previous nominations). The awards season has been pretty divided (the Golden Globe went to an actor who wasn’t even nominated to the Oscars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nocturnal Animals), but there seems to be a clear winner.

Who will win: Marhershala Ali (Moonlight) is the obvious frontrunner. He has won the Critics’ Choice Award and the Actors Guild. And although Dev Patel (Lion) snitched the BAFTA just two weeks ago, it seems Ali is a locked deal for every ballot around the net.

Who should win: Marheshala Ali isn’t only the favourite but, in my opinion, the best out of a bunch of really talented actors. His performance in Moonlight, although brief, was intense, powerful and moving. His character also drove the main character’s growth into the different stages of life.

Among the other nominees, it is worth to mention Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea). Although only 20 years old, newcomer Hedges’ performance was incredible and touching, a great portrait of growing up and dealing with grief.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Originally posted by the-movemnt

A year after the Academy was called out for not nominating any people of colour in the acting categories for two years in a row, it seems it has finally reacted to the heavy criticism. And this is the category with the most diversity this year.

Everyone except Naomie Harris (Moonlight) has already been nominated at least once before. This includes two actresses who have already been winners: Nicole Kidman (nominated this year for Lion) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures). Viola Davis (Fences) is a third time nominee and Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea), a four timer. 

Who will win: Viola Davis has this award in the bag. She has won big during the whole season: Golden Globe, BAFTA, Actors’ Guild, Critics’ Choice. It’d be a real upset if anyone else won. No one is even considering another possibility.

Who should win: Viola Davis has been playing incredible roles for years, both on TV and on film. After not winning for The Help in 2012 (film for which her category buddy Octavia Spencer did win), it is only right she wins for her amazing performance in Fences. Her portrayal is emotional and raw, difficult to find in cinema nowadays.

My personal favourite, though, had to be the incredible Naomie Harris in Moonlight. Her performance was, as Viola’s, raw and deep. However, Michelle Williams’ intensity was probably, and regrettably, the thing I liked the least about an otherwise beautiful film.

Actor in a Leading Role

Originally posted by gael-garcia

This may be the closest race of the night. Once a clear win for Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea), Denzel Washington (Fences) has sneaked into the predictions in the last few weeks and seems to be ready to win.

Although the race is clearly a 50/50 in between those two actors, months ago it seemed like nominee Ryan Gosling (La La Land) also had a chance. Unfortunately, his Golden Globe winning in January deflated and it seems it will be the film that takes the awards, not him. First time nominee Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge) is a long shot, but it is easy to see this has been his best year yet (also starring in Scorsese’s Silence) and we will probably see him back in the Oscars in many years to come. Finally, Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic) comes to his second nomination in a little known but highly praised role that both critics and audience have acclaimed since the film premiered in Sundance last year.

Who will win: It is such a 50/50 that I have been struggling for weeks and still struggle to call a final choice. Although the maths clearly point to Casey Affleck (a 49.5% according to Ben Zauzmer’s Maths Predictions on The Hollywood Reporter), Denzel Washington is said to be the favourite by most experts (at least since he won the Actors’ Guild a few weeks ago). Affleck did win the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Critics’ Choice (an almost complete sweep), but scandal has been following him the whole race for a sexual harassment suit filed against him in 2010.

I wouldn’t say for sure, but the development in the last few weeks seem to give Denzel Washington a small lead. But don’t be surprised if Casey Affleck manages to win tonight.

Who should win: When all is said and done and if we leave out anything that isn’t just performances, I would have to say Casey Affleck should win. His performance was really good and he he carried the enormous emotional weight of this film almost sorely on his shoulders. Although Denzel Washington was great, Fences was a bit too theatrical to me, seeming to forget cinema doesn’t have the same rules, even for its actors.

Actress in a Leading Role

Originally posted by amela22

This is a category that has had me thinking a lot this season. Not because the winner is a tough call (it hasn’t been for the past few weeks), but because of how it is decided who is leading and who is supporting. Because, honestly, wouldn’t you say Viola Davis was a main character in Fences? I’m also conflicted by the wonderful Amy Adams not being nominated for any of her performances this year (Arrival, Nocturnal Animals).

But going back to the race, it is a pretty easy call. Natalie Portman (Jackie) may have had a possibility back in January, but the road to the Oscar has been pretty clear for Emma Stone (La La Land) ever since.E

In this category, we also see legend Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins) achieving her 20th acting nomination. French actress Isabelle Huppert (Elle) gets a consolation nomination after the film was forgotten in the Foreign Film category. Finally, Ruth Negga (Loving) gets her first nomination in a year in which she starred in both an incredible film (Loving, 89% on RottenTomatoes) and in a poorly received blockbuster (Warcraft, 28%).

Who will win: Emma Stone seems to have no competitors this year. After being nominated two years ago for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), she has won almost everything this year. The only exception is the Critics’ Choice, which went to Natalie Portman. But Stone has her award pretty secured, a 67.8% according to maths.

Who should win: Hard call. There were many amazing performances this year, all of them earning high praise. Personally, I loved Portman’s Jackie, but I have to say Emma Stone was my favourite. Although it isn’t a difficult role, she shined in La La Land. Particularly, her performance during the audition scene was one for the books. I already rooted for her two years ago (when, for me, she unfairly lost against an only decent Patricia Arquette), so she is my pick this year.

Best Picture

Originally posted by firatdere

Nine films will fight tonight for the biggest award of the night. All of them have been praised by the critics and, honestly, I think we have had one of the strongest years in the past few years. Also, it has been one of the most low-key. Many of the films weren’t very popular before awards season, and only raised to be well known once award season chatter started.

From sci-fi Arrival to the masterpiece that is Moonlight, these are all stories about humanity, finding oneself and, well, surviving in life when everything seems against you.

Who will win: It would be a surprise if La La Land didn’t win the night. It has tied Titanic and All About Eve at 14 nominations. It has won awards all over the globe. It has been highly praised by both critics and audience. It has even suffered the Frozen effect, meaning it had so much praise and hype around it, that people (even those who haven’t even seen it) are so tired of hearing about it, they seem to hate the film now. And although films like Moonlight may have a slight chance, it’d be a real showstopper if La La Land didn’t win.

Who should win: Although I really liked La La Land (artistically it was a masterpiece, script-wise it was good enough. As an homage to musicals it was wonderful), in a year so full of talent, it wasn’t my favourite. I think Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea were the greatest achievements this year. They are both masterpieces: amazing screenplays, outstanding performances, great cinematography and editing, perfect pacing… a long list of praise for both of them. They are very emotional and human pieces that really touch their audience in a way that films often aren’t able to reach.

Others nominees not mentioned before include Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures and Lion. Although I didn’t quite love Fences (too dialogue heavy for my taste), they are all incredible films worthy of being in this category. Also, praise to the Academy for nomination a sci-fi (Arrival) that surprises being so human when it is dealing with aliens.

Animated Feature Film

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For the past few years, the Academy has decided to mix more popular all-American-industry films (Zootopia and Moana this year) with less known, usually foreign, underdogs (The Red Turtle, My Life as a Zucchini). This year is no exception, although it is remarkable to point out Disney earned two nominations, whereas Pixar (a usual contender, only three of its films before this hasn’t been nominated), even though it did release a film in 2016, got zero.

The five nominees are rounded up by the highly praised Kubo and the Two Strings, which took home the BAFTA only weeks ago. Kubo has been a surprise in the race, from being a not very well known film to being the second favourite tonight.

Who will win: From early on, Disney’s Zootopia has been the frontrunner. In the last few weeks, though, Kubo and the Two Strings has been coming closer and closer. Ben Zauzmer’s maths call a close 50.9% - 41.8% race in favour of Zootopia. And it is true no BAFTA animated winner nominated to the Oscars has ever lost the Oscar. But Zootopia long string of wins (including the Annie), plus the message of the film, will probably make it the winner. Be open to a surprise, anyway.

Who should win: Although all of the nominees are incredibly creative and Disney’s Moana has wonderful animation and sountrack (script a bit lacking), my vote would go for Zootopia. It is a beautiful and creative story that reflects today’s society while also telling the tale of an extraordinary friendship between unusual companions.

Writing: Adapted Screenplay + Original Screenplay

The writing categories haven’t been without controversy this year. The Academy has a different point of view of what qualifies as original and what qualifies as an adaptation. Surprisingly, Moonlight has been considered an adaptation when it was determined it was an original script in the Writers Guild Awards. It is true is was based on a play, but as they play was never producer, it is tricky to determine who is right. The Academy is very strict in this sense, though, Whiplash was considered an adaptation of Damien Chazelle’s own short film (which he made to get the opportunity to do the feature). Any sequel is considered an adaptation because it uses characters of a previous film.

Anyway, back to the race.

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Who will win in Adapted Screenplay: It would have had tougher competition in Original, so Moonlight could actually be lucky to be in this category. It also won for original screenplay in the Writers Guild. Other nominees (Lion, Arrival) have gotten some awards, but highly praised Moonlight seems the frontrunner.

Who should win in Adapted Screenplay: Moonlight is one of a kind. The storytelling is sweet and moving, poignant and simply incredible. It is a simple tale told beautifully. Every person I talk to has been blown away by it. I have to say I also find Arrival was a great adaptation, and Hidden Figures has been incredibly praised. My only pet peeve here is Fences, as I wouldn’t count it as an adaptation because, according to all sources, director Denzel Washington didn’t want to change a single word of the play, so they didn’t. Is that adapting? Is just taking a script and performing it in another media worthy of this nomination?

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Who will win in Original Screenplay: Tougher race, one may say one of the toughest alongside Actor in a Leading Role. Because of the previously mentioned confusion with which film goes in which category, looking at other awards isn’t really useful. Moonlight won the Writers Guild, La La Land got the Golden Globe, Manchester by the Sea, the BAFTA. It should be a close call between Manchester and La La Land, but I feel like this is usually an award that is given to great films which wouldn’t get any recognition otherwise, so my bet is on Manchester by the Sea.

Who should win in Original Screenplay: Although I really enjoyed La La Land, I don’t think its screenplay is its best quality. It is good, but it isn’t outstanding. The Lobster was a very original film that really surprised me, so it is a close second, but my favourite was Manchester by the Sea, because it felt true and raw in the best of senses. I also went in with the feeling it’d just depress me, and it was actually the perfect measure of melancholic and sweet.


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This is a category usually tied to Best Picture, and this year seems no exception.

Who will win: Damien Chazelle is clearly the favourite with La La Land. He won the Directors Guild, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe, the Critics’ Choice… So he is here on a landslide. Also, he is Hollywood’s golden boy, so it would be difficult for him not to win.

Who should win: I think many of these films are a big achievement, but I consider directing a musical is always a challenge, so my choice would be Damien Chazelle. I also have to confess I have a soft spot for him after Whiplash, which I honestly preferred to La La Land and thought was underrated.


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For me, one of the most interesting categories of the night. Usually overlooked, cinematography is what gives a film its tone, its personality. This year, there are some great contenders. 

Who will win: La La Land seems to be going to sweep all the technical awards it can. In true Mad Max: Fury Road fashion, La La Land is a frontrunner because honestly, like it or not, it is technically great. As Ben Zauzmer points out, in the past seven years only Birdman has won without a production design nomination. That would only leave La La Land and Arrival on the run. And there has been a lot of buzz around the prettiness of La La Land and, of course, that wonderful last sequence.

Who should win: I was honestly surprised by how beautiful Moonlight was. Although the shots were kind of too harsh at the beginning for me, the beach scene completely made me fall head over heels. Although I think La La Land is a true beauty, Moonlight is my favourite.

Production Design

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It also blows my mind how they create such wonderful worlds in film. Production Design is an underrated art that is able to create from spaceships (Passengers) to magical worlds (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and make us believe for two hours they are actually possible.

Who will win: As I said, it seems like La La Land is going to win everything technical. It won on the Art Directors Guild (although Passengers did too, in the Fantasy genre) and it has been praised, particularly on that already mentioned last sequence. Fantastic Beasts did win the BAFTA, but I tend to think that might have been British voting for the British (although its production design was truly wonderful). All things considered, there could be a surprise in this category.

Who should win: It is a tough choice. All of these films have created such wonderful worlds. I particularly loved Passengers design of the spaceship and Fantastic Beasts take on the American magical world. Hail, Caesar! had a great look, but didn’t quite impress me. And Arrival was great, too, but once again it didn’t stay with me in the same way. But if I had to think of a film in which the production design really took my breath away, I’d have to go with La La Land because, above it, that film is pretty.

Costume Design

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Another close call, and there aren’t even only two frontrunners.

Who will win: Difficult to say. La La Land did get a Costume Designers Guild Award in its Contemporary category (unlike Jackie which lost to Hidden Figures, not even nominated in the Oscars; and Fantastic Beasts, that lost to Doctor Strange, also not nominated). But it is certainly difficult for a contemporary film to win this award. If we look into the BAFTAs, we see Jackiewon. It also won the Critics’ Choice. So, relying on numbers and Oscars tendencies, I’d say Jackie is my (uncertain) bet.

Who should win: Jackie may have wonderful clothes (it is Jackie O after all), and La La Land is pretty but not extraordinary. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was for me the most outstanding in this category.

Makeup and Hairstyling

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I am always surprised there are only three nominees in this category. Also, they have nothing to do with the rest of categories, so it is hard to predict in relation to the others.

Who will win: There is not much to consider, not that many awards consider Make Up and Hairstyling. I’d opt out A Man Called Ove, because The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared didn’t do that good last year and I consider they were nominated for similar reasons. Between Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad, they have both won some awards for their makeup. I’d say it also depends on the effort the voters see in the creations, so this would be a matter of Killer Croc (Suicide Squad) against Star Trek’s aliens. As I think Star Trek Beyond was an all-around better film and it did better with critics and audience, that is my bet.

Who should win: I honestly have no preference.

Film Editing

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Who will win: Musicals always seem to be favourites in this category. Also, La La Land did win both an Eddie (Arrival also got one) and the Critics’ Choice. The race is also joined by BAFTA winner Hacksaw Ridge. As I think voters usually start voting on technical awards in group (they give them all to someone, look at Mad Max last year), I think La La Land will be it.

Who should win: I don’t really have a clear favourite here, but I did think Moonlight did a great job in pace, rhythm and structure. Its editing was really good, so that is my pick.

Sound Editing & Sound Mixing

Two categories not even the voters know how to differentiate, so it is tough to know what would win which. It is true musicals usually win Sound Mixing, whereas war/action films usually win Sound Editing. Also, I don’t know enough about sound to have a favourite, so I won’t make a personal judgement on who should win.

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Who will win Sound Mixing: La La Land seems the favourite. It is a musical, which means there is a lot of work into the sound. It also has won a handful of sound awards already. Its fellow nominees are Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. I can only think of Hacksaw Ridge as a competitor.

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Who will win Sound Editing: As I said, bet for the war film, which in this case is Hacksaw Ridge. It doesn’t hurt it won a bunch of Golden Reel Awards. Its fellow nominees are Arrival, Deepwater Horizon, La La Land and Sully.

Visual Effects

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Who will win: The Jungle Book is the big favourite for this category. Its creation of all the animals is truly remarkable, so it isn’t that difficult of a choice. It also won on the BAFTAs and the Visual Effects Society.

Who should win: Although I enjoyed The Jungle Book and always love a Star Wars film, I found outstanding the visual effects behind Doctor Strange. It is probably one of the most creative things I have seen in a while.

Original Score

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Who will win: It seems La La Land is also the favourite here. Although it isn’t that common for a musical to win original score (surprising, huh?), its wins on the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice give it advantage over the BAFTA winner (Lion) and fellow nominees Moonlight, Jackie and Passengers.

Who should win: I loved La La Land’s music and couldn’t stop humming its soundtrack for weeks, so it is my pick, too.

Original Song

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Choosing a song is always a difficult thing. Do you have to consider the song by itself? In relation to what it does to the film, how it contributes to its storytelling? It is lucky when it’s a musical, but otherwise, it is tough to vote.

Who will win: La La Land’s City of Stars is the frontrunner. Everyone hums it everywhere. It is a memorable and lovely song. And although there could always be a surprise if the La La Land lovers divide in between its two nominated songs, I think it is mostly a safe bet.

Who should win: I love some of these songs, so it if tough. Although Trolls’ Can’t Stop the Feeling is cute, I don’t find it worthy of an Oscar (also happened with Happy). I really love Moana’s How Far I’ll Go, an instant Disney classic written by the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda. The La La Land soundtrack made me fall in love and, although City of Stars is wonderful, I find the originality and sincerity of Audition (The Fools Who Dream)to be my favourite.

Foreign Language Film

Here come the few categories which nominees I haven’t had the chance of seeing. So no personal opinions, just facts and predictions.

Who will win: It seemed Germany’s Toni Erdmann was the frontrunner, and Sweden’s A Man Called Ove was also well considered. But after Trump’s travel ban and controversy, I’d say Iran’s The Salesman seems like the probable winner. But don’t count the highly acclaimed Toni Erdmann out.

Documentary Feature

Who will win: O.J.: Made in America has been so praised it seems difficult it won’t win. It won the Critics’ Choice, the Directors Guild, the National Board of Review, the PGA… only thing it didn’t win was the BAFTA (13th won), but it wasn’t nominated. Consider Ava DuVernay’s 13tha true contender (after all, is has been highly acclaimed and it talks about a very relevant topic right now), but O.J. seems to have the lead.

Documentary (Short Subject)

Who will win: Not even the experts predict the shorts accurately. It is very difficult to know and these all talk about sensitive current topics. My pick, though, is The White Helmets.


Animated Short Film

Who will win: Again, difficult choice, but a bit easier. Pear Cider and Cigarettes has been highly praised, but it also has a more adult theme, and voters usually associate animation with a topic suitable for their kids. Also, as Pixar was absent from the big animated category this year, I’m inclined to think they will give them the award here as a consolation price, so Piper it is.


Live Action Short Film

Who will win: Silent Night’s director has already won on this category twice. Timecode won in Cannes, but that doesn’t really mean that much. Sing seems to be one of the favourites, alongside Ennemis Intérieurs, a thriller that deals with immigration and terrorism in the 90s. The latter seems to be slightly on the lead, but only barely.

Final thoughts

So these are my predictions. Who do you think will win? Who should win? Tune in to watch the biggest night in Hollywood and have fun!

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PS: Am I going to be struggling in between Casey Affleck and Denzel Washington until the awards start? Probably.

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what is critical role and should i get involved in it???????????

I’m gonna answer this one publicly because I’m semi almost qualified to answer it but real other people can take a swing at it to because 1) critical role is great! so good! a unique entertainment experience with a lot of heart and laughs and action! and 2) something I’ve resigned to never finishing because I got 30 episodes in and then there were still like 60 more and they’re all three-five hours long, and I’m at a point in my life where one episode of Miss Fisher’s every other week is my TV attention span. So if people who have Done the Whole Dang Thing want to weigh it, please feel free! 

But Critical Role is a bunch of voice actors who are also very good friends livestreaming (and then archiving the videos) their long running D&D game. If you listened to The Adventure Zone and you were like “this is pretty cool but they edit out all the moments where they painfully try to do some basic calculations and also argue about the rules” then Critical Role is the show for you, which I say with love. It’s a lot like watching your friends play D&D because that’s literally what it is, a bunch of people playing in real time as you watch, except they are extraordinarily better at voices and acting than your average friend. I watched through the first two arcs before I just got overwhelmed by the amount of episodes, and I had a lot of fun. (And pain! There’s a moment where one character is confessing their love to another character by a tree and it’s LITERALLY THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, I AM STILL SCARRED AND DELIGHTED AND HORRIFIED BY HAVING TO WATCH WHAT WAS ESSENTIALLY AN INCREDIBLY AWKWARD REAL LIFE CONVERSATION ROLEPLAYED BY TWO FRIENDS WHO ARE PRETENDING TO BE FANTASY BEINGS)

The Trial of the Take is a good standalone two episode arc if you would like a scant seven hour intro (look I got A LOT of knitting and general tidying done while I watched Critical Role), and there’s loads of clips on youtube that show off the show pretty well (this animation for example is six minutes long and I watch it start to finish every single time it comes up on my dash) 

It’s a lot of fun, it’s pretty time consuming (hence why I can no longer keep up with it) but if you can wholeheartedly embrace Earnestness (Liam’s roleplaying and also real personality will be the death of my Cool Detached ass), it’s a hell of a good time 

RFA Poly!Relationship Headcanons

So, @seriouslyweirdfandomfreak and I were talking when she got the idea of everyone in the RFA being in one big relationship and I just imagine being in the middle of that and, I just had to write it! She came up with some of the ideas, though. This may become a series.

( These are the ones I came up with )

-The relationship has to be kept under wraps for a multitude of reasons. First off, it’ll hurt Zen’s image as an actor, it’ll hurt Jumin’s business because society can’t seem to handle a bunch of people loving each other. But, that doesn’t stop you all from loving each other.

-First things first, cuddles. They all love cuddles, so whenever possible you all just end up in a big pile, everyone cuddling someone and doing they’re own thing and it’s great!

-Upon Yoosung’s request, everyone will get together and play a video game when possible. Jumin and Jaehee have no idea how to play, so they’re just button mashing the entire time, while Yoosung schools everyone.

-Jaehee and you helping Yoosung with school work and studying. Zen keeps trying to make him join the Drama club or something like that.

-V always trying to get candid shots of everyone. Especially when they’re all in the cuddle pile. Everyone telling V to delete it if they don’t look good.

-Zen is the king of kisses. He’ll give everyone a kiss before going to sleep or leaving. Yoosung too!

-Jaehee is like the mom, making sure no one overworks themselves too much.

( These next ones are the ones @seriouslyweirdfandomfreak came up with )

-Zen and Jumin love to go on shopping trips with you. Zen will give you fashion advice and Jumin will pay for it all. Of course, the two sometimes bicker with what they want you to wear, but it all ends up well!

-Whenever Zen hears you singing in the shower, he starts to do it too, making it a duet!

-They all fight to see who gets to cuddle with you when everyone goes to bed. Not a serious fight, but just some playful banter as the fight over you. It’s really cute and it kills you to choose every time.

-You and Jaehee scold Seven a lot whenever he pranks Yoosung.

-Jumin loves to spoil you and everyone else from time to time.

-The only fighting really is between Jumin and Zen, but it’s never truly malicious. Just some bickering that can be solved quickly.

-Having ‘girl’s date nights’ with Jaehee and watching Zen’s musicals. Zen gets all sad and pouty because you have the real one right there! But you always shoo him away, telling him it’s girl’s night and his date is on Friday.

-Seven hacking into the games you play on game night so that you can win and beat everyone. Yoosung never catches on.

-Whenever you’re on your period, all the boys are freaking out until Jaehee barks at them to get you things like pads, tampons, etc.

-Group Mall trips and everyone arguing over which store to go to.

so tired of defending someone who shouldn’t need defending from a bunch of nasty and vile idiots who are so obsessed with a ship that they hate and mock an amazing and genuine and incredible person

then these same people cry about one person maybe saying anything negative about k*tie even though they constantly hijack posts about chris, comment on his looks, call him an abuse apologist (which is so fucking disrespectful it’s unreal), and warp things he says to make out he’s anything other than incredible

these people used to say “i may hate mon-ew but chris is an a+++ actor and a great guy” yet when the ship became canon all of a sudden they hate chris, he can’t act, he’s ugly, he’s the worst person in the world etc

you all really need to get a hobby or something because this obsession with chris isn’t healthy, it’s quite concerning how you talk about him more than his fans

and if you even think for a second that you want chris off the show more than his fans then you are incredibly mistaken, i want this angel away from your disgusting and toxic fandom more than anything in the world, the sooner the better

Reiner Braun

So due to the last episode a lot of people is talking (and hating) on Reiner and calling him a great actor and I decided to give my two cents

Reiner is a very complex character and I don’t see anything wrong with people being angry at him and Bert, but I do think some people hate him blindly and don’t fully understand his character.

People are saying he was the best actor and all, but to me he actually started believing in his own lies. Don’t forget he, Bert and Annie were sent to kill a whole bunch of people when they were just kids. It wouldn’t be surprising that after 5 years of growing up among other kids and training with them they would start believing they were actually soldiers part of that people.

Do people really think that Reiner saving Connie was solely so they wouldn’t suspect they were traitors? He did because he actually saw all of those kids as their friends.

Yes he lied about many stuff, yes he decieved Connie into not thinking about the titan in his house, yes he is an enemy of humanity. Doesn’t mean that’s all there is to his character, doesn’t mean he is just evil, because this is SnK and nothing in snk is black and white.

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I hate Hirst so much for trying to force down out throats that Anne and Henry loved each other and that Henry was basically forced to marry KOA, as he said loud and clear in his confession, which was not true. I wish there was a KOA centric mini-series.

I have a soft spot for The Tudors because it was the first period drama that I have seen, and got me hooked on history. Besides, it had a bunch of great actors. But many things were inconsistent, and yeah, the relationship of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn was over romanticized. Henry VIII married KoA, combining business with pleasure, and by all indications, they were a happy couple in the first years of marriage. Anne of Cleves was the only wife, whom Henry VIII did not choose personally. But oh well, I guess Katherine always has to be presented as the opposite of Anne. Overly pious and dull wife who could not produce a living male heir, and consequently, was cast aside for younger and more charismatic one. It is old cliché. Although, I must admit, KoA in the series was my favorite character and I watched it basically only for her and Mary I of England. In my opinion, Maria Doyle Kennedy was amazing Katherine, possibly the closest to the truth, personality wise. It was precisely this portrayal that made me fall for her.
And yeah, it would be cool to have a series focused on KoA alone, which would also cover her childhood in Spain.

so a while ago, oscar williams (one of the original fun home kids) was doin a bunch of periscopes which i watched religiously. it was kinda crazy looking back on it (once lin-manuel miranda ran over to see and i commented that his show was great and he saw and said thanks and…that was a thing that happened)

but one day he was sitting in the theatre lobby with sydney lucas and some other actors and beth malone came and sat down too and i freaked out, so i carefully typed something like “to beth: I’m gay and I want to thank you so much for giving us this kind of representation, it means so much to me and i feel so much more comfortable being myself. thank you” and oscar read it out to her and she smiled really wide and started talking about how we need representation and why that makes Fun Home so significant and important and she was so passionate about this, it made me so happy and i just think about that a lot

This Guy’s 30 Best Musicals of All Time

With the Tony Awards tomorrow night and Hamilton Fever coming out everyone’s ass, including myself, I wanted to do the Internet’s favorite things and rank my picks for the 30 best musicals of all time. Of course, this is subjective, it’s tainted by my taste at every juncture, and there’s significantly more Sondheim on here than Andrew Lloyd Webber. And of course, this is based on the shows as they exist on the stage, not their hit-or-miss film counterparts. Have at it.

30. RENT (1996)

Writers: Jonathan Larson (Book, music, lyrics)
Director: Michael Greif
Most Famous Song: “Seasons of Love”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Yes.
The Plot: A group of twenty-something’s avoid responsibility until AIDS happens.
Why it’s great: Fuck the flaws, amazing songs, makes you cry.
Tony Awards: 10 nominations, 4 wins (Best Musical, Book, Original Score, Featured Actor: Wilson Jermaine-Heredia as Angel)


Writers: Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbart (Book), Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics)
Director: George Abbott
Most Famous Song: “Comedy Tonight”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Yes and no.
The Plot: A slave tries to win his freedom by hooking his master up with a prostitute.
Why it’s great: Funniest book of a musical ever.
Tony Awards: 8 nominations, 6 wins (Best Musical, Book, Actor: Zero Mostel as Pseudolus, Featured Actor: Jack Gilford as Hysterium, Direction, Producer)

28. LES MISERABLES (1987 Broadway)

Writers: Claude-Michel Schonberg (Music, Book in French), Alain Boublil (Lyrics, Book in French), Herbert Kretzmer (English lyrics)
Director: John Caird & Trevor Nunn
Most Famous Song: “I Dreamed a Dream”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Yes.
The Plot: A man learns the hard way to never steal a loaf of bread.
Why it’s great: You’ve now got “I Dreamed a Dream” stuck in your head and that’s reason enough.
Tony Awards: 12 nominations, 8 wins (Best Musical, Book, Original Score, Featured Actor: Michael Maguire as Enjolras, Featured Actress: Frances Ruffelle as Eponine, Direction, Scenic Design, Lighting Design)

27. DREAMGIRLS (1981)

Writers: Henry Krieger (Music), Tom Eyen (Book & Lyrics)
Director: Michael Bennett
Most Famous Song: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”
Is there a movie: Yes
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: Not-so-veiled backstage musical about The Supremes that makes the Barry Gordy character look hella bad.
Why it’s great: Jennifer Holiday. Michael Bennett. Nuff said.
Tony Awards: 13 nominations, 6 wins (Book, Lead Actor: Ben Harney as Curtis Taylor Jr., Lead Actress: Jennifer Holliday as Effie White, Featured Actor: Cleavant Derricks as James “Thunder” Early, Choreography, Lighting Design)

26. ASSASSINS (1990)

Writers: Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics), John Weidman (Book)
Director: Jerry Zaks
Most Famous Song: “Everybody’s Got the Right”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: The men and women who attempted to assassinate the President of the United States (successfully or not) sing and dance about why they did it.
Why it’s great: It succeeds way, way, way, way more than it should.
Tony Awards: Off-Broadway, but the 2004 revival got 7 nominations and 5 wins (Best Musical Revival, Featured Actor: Michael Cerveris as John Wilkes Booth, Direction, Orchestrations, Lighting Design)

25. FOLLIES (1971)

Writers: Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics), James Goldman (Book)
Director: Harold Prince & Michael Bennett
Most Famous Song: “Losing My Mind”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: A bunch of former Follies girls and their husbands get together for the most depressing reunion ever.
Why it’s great: Reminder that musicals can crush your soul just like Edward Albee, but unlike Edward Albee they can be fabulous while doing it.
Tony Awards: 11 nominations, 7 wins (Score, Leading Actress: Alexis Smith as Phyllis, Direction, Choreography, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design)


Writers: Stew (Book, Music & Lyrics), Heidi Rodewald (Music)
Director: Annie Dorsen
Most Famous Song: “Keys/ It’s All Right”
Is there a movie: Spike Lee filmed the show.
Does it blow: Hell no.
The Plot: A young kid from South-Central LA tries to find himself while a fat sweaty guy sings amazing rock songs.
Why it’s great: Super powerful, amazing score. Least lame musical ever. Stew needs to write another one ASAP.
Tony Awards: 7 nominations, 1 win (Book)

23. HAIRSPRAY (2002)

Writers: Marc Shaiman (Music & Lyrics), Scott Wittman (Lyrics), Mark O'Donnell & Thomas Meehan (Book)
Director: Jack O'Brien
Most Famous Song: “You Can’t Stop the Beat”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: A fat girl becomes the world’s first fierce dancer-slash-civil rights activist.
Why it’s great: Best possible version of the bubble-gum musical, with a surprising amount of emotional depth.
Tony Awards: 12 nominations, 8 wins (Best Musical, Original Score, Direction, Book, Leading Actor: Harvey Fierstein as Edna Turnblad, Leading Actress: Marissa Jaret Winokur as Tracy Turnblad, Featured Actor: Dick Latessa as Wilbur Turnblad, Costume Design)


Writers: Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics), James Lapine (Book)
Director: James Lapine
Most Famous Song: “Sunday”
Is there a movie: The show was filmed.
Does it blow: Nope.
The Plot: Dude totally ruins pretty much everything in his life, but paints a pretty baller picture.
Why it’s great: Sondheim’s most personal. Completely beautiful.
Tony Awards: 10 nominations, 2 wins (Scenic Design, Lighting Design)

21. HAIR (1968)

Writers: Galt MacDermot (Music), James Rado & Gerome Ragni (Book & Lyrics)
Director: Tom O'Horgan
Most Famous Song: “Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: I kinda love it.
The Plot: Don’t ask.
Why it’s great: Groundbreaking on so many levels, revitalized the musical, and you can still jam out to it.
Tony Awards: 2 nominations, 0 wins

20. MY FAIR LADY (1956)

Writers: Alan Jay Lerner (Book & Lyrics), Frederick Loewe (Music)
Director: Moss Hart
Most Famous Song: “I Could Have Danced All Night”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: Flower girl gets turned into a lady by a prissy British guy who regularly misplaces his slippers.
Why it’s great: Great conflict, great roles, great Cinderella story, great score.
Tony Awards: 10 nominations, 6 wins (Best Musical, Actor: Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins, Direction, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Conductor & Musical Director)

19. MAN OF LA MANCHA (1965)

Writers: Mitch Leigh (Music), Joe Darion (Lyrics), Dale Wasserman (Book)
Director: Albert Marre
Most Famous Song: “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Does it ever.
The Plot: Crazy dude in jail puts on a play about another crazy dude to prove his innocence. Still gets executed.
Why it’s great: Possibly best “triumph of the human spirit” musical. Makes you laugh, makes you cry.
Tony Awards: 7 nominations, 5 wins (Best Musical, Actor: Richard Kiley as Cervantes/ Don Quixote, Direction, Original Score, Scenic Design)

18. THE PRODUCERS (2001)

Writers: Mel Brooks (Book, Music & Lyrics), Thomas Meehan (Book)
Director: Susan Stroman
Most Famous Song: “Springtime For Hitler”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Yes.
The Plot: Two guys swindle old ladies, objectify their secretary, and put on a musical about Hitler, and yet they are still lovable.
Why it’s great: I love Mel Brooks. Mel Brooks loves Mel Brooks. Enough that he cannibalized a Mel Brooks movie into a Mel Brooks musical, and it’s perfect (albeit largely thanks to that original cast, yes).
Tony Awards: 15 nominations, 12 wins (Best Musical, Book, Original Score, Actor: Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock, Featured Actor: Gary Beach as Roger DeBris, Featured Actress: Cady Huffman as Ulla, Direction, Choreography, Orchestrations, Scenic Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design)

17. A CHORUS LINE (1975)

Writers: Marvin Hamlisch (Music), Edward Kleban (Lyrics), James Kirkwood, Jr. & Nicholas Dante (Book)
Director: Michael Bennett
Most Famous Song: “What I Did For Love”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Yes.
The Plot: Dancers make pretty stage pictures and monologue about really depressing aspects of their lives.
Why it’s great: Michael Bennett.
Tony Awards: 12 nominations, 9 wins (Best Musical, Book, Actress: Donna McKechnie, Featured Actor: Sammy Williams, Featured Actress: Kelly Bishop, Original Score, Direction, Choreography, Lighting Design)

16. INTO THE WOODS (1987)

Writers: Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics), James Lapine (Book)
Director: James Lapine
Most Famous Song: “No One is Alone”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Nah.
The Plot: A bunch of fairy tale characters get together and fuck up each others’ lives.
Why it’s great: Super fun, until it’s not. Then it has some really powerful things to say about responsibility and perspective.
Tony Awards: 10 nominations, 3 wins (Original Score, Book, Actress: Joanna Gleason as Baker’s Wife)

15. AVENUE Q (2003)

Writers: Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx (Music & Lyrics), Jeff Whitty (Book)
Director: Jason Moore
Most Famous Song: “It Sucks to Be Me”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: Muppets graduate college, their lives suck, then they die.
Why it’s great: So funny, so real, and remarkably original.
Tony Awards: 6 nominations, 3 wins (Best Musical, Book, Original Score)

14. CABARET (1966)

Writers: John Kander (Music), Fred Ebb (Music), Joe Masteroff (Book)
Director: Hal Prince
Most Famous Song: “Cabaret”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: The Nazis come to power while Joel Grey looks the other way and sings fun songs.
Why it’s great: Brilliant concept (Hal Prince wouldn’t go full concept musical till Company, but still) and still powerful and relevant today
Tony Awards: 11 nominations, 8 wins (Best Musical, Original Score, Featured Actor: Joel Grey as Emcee, Featured Actress: Peg Murray as Fraulein Kost, Direction, Choreography, Scenic Design, Costume Design)


Writers: Greg Kotis (Book & Lyrics), Mark Hollmann (Music & Lyrics)
Director: John Rando
Most Famous Song: “Run, Freedom, Run!”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: Rebels attempt to overthrow a totalitarian state where they have to pay to pee.
Why it’s great: It shouldn’t work, but it does. One of the most original musicals ever - funny, insightful, with a great score.
Tony Awards: 10 nominations, 3 wins (Original Score, Book, Direction)


Writers: John Cameron Mitchell (Book), Stephen Trask (Music & Lyrics)
Director: Peter Askin
Most Famous Song: “The Origin of Love”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: The glam rock star and victim of a botched sex-change operation Hedwig tells jokes, sings songs, and experiences general catharsis.
Why it’s great: Perhaps the only TRUE rock score for a musical (Passing Strange as well, probably), every song is great, every joke is hilarious, and the end is super cathartic.
Tony Awards: Off-Broadway, but the 2014 revival was nominated for 8 and won 4 (Best Revival of a Musical, Actor: Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig, Featured Actress: Lena Hall as Yitzhak, Lighting Design)

11. CAROUSEL (1945)

Writers: Richard Rodgers (Music), Oscar Hammerstein III (Book & Lyrics)
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Most Famous Song: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Nah.
The Plot: The relationship between a carnival barker and a millworker proves that domestic abuse is a-okay, provided the carnival barker’s ghost comes up to you after he’s committed suicide and tells you he loves you.
Why it’s great: As Sondheim puts it, “Oklahoma! is about a picnic, Carousel is about life and death.” Groundbreaking, and probably most responsible for proving musical theater can deal with as serious topics as drama.
Tony Awards: They didn’t exist.


Writers: Trey Parker, Robert Lopez & Matt Stone (Book, Music & Lyrics)
Director: Casey Nicholaw
Most Famous Song: “I Believe”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: Optimistic white saviors don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.
Why it’s great: Funniest musical in years, with a shocking amount of a heart and a beautiful message about faith
Tony Awards: 14 nominations, 9 wins (Best Musical, Book, Original Score, Featured Actress: Nikki M. James as Nabulungi, Direction, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design)


Writers: Howard Ashman (Book & Lyrics), Alan Menken (Music)
Director: Howard Ashman
Most Famous Song: “Suddenly, Seymour”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: An experimental botanist bleeds himself out to get with a drag queen.
Why it’s great: Master-class in economy, legendary score, wacky concept realized brilliantly and with utmost sincerity
Tony Awards: Off-Broadway

8. COMPANY (1970)

Writers: Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics), George Furth (Book)
Director: Hal Prince
Most Famous Song: “Being Alive”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: Dude plays third wheel for two and a half hours until Elaine Stritch hits on him.
Why it’s great: Prince-Sondheim pinnacle. RIP Elaine Stritch.
Tony Awards: 14 nominations, 6 wins (Best Musical, Book, Music, Lyrics, Direction, Scenic Design)

7. HAMILTON (2015)

Writers: Lin-Manuel Miranda (Book, Music & Lyrics)
Director: Thomas Kail
Most Famous Song: “My Shot”
Is there a movie: No.
The Plot: Dude goes on for three hours about not throwing away his shot and then literally does.
Why it’s great: Too soon and too high on the list? The amount of people I know who are hardly interested in theater but know FAR TOO MUCH about Hamilton is staggering.
Tony Awards: 16 nominations, 11 wins (Best Musical, Original Score, Book, Direction, Actor: Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr, Featured Actor: Daveed Diggs as Lafayette/ Thomas Jefferson, Featured Actress: Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica, Choreography, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Orchestrations)


Writers: Richard Rodgers (Music), Oscar Hammerstein II (Book & Lyrics), Joshua Logan (Book)
Director: Joshua Logan
Most Famous Song: “Some Enchanted Evening”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: White people realize how racist they are amid gorgeous scenery.
Why it’s great: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s best, along with their richest score.
Tony Awards: 10 wins (Best Musical, Actor: Ezio Pinza as Emile, Actress: Mary Martin as Nellie, Myron McCormick as Billis, Juanita Hall as Bloody Mary, Direction, Book, Original Score)


Writers: Stephen Sondheim (Music & Lyrics), Hugh Wheeler (Book)
Director: Hal Prince
Most Famous Song: I guess it’s probably “Johanna,” although I’d go “A Little Priest”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: I like it.
The Plot: Pretty much an episode of Jerry Springer with songs.
Why it’s great: Expertly-plotted, with Sondheim’s best score, and creates tension in a way that’s never been matched in a musical.
Tony Awards: 9 nominations, 8 wins (Best Musical, Book, Original Score, Actor: Len Cariou as Todd, Actress: Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Lovett, Direction, Scenic Design)


Writers: Jerry Bock (Music), Sheldon Harnick (Lyrics), Joseph Stein (Book)
Director: Jerome Robbins
Most Famous Song: “If I Were a Rich Man”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: Milkman is totally chill until daughters fuck with his vibe.
Why it’s great: Erase from your mind all the high school productions with 14-year-old boys wearing fake beard as Tevye and search your feelings. You know it to be true.
Tony Awards: 10 nominations, 9 wins (Best Musical, Original Score, Book, Direction, Choreography, Actor: Zero Mostel as Tevye, Actress: Maria Karnilova as Golde, Producer, Costume Design)

3. GUYS & DOLLS (1950)

Writers: Frank Loesser (Music & Lyrics), Jo Swerling & Abe Burrows (Book)
Director: George S. Kaufman
Most Famous Song: “Luck Be a Lady”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: Basically Pretty in Pink with gangsters.
Why it’s great: It’s literally so perfect, even high schools can’t fuck it up.
Tony Awards: 5 nominations, 5 wins (Best Musical, Actor: Robert Alda as Sky Masterson, Featured Actress: Isabel Bigley as Sarah Brown, Choreography, Direction)

2. GYPSY (1959)

Writers: Jule Styne (Music), Stephen Sondheim (Lyrics), Arthur Laurents (Book)
Director: Jerome Robbins
Most Famous Song: “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: Let’s just say they have yet to really nail this one.
The Plot: It takes a woman all her adult life to realize she’s probably a sociopath.
Why it’s great: Best book of a musical ever, alternately funny and devastating, and psychologically-compelling, featuring the incomparable role of Mama Rose and the greatest climax in musical theater history.
Tony Awards: 8 nominations, 0 wins


Writers: Leonard Bernstein (Music), Stephen Sondheim (Lyrics), Arthur Laurents (Book)
Director: Jerome Robbins
Most Famous Song: “Tonight”
Is there a movie: Yes.
Does it blow: No.
The Plot: Two lovers’ tragic romance stops rival gangs from dancing at each other.
Why it’s great: If musical theater really is the alchemy of drama, music, and dance, then you can’t really get much better than this. The combined talents of some of the greatest in the medium make it impossible to pinpoint its greatest asset, whether it’s the pitch-perfect score, legendary choreography, or stirring emotions it conjures from beginning to end.
Tony Awards: 6 nominations, 2 wins (Choreography, Scenic Design)

Agree? Disagree? Call me, beep me, if you wanna fight me.


ramblingsofabookaddict  asked:

lynne, thank you for creating my obsession with Critical Role. it has cause my roommates to groan and ask me "are you watching the dnd show again? everytime i start laughing

Dude, you make great life choices. I approve whole heartedly. I’m always happy to hear about people getting into Critical Role, but I know what you mean - when I have to explain it to other people it’s always like “so wait…you spend hours just watching people play…dungeons and dragons?” And I’m like, “yeah, a bunch of nerdy voice actors.” 


anonymous asked:

So I realized you're really into web series would u mind telling me some I should check out??

YESSSSS this is my dream come true :D okay here  are some  masterlists if you’re looking to browse, i’ll just talk about a few (read: a ton) of my favorites (and list a bunch more amazing ones!) 

also this flowchart is probably your best friend in terms of figuring out what you want to watch

short version: start with the lizzie bennet diaries, nothing much to do, classic alice, the misselthwaite archives, and carmilla 

okay so this is gonna be long so bear with me here..

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What Leverage gets right (that so many shows get wrong)

So after hearing @postcardsfromspace recommend Leverage on @xplainthexmen I decided to watch the show and, much like the other things I’ve picked up based on Jay and Miles’ recommendations like The Demon Bear Saga and Walt Simonson’s run on Thor, it is fantastic. The characters are likable and like each other, the heists are clever, and there’s a great balance between humor and drama. But my favorite thing about the show is how it views acting.

I’m currently getting my MFA as an actor and one of my pet peeves about the portrayal of actors on a bunch of TV shows (Sense8 is one recent example) is the idea that great actors are brilliant liars. That’s horseshit. I’ve been lucky enough to be on stage with some amazing actors and they’re among the most honest people I know BECAUSE ACTING ISN’T LYING. It’s telling the truth as another person. And Leverage gets that.

I love that Sophie the grifter wants to be a legitimate actor but she just isn’t very good. She over thinks and indicates any time we see her on stage but she never has that problem when she’s running a con because Sophie is a GREAT liar. They don’t spend a lot of time hammering that distinction home, but it’s there and I really appreciate it. What a great show.