and a bunch more background characters


So I’m just in love with @mnstrcndy’s art. They are the background god and everything they make looks so amazing. I also love the way they draw Frisk, Sans, and all the other characters. I wanted to put a bunch of their backgrounds together in one post (but they didn’t all fit), so this is part ½.
Again, I own nothing. All of these gorgeous works of art belong to @mnstrcndy, so check out their blog for more.

Episodes in every American cartoon

- We got in a fight? Let’s split up the room/house with a line. That’s my half and that’s your half.
- Two characters accidentally swap bodies
- The musical episode
- It’s time to shrink really tiny and go into (other character) to solve their sickness!
- Character 1 and Character 2 are fighting for the affections of Character 3 (who probably does not like either of them)
- The background character-oriented episode
- Oh no! (Character) has made a bunch of clones of themself! We need to kill them all.
- The episode where a character gets successful/powerful/rich, becomes an asshole, then proceeds to ruin it all
- The birthday episode
- An episode that turns out to just be a dream
- A character dislikes a newly-introduced “adorable” character but nobody believes them until they eventually prove that the cute character is actually evil
- The “you saved my life”/lifedebt episode
- Holiday episodes
- The “how did the censors let them get away with this?” episode

Why You Should Be Reading Chang Ge Xing

So what is Chang Ge Xing?

Chang Ge Xing is a Chinese webcomic by Xia Da that is also published in magazines in China and Japan.

It is set during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) in China and Central Asia and follows the adventures of Li Chang Ge, a princess of the ruling Li family, who sets out on a quest for revenge after her uncle kills her family and usurps the throne.

Okay, that’s neat. Now why should I read it?

Alright, here goes. First of all….


Chang Ge Xing weaves a wonderful story about revenge, personal growth, and the effect history can have on the people living in it. The writing holds a deep compassion for its characters and for people in general. Both the protagonists and antagonists are multi-layered characters with valid goals and points-of-view.


Xia Da is a goddess of plotting. The storyline travels its way across China and Central Asia with twists and turns that are entirely unexpected, but also clear and well-executed. Chang Ge’s journey has an excellent mix of adventure, action, character drama, and intrigue.


Li Chang Ge:

Chang Ge is a competent badass with the mind of a political chess-master. More importantly, however, she is human and thus very capable of both triumph and failure. Aspects of her personality (such as her skill at lying and keeping track of multiple identities) can be both the key to her success and her most fatal flaw.

She is above all else a (covertly) compassionate person.

Ashina Sun:

Sun is a general of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate (think central Asian nomadic kingdom) and the adopted son of the Great Khan. He is a straight-forward, loyal guy with a deep dislike of intrigue. Sun starts off as basically a jerk (large active armies are rarely enlightened places), but grows into a thoughtful, mature person.

He likes to make impulsive decisions, to the distress of his subordinates.


Mimi is a young Uighur woman who Chang Ge saves from execution. She hides a tragic past behind her care-free demeanor. There is more to this gal than meets the eye.

Also she and Chang Ge are kind of a thing.


Mujin is Ashina Sun’s very put-upon subordinate. He is very organized and observant. He and Sun have known each other since they were kids.


Qin is an old trickster who pledges himself to Chang Ge’s cause. He has served in shadows of many lords over the course of his life.

Jin Dan:

She is the renowned mistress of a Daoist temple that Chang Ge visits. She is very wise and acts as a mentor towards Chang Ge.

Ashina She Er:

He is a clever general in the Turkish army and the nephew of the Great Khan.  She Er intends connive and manipulate his way to the Turkish throne. He and Sun are enemies.

Li Shimin/Emperor Taizong:

Li Shimin is Chang Ge’s uncle and the object her revenge.

There are also a whole bunch more characters that I could wax poetic about, but I’m trying to keep this post at an acceptable length.


The art in this series is incredible. It’s super detailed and lovely.

I mean…..




Seriously, Xia Da must have sold her soul to attain this kind of talent. She is a god-level artist.


Chang Ge takes place in the background of real historical events such as the Xuanwu gate incident and the uighur/khitan/xueyantuo rebellion against the Turks in 627. The series pays close attention to historical accuracy in both plot and setting. Actual historical figures are included in the narrative alongside the fictional characters.

At the same time, Xia Da knows how to balance fiction vs. fact. She keeps the conflicts clear and concise while also throwing the occasional bone to history nerds such as myself.

So yeah, this comic is incredible and you should go read it.

The kind of quality content I want to see

-Startom past relationship. I want my happy rebellious demon/mewman duo kicking ass, taking names, making star’s parents mad, and throwing glitter everwhere. Give me a scene where Tom gives Star her horns goddamnit

-Tom/Marco freindship. They both love Star, they both love action movies and dumb boybands, what else so you need for a friendship

-Jackie and Marco mutually splitting if they do. Jackie is not bad. She’s actually pretty awesome. If they don’t, please please:

-Tom redemption arc continued. He’s not a bad guy; he’s trying really hard to be good for the girl he really cares about, and yeah, he’s pushy, but he’s at the point where he understands Star has a choice  and her feelings matter to him

- Startom endgame if Jarco is endgame. I want punk rock demon/rebel princess duo or I want soft boi and sparkle rebel princess and if neither of those are an option give me Death

-Janna character development or further involvement at least. She seems fun. Give us some background for this girl Daron

-Answers. Wtf was Toffee’s deal??? WHY was he stealing the magic? Y’all are all talking about Eclipsa but nobody wants to ask why Toffee sucked a bunch of magic from the multiverse bc he’s dead now. No bro that was a total waste of drama if we don’t get more on that

-Star to obliderate monster racism

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite podcasts? I've recently gotten into them with Dear Hank and John, but I always want more amazing podcasts to listen to.


i got you. 

here are my favorites:

psychobabble: if you’re into hank & john, i’m guessing you like youtube? this one is hosted by tyler oakley and korey kuhl- they are HILARIOUS and have had me full-on cackling in public.  the episodes aren’t that long, like a half hour or so each, so it’s pretty easy to get into. episode 45, trash talking turtles, kills me every time. if you listen to the show too much you’ll start talking just like them. 

ladies who lunch: another youtuber podcast. but you definitely don’t have to watch their videos to love this show. hosted by ingrid nilsen and kat valdez- two women talking openly and honestly about their lives and their experiences. their topics range from mental health, navigating family relationships, honesty within friendships, pollitics, spirituality, and a bunch more. listening to this makes you feel like you’re doing something good for your well-being and it’s such a comfort. 

gilmore guys: this one is kind of specific, but if you like the show gilmore girls, you should definitely listen to it. it has made me indescribably happy to hear people earnestly discuss one of my favorite shows in such depth. they go through every episode of the show- all 7 seasons plus the netflix revival. episodes are long as fuck (like 3 hours usually) which is why i love having it on in the background while doing life things. it’s made me laugh a bunch and made me feel even more connected to the show & characters. 

dear sugar: hosted by writers cheryl strayed and steve almond. beautiful and wise show where the hosts read letters written by listeners and give advice. no topic is off limits. it makes me feel connected to the world & has for sure helped me through some tough times. and it inspired me to read cheryl strayed’s book tiny beautiful things, a collection of advice columns she’s written. so SO good. my desert island book. 

comedy bang bang: this has been my constant companion for like two years straight. it’s made me laugh so, so hard and given me an appreciation for comedy in general. it’s just a silly improv show in the form of long interviews. the host, scott aukerman, has had some pretty well-known comedians on there (like nick kroll, amy poehler, ben schwartz), and some that i only know from the podcast world (like lauren lapkus oh my god she is so funny). the comedy bang bang tv show is also really really funny. 

my brother, my brother, and me: i can’t believe how long it took me to really check out this show. i just started listening like two weeks ago and it’s quickly become my absolute favorite. it’s an advice show hosted by three brothers- it’s crazy funny, and sometimes genuinely sweet? it’s great. it’s so great. please listen to it. some people recommend starting all the way from the beginning, but i’d start with the newer stuff (in the old days they were a little less woke. but one of the best things about their show now is how inclusive and open-minded they are!) also, you will 100% adopt their vocabulary. i’m so happy this good good podcast has come into my life. also you should listen to the adventure zone! also hosted by them. also great.


Something I really love about DS9 is the sense of continuity between episodes. Not just the overarching threat of the Dominion in the background connecting episodes, but more. And not just the running gags of racquetball matches and dislocating shoulders, either. Kira praying for Bareil over ten episodes since his death. Odo’s developing awareness for romantic interest/desire for physical touch. Garak and Bashir’s discussions and lunches happening in the background of normal life, and casually referred to as normal, even when it’s not the focal point of the episode.

I just get the full sense of following along in the lives of these characters, not a bunch of episodes with the same people featured. It feels like following a trail, not jumping from stepping stones.

Okay, but the thing I love about this first Montparnasse scene isn’t just that he gets beat up by his would-be victim, and then a sermon and a purse, which immediately gets stolen from him anyway, and it’s not just the awesome chapter title (Mother Plutarch is not Embarrassed by the Explanation of a Phenomenon). It’s how everything is interconnected! You have Gavroche, who’s the spirit of Paris and childhood; Montparnasse, a young criminal of the idling variety; Mabeuf, who loves God but mostly wants to be alone with his books and gardening; and finally Jean Valjean, who has at various points been each of them. Plus none of them know each other, but they’re all connected by various degrees of separation.
And that’s something Hugo has done very well throughout. He’ll stick with one set of characters for a while, then dial it back to show us what Eponine’s been up to, and then a dash of Les Amis, and then several years of Jean Valjean and Cosette backstory. You remember Theodule Gillenormand, don’t you? And La Magnon? Well here they are again.
Instead of a bunch of background characters to set the scene, all of them together are the scene. And often, they’re introduced first, which is just so amazing to me. They don’t simply fill in the gaps for the main characters; it’s more of a latticework. Jean Valjean needs the gaps everyone else leaves, so he has somewhere to belong. Or not belong, as the case may be.
Everything works for everything, after all.

before you get on my case by telling me “cheyenne!!!!  ofc the beauty and the beast was colourful look at all those colours!”

look me in the eye and tell me that this entire movie didn’t just look like the Masquerade scene from the 2004 Phantom movie.

like look at that, and then look at these stills from the new movie:

now look at these stills from the original animated movie:

look at those fucking beautiful colours!  all that beautiful contrast!

everything just looks so muted in the new one and everything’s some shade of gold with maybe a little bit of blue mixed in, but even when the blue is there it’s so muted it might as well not even be there?  it’s just so unbelievably boring and i am unbelievably tired of washed out colours and zero contrast just.  ugh.  Belle’s dress is boring enough, but there’s nothing for it to stand out against in that background.  where are you supposed to look?  even Gaston doesn’t stand out, especially since other people in that scene are wearing similar colours; the only reason he stands out even a little is because he’s been placed on a physically higher level than the other characters.  basically every single one of these costumes blends in to the background when it should stand out against it.

i’m not an artist, i’m not a designer, but there’s just no focus.  what is an audience supposed to focus on when the characters look more like part of the woodwork than the focus of the movie?  where are our eyes supposed to go?  this movie is just a couple hours of bland aesthetic when it should be bright and vibrant.  at the very least i should not feel like i’m looking at a bunch of fucking chameleons scurrying around a dead forest.  this movie is supposed to be bright and vibrant so why doesn’t it look bright and vibrant?  this isn’t Saving Private Ryan, so why is every single movie trying to code its colours to be that?

it’s frustrating and it looks ugly and dull.  there is no contrast where this movie desperately needs it, and to be honest it’s feels like looking at a talking hardwood floor for ninety minutes.

Can Everyone Do Me a Favor?

Can yall do me a favor and watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency? It’s so good and the characters are absolutely amazing!

We’ve got our lovely dorky Brit who has no clue what he’s doing, Dirk

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His unwilling partner who wants nothing to do with this bullshit, Todd

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Todds sister, Amanda, who has neurological condition but kicks ass anyway

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The bad ass body guard Farah who takes no shit and she is NOT a background character

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there is also have the rowdy 3, and I’m are wildly aware that there are four of them, they also protect Amanda when needed

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and a bunch more characters that are just as awesome like a shark in a kittens body. If you liked the aspect of three storylines coming together in Stanger Things, you’ll love this. It’s a complicated story that is really confusing at first but as it goes on it really ties together and the fandom is so small and you can watch it on Hulu. It’s so good and there is almost no one to talk to about it and season will be out in America soon. Please do yourself a favor and watch this is sooo good.

Real Talk:

Why don’t more people talk about ever after high? Sure, it’s a children’s show created by the same people who made monster high, but we know that shows originally intended for children can gain a massive following *cough* miraculous ladybug *cough* steven universe *cough* So why doesn’t Ever After High have the same treatment? Below are just a few reasons why I believe people should really consider watching Ever After High.

1. Strong female characters, both mentally and physically. There are literally so many strong female characters in this show, and they all show it in different ways. Even characters who you thought were two dimensional at first are shown to have way more depth. For a show about princesses, it really lacks in the helpless princess troupe. Sometimes it even makes fun of it. Though sometimes it is distinctly lacking in male characters, the guys that they do have are all amazing characters too.

2. The character arcs. As I stated before, even the most two dimensional characters are shown to have tons more depth than we ever imagined they’d have. My favourite character in the entire show was the biggest jerkwad in the beginning. But eventually, just like real people, even the most unlikable of characters are shown to have their motivations. And they don’t make excuses for assery in this show either. The characters learn to grow as people, and most never try to make excuses for their past mistakes once they have grown.

3. REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY. This show isn’t lacking in diversity (except in the body types, but that’s a style choice) Their are so many pocs in this show, and many of them have huge parts. All of the characters are varied in personality and looks, and they don’t find themselves restricted to how the princesses are usually portrayed.

4. I almost put this with representation and diversity but it deserves it’s own category tbh. ONE OF THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS IS KISSED BY A WOMAN. And not any woman, a kickass princess who she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Did I forget to mention that it isn’t just any kiss, it’s true love/destiny’s kiss? Y'know, that kiss that most princesses are administered in their stories? Yah, the only on screen depiction of that we’ve gotten that actually worked was between two women. And this isn’t really seen as that much of a problem for the two characters involved (it’s more of a problem for the guy they thought was her prince tbh. I mean his sister took the destiny he was sure was his. That’s gotta hurt) One of the two that was involved in the kiss just kinda accepts it, because she’d been doing shit that wasn’t expected of her for a while now, and the other has been having a pretty hard time accepting it. The one who was kissed has also shown no attraction to men whatsoever, except politely saying that she wasn’t dating the guy she was supposed to be with. Like she uses guys, and does what’s expected of her. That’s it though.

5. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DEPTH TO THESE CHARACTERS??? I’m really passionate about this. They make mistakes, they try to fix themselves, some fail, other don’t. I just love these characters.

6. The ARTWORK. This show is in a really unique style, and it suits the fairytale aspect so well. The overall aesthetic of this show is amazing, and the detail in their eyes and outfits is phenomenal. I could talk all day about the tiny details in this show, but I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s gorgeous, simple as that.

6. It has a lot of content out already. The tv show itself is a Netflix original show and it already has 5 seasons. THAT ISNT IT THOUGH. It also has a bunch of webisodes that are available on YouTube. They aren’t really important to the actual plot, but they add background to the characters and makes them feel more real. They’re also super fun. Plus there are multiple books that are also great.

7. This is the last point guys. The backrounders. Y'know, those characters that are in the background to make scenes more populated. I love them. They all still feel like characters with their own lives and stories, and when I watch with my little sister we’ll point out our favourites doing things. Like they are all still gorgeous, and even though they are simpler than the main cast (well, some of them) a few main characters started out as backrounders. Basically the backrounders are amazing and I’ve rewatched the series just for them multiple times and though this isn’t the best point to leave it on and I could say a lot more I just wanted to make you aware of the backrounders and how much I love them.

Ever After High is a series with some flaws, all series have flaws. It’s main point is to sell dolls, but it’s a lot more than that. The characters all have real life to them and the plot is really intriguing. More people should give it a shot. Also I’m sorry that I didn’t add pictures, I had a few that I wanted to add but I’m on mobile so what are you gonna do?


hey nyall i just quit my apprenticeship due to mental health and being tired of being around a bunch of racist white ppl so! i need to start making sm money while i look for a job + start saving up so i can maybe start hrt sometime in the future……

  • things i 100% will not do: nsfw/porn, full-on furries or mechs, complex backgrounds
  • ill do fictional characters, ocs and rl people (no rpf)!!
  • heres more examples of my art
  • payment first, and by paypal only
  • provide good, clear references
  • i have the right to decline requests that make me uncomfortable, or that are outside my comfort zone
  • i apologize in advance if it takes me longer than expected to finish a commission! my screen gets flashy and it makes me dizzy after a while / mental health issues lol 
  • if ur interested or have any questions, contact me at !!

thank u for reading!! a reblog would help a lot!!

please for the love of god if you see this post go read a manga called “kaguya wants to be confessed to” it is the most excruciatingly well executed slow burn I have ever been subjected to in my life. this is far beyond your regular slow burn this is like, global warming. the only one who is burning is me because these idiots still haven’t fucking confessed.

it’s set in a really prestigious high school you generally can’t get into without connections. the titular character kaguya shinomiya is from a really rich family and super talented at everything and she’s the vice president of the student council. the president is miyuki shirogane who’s from a commoner family and managed to get into the school through overwhelmingly good grades and sheer hard work. they’re head over heels for each other but too damn prideful to admit it so they keep getting into complex “I knew that you knew that-” mind games with each other trying to get the other to confess first and in the process just keep falling for each other more like a bunch of idiots.

a lot of the humour comes from the ridiculous mind games kaguya and miyuki get into and how the other characters keep ruining said games but also for example their lifestyle differences caused by their backgrounds (such as kaguya being really sheltered & not knowing innuendos and miyuki looking really mean even though he’s a softie because he’s always overworked). the art style is really fun and it often switches back and forth between shoujo and straight up horror manga faces for comedic effect. 

it starts off strong and only gets better because before you know it you’re actually invested in these idiots and it’s had me almost falling off my chair laughing several times through its impeccable comedic timing. please do yourself a favour and read kaguya wants to be confessed to

Pointers on Writing Concussions

So, I noticed a recent trend in a lot of fanfictions when it comes to concussions in particular. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s almost no big deal and they don’t have too many symptoms. They might just stay in bed, be a bit tired and it’s brushed off completely. It’s pretty vague when it comes down to description.

After a hecka lot of research, I’m finding this to be an improper depiction of concussions.

There are some cases where it may be a minor concussion, and this would be okay. In the terms of ‘Miraculous Ladybug’, where we have superheroes flinging themselves around with their heads unprotected, this may not be the case.

Concussions can be caused by car crashes, sudden movements, or hits to the head. Hits to the neck can also cause concussions. They can also develop overtime, and can take months to years to actually heal. Symptoms will not show for a few days, making it hard to diagnose. Fanfiction-wise, I’ve seen characters getting hits far harder than a sudden jerking motion, and would surely cause more damage and trauma to the brain.

Not all concussions will cause fatal symptoms or permenent damage- but with this sort of head impact symptoms can, and will, be more severe and take more than a few days or a week to heal. These types of injuries are not ones to be handled at home, and may need temporary (sometimes immediate) hospitalization.

They can also be pretty dangerous though, and can be accompanied with internal or external bleeding of the head. Some cases have had fractures in the skull as well. Blood clots in the head can also occur, which can result in stroke. Now even more severe symptoms are brought up. These types of strokes can result in blindness even.

The following are a few potential symptoms of concussions:

• Seizures
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Headaches (can be severe)
• Dizziness or Disorientation
• Memory loss
• Confusion
• Loss of coordination
• Ringing in the ears
• Excessive fatigue
• Irritability
• Sensitivity to light
• Mild depression
• Difficulty speaking (slurring words)
• Sensitivity to sound
• Personality changes
• Blurred vision
• Loss of conciousness

Concussions are basically big ol’ hits to the head with lots of different symptoms. A tad more description can certainly help a ton. It can happen with lots of other injuries as well. Getting a good background on the injury you’re working with can help you a bunch.

I hope this helps the next time you have to write your characters ramming their heads into things!

Wow I’m suddenly reblogging a whole bunch of Circle of Magic stuff. For so many reasons.

Actually, I’m surprised Circle of Magic and the subsequent books set in the same universe aren’t more popular among the tumblr crowd. They’ve got badass women and canon lesbians and so many POCs that of the main eight characters (the four kids and their teachers) I think maybe three are white.

Also, of those same eight characters, five are women, one is gay, two are either gay or bi but are in a committed gay relationship with each other, and don’t even get me started on their differing backgrounds.

Whoops, too late: one came from nobility, one came from the streets, one was a merchant, one was a trader, one was a nomad, one came from a farm, one graduated from a mages’ college, and one came from a poor rural village.

And the whole Circle of Magic book series is basically about them becoming friends and then becoming a family and the four kids start to say they’re foster-siblings and Lark and Rosethorn are their foster-parents and it’s basically two quartets and three extra novels about eight unrelated people who eventually consider each other family and…

Seriously more people should read it.

OA characters as theatre people

because that’s what my life has come to at this point

OA - choreographer. tells the actors to ‘follow their characters’. dances look more like a bunch of people trying to catch leaves on a windy day. somehow this still looks good. 

Homer - media crew. a bit weird, in the background a lot but still somehow important ?

Hap - the director that everyone hates. shouts ‘HOLD’ about twenty times per scene. gives notes for at least an hour after each rehearsal. asks for impossible things from each crew. 

French - stage manager. usually very nice to people until it comes to a show then god help anyone who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. the assistant stage managers have to literally take tasks from him, he’s so bad at delegating. owns every type of tape imaginable (except normal sellotape. his brothers’ arts and crafts are stuck together with glue guns and gaff tape).

Buck - lighting. loves when there’s a big emotional scene and he gets to play about with different colours and lights and effects. also enjoys the strangely calming process of cutting and replacing gels. sings over the cans. is terrified of the director. 

Steve - sound. hates mic check with a passion. will not hesitate to yell at actors not paying attention. is vicious about ripping mic tape off peoples’ faces / necks/ backs. once wasted an entire box of those dry condoms you use for mic packs by blowing them up like balloons. hasn’t had sex in the AV cupboard but done pretty much everything else, while a performance was on. 

Jesse - an actor. nobody expected it but he’s surprisingly good at shakespeare. was Iago in a production of Othello and now Hap wants him in everything. is a laugh backstage but respects French’s need for ‘absolute fucking silence’ (especially when he’s carrying that glue gun).

BBA - front of house. bless her heart but she’s a bit old for running around backstage and dealing with 20 actors at once. plus she really does not want to work closely with the director, not after she got into a yelling match with him because he made Buck cry that one time. 


€35 thigh-up flats and painted headshot commissions OPEN!

Contact me at to reserve a spot:

1. eri’s wren
2. ivan’s chet
3. mel’s kal & verdun
4. ohmyarda’s witch
5. orcaking’s aldus

I am also accepting multiple character versions of the thigh-up option for €50!

E-mail form

Subject line: Commission + tumblr username

E-mail: PayPal e-mail for invoice purposes

Commission type: Style 1 (without background), Style 2 ($40, with simple background as seen above)

Character references: The more, the better! Can be drawn or various photographs with different aspects (for dnd characters for example!)

Must-haves: Feel free to tell me anything specific you’d like me to do, including general feeling/pose/expression/colour scheme/other notable features

Character information: Describe the characters personality to me, it helps a bunch!

Terms & Conditions

Will draw

  • Original characters, most canon characters (ask me!)
  • Tasteful nudity
  • Blood etc.
  • Animals (probably…)

Won’t draw

  • Furries, mechs
  • Hateful content
  • I have the right to refuse drawing any subject matter I choose


  • Payment will proceed after preliminary sketch is shown, through PayPal invoice in EUR
  • Product will be delivered as .psd and .png


  • Whenever I need clarification, I will e-mail before proceeding - please be as clear as possible!
  • The commissioner may ask for updates if they like, but I generally show updated versions whenever any discussed change is made.

Thank you for your interest!

Yes, I do teach creative writing: Love and live your characters

You have one character who is interesting and conflicted, who has goals and desires. The rest are flat and boring, tropes or cliches or caricatures. You have committed the sin of withholding your love. By love I mean you have to get into the characters, live them, realize them, care about them as much as your main character. Get out of your chair, out of your car, out of your room,away from your desk. Walk down to the pond or into the woods or find a lovely park and walk around PRETENDING to be that character. Feel some conflict. Desire something. Argue with someone. (You have to do this in private so no one will see you and make you self-conscious. If you have a really, really good friend, you can stage some mock action with them. I have had my significant other put their hands around my neck while screaming at me before. Can’t do that in public.) Now keep it up. Go to the grocery store and be that character buying stuff. Villain: “Here is the innocuous drink I shall hide the poison in.” (This is me – maybe not you.) Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and that formerly flat, background character rises up and takes over and becomes your favorite character. That’s a much more fun problem to deal with than a bunch of boring villains and otherwise meaningless names and faces.

(First of all, Sorry anon to use your ask as an example, but you kinda hit the point i want to rant about…. THIS IS NOT because of your ask. This concerns a bunch messages i’ve been getting recently by chat and others.)


Lately my mood has been changing from bad to worse, due to a bunch messages, asks and concerns people have been sending to me after i opened the NSFW Blog. (I appreciate concerns… but pls only when they have a background, okey?)

WHY? Because, they constantly accuse me of having turned Rose into a Bitch, destroying her character completely, and letting her FUCK everything that comes near her…. AND NOW I REALLY WANT PEOPLE TO TELL ME, WHO did she fuck?! Because i don’t recall it!!

Keep reading