and a bridge


Well then

Okay but honestly I have so many feelings about Newsies right now. I’m in love with them all.


When you’ve lived in Alaska for 3 years, where they don’t know the phrase “comic con”…… you may pounce on anything that sounds like it could be a geek gathering! 😂

My hometown had it’s first comic con, although it seemed more like a geek craft fair or flea market, I had A LOT of fun!

Any excuse to dress up and bring my toy buddies. 😘


(via Post Card of old Chicago Metro Elevated crossing the Chica… | Flickr)

dylansaunders: Back for a San Francisco homecoming honoring Craig Slaight and his 29 incredible years as an educator and director at the Young Conservatory at @actsanfrancisco. I was lucky to call him a teacher, a mentor, and a friend during a pivotal time in my youth, and beyond. I’m glad you instilled a love of art, theatre, professionalism, craft, and community in this kid when you did, because it absolutely changed my life. “But then I remembered about my call and kept on going somehow.”