and a bit of a derp

So I learned my new favorite history fact in my AP US class today. It’s hilarious and goes a bit like this

In 1989, President Bush sent troops to Panama to capture the dictator and drug lord, Manuel Noriega. But Noriega had fled to (I had to look up the full name) the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See. The troops couldn’t exactly get in, so they surrounded the place and has to wait him out, or somehow force him out.
And it’s crazy how they did it.
The literal United States Navy SEALs did this
And it is real history

They blasted rock and roll music for days until he gave up

Apparently, Noriega only liked opera, so this annoyed him.
But it gets better.
The playlist was not only obnoxiously loud and obnoxiously American, it had a sense of irony.
Here are some highlights:

Danger Zone
Freedom Fighter
Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
Give It Up
I Fought the Law and the Law Won
If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Nowhere to Run
Prisoner of Rock and Roll
Rock and a Hard Place
Stay Hungry
They’re Coming to Take Me Away
This Means War
Wanted Dead or Alive

And my personal favorite, and a thing that actually happened:
Never Gonna Give You Up

I just…
Imagine the board meeting
“Huh, how are we going to force this guy out of hiding?”
“Oh, I have an idea! Why don’t we blast loud rock music?”
“That just might work! And we should do it with a sense of irony, just to make it funnier!”


“It was so shiny you guys I had to destroy it”

I totally approve of the headcanon that Genji’s dragon is a bit of a derp compared to Hanzo’s two and that somewhere between Genji’s and McCree’s concepts of Christmas, there is a considerable amount of shenanigans that ensues.

They never get a big tree ever again. Or that many decorations. Or tinsel, for that matter. At least it was plastic and not pine so nothing actually caught fire.


This is Rusty. He’s been my cuddle bub for 11 years now. Sometimes he’s a bit of a derp, but in the end he’s always cuddles up to me purring away with his head cradled in the palm of my hand.


Derp Emblem: Gift Rapping 101

Based on a request from @sekretagentmans! It’s more of a spin on their original request, but I thought the “rap vs wrap” would be great for the holidays! We Mods have been a bit busy (again) between illness, dealing with finals, and even job searches, but we’re hoping to get back on a normal schedule now that most of it is done! All I want for the holidays is an actual consistent amount of time to do work and planning AND TO NOT GET SICK AGAIN. Hope we see more stuff coming soon c:

Also, that confidence spell with Olivia really is a thing.



Pusheen is ready for Fallout 4!

Did some doodles today combining two things that I love - Fallout and Pusheen!

(Sorry for the bad photo quality, had to take the photos with my phone. Also, Dogmeat kind of looks like a potato but oh well.)

By the way, I do not own the character Pusheen! (and I obviously don’t own Fallout either.) This is just fanart. If you haven’t heard of Pusheen, I recommend checking out her stuff, she has some really cute art!

This one came in as a proper ask before Jas and I closed the ask box, but when I started to work on it, I accidentally clicked “respond privately” instead of “save to drafts” because I derped. So I told @dalishelves to go ahead and send it as a fanmail so I could finish it. This is probably the only incident where we will accept a fanmail request, due to the circumstances. With no further ado…

Cassandra: She pauses, wipes off the snow, and smiles at them as she tosses a snowball back at them. They’re a bit surprised that Cassandra is game, but they giggle and reach for another ball, and a fight ensues. Cassandra laughs as they do, and fights surprisingly hard and well with snowballs. When it’s done, both are covered in snow, and she’s smiling brightly.

Blackwall: The snow sticks in his beard, and he grins. “If that’s how you want to do this, so be it.” He says before engaging in a drawn-out snowball fight. Several of the others join them, and Blackwall is, for once, laughing and grinning, even as he takes a snowball to the face.

Iron Bull: The Inquisitor knows better than to go after the Ben-Hassrath with a mercenary group alone. So they gather the other companions who will fight with them– Cassandra, Blackwall, Sera, Cole, Harding, and after a bit of persuasion, Dorian– and they throw the first shot. As expected, the man grins and wipes off the snow, enthused. “If you want to play like that, Boss– game on. Chargers, assemble!” With that, a large snowball fight ensues, as both sides vie for victory. Bull has the time of his life.

Varric: He groans and grumbles as he brushes the snow off. He hates snow. It never snowed in Kirkwall. “What is this white bullshit falling from the sky?” he had grumbled just before he got pelted by a snowball. He picks up a snowball and throws it back at the Herald before retreating back inside to a fireplace.

Sera: She smirks and cackles. “Oh, it’s on now, Herald!” She grabs her own and throws it at the Herald, and a long snowball fight ensues. Both laugh and laugh the whole time, and soon more people join into the fight, no one on anyone’s team but their own. They settle later in the tavern with a cup of something hot and giggle. “That was good. You’re not so bad at snowball fights.” Sera compliments. “Next time, let’s aim at some noble nobs. Or Cullen. Or both.”

Cole:Cold, icy, but no malice. Fingers prickling from the cold, but not minding. A war with no death or anger or hurt. Okay!” He throws a little snowball back at them, because they want to play, and as they laugh, he feels happy because they’re happy.

Solas: When the snowball hits him on the back, he stops short for a moment as the Herald laughs. He slowly turns to stare at them, and then a smirk graces his face. Magical snowballs pull up from the ground around him into perfect balls, and that is the point the Inquisitor realizes they fucked up. They laugh and scream as they are pelted with the snowballs, and they try to fight back in one of two manners: if a mage, they summon their own snowballs, since Solas changed the rules, and fight back. If not a mage, they duck for cover and scramble to make their own snowballs to throw back at him.

Dorian: He sputters in surprise at the Herald, as in disbelief that they actually did what they did. There is a moment’s pause, and then it happens. “As you wish.” Like Solas, he summons several snowballs from the ground and fires back, resulting in a miniature snow war. He regrets it later as he shivers inside the library.

Vivienne: Her magic stops the snowball in its place. It floats for a split second in the air before being hurled back at the Herald, and it hits them square in the face. Vivienne gives a tsk, a smirk, and shakes her head at them. “Darling, you thought I wasn’t prepared for that? Bastien would try to do that to me every time I was home and it was snowing.”

Leliana: She stares at them for a moment, and after a moment in which they realized they fucked up, they flee before they see the spymaster smirk. For the rest of the day, snowballs hit them at random from various locations, but they can never find the perpetrator. In the war room later, Leliana is trying not to laugh as they walk in covered in snow. “That was fighting dirty.” they scold, and she just snickers and tells them they need more practice before they come after her.

Cullen: He groans as the snow gets caught between the feathers on his coat, and wryly shakes his head at the Herald. He’s too busy to fight back proper, but he does return the strike with a snowball. “We’ll have a proper fight another time, perhaps.” he says.

Josephine: The Herald does not hit her with a snowball while she’s working. They know she probably wouldn’t care much for it in her current outfit, but if ever an appropriate opportunity arises, Josephine is surprisingly good at dishing out snowballs, with remarkable aim.

Thank you so much, anon, @awinterborn and @fishyskeleton! <3 I try my best drawing her.

On another note: I apologize for the hiatus but it seems summer (especially July) always takes a toll on my mental health. It’s hot, humid and the subway tunnels are closed so the remaining forms of transportation are crowded like hell (and crowds easily stress me out if I’m on my own). Not to mention it takes noticably longer to get to work and home. At work it’s loud because the office beneath us is renovating… things just keep stacking. This picture took me a week to make (with reference, derp) because I couldn’t get myself to draw.

I had hoped it won’t last very long but my energy level is still pretty low. So I will take a few weeks off and try to relax as much as I can. I will only draw basic stuff, get back to the roots and practice what I had long neglected to (hopefully) get a bit better. If you want to see these studies I will gladly post them - otherwise I hope to return in August or September, whenever the weather decides summer is over, to draw more fanart, answer your messages and continue my own stuff.

I’m really sorry :(

Have a wonderful time, guys <3

Damen is like… 2 seconds away from getting punched in the face.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AU BECAUSE IT’S PERFECT. Except I guess Damen is more like Gaston rather than Belle lmao. Shows up to a the castle to slay the beast, but didn’t expect the beast to start talking (or be wearing clothes tbh). Meanwhile, Nicaise and Co. (who have been turned into various furniture/objects) are like LAURENT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BREAK THE CURSE GO WOO THIS MAN.

I was gonna write fic of this, but I am le laze.

The Gang as Puppers

Ponyboy: A yappy ass Yorkie

Sodapop: A border collie cause dam he fab

Darrel: Saint Bernard cause he’s a big, responsible floof.

Two-bit: Pitbull cause Two-Pit.

Steve: Boxer cause they are both clumsy derps.

Johnny: An adorable mutt cause mutts r the best and so is Johnny.

Dallas: Doberman cause edge.

Last post of 2016!

*Please click to view the full image; I might split it into individual pictures later but there’s a lot of tiny detail <3

I wasn’t partial to anything I’ve drawn recently (and it’s all messy as hell), so I spent the morning flipping through my sketchbook and found this exceedingly old sketch (I think it’s more than a year old at this point).  I had forgotten to post it when I finished it, and I still really love the details in it, so I decided to scan and clean it a little bit (or try to, anyway).

So some steampunk-esque costumes for my favorite derps; Richter as a scientist (with a bowtie!), Eet as a pants-wearing lady engineer whose lab mishaps resulted in her scars and a mechanical arm, Ive a thief/sky pirate/etc. with tech-filled gloves and a penchant for hats with feathers, and Trahearne as a gentleman and a scholar (who probably has a weapon in that cane).

Thanks for sticking with me (or joining me!) for another year, friends.  Happy New Year, and see you in 2017!

I made a bit of a stupid and accidentally drew a cat called Snowbert and thought they were Der, even though I follow them both on instagram!! I feel super stoopid and awful so I drew Der from scratch, I hope her mama doesn’t mind! They both have big blue peepers, a sticky outy tonuge and wittle round faces! you can see how my rubbish hooman brain made such a mistake!


Dear lovelies,

starting tomorrow you will also get imagines about Aidans characters!

But the characters I know best are only Kili, Lombard and tiny bit about Mitchell. (sad derp)

So you guys will need to help with that!

Submit away!!! Imagines and drabbles are both very welcome!!

Thank you! <333

- Doc


Having a bit of a debate with Aphex over if Ze is a red or a blue and same with Chilled. They switch their colors up in their multi facecam videos. I brought it up that the derps make up the colors of the rainbow:

Red - Ze
Orange - Tom
Yellow - Smarty
Green - GaLm
Blue - Chilled
Purple - Aphex

What do you think? Which one’s red and which one’s blue? VOTE:

Chilled /// Ze