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1D management actually DID something with the "couple" but it wasn't hide them. They used a ship that most of the fandom liked to keep fans. They took the confortable position, the let fans to believe in straight guys or gay couple. Bears were big queerbating. Do you really think that some teenagers were smarter than a experienced management and these teens discovered how LS was closeted? And do you really think Harry and Louis just let them to do what they wanted with them? For me, it's weird.

Dear Diary,

The universe is testing a hoe today with all these damn anons…

Neither myself, nor any of my closest mutuals, were ever teenage fans of One Direction.

And there seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding of the term “queer-baiting” as it is swung around quite a bit when it comes to those gay bears. And I’m just like 

Diary, why must I be on the receiving end of all of this? I just want everyone to get along. 

Well maybe not everyone…Simon Cowell can choke. 

Anyway, please, universe, let me stop getting these fuckin messages. Thank you.

All the love .x

im gonna star in a cryptozoology research show where me and my team travel the world looking for The Truth josh gates style only its gay and a bit more funny who wants in

i like girls
who resemble the sun;
burning, brilliant,
blinding, if you look for too long.
the kind of light that lingers on your eyelids.

i like girls
who remind me of moonlight;
who have a way of lighting the dark spaces
in my mind on cold nights,
when dawn seems like a distant dream.

i like girls
who personify the ocean;
wild laughter and wide eyes, salt slick skin,
arms raised as they sway as one with the waves,
tide drunk and dizzy with the scent of the sea.

i like girls
who embody the earth;
who ground with a touch. who fight off lightning
and kiss like how rain tastes on your tongue
when you open your mouth to the sky.

l.s. | i like girls © 2017

  • Rick Riordan, writing PJO: OK, no gay. Just a little diversity.
  • Rick Riordan, writing KC: Diversity!
  • Rick Riordan, writing HOO: Little bit of gay. Hella diverse.
  • Rick Riordan, writing TOA: Bisexual protagonist! Gay main couple!
  • Rick Riordan, writing MCGA: Pansexual Protagonist! Transgender main character! Muslim main character!


aw man this was originally supposed to be practice (hence as to why it looks absolutely messy) but i can never leave things unfinished once i start them :’)