and a batmobile

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People are complaining about an “upskirt” shot of Wonder Woman in the new Justice League. What they mean is the .0005 seconds you see part of her ass when she jumps from the batmobile-thing, before the Flash and Cyborg jump down and you see their costumes which outline their asses. But yeah, I guess it still counts as sexualization.

Wtf it’s a skirt. Skirts move when you do. They can go up and down. Sudden movements can make skirts go up. Hell, WIND can make skirts go up.

It’s not sexualization, it’s literal physics.

So I’m certain I’ve seen a post somewhere on this hell site about how a two-seater batmobile is useless, and considering how many kids he has, batman should really be driving a mini-van.

anyway I was going to draw it, but then I found this photo:

and anyway this car is ¾ of the way to being a bat mobile already. Just add a bat shaped hood ornament and maybe some fins, and you’re set.