and a batmobile

how aquaman and batman became friends: a short story

bruce: so you’ll get on the batmobile while i’m speeding towards deadly danger

bruce: and then you’re gonna jump at them like a speed demon that was fired from a canon of justice doom (the joom™)



arthur: 👌😱💦

Things I love from the new Justice League trailer

•Aquaman dropping what looks like an unconscious Bruce on a table and proceeding to grab a bottle of liquor, “its on him”
•Barry Allen “you’re the Batman?”
•Diana’s hair flip though
•(while getting into batmobile) Barry “what are you’re superpowers again?” Bruce “im rich”
•(Bruce getting into the batwing like a bad ass) “my turn” oh damn
•Queen fucking Mera and the Atlantians(silently praying Kaldur makes an appearance)
•that small scene of Barry talking to his dad in jail
•Diana landing in front of Aquaman and Cyborg
•that small step back Aquaman does when she lands
•"shall we?“ (Chills and squealing)
•Gordon to Batman "it’s good to see you playing well with others again” AGAIN!! Do you know what that could mean!!!!!
•Aquaman “dressed like a bat I dig it.” Bruce turns to Gordon “may be temporary”
•Aquaman riding on the batmobile “yeah!!”, Bruce smirking like damn right

Okay, Justice League trailer is here and I cannot even for the following reason: 1. Bruce literally going across 7 seas to find Arthur. 2. Barry is fast as a motherfucker and those effects are just perfect. 3. All hail Queen Mera 4. Diana low-kicking someone/something with those thighs. I don’t even, I am shookth 5. ARTHUR ON TOP OF THE BATMOBILE. I REPEAT, ARTHUR ON THE BATMOBILE. 6. Boy Vic looks like a fine cyber Greek god. 7. Zack, you slayed me. Bonus: Bruce being an extra sassy dad, I cannot.

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Bruce when he’s around Clark

  • Sarcastic to a small degree
  • Tries to be polite
  • Walking on eggshells cause Martha Kent would whup his ass
  • Grumpy af but secretly enjoys Clark’s dumb jokes

Bruce when he’s around Arthur

  • Battle Bromance
  • Batmobile Joyrides
  • Rocking out like it’s going outta style

Bruce when he’s around Diana

  • “Holy shit, she’s awesome!”
  • “Step on me!”
  • Alfred encouraging Bruce to ask her out
  • Bruce being his own worst cockblock

Bruce when he’s around Barry

  • Helps out with Forensic work
  • Offers rides in the Batmobile
  • Snickers when Barry mutters “Gotta go fast.”

Bruce when he’s around Victor

  • Reverse engineering tech together
  • Introduces Vic to Dick Grayson
  • Helps out with target practice 
  • Football every week

You may think you’re cool, busy you’ll never be Aquaman surfing on the Batmobile cool.

What really happened during the latest Justice League Trailer?

Definitely the trailer was missing a key member… you know wears red and blue– the one with not an S on his chest…So here’s the missing part of that trailer😂😂

The Batmobile almost careenes off the pavement because of the speed. Bruce opens the roof and Arthur with his trident launches himself off the speeding Batmobile onto the oncoming parademons. Bruce sees the Atlantean make short work of the parademons, suddenly a another gang of parademons swoop in and carries Arthur off high up to the dark sky. Bruce swears violently under his breath—non of his long range weapons can hit the parademons without hitting Arthur. He sees Arthur struggle and stab the parademon. The creature jerks in pain and releases him …. and he falls….


None of the others are around. Bruce guns the engine and speeds to Arthur’s location, watching him helplessly as he freefalls more than a thousand feet in the air…..

A blur of red and blue catches up to Arthur …..Arthur stops falling… he is safe.

( Wide shot of the edge of a fluttering cape–focus on Batman’s shocked expression)


Ok I feel better now…

Dick: Bruce, why are you mad at Uncle Clark?

Bruce: *Growls*

Dick: *Puts his hands on his hips and taps his foot*

Bruce:…Fine. Clarks body temperature is significantly higher than a humans. He is always hot. He keeps the League thermostat turned down to 63. Do you know how cold that is, Richard? I want to wear four jackets. I want to line my cape in fur. My hands and feet are numb constantly. Instead of listening to briefings I fantasize about having a super power that would allow me to climb inside of a burning fire place, and survive it.

Dick: *Pulls his phone out from his back pocket* Did ya get all that Uncle Clark?

Clark: *Barrels in through the door* WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?! I FEEL SO AWFUL! *Hugs Bruce*

Bruce: Don’t let go. I can almost feel my fingers again.