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Productivity Tracker

Suggestions for use of this printable: do something new every 10 days or also mark your “treat yourself” days (you deserve it!)

Hopefully when you’ve reached the end, you’d be proud to see the great things you’ve accomplished!

Assignment Tracker

If you’re like me who’s prepping to go back to uni for the summer semester, or if you’re still in school dealing with finals season, here’s a more school-focused to-do list!

I’ve had a couple of messages asking me what the little progress circles (some called it “bubbles” which are cuter imo) are for and how I use them. They’re basically an estimate of how much I’ve done for a specific task. For example, I have to write a research paper. Given that the structure of the task is made up of several parts (abstract, intro, method, etc.), I can shade one or two circles if I finished the abstract and intro within a study session.

I started using this method in the beginning of my sophomore year in uni. I felt that it was more motivating to see all those circles getting shaded as I progressed in the task as compared to ticking a checkbox, which I could only do if I finished the entire project.

Links for download:

As some of you requested, I’ve put up a printables masterpost page so you can check out all of my previous work! A printables info/FAQ page is in the works as well. 😊

Lastly, I’d like to send a massive thank you for the lovely messages and visits to my blog. It means the world to me. 💖 Just know that my ask box, Twitter DM (cxptainstark), or Snapchat (ariadnejessica) will always be open if you need someone to talk to.

I hope you all have a great month!

anonymous asked:

(1/3?) I have a hard time believing BTS are all not dating and/or are all virgins and not getting any on the side -after all, they've said themselves they write their songs based on their own emotions and experiences. Granted, this perception is probably due in part to the fact that I'm fairly new-ish to k-pop AND that the boys are super sexualized in their own concepts and on tumblr/youtube by us thirsty ARMY hoes.

(2/3?) Long intro but basically I’ve grown to really value your opinion and I was wondering what you think is happening behind the scenes, realistically (I realize you were probably asked this before)? As a fellow Namjoon-stan, I’m also curious as to how you would react if Dispatch revealed that Namjoon had a girlfriend? Would your reaction differ wether she was another idol or a normie like us? Would you still be able to stan him, to stan BTS? (¾) And what if it was another one of the boys that was outed? I know this is not an uplifting topic, but I’m genuinely intrigued… I personally would probably be very upset, CRUSHED, if it came to light that Joonie had a girlfriend -I don’t think I’d ever be able to ship them- though I think I’m definitely mature enough to get over it… slowlyyyy… and move on. I LOVE them and their music so I’m 90% certain it wouldn’t hurt me enough to keep me away from BTS.(4/4) If this happened to another member I would probably be supportive, but I honestly hope this kind of “scandal” never breaks, partly to protect my selfish feelings but also because of the backlash they would receive from some ARMYs and Antis. -sorry for this SUPER long ask… I know it’s very theoretical but I’m a stressed out/pessimistic person so I’d rather discuss these thoughts than let them fester >< you get the “honor” of being my priest at the confessional, like Suga! Thanks Sab <3

lol well I guess you’ve come to the right place and you might not like my answers?? but I’m happy to hear you value them

do I think they are virgins? absolutely not. maybe max 2 out of the 7 could be but no. they are all very attractive men in their 20′s, so most have more than likely have been intimate and or have had sex, it’s only logical really. 

I’ve spoken many times (in private) that I fully believe some of the boys have people they are interested in and are keeping it a secret because of fans and they are basically a commodity that is being sold so they can’t have the public know they are seeing people. I have had a full conversation about how I hope namjoon has someone and that she can be there to make him happy and give him a good suck. but anyway I digress, I think it’s pretty important to realize that if they were not idols and regular boys, think about all the experiences they would have been through. like jin’s in university and is not as dorky and awkward as he likes to have us believe. namjoon is actually a perfect gentleman with women and can easily have someone fall for him, yoongi had spoken many times about relationships and was completely shook when people joked about him not calling his girlfriend every day and so on and so on 

the only thing is because they are so dedicated to bangtan and music, they are worried about the risk of fans leaving them if anything leaked

in the same breath, yes I would be crushed if I saw the faces of these girls but? that’s life. just like all the dating/sex scandals with bigbang you have to understand where they are coming from and that they are grown ass men. like sure it hurts because the industry is made to make you feel like you have a chance to date them~~ but we know it’s not actually real, it’s just a way to make more profit and have a stronger brand. and them dating someone would never make me turn away from them, if anything the more real experiences they have, the more authentic and true the music they write will be.

and like I said, if it turns out dispatch releases photos of joon with a girl, I would be sad at first but honestly, if she can help ease his pain and make him smile and feel at home, I’m glad he found her 

being an idol must be already so lonely, so let them have what they can honestly, and ??? antis shouldn’t say anything. if your group can thrive even with a dating or sex scandal you know your fans are mature and supportive of you as an artists and a person. 

they owe us nothing honestly, they are doing this for themselves. this is their job, this is their life. they shouldn’t be under constant watch. there is a break between onstage and offstage

net intro

Yo! I’m Gerard Romeo, admin of the “punk and goth mlm net.” Welcome. This took less than 24 hours to do and I’m crying. I am a gothpunk mlm polyamorous transboy. Call me Gerard or Romeo or just G (there’s another Gee and Gerard in here so yea) I’m an aesthetically pleasing sad boy part of a vampire gang who loves listening to David Bowie, the Cure, the Smiths, My Chemical Romance, and Pwr Bttm with basically nothing in between. I draw rarely, write sometimes, and really love socks, buttons, and cartoons. my instagram is transdanger and my kik and snapchat are homesickdrone. (we’ll talk about the kik group in a little while)

Cookbook Review #1

So I just finished this cookbook and decided I’d do a short writeup on it for anybody who’s looking to add a vegan cookbook to their collection. There’s lots of reviews on Amazon etc but I find so many people pick a couple recipes and then write a review and I don’t feel that’s accurate. 

I made almost every recipe in the book, minus some of the baking simply because I am cooking for only me and therefore not inclined to make an entire cake or pie by myself. I did do all of the cookies, bars, and brownies though and each one was excellent. 

This book is an excellent intro to vegan cooking (or even cooking if you’re new to that as well). Each step is well-explained and there is a large section at the front outlining basic techniques and ingredients. You’ll learn how to make vegan cheeses from a variety of nuts, and Angela is not huge on commercial replacements so if you live in an area where those are difficult to find, you don’t have to. She includes lots of recipes in the back of the book for making your own at home, such as mayonnaise and nut milks.  

Almost every recipe features a picture, and they are as visually appealing as they are delicious. For the most part, the recipes are full of color and flavor. There is a great variety of cooking times as well- plenty of quick dishes and things you throw in the oven as well as more complicated items. 

This book has great ingredient repetition- once you have her staples you’ll find them used in a lot of recipes, and if you have leftovers of a particular ingredient it’s likely used in other recipes in the book, so you can do that one next. There are very few specialty items used- nutritional yeast is basically the only one. Most of the other “unusual” products are easily found at an Asian grocer if you are fortunate enough to live near one. Otherwise, for the one or two ingredients I had trouble tracking down, Google offered helpful substitutions, and she typically has other options listed at the end of a recipe. 

As far as allergies/intolerance, many of the recipes have notes about how to make them soy/nut/gluten free etc if they aren’t already. The one allergy that would be basically unavoidable with the book would be onions… nearly every food recipe starts with onion and garlic as its’ base. 

All in all I would recommend this book for basically anyone, regardless of cooking experience. It checks all the boxes for a great cookbook- it’s well laid out, visually appealing, covers a nice range of recipes and food types, and is great value for the price (I picked mine up for $25 at a bookstore). The “worst” recipes in the book were merely “okay”. There was nothing that was terrible, and many recipes in the book were at the “I could live off of this for the rest of my life” level. 

Net intro tf!??!!!

Im jax and im super pumped to be here this is great.

I use they or he pronouns and i play a few instruments and write songs and i love talking about music n shit basically so hmu if you like doin that to i guess. I really love dogs and memes so that basically sums up me as a being.

soulmate!au intro.

summary; it can be a cruel world we live in or an extremely blissful one. that choice can only be made once you’ve found your soulmate. only then may your world be fully complete, whether your soulmate really is the one for you or not, only then is when you will finally see the world the right way. but that’s the problem, will you ever really find your soulmate? it may be easier for some, and for other’s it may take your whole lifetime… but trust me. it’s worth it.

a/n; i’m so excited to get this series started!!!!! i’ve always wanted to write a soulmate!au and now i’m finally getting it started! I hope you guys really enjoy this series, so basically the point of this intro is obviously to introduce you all to this series along with allowing you to choose whose imagine i should write first! so in my ask, please leave whose imagine you want first instead of separate requests. anyways, i hope you all anticipate this series as much as i do! thank you

seokjin; For all your life, ever since your birth, you had wondered why you could only see the world in black and white. Is something wrong with me? You had always asked yourself whenever you heard people speak of the beautiful colors of the world. Only recently had you realized you weren’t the only one like that, and it was all just a matter of time. You were so desperate to see the colors everyone spoke of and you knew exactly how to. “I have to find my him.”

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yoongi; “Why is my hair mint?” You questioned your family angrily, not understanding the situation. You fell completely confused when they just began laughing at you, “I think your soulmate just dyed his hair mint Y/N.” Your brother mocked, poking and laughing at your lack of knowledge.

“When I finally meet him I swear I’m going to kill him,” you stated; running back into your room to fix your problem.

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namjoon;You can always talk to them, wherever they are in this world. Use your thoughts.” You were still learning the basics of having a soulmate. You had finally reached an age where you suddenly became interested in your soulmate, and who exactly he was. You still had much more to learn, and much more you wanted to learn. You were still a student in high school, and who knew having a soulmate could be so helpful at this age?

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hoseok; You held your soulmate clock tightly in your hand. For as long as you could remember, you have never been able to see the point in having one of these, what if you didn’t love your soulmate? What would happen then? You squeezed the clock tightly in your fist, before simply dropping it onto the carpeted floor of your room, watching it slowly tick away right before your eyes.

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jimin; “The countdown starts at zero, and it counts the time until you meet your soulmate.” This was a lesson everyone was taught, and you had slowly spaced out because of the timer on your wrist. It was something that everyone was born with, and they would have it for the rest of their lives. You watched as the seconds passed by, and all that went through your head was one question. When will I meet my soulmate??

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taehyung; You were getting ready for bed, slipping on your pajamas and jumping into bed. You understand that soulmates would always dream together… that you could see them in your dreams every single night. You remembered the way he looked in your constant dreams and the way he was always so energetic in your dreams; even though these were things you weren’t supposed to remember. You enjoyed seeing him every night, but one question echoed in your mind. Was he really like this in real life?

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jungkook; You shrieked right before you landed face first onto the ground, the hard, concrete floor colliding perfectly with your elbow. You hissed in pain as you stood up, investigating the wound on your arm. “Soulmates share marks when you mark your body… your soulmate’s gets marked too.” You’ve remembered that phrase your instructor had told you for your whole life, and it all started when you got a bruise on your knee out of nowhere. You immediately felt bad for whoever your soulmate was, considering the fact they’d have to live with your scars, just like you had too.

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Match-up pls. Pansexual male, mix between intro and extrovert. I require low-stress situations to regain energy, but will become very lonely and depressed if not making contact with people in person. Hobbies include Nerf modding, Roleplay, LARP, writing, art and basically anything that allows me to create or become something else. Very lazy at times, only motivated when I'm doing something that entertains me or means a lot to me. I enjoy the outdoors, and combat sports.

Your match is Papyrus!

He will spend a lot of time with you, but he respects your privacy too if you explain it to him that you need to be alone now and then.
LARP is something he finds interesting, but he has his problems with acting. He asks you for writing bedtime stories for him, always excited for the adventures you create.
He is familiar with laziness and tries to motivate you to do things you love.
His job requires to be outside all day, and he will take you with him.

Studyblr2017network intro!

Hi everybody, I’m M or Emmett!
-My pronouns are they/them.
-I’ll turn 17 on January 12th.
-I’m a junior in high school.
-I live in Michigan in the U.S.
-I currently take Precalculus, U.S. Government, Creative Writing, and Chemistry.
-I’m generally an A/B student but I also believe that doesn’t matter.
-Sometimes I’m really motivated, but sometimes my depression and anxiety make it really hard to do really basic stuff.
I guess that’s it? I’m really excited to be in this net!! Let me know if you have any questions!

Lupae Loricatae Pt. 1

Hey all.  I PROMISED YOU HEARTBREAKING ANGST, AND, WELL - here it isn’t. Basically, i started writing this only to find that it’s gonna be crazy long.  So here’s part one, which isn’t very angsty but provides a setup for the fic, so it’s sort of a little mini-intro. See if you can guess who’s gonna die… -Avery ^-^

Welcome to Lupae Loricatae, Pt. 1, the first of hopefully many. Werewolf!Au.

Warnings: mentions of violence/abuse

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Hey, I was just wondering if you had any tips for writing the essay part of the SATs... I'm taking it in less than a month but I have no idea How To Write T_T

the one nice thing about the essay section is that you don’t need to be an amazing writer to score well!! the graders are looking more for that you understand the basic essay format, use appropriate grammar and syntax, and just make logical sense:

  • the prompts will usually be about a controversial topic, so make clear which side you’re going to support
  • aim for 4 paragraphs: intro, 2 body (i.e. 2 pieces of support), and a conclusion
  • the intro and conclusion don’t need to be very long or fancy, just keep it clear and simple
  • supporting evidence from books you read in English class or from historical events are (in my opinion) much stronger than personal experiences; just remember to be specific and avoid generalizations
  • occasionally throw in some of high level vocab, but don’t overdo it, and don’t use a big word unless you are 100% sure that it fits in the context you’re using it for
  • do take a few minutes in the beginning to plan/brainstorm what exactly you’re going to write; it saves time later on
  • stay calm, focus, and good luck!

09.01.2017 ~ Day 1 of 100 days of productivity challenge 

Yaaay I’m actually doing this!! 
Okay so today I got some math homework done and wrote some things down in my bullet journal (yes that’s what that new york notebook is);
Also I’ve finally managed to write down some math formulas that I’ve been wanting to put down on paper;
And the last pic is just a very nice pic of my sleepy and lazy cat :)
I also want to add some very nice songs that motivate me to get out of bed or do my homework or do anything productive basically:

~The XX- Intro
~OneRepublic- Counting Stars
~Bruno Mars- 24K Magic

Well I guess that’s it for today. See you tomorrow with some brand new pics and songs and/or quotes and anything that makes me feel motivated!!

disclaimer: sorry for the bad quality pics; they looked better on my phone (this is uploaded from my laptop) 

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Re: "but no one is going to read it" I'm going to read it. I don't even know what IT is because I've been absent from tumblr & have yet to catch up, but *you* wrote it, & after I mainlined most if not all of your stories on ao3 a few months ago, & you were single handedly responsible for introing me to a Les Mis obsession spiral, I can basically guarantee I'm gonna read anything you write, fandom irrelevant, because tbh? you've replaced 95% of my fave published authors & I live for your words<3

oh my god?

this is so nice, thank you!! (and sorry about dragging you into les mis haha). i mostly said no one would read it because it is for a really small fandom. like, there are only ~160 fics for this fandom on ao3. mine is going to be the longest one there, which is wild. so i’m not expecting a lot! i just want to finish it, and then i’ll be back to things like the library in space story, and witchboy. thank you for this, anon! i hope you have a good day!

animoozies  asked:

well I just had my first semester which was world religion, college writing, Spanish, bullshit math class, and intro to psychology. I'm taking chem, sociology, literature, developmental psychology, and history this semester. 3 bio courses are required along with 2 anatomy & physiology as the pre-requisites to get into the nursing program which in taking fall semester/ next year. Those are what screw people up because we have to maintain a 3.0 for the class itself

Ah okay. Our schools are a bit different. My pre reqs were the basic math, English blah blah blah. Then I had to take a intro to nursing class and a health class for issues of older adults and all their pre reqs. I had to take A&P I and II and my teacher was an absolute hard ass, so if you need help in them just let me know! I still have one more pre req for my third semester of clinicals to complete which is micro biology but I’ll do that this summer. Honestly all of the classes you are taking are just to prepare you for the actual nursing stuff, but it’s totally different. The question style and studying is going to be completely different from anything that you have done before which messes people up the most I’ve been told.

Tips for Bullshitting Papers

Okay so it’s finals week here on my campus so here’s Nicole’s guide to bullshitting those papers you totally forgot you had due tomorrow morning.

  • Start by just listing out the various points you have for your argument, whatever that may be. Great those are your body paragraphs.
  • Write a topic sentence for each of those paragraphs (this is literally just a sentence that says what the paragraph is about, it doesn’t have to be fancy or eye catching)
  • List literally every single piece of evidence you have for each section under the topic sentences, not like a bullet point list, make them sentences. But like this includes quotes and all that jazz (quotes are your best friend, they can add so much length)
  • Go through and add in your own words between each piece of evidence. You’re basically just saying what each thing is saying and why it’s relevant. Then make sure to connect the dots and make sure the paragraphs are actually coherent. 
  • Go write your intro and conclusion. These are where you can add in fancy phrasing and shit to make yourself sound eloquent and charming. Then you literally just summarize the entire paper. (Protip: these can be really long if you’re really good at waxing on poetically about whatever you’re writing about)
  • If you still need any more length you can go through and add more random analysis between pieces of evidence. 
  • Also, block quotes can be your friend. Now, most professors will get mad if you use a block quote completely randomly but find yourself a really nice quote that is “absolutely necessary” to your argument that you can’t possible put into your own words (fudge this literally as much as you want). As long as it’s longer than like 3 or 4 lines you can put that shit in a block quote and thanks to formatting you have now used up a ton more space. 

Thank you, good luck, and goodnight


Intro to taxes for self-employed people!

I do a variety of freelance (graphic design, web development, animation, game development), so there are a few things I could write off. :)

  • Rent + Utilities (a percentage)
  • Games I bought (research)
  • Computer upgrades (equipment)
  • Convention Costs
  • Travel + Food

Now, if only I had healthcare (thanks obama!…and the state of utah who only extends basic care to women who are pregnant)