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The BAFTAs have new diversity rules. Would any Oscar movies pass?

  • The BAFTAs have new diversity mandates. To be eligible, films must meet one of the following 4 criteria:
    • On-screen representation, themes and narratives
    • Project leadership and creative practitioners
    • Industry access and opportunities
    • Opportunities for diversity in audience development
  • But how would recent and likely future Oscar nominees for best picture fare using these criteria? 
  • Among this year’s Oscar hopefuls,  42% might not even qualify under BAFTA’s new rules. Read more

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We also couldn’t help but notice how Garfield and Stone spent much of the night in rapture of one another. Could the BAFTAs bring everyone’s favorite couple back together? Hotly tipped to win Sunday’s best actress award, our eyes will be on Garfield and how he takes the award announcement. But judging from last night, she’s certainly still his desert-island pick.
—  Vanity Fair
Caitriona Balfe leads the BAFTAs worst dressed
It's one of the biggest nights in film and television, with the stars clamouring to walk the red carpet at the 70th annual BAFTAs ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night.

Dear DailyMail,

No one gives a shit really.

Worst dressed list?  I think she looks rather fabulous.  You know why?  Because she owns it.  She probably picked out the outfit herself and I dig it.  What’s more powerful than the right to choose something you want rather than being forced upon? 

She is confident in what her decision was.  If she had a choice, she would have picked out jeans and t-shirt instead of what was expected- all fancy, all seductive, all pleasing. 

These women up here.  Love them.  Ultimate middle finger to whatever you think should be beautiful and what’s ‘best’.

Sam and Cait work obscenely long hours in all kinds of conditions and they fill  many of their off hours with stuff that is work related,  for Outlander and their other commitments.  I’m tired just thinking about keeping up that kind of pace, about how few pyjama days they get or how little  sleep.  I know they’re healthy and exercise and try to eat right, but still, it’s wonderful how they manage to keep going.   So it seems too funny to me that Sam, then Cait, had a miserable cold right after the IFH and Cait, maybe Sam, is down with another one now, after the baftas.   It’s like they work hard and live big because they are doing stuff they love and the one thing that can knock the wind out of their immune system sails is the stress of not being true to themselves.


Eddie Redmayne wins Leading Actor BAFTA - The British Academy Film Awards 2015 - BBC One  

“Felicity Jones you are a wonder..”

Che emozione io ero li’ fuori……l’avevo incontrato un paio di ore prima sul Red Carpet

What a thrill I was out there  …… I’d met him  a few hours before on the Red Carpet

Eddie Redmayne talks backstage at the 2015 BAFTA Awards. The Theory of Everything          Jon Hornbuckle