and a badass gorgeous one

an older marinette 🐞🐞🐞 !!



↳ Day 1 [Reasons you love it]: When it comes to person of interest, it’s really hard for me to pin down just a few reasons why I love it or why I think it will always be one of the best shows of all times. From the thought provoking, intelligent storylines, to the beautifully written characters and their interwoven dynamics, to the amazing development of The Machine and the gorgeous badass women of the show. One of the few reasons this show always manages to play the greatest symphony on my heartstrings

just once– JUST ONCE– i want a girl on tv or in the movies going into a fight scene with her hair up. because HONESTLY what girl would knowingly go into danger with her long hair down. they try to make girls sexy while they fight instead of making them look believable (like they do men– whoops!!!) and i don’t care how practical a girl’s armor is, if they left her hair down they were still thinking about the male gaze instead of practicality and it pisses me off.